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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 9 July 2011

Bersih- the humbling of government

And then the whole country erupts into chaos. This is what I'm worried about. The government also keeps flip-flopping on whether it will allow the rally to go on or not. It needs to rule with a firmer hand!"
Now Ibrahim Ali is making sense. The whole country erupts into chaos because this country hasn't got a firm leadership.
But how does Ibrahim Ali define firm? By applying the big stick on Ambiga? On Bersih? It seems according to Ibrahim, general of Perkasa, Malay of the Malays, the government is firm only if they lock up Ambiga (who's trying to undermine the Malays, who is a threat to Islam etc.). The government is firm only when it does the bidding of Ibrahim Ali.
It depends who is defining what. Some people will say the government is firm if it arrests Ibrahim Ali and leaders of martial arts groups who subvert the legal apparatuses of coercion in this country- the police and the military. By not reigning in the forces of 'our 3rd line of defense' the government is sending messages that other groupings can elevate their questionable statuses into respectable 3rd line defense forces.
Pekida the shadowy group of Malay enforcers can, in future become one too. Toh Peh Kong group emerging from the bowels of Jinjang can become one. The Red Thali group from some estate somewhere can also become one.
Friends coming into the city called me in the wee hours of the morning lamenting of the traffic snarls. Surprisingly, they are blaming the police for causing the hardships in their daily routine. If people have not been paying attention to Bersih these past two weeks, today, they are asking one another what is Bersih?
The past two weeks, the government hasn't developed and earned a positive characterization; it is largely vilified as incompetent and confused in its responses. Here Hishamudin made some noises- eventually outlawing Bersih. There Muhyidin was spewing statements of no consequence.
Najib is fox-trotting with whatever came to his mind at the moment; first by sounding accommodative and willing to allow Bersih to do their thing in a stadium. Then backtracking because he wasn't aware that cousin Hisham has outlawed the NGO.
Hisham was bolder saying that despite being granted an audience with the King, the organization remains an outlawed entity. The King means nothing. Probably the King is fed-up of the whole messy and the make-it-up-as-you-go responses of the government.
The object of public concern is the conduct of the elections commission. Bersih represents the voice of the people who demand only 8 simple things from the election commission. They demand the electoral roll be cleaned, that the postal voting system be reformed, that indelible ink be used, a minimum 21 day campaign period be instated, free and fair access to media for all be provided, public institutions be strengthened, and for corruption as well as dirty politics to be stopped.

But these, say Ibrahim Ali, proxy of UMNO and Malay of the Malays, are actually disguises aimed at undermining the rule of the Malays, Malay rulers and whatever is of concern to the Malays.
The first and probably the only strategy UMNO and its supporters know is tocast aspersions on Bersih. Dig up any dirt you can find; destroy the credibility of the witness. Make him out as a fiend and traitor and all that. Hence Bersih is communist inspired because some photographs of Shamsiah Fakeh were found; Bersih is out to cause injury and bloodshed because some weapons(usually the stock in trade of secret societies) were found. Maybe the Police will be kind enough to allow inspection whether some items already in their inventory, were booked out temporarily to show the public the cache of arms belonging to Bersih?
Funny thing, people should start thinking why was Ambiga (that woman who is out to cause trouble and a threat to Islam) was able to meet up the King who is the head of the Islamic religion. Who is Ibrahim Ali to tell the king who he should or should not meet? Then I remember Nazri Aziz saying of Ibrahim Ali- he is nothing, nobody listens to him.
The government's ability in crisis management is now suspect. It put up a proxy fight through that pompous windbag from Pasir Mas and probably attempted to intimidate people through the show of force by 50,000 or whatever figures that can be conjured by one Silat Grandmaster. Didn't this person at one time stood as candidate opposing the BN at one point?
One son of the Linchah Grandmaster is an exco member of Pemuda UMNO who must have used his father's organization to scare the rally participants. I asked one fight trainer to the Police force what he thought about using martial arts groups for prop effects; he laughed it away by saying you think all silat opponents are lion hearted? Maybe 3 out of 10 will brave any onslaughts. You think they can withstand the forces of the moral majority? Silat proponents have conscience too.
The generals behind Mubarak and Zainal Abideen employed the might of the military forces. They can't forever strike at their own brothers and sisters. How can you even compare 50,000 martial arts experts to the well-equipped army of Mubarak and Zainal Abideen.
Here is a lesson painfully obvious. Once people are not intimidated with the show of force, your days are numbered.
We can spin till kingdom come about the willingness of the King to meet up with Ambiga. As one buffoon of a minister said, doing the hair splitting stuff- oh, the king met Ambiga in her capacity of a person. The king does not meet Bersih. However you say it, the people will say the King recognizes Ambiga as the leader of Bersih- whether that organization has been outlawed or not. She and what she represents is of some consequence.
Bersih is recognized while Ibrahim Ali, UMNO's proxy is not. To push the incredulity of the minister's twisted statement further- Ibrahim Ali, in person or representing a lawful society doing unlawful things isn't recognized. The government should outlaw Perkasa.
I would like to ask UMNO people, why do we support Ibrahim Ali who is not even an UMNO member? He has no moral standing to speak about the Malays in a space where it is UMNO who is claiming a monopoly to speak on and about Malays. If Ibrahim Ali is given that freedom, then by default UMNO accepts that it's no longer the sole and voice of choice for Malays.
What about those who insist- never mind, things will get back to normal for UMNO. We will let those who have no inkling about what's developing in the minds of the people, continue to think that by some miraculous act, UMNO will regain the ground that it lost, without doing anything substantial about it. What they have done is to psyche themselves into delusion.
This mistake is probably due to misreading history. In the history of revolutions and changes on the social and political scene, the catalytic forces of change always start in the towns and cities. Change is always started by progressive elements which are usually associated with towns and cities. Hence the consoling and self-patting assertions that, oh, this Bersih agenda will not be of any consequence because it doesn't affect the majority in the countryside, will be proven to be fallacious. Unfortunately this kind of torpid thinking seems to dominate UMNO's outlook.
Who keeps flip-flopping Ibrahim? I thought this was the moniker used to describe Pak Lah, our previous PM. He was OUR previous PM right- the one most UMNO people prostrate before and who was once carried on the shoulders of his staunch supporters when he won the Vice President's post at a time when Dr Mahathir wanted him booted out?
But then I realized that Ibrahim Ali is taking about our current PM. This was what Ibrahim Ali said. Now, this is the man who UMNO counts upon to help out when it feels hapless. This is a serious thing, for it suggests UMNO hasn't got leadership. When the PM reaches out to martial groups, imploring them to defend the nation from enemies from within, it shows that not only UMNO hasn't got leadership but it hasn't got responsible leadership.
This will serve to prove that all those talk about 1 Malaysia are all rhetoric. When the country is in trouble is should turn to the sanctity of the law of the land not to people like Ibrahim Ali or some martial arts group. Ibrahim Ali says it as much- the leader of this country is flip-flopping.


