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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 24 July 2011

Tengku Razaleigh’s speech at the launch of Amanah



Ucapan YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

Di Majlis Pelancaran AMANAH, Hari Jumaat, 22 Julai 2011, 9.00 pagi di Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur


    Allow me to bid all of you, dear Associates and friends, a very warm welcome to this launching ceremony of Angkatan Amanah Merdeka or in short AMANAH. I am deeply grateful for your attendance today. I believe that as we start out on this journey we will have some extremely important choices to make before us – choices that we must make even against all odds. This morning can just be another interesting social event in the Malaysian landscape or it could be the start of something unprecedented that it could alter the course of our country's future and directions.


2. Let me state unequivocally that I love my country dearly as I am sure all of you do too. We are not gathered here today to start a protest movement and neither are we here to play politics. We are here because many of us are genuinely very concerned, grieved and saddened by what is now happening in this beloved country of ours. Right-thinking and fair-minded Malaysians must no longer stand by in passive and courteous submission to or acceptance of the situations created over the years by such horrible misdeeds as corruption, cronyism and communalism; we must act quickly before they reach a stage of no return leading ultimately to the total destruction of the very fabric of our social, moral, cultural, legal and constitutional foundation on which this nation of ours has sustained all these years. We must not wait before it will be too late for us to change.


3. We are here because we need that voice of conscience for the nation, to articulate our voice for the nation, to engage the authorities in a democratic fashion as guarded and guided by our constitutional rules and our common tradition as peace-loving rakyat. We must never allow acts of political manipulation of any kind and from any quarters to divide the majority with policies and decisions that deliberately cater to the interests of the minority. From the time of pre-independence right through the past 54 years, Malaysia has proven that its people can co-exist in a spirit of unity, harmony and tolerance. The tolerance among our people has been exceptional and if we look at our beginnings, racial interaction and religious tolerance have never been our problems. Time and again, Malaysia has been cited by the international community as a model of interethnic co-existence. It is this spirit, this model of racial unity as the foundation of our national solidarity, that we must all strive to restore and preserve. If today this spirit is seriously lacking – as we are seeing it happening daily - then something must have gone very wrong in the governance of this nation. I say that it is time to stop this terrible spiral downward trend. Let us not allow a denial of the situation to cover up the reality of the situation.


4. I have watched with great alarm the worrying deterioration of inter-racial and inter-religious harmony in recent years and if I add to this the actions of some groups and individuals to unobtrusively, perhaps deliberately destroy the institutions of unity in our country to serve their own interests, I must confess to you that I am deeply troubled.


5. For too long, those of us who belong to the voices of moderation have stood aside and avoided the specter of confrontation because we wanted to just live our individual lives that are free from problems and unnecessary troubles. Such an attitude is no longer acceptable because standing back now would result in dire and irreversible consequences.


6. This is the time for the silent majority to make their voices heard. This is the time for the quiet family man to join in the chorus of voices and say , "We want the truth and not a facade of deceptions." This is the time for the quiet housewife to say, "I want a future for my young son and daughter that is free from problems created by various political, economic and social interest-groups and individuals". This is the time for the young working adult to say, "We want to know where our country is headed to and we want to know that the choices are right!". Yes, this is the time for you and I to say NO to the massive corruption and racial discord, the latter is being spread under the guise of religious and racial protection. Say "Enough is enough". At no other time in the history of Malaysia is this need to stand up against such situations as urgent as the present.


7. When our beloved father of independence Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman founded Malaysia, he talked of the different races as part of one big happy family. He said, something to the effect that "If we really want to come together as a family and live under one roof called Malaysia, we must be sincere with one another – Malay, Chinese, Indian, Dayak, Kadazan, Siamese and others – Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, etc. If we are sincere, then we cannot say anything that will hurt one another. We cannot also do anything that will hurt each other. As sincere members of one family, we must always be there to help one another. The rich must help the poor and the successful must help the unfortunate. Only then can we be one people and a country that is united and strong. Everyone will be happy. Only then will Malaysia be respected by the world….."


