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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 26 September 2011

Earning the support system

I am afraid UMNO doesn’t seem to understand the bigger issue beyond what just happened with the issue of Marx Sabu. I have written a short article about how I wished UMNO had handled Mat Sabu. In my mind it would have been a better strategy to isolate Mat Sabu from PAS. Maybe some UMNO strategists should have pointed out the incongruity of having Mat Sabu as PAS’s number two.

Imagine what will happen to the character of PAS should its current president, Haji Hadi were to be incapacitated, infirmed or passes on. Mat Sabu will become the PAS president as allowed by its constitution. UMNO should have played on the misfit of having a Mat Sabu as a top PAS leader.

Instead it takes the ill-advised strategy of widening the war theater by linking Mat Sabu to PAS and Islam. Silly approach I think because then UMNO would have to marshal up its religious troopers sometime in the future. It doesn’t have the soldiers to battle PAS in a territory which is mastered by PAS.  UMNO is going to commit its own charge of the Light Brigade.

What is the bigger picture? When ‘Marx’ Sabu gave a different opinion on hitherto accepted version of history, UMNO doesn’t get it. What can be learnt from the clash of the ideas represent by Marx Sabu and UMNO?

It is painfully obvious that the open dispute on UMNO’s version of history is an indication of more troubles for UMNO. UMNO’s own legitimacy founded on a possible skewed and partisan narration of history is now being questioned. Unfortunately, the significance behind the controversy created by the antics of Marx Sabu, is lost.

UMNO must understand that it just cannot rely of the past to stay in power. This is the most important lesson. If people start disputing your version of history which means people also dispute your version of your role in history, that tells you, if you go around telling people of past glories and all that- it doesn’t click any longer.

New loyalties, new allegiance, must be won. That means, UMNO doesn’t have a base. It can’t claim it has a base by relying on past loyalties. The people with old loyalties may have already passed on.
Other political parties cannot assume they have support system too. That support system must be won. It’s out there to be won. So UMNO better learn the lessons from Marx Sabu episode.

It can’t rely on past glories. It has to earn new support system. That means a lot of work has to be put in to earn loyalty and allegiance by conviction. The PM may have some idea about earning the new support system. Except he’s doing it the superficial way- bicycling here, hey yo-ying! there, walk about here, there and everywhere- all these he can do.

He has done and will do many things, except he has not won the support system on convictions.

That is the province of ideas and values. It’s a new game plan. UMNO doesn’t have a strategic perception of the new game plan. It can’t win the cyber war by scorn and hysterics. You don’t earn respect and loyalties by invectives and obnoxious words.

Plus, even worse, you are not engaging the thinking crowd. That is the fertile ground from which loyalties arising from convictions and beliefs are spawned.

The PM has some rudimentary ideas. But he’s alone. His nascent ideas will be neutered by the warlordism of UMNO leaders. They live in the past, trying to revive the past.  These days, as shown by the Marx Sabu episode, recourse to the disputed past is counterproductive.


bruno,  26 September 2011 at 06:42  

Dato,it is a known fact that Umno is already bankrupted of ideals and principles,because of mass corruption practised by its leaders.Hundreds of billions of ringgit have already been siphoned out of the country by the privileged few and their cronies.

Just imagined if these smart asses of leaders of ours were not so greddy.What if they were to distribute half of these hundreds of billions of ringgit to their base supporters.Then they would be in power forever,and there is nothing anybody can do about it.But what they left behind for their millions of supporters were crunbs of leftovers.

That is why Umno has lost considerable support among it's Malay base.That is why Umno has nothing to brag about its recent performance,so it has to yell and scream about it's past achievment and glories.But what Umno doesn't get it is nobody cares about past achievments anymore.People are more concern about where they are taking the country.The people are more concern about their future and their children's future,and their children's children's future.

Anonymous,  26 September 2011 at 07:13  

Dato Sak,
so long as PM is surrounded by those warlocks who have their own agendas to glorify themselves and their run to power, his ideas (those rudimentary ones) will be stillbirth.
If he can throw of their shackles, but this is wishful thinking as he cannot. Read the updates on the UNDILAH (it was a good effort, again aborted by some misguided warlock Minister. Now, his promise to repeal ISA and those other draconian laws, he MUST show that he can do it and replace with more humanitarian laws, Then he will have a Najib legacy for Malaysia. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Leithaisor,  26 September 2011 at 08:53  

It is too true that folks should not just look at past glories, in particular a person's bloodline, as the basis on which to place their loyalties.

