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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Palanivel, Cabinet numbers and Parkinson’s Laws

If Palanivel is the deeply religious person everyone seems to think and has any moral compunction, he will decline the offer of a cabinet post. But as everyone knows, these MIC leaders have too much of the mandore-quotient to let this opportunity go.

Surely, we will be told that in the name of service to the nation, Palanivel will accept the gratuitous offer for a cabinet post. Why not? It comes with the prestige and the chance to coast along giving the appearance of being hardworking.

What has Palinivel offered? He didn't win any parliamentary seat. His contribution to Hulu Selangor when he was MP there nearly cost the BN the seat last time. We all heard the folks in Hulu Selangor lambasting him for not being seen as the constituency. He was the invisible man.

He was made a senator, deputy minister and now full minister on account of what? He will do UMNO's biddings. The MIC president will be Uncle Tom-ming all along or in his case, Uncle-Jibbing all the time. Lacking the merit and mandate how can Palani speak with conviction about Indians? The just released Dr Jeyakumar is held in higher esteem than Palanivel.

What he has done is just to add to the notoriety of the Najib cabinet being the largest in our history. Tengku Abdul Rahman had a cabinet of some 16 people I think. Pak Lah had 33. Najib now has 39? That's one short of the fabled number of a group of 40 people who made a living by relieving others off their wealth and property. But then the current crop of members in the cabinet has achieved notoriety surpassing the fabled band of 40.

The Najib cabinet is eerily becoming what Mugabe is doing to the Zimbabwean cabinet. People seemed to think that the seriousness of governance is measured by the increase in the number of cabinet positions. Mugabe in an effort to demonstrate substance keeps on increasing the number of cabinet members.

Bu Jove! Parkinson's Laws do work everywhere after all.

One version of the law states that the increase in the number of employees at the Colonial Office is highest as Great Britain's overseas empire declined; the Colonial Office had its greatest number of staff at the point when it was folded into the Foreign Office because of a lack of colonies to administer.

Could it also be that the increase in our own cabinet members becomes more prominent while the actual cabinet tasks declined? That is scary.

How can we explain this fetish to increase the size of the cabinet? Perhaps two forces are at work here:

  1. A Minister wants to multiply subordinates, not rivals.
  2. And Ministers make work for each other.

That reminds me of my late Economics professor at UM, Harcharan Singh used to say, in Russia there's no unemployment of any kind because one cow is looked after by 40 people. We have a zero unemployment cabinet then. What will Palanivel do as a minister which job is not being done by someone else now? Refer to Parkinson's laws above.

That is in defiance to the promise by our PM to have a small cabinet. PKR has more Indian MPs than MIC. In the next round, MIC will probably be decimated. PPP claims to also represent the Indians. I know cabinet appointments are the prerogative of the PM as head of the cabinet. But I think cabinet appointment must also reflect a moral standing. Palanivel didn't win any seat via elections, why should he be appointed a cabinet minister. MIC which won only 2 seats last time, now has 2 full ministers. That's a 100% achievement. In addition it has deputy minister's post.

MIC Indians are a privileged lot then. Threaten the PM and he will succumb to threats. I would have thought, the PM should have taken up the dare by the MIC Indians that they will not support the BN. see if the MIC leaders can talk big without any positions in the government. They will be running groveling at the feet of the PM and will tell him, he is the greatest PM since Samy Vellu. Yes sir, Samy Vellu was PM to Malaysian Indians.


Suci Dalam Debu 31 July 2011 at 21:20  


This nation is getting sicker by the day because the country is run by a bunch of people in power not because of merit but because of cronyism.

Hancurlah negaraku kalau berterusan macam ni.

bruno,  31 July 2011 at 21:24  

Dato,since when has BN's ministers and elected representatives have any religious and moral compuntion.
To say the least about this Palanivel,he shouldn't even have accepted a backdoor senatorship if he has any pride and dignity.He as a politician can be bought,because of the gravy train that comes with it.

But will the Indian community with all the decades of economic neglect,racial and religious abuses be bought into this clown act.All the sufferings they have to endured because their leaders have to suck up to the Umnoputras,all swept under the carpet and forgiven because of a ministeral seat.Well,we will leave it up to the Indian community to figured it out themselves.