8. What powerful words of simplicity and wisdom. He intended for us to live in this manner as one big happy family. After 54 years, where are we? Are we already living as one big family? As I have said, if we are not, then something must be very wrong! We cannot wait any longer for us to take our country back on course. We must do something and do it now!! Every right-thinking Malaysian must be a part of this move to have our voices heard and it must be loud and clear.


9.    Tunku Abdul Rahman practiced what he preached. Since the government did not have too much money at the time, he successfully persuaded his non-Muslim friends and others to contribute to the building fund of the national .mosque. The mosque was built only at a cost of RM10 million. It is not only a tribute to the Tunku but also became a symbol of Muslim and non-Muslim cooperation to help forge a better understanding between the various different ethnic and religious groups in the country. The Tunku also persevered to bring peoples of different Islamic countries together for the promotion of economic cooperation, peace and stability. Finally, the idea that he floated became a reality when he successfully brought together people of 52 Islamic nations, big and small, rich and poor, as an organisation of Islamic countries after he obtained the endorsement of the late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. to form the Organisation of Islamic Conference. This organisation now stands as a monument to the Tunku for his tireless effort to bring solidarity .to the Islamic people.


10.    In the field of sports, Tunku promoted football, badminton, sepak takraw, golf, etc. I cannot help but repeat what I have said at some other functions how sports was promoted by the Tunku as a means to instill team spirit and togetherness in this country. "Thinking of football, Tunku managed to bring teams from the Middle East and across Asia to play in Kuala Lumpur in the Merdeka tournament. Teams from South Korea and Japan came to participate and we defeated them routinely. Today our FIFA ranking is 157 out of 203 countries. That puts us below Maldives whose ranking is at 149, the smallest country in Asia with just 400,000 people living about 1.5 meters above sea level. In ASEAN we are behind Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, whom we used to dominate. The names of our football heroes used to roll off the tongues of our school children and they copied them on the school field. Where are they now? The likes of Soh Chin Aun, Arumugam, Isa Bakar, Santokh Singh, James Wong and Mokhtar Dahari? It was not about being the best in the world, but about being passionate and devoted to the game. Similarly, we used to see little kampung boys hit the shuttle cocks with broken rackets at the back of their dilapidated kampung houses calling themselves Wong Peng Soon. Yes, Peng Soon was a Malayan hero, just like our football heroes. Now we do not have an iota of that feeling." Where have they all gone?


11. "Our achievements in achieving growth with equity were recognized around the world. Our peer group in the economic development were South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan and we led the pack. I remember when we used to receive South Korean delegations coming to learn a thing or two from us about development. Now, unfortunately, we have fallen far behind this group. And today, we are entering the peer group of Cambodia, Myanmar and the Philippines as an investment destination. Without a doubt Malaysia is slipping. Yet we are gathered here in comfort. People say it is due less to good management than to the extraordinary wealth of this country. Malaysia is blessed with immense resources, both natural, cultural and social but, unfortunately, due to this mismanagement and corruption, we are declining." Yes, people say Malaysia is rich, but compared to its neighbours we are still relatively not free.


12. When Tunku declared independence for this country 54 years ago, we were told that Malaysia will be a Parliamentary democracy with an independent judiciary.


13. I pray that you will no longer stand back and be mere uncommitted spectators to watch things move, thinking that others will do what is necessary. If we do this, we will be living in a fool's paradise and will deserve the consequences when they come. We have to make that difference and if we want to make that difference, I would like you to join us in this move that we are starting. For the sake of your children and your children's children, we cannot afford to fail!!


14. We are starting an NGO called Angkatan Amanah MERDEKA (in short AMANAH) to mobilize our voices and our efforts and to make this an avenue of the new Spirit of Malaysia. It will be a voice of solidarity and truth and we will stand unwaveringly against the ills of corruption, cronyism, communalism, extremism and extravagance. We will say national interest and the interest of the rakyat first. This is our primary objective. All other policy priorities, decisions and choices must be subject to this primary national objective.


