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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 6 July 2011

BERSIH and the inane responses

This present government has developed one distinguishing characteristic not unlike the previous administration. If the previous administration was maligned as being uninspiring and sleeping through its job, this present government isn't that far from being similarly aspersed. How so?

It has shown it has a knack of being inept at handling small shocks to the system. Many of us for example are not supporters of Anwar Ibrahim, but the manner the government handles the Anwar affairs- whether it's the sodomy 2 charge or the recent video clip showing a person resembling Anwar in a sexual tryst, the administration has shown its ineptness and incompetence.

In the video clip affair for example, people see the court as being a manipulated instrument to serve the interest of the siting government. The court has allowed itself to be the pulpit for making political statements; lawyers representing the three people accused of possession and distribution or broadcasting pornographic material, used that occasion to declare the authenticity of the video and its main actor. How was it relevant and moreover we heard it through a secondary source- i.e. regurgitation from the defense lawyers. That become hearsay evidence and can be contested.

Its Anwar again this time having his hands tied behind and walloped defenselessly. Last time it was the physical black eye. This time it is the legal black eye. The last time, it nearly cost the loss of Najib in Pekan, this time it could probably cost more to UMNO as a whole.

The current shock to the system- a system made merry by numerous announcements of projects by the PM and his chief major domo in this field of auta-mania, Idris Jala, is how the government handles the Bersih NGO. 

This is an NGO led by a Malaysian Indian lady by the name of S Ambiga. This lady has managed to rattle almost all the top guns in UMNO and those wishing they were part of UMNO.

Ibrahim Ali is responding mindlessly justifying his conduct as an answer to his interpretation of Bersih as being a movement to (1) unseat the government and (2) attacking the position of Malays. So he steps in as the self-appointed warrior defending the position of Malays. He says he is willing to be murderous and warned the Chinese to stay away. But he hasn't asked his Chinese business backers to do the same.

Bersih was a godsend re-invigorating Ibrahim Ali from an otherwise political stupor. He now has an issue and Ibrahim Ali lives.

But why is Ibrahim Ali defending the UMNO led government? Ibrahim Ali is not even an UMNO member. Two, has UMNO not got enough warrior politicians to defend it in its hour of need? UMNO does not need Ibrahim Ali to speak for the party. If it does, then the warrior politicians in UMNO have since become eunuchs.

The other reason for attacking Bersih as a movement to endanger Malays and Malay interests is too far-fetched to be dignified by answering it.

Who is the right mind will entertain the idea of unseating the government through undemocratic means? The only one that did, were the UMNO politicians who engineered the downfall of the Perak PR government. Already there are signs that the Perak government will be retaken by the PR forces.

Ambiga and the Bersih people must be absent minded or must have suffered a bout of spontaneous amnesia to not be aware that Governments can be unseated only though democratic means, that is by way of free and fair elections. Therefore to seriously suggest that Bersih is a copycat version of the mass movements in Tunisa and Egypt is not acceptable.

Our response becomes more bizarre when the discovery of the portrait of Shamsiah Fakeh among Bersih rally paraphernalia is taken as proof that Bersih is communist inspired! The whole handling becomes even more macabre with the 'discovery' of weapons said to belong to Bersih would be participants. Oh yes. Oh yes- more of the incompetence. The discovery is a miracle to happen just before the planned rally. I hope the people masterminding the discovery will also be ready with some creative answers to tell the PM, how the weapons were 'planted' there. How convenient! The gods must be smiling at the politicians and police.

And now the investigation into the finances of Bersih shall be used as proof that Bersih is a Trojan horse for foreign subversion. That would probably provide an aphrodisiac for the recuperating Dr Mahathir who is a well-known opponent of any form of colonialism.

People may get inspired by those movements but were probably so without seriously entertaining the idea of unseating a government by undemocratic or violent means. Public opinion will certainly go against Bersih if that is the case. Ambiga will be lynched for that.

But the aims of Bersih are not that. By asking the elections commission to conduct itself properly shows that Bersih accepts that the means to unseat a government is through the voting system. But the voting system is in need of better supervision and that's where the demands on the election commission come to the fore.
This aim should be supported. Some people will show their support by participating in the rally. Some will not do so. It's a matter of choice.
The right to express their wishes must be upheld by the government. If Perkasa and other groups supportive of the sitting government are allowed to gather and demonstrate, that right must also be given to others. If the Bersih planned rally is wrong in law, then the same judgment applies to the rallies carried out by supporters of the sitting government.
Our laws are clear. If people break the law, irrespective of who they are, they must be brought to before the forces of the law. We have the institutions to deal with that and we certainly don't need a third line of defense. Can any secret society and gangster organizations apply to be a bona-fide 3rd line of defense?

The problem here is that the elections commission is seen as a pliant tool for one side of the contestants. It doesn't answer questions with solutions but gives all sorts of excuses. People accept the principle of elections as a means to establish governments. But they also want that means to be above board. They accept they are powerless unless they act collectively and speak as a voice. The powerless are striking back demanding that competition to get power to form governments be carried out fairly and in even handed manners.

The body that oversees elections is conducted fairly and transparently is the elections commission. We mustn't lose sight of the object of the current disputes now. Bersih's objective is to call upon the election commissions to conduct itself as it's chartered to do. This isn't a rally threatening the sovereignty of the Agong or to strike fear at Malays.

The election commission is an independent commission. It's not just another government department answerable to the Chief Secretary or even to the PM. It's the custodian of fair and transparent conduct of elections and it must guard this role jealously. It does so jealously from the meddling and intervention of interested parties. It must also rid itself of any perceptions of being a submissive tool for those holding power at the moment.

Its responses to criticisms therefore mustn't be evasive. It has to avail itself to the latest methods and technology that upgrade the participation of people in an electoral process. If the use of indelible ink is good for participatory democracy it must adopt the method as a natural development without having to be at pains defending its non-usage. If making voting compulsory and its cost effective doing so, then it must do so.
People are now diverting their attention to debating whether the planned assembly of people in the Bersih Rally should be allowed or otherwise. The real issue has and is always the conduct of the elections commission.

The watching majority must be dismayed at the response of our police. The police with all the sophisticated instruments of crowd control and other suppressive means appear to have admitted that they are powerless to control the crowds. What have we spent public money for then? The idea of a police is to keep the peace. In keeping the peace, it must conduct its business in a professional manner and be fair minded. If Bersih is not allowed to hold rallies, then other parties must also be disallowed.
In Penang, the police have given permit for some people to hold a rally? In Rembau, some people consisting of ex policemen were given permit? Ibrahim Ali was even given a permit to denounce a rally that has not taken place. He is a clairvoyant extraordinaire- can see the future. In ancient times, people like Ibrahim Ali got burnt at the stakes. Shall we roast Ibrahim Ali then?
Let's not forget the object of the issue. It's the election commission. It answers to the Agong and therefore should not be seen as working for an interested party. What's the problem with clearing the electoral registers off dead people? How can it apply its resources and time to restructure how postal votes can be seen to be fair and transparent? How can it monitor and apply strict rules to election spending and election funding etc.?
These are important issues to those looking at elections as a means to exercise their democratic rights to elect a government of their choice. This isn't an issue whether public demonstrations or going on a march as practices that are good only elsewhere but not suitable in Malaysia. The need to express publicly the collective wants and demands is part and parcel a democracy.


Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 08:34  

Sat lagi Police declare si 'chin peng' dah diseludup masuk plak utk join Bersih....kui..kui..kui

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 09:13  

Dato' Sak,
The EC is still maintaining that the present election process is still the best and not relenting to the points raised as to its deficiency. His reasons for defending the present system is absurd and can be likened to an attempt at the preservation of power to the incumbent.
Hopefully the wise Agong will Titah this commission to improve the system.
Pak Tua

MeorUSA,  6 July 2011 at 09:37  

if EC is independent why are we trying to tell it what to do or not to do.?
In USA winners decide on remapping...what independence.?

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 09:39  

The EC chairman speaks and acts like an UMNO man. Remember how he criticised BERSIH.
Remember he over ruled the elected speaker of the Perak Assembly with regards to seats of the 3 frogs.
He is there to preserve, protect and defend UMNO's interests.
He never castigated UMNO for any infringement of election regulations ever.
We have a country today where all institutions - police, judiciary, EC, AG chambers, State Sec, MACC etc serves UMNO interest.
Can such a government survive?

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 09:45  

You sound very level-headed for an Umno member.I've tried to analyse your articles to figure out why you are still `there'. You're not blind to the kepincangan that exists. And I'm sure you'd be the first to admit that its morally and legally wrong to take away people's land or to be extravagant like the Marcoses or to enrich a few. Just name the `crime' and we (and even you) can give real-life examples. So why? Is it that same old mentality of `UMNO sekarang, dulu dan selama-lamanya'? A recurring personality in your writings is Anwar Ibrahim. Is he the reason? Why dont u just think of him as a catalyst, and nothing more if you dont want him to be PM.
Because if level-headed people like
you dont want to help us give change a chance, because of this person or that person, we are doomed to be entrenched in the very things you're talking about. GIVE CHANGE A CHANCE

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 10:17  

Always the voice of reason and common sense. Thank you.

Raison D'etre 6 July 2011 at 10:21  

"Shall we roast Ibrahim Ali then?"

Now that would be one gruesome sight, SM.

Will you be wearing Yellow come July 9?

Will any Umno members be? Or am I being totally inane in asking this? :)

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 10:29  

Walaupun Agung telah menerima mengadap Bersih dan menitahkan utk berhimpun di Stadium namun pihak polis tetap meneruskan tangkapan keatas rakyat yg menyokong bersih.

Siapakah yg sebenarnya berkuasa di
Negara Malaysia ini? PDRM atau PRDM@umno? Siapa yg hina siapa agaknya?

Drp; ahli umno

Clean,  6 July 2011 at 10:42  

A very rational,fair and eloquent article! Thanks!

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 10:45  

Spare a minute to read`kanak-kanak kembar rentung berpelukan' - Terengganu (Malaysian Insider) and `boy saves brother from abuse' -terengganu (Malaysiachronicle). All these in one day and both connected to poverty. Malaysia is not poor, least of all Terengganu - think crystal mosque, stadium, airport and monsoon cup. And (sikit aje) Dungun built a platform few mths back costing hundreds of thousands of ringgit for the `first lady' to grace for 2 hrs (and now its rotting in the sun). As I said, you're not blind, just open your heart a bit more to the sufferings of these kids, when we have the means to do sth abt it. Sure, we are better off than Bangladesh but we have the money to do something abt the poverty which is unseen in many parts of our country

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 11:08  

...Shall we roast Ibrahim Ali?...

Don't waste our valuable resources.


SSrahman 6 July 2011 at 11:19  


A well thought out article, logic and balanced from both school of thoughts/sides.
Good read.
Ps. I hope there could be one like you in the "monkeys camp" to bring about civilty.

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 11:19  


It could be that Hishamuddin and Najib have been watching too much of the Malay Hantu Dramas currently engulfing the Malay electronic Media!!

So much so that their hearts are full of fear and nothing else can convince them otherwise!

There's a saying that one cannot Reason with Unreasonable People...And that is the reason why these people are vehemently protecting their only way to remain in control in a Democracy --- Through Election Fraud.

Joe Black

Joe Black

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 11:46  

Umno can and will retain power as long as all the key government institutions like EC, Police, AG Chambers, SPRM, Chief Sec & othrs are headed by stupid malays whom Umno could use and misuse.

Just compare Anwar's case & ex-IMF Strauss Kahn case and you will readily admit that malay prosecutors are just bloody stupid and are mere tools of Umno. In USA, the prosecutors themselves reported to the defense lawyers that the credibility of the accuser is in doubt and that there are unsavoury aspects of the case which merit the charge against Strauss Kahn to be dropped. In anwar's case, malay prosecutors hid evidences which are favorable to Anwar. They refused to concede that the Pushrawi medical report thrust the whole aspect of the accusation in doubt. They scrap the bottom of the barrel for evidences just to get Anwar convicted. The US prosecutors are christians mind you while the malay prosecutors all claim to be muslims, when in actual fact they are bloody hypocrites. You have a malay accuser, malay prosecutors and a malay judge ; all trying to help a malay party Umno to nail a malay accused. Bikin malu melayu shj.

As for Najib, Hisham and that stupid policemen Ismail and Khalid, they might as well ask Agong to run the Home ministry and police. With one gesture, the blood rising tension fanned by Brahim has been smothered by the King. Ismail and Khalid both have the mentality of police constables who find great gratification flaunting their power and forcibly arresting innocent civilians wearing yellow T-shirts. What stupid malays. As a malay I scratch my head seeing the antics of these stupid malays.

OneMalaysian,  6 July 2011 at 11:56  

Dear Sakmongkol

This is certainly one of your best articles. You made a good defence for the right to peaceful public assemblies and rallies as an essential part of democracy. People must be able to say what they want and feel. This is one way in which they communicate directly with the elected government. Of course the media, if it were independent and responsible, would have aired the grievances of the public. But everyone knows that the mainstream presses are mere propaganda mouthpieces of the government. They have failed to do what newspapers are meant to do.

So the elected government, which many Malaysians think was elected with the help of a conniving non-independent Elections Commission, panics when there is demand to reform the EC to ensure that future elections truly reflect the wishes of the citizens. If that was not the case then this system of government that we have cannot be called a democracy.

But in fact it is not. Just look at the courts and their shameful ways in the case of the Dato T sex video. A competent and independent judiciary constitutes one important leg of a true democracy. It ensures the separation of powers from an executive that makes laws from a court that interprets them. But when it allows itself to become a tool of the government of the day, then that government becomes a dictatorship. The people have no recourse against an oppressive government. The police was also meant to be an independent force to enforce laws and uphold the peace. This BERSIH episode once again shows them up as non-independent and biased and acting against the legitimate interest of the public.