George Choo 31 July 2011 at 21:26  

Sak,selamat berpuasa.Only you said that MIC have 2 ministers.
I think you have forgotten that Samy was appointed as Minister in charge of affairs and trade with India.This position came with full minister perks and allowances.This is the compromise the PM made with MR Corrupt Samy in order for him to relinquish Samy MIC presidency.

Najib is working very hard to win back the support of all races but unfortunately in UMNO and BN, only he is working because as for the rest IT IS BUSINESS AS USUAL that is "BIKIN WANG SEBANYAK YANG BOLEH".

George Choo 31 July 2011 at 21:34  

Sak,Selamat Berpuasa.Only you said that MIC have 2 full ministers.
I think you must have forgotten that Mr Corrupt Samy was appointed as Minister in charge of trade and other affairs with India.
This position came with full minister perks and allowances.This is the compromise the PM make with Samy in order for Samy to relinquish the MIC presidency.
Najib is working hard to win back the support of all races but unfortunately he is the only one working because as for the rest it is business as usual that is "BIKIN WANG BANYAK BANYAK".

bruno,  31 July 2011 at 21:42  

Dato, if PM Jibby thinks that by promoting Palanivel into a full minister will win his Umno more Indian support,he sure is going to be dissapointed.This is an insult to the Indian community that the president of Mic can sink so low as to be bought.

To punished Palanivel for being a traitor and Jibby for being an enticer the Indian community will send Mic into oblivion.Mic will surely be decimated this coming GE.To add insult to injury Palanivel will just be chair warming for only a few months.

OneMalaysian,  31 July 2011 at 21:52  

Dear Sakmongkol

You know the elections are near when Najib makes that kind of decision. We now have 39, just one short of Ali Baba’s gang. The decision is obviously to curry favour with the Indian community by appointing the MIC chief. Is Najib insulting the Indians by thinking they can be bought by such a cheap trick?

Now, in contrast, Chua Soi Lek is left out. What do we read into that omission – MCA not important or Chinese votes are lost irretrievably? But we can be sure that such meaningless appointments point to a nearby election.

By comparison, the US has only 14 cabinet secretaries plus the VP and the AG, making a total of 16. Germany also has 16, and the bloated UK cabinet of Cameron has 29, an all-time high because of the coalition with the Lib-Dems.

It looks like our cabinet (by definition it is the government) is not there to government at all but rather those figureheads are there to decorate the room to make it look like everyone is represented. Governing? Who has time for such mundane things when the elections are just around the corner? This is Najib’s leadership style and substance.

Ganesh,  31 July 2011 at 22:01  

Brilliantly written. If Palanivel had any sort of decency, he should have declined the offer. The PM should have asked MIC to perform first in the next GE before conferring any cabinet positions. What a shame, using jalan belakang to become menteri. Which reminds me, who are the other two?..Yes DS Shahrizat Jalil & TS Koh Tsu Koon. KJ who won the UMNO Youth Chief is languishing where he is. I'm no fan of KJ, but come on, the PM should be fair.

Jong 31 July 2011 at 22:17  

Aiyaa, that bollywood wannabe mamak Sharizat Abd Jalil also didn't win any seat in GE-12. She was flattened by PKR's Nurul Izzah Anwar, rejected by her constituents yet was made senator then full Minister of Women, Family and Community Development.
These people really have no shame!

Donplaypuks® 31 July 2011 at 22:37  

Rosemajib's appointing Palani as gaji buta Minisyer Without Portfolio will ensure the complete demise of MIC at the next GE.

So, in that respect, that's a brilliant tactical move - for the Opposition.

As for Parkinson he said something like 'work will expand to fill whatever time is allowed to complete it.' A classic case was that the British navy had two or three times more admirals then there were ships. Now take a guess how many generals and admirals M'sia has?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  31 July 2011 at 22:43  

To cry or to laugh at all those Malaysian Indians poor sobs in estates being conned year in and year out by their own political masters in MIC, IPP, PPP etc

Well at least the Malaysian Chinese have woke up and now refuse to be prostitutes to their own political masters in MCA , Gerakan, SUPP, SAPP etc.