15. The conditions of the poor and the impoverished, especially in the rural areas – they still form the majority of our population - must be uplifted through systematic and systemic policy planning and decisions, and not through hollow slogan chanting. The legacy and vision of Tun Razak's policies of rural development, eradication of poverty irrespective of race and colour, and an overall national policy of socio-economic development based on the principles of Justice, Fairness and Balance across all sectors, will have to be revisited and remodeled if need be. We will relentlessly promote Almarhum Tunku's vision of the "One Happy Malaysian family". We will ensure that the basic or fundamental rights of the rakyat, rights that are not only defined in the Constitution but more importantly rights that are embedded in and shared by our religious, moral and cultural traditions, are promoted and observed as a function of the Nation.


16. I will personally go to every corner of this great country of ours (and I would ask you to come along with me) to bring down the barriers of discord, suspicion and insensitivities. I know that the Malays – and the other communities – are not 'racists' but the Malays and the others are becoming communalists because they have been manipulated to behave and think and act as communalists. To the Malays such behavior and attitude of mind is totally against the teachings of Islam. And when the Malays become less Islamic they tend towards 'racialism', going back to the age of jahiliah, the age of Ignorance before the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) preached against that "jahiliahism".


17. We can and we will pledge ourselves to uphold integrity and we must not fail in this urgent quest to bring back the core values of acceptance and unity.


18. The people want change and anticipate change and there is great urgency for us to move in that direction. It is now up to all of us, you and I, to make a difference. I would like to encourage you to get family members and friends to help us secure their support for this noble endeavor. Encourage them to continue to send this out to their friends. Let us make this a move of 'viral' proportions! No longer should the silent majority be taken for granted in a country that we are so proud of and cherish. Thank you my valued Associates and friends for giving me this chance to be heard. Let us not fail in this endeavor or labour of love for our country!


19. Let me end with a quote from that great man, Nelson Mandela. He says "Let there be justice for all, Let there be peace for all; Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all. Let each know that for each person - the body, the mind and the soul have been freed to fulfill themselves." Mandela's message is in fact a reiteration of a message of the universal mankind, a message that is true at all times and a message that is inherently, a human fitrah or human nature, shared by all of us, all of mankind. Let this be our call to strive for excellence – that every Malaysian will be given a platform for freedom and fulfillment.


20. Managed correctly and sincerely, this great nation of ours can be a platform of prosperity and peace for all Malaysians. Thank you.


rance,  24 July 2011 at 18:57  

Dear Dato'Sak I have a question for u. Has Tengku Razaleh resigned from UMNO? If no,there is a saying can't have your cake and eat it too.

Anonymous,  24 July 2011 at 19:17  

Salam Dato,

I like Ku Li very much....a voice of conscience, fairness and sanity in Malaysia, unlike the anjing2 gila in UMNO/BN.

What do we do next to support AMANAH?


Jong 24 July 2011 at 19:35  

Seems too little too late now that things have gone terrible bad with so many more lives further destroyed by umno? We had hopes in him but he chose to remain far too quiet and what took him that long, and why now, 70?

Very touching speech and so true but nothing so new, not that we have not heard before. That's exactly what Pakatan Rakyat and MCLM had been saying all along!

Anonymous,  24 July 2011 at 19:46  

BURY the evil BN IN THE 13TH GE

Anonymous,  24 July 2011 at 19:46  

BURY the evil BN IN THE 13TH GE

Anonymous,  24 July 2011 at 20:36  

If you had realized, as you have admitted, that you were aware of the "horrible misdeeds as corruption, cronyism and communalism" then why did you campaign for UMNO and BN in the Galas by election?
Why are you still in UMNO?
You cannot fight this battle with UMNO rejects as your generals?
Where are your non-Malay supporters?
By the way why did you join UMNO Baru - the party you swore never to join until your last breath?
If you cannpt join forces with Pakatan you will be barking at the moon?
Anyway lets see what happens to Amanah after today?