Anonymous,  9 July 2011 at 16:40  


By now the type of the leadership najib is projecting is more than flip-plopping.

He IS NOT keeping to his word after dragging in the Agong to be his pacifying middle-man.

He is pussy-footing with the warlords surrounding him. Thus no firm & workable results.

Worst of all, he is been hen-picked by his FMOM.

Now, he is away in Europe, while his mis-handling of the BERSIH2 r been mis-managed further by hp6 second-in-commands. Don't this reminds u of Adullah been in Perth to officiate a nasi kandar restaurant, while Johor were been flooded?

If this type of leadership DON'T end with najib, then M'sia is REALLY through & through with the accumulated shit!

Anonymous,  9 July 2011 at 16:53  

Masuklah PKR Sakmongkol ...

Dah jumpa pun Anwar untuk dapat projek bagi kamu dan partner sesama Datuk kamu.

Usah bincang pasal UMNO.

Masuk aje PKR. Selalu jumpa Fauzi rahman kan?

Anonymous,  9 July 2011 at 16:55  

If this is what an UMNO man got to say about his party, then what more can I add?
A PM who need a silat group and an independent MP to defend the country.

OneMalaysian,  9 July 2011 at 16:55  

Dear Sakmongkol

As I continue following the reports and seeing the pictures on Malaysiakini, I feel so proud of those young Malaysians out there marching for a better Malaysia while the Police are doing their darnedest to thwart them.

All they – sorry, we – want are free and fair elections. Is this something that we cannot and must not have? Have we not always claimed democracy as our cherished political system? We cannot have democracy if we cannot express our choice of government freely and fairly. It is that simple. But the government by its attitude to BERSIH, and its orders to the Police to deny the people their constitutional right to assembly and freedom of association completely destroys any pretence of its adherence to democracy and civil governance.

We are now about as democratic as Syria. When we see our young people chased down streets by tear-gas firing and baton-wielding policemen, we are reminded of pictures we see on Al Jazeera of the street scenes in Syrian towns. How tyrannical, atrocious, insensitive and cruel!

Malaysia has changed, but this UMNO-BN government has not. If they still think they can rule with the connivance of a biased Election Commission, and abetted by a cowed judiciary that does its bidding, and kept in power by a compliant, insensitive and corrupt police force (now joined by a silat group), they are badly mistaken. You are right to point out that change will start from the towns and cities, and then spread to the villages. It is happening already.

Just today, people who were fence sitters told me that the police have helped them make up their mind – they will now vote against this government. They are joining millions of enlightened, and fed-up, Malaysians in wanting change. We deserve better.