And now more and more Malaysian Malays who were living with the idea of glamourous titles of Ketuanan Melayu, BAN, BAT, NEP etc have also found out it is only meant for those priviledged few while the rest fight for the crumbs.

And now, the East Malaysians have also found out they have PoweRRR to determine who wins the next GE13 and may barter trade when the time comes.

And the PR and BN also found out, you don't take independent NGOs lightly for they can mobilize the rakyat too.

And now people also knows that the separation of Powers don't really exists anymore and Goovernment means For UMNO, By UMNO and Of UMNO.

And the BN now really understands
that it is very hard nowadays to sweep things under the carpet and the internet and new media has made it almost impossible to prevent any flow of news or infomation detrimental to them.

And the rakyat finally understands that UMNO is not God anymore nor Godfather.

Malaysia Boleh! will have a new meaning when we see this Giant called BN which has lorded and plundered so long fall and meet it's demise.

Malaysia Boleh!

Anonymous,  31 July 2011 at 22:45  

In the name of survival, many dumbfounding actions can be taken.As the ride has been a bit bumpy as of late, you may need to turn to the weakest link to stay in power.So who do you call upon and certainly can rely on?
You are one heck of a smart guy, dato,so u ought to know the obvious answer.

bruno,  31 July 2011 at 23:56  

Dato,Ladbrook's book making odds for the coming GE for PSM vs MIC are:

Dr Jeyakumar vs 2 Mic MPs are 1/5.
My bet is on Dr Jeyakumar.Laughing all the way to the bank with an extra 20 cents in my pocket,compliments of Jibby's spoils of war.

Anonymous,  1 August 2011 at 00:35  

Dato, chill man! dah masuk bulan Ramadan.
Pak Jibby is so confused! to the core.It is just to confirm his identity and strategy "lu tolong gua and gua tolong lu" mampusssss ini macam punya PM.
And when a student asked him a question... he cannot provide the answer but what was very clear was his insincerity. Ini macam punya PM pun ada.
Anyway Dato, Selamat berpuasa semoga semangat terus berkobar dan semua ibadat di terima ALLAH.

flyer168 1 August 2011 at 00:54  

Dato' Sak,

"Palanivel, Cabinet numbers and Parkinson’s Laws"

That is a very interesting analysis of "our Leader Najib" & his cohorts in MIC, etc, etc...

He even reminded his "newfound" ally, "Palanivel & his supporters"...

Now you must get your people to support & vote for us...Boleh tak?

For "Me & Mama" to remain in "Power Perpetually" to loot the last cent from Bolehland

The "Gua tolong Lu, Lu tolong Gua" IQ & mentality of Mummy's boy.

He even quoted his late father's political statesmanship to foster MIC ties "then" with the likes of "Statesman Tun Sambanthan & Manikavasagam"...

A "Pathetic attempt to Equate" himself with his late "Statesman" father...

That he is doing "even better" than his late father in terms of "Numbers" in cabinet for MIC...!!!

Just like comparing "Thoroughbred Race Horses & a Donkey (Kaldai)"...

Looks like he has lost the Plot completely with his level of IQ & intelligence...

What happened to his International PR & Political Stragegist to assist him...after spending RM77 million of Bolehland's Tax money on them for "Najib's Personal (and Mama's?)Image"???

What about this...?

RM77 million: รข€˜Malaysia is Apcoรข€™s top clientรข€™ -

Maybe, someone "reneged" on this contract as well...?

Like "no honey" ?

Finally, to share this...

Lying Najib, recalcitrant Umno | Free Malaysia Today -

Luke Rintod | July 12, 2011

A 70-year-old political activist has warned Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak that Sabahans are 'reading cautiously' his handling of the situation in Kuala Lumpur.

You be the judge.


Anonymous,  1 August 2011 at 01:04  


Dalam keadaan yang amat terdesak untuk mempertahankan dirinya dan Putrajaya, DSNajib kena buka semua opsyen dan lakukan apa saja,meskipun ianya getir, memalukan dan rasa dipermainkan oleh sekutunya sendiri yang mengambil kesepatan dari keadaan tersebut.


Anonymous,  1 August 2011 at 01:17  

Najib promised a smaller cabinet when he became Prime Minister. His flip-flop is even worse than Pak Lah.