Anonymous,  24 July 2011 at 20:47  


what's the point of the voice of conscience of the silent majority craving for restoration of rule of law than the current rule by law? THese so-called voice of moderation like Tengku Razaleigh, you and Aspan Alias are unneeded trouble in UMNO. As far as the incumbents are concerned; they can just ignore these silence/silent majorities as you speak. What can all of you do when the words of reform and return to basics are ignored?


Anonymous,  24 July 2011 at 20:58  

Sorry for saying this....

Its all yadda yadda yadda now. Why do we all need another NGO?

OneMalaysian,  24 July 2011 at 21:03  

Dear Sakmongkol

“It is now up to all of us, you and I, to make a difference”.

I hear him loud and clear. I agree with every word he says. But how do we make a difference? What must we DO? It is no good to just talk. This government will not listen. Look at what they did to BERSIH, who merely wanted to talk about clean and fair elections. They simply don’t respect the voice of the common people. Moral suasion does not work with this government.

Let us understand that real change can only happen if you have political power. You must have control over all the levers of government. If you have no power you can talk all you want. In a real democracy with a sensitive and sensible government of capable men, they will listen. But these conditions do not exist here.

The people are ready for change. They do not need more persuasion. What they desperately need is political leadership. As an NGO, I am afraid AMANAH will just be another voice in the wilderness. If Tengku Razaleigh really wants change he must step forward to lead. Stop beating around the bush. Get out of UMNO. Many good people will follow him. If we keep waiting, the destruction will continue and the eventual effort needed to save us will be so Herculean no man will be able to do it.

Patrick 24 July 2011 at 21:26  

Thank you for this upload. It is a good speech by Ku Li. While he is still a respected guy, there are a lot of unanswered questions on this AMANAH. Words must go hand in hand with deeds. I think what he has successfully done with AMANAH for now, is to have shaken up the current establishment. What we want to see now is what specific strategies and plans AMANAH has to offer. How is AMANAH going to represent the so called voices of the silent majority. I think the silent majority has already made up their mind before voting day. Why couldnt AMANAH target the more specific fence sitters.

So again, many questions swirl that are requiring specific and actionable answers. We are tired of slogans and cheap barks that lead to nowhere.

umar,  24 July 2011 at 23:15  

All the rejects are now in the frontline of AMANAH. It is the same old wine in a new bottle.
( Dato Subra, Kadir Sheik , Ong T K ...)
I have never read a speech by Tengku Razaligh in Dewan Rakyat ever saying anything about APCO, NKRA,ETP or protest a word when opposition leaders are suspended for months or on any topics from education,scholarship, government procurement to PETRONAS royalty.
He is the longest serving MP in Parliment but hardly articulated a single major debate on any topics.Pity the opposition MPs for asking questions on FELDA , APCO, MINDEF ; the speaker is quick to silence them. You heard Razaligh?
He now tells us what the opposition is saying all along.
Where was his 'voice of conscience' ?

Anonymous,  24 July 2011 at 23:56  


The question that most people want to know is how genuine Tengku is in trying to reform UMNO from within and what is the best way?

His noble virtues and unaggressive persuasion method is not going to cut it with the crooks in UMNO Baru. Heck these people will sell their mother if the UMNO president ask them to.

The 2.3 million newly registered young voters need a mighty quick and big bang kind of persuasion to make up their mind. Else they will still be fence sitter or even non voters come GE13.

What stand is AMANAH going to take on BERSIH? On SPR credibility? On independent judiciary? On concentration of powers in the hands of a few? On treatment of the opposition politicians in nation building? On management of PDRM?

Reading TRH's speech I think the young cannot see the spark that will light the fire. So too the rural folks. Only the well educated and liberal minded will latch on to those words. Even then, they wouldn't know what to do to contribute.