Thailand’s democracy may seem chaotic, zigging and zagging, but it is alive and moving forwards. See how a new party can unseat the government peacefully – no violence, and a losing PM graciously making way for the new. Not so in our case. The PM asked his supporters to defend Putrajaya at all costs, meaning to spill blood if necessary. See how UMNO youth reacts to BERSIH’s rally. Our democracy is dying because the ruling party does not believe in free and fair elections. If that were the case why pretend to have them. Just turn this country into a one-party dictatorship.

bruno,  6 July 2011 at 12:01  

Dato,the present administration is mostly consist of old horses carried over from the Badawi and Mahathir era.These are the people who came in with Najib as a package deal.Some of them are aligned with other factions put there to keep an eye on Najib.

The Anwar sex tape is a dirty trick by Umno.Everybody knows that the tape is authentic.But whether the actor is Anwar or not this we have to ask Anwar.Even if it is Anwar who cares.Can anyone in the present GOM dare come out and say that they have never ever cheated on their spouses.

The more dirty Umno gets the more shit gets flung back at their faces.All the dirty tricks they have thrown at their opponents have backfired.Most of the Ministers are seasoned politicians.They are not shy to let their adversaries know that they will used whatever government machineries they have at their disposal at them.

Then we have the Bersih rally coming up.The Umnoputras used Perkasa and Umno youth mat rempits to intimidiate,create racial and religious tensions and terrorised the organisers and opposition supporters.They can scare some people but not the Bersih chairwoman.This lady Datuk Anbiga has nerves like steel.

Try as they might,going around chasing and arresting civil activists.and threatening her life did not deter her one liittle bit.In fact it made her more determined to carry on.Eventually single handedly she made Umnoputras go on their knees.Some even fall flat on their faces.This lady has made the Umnoputras look like kindergardeners.This is a first in Malaysia's history.Thumbs up for this sassy lady.

bruno,  6 July 2011 at 12:25  

Dato,Abrahim Ali seems to be defending the Umno government.He is paid by Najib's enemies to look like he is a defender of Umno and Malay rights,but actually he is an impostor.He is actually a hired hand,paid by an Umno warlord to go out and create all sorts of trouble.

He is out causing racial and religious tensions.Threatening confrontation and bloodshed against the Christians,Chinese and the Bersih organisers.And his master has make sure that he has immunity from the law.Since he has the protection from the law everybody assumed that he is Najib's boy.But actually he is out to undermined Najib's leadership.

Once he has outlived his usefullness he will be discarded.Then he will be an outcast.Then maybe he will crawl back to Anwar.Afterall birds of the same feather will always flock together.

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 12:40  

Can any secret society and gangster organizations apply to be a bona-fide 3rd line of defense?

Yes, Pekida.

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 12:46  

To the UMNO die-hards, the end justifies the means. So what's wrong with Sodomy 2, sex video and demonizing BERSIH?

For the rational rakyat, these are insane and absurd. But the fight is for the fence-sitters and the uninitiated, whom UMNO still believes can be swayed by these cerita-cerita lipur lara.

Over the last few decades, the judiciary and government bodies like the PDRM, MACC and even the EC have been 'biro tata negara-ed'. Their loyalty is not to King and country but to UMNO -the perceived guardian of Malays.

What happens if Pakatan managed to take Putrajaya against all odds?

Will Pakatan takes a leaf from UMNO's book and purged or turned over the judiciary and government departments to its side? Their culture of independence have long been compromised by UMNO. So it is just a matter of switching sides.

Then we have a Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat and many Projek Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat. Again these precedents have been set by UMNO/BN by its previous Kerajaan BN and its Projek Kerajaan BN

It has been a long time since we have a truly Kerajaan Malaysia with its Projek Kerajaan Malaysia...

Quiet Despair,  6 July 2011 at 13:08  

Wowee, Deepvali comes early in pro Bersih/Pakatan blogs like Din Merican and Zorro Unmasked.
They are jubilating, they are celebrating Ambiga's perceived triumph against the government.
Some are sending her yellow roses. Well she's our new Sri Kandi Tun Fatimah. What a laughing stock.
Hold your horses people. Stop gloating. Ponder first how this will pan out in the next few days.
The government and the police still holds the trump card. Ambiga woman has to apply for a permit to hold the demo in a stadium.
Will she apply or will the police approve it if she did?
And Najib is holding her responsible if anything untoward happens. "Go in peace, assemble in peace and leave in peace," is Najib's directive.
And Najib goes a step further by thanking Tuanku for his royal statement to stop the illegal assembly.
And I am sure we are not so naive as to think Tuanku's advice came on his own device. As a constitutional monarch, Tuanku acts on the advice of the PM.
So the victor is really Tuanku and Najib and the peace-loving Malaysians. Not Ambiga by a long shot.
See her body language when she emerged from the audience. I am sure she gets a royal ticking-off for wanting the illegal demo.
And did she submit the 8-point declaration for clean and fair elections to Tuanku?
If so, must there be a stadium gathering which is purportedly to submit a memo to the Agong.
The rabid Bersih supporters also forgot that it's back to square one. That is - Ambiga must abide by the government's order to hold it in a stadium which Ambiga rejected earlier.
So Ambiga is eating her words? Is that a heroine?
But what I like best is the sudden gushing of love for our monarch. Suddenly it is beloved Tuanku, Daulat Tuanku, Raja Berjiwa Rakyat etc.
Afore this is unsavoury words which are unprintable just like they did to Sultan of Perak.
This episode is far from over. Remember Ambiga is being investigated for receiving overseas funding to hold the illegal demo.
And the police are collecting subversive paraphernalias like explosive bottles, parangs etc together with the Besih T-shirts.
Sp just stay tuned and keep our feet and ears to the ground.
Have a great day with the family this weekend.
If there's a concert Jom Heboh, the Mat Rempits, jobless and illegal immigrants may give the demo a miss.
They will be rocking to Awie and use the money from demo organisers to have some "feed'.Some can get a new cell-phone.

P.S. Sak,Hari Raya too come early for us Pahangnites. Or is it GE?
Our beloved PM has distributed mugs, boxes of cookie etc, all embossed with his and Rosmah's picture. Sure you receive too.

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 13:12  

I feel a breath of fresh crystal clear air rest assuring myself that there is still within UMNO institution, a person of mental clarity in the person of Dato Sak @ Sabri Arif, who can so succinctly reason out in profound intelligent perspectives over the current issues confronting the nation.

This article should be forwarded to all the politicians and lawmakers from both sides and impose upon them to digest the contents therein.

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 13:20  

Precisely Dato'. I wonder why you did not put your counsel directly to the UMNO leadership much much earlier! But you know they (UMNO - your party) know all along what Bersih is all about i.e. the flaws in electoral process. They pretend they do not know and spun it into something treasonous! The fact is they do not want participatory democracy less they will lose power to govern (read "milk")the taxpayers' money.

"This isn't an issue whether public demonstrations or going on a march as practices that are good only elsewhere but not suitable in Malaysia." - Please add: "good only for UMNO & Perkasa but not for other people"


Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 13:23  

Precisely Dato'. I wonder why you did not put your counsel directly to the UMNO leadership much much earlier! But you know they (UMNO - your party) know all along what Bersih is all about i.e. the flaws in electoral process. They pretend they do not know and spun it into something treasonous! The fact is they do not want participatory democracy less they will lose power to govern (read "milk")the taxpayers' money.