Anonymous,  1 August 2011 at 01:21  

A weak leader needs to surround himself with more groveling attendants who are there to help shore up his fledgling confidence.

Anonymous,  1 August 2011 at 02:10  

Salam Dato Sak,
You forgot to mention another belakang masuk minister that was chosen for the same purpose -with the hope of winning back P.Pinang, Ah Koon la who else?.
Have a blessed bulan Ramadan.

Anonymous,  1 August 2011 at 06:17  

Najib is completely at sea.
Apart from the bloated cabinet,he has set up too many units such as pemandu,unik,teraju etc etc i.e bloating up civil service with corporate salaries.Pemandu directors are paid 30k minimum to come out with all the drivel and ably assisted by multi million ringgit consultant's inputs.He got Mr Jom heboh to introduce a lalai rakyat with fun n games campaign.He got a guy paid a million bucks who keep saying that he needs time cos his teraju only a few months old and hv only 30 staff thus short handed.However,his biggest success to date is renting a huge new office.
Najib hv,some have said about 40 senior aides and thats excluding those assigned to do work for FLOM.
I don't know that we did not hv enough pre-school until rosmah came along.And now thanks to rosmah we do actually hv pre-school with university class budget.
This syndrome of instant maggi eg traffic jam build MRT bugger the cost or viability will destroy the country.
Want indian votes?Lets hv tuesday a saree day.

Anonymous,  1 August 2011 at 07:28  

Of late the Indians have been a pampered lot, thanks to sugar daddy Najib. So many goodies were given to them: Najib's frequent walkathons in Brickfields and Little Indias; Thaipusum being declared a national holiday; the MIC demanding a special NEP programme for the Indians; now a non-elected MP being given a minsterial post. The Indians are taking a leaf out of the book of Perkasa.

Perkasa is a pesky mosquito NGO but it has deep teeth. It threatens Najib with the withdrawal of support; it ridicules Najib's new-born baby, 1Malaysia; it creates havoc with the racial harmony of the country; it carries on demonstrations with impunity and has Hishamuddin coddling them with his blessings; it always gets the moribund police into action with its police reports against Bersih and the Christians. Perkasa is pulling the strings around Najib's nose. Najib is a puppet.

Anonymous,  1 August 2011 at 08:50  

Palani is said to be the 'You help me, I help you Minister'.
By the way is there such a Ministry? What will he do?

Anonymous,  1 August 2011 at 08:53  

It was said in Parliament that Samy Velu, the Indian Community Reject, hold a ministerial post with a pay of RM 29,000.
MIC has 3 Ministers.

Najib thinks the Indians voters are fools.

Jong 1 August 2011 at 09:05  

If you people out there have noticed this in-secure Najib sees a need to mention his father Tun Razak's name ever so often? That's all he is, Tun Razak's son, riding on his name throught his political career!

And what was he talking about 'returning to Tun Razak's practice of 2 MIC ministers in 1976'?

- That was different then. The 2 ministers were elected MPs, able to hold their heads upright, chin up.
They were the people's choice, not some political reject plucked from Hulu Selangor who could not do a decent basic job serving his small constituency when he was an elected rep!

Anonymous,  1 August 2011 at 09:58  

This indians , they are so predictable!They degrade themselves in front of their fellowmen!
As they say the indians will commit sucide only in love and not politics.
Our hats off to Samy as the sly Fox knew how to hold umno balls ....They say if he falls all those old PEEMMS falls.....Sak! he is definitely free from Parkinson"s law as he still remembers dates... times.. and loads of files of dealings.

awang batuburok,  1 August 2011 at 10:10  

Sebenarnya Kabinet Kerajaan UBN hari ni memang dah cukup 40
(39+1Kabinet didapur yang mendapat peruntukan sama macam menteri-menteri lain).

PENDEKKATA sudah menyamai geng Ali Baba cukup untuk menyamun harta dan wang ringgit rakyat.
Rakyat tak perlu risau, saki baki khazanah negara masih mencukupi dan rakyat tak akan mati kebuluran sehingga PRU13 nanti.

Selepas PRU13 nanti pandai pandailah rakyat nak hidup:
makan ubi kayu dengan ikan masin ke, nasi berlaukkan garam ke, itu dah jadi tanggungjawab kerajaan baru Pakatan Rakyat memikirkanya....