BERSIH = clean and fair election, now that's succinct and clear. No beating around the bush as if still hoping BN or UMNO will suddenly admit their fault and taubat nasuha....

Like Perakian like to say " rentikan lahhh"


bruno,  25 July 2011 at 00:19  

Dato,Tengku Razaleigh should know by now that these Umnoputras are real scumbags rotten to the blurdy core.You can caned them ten times worse than rapists deserved and they will still be lowdown scumbags.These pariahs will never learn.

TR should make a stand outside Umno.No talking or reasoning will make these pariahs repent.TR is already in his twilight years.To be able to make a difference it has to be now,and outside Umno.

bruno,  25 July 2011 at 00:44  

Dato,I always have high respects for TR.But TR has to know by now that to be a gentleman politician in Umno never works.These Umnoputras don't listen to reasons.All they know is to rob, cheat,rape,murder,terrorised and abuse the powers of the public institutions.

TR should know that when he lost the Umno's first vice president's election in the seventies.If he had won he would have been PM instead of Dr M.Then he should have realised that when Team B was challenging Team A.

TR lost the Umno Presedential election not because of the last minute money politics after the friday prayers.Mahathir won because he cheated under the noses of TR and the stupid Musa of Sime Darby fame.At the airforce base at Sungei Besi TR was leading.Then the lights went off for 4-5 minutes.After that Mahathir was coming back and won by a nose.

TR has to realised by now that you cannot fight rapists,gangsters murderers and terrorists with words of reasoning.If these guys can listen to reasons the country would not be in this mess.TR is already in his twilight years.To make a difference he has to do it outside Umno.He has to go an eye for an eye.In other words he has to go for broke.

walla 25 July 2011 at 01:10  

As one may recall, TRH was the first to say after GE12 that 'if this situation is not dire, what is?'. That must have been said from an Umno stalwart angle.

But now with this new NGO like a mirror reflecting on Umno's excesses and weaknesses, has the angle changed?

For people to know the answer to that question, Amanah must act beyond just articulating what thousands have already articulated.

For instance, TRH talked about the decline in standards of sports. Same too with the decline in standards of once-famous national schools like Penang Free School, Victoria Institution and St John's Institution. So what will Amanah be saying for standards in education what it can say for muhibbah in sports?

Therefore and depending on Amanah's main objective, TRH has two challenges. Time and support.

If Amanah's objective is to provide a visible platform for the silent majority to articulate a national conscience, then people may ask whether doing so under Amanah will be tantamount to taking away the sting, and thus the popularity, of the opposition's burning platforms which are in fact what has been articulated in his speech.

And that question is relevant because the notable founding fathers of this new NGO seems to be ex-Barisan.

But their lineup when they were in Barisan looks like tier two, not Umno supreme council inner circle. Not even former so-called jumping bean reformists like...erh, Ezam the who?

Which all implies the challenges ahead for Amanah are support and time.

With Umno already so insane that it can consign an old rally walker to a psychiatric ward, the Umno inner circle is encircling its own wagon in preparation for its final sitting-bull battle.

Such a desperado custer last stand means Umno will be marshaling even its fourth (and imaginary) line of defense to pulverize anybody deemed a clear and present danger to its inner circle.

If Amanah wants to build up a national voice for change, it must therefore be able to stand up mano-a-mano with some eno to that Umno. It needs support.

Perhaps the services of Sakmongkol's jedi knights may have to be called. However their light sabres need fresh batteries.

If the objective is to walk the talk before the next GE, time is the limiting factor for Amanah. What shall it be doing in the next few months, certainly lesser than or equal to 2013, for after that, it'll all be history.