Anonymous,  9 July 2011 at 17:01  


Your article summarises the situation very well. Najib, Hishamuddin and Muhyiddin had for all intents and purposes killed off UMNO with Ibrahim Ali providing the final thrust of the keris into UMNO. The absolute disgraceful manner which Najib, Hisham and Muhy handled Bersih has opened up the eyes of many Malaysians to the high handed ways deployed by Najib and gang to protect themselves from losing power.

Malaysians who were previously undecided have now been awaken. And no prizes for guessing who they will NOT vote for.

Anonymous,  9 July 2011 at 17:08  

UMNO still does not realized it.

UMNO is locked in a feudalistic time warp with the belief of itself as the lord looking over his ungrateful peasants.

UMNO does not understand the modern social contract between a government and the governed. The only social contract UMNO knows is the rights of bumiputras; which its leaders abuse for their personal gains and yet at the same time, manipulated it to divide and rule the country.

The rakyat now are more educated and have higher aspirations and expectations compared to the early days.

They know in exchange for electing a government, the rakyat have every right to development and more. The right to voice their unhappiness and the right to demand for better governance.

But foremost, the right to choose a government of their choice in a free and and fair election.

UMNO failed to realize that the rakyat is not interested in a Kerajaan BN nor a Kerajaan Pakatan.
All that they demand is a Kerajaan Malaysia that represents and works for all Malaysians.

punk5terung,  9 July 2011 at 17:14  

Salam Dato' SAK:

It is a follow-up comedy how this government addresses this BERISH issue IMO.

Anonymous,  9 July 2011 at 17:23  

now those detained are even denied legal representation. is this a barbaric regime above the rule of law under the Constitution?

Anonymous,  9 July 2011 at 17:30  

am following the developments on the internet and tv and looks like najib lost.

it does not matter how many people are arrested-- what matters was the police and govt response because people like me who do not have any political affiliations now do not see najib in a good light.

najib made the mistake of thinking that the enemy was the opposition, rather his enemies are those within his party - silly man --

speaking of television coverage, the coverage from al jazeera seems more accurate compared to bernama tv or awani

Anonymous,  9 July 2011 at 19:02  

What I don't get is the role of KJ and his Patriots in this steet fight. Perhaps you can write about that.
At one time you used to write that KJ is the one person who can make a difference in Umno.
Do you still feel that? How do you assess him now?

H.J 9 July 2011 at 19:26  

"Bersih is out to cause injury and bloodshed because some weapons (usually the stock in trade of secret societies) were found."

Yup. Armed to their eyeteeth in Yellow T-shirt and pamphlets!

Just returned after attending the Bersih march. I Raja Polis gotta be kidding. 6,000 only attended Bersih?

Just around the hotel I put up from Friday night in Jalan Sultan alone there were 10,000!

My prediction of 1 term wonder for Rosemajib will be realised soon. And Bersih 2011 wasn't about religion, race or creed. They came from Terengganu, Kelantan, Perak, Penanag and Johor as well, young and old and the poor and rich.

It's about the Police State 1Malaysia had become!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Geronimo 9 July 2011 at 19:59  

Did our King meet Ambiga to talk about the weather, sports event, catching up on all times or even wanting how was her health. The answer is definitely not. Therefore, the King was not meeting Ambiga in her personal capacity. The King met and spoke with her about the Bersih event, and on that note, it is as good as recognising the role of Ambiga and BERSIH, and that is in her official capacity as head of Bersih Steering Committee. Unfortunately, the UMNO blokes whose brains have been sedated through years of corruption, just could not see it otherwise.

Anonymous,  9 July 2011 at 20:00  

Bersih today did show that 1Malaysia is achievable - save for Ib Al's Perkasa and KJ's 'Patridiots'. And yeah, a report said the sjilat babes ran for cover when the water canons started to spew - 3rd line of defence, my foot!

Jong 9 July 2011 at 20:17  

You are so right, I did find it most disturbing that the Prime Minister could go that low to such lengths engaging that Silat thug!

No exponent of martial arts be it Silat, Karate, Taekwondo, Kungfu or even Akido, in their right frame of mind, will be that irresponsible to beat up unarmed and peaceful citizens of Malaysia coming together for transparency, clean and fair election!

This PM must go, has to, tak boleh pakai lagi lah! He has lost all integrity and credibility.

Anonymous,  9 July 2011 at 20:19  

My doubts over his leadership continue to escalate day by day and not when he has reached a stage whereby he even has to resort to implore the martial art exponents besides being too often to flee from problems with wings when it matter most..

Something is wrong with tis sort of mentality and wisdom of a leader.
Is it too many RASPUTIN surround him ? Now everyone is scorning at the Paid Slogan- Wan Malaysia , it's sick and empty !