"This isn't an issue whether public demonstrations or going on a march as practices that are good only elsewhere but not suitable in Malaysia." - Please add: "good only for UMNO & Perkasa but not for other people"


marcus 6 July 2011 at 13:34  

Sakmongkol, you are an excellent writer in both the English and Malay language, and seem to be fair in your criticism of both govt and opposition. UMNO has few leaders i admire, most are corrupt and inept. Ku Li is an outlier. I gather from your criticisms of UMNO, u are trying to reform it from within?? (like Karim Raslan is trying to do)

guwawijaya,  6 July 2011 at 13:36  

Dato', unfortunately the EC, like judges, supposedly independent and answerable directly to King and Parliament, answers instead to the ruling party, specifically the top UMNO leaders like the PM and DPM (and perhaps a few inner cabinet ministers).

There is no understanding of the concept of political neutrality or public service (as in 'service to the public' rather than a political party). This Zimbabwean mentality also applies to the Police, MACC, Civil Service and other public bodies.

Worse, in feudalistic straitjacket typical of our society, the Malaysian public are expected to be 'grateful' to the ruling party for election campaign pork barrelling, not realising of course it's public money the BN politicians have been free with.

Such a mentality extends even to the recent 'intervention' of the Agong to 'solve' the current political deadlock over Bersih's plan to hold a rally; both sides of politics came on cue to sycophantically croon their 'gratitude'. If HM had acted on his own accord, then he did well and should be admired and even praised, but certainly not showered with 'gratitude'.

marcus 6 July 2011 at 13:39  

Sakmongkol U are part of the corrupt UMNO system yet u are critical of it. Your writings are poignant and critical of both sides of the equation - govt and opposition. There are few UMNO leaders i respect - Ku Li is one of them. Are u a reformer from within? (like Karim Raslan)

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 13:42  


The only reason UMNO dropped you is because you are probably one of the few honorable men left and won't toe the party line. Men like you have character, is transparent and fair. I am not even a Malaysian citizen and yet I can see that you have the gumption to state it as it is even at your own detriment. I have often read where you would criticize the Opposition when it was due but you have criticize your own party more because it needed the criticisms. You want what is good for the party and very much in the mold of Tunku Abdul Rahman, a man who is still beloved by all Malaysians despite his human failings. Why, one may ask? It is because he had character and always had the interest of people in his heart like all his early colleagues that secured Merdeka for the country. You stand tall amongst Malaysians.

If you were allowed to stand for election even as an UMNO representative, I dare bet that you will get a landside victory. I would be the first to provide assistance in physical efforts and monetary means.

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 14:11  

Unfortunately for the people of Malaysia, they have loss each and every election before it even began. The EC makes sure of it by colluding with dUMNO.

donplaypuks 6 July 2011 at 14:14  

That gold coin peddler from Masjid India branded her as having just emerged from the plantations.

The mouth foaming demagogue frog Ibrahim Ali labelled her "that bloody Hindu woman." He has now questioned OUR King meeting Bersih's organizers, constituting les majeste and seditious conduct.

Lastly, Rosemajib, also aka 'Pink Lips' in blogospeher, confirmed state sponsored racism and religious bigotry by publicly stating "Who doesn't know Ambiga. She's the one who threatened Islam."

By so doing, the (unelected) PM of our country failed to uphold the Constitution which provides every citizen, including Lina Joy, the inalienable right to legal representation.

What's worse is that he's copped out, like Maha Firaun and Ops Lallang, by saying the authority and responsibility rests with the IGP i.e. I Raja Polis and I Polis Raja. Why do we then need Kerismudin or a Home Minister at all for? We are now a POlice State.

In the melee, they have unwittingly raised Ambiga to international heroine status and alienated millions more voters. Before this, many may not have known her father was a kidney specialist at Pantai Medical Centre and her uncle is Justice Gopal Sri Ram. Her pedigree is not an ordinary one.

An own goal by Rosemajib, Muhy, Kerismudin, UMNO, Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa.? You betcha!

Have we seen greater ineptness and lack of political savvy in our time? No.

It's incredible they spend all their time trying to demonise DAP, Anwar and now Bersih while subverting every institution of Government (especially the police) instead of concentrating on the economy, education, welfare and the betterment of the citizens. Then for the icing, they consort with those once accused of Statutory Rape!

Can you imagine 11 players from the World Cup Football winning Spanish squad spending all their time camped behind the goal post and hoping by a miracle to emerge champions while verbally rubbishing the opposition and abusing the referee?

Where has UMNO gone wrong? The answer to such questions is always to be found right at the top - its leadership. The old guard must go voluntarily or be removed lock, stock and barrel.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Krishna 6 July 2011 at 14:20  

This is a great piece Dato. Truly great!

I have worked in a police force (not Malaysian) before. Over the years I have met and worked with police officers in many countries. The methods used to implicate and demonise Berish are very old methods used in many countries to justify harsh police action. No one believes these convenient "discoveries"

You can see the results today. Continuing road blocks. Charging a trader in Kota Bahru for possession of Berish T-shirts.

Najib gives the impression that certain things are decided by the police. IGP gives the impression he is independent of the executive in these matters. So the sandiwara is good. I will not be surprised if the police do not grant a permit for the rally and Najib saying that he is helpless. We have a precendent with Mamathir claiming that Ops Lalang was a police action and he had no say!

So we pray and sse what happens.

Meanwhile, keep churning out those words of wisdom on a regular basis. I hope to meet you one of these days and just shake your hand

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 14:42  

Forsee that Toon Kutty and the Katak gang are trying hard to get into the good book of the royal by seeking audience with the King to save face.

They were deeply upset when Ambiga was give the audience while they were left behind , a pil hard to swallow.

Pak IM was hinting that he is very busy now ,wah no time to talk and going to meet someone very very important.

Let's see what's up from the Ninja turtle warrior.

Everybody was kung fu fighting , those frogs were crazy like pening..they were from the Braham town , here comes the Big Katak..Huh..Huh..Huhh..

MalayMind 6 July 2011 at 16:58  

Whenever a government is too dependent on the system – ISA like solution, it will have the same fate as what happend elswhere (Middle east etc). I think Najib did the right thing when offering the stadium because that’s the new ways of getting the rebellious youngsters’ vote.

Well, that should be at least on the surface.

That is also the same strategies used by our neighbour, Singapore – No more Minister Mentor, president wants to call it a day etc. They wanted to be seen as ‘listening to the people’ type because they can’t control the mass media (read: mind) as much as before.

Najib understands this.

I just hope that below the surface, Najib can work out something from this rally. I foresee his target will be the silence voters who didn’t turn out in the stadium but the one who observes.

Yes, when Najib offers to legalized the rally, Bersih now have achieved one of it’s objectives therefore will make them less relevant. People who at first are against the suppressor (50-50 type) will no longer have the mood because suppresion is not happening.

Well, we don’t have to care about the 10% fanatics. They have no brain and anything that Najib do will never satisfied them. We can see them on stage later during the rally or the one with big grin.