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 08:41  

The silent majority are BN voters.
They still subscribe to the idea that the money BN govt is spending comes from BN.The moment BN loses power there is no more money.They don't really understand Bersih,corruption and all those big money jazz of MRTs,direct nego.
What they know is PAS n PKR got no money as evidenced in states controlled by PR.
And they see poor PR reps i.e means unsuccessful guys compared to BN guys in big cars,nice clothes n huge mansions.

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 08:47  

Amanah advocates a democratic change, but how.
The people don't need any convincing. We want to see your strategies, plans and soldiers.
Kuli has to stand along side Kit, Anwar, Hadi.
Leave out the opportunists in BN. Leave out the BN rejects.
You can't build a new house with rejected materials.
To begin with Kuli has to get out of UMNO. He just cannot clean the 'tong tahi' by sitting in it.

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 09:53  

Any right thinking guy can see that Pak Jis's pursue is nothing but vanity and grasping for the wind.

Day by day credibility deterioraite and exposes his impotence where even Joy Sex leg is not much of a help due to overdose of viagra himself.One of the concerned symtom for the overdose being loss of vision and discerning power.

When you are weary and exhausted stay close to Godly friends (not you help me , I help you buddy).Stay close to those who are blind but can see ! Repentance creats unity in the midst of adversity.

Own up to your sin , you cant hide it from God anyway !


Old Timer,  25 July 2011 at 10:27  

Yang Berbahagia Dato Ariff. Tengku Razaleigh dan AMANAH boleh membantu memulihkan keadaan demokrasi di Malaysia dengan menumpukan fokus kempen mereka di kampung-kampung dan dan desa luar bandar yang selama ini menerima sahaja apa yang dimuntahkan oleh media massa perdana sebagai the "gospel truths". Lihat sahaja akhbar Utusan Malaysia dan TV3 yang terang-terangan menyebarkan berita dan analisis yang merupakan 'an insult to the intelligence of the more educated people in the urban and semi-urban areas' tetapi ditelan bulat-bulat oleh penduduk kampung dan desa kerana mereka tidak terdedah kepada lain-lain sumber maklumat dan juga kerana tahap pelajaran mereka yang rendah. Kata Orang Putih ' in the land of the blind , the one-eyed man is king'. Adalah menjadi tugas dan "amanah" Ku Li dan gengnya untuk MENCELIKKAN pemikiran orang-orang kampung dan pedalaman sekiranya menjadikan diri mereka orang yang 'walk the talk'. Jika tidak maka habuk pun tara atau kata orang NS, mengabihkan bogheh ajo'.

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 10:45  

At last, something from to tokpakcik walla that i can read and, understand.
And a good one too.. without having to trawl thru lengthy dialogue lines.

anak muda

nick 25 July 2011 at 12:17  


Ku Li was quite eloquent during the launch of AMANAH. His reasoning and calls for all Malaysian to his cause hits the nail on the head and no one can fault the creation of Amanah. BUT those thing (reasons and examples) are already too well known by the majority of Malaysian. That's what BERSIH have managed to reveal. Malaysian are already waking up to the ills of this country and they are already moving and seeking ways to cure those ailments. So it is quite disappointing for many of us to hear these things or to be exact "being told of the disease we have and its apparent damage it will cause" over and over again without a solution or remedy or medicine being offered at the same time. What good is seeing a doctor and being told what ills you without the doctor advising you what cure can be prescribe or what course of action need to be taken?

The launch of AMANAH should have emphasized more on "HOW" to stop the rot and LESS on WHY and WHEN and WHO! The most important thing now for many Malaysian is HOW to save the country? HOW can we beat UMNO and BN in the next election? HOW can we Malaysian, effect changes and at the same time woke up the rest of the population?

Ku Li should have told us what and how he intend to use AMANAH during its launch. Is he taking all Malaysian on a journey to a destination we all agreed on by using the MRT route? If so, is he asking us to wait until some sort of MRT is built before we embark on the journey? Or is he asking us to take the trip using the public transportation system. It might be slow and a lot of glitches and stoppage along the trip but maybe we can reach the destination in due course? OR is Ku Li asking us to take his car or bus or train or private plane where the journey will be at our own accord as to its course, its planned time of arrival and the manner in which we will arrive (tired, leisurely, on schedule or fast and with style)? Ku Li need to elaborate on that and then, if the plan is sound and the risk is well worth the trip, maybe all Malaysian without hesitation will be with him all the way.