Navi 1 August 2011 at 10:20  

Samy Velu was PM to Malaysian Indians.

Correction sir, To the MIC Indians. Not to all Malaysian Indians. To me he was always a fraud.

Badut Nasional,  1 August 2011 at 11:08  

Another Minister in the PM Dept... do what ah, wasting taxpayers money makan gaji elaun buta-buta???

Anonymous,  1 August 2011 at 11:18  

If a donkey had been the MIC president, Najib would appoint the donkey to be Minister in his cabinet. So in fact, we have plenty of donkeys in the current cabinet and each of these donkeys are just "braying" and occupying space. I think the 1Malaysia's version of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves should be changed to NaJibby and the 40 thieving donkeys.

Quiet Despair,  1 August 2011 at 13:53  

Salam Ramadhan dear Sak and all Muslim friends

Hey, wasn't that the deal Samy made to Najib for giving up his Presidential seat.
Najib is honoring it much, much later.
We will see whether Samy will also get the Tunship he demanded.
It's incongruous a small party with dwindling followers are demanding another Cabinet post.
We must not forget Samy's supposed envoyship is also of ministerial ranking.
I don't know why Najib is kow-towing to them when PPP is also representing the Indian community.
Easy does it- create another Minister in the Prime Minister's Department to add to the portfolio of another loser Tsu Koon.
And Palanivel to justify his new post is declaring that no Indian parties are allowed into the BN.
What is he talking about? He is not sure of winning a parliamentary seat even if given a safe one in the coming GE.
Bruno was saying if Vel has dignity he should not have taken the Senatorship.
Hello, dear friend, he coveted that in exchange for not getting to contest in the Hulu Langat constituency.
You must know Vel is a thick-skinned opportunist. I heard from friends that when he was a journalist, he was virtually hanging round Samy Vellu's office.
Only come to office to clock in.
He is like his boss that even if he loses in the coming elections, will still want to be a minister via a senate seat.
That guy is shameless. Where in the constitution does it say a president of any coalition member of a ruling party must have a cabinet posting?
If Soi Lek can be a president without Cabinet post, I don't see why Vel can't be the same.
And I bet he cannot see that the Cabinet posting comes with a price.
Najib is putting a noose around his head to deliver the Indian votes for BN.
Doubt he can do that. Can't even save himself.
He's bosting he is is own man, different from Samy. Oh yeah.
He is playing safe by licking the UMNO leaders. Silent on any issues so as not to anger UMNO.
Palanivel the .....carrier

Krishna 1 August 2011 at 16:40  

How can MIC claim they represent the Indians when the Indian MPs are in the opposition. HOw can MCA claim that they represent the Chinese when the DAP has more Chinese MPs. How can Najib fool himself to think that MIC can bring Indian votes and the MCA can bring Chinese votes. There is more respect for the Indians and Chinese because they voted the opposition. Should we not continue to do ao?

zaidi,  1 August 2011 at 16:41  

Dear Dato Sak,

The story of "Jibby and the 40 thieves" robbing the people of Bolehland. I am waiting for the character Mardiana who will save the people, by pouring hot oil on them!

walla 1 August 2011 at 17:29  

Barely into his first day in cabinet, Palanivel has already shown he is not minister material.

He has threatened to pull MIC out of the coalition if another Indian-based party is allowed to join the coalition.

What if it is possible to constitute such another party with higher support from the Indian grassroots which can solve some of the persistent problems of their community after so many years of Umno rule?

Is he saying that MIC must have monopoly over Indian representation because Umno has monopoly over the national kitty and policy?

Hasn't the MIC been having that monopoly for over thirty years of the community's marginalization until too many of the Indians today are mired deep in the vicious cycle of poverty while their community has shrunk to 7.3 percent of the population, much less than even the foreign non-citizen workforce which has risen to ten percent?

In making that stand, is he advocating another caste system of political power for the Indians because he knows competition will show the MIC cannot deliver without self-demeaning patronage to Umno in its new role as brown colonialists of this country?

Secondly, he is offering incentives of overseas trips and gadgets to those of his branch chairmen if they could recruit 1,000 new members each.