This is also a good way for Najib to gauge his support, outside from his own circle.

Ah finally, I’d rather evaluate the turnout for this Bersih rally for Najib to find ways to recapture them before PRU13. At least the PRU trumpet is still with Najib. He can call it when his popularity is at the peak (Which he can work it out)

Welcome to the new way of playing politics - as what Daim said.

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 17:21  

My take is there are elements in Umno who are trying to sabotage the first man and his allies so that they can take over the helm of the party and country.

Loyalty and decency are something very scarce in Umno Baru these days unlike the
good old Umno under Tunku , Razak and Hussein Onn.

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 18:05  


This is only an after thought in so far as Najib is concerned.

Recap how he has responded to the proposed rally by BERSIH. He was very adamant and uncompromising. Only after SPBYDPA has intervened that he started to mellow down and prepared to allow BERSIH to hold its rally in a stadium.

whether or not it will work in favour of Najib as you have mentioned is left to be seen.

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 18:09  

Dato sak
Superb article.As you mentioned, to bring in the old communist leaders into the bersih fray is astounding.

Quiet despair
I hope you find peace and harmony in your life.To live in denial is one thing but to make endless unjustified comments is a total bull.HUjah dengan cerdik sikit lah bro.

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 19:14  

Hishammudin is implying that the king had gieven audience to an illegal organization.

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 19:22  

EC chief were appointed by the prime minister. He was chosen from a former top government officials which previously received variety of facilities, and after retirement he will no longer entitled to get most of the facilities and status as before. By re-appointing to office, of course he will do anything as instructed.

walla 6 July 2011 at 19:24  

A: 'Sir, you look a bit ashen. Are you alright?'

B: 'Sofea, i was having a rather nice dream last night but suddenly woke up when i thought i heard the door banging...'

A: 'Oh! what was that dream??'

B: 'I dreamed our dear Majesty was saying something aloud. In that dream, he said,

"Ah, I understand my subjects are coming out in large numbers to take a walk this Saturday. I am curious what it is all about. So I shall pop over and walk around to see for myself.

And since I'll be in public, I shall wear my official regalia. Color and all."'

A: 'Oh, i...see. But what woke you suddenly, Sir?'

B: 'While i was thinking in that dream that if he were to do so, things would have been more pleasant, uplifting in fact, i was suddenly awakened by a harsh noise.

It must also have been in the same dream. I thought i heard the door banging hard, and then these words,

"Raus, Raus! Polizei!"'

A: 'Grief, you poor man. What happened after that?'

B: 'I jumped out of bed throwing my best tabik spring in some half-asleep consternation and, ruffling under the pillow for my knights cross with oak leaves swords and diamonds, i shouted hoarsely in response,

"Jawohl, Herr Oberststurmbanfuhrer! Those parang's, even down to cute different colored handles. Those anti-rally reports, hundreds of them. All done."

And the traffic jams galore into the city today? Pray tell, for what?!

Sofea, in snubbing the rakyat, a national administration has shown how autamananiacally amok it can be.

The danger is our national institutions which are supposed to protect rakyat have been nailed as completely non-independent. In the crass way they have self-justified their actions on the flimsiest grounds unbecoming of thinking enlightened protectors of the rakyat's rights, they've shown they're partial. The rakyat finally have their proof of that. They have seen right through them. The price of their awakening is going to be colossal. Even if Umno next justifies anything with cause, the rakyat are not going to believe one word of it. It's as disastrous as you can get and no apco-fication will work; they might as well pack up.'

walla 6 July 2011 at 19:24  


A: 'Sir, having heard your diagnosis, what's your prognosis?'

B: 'Sofea, the PM finally said he's ok with a rally in the stadium. Unfortunately for him, Umno and his government, that was all he said.'

A: 'You mean...?'

B: 'He seems to have forgotten what the whole issue is about. It isn't about the rally. It's about fair reforms for clean elections for right and just government. The rally was just to draw attention to the weaknesses and loopholes of the system which will be abused.

So what's the point of saying ok go ahead and hold your rally in a stadium? Does he take the rakyat to be kids waiting to run into some playpen? This is the most serious matter of this nation - clean elections so that the rakyat can be assured of honest voting results.

But i forget. It's all about win-at-all-costs, defend Putrajaya to the end, ihuuhm, is it?

Well, Umno may think it is defending Putrajaya. But what’s the point if it also finishes off Malaysia the democracy?

My prognosis, Sofea? If parliament is dissolved tomorrow, another one million votes go to The Eye and its partners within one month.

If Umno is so blind that it cannot see what it has done, better let The Eye try instead.

Well, what do you think, Sofea?'

A: 'Sir, i don't know what to think anymore. It has been so draining. Some people have said that it is all an internal conspiracy against Najib. It doesn't seem to jive, does it?

After all, he's the PM as well as the Umno President, isn't he? If he's still under the shadow of his not having won premiership by election, then he better get his act together and clamp down on those jokers who have devastated all support for Barisan. He should stop doing all the wrong things and start doing the right ones. And the two things he must do right now are free the detainees and commission an immediate public-platformed review of all general elections matters with the objective of achieving what elections must achieve.'

B: 'Sofea, i think you're asking for the moon. And we all know why. So there's nothing more to say.'

A: 'Except Umno will definitely cheat in the forthcoming general elections?'

B: 'With the implication that our Malays who vote for Umno will also be branded as national cheaters henceforth, with all appertaining negatives. See the implication?'

bruno,  6 July 2011 at 20:16  

Dato,what was suppossed to be a peaceful march by an election watchdog group to protest for a more neutral and transparent EC turned into a much publishised world event.The Bersih rally which initially was suppossed to draw about a crowd of about 100 thousand participants.

Later one newly elected PAS leader Pak Sabu up the ante by calling for 300 thousand of his party members to turn out.These caused panic buttons to sound off among Umno warlords.They retaliated by sending out Abrahim Ali and his Perkasa goons to create all sorts of trouble and even threatening bloodshed if the rally were to proceed.

This caused the PAS President to called for one million of his members to show up.This caused more panic.Then Umno youth joined in the fray by announcing that they wanted to have a rally on the same date too.Then a few days later Umno youth made the most moronic decision.They decided to send out their gangster bikers aka mat rempit.

Umno youth send out 600 of their mat rempits to surround the PKR HQ.They threathen the Bersih chairman Ambiga and PR leaders.They even threatened to burn down the PKR HQ too.All these incidents happened with the knowledge of of the authorities.

Then the authorities craackdown of civil activists and opposition members.The Umno GOM's widespread arrest of law abiding citizens caused public uproar.Especially when trouble makers from Umno and its affiliates can go around causing racial and religious tensions,intimidating and threatening the lives of rally organisers and opposition leaders.They even have the cheek of sending 600 of their gangsters to terrorized the people.

The Umno GOM's inaction against their own members rowdy and terrorising criminal acts laid out the facts that they were condoning the actions of the thugs.In other words they were sponsoring gangsters and terrorists.