So Ku Li, HOW do you intend to do this?


Salam and GOD bless.

Beast Master 25 July 2011 at 12:20  

umar i do agree 100% with ur comment ..."All the rejects are now in the frontline of AMANAH."

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 12:29  

Too late for Najib.He has trapped himself into an impossible situation.
1Msia slogan is giving him more headaches than good.His Pemandu has been exposed as a front to legitimise land grabs and platform for rich to get richer.His GTP,Pemudah are merely numbers thats syiok sendiri.
His chosen Menteris have been shown as inadequate and lacking the feel of the rakyat's heartbeat.
There is no way for him to extricate himself.
Only way to save BN is for him to do the honorable thing and resign.And only Ku Li can restore some sensibility to the mess.
Pemandu,Pemudah,Telanjang,Teraju needs to be disbanded.Khazanah needs to be re-engineered.The crazy CEOs salaries have to be moderated.PDPs revoked,IPPs renego,PFIs re-tendered.Land Devt rights withdrawned.Permata placed under a ministry.

Lets just follow the true n trusted path.
Bottomline. .first step is for Najib to go.And the time is NOW.Act before its too late.

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 19:51  

What fair election? All we have to do is to make sure the ballot boxes are CLEAR plastic ones so its transparency can reveal it is EMPTY when the first voter casts his/her vote. Don't you know that BN lot can turn magicians to get more votes than legal voters during the ballot count? If you cannot see, you do not know if there are already papers in the boxes in favour of UMNO/BN before voting starts. They are desperate now and can do desperate things because they own the cops and soldiers, even the judges.

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 22:54  


I don't get it. Tengku Razaleigh, Kadir Sh Fadzir and your goodself are still in UMNO and yet all of you are telling us what we already know about UMNO. Why are you all still in UMNO? Do you all honestly believe that you can change UMNO from within?

Have you not heard that it is better to tear down a termite infested house, treat the land the house stood on and then rebuild a new house once the termites are eliminated?

I really fail to see how far will AMANAH progress when those calling for changes are still staying inside the rotting house waiting for the rotting house to crumble and collapse.

Be like our founding father, the late Tunku and Tun Hussein Onn who quit UMNO because they both know the UMNO Baru can no longer be saved.

Anonymous,  29 July 2011 at 01:37  

Thank you for having the speech here. Iluminating. Born in early 1970s, I never heard such a speech. It arouses a feeling never before kindled.

A timely hope and epoch making speech, and an antidote for the venomous outburst by some in power.

DINO SCOTS,  30 July 2011 at 16:10  

While i do respect TR and his Amanah NGO ,the comments appear in the blog seems to come from the opposition who insist that BN should not be there anymore for reasons of wrongdoings as corruption etc.BN has done so much for the country and its rakyat until even now.The 1Malaysia,the transformation programme and the many positive initiatives on unity,racial harmony, patriotism and many many more.It is the determination of this one man who desire to be the PM and concur Putrajaya that has caused all this situation of anti-government and establishment to carry on the streets protest on the cover of BERSIH.Most of all Malaysians i strongly believe are in favour of peaceful coexistence and continue with the proven track record of the BN administration for the last 54 years.The opposition has caused all this disruption and harmony.I am sure all of us can contribute positively towards the country well being.What have you contributed ?hatred and racial tension unneceesarily.The majority decision on the votes prevail as before.Do you strongly believe TR will leave UMNO which has been in his blood?I dont think so no matter how much you persuade believe me.
Carry on the good AMANAH effort for the good of all of us peacefull Malaysians but dont politise the intention.Thank you

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