If they ask why should people want to join MIC, how will he answer? If they ask how to divide the spoils if it is their staff doing the recruiting, how will he answer?

Palanivel should ask himself the real reason why only now that Umno through Najib has made the appointment, itself as bad as Mukhriz's appointment was through the fire escape hatch.

Could it be because Najibco has already concluded Barisan will be decimated in GE13 that they are now trying to pros the Indian vote when for so many years Umno had turned a blind eye to let The Wig mess up the community out of craven fear of The Loaf?

Just think about it - accepting a poisoned chalice from some party which had directly caused the marginalisation of the community in the hope of carving a corner so that the same process of marginalization can be continued for another five years.

Palanivel doesn't need to flaunt bravura to say that MIC will pull out from the coalition. After all, why bother to pull out from something which will be expired soon?

Today, people join a party because they are fed-up with other parties and they see the party they're joining as having the better reps to fight for what they believe is better for the country in the long-run.

Does the MIC have those better reps? If yes, why was it said at its recent GA that the party should choose better candidates for the next polls. Meaning the ones present aren't good? So how did they come to be in their present positions?

The type of race-based political crap perpetrated under Umno rule won't work anymore unless Palanivel and MIC are saying that they would also like a piece of Umno's thirty years of racial rentier capitalism, bartering patronage for service, monetising land and chattel and collecting tolls from passing traffic, ostensibly the very things which will bring us to national bankruptcy the very moment we achieve 20-20 vision.

How poignant, don't you think?

walla 1 August 2011 at 17:29  


Thirdly, if you look at the nine resolutions passed at the recent MIC GA, you can be excused for thinking that party has been moribund and ripvanwinkled for thirty years, at least.

Those are the things which should have been solved and whose solutions should have been embedded in the national operating system long ago. How come these basic issues are still around?

Don't bother to scratch your head for an explanation otherwise you may have to wear a wig from loss of more hair.

Could it be - let us ask with veiled sarcasm - that the coalition has not worked for all Malaysians?

But how can it be so when Malaysia was formed by a coalition of equal partners?

Has Malaysia become Animal Farm(M)Sdn Bhd in a script perhaps written by people like JMD playing another denialistic role as commentator Dino Scot?

The blogger alluded to Parkinson's Law. Well, at the rate Najibco is running this country on autodive pilot, Parkinson's Law will soon become Parkinson's Disease.

Can Palanivel or even CSL trust a PM who is more scared of a rift with his racial sidekick than in making sure his own 1Malaysia inspiration takes a firmer hold on an already divided nation?

Has Muhyiddin and Company gotten a vice-grip of one of the two testicular pendulums? Perhaps that will explain the dynamics of Najib's erratics.

Let's repeat this across the land - the present DPM must never be the next PM of this country. And watch out on those who support him.

In the meantime, the MIC, MCA and Gerakan must never again tell their people not to make Umno angry. If scared, how to correct? If cannot correct, what there for?

Barisan today is a frigging joke. And it presumes to want to govern the country again?

It cannot even govern compliance with the Labour Law. Take the hospital whose roof has collapsed recently. Will Liow get into his Alphard and drive to that hospital, call for a meeting of all the houseman's there and ask them in front of the hospital director whether they have been threatened with an extension of their housemanship if they complain that they are only let off 1 day in a whole month because the hospital is short of budget? Liow should then come back as quickly as he is indubitably doing with the Tungshin Hospital Bersih bombing investigation and let the rakyat know whether he thinks making housemen work until they drop won't risk the lives of patients under their care?

If there isn't enough budget, go ask from Rais from his next jomheboh do. Or sell a diamond or two.

Or maybe ask Syed Hamid Albar of SPAD to stop all the rentier capitalism in this country and pass over the freebie commissions that should have gone to the poor taxi drivers who now have to again give way to indirectly save patients in this country's marvelously-run hyper-priced hospitals.

Let's reflect on all these while breaking fast.


telur dua 1 August 2011 at 18:57  

Old elephants seek out a particular spot in the jungle to die in.

Here, Makan Gaji Buta Ministers without Portfolio are shunted into the PM's Dept to rot and shamelessly feed on taxpayers' blood and sweat money. This is their contribution.