All these criminal activities committed by the Umno gangsters eventually gained the attention of the foreign press and soon began to make international news.The unwanted attention and the crititisms by the international community put pressure on the Umno GOM to back down from their illegal and criminal acts.People were laughing that Malaysia,a developing country has a third rate government.

In the end the Umno GOM became the laughing stock of the world.But it was a well known fact that they went to all these troubles because they wanted to silence and scare the rabbit out of this lady.But in the end they got bitten and with their tails between their legs Umnoputras headed for the hills.It is now history that Ambiga was Umno's "Battle of Waterloo".

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 20:50  

Dato' Sak,

Just look at Pekan Parlimentary Constituency boundary itself whereby it was enlarged to include Kem Bt 10 Jalan Gambang Kuantan (an army brigade plus a couple of batallions and supporting units) and the RMAF Base where they used to be under Paya Besar Kuantan. This was done prior to 2004 GE after the near defeat of DS Najib in the earlier GE. With all this happening the EC could still boast the border realignment exercises were normal. Macam mana orang nak percaya EC lagi.

CYC,  6 July 2011 at 21:23  

Look who are the DERHAKAs ? What unique gentle Malay cultures? It all end up in the sewerage treatment plant already. Cis, aku malu melihat wajah wajah si Pondans of UMNO origin especially the Kerismudin who claimed to inherit a fine legacy of Onn Jaafar's family.

Communism is ok except when it mixes with Bersih. I hope history will record this superb saying of Kerismudin.

Quiet Despair,  6 July 2011 at 22:14  

Anon 18.09

Oh wise one, memanglah saya bodoh. Bangga menjadi bodoh bersama kerajaan dan 85 peratus peace-loving Malaysians yang tak mahu negara jadi huru-hara.
Memanglahpun dasar pro-PKR mengecap orang lain bodoh kerana tak senada dan seirama dengan you all. Boss anda contoh terbaik di mana hakimpun dituduh bodoh.
Anyway, seperti yang I tulis tadi Ambiga dan penyokongnya tak perlulah riak. Dia bakal kalah.
As a saving grace, she should just accept Najib's offer to meet him.
At least she can go to the world Najib kow-tow to her.
Nawaitu dia tak betul, tak bersih
and that put her in a tight spot.
Polis have said it's up to them to approve the permit or not. And Ambiga has not applied for one.
And police warned not to don T-shirts or anything symbolizing Bersih which is an illegal organization.
And Stadium Merdeka has rejected her request to hold the rally there as it has internal sports event and also it is under renovation.
Patriot Pemuda UMNO also protest the stadium as the venue as it is a sacred place where Independence is proclaimed.
Pemuda UMNO too is awaiting police permit to hold a gathering there.
And the best comes from EC boss. He said why the need for demo when Ambiga and cohorts have met him and he has replied to all her grievances.
So dear friend, Ambiga fail, okay!

george lind,  6 July 2011 at 22:18  

love what you wrote,sums it up for me

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 22:30  

The EC chairman said that we must report to the authority when our loveone or relative dies so that they can update their records. So it is not true that you need a police report to bury our loveone or is he saying that our cemeteries are filled with illegal death

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 23:30  


Day by day, UMNO is blowing up its toes one by one. Soon there won't be any toes left and no foot to shoot either. I still cannot fathom why you are still in UMNO because the party which you are a current member is dead wood. I hope you are not a parasite feeding off dead wood because you are much too intelligent and refined to be feeding off dead wood.

Yes, you have time and time again mentioned you wish to change UMNO from the inside. But don't you see that the present UMNO has no insides? The insides are all gone. What's left holding UMNO is bare thread skin which will soon collapse. Get out of UMNO while there is still time. The country needs people like you to turn around the evil that UMNO has done over the last 35 years.

God bless Dato'.

Anonymous,  7 July 2011 at 00:06  

I have sacrifice enough to ensure a Government looking after the interest of all our people. I look forward to a FAIR, CLEAN and most
important transparent coming General Election as who wins or lose is NOT the major factor.

Anonymous,  7 July 2011 at 00:26  

too bad. you can rant and rave but you are another razaleigh.

bruno,  7 July 2011 at 02:43  

Guys,rally or no rally Umno is cooked.If they want the stadium let them have it all to themselves.The whole world will be shellshock if PR did not have a landslide victory this coming GE.Ambiga,Bersih and their supporting NGO's have set the foundation for giving Umno the stick.If they wish to continue abusing their power let them be.

Most importantly is having all ports and airports closed for 24 hrs after the 13th GE.Then round these Umnoputras who abused their powers and put them permanently in Kamunting.Let them taste the ISA that they loved to apply to law abiding ctitzens.

Most important now is to consolidate the momemtum that the people have.Never be offguard and don't get over confident.Then let the people punished Umno and its lapdogs Mca and Mic this coming GE.

Anonymous,  7 July 2011 at 08:48  


Good article! Applause from all round!

Please translate it to Bahasa Malaysia. The majority in the country should hear your point of view.

By the way, would you be at the Bersih gathering at the stadium this Saturday? Would you be wearing yellow?

Or would you join the ranks of UMNO people like Razaleigh, Aspan, et. al. and just be armchair politicians ...

Oh yes, if you have real conviction to the core values of UMNO founders, you and your likeminded UMNO brothers & sisters should leave the present UMNO. The present UMNO is beyond salvation.

Don't wait the remainder of your years trying to save thousands of corrupted and evil minded people in UMNO. You are not the almighty. You wouldn't want to be remember as the one who stood loyal to UMNO and tried to reform the party but failed.

Get your merry band together and form "UMNO TERBARU" ... and leave Barisan Nasional, too. They are just the extended family of the evil people in UMNO.

Anonymous,  7 July 2011 at 08:59  

Should we roast Ibrahim Ali?

Hahaha!!! Good one!

but don't bother. Let him decay slowly as he lies in the digestive secretion of the billions of microrganisms ... after he meets his Maker and receive his Judgement!

Anonymous,  7 July 2011 at 08:59  

Should we roast Ibrahim Ali?

Hahaha!!! Good one!

but don't bother. Let him decay slowly as he lies in the digestive secretion of the billions of microrganisms ... after he meets his Maker and receive his Judgement!

Anonymous,  7 July 2011 at 09:04  

I must salute you for this syariah compliance article. It doesn't matter which side you are. It is your intellectual views that matters.

SilatLincahLiwat,  7 July 2011 at 10:19  

Perhaps Malaysia should also kick out millions of COMMUNIST P.R.China tourists?

YenYen wasted RMillions on FB!!!

Anonymous,  7 July 2011 at 10:21  

Totally agree with you! but we still should rally .....No more of those umno puks nonsense! Afterall you die only once!

Anonymous,  7 July 2011 at 10:51  


Don't you feel disappointed and embarrassed by Najib's lies and deceit. He is after all a Prime Minister but his handling of Bersih is by all accounts a poor reflection on his leadership and maturity. How can he now back-track on his offer to Bersih to hold their rally in a stadium by putting all kinds of obstacles? Isn't his back tracking tantamount to disrespecting the King since Bersih has called off the street rally and "accepted" Najib's offer to hold the rally in a stadium.