Ya, What comes around goes around and is this the turn for him to cry with make-believe rumour that Pak Kutty, Tonic cap Katak and the Din gang are manipulating his downfall ?

May be from tis evil union we can shed some light that why the Katak was empowered to roam croaking free as a protected specie. Of course not forgeting its existence too meant to insult the redundancy of that Youth party.

Leadership is a blessing only to those who care and share his richness with his people.

Anonymous,  9 July 2011 at 20:23  

One thing I am certain. Ibrahim Ali single handedly caused massive outflow of votes for BN and those BN poodles parties are finished.

Meanwhile decent Malays are not taken in by Silly Ibrahim Alis rhetorics.

Look the number of supporters they could master ... not even 500 !!

He talked big and press gave him too much coverage.

Well this man actually sealed the fate of BN.

bruno,  9 July 2011 at 20:45  

Dato,the Umno GOM's handling of the Bersih issue from the beggining was a failure of a brain dead, spineless administration with no backbones.The Bersih rally was announced months ago.These gave the GOM ample time to planned what they wanted to do.This is no Middle East street demonstration which suddenly erupted because a grenade was thrown into an ammo dump.

Instead of meeting Bersih's leaders for a sitdown(with or without good intentions,at least for PR purposes)it send out Perkasa and later Umno youth to make trouble.Then the HM send out his merrymen to chase and arrest non law breaking civil activist.Then things started getting from bad to worse.

The Umno GOM is brain dead because what used to work before for Dr Mahathir doesn't work anymore now.Times have changed.Malaysians have shown that they know how to used their brains unlike the Umno GOM.There is no need to look to the ME.Just look at our neighbour Singapore.The GOS and our Umno GOM.They are indentical twins.

What works for one works for the other.What doesn't work for one doesn't work for the other.At least the GOS has the marbles to openly admit that times have changed,and they have to changed with it.Our brain dead no 'telor' Umno GOM still think that Malaysians still live on trees.At least the orang puteh once upon a time perceived us to be.

With good planning,and less bad publicity, the Umno GOM could have let the Bersih rally proceed as planned without any hindrance from the authorities.It could have work out well for both sides.Instead their failure to used their brains led to the drastic measures they took.This led them to paint themselves into a corner.Being cornered they acted like desperate animals.In the end they ended in a heads you win,tails I lose situation.

bruno,  9 July 2011 at 21:00  

Dato,our Umno GOM paid Apco 100 million ringgit for their so called consulting brainy brains.What brainy brains are they talking about that you cannot find in Malaysia.I thought that the TOM's worldwide promotion was Malaysian's Boleh.And in return from Apco the only brainy brains they got was pure animals brains.The Umno GOM's motto should be "Believed In Malaysians Only".

Jong 9 July 2011 at 21:29  

Malaysiakini reports "Najib Razak said he is grateful that the illegal rally in Kuala Lumpur today did no serious harm to people and property."

- Blur and so dense, still hasn't realised he's finished, lost everything except his plastic Rose, no?

George Choo 9 July 2011 at 21:34  

Dear Sak, You are right when you said that Najib DOES NOT SHOW LEADERSHIP.
Just like the religion issue in Penang,Najib as usual "MAIN SELAMAT". Main selamat means they is no leadership in solving problems and issues affecting the majority of the people.
I don't like Orang Tua Dr M but when he was PM,orang tua show leadership and most people listen to him.
In fact,when comes to leadership,Najib is same standard as Pak Lah.

Anonymous,  9 July 2011 at 22:07  

It was a real fun to be around during BERSIH 2.0.
What a day to tell off PM and the rest to F*&# off and please don't intimidate us.
Like it or not UMNO need to kick this PM out soonest and get someone to repair and sort thing out for a quick recovery.
Never fear when facing a liar. And you guest who is the chief liar in this country.
But I thought that mahaguru is fool of ilmu rupa rupa nya kena tembak dengan air mengelupoq!
Real fun and funny too! Ms AMbiga when is the next one?
Alahai... IGP nampak macam Tan, Tin dan Tun!
Dato' get ready for round 3.0.

bangchik,  9 July 2011 at 22:41  

salam dato
this is my first post.
to me bersih demand should hv been accepted wholeheartedly by every quarter.but this is umno rule malaysia what do u as usual taken straight from the most succesful machiavellian student dr m text book on how to handle dissent.i honestly thought najib was presented with excellent opportunity to show that he is made frm different stuff by showing compassion empathy n brought new poltical reality by joining hand to reform spr.
but then again one can only hope n audaciously even with agong intervention they dare to treat the rakyat as enemy of the state.
conclusion the final nail to the be end coffin.
till next time insya allah.
bang chik
ps whts yr comment dato about lrt project launch witout.kowing final cost! 0

greenbottle 9 July 2011 at 23:06  

dear sir;

this is what i saw today (and captured with my camera) ...a historic day, for i've never seen such a multiracial and YOUNG people of all races coming togather to show their feelings...welldone BERSIH...umno days are truly numbered.

bruno,  10 July 2011 at 00:05  

Dato,now that the Bersih rally is finally over with one serious head injury to an MP,and almost 1500 rally participants arrested.Although hundreds of participants were injured this MP,PR leaders and rally organisers were in a group going to KL Sentral to join the rally.They were intentionally set upon.