Anonymous,  1 August 2011 at 20:18  

Dear Walla,
WOW !!! Straight cut to the heart, you drive the kris deeper to the point of no return. That's what the ruling BN deserves.

Dear QD
again, now you see it dont you?
Wake up before it's too late for you.

CYC,  1 August 2011 at 21:16  

All those back door minister should get lost. A man without credibility should not even be allowed to sit facing the public without their mouth and eyes covered.

bruno,  1 August 2011 at 21:16  

Quiet Despair,

You want to know why Najib is kowtowing to them.Well,how about some very simple answer to your question.

Well,I am pretty sure that you have seen on telivisions or in the movies of ships sinking.When ships are sinking one end goes down first.At the other bow end still sticking out of the water,sinking slowly nevertheless,you can see the rats clinging to whatever they can,even with their last breath.That is what your beloved Najib and Umno B is facing.The beginning of the ending Umno dillema.

bruno,  1 August 2011 at 21:32  

Dato,where on earth in this world can we find losers ending up as back door Deputy Ministers and Ministers.Then we have real winners,although not that real(amid some money politics,although that is widely expected in Umno.Even Jibby practices it)in Khairy Jamaluddin,who is also the Umno youth president having no ministerial positions.What is Palanivel compared to KJ.

Quiet Despair,  1 August 2011 at 22:40  


And do you know that rats survive when humans drown?
In NYC, rats in the sewers outnumber the Wall-Street and hedge-funds people.
Same goes to the rats in BN that you alleged.
If not how do Rentokil and other pesticide compananies are making good money.
BTW, There are lots more vermins in your beloved party.

mpn kadaram 1 August 2011 at 23:20  

Another one of your good articles Dato,the theory of having more ministers in invariably increases the efficiency of the governance is one those Jibby's new political inventions. Let see whether the Palanivelu can turn this crumb to increase of support for MIC. Please allow me share this link:

Sumpitan Emas,  1 August 2011 at 23:47  

Baru dapat jawatan Menteri sudah mau gigit tuannya bahwa party kaum India lain tak boleh masuk BN melainkan MIC. Nilah kerabat demokratik Najib dapat. Kasihan!

RudeDog,  2 August 2011 at 01:42  

Unelected representatives ...!

What is this?


UMNO people should stop reciting the Quran this Ramadan. Instead, they should concentrate on what the verses and the Quran mean! ;)

Anonymous,  2 August 2011 at 01:58  

menteri macha ada libih pangkat ada libih gaiji ada libih acuukkkkk.

bruno,  2 August 2011 at 02:42  

Quite Despair

..rats survived when humans drown.Have you ever heard of the Pied Piper.

The last time I checked Bloomberg's lazy asses did not update the latest rat's in sevage population yet.But I did see a rat as big as a cat in front of 3rd av/42 nd st.When I enquired they said that the CG of Malaysia just kicked out the Umno rejects that were send over here.

The last time I checked most of the pesticide companies in the US have closed or relocated to China.

Anonymous,  2 August 2011 at 10:41  

anon 11:18,

I like "jibby and 40 donkeys". Being a smart thief, Jibby maybe thinking about stealing the donkeys from himself.

DINO SCOTS,  2 August 2011 at 12:12  

Najib offer of a ministerial position has to be viewed as a respect and honour for the Indian community and that his desire to see that the Indian community be well represented in the government and that he is not being selfish.The BN lead govt has to continue working together with its core partners MIC and MCA for their betterment because BERSATU TEGUH BERCERAI ROBOH when UMNO is prepared to share power.Where on earth you see this sacrifice.Because we value the harmonious relationship and we should not take PEACE and HARMONY for granted.Sadly this what i see in Pakatan.
The march 2008 political tsunami as Kapal Sink rightly say would not have happened without Anwar.What make the like of Walla be overly confident that the tsunami will happen again in the next GE 13?Why bother romancing TR and even you Sak!.What make both of you stay on with UMNO when you have the chance to do so with Pakatan? IT is because you do not strongly believe the PAKATAN right ?because that marriage of convenience PAKATAN cannot and will never work to manage this beautiful Malaysia right ?You are just being critical that i like.I am no member of UMNO but i know where my single vote go .Walla don't have to waffle along and begging for sympathy to win the heart and mind of the silent majority. Is it because you enjoy listening to the same tune and close your mind to other tune as Jebatmustdie.
selamat berpuasa and salam ramadzan Sak . MERDEKA ! MERDEKA ! and CHEERIO all !