Perhaps in the distant past, the subject of a feudal lord or king who earned his leadership position with bravery and herosim in defence of his people may be justified in placing their hopes on the son of the leader when choosing their next leader. Perhaps loyalty to the previous leader, perhaps hope in the qualities being passed on via the genes.

But many a time, their faith has been proven to be misplaced.

In these modern democratic times, I'd say it is more proper to judge a person for what he is. Look at actual accomplishments, abilities and character. Look also at the negative: corruption, patronage / money politics and other wrongdoings.

I have said this before, but allow me to repeat myself: Just compare Hishamuddin with Tun Hussein and Onn Jaafar, and Najib with Tun Razak.

In my opinion, both of Hisham and Najib are where they are now only because of their bangsawan heritage. On their own, they'd be nowhere, and rightly so.

UMNO has a glorious history, but the continued practice of folks being able to count on the support system earned by their fathers has already dragged the party down practically fatally.

Despite the overwhelming predominance of patently incapable leaders infesting the UMNO leadership, I think there are capable leaders in the party who have not had the opportunity to rise.

If UMNO is to survive, and be a "pembela bangsa", and more importantly in the long term interest of Malaysia, one of the "pembela negara" which the nation needs, its members need to ask themselves this: How exactly they should determine who gets their support.

bruno,  26 September 2011 at 08:53  

Dato,politics and business are all about public perception.Umno has lost the people's trust,so nobody pays any attention to what they or their cronies say.So in other words Umno has lost in terms of public perception

But in the coporate sector the public has bought into the hype that TF and his AA can perform miracles,and is the next messiah to save MAS.So TF and his AA has won the publics trust as far as public perception is concern.

Anonymous,  26 September 2011 at 09:47  

You are teaching an ostrich to fly.
It won't and it can't.

Fatty Liver Treatment 26 September 2011 at 10:03  

One thing I don't understand Dato is despite all this how do all the polls show that BN will definitely win. Also the Cool campaign has certainly helping hence it is not a gone case for BN.

Anonymous,  26 September 2011 at 11:44  


UMNO is trying desperately to be COOL or at least the PM is trying to be a COOL DUDE thinking being cool is going to win the hearts and minds of Malaysians. Well, we have bad news for the UMNO public relations people. Being COOL all of a sudden makes UMNO and Najib stand out like SORE THUMBS!! What will the UMNO public relations people make Najib do next? Najib has already done his "walkabouts", attending badminton and football matches, showing up at concerts looking gawky and now cycling in Penang (he and his entourage should have cycled all the way to Perth during Hari Raya).

Is the UMNO public relations people going to make Najib perform a "flash mob dance" with the BN MPs' in Parliament next? This would be real COOL, no? Najib should stand back and stop listening to his "advisors" because there could be a distinct possibility that he is intentionally been given the wrong advise to bring about his downfall. It will not be surprising as anything is possible in 1Malaysia.

Najib to-date has not displayed much maturity and sincerity befitting that of a Prime Minister. Majority of Malaysians are aware and immune to his "gua tolong lu, lu tolong gua" approach to secure votes. What Malaysians really want is some semblance of an honest and sincere Prime Minister and a clean and transparent government serving the Malaysian people and not enriching their (UMNO) own pockets and those of their cronies. Isn't this too much to ask of Najib?

Asam Pedas,  26 September 2011 at 12:05  


I think I am not alone feeling choke with politics played by so call leaders in this country we call home. You are right in your article and rightly so you can't teach old dogs new tricks.

Nowadays, we can't read news papers without political news making the headlines, tv stations dedicate at least half of the airtime in primetime news presenting twisting news on politics followed by daily dose of crimes segment, government leaders issuing political statements during administrative time and political commentaries are solicited from unknown personalities which some are labelled as froggies. 

Hate to say this, but these leaders want to believe that the people are extremely gullible, uneducated and unable to think other than receive instruction " menurut perintah" mentality. To some could be but I hope they don't over estimate the patience people can put up with their antics.

If 2008 GE elections, many people were voting against the ruling parties with some guilty conscience. Come the next GE, exodus of people may vote against the present government whole heartedly just to get rid of old politic instrumented by UMNO/BN. Issues, dramas and sentiments will no longer a factor when voting. And then again it is not about agreeing with PR policy/politic either.

Melayu Baru,  26 September 2011 at 13:48  

Assalamualaikum Dato' Sak,

The key word is value system. The value system becomes the fountain which the organization feed on. A lot of the 'ism' is based on that.

Ask what are the value system of UMNO? At the core, it is about gaining power, whatever the cost may be.

So, ketua ranting, ketua cawangan, ketua bahagian is not about moving the malay cause. Well - once upon a time, maybe. Not now. It is about attaining power at all cost. Even at the expense of malay's future. Ask how many ketua bahagian are indebted to non Malays that finance their campaign? (5 years ago, the minimum fee to enter the race was RM 1.0 M, without any assurance of winning). You were in this - you should probably share with your readers.

As I have related in the past, I personally knew these people - and they are still friend until today. Some of them were also sick of it. One even said that "Kalau UMNO macam ni jahanam Melayu". Yet, they all are still in the game. The reason? "Esok melayu jahanam anak bini aku nak makan apa?" Have they changed? Not a bit.

What a perverted sense of self preservation. This come from an organization that is supposedly looking after Malay's interest!

How to respect? How can anyone that know this as facts gives their support to UMNO?

Respect, is something you must give first before you get it back. At the current prevailing thought stream in UMNO, the DEMAND respect from people.

So, they drive Q7, instead of normal car as people will not respect them. The value system is so skewed at exhibiting wealth as a sign of success, that the real issue doesnt matter anymore.

How to respect and support shallow thinking people?

Then, there's feudalism that we do not need to elaborate - except to say that the top echelon love this bit. They need the poor, unenlightened masses support, so they can eat crumbs from their hand.

How to respect and support Malays like this?

There's also deep aversion to thought engaging. Despite what the PM said, it is still that the leadership that knows best. Look at the UMNO bloggers and cyber troopers. You cant engage them intelligently, as their arguments are based on 'They know best'... I feel sorry for these people, no matter how wide they traveled around the world, no matter that they are from racially diverse background - still macam katak bawah tempurung.

How to help them? How to support them?

Melayu Baru.

Anonymous,  26 September 2011 at 14:34  

The Bukit Kepong episode would have simply got shelved in one corner of the National Archives. Nobody would ever care or got concerned who are the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of the policemen killed in that tragedy.

Only when Mat Sabu brought up the issue that everybody started digging into their history books and literature. Suddenly everybody, big and small became historians overnight.

And now the policemen next-of-kin who are still living have been monetarily rewarded by the government.

Who shall be the next-of-kin be thankful to ?


Anonymous,  26 September 2011 at 16:08  

salam dato',

i think najib has decided to become popular by cycling out of the problems.

why dont he just instructed tv3 to make special episode of mentor with him and cabinets as contestants. this way he would be more popular than siti.

Fairplay,  26 September 2011 at 17:06  

How they swagger in 5-star hotel lobbies and airport lounges in their fine suits! Gone are the days when one could meet and shake hands with the YBs in Malay baju after Friday prayers and wedding lunches. Today, they disappear in luxury SUVs double fast after prayers. But this is perfunctory display of devotion is still a level up the moral ladder compared to those who choose to practise yoga in fragrant boudoirs.

Anonymous,  26 September 2011 at 17:08  

Bruno wrote: "if they were to distribute half of these hundreds of billions of ringgit to their base supporters.Then they would be in power forever".
It is not as simple as that. "Men do not live on bread alone."
Men are made for higher calling, a higher morality, a sincerity and compassion not only for the righteous but also for the sinners. Men cannot spend every waking thought on how to destroy their enemies through whatever devious means without destroying their own souls. That is why many of us BN supporters squirm in great discomfort at the nefarious antics BN is availing itself of. We are doubting our own loyalty too as to be loyal a group that dabbles in the ways of jin and and lower beings will eventually make us complicit to such acts. That is our dilemma. We have lost the way. We have need to labor our way back to the source, to the fork where we had mistakenly taken the darker path in order to start anew on a higher order. Denying so and spouting holy words whilst all the time doing dark deeds under the cover of darkness will but make us munafiq (hypocrites) of the highest order. Don't think nobody knows for even in the darkest night He knows what is being done. We will have to answer to that soon; for some, sooner. Please bertaubat before it is too late, for yourselves and for Malaysia.

Patrick 26 September 2011 at 19:06  

I think UMNO still has got its base of supporters or foundation. However, many years of Mahathirism has converted all the UMNO original ideologies into greedy, ‘grab-all-the-money-I-can-get’ motto.
The original founding ideologues and passionate members are an endangered species within UMNO. What we have now are the born-again Gordon Gekko’s, trained by Mahathir, that are replacing the ancient UMNO ideologues and purists. These members’ new loyalties and allegiance are to the leader who can give out the most lucrative govt contracts AND bailing them out later. Gone are the days of just getting govt contracts ONLY. Now it’s securing govt contracts AND govt bail outs. Gone are the days of pure ideological and visionary loyalties and allegiance. It’s a totally different UMNO base now.

Najib and all those in UMNO AND BN, cant engage the thinking crowd or even the retarded crowd anymore. Mahathir made sure that ONLY HE was the right minded intellectual individual to engage the mass intellectuals and thinking crowd. Hence, all others chosen by him are and will be subservient to him. All the time. UMNO AND BN members are stacked with greedy, shallow and immature individuals lacking in simple thought beyond how much they can get from whom. They can be easily subdued, controlled, manipulated by 1 leader. There have been no new, effective and deeply thought off govt legislation for the last 20 years to move Malaysia forward. Any new policies to date, are only meant to stimulate economic benefit of those in power OR, policies meant to ensure that the Ministers and cronies maintains and controls its economic power base. Just look at all the news making headlines these days and even foreigners can tell us the country has been flushed down the toilet.

So if UMNO still chooses to utilise all its ancient tools and methodologies to remain in power, then it should be dutifully relegated to the pastures by the people soon. They are of no relevance anymore.

walla 27 September 2011 at 01:32  

Let me add some minor points to Sak's astute observations.

Probably bolstered by his popularity, Mat Sabu must have imagined he was to Umno what David was to Goliath.

Same too may be said of Khairy when he first started.

Both got things into their head that they must be seen to do something sensational in order to build their momentum for the next wave.

You see that in the careers of some actors and singers. They have this misplaced belief that they need to generate controversy to get attention to win mind-share otherwise they think they won't stand out to be noticed enough to gain marketable value needed for the next round.

Whether it was a slip of the tongue or premeditation is now academic. Mat Sabu is saying there is a different version of history that has been buried by Umno from the rakyat. And in doing so, he is also indirectly hinting the rakyat are now mature enough to be able to do some calm, rational and critical thinking for themselves.

Therefore, in trying to demonize him, Umno is also indirectly saying that it doesn't think the rakyat are mature enough to accept alternative truths or history.

That's risky because if the rakyat can embrace alternative media, they can damn well embrace an alternative to the history coined by Umno.

And it's easy to understand why. The rakyat no longer trust Umno implicitly. So anything else will be welcome food for thought.

One hazards a guess Najib will say that's also good for building a world-class democracy. (What do you think?)

However, the trouble was the timing. Mat Sabu must have known that Umno would dust Mat Bond (Jins Samsuddin of Bukit Kepong) from the archives just to raise the temperature of the considerable number of veterans still alive against what can be painted as an infamy by PAS.

And Mat Sabu would also have known that PAS has no counteracting response to that emotive powderkeg. So, why did he do it?

The same question may also be addressed on the hudud law matter. Why raise it now? And why raise it in such a manner as to shove away concerns by others who live in the same society in which some interaction will sooner or later occur which will impinge on the application of two different canons of laws?

You know this is a concern because what has been subsequently advised, perhaps as a dawning afterthought, was that a non-muslim in such a hudud law regime can now choose which type of court he wants to be prosecuted under. That's short shrift on society. So it won't be accepted nationally. Which means PAS will want it hudud all the way. Which means Pakatan will implode. Which means PAS' stand must boomerang. Which may be a welcome humanitarian relief because one can hardly accept that 200 million indonesian muslims, for instance, will have a different afterlife for following a more relaxed religious regime......

Back to Mat Sabu. He rides a seventy cc motorbike while Umno chieftains ride nothing less than two thousand cc. He lives in a small link house while even the lowliest Umno chieftain lives in an OMG mansion which would wear out a dozen pink mops in a week. Some of these Umno mansions are so big you may need a GPS to find your way around to the nearest washroom.

So, even if his slingshot missed or ricocheted to hit himself in the eye, the rakyat will root for him because he is one of them unlike the bigwigs of Umno who walk in wearing crocodile shoes exclusively shined in milan. Because they are crocs in disguise best at talking crock?

And that's the finest tribute one can pay the doctor in the house who has the temerity to tell Umno leaders not to show their wealth.

Why not also show how they had accumulated their wealth if they had only been conscientiously and conscionably working for AlifBaTa, especially when the rakyat can only afford Bata these days?

Surely, the rakyat should not be denied such handsome knowledge?

walla 27 September 2011 at 01:32  


Therefore, we may conclude the support system in place is not the support system all have been having in mind.

No, it is just the support system for e-Umno. The elites of Umno. Betul, no?

Regaining my composure, what our country needs, if i may be allowed to say, is a return to common sense and mass sanity.

Yes, (a) common sense, and (b) mass sanity.

What we have been having all these years is nonsense and mass insanity.

One lonely blogger elsewhere had thoughtfully drawn attention to some rather perturbing facts from donald duck:

(a) The government's revenue from taxes has not been increasing for the past three to four years;

(b) One third of the government's revenue came from oil and gas, one third from taxes from companies and individuals while the remaining one third from indirect taxes such as stamp duties and Customs duties;

(c) Out of the 12.8 million workers, only 29% were skilled labour as compared to developed countries where 40% of their workers were skilled labour;

(d) Out of the 12.8 million workers in Malaysia, only 1.65 million pay taxes.

....And here we are made witness to roly-poly ring-a-ding bicycling .... what if the Chinese were to ask why is it the government cannot use some of that RM30 Billion allocated for national education for national-type education as well instead of fueling more gambling for their vernacular needs, how will the government answer without having to fork its tongue again, especially when all know where those 1.65 million taxpayers come from?

While pondering that heavy question, let's take a step back. All the recent exploration contracts from Petronas were for marginal fields. Since those contracts were only to Umno cronies, therefore the marginal fields must have been the only ones available.

That implies there are no more new big oil deposits out there. Which implies the one-third revenue from oil and gas is going to disappear one living day.

Then you have the second one-third from indirect taxes. These will of course be passed back to consumers. And on account of less oil revenue, these taxes will probably have to increase otherwise the 1Malaysia clinics will only be dispensing panadol made in india, even for diabetes.

Finally, we have the last one-third from companies and individuals. Recall the last time PAS raised the prospect of Islamic state and the house doctor announced we are an Islamic state, there was mass exodus. Something like 300,000 within one year. Now with the hudud protocol, half of that 1.65 million taxpayers which may also include half of that 29 percent skilled workforce may just call it quits, pack up and leave.

The back of the envelope says they will be permanently off within the next four years, bringing down the entire economy via a vicious non-Kreb cycle by which time we will certainly also be a net oil importer.

So with what's left of the skilled workforce, denuded tax revenue market and gassified oil industry, how to become a high-income economy? Even the salaries of the 1.2 million starry-eyed civil servants will be in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Indonesia takes our palm-oil customers because theirs is cheaper and the other countries take our brains because they pay better and piss less.

While we monkey on one side and wacko on the other.

As someone (very smart) once wrote long, long ago...

Wake Up Malaysia.

walla however bids you good night.

Anonymous,  27 September 2011 at 09:00  


Walla's comments are valid. Malaysia is doomed to be the next Greece of Asia. Just wait and see.

Donplaypuks® 27 September 2011 at 12:24  

"All the recent exploration contracts from Petronas were for marginal fields. Since those contracts were only to Umno cronies, therefore the marginal fields must have been the only ones available.

That implies there are no more new big oil deposits out there. Which implies the one-third revenue from oil and gas is going to disappear one living day."

But who determines the criteria for labelling anything as a "marginal oilfield"?

And what if with some Omar Ong armtwisting some gigantic new oilfield is classified as "marginal oilfield"?

And viola Kencana merges with Sapura to become Petronas 2 and the Maha Firaun Dynasty and Bumno is bequeathed a bottomless war chest?

See how it all works?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Quiet Despair,  27 September 2011 at 12:58  

I am glad you are using the same tag as me for Mat Sabu - Marx Sabu. LOL. The right handle.
We are agreed that he's a nothing which UMNO is wasting time lending him credence.
He and Anu-war are two leaders not worthy of leading their respective parties.
If Hudud Law comes into force (Anu-war seems to favor it), these two will be the first to get the punishment.
They both do not have even a smidgen of qualities of good Muslim leaders.
I always laugh when PKR die-hard fanatics flatter them by saying Najib will fall because of these two clowns.
Nuh-uhuh. Najib will only fall because of Rosmah. That is the general consensus of everyone, in and out of UMNO.
Najib has much to learn from Shakespeare's The Taming of The Shrew.
But he still seems enamored of his wife's special qualities. Not a day that passes by that he did not praise his wife.
He still thinks Rosmah is the strongest force behind him. (Or is she the forefront?)

Anonymous,  27 September 2011 at 20:38  

Again Walla's comments, however astringent and eyeopening, are always to the point, and not so minor after all.
Mat Sabu's 'slip of the tongue' unwittingly created a whirlwind that he himself did not envisage, so let the tsunami clear the cobwebs of history.
We could use some fresh air.

umar,  28 September 2011 at 01:17  

The stock market has been going downwards since Raya. Damage done badly to market players.
The government wants to list many more subsidiaries of Petronas and Khazanah.
Plenty of fees to be made by CIMB in advising the IPOs.UMNO is ever rich.
Mamak-stall workers are talking about projects everywhere from Kuala Kerai-Kota Baru Highway, Theme Park in KL to Stadium. Projets are dished out. The recent concession to WCT to build and operate Airport for 22 years instead of MAHB is the tip of the iceberg.
Are these private companies going to pay their royalty to the gov on agreed terms for the entire period?
They declare slowing business in order to increase the charges for the public and pocket it before the expiry of tenure and show poor results so that eventually the gov has to bailout the project...That's how privatization of public GLCs end up in Malaysia.Plenty of proofs : MAS, TNB,KTM
KTM is losing money but a new entity that runs on KTM tracks (EMS)at the expense of KTM's schedule is making huge profits. Who ons this company ? Certaintly not KTM.

No wonder Najib is on his cycling frolic smiling along while Idris Jala 's EPU having vision beyond 2020 !

Fairplay,  28 September 2011 at 02:02  

“Back to Mat Sabu. He rides a seventy cc motorbike while Umno chieftains ride nothing less than two thousand cc. He lives in a small link house while even the lowliest Umno chieftain lives in an OMG mansion which would wear out a dozen pink mops in a week. Some of these Umno mansions are so big you may need a GPS to find your way around to the nearest washroom...” Walla 27 Sep 2011 0132

Well said Walla, well said. Was toying with this idea about getting someone to start a website before the next PRU so that photos of the pondoks or palaces, whichever the case may be, of current YBs and those offering themselves (again?) to serve GOD, KING, COUNTRY, RACE and RELIGION in the immediate future. You have just given me the excuse to make this proposal so that we can OOH and AAH, or KASIHAN!, whichever the case may be.

There should be at least two sets for each YB or potential YB: the first showing the pondok/palace the YB occupies in Kuala Lumpur and the second in his or her hometown, and their estimated value. I say at least because photos of residences owned overseas should also be displayed. We can even go a step further by having a parallel site to show the vehicles, helicopter or personal jet owned and used by YBs. Even better a third site showing pondoks or palaces now being occupied by ex-YBs to show unequivocally who in the past put nation above self.

Remember the scene at KLIA a few years ago when a crowd of quite unruly supporters came to welcome the return of Khir Toyo who had to cut short his visit to the US to resolve a land dispute in Selangor. The dispute was serious enough to warrant his immediate return. Why he saw it fit to show that his support system was real and that he meant business only those on the other side of the dispute would know. It is this display of power by individual YBs that slowly corrodes UMNO’s overall support system because it is seen to be helpless even in dealing with a latecomer to the party (sorry for the pun!).

Once these photos are all displayed it becomes clear why PERKASA needs to beat the nationalist drum for and on behalf of UMNO. But this would be of no use now because a strong solid support system cannot be built overnight by pious exhortations and scented promises to a crowd which cannot tolerate anymore accounts of wealth acquisitions, fair and foul, by individual YBs.

It is the greatest irony of life that only 40 years ago no one could differentiate between a PAS YB and an UMNO YB. They looked the same, they sounded the same, they dressed the same - the shoes, watch, clothing were the same, they lived in similar types of houses- nothing ostentatious, they smell the same because no cologne was used, they walked confidently but humbly – they were the same! Oh, those happy honest times and what great lives they lived, all of them.

The choice the next time round, thanks to photos of PAS YBs’ simple bungalows with metal sheet roofing will help lots of people to make their decision. PAS’s support system had been in place from day one before the 1959 General Election. UMNO’s too, but UMNO dismantled it bit by slow bit when money came into the YBs’ pockets too easily. The race was on among YB hopefuls and sometimes the competition got ugly. No matter, the greatest equaliser is on hand to help all Malaysians – those brainless, neutral and neutered electrons dancing with wild abandon in outer space are giving everyone a chance to give their 5-sen worth. God is great!

Anonymous,  28 September 2011 at 12:37  

So what kind of people are UMNO members putting up this kind of jerk as PM?

No point you say this and that and being UMNO members, still, there ain't nothing you can do about it?

I don't care two hoots about hudud. If people think its' worst, they should have their heads and balls examined..... the situation NOW is so crummy without hudud. So what does UMNO members think about the puppet AG? Great, huh?

Anonymous,  28 September 2011 at 13:07  

It's interesting to read the various perceptions on Mat Sabu, the man that obviously you all don't know.


Anonymous,  28 September 2011 at 14:59  

I stumbled upon your blog and find the contents here to be reasonable and thoughtful. I may not agree with your views sometimes but I respect them.

Keep up the good work.

I chanced upon another blog called "outsyedthebox". My goodness, that fellow is a rabid racist by comparison. Funny thing is that he happens to think quite highly of himself. Go figure.

Anonymous,  28 September 2011 at 19:13  

Pasal melatah latah Umno is numero uno.Tak habis habis dengan kebodohon ahli ahli dungu mereka yang macam tak pernah pergi ke sekolah, I mean no school one. Dia orang tak reti reti macam bahalol semuanya baik dari bapak menteri ke anak anak nya. Nak kata tak pi sekolah dah pi ke London, England merata rata tapi bila buka mulut macam not even pernah pi ke sekolah kampung, baik lagi orang kampung gua lebih ceredik dari mereka tu.
I don't know lah Dato how they can survive those years to come with that mentality or they shuold be where they belong... at the Jurassic Park.Suffice to say at this juncture....I give up.Period

Anonymous,  28 September 2011 at 22:42  

Anon 14:59

Do you know that that same Syed is actually appointed as MACC Commissioner?


Tinta Hitam 1 October 2011 at 19:19  

Pada sya sepatutnya UMNO mengaku bahawa semua pihak teramsuk PKM ada peranannya didlam memperjuangkan kemerdekaan mengikut cara masing masing.JIka UMNO mengaku isu Bukit Kepong ni akan "close case".Tetapiu UMNO mengambil sikap menegakkan benang basah.Ini zaman internet ,Datuk..Semua fakta sejarah boleh didpt hnaya dgn satuk klik pd tetikus laptop shj..Akhirnya semua terselak dan terbarai..Sekarang ni pulak UMNO menggunakan PERKASA utk memukul penyokong penyokong PAS spt yg berlaku di Seremban N9 baru baru ni.Ianya berlaku ketika Mat Sabu berucap dan menyentuh sedikti isu Bukit Kepong ni.

nik 13 October 2011 at 13:30  

Dato, Aik! dato pun sama macam KJ juga. Kenapalah tukar mana Mat Sabu jadi Marx Sabu. Dia hanya beri pendapat bukan sokong komunis. Disebabkan Mat Sabu, keluarga parajurit yg dilupakan sekarang dapat elaun.

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