Let us now look back at events that have happened over the last few months.Abrahim Ali and his Perkasa causing all sorts of racial and religious tensions.Even calling for jihad against Christians.Then threatening bloodshed against Bersih organisers.And Froggy and his followers sre as free as a bird.

Then the Datuk T trio.Screening and having in possession pornographic tapes which is a criminal offence.Then they are spotted looking for cheap thrills in the red light districts of BB and CK.They are running around freely like horny dogs chasinsg a bitch on heat.

Then we have the 600 Umno gangster bikers aka mat rempits surrounding the PKR HQ.They even threatened the lives of rally organisers and to burn the HQs down.The authorities never bothered them.Modern day terrorists in Irag and Afghanistan are shot on sight.

Then we have the HM and his merrymen chasing and arresting civil activist and ladies who practiced the world's oldest profession.They did it with such might and vigor that one might think that the country is under an AL Qaida or Communist attack.

The bungling Umno GOM is doing all the right things for the wrong people.Is it because PM Najib knows that his days as PM and Umno President are numbered.Is he purposely sitting on his hands and acting like the lame duck that he is suppossed to be.Letting his enemies making all the trouble and in the process shooting themselves in the foot.

bruno,  10 July 2011 at 00:05  

Maybe Najib has woken up from his dreams and coming to a sense of reality.He knows his enemies are sabotaging him left,right,back and centre.He knows that his enemies are going for the kill.So he is setting a trap and they are walking right into it.The more trouble they created their support is getting thinner and thinner by the day.

Najib being a seasoned politician is not that foolish to create problems that are going to hurt him politically.But his lack of control over the oppossing factions rendered him helpless and therefore becoming a lame duck.Maybe he realised that since that he is a goner why let his enemies in Umno who is the cause of his downfall enjoy the spoils of war.Why not loose the GE and let Umno also be the goner and let the rakyat be the winner.

Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 01:03  

pak tongkol,

just tell the people who arranged the meeting between ambiga and agong.

Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 01:25  

bravo dato!


Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 01:35  

One dead and Hisapmuddin and IGP must be taken to task.
Fire to kill WTF is going on now? Hisapmuddin and IGP must take the responsibility. Murderer of the rakyat!

Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 02:55  

Dato..ibrahim ali reminds me of an old chinese saying.."thunder only, no rain" enuff said!

Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 09:22  


PM lost a golden opportunity to "transform" when he turned down Bersih's invitation to walk with them and deliver their request to the Agong.

what a sight that would have been.


Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 09:25  


PM lost a golden opportunity to "transform" when he turned down Bersih's invitation to walk with them and deliver their request to the Agong.

what a sight that would have been.


walla 10 July 2011 at 09:56  

By saying the silat NGO is the third line of defense, Najib has merely succeeded in reinforcing the perception that it was he who had said 'keris bathed in blood'.

Given the fact he has also said 1Malaysia was his idea, he has thus not only destroyed his own creation in one stroke but also supplied the detonator that will demolish any remaining trust in Umno who now has an unerasable credibility issue, even with its own members in the heartland, because those photos and videos stick in the minds of the rakyat.

And if he says the silat NGO is to defend against threats, who exactly then are the enemies within the country? The thousands of our own young Malays who walked for free and clean elections?

How is he next to defend himself and Umno to the young on twitter? Say those gas canisters contain febreze?

Furthermore, anyone looking at the frontline members of the much fewer Umno Youth walkers will not escape the conclusion they look very well-fed in contrast to the thousands of ordinary youths on the Bersih side.

That reinforces the other perception that Umno, youth, central and other wings, is run by some elite crony gang running a syndicate of scams and using the federal institutions like the PDRM and judiciary to safeguard its powerhold on the rakyat which includes millions of our Malays, as represented by those who had braved blows, gas and rain for Bersih yesterday.

The conclusion is thus thrown back: Bersih has remained bersih and Umno is also remaining kotor.

Which means if election reforms are not carried out soon, the next general elections will be the dirtiest and perhaps the last. Because before it has even taken place, it is already anarchy against the rakyat.

While pondering that, Najib should also review the roles of Muhyiddin This may be July but March is not that far away.

This country is run by deceitful racial and stupid people.

Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 09:57  


What prompted me as a young Malaysians for the show of force for Bersih 2.0 yesterday despite intimidations and unprovoked physical manhandling by the Police?

The very core of the whole lockdown of KL! And the apathy and one eye close to Abraham the Frog and Idiotics Patriots to go against free fair elections.

Also, if the RMP or PDRM has been so beleagured to employ onslaughts against the notorious ACID SPLASHERS but chose to employ the stick against the PSM six and the unarmed and peaceful rakyat, what kind of morality is the GOM and PDRM telling us?

His Highness DYMM has given face to the GOM but they chose to be bodoh sombong, this I will say? PADAN MUKA !



Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 10:07  


To add-on, we understand that the RMP acts on the GOM's instructions.

A Badaruddin 58 yo is now dead because of poloce brutality unleashed against the crowd@ KLCC and tear gas fired into Tung Shin hospital.

Why use of force agains the unarmed?


Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 11:28  

i was at the pasar tani yesterday buying chicken and overheard the seller telling this old makcik about the bersih rally, she answered"Akak tak minat dan tak mau amik kisah hal politik, akak nak amik kisah kenapa harga ayam dah jadi rm8.80 sekilo? apa ayam daging ni depa bagi makan ayam goreng KFC dan macdonald ker?
The bottom line is as u have correctly pointed out, the hype over the bersih rally has proved to be self destructive for those who call the shots today.
People dont put the blame on the protesters for the roadblocks abd gridlock in the city centre.They are pointing fingers and pouring scorn on somebody else.You know who.
Plus just read all the mainstream papers today, they arent helping any much either.They are making the rakyat more agitated and frustrated.
Demi negaraku yang ku cinta dan ikrar taat setia, may peace and common sense prevail!

nick 10 July 2011 at 11:29  


I think you really meant to write " it shows that NOT only UMNO hasn't got responsible leaders, UMNO has NO leaders at all". In other word, what UMNO have is a baton called the "Premiership" and anyone in UMNO who can connive, intimidate, scheme and cheat to obtain that baton, then he is the PM of the day. It's a game that even monkey can play and play well too!

UMNO is in fact the dark and ancient jungle where wild and carnivorous beast roams. It is a place no citizen of Malaysia can seek governance and protection. Only a human can govern a society and there's none to be found in UMNO anymore (or should I say "UMNO Baru").


Malaysia BERSIH!

bruno,  10 July 2011 at 12:43  

Dato,Umno Baru has gone to the dogs.Umno B is now in a dog eat dog world.We have all seen at least in movies how the end results of a dogfight or cockfights are.The end can be very brutal.In a dogfight two dogs are let loose in an arena and they go at each other's throat until the other is not breathing.

But in these Umno dogfight there are more than two dogs.It has at least three dogs and they go at each other's throat until no dog is left standing or breathing.In other words they fight to the death.After the fight all the dogs are gone case.That is how Umno B is going to be after GE 13th.

Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 13:09  


Perhaps you can enlighten us on what UMNO youth meant when they call themselves "Patriot"?
Is it to Uphold Cheating during elections?

In any case, looks like there were mostly Mamaks (headed by Abdol Azeeez)at the Patriot Rally....

Have to give KJ credit though. He has more guts than the rest of them put together (and that includes the Kris wielding Lincah Mob).

Joe Black

Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 13:14  

The question still remains-how to get free and fair elections since there's such stubborn resistance from the powers that be

Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 14:52  

From all the naive responses from tis Leader we can concluded that he is an insecure man right now.

He survies on the principle of you help me , I help you and the deplorable means of getting things done by all means and at all cost as long he is alive without integrity.

He flees from problems and will be the first to come out to claim credit if there is any.

No matter how despicable are you in BolehLand which comprises the majority of the gullible voters, Once you set open the mighty $$ gate ,they will bow down and worship you.

Despite the onslaught on his calibre , sad to say he will survive as long as the majority chose to remain Gullible.

You ask for it !

Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 15:16  

We can see clearly now that the Bersih Rally is actually a placid rally.

It's the authority and the Perkatak manipulated it to look like a third world war where even the services of ageing Grandpa and Grandma are needed if the cirsumstances arise.

Finally most agreed that Perkatak is redundant but in one way they are doing a good job to draw voters away from the regime.Tis cud throw some light to those who are wondering why Perkatak was given so much coverage.

The next change of the movie cud it be - The return of the Ecstasy Ninja turtle , directed by Tune Kurty ?

Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 15:32  

Tongkol Kayu,

masuk je lah PKR!! tak payah nak menyamar jadi ahli UMNO lagi dah. UMNO tak perlu kamu. cam anon 16:53 cakap join lah fauzi rahman tu. gua guarantee lu dapat projek bila Nuar jadi PM nanti. tapi lepas kiamat la ye.