Anonymous,  3 August 2011 at 15:07  

A religious politician is an oxymoron. You cannot be a Malaysian politician, especially in BN, and be religious. There are too many dirty things to do.

Donplaypuks® 3 August 2011 at 16:57  

"Najib offer of a ministerial position has to be viewed as a respect and honour for the Indian community and that his desire to see that the Indian community be well represented in the government and that he is not being selfish." Dino Scott

This is pure BS.

The M'sian Indian community has never been proud of Samy Velu, especially after the MAIKA $100 million Education Fund financial scandal, what more the Kepomg MRR2 flyover cracking up disaster costing the taxpayer over RM70 million. To-date the Plc contractor has not been charged in court to recover the extra cost covered by warranties!!

No one is proud of an unelected person being appointed gaji buta Minister. Now, SV is paid RM 25,000 a month to fart around Sentul as roving Minister for Malodorous Gas or something and so too, Palani, wherever he lives.

Please state 1 major contribution of Palani to the M'sian Indian community over the last 30 years?

And here is the real contradiction in Najib's failed 1Malaysia RM100 million APCO spindoctered fiasco:

How can we be 1Malaysia, if Najib's own Govt continues to champion and practice race based politics, and does not bring to book Buntutsan and Ibrahim Ali for their racist utterances?

we are all of 1 race, the HUman Race

Still Hopeful,  4 August 2011 at 00:02  

Najib very different from Mugabe in more ways than one: Najib doesn't have the toothbrush moustache that M has - you know what happened to the world when the other guy with similar design came into politics big time; Najib didn't take other people's land to give to another group. Najib never received any special consignment of logs from a friendly country to build a palatial home. Unlike Mugabe,Najib appears to really want to transform Malaysia,something his father failed to do because of premature death. But the good man brought in MARA and FELDA and in so doing re-defined rural development and equitable political leadership in the 3rd World. It is now Najib's sacred duty to make this transformation a reality, but by God, ferret out the corrupt and evil from within your ranks so that you can give new hope and confidence to the people, that, we will be treated fairly and equitably by ALL government personnel whether we are on the ground floor or on the 13th floor of any building, or by the roadside. It is not that we hold you as an equal to angels, only, primus inter pares through a fair electoral process. Be strong!

Orang Kampong,  5 August 2011 at 11:07  

UMNO tidak perlu riot sekira kalah PR13.UMNO terlalau matang untuk merosakkan negara tercinta dengan cara ini.UMNO berkorban daripada nama TANAH MELAYU kepada MALAYSIA demi untuk semua kaum untuk hidup bersama di sini daripada akhbar Utusan Melayu kepada Utusan Malaysia.Yang tinggal hanya keretapi Tanah Melyu !
Apa contibution kaum lain yang terlalu sangat sibok dengan mengaut kekayaan dan keuntungan yang boleh di banggakan sangat.Percayalah PAKATAN tidak boleh berbuat apa apa bagi kami orang kampong.Lihat di Kelantan dan di Kedah mencukupi.
kerajaan patut membina dan memberi tekanan lebih kepada ekonomi orang kampong.Tak payah sangat nak mengambil hati orang di bandar tu.Masaalah mereka bukan kemiskinan lagi.Mereka mahukan kekuasaan pulak satelah mempunyai banyak condos ,kereta kereta dan terlalu sibuk membeli belah di mall mall yang mewah dan holiday di seberang laut, kerana mereka punyai kuasa membeli dan wang yang berlebihan.
Kami orang kampong tetap dengan BN

Kaum India yang miskin perlukan pembelaan juga melalui wakil mereka MIC bukan DAP.
Najib harus tegas walaupun banyak tohmahan dalam blog ini saolah olah semuanya tak kena.Jangan terpedaya.Lihat apa yang tersirat.
Kita lihat apa keputusan PR13 nanti dan hormati keputusan itu dan kuarangkan berpolitik.Emphasise on rural development !!!
Malaysia tanah airku.Salam ramadan.

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