The sad excuses given by the Stadium Merdeka management for refusing Bersih is pathetic. And even if Bersih shifts the venue to say, Shah Alam stadium we will see the discredited police harassing and intimidating people from attending the stadium rally.

And what about Najib endorsing the silat associations as the 3rd line of defense? Defense against what? Against it's own citizens? Where were the silat exponents during the Indonesian confrontation in the 60's? Still meditating then, issit?

A man is judged by the association he keeps. And Najib's association with racist bigots like Ibrahim Ali and a silat mahaguru who cannot control his students emotions speaks volumes of Najib's character. As the American Red Indians have characterized the white settlers as those who speak with forked tongues, we fair minded malaysians have now seen Najib as a twin headed snake with twin forked tongues. How could malaysians have been so easily duped by his 1Malaysia garbage coming from a man without any scruples?

OneMalaysian,  7 July 2011 at 11:53  

Dear Sakmongkol

The behaviour of the Prime Minister, his cousin the Home Minister, and the Police must be condemned. They have been manipulative and devious.

When the government ran out of ideas as to how it should deal with the BERSIH rally, it turned to His Majesty for help. By no stretch of imagination the King would have acted without the advice of the PM himself, for His Majesty is well aware that he is a constitutional monarch. HM would normally not intervene in such matters. Even when a real emergency has erupted, HM would act only at the request of the PM. This is how it always has been. So in respect to this BERSIH rally the PM must have advised the King to intervene to advise BERSIH not to proceed to hold the public rally, and to discuss matters with the government. This must in any ordinary sense mean the PM himself, who is the head of government.

Now Najib has the gall to say that talking to the government does not necessarily mean talking to him. BERSIH is an umbrella organization of 62 NGOs. It represents a very broad section of civil society. The issue that BERSIH wants to talk about is free and fair elections. Surely if the King can make time to meet BERSIH, the PM can do so too. By avoiding meeting BERSIH, Najib has belittled the efforts of His Majesty to solve this crisis. Najib has also insulted the aspirations of a very large segment of the voting public by not meeting with their representatives on such an important matter.

Now, the Home Minister says BERSIH is an illegal organization. If that is the case why did the PM not advise the King not to meet BERSIH? How could they allow this to happen? And the Minister and the Police say that they won’t allow BERSIH to meet in a stadium in Kuala Lumpur after the PM said that he would allow this as a compromise not to march. Who is the real boss here? And because BERSIH is considered illegal they cannot get a permit to hold a rally.

What political games are these silly, stupid, desperate politicians playing after the King has invested his prestige in helping avoid a confrontation between the public and the government?

Anonymous,  7 July 2011 at 11:55  

Can't wait for the GE13. Need to clear out all the crap in UNMO, starting from the top.

Quiet Despair,  7 July 2011 at 12:17  


Sorry to deflate your balloon.
As I said before Najib and UMNO will emerge stronger after this. Believe me.
The 85 percent silent majority who love peace are behind him.

Anonymous,  7 July 2011 at 14:18  

to quiet despair
Every sensible living malaysian wants to live in peace and harmany and not 85% only as you mentioned.By the way which 85% of the population do you represent?
Hujah dengan cerdik means hujah macam dato sak lah , bukan maksudnya you are a dumbo.apa dah!
Finally, siapa yang cuba robohkan stadium merdeka some time back? ada ingat ker? sekarang baru nak cerita about the historical significance stadium merdeka.
Times change my fren.Its alright to think that you are wise but to think that the rest are nuts is absolutely wishfull thinking.
Peace be upon you.

walla 7 July 2011 at 14:38

One person, two different ICs:

480613105880 & 480513105568

Jong 7 July 2011 at 15:38  

Deputy PM Muhyiddin the putz, has further demonstrated what an idiot he is by his latest remark accusing Bersih of inciting hatred by insisting on holding Bersih's 'Clean and Fair Rally' at Stadium Merdeka, sighting the rally would only tarnish the historical site where Independence was declared.

What history is he talking about? He and Najib have created history of disgrace, never seen in this country before when they reneged on their words to abide by the wishes of the King that now leaves
Bersih with no stadium, no permit even for peaceful walk/rally and no time to re-strategize while his ambitious Home Minister cousin Hishammuddin lets out his pitsbulls to hound and arrest peace-loving ordinary citizens and “yellow” people, in support of Bersih?!!

Anonymous,  7 July 2011 at 18:06  


The latest actions by Najib, Hishamuddin and the IGP on Bersih had done much damage to the Agong. These 3 people have shown total disrespect to the Agong. When the Agong took the decision to meet with Bersih, it is already inferred that the Agong acknowledge Bersih's right to express their call for a fair election commission. Many Malaysians were singing praises of the Agong taking the initiative to defuse the tension. Bersih backed down and call off their street rally and took up Najib's offer to hold the rally indoors in a stadium. Then Najib showed his true self by back tracking. The situation will certainly now change for the worst and its no thanks to Najib and his cousin. How can such a person and his cousin hope to regain the Malaysian people's trust? Najib and Hishamuddin have truly buried UMNO once and for all.

Anonymous,  7 July 2011 at 18:06  

Quiet Despair

It is good to know that you are living in a virtual "sunshine and bed of roses" world. That's a good way to relieve stress and avoid the real world.

The rest of us, the more than 85% who are the silent majority, will continue to plant our feet on the ground and bravely face the real world.

For us, each RM1 that we earn today can no longer buy us what we could 2 months ago. And we have no reason to believe that each RM1 we earn in 3 months time will buy us what we can buy today.

Do you expect people like me, the more than 85% who are the silent majority, to believe UMNO and Najib have any intention to change that?

Gee, you are naive!!!

Anonymous,  7 July 2011 at 18:14  

It's not that I loved Najib less, but that I loved UMNO more. That is why Dato sayang nak tinggalkan UMNO. Berbuih ler mulut berkata kata umpama mencurah air ke daun keladi. Sayang Dato, sayang salmah la. Kalau Panglima Agong Mat Kilau hidup lagi dia akan menangis kerana ada orang spt Dato/ May ALLah bless you

Your fault datuk!,  7 July 2011 at 18:54  

" The court has allowed itself to be the pulpit for making political statements;"

Your fault Datuk. Your party has placed that former UMNO legal adviser as the Chief Justice within 1 year of serving as judge.

Quiet Despair,  7 July 2011 at 22:19  

Yay. Hip-hip Hooray. The Bersih demo is off.
All 91 trouble-makers including Ambiga, Anu-War, Ustaz Hadi, KJ and Ibrahim Ali are banned from the city centre on Saturday.
Thank you Najib and police for the swift and smart move.
You save us all. You are the winner.

Che Gu Ngah,  7 July 2011 at 23:34  

Assalamualaikum Yang Hormat Dato',

Kalau Dato bersetuju dengan BERSIH bhw sistem pilihanraya kita tak bersih, penuh penipuan, manipulasi dan sebagainya, maka apakah Dato bersedia utk mengakui bahawa Dato telah menang pilihanraya pd 2004 atas tiket BN-UMNO semata-mata krn BN memperkudakan SPR? Sanggupkah Dato mengakui bahawa Dato menang bukan kerana Dato seorang calon yg berwibawa dan dihormati, ataupun krn jentera pilihanraya BN yg teratur dan kuat, tapi sebenarnya kerana Dato dan BN menipu dlm pilhanraya? Lebih penting lg sanggupkah Dato memulangkan balik pencen yg Dato dpt sbg ex-YB?