OneMalaysian,  10 July 2011 at 15:54  

Dear Sakmongkol

I can sense that the better-informed city folks have already made up their minds as to how they will vote come GE13. Yesterday’s cataclysmic event had shaken even the normally politically docile and complacent to want change at the ballot box – whether it will be clean or dirty.

But I wonder how folks in Pekan in Pahang or Kemaman in Trengganu or Ranau in Sabah or Sarikei in Sarawak might vote. The urban votes are solidly behind Pakatan Rakyat, as far as I can tell. This should be true in Semenanjung, in Sabah or Sarawak. But the political pulse in the rural heartlands is yet unknown. Has BERSIH 2.0 any purchase in these places where the price of chicken might be more important than clean elections. Poverty and ignorance trap people in near subsistence living, from which they cannot peer out to see the bigger picture of what’s happening to this country. The political maths dictate that unless PR and its allies can capture sufficient seats in Sabah and Sarawak, even if they succeed in out-polling UMNO in Peninsular Malaysia they cannot capture Putrajaya.

BERSIH has served its purpose. Those who seek change must now shift their focus. The next political battle is to bring the urgency for change to the rural heartlands on both sides of the South China Sea. The potential of Malaysia and its people are vast. But this present ineffective government, led by a weak, double-speaking PM, will not deliver our future. The past couple of weeks have confirmed without a shadow of a doubt that our deliverance rests with an alternative government.

Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 16:12  

What a "condolence" that the authority is claiming their victory DOWNLAYING the turn-out of the Bersih supporters.

Dont they realise that it's not the numbers that counts but the Voices of RAKYAT DIUTAMAKAN.

By right , they shud mull into why the Rakyat chose to defy the order to risk their safety to enter the city ? I thought the Forbidden city is in China ,need to brush up my geography.

Where have all the SLOGANS GONE ?
What's the use of sending SMS on every festive seasons to show how much you care for the rakyat addressing oneself as Ayahanda ?

At times tis sort of artificial msg can spoil an otherwise a wonderful morning while listening to Johny cash oldie,-

When I was just little boy , my mama told me , "Son , always be a god boy , dont ever play with gun ," But I short a man in Reno , just to watch him die ,

When I hear that Whistle blowin ,
I hang my head and cry...

Krishna 10 July 2011 at 17:32  

Dato, you forgot Njaib's other line of defence - the one million school boys who cannot yet vote!

Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 17:40  

Dato Sak,

From these events, we know that DS Najib is not visionary leader or even a competent leader. Based on his pathway to leadership, he was a leader due to circumstances, when his father passed away..people sympathy..he become wakil rakyat. when there is trouble in UMNO Pahang he become MB, after Anwar left UMNO Youth he just took over and finally when Pak Lah makes mistakes...he became PM. This is the reason that he cant even manage the BERSIH issue. In UMNO he told umno members not to fractionate. With Malaysian he want to be One Malaysian. An on the media he seems to be the only person going round to meet rakyat.... he cant even command his UMNO team how can he command Malaysian...

DS Najib....please do something before the Malays loose everything it some internal soul searching... you dont have to ask the rakyat to defend you to live in Putrajaya...please engage what the majority rakyat wants and needs and not your UMNO branch heads only.

Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 17:54  

Dato Sak, Walla,

Well, March is not that far way, beware the Ides of March,, et tu Brutus, is that what the PM will say to his DPM?
The PM clearly needs to work with the centrists and Bersih to counter the growing opposition and danger from his DPM and from his cousin, and the quicker the better. He cannot take the same hard stance as the DPM because there's nothing new to espouse.
He squandered a wonderful opportunity when he could have been the hero of the masses. Work with Bersih to have the rally, then his name would have been on the lips of everyone, now he's the villian. Now, PM, dont lose the opportunity again, take the lead and speak to Bersih and find accommodation with their causes.
When your party warlords see which way the wind is blowing, they will shift their stand because right is might, and no matter the motives are ulterior or personal they will follow your lead.
Throwing all the verbal jousting aside, just remember time is running out for these little napoleons. However hard anyone posture themselves as the heroes or defenders of the faith, rightists, ultras, and what have you, they are getting old and time and tide waits for no man. Even the former PM Dr. is getting frailer and why is so much hanging on his support? When God decides time's up for him, the DPM and his diehard supporters will be left on a limb. Most of these warlords and politicians have no loyalty to the dead. Choosing a 'silent' partner who's old and getting older by the day (and so are we too), the law of success /probability is definitely not in the DPM's favour. He might as well stick to supporting his PM or he will not even have a DPM seat to contest. Neither will the warlords, so PM, that your stick and carrot.

Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 18:11  

the Bersih rally was an astounding success.
The city was locked down, and the population was locked out. How did the 20,000, 30,000, 40,000 or 50,000 manage to find their way in, through the maze of barb wire, hotel checks, roadblocks, tear guns, water cannons laced with chemicals, and gross intimidation by the police force, PM, DPM, HM and their cohorts? My hat goes to to Bersih and team, and the Malaysians and supporters who unstinctintly did what they had to do to show their opposition to the corruptness of the current system, and their support of the Bersih proposals.
My heart goes to our fellow citizens who have already decided that the future of the country and government lies not with the corrupt, but within themselves.
And so the stage is set for the next showdown, not necessarily via rallies, but you can bet Bersih and the opposition will find a truly delightful way.

Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 18:30  

Datuk , You are out of the inner circle of BN politics. You can guess as much as you want.Doesn't matter.Not many listen to you nowadays. Best that you retire and live a healthy live.

Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 18:41  

Now where is that Ibrahim @ Katak Ali ?

After threatening the Chinese not to participate in Bersih 2, stay at home and hoard food ,may be the clown suffers another heart attack after seeing so many Chinese in Bersih 2 ?

Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 19:15  

Awaiting our sage Quiet Despair. Where are you?

Suci Dalam Debu 10 July 2011 at 19:56  


The water canons and tear gas almost knocked me out physically but my spirit grew stronger.

UMNO needs KOTOR(PDRM, FRU, Judiciary, MAAC, SPRM mcm2 lagi) to stay in power. UMNO is not stupid but it is too corrupted to reform within itself.

The young people of Malaysia will BERSIHKAN Malaysia. There has been no house cleaning for the past 54 years in the mansion of UMNO.

Bersih, Cekap & Amanah as per TDM.

Bersih First.
Cekap & Amanah willo0me later.

Yellowrabbit 10 July 2011 at 21:16  


Syukur Alhamdulillah. 09.07.11 came to pass without the most feared bloodshed. One man died of heart failure near KLCC if I'm not mistaken.Al Fatihah and may Allah SWT bless his soul.Ameen.

As a peace loving citizen of Malaysia, I can't help thinking what has become of our beloved motherland? If she can show her emotion, how sad and devastated she would be ?

As for the Bersih protest intended rally, if everyone involved was sincere there should not be any problem. But could you or anyone for that matter, guarantee that no one or no body was out to creat problem that could result in tragedy? I don't think to cry over spilt milk is an option here. Malaysia is too precious to be gambled away!! Malaysia is not Egypt or Libya as some have claimed it to be!!!

Say what you may, I bersyukur how things have been handled and how it has turned out the way it did. For me, ,09.07.11 has confirmed my fear that the ugly thought of how vulnerable the passionate Malay are. They are made to do other people's dirty work and to 'fight' each other and they are doing it passionately. One clear proof was the press session at th Hilton. Who and who were there ? When the arrested names were released, who was not there? Dear brothers and sisters, do wake up before it is too late. Before we go down in history having to answer to our cucu-cicit. God bless.

Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 21:58  

MY neighbour was distraught and in much agony when he read about our beloved sasterawan negara being apprehanded by the cops.
Foe being very much younger than him i dont understand much about his agony and sadness.I tried to reason that only those who break the law get cuffed.He gave me an earful and send me home in rage.
I am more stumped now.Umno isnt doing much reaching out to younger people like me with sensible reasoning.I tried to understand the whole bersih issue but i am still stumped

So where does that leave me.Head over to the opposition?

Anonymous,  10 July 2011 at 22:16  

Good advice from Mathias Chang.

"I have been informed that some of the Prime Minister’s close advisers on strategy are so-called experts on “Blue Ocean Strategy”, the essence of which is to “make the competition irrelevant and creating uncontested market place”.

After the fiasco on 9th July 2011, may I suggest to the Prime Minister and the entire Barisan Nasional leadership that their first priority is to dump these political wannabes who are totally devoid of any knowledge and experience of the political realities on the ground."

PENDEK kata, rakyat dah tak takut and very, very pissed.


Anonymous,  11 July 2011 at 00:02  

Never get bored reading your blog and comments. Always spot-on! Keep it up, Dato!

Anonymous,  11 July 2011 at 00:03  

Never get bored reading your blog and comments. Always spot-on! Keep it up, Dato!

Anonymous,  11 July 2011 at 01:11  

There are wins and there are losses in Bersih's historic event. The wins are Bersih itself and the dawn of multiracial awareness of the people of Malaysia. The losses are the word "Bersih", the colour "Yellow" and the death of a martyr for the cause, Baharudin Ahmad.

Bersih was demonised and even banned from the face of the earth. Yet despite the brutality of the police and the wantonness of the regime to see its demise Bersih has become a household name among Malaysians and the world at large in a space of a few weeks. A new icon is born in the person of Ambiga. Bersih has also struck