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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 19 September 2011

That bold speech on that historic day

I am a little late to write on the historic speech of the PM. Really I wanted to offer words of encouragement and support. I am tired to continue criticizing the PM who is after all my ketua bahagian. I was thinking, support and congratulations are in order  because the media, led by the overzealous Minister of Information, have led  the public to believe that some real goodies are in order; and after that, the public will offer effusive joyousness in response.

They will, I think if the subject matter that is going to be announced affects them directly and immediately in a positive way. The response from the public will be lukewarm if the subject matter affects them indirectly and inconsequentially. Let us judge the administration on this score.

All week, the public was thinking that PM will announce some measures to be taken by the government that will in substance, increase the efficiency of governance and government. In the end, those measures will translate into immediate increase in disposable income. What possible form can such measures take place? Maybe:- (1) Restructuring the GLCs including Khazanah so that they won’t become governments unto themselves. Now that 15000 employees of MAS have threatened industrial action, that shows Khazanah has been doing some cloak and dagger corporate moves. (2) Replacing laggard key government officials with those with abilities (3) removal of structural impediments to transparency and accountability such as removing OSA. (4) Shaking up the institutions that deliver justice and the law such as the police and the judiciary (5) announce stronger measures on corruption including the conviction of the big guns.

Further, things like direct transfer of money (oil money) to the public like what the Singapore government did during its recent general elections. Those states making mountains of money from petroleum royalties distributing money to citizens of the state; Felda Corporation which made lots of money giving out money to Felda settlers etc. that would be the real goodies that would certainly induce the recipients to jump up in uncontrollable euphoria while proclaiming Najib- you are da man!

We certainly need some substantive liberty enhancing policies from the current administration that would differentiate the Najib administration positively from previous ones.  By liberty enhancing policies, I mean policies that reduce dependency on the government.
There are some economic pressures which the government needs to address that have political ramifications. Inflationary pressures that cause the price of essential goods to rise make people more dependent on the government. More people in the rural areas will depend on the welfare department for assistance and when given, obliges them to be loyal to the benefactor. So what does a desperate government do? Maybe even condone the price increase. We are happy to note the administration is doing everything possible to contain the inflationary pressures.

Maybe the scrapping off of the 50 over Billion MRT into improved transport system that is more public friendly, maybe the setting of a ceiling price for houses in the city so that lower income and middle income earners can work and stay in the city. Instead they have to look for houses in the outskirts of town while the city is reserved for the selects. Or maybe some form of a Buffet tax on the superrich. Or maybe the dismantling of Khazanah and all shares transferred to Amanah Saham Nasional or ASB.

Compared to the announcement involving the ISA and the Printing and Presses Act, government actions on those would be more impactful. But isn’t prosperity predicated on the removal of shackles and chains that perpetuate un-freedom? I am using the term un-freedom to define freedom and liberty as a state of being free from the arbitrary force and coercion of others. Yes it does- but the emancipation potential arising from the more down to earth policies could achieve the desired effects of freedom and liberty much more and faster.

The ululating responses would of course make the Minister of Information look good and perhaps ensure one last hurrah as a cabinet member?  It would be unfair for me to harbor misgivings aforethought.

The desired responses were forthcoming. Everywhere PM Najib was declared a revolutionary and a bold PM. Rais Yatim must be beaming like a Cheshire cat.  PM Najib is really Optimus Prime- the chief transformer. I have forgotten the never ending list of acronyms. Maybe the APCO people can issue a definitive list signed by Idris Jala of course.

After the speech and announcement, the euphoria was I think premature. The subject of his bold and revolutionary steps to enhance governance and credibility of his administration are the ISA ad the Printing and Presses Act. Important as they are, I think their impact on governance enhancement and thereafter productivity is outstretched and indirect. The good intent of abolishing the ISA appears to be blunted by the forewarning that 2 new acts will replace the ISA. A person arbitrarily defined as a terrorist can still be detained without trial in open court. The empowering act of Article 149, the fountain from which springs ISA like enactments is till there and remains the overarching enabling repressive act.