Saya sbg seorang rakyat biasa yg pernah menjadi mangsa illegal rally menentang penuh BERSIH krn ianya menyusahkan rakyat biasa mcm saya. Dato tahu tak saya pernah terperangkap dlm bas di tengah2 bandar Kuala Lumpur selama 4 jam semasa K'jaan Selangor buat demo menghantar memorandum ke Istana Negara sebab isu air dulu. Bas ekspres yg saya naiki utk balik ke P. Pinang ambil masa 4 jam utk sampai ke Plaza Tol Jalan Duta sebab kesesakan yg dicetuskan oleh rally itu. Kalau Dato pernah mengalaminya maka Dato mungkin faham perasaan saya.

Dato jg menyatakan bhw Polis beri permit utk orang menganjurkan rally di P. Pinang baru2 ini. Saya rasa itu x benar. Bukankah Senator Ezam ditangkap Polis lepas rally itu? Lagi satu apa yg Dato nak kecoh sangat? Bukankah Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng sokong benda-benda yg mcm ini. Patutnya dia beri ucapan tahniah pada Ezam and the gang krn telah berjaya exercise their rights to organize public rallies in accordance with the constitution. Kenapa nak marah?

Lagipun kalau Ambiga dan BERSIH rasa mereka berhak utk buat demo utk menyatakan rasa x puas hati mereka terhadap sistem pilihanraya kita, maka kita x patut marah org-org yang x suka pada BERSIH utk exercise hak mereka utk menyatakan pula bantahan kpd BERSIH. Lagipula idola Dato iaitu Saudara KJ pun nak buat demo Patriot utk lawan BERSIH. Patutnya Dato pergilah sokong dia. Untung2 nanti bila KJ jadi Menteri atau Perdana Menteri bolehlah Dato jadi SUPOL atau sekurang-kurangnya ahli-ahli di tingkat 4 di bangunan Perdana Putra.


bruno,  8 July 2011 at 01:04  

Quiet Despair

Sorry to dissapoint you.Let us not to be biased and evaluate the whole situation with cooler heads.Any time I would have preferred Najib over Muhyudin and the fools behind him.Najib has been rendered helpless and irrelevant by the sabotaging by his enemies inside Umno.

Najib had good intentions to diffuse the Bersih fiasco.But the warlords oppossing him made sure that he cannot delivered the deal.I hate to say this but Najib is a lame duck.When Najib goes down for the count he will take Hisham down with him.Then Dr Mahathir with Muhyuddin and Mukriz in tow will walk over them.

Anonymous,  8 July 2011 at 01:22  

Andainya semua pemimpin UMNO berfikiran waras & adil seperti Dato', tidak ada sebab untuk PKR wujud.walaupun saya condong kepada pembangkang.tapi saya sangat menghormati pendirian & buah fikiran Dato'. letakkan kepentingan rakyat & negara lebih dari kepentingan peribadi / kedudukan. malangnya, itu tidak berlaku dalam UMNO hari ini..

Anonymous,  8 July 2011 at 09:05  


SeBOHOG-BOHONG Anwar kekadang masuk akal jugak. Tapi Najib ni kalau dia berBOHONG tak masuk akal langsung! Patutla rakyat tak faham-faham konsep 1Malaysia!

Jong 8 July 2011 at 11:36  

This Najib's regime has lost all credibility. No citizen in his/her right frame of mind will ever trust a single word he utters! The end is is crystal for this 'Father of All Rhetorics'!

rance,  8 July 2011 at 14:18  

Dear Dato'Sak, If BERSIH can bring out this kind of a moronic reaction, from our gov. I shudder to think what will happen at the outcome of GE13, if it does not favour BN. Regarding Bersih I feel, PM has failed us
Hello, Quiet Despair your comments is a real comic relief for me.

Anonymous,  8 July 2011 at 16:21  

Kononnya tujuan perarakan Bersih 2.0 diadakan ialah untuk menyerahkan memorandum kepada DYMM Agong berkenaan 8 perkara berkaitan pilihanraya.


Semasa dititah mengadap Agong, kenapa tidak diserahkan terus memorandum tersebut kepada DYMM Agong? Bukankah ini dapat menjimatkan masa, tenaga dan kos?

Sila jawab, bukan spin.

-Ingin Tahu-

Anonymous,  8 July 2011 at 16:34  


I agree with most people about you.
You are a good man but in the wrong party.

Anonymous,  8 July 2011 at 19:09  

baru sekarang korang semua tahu najib ni jenis lidah berbelit? aku dah lama dah tahu. kesiannya korang

Anonymous,  9 July 2011 at 08:49  

to 16 july 23.30
"Day by day, UMNO is blowing up its toes one by one. Soon there won't be any toes left and no foot to shoot either. I still cannot fathom why you are still in UMNO because the party which you are a current member is dead wood."

You know why???? SAK is living in glass house just like the other birds of the same feathers.

saji 9 July 2011 at 11:31  


Selepas PRU 12 dulu, UMNO bagaikan tangki air besi awam yang bukan sahaja sedang mengalami proses kekaratan bahagian dalam yang teruk akibat ditabur garam oleh golongan kapitalis dalam UMNO dan di luar UMNO semenjak TDM UMNO menguasai UMNO yang dipanggil UMNO- B itu.

Bahkan injab bebolanya sesekali tidak berfungsi.

Akibatnya, rakyat yang tidak menyedarinya telah menggunakan air daripada tangki air tersebut untuk keperluan hariannya; melainkan mereka yang menyedarinya seperti SAK dan yang berkemampuan membeli "water filter".

Setelah saya baca artikal2 SAK mengenai UMNO dan para bekas dan pemimpin UMNO semasa yang SAK menyampah dengannya, SAK, saya lihat, bagaikan ahli konservasi bangunan bersejarah di kalangan ahli UMNO sendiri yang tidak henti-henti berfikir, berusaha dan bertindak untuk melakukan proses konservasi terhadap tangki air awam tersebut, meskipun ramai kalangan pelawat blog SAK ini yang mengatakan ianya tindakan mustahil.

Anonymous,  9 July 2011 at 11:44  

"....the party which you are a current member is dead wood."

Not so much a dead wood. It's no more umno of yesteryears. It's infested with termites, evil and brutal termites!

Anonymous,  9 July 2011 at 14:52  

kepada anon 8 july 16.21
Saya tolong jawab soalan sedara kenapa masa menghadap DYMM tidak diserahkan sahaja memorandum tentang pilihanraya.
Jawapannya ialah untuk pengetahuan sedara, kita ada adab dan budi pekerti yang perlu kita ikuti di tambah dengan protokol yang penting dipatuhi.
Ini bukan main suka hati jumpa dan bagi memorandum.kalau nak jumpa boss pun kena buat appoinment my fren.

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