I was thinking of some announcement on measures to improve the quality of civil servants, or some measures assuring the best of civil servants that their effort will be well compensated, or the removal of bureaucratic clogs that prevent transparency, accountability and so forth. Perhaps, if there is full public disclosure we can once and for all determine for example, whether Bangladeshi workers are given citizenship to vote in the coming general elections. Perhaps also, if there is full disclosure instead of OSA, then we can resolve the double speak by the election commission that the final list of voters are with them and that what the public are looking at are outdated voter registers. Why would the updated and current list be withheld from public knowledge? I wouldn’t want the Bangladeshi pump attendant to have the same voting rights as I do. How the elections commission can with impunity insult our intelligence by claiming the latest voters lists are meant for internal circulation is beyond any measure of decency!

I was thinking maybe the removal of the OSA- more insidious than the ISA which prevents any public spirited citizen of this country from discovering the rationale of many government decisions on tender awards, on selection process and so on.
Now THAT, I thought would have more far reaching impact on the voters.

The ISA and Printing and Presses Act? Tokens imputing the liberalization of our society. ISA will be replaced by 2 new acts on terrorism? Will the definition of terrorism be assigned to the sole and arbitrary discretion of the PM or the Home Minister and if it’s that, then the ISA remains in a different form. People and political opponents, on the pain of being declared a terrorist can be detained and incarcerated indefinitely without open trial. Owners of newspapers will still need to apply for a one off license from the relevant ministers. The liberty to operate a newspaper therefore remains only in potential- until the minister approves.

Naturally, PM Najib came out sterlingly brilliant after delivering what people thought was a very bold move by the PM. Naturally at least that was the impression one can safely assume to be gushing out from the sycophantic UMNO masses. Unfortunately for PM Najib , if he cares to listen intently enough, even UMNO members are now being critical. With 79 parliamentary seats, it’s no longer PM Najib’s own survival that is at stake- but also that of UMNO as a dominant partner in any future government.

To most UMNO members, PM Najib’s nervous rendition of his pre Malaysia Day speech could signal the end of life as they have known since. But that probably is due to a stiffened neck malady- damn the pillow, or maybe the after effects of his knee surgery. 

Mainly, the life of an aristocrat feeding on the toil and labor of the masses while the ruling elite luxuriate in a life with perpetual soirees, jewelry from Jacob and company and where the missuses  of prominent leaders swap lunatic small talks over the latest Hermes Birkin handbags and accessories.


Anonymous,  19 September 2011 at 18:35  

Pls read Chapter 2 of the Pemandu ETP guidebook.
Look at the projected salaries of 2020.Numbers are nominal i.e not adjusted for inflation.Thus earning 2k/mth in 2020 n with 3.4 % inflation is like earning RM 1.5k/mth today.

And guess how many will be earning less than RM 2k/mth in 2020...unbelievably its 7 mil employees.And to add salt to the wound,out of the 7 mil..2.3 mil will earn less than RM 1k/mth.

Thus 7 mil or 40% of Msians will be relegated to lower income/poor. And 15% will be dirt poor.

Yet Idris Jala says "We will all be rich..." and Najib is so proud of the ETP.

A leader that is proud that 40% of his rakyat will be low income/poor does not deserve respect.

Meanwhile,Govt & GLCs splurges on Greater KL..injecting money in the game to raise property values.How many ppl hv properties in the focus areas?Who gets the govt land?Who gets the nego construction contracts.

There are many evils in the ETP.Infortunately no one dares raise a stink or even do serious analysis.

Save us from this.

Anonymous,  19 September 2011 at 18:38  

Haha Sak, I like it when you mentioned that you are tired of criticising the PM but this article somehow still critises the PM and UMNO/BN.

Its dificult to escape from saying the truth if you have good senses and sincerity.

Way to go.

Pok Li

Anonymous,  19 September 2011 at 18:56  

Bos, i like your two last paras. I would have tot the big announcement would benefit the people's pocket but instead it meant nothing to the ordinary rakyat.
Yang kaya makin kaya, yang miskin berterusan merana.
Yang korup terus bermaharaja, yang papa terus kedana.
Aku sayang Umno tp pemimpin Umno sayang diri dia saja...


Melayu Baru,  19 September 2011 at 20:53  

Assalamualaikum Dato' Sak,

I heard the 'bold' speech on radio - while driving back from work. Deprived from the visuals, I concentrated on the delivery of speech.

I found it odd that he's nervous while delivering it. There are places which he spoke in relaxed tone - but as nears to the core of his 'revolution', the voice does not convey a man who is confident. The heavy, low and quivering voice does not speak of a man who is convinced with the speech. Listen closely, especially towards the end where it seemed that he tried to convince (himself) why it is necessary. Try it - and tell me if you think otherwise.

After few days of unraveling, the reasons become clear.

While trying to win back the middle ground, he is fighting a loosing battle with the hawkish rightist in UMNO. He is going against the feudal chiefs that put him as PM. Look at the commentary given by TPM and HM.

This is also the PM who tries to be hip and cool by hanging out with Suara Kami youths. Ah - it is the cool Britannia advisors. Has he ditched the APCO? And that paid programs (Millions, Dato. Excluding customary 'middle man' fee)

Next he may try to wear his cap backwards and wear baggy pants. That's one sure way to make the youth uncool in one day. Or start any BN meeting with 'Yo! Hommie!' - or whatever cool phrase this generation has.

Painful to see an old man trying to be hip. Buang tebiat!

If he's so nervous to keep his own promise during inauguration, what more with substantive change?

Things that you mentioned will never get adressed. He has no balls. No gut. No spine. How can he be overrun by his own wife then?

What he can do, and will always do is pay his way out of troubles. Here's a million or two, but please vote for me. Here's some (token, one time) money - remember BN. It's so damn condescending - especially when the money come from the taxpayers.

But, you know what - people are already immune to this. They got screwed from behind countless times that they dont feel it. And they want it that way. The slumbering rakyat will return this government to power, again. After 13th GE, same old, same old.

This government can do no wrong lah.... Nevermind the inflation, the widening deficit, the real economy in the world that doesnt give a hoot to UMNO. Nevermind the impending global economic crises which will make life difficult for everyone. Nevermind the FDI that is going to Indonesia. Nevermind the auto industry focus to Thailand.

Eye on the ball, fellas. Win this election by whatever means possible. Dr. M got his Project M (and he will be free man till he die), so now he must have his Project B.

Nevermind the rakyats. We (elite) Tuans are going to ensure we win and stay in power. If only the rakyats voted for us we wouldnt be doing this - so, one time ajer lah...

In the end, Dato', the future of this country will be left to the dogs.


Melayu Baru

Anonymous,  19 September 2011 at 21:12  

Dear Dato, Another superbly written article. It is a pity you are the exception in UMNo.

Patrick 19 September 2011 at 21:47  

From the get 'go', Najib's speech was just pandering to the urban middle class voters. I, too, gave Najib some benefit of doubt prior to his much anticipated speech. But then, I realised, just as you, Najib will never change and venture beyond his 'controlled' turf. If you noticed Najib's actions to date as PM, he has not dared ventured out of his comfort zone. He has defined his comfort zone to just political rhetoric and expensive MBA-consultant driven metrics. That's it. When it comes to the crunch, he will either be overseas or some other part of Malaysia, whilst his henchmen does all the dirty work.

Wonders will never cease when it comes to creating short term meaningless targets of 'political Toblerones'. Its nice when you buy it, but once opened, it melts out of shape. What Najib is doing, which people are slowly coming to grips is that, his 'new and improved' policies are morphing into even sinister forms of the originals. This is his best opportunity to plug all the loopholes of ISA, PPA, etc, etc in the name of 'reforms'. He can then claim credit to have abolished the words I S A or P P A. But replace it with other confusing hidden draconian terms.

Whatever form of liberties as we know it, will be just a ball and chain away now, regressing back into medieval rule. Yet, the mass of the people do not see, recognise, detect, etc this and continue to heap fake praises on him.

It somehow seems to lead many to think that Najib and his cohorts of smurfs in cabinet cant even reform simple bread and butter issues and score cookie points; many points which you so aptly mentioned. Isnt it logical that we just vote the whole smurf cabinet out soon, before the people turn blue and zombified??

Anonymous,  19 September 2011 at 21:54  

You mean to say Najib announcing it is the cause of BN's downfall? Quite a probable scenario if he does not know how to handle what will come along from his announcement. My take is he actually does not fully comprehend the implications of his announcement, what more with him not being legally-trained.

Anonymous,  19 September 2011 at 21:56  

why abolished the LAWS? nothing wrong with the laws, only thing wrong is the abuse of the LAWS by those in power.

so he worries if he loses in the GE 13, the new government will use the same laws for them to test the medicine!!!!!

Anonymous,  19 September 2011 at 22:37  


Never mind the stratospheric level corruption entrenched in our civil service. Never mind the ever increasing cost of living which is stressing out families who are trying to make a honest living. Never mind the incompetence of the PDRM, Judiciary, MACC, EC and AG office who are doing the bidding only for UMNO-BN. Never mind the epidemic proportion crime rate in this country which is fast becoming well known for being the center of international criminal activities. Never mind the increasing racial and religious intolerance publicly demonstrated by certain privileged groups and individuals and largely condone by UMNO. Never mind the shady deals involving Khazanah, Felda and host of GLC linked companies. Never mind the low standard education system which is churning hordes of unemployable "graduates".

All the above ills and more are nothing compared to Najib and his administration's greatest "gift" to all Malaysians.....the abolishing of the ISA........hip, hip, hip, hooray......... To the everyday Malaysian, I wonder how he will equate the abolishing of the ISA to putting food on his table, curbing the high inflation, eliminating corruption, improving the civil service efficiency and productivity, having an independent PDRM, Judiciary, EC and AG office, improving the public transportation system without costs overpricing, reducing the crime rate, improving the education standards and health care, etc, etc.

Whilst the everyday Malaysian ponders over Najib's "gift" to him, Najib is basking in his own self acclaimed glory that he be credited as "Bapa Reformasi" (gosh I almost choked on my own saliva when I wrote that). God help us all.

bruno,  19 September 2011 at 22:52  

Dato,it would be good for Najib if he can do what the Singapore government did.That is distribute oil money equally to all its citizens.That would sure score Najib plentiful of brownie points,and sweep him to a landslide victory in the coming GE.Besides I would have preferred Najib to continue to be PM over Moo or Hisham. That is if BN still retain federal control after the GE.

But where is Najib going to get the money from,even if he wants to follow the Singapore government,whom is a fully loaded Santa Claus.All the oil money is gone,a very long time ago.Safely parked in offshore bank accounts of BN ministers and its cronies.Even eventually Petronas will be needing a bailout when its oil reserves are depleted.And soon other GLC's will be following suit too.EPF alone cannot bail them all out,and eventually the country will be bankrupted.That is if the electorate is still being sleepy dogs.

Anonymous,  19 September 2011 at 23:40  

Tok Sak,
Hari ini dalam sejarah, PM ubah/mansuh ISA..He3.
Oh PM kita, masa kat Selangor dia tegur peminpin BN kata kalau buat program jangan syiok sendiri.
Kakak saya tinggal kat Pekan kata, PM kalau balik Pekan buat program lagi terlebih syiok, siap kerah kakitangan kerajaan hadir, kalau tak siap kau..He3..
Dia (kakak saya)yg bertugas di hospital siap mengeluh dah la orang sakit aku kena jaga Pm yang terlebih syiok pun aku kena hadir. Soalan saya, tuan tak pernah mention ke kat PM kalau buat program jangan terlebih syiok dari Selangor?..
-sender Rakyat Jenny lo (Jeniang la tu)

Quiet Despair,  20 September 2011 at 00:23  

As a cheer-leader for Najib all this while, I am down-right disappointed. A real shocker and an unnnecessary one.
We were all glued to the TV expecting something good for the average Malaysians. And pop, tanpa angin, tanpa ribut he came out with this "party pooper".
(To be fair to him, our common grouses like high cost of living, putting food on the table and everything that affects our daily lives will be addressed to in the budget and also the coming KUD seminar).
Who has he appeased but opposition members and pretend liberals like Din Merican and cohorts.
And these jokers are always singing praises for Singapork despite having the same draconian law (Kit Siang's fave word).
But of course it's okay for Singapore or England to have such a law but not Malaysia right.
Do we care about the ISA? As I have stated at length in Aspan's blog, it does not touched our lives. Will never concern us.
How many of us ordinary Malaysians are liable to be held under the ISA.
And sad to say, the ones who are supposed to be pleased have muted response with all manner of stipulations. Good but... etc.
And as expected it opened flood-gates of demands like Kit Siang wanting Bersih to be legalized.
Mat Sabun wants apologies for those who had been detained. Some called for removal of Kamunting detenton camp.
And that ever critical Anu-War expects the two laws to replace the ISA to be just as restrictive if not more stringent than the current ISA.
Of course you expect good press from the international media hailing Najib as the brave new leader.
The US is quick to respond with offers to help draft new terrorism Law meaning the Patriot Act.
After 9/11, some American legilsators did praise us for having the ISA.
Now I worry for Najib's support among the Malays especially in the rural areas.
Now I can say he may lose on this when all this while I think BN will win convincingly this time around.
The saddest thing is he has to defend the abolishment of the ISA which he said was the sole effort of the goverment to abide by the wishes of the people.
Still the opposition is claiming credit that they are the ones wanting the abolishment.
Let me tell you the opposition will be reinstating the ISA if (god forbid) they come to power.
Its time Najib stop pandering to the opposition supporters. If given the moon too, they wull be UMNO and BN haters.
All they want is to overthrow the government.

P.s. I like it Sak when you said you want to praise Najib. and that you acknowledged him as your ketua bahagian.
Tapi kutuk juga, haha, bro, bro.
You pun memang anything but UMNO and BN.
And none of your 'liberal commentators here gave even couched praise for Najib's bold speech.

Fukiyama,  20 September 2011 at 00:59  

"...the end of life..."

Did you mean the "end of history"? ;)

Anonymous,  20 September 2011 at 04:23  

Quite Despair,

Let me begin by saying what Arif's supporters lkke to say, well done QD! Your comment is spot-on, i.e this Sak guy is nothing but hound dog. He never writes with any objective other than to spew venom towards Najib, whom he says is his Ketua Bahagian. So, well done QD in pointing the obvious!!

Anonymous,  20 September 2011 at 08:57  

To me, abolishing ISA means nothing.
I am more interested in the state of our Judiciary, AG chambers, MACC, EC, racism and the rampant corruption.
With all these intact, abolishing ISA is of zero concern to me since I am never a threat even to the cat next door.

Anonymous,  20 September 2011 at 09:26  

Ha ha ha QD..

You are very funny...ha ha ha..

Nice one..LMFO

Anonymous,  20 September 2011 at 09:46  

dato' ah,

new laws to replace the old damn isa. 1oo % sure, more oppressive and no more privacy. they will be spying on your asses 24/7.

Anonymous,  20 September 2011 at 10:36  

The Internal Security Act 1960 (ISA) is a good law. It has proven effective in dealing with all threats to national security thereby enabling us to live in peace unlike some other countries.

It is not good only to a MINORITY of the rakyat particularly those in the oppositions who feel they have been victimised or would be victimised by the so-called draconian law.

It has been made worse by its abuse as in the infamous case of a detention of a journalist presumably for her PROTECTION. There is no such thing in any section of the ISA. Over and above that we have half-past six and overzealous UMNO members demanding so-and-so to be ISAed for raising certain issues without realising that they are even worse.

We have also irresponsible statement from the government side that the invocation of the ISA against any individual will be the LAST RESORT. This drives the message that the ISA is very punitive, very draconian and serves only as a tool or an excuse to stifle descent against the government.

What really determine whether the ISA is to be applied? It solely depends on solid intelligence acquired by the SB and its analysis whether there is any attendant security implication. If there is enough intelligence that merits his detention under the ISA, then the law will be applied. Otherwise no action will be taken under the ISA.There is no such thing as a last resort.

The recent statement by former IGP Tun Haniff on Mat Sabu is very pertinent. He categorically stated that Mat Sabu's statement is not a threat to security, hence he should not be arrested under ISA. He could be charged under other laws. He did not in any way allude to fact that ISA was the last resort.

As regard the new laws to be enacted to replace the ISA. there is no guarantee that they will be any better and effective to address any security threats vis terrorism and hence appease the

As long as we are dealing with security issues there are always two sides of a coin. In the case of the Palestinians for an example, are they freedom fighters of terrorists? It depends to whom the question is asked. Self-interest is paramount.

There are no clear cut ingredients what constitute a threat to national security unlike criminal offences in which the ingredients are precisely spelt out in the Penal Code or other laws. It is always debatable.

It therefore boils down to the competency of the SB. They are the professionals and the practitioners. Leave them alone to do their job. The least the politicians intervene the better. I have every confidence in the SB.


OneMalaysian,  20 September 2011 at 11:03  

Dear Sakmongkol

No one should jump for joy just because Najib announced the abolition of the ISA. Promises are the cheap currency of politicians. They should instead be judged by their actions. Remember the hoopla surrounding the announcement of the New Economic Model, a policy plan that was designed to help us escape the “middle income trap” and lift us into the developed world? No one talks anymore about the NEM now. We only hear about the ETP (a part of that plan) fronted by Idris Jala, and its symbolic project, the much-criticized MRT contract. And before that we had this 1Malaysia concept, designed to unite Malaysians. Instead over the ensuring months we had greater religious and racial strife.

From that this we can conclude that Najib is quick with big ideas – ideas produced by consultants – that sound good, but won’t pass muster. He cannot deliver because he has no political strength and conviction. His plans are only as good as those of Ibrahim Ali’s (who sunk the NEM) or the DPM’s (who killed off 1Malaysia).

As you have rightly pointed out, our political priority is not about the ISA; it is about economic issues that will directly help the people. It should be about the what the original NEM was designed to do – take us up the economic ladder, about improving education, about removing obstacles to competition and investments, and about helping the 40% poor Malaysians.

If the Police and the Judiciary are independent, as they should be, then even the current ISA is no threat to our freedoms because the Police won’t abuse it, and the courts will protect the innocent. Instead, both these institutions have degenerated into political tools of the ruling party. These unreconstructed institutions will abuse or not uphold the new laws whatever they might be. What really needs reforming are the Police, the Judiciary, the MACC and the ineffectual civil service. We don’t need new laws. We need clean, trustworthy and accountable politicians. The PM is not one of them.

Anonymous,  20 September 2011 at 11:33  

In my opinion, it was the abuse of the laws. What's the used of a new law when the gov. having a track record of abusing every law to justify its own end.

Red Alfa 20 September 2011 at 12:46  

Salam Dato'

"..Bold speech.." was and will be yet again another lie. He has as many times before and as he will always.

Most of us just never seem to learn and to know that he does it very boldly (and also he can do it as nervously) any permutation and combination of (and with) lies.

Repealing the ISA, the PPA, the EO or whatever will be like tomorrow, next week or next month to just switch them off?

At every opportunity and always he will make that miss with the cup and his lips.

Why do we still and ever want him to continue to be our PM?

Anonymous,  20 September 2011 at 16:10  

The problem with the present govt is they place way too much emphasis/importance on public relation stunts. You can just talk or pretend or even package to be a reformist but there is a limit these PR people can do. If you take note of the responses apart from those UMNO/BN people - generally you detect scepticism rather than dis believe!

bruno,  20 September 2011 at 19:54  

Dato,to a common laymen who knows how to use his brains,some commonsense and not think like a smart ass of a rocket scientist, can figure out that a country needs laws to safeguard it's people.

Be it ISA or no ISA,or another set of laws to replace the ISA.Another set of law is just a different name,and it can even be more draconian than the ISA.What anti ISA opponents should fight for is that the law of the land is for all it's people,and not a selected group of people.

And that not only includes LKS,Anwar and Karpal Singh but Najib,Muyiddin,Hisham,Ghani Patail and the rest of the gang.When a country has two sets of laws,one for the ruling elite and its cronies and another for the people,then even a Mother Teresa's law wouldn't work.

A country's law should state that any person who breaks the law should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.Then in that case it will leave us with no single ministers left in the present Najib cabinet.

Anonymous,  21 September 2011 at 00:14  

I don't see the point of any discussion after reading Chapter 2 Pemandu ETP ..and the projected 2020 salaries..
Its pure mad.Workers get to be who gets richer?

Its a sin if people don't fight against this.It is bad for our children.It will make them not enough food and begging.

That is what Najib and Jala want to make it become?The rich can buying big cars and houses in London,New York...the poor not enough to eating in own country.

Whats is important ISA if we not have food and shelter.Is the new law to make sure a hungry man cannot be an angry man?

No Dato,,we nust not care about ISA like you say.What we must be careful about is Pemandu.Pemandu is agent and promoter for big business.Pemandu is to making poor people poorer.

Just look at the 2020 salary projection in their book if you think I talk bullshit.Die

bruno,  21 September 2011 at 00:20  

Dato,the latest news Mat Sabu arrested and to be charge in court for his Bukit Kepong communists remarks.Then the Umno leaders of the cowhead protesters,and the six hundred mat rempits who terrorised law abiding citizens,in the middle of PJ were treated to vintage champange in the office of the HM.This are the results of two sets of laws,one favorind the ruling elites and the other against disadvantaged Malaysians.

Then we have market watchers astonished at the selling pressure on the stocks of the GLC's and their related counters.I guessed that the internet savvy foreign investors,have been scrolling the net for local bloggers critical of the GLC's handling of recent events,and decided to head enmasse for the exits.This time instead of the foreigners been taken for a ride,it is the boys of Khazanah and PNB who have been taken for bigger fools.

broom broom....,  21 September 2011 at 01:54  

it's increasingly clear that ISA (internal security act) will be replaced by AIS (Act of internal security) ...

in the meantime...mat sabu will be charged tommorow and for good measure the patriotic ones (from umno no doubt) threw a petrol bomb onto Mat sabu's house compound.

nothing has changed...

Ghab 21 September 2011 at 03:36  

To air the consciousness , ' after all ' Najib is the author's chief division head is no near being the begotten son . After all who cares , the rules , premises and appreciation of logic are relatives.

The argument reveals consistently that Najib has constituted irregularity in his leadership and Umno has ripen into their punching bag . And no matter how much Najib's proclamation of making this country for betterment , the adversity is measured by schism which is seemed in domination .

To some minds , it is their impulses in announcing their vigorous crusade in the making to shape up the aftermath of so called the unjust Malaysian democracy . Their central prerequisite of ' freedom ' to ' partisans democracy ' is their trade edition of persuasiveness for a new political order and Najib's leadership is randomly targeted for blow up .

No matter how good or bad is ISA or it is to go or stay , the course of its development is conditionally be challenged . The suspicion minds have been programmed in against the political abuse of the Act is greater than it is realized . Adamantly , the bottom line is to fire up that the drift of ISA is just barbaric , inhuman and therefore it is uncivilized and undemocratic stance for unpopularity .

Najib who is the prime administrator of the Government is dammed insincere for the abolishment because ISA is thought to be the fundamental tool used for Najib and Umno to stay in power . Furthermore , it is interpreted that the two laws supersede ISA are just another white washed .

If Somebody Gives Me His Hand, I Will Not Look at Him with Suspicion.
Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa .

nick 21 September 2011 at 07:17  


All upper echelon of UMNO are liars and corrupt to the core. So why do we have to believe any of their words or promises or even tears (remember the crocodile tears of TDM)? UMNO top leaders have shown us that they only care for power and money and nothing else especially the rakyat. The only acronym I have faith in is ABU (Anything But UMNO!) and when we have kicked them out from power, Malaysia then can really transform into something better and safer.


Badut Nasional,  21 September 2011 at 10:46  

Bangkitlah Rakyat Malaysia... Get Rid of umNO elite robbers!!!

Quiet Despair,  21 September 2011 at 11:16  


Hey buddy, your friend claim trial at the Butterworth court today.
Soon we, the judge and the lawyers will be re-learning history when the trial starts.
About that petrol bomb, the police has established it was the work of prankster kids.
Don't you think that Sabo Marx is enjoying the publicity. He was saying that he and wife received SMS threats that they will be splashed with acid.
Why no police report if it is true?
Looks like he's riding high on this court case immaterial if he loses.
He wants the publicity and our government is giving him that.

Bro Sak

Please write sequel to ISA 2. Got lots of two cents worth to share with you guys.

To all "my fans": Thanks for the vote of confidence.
I love ya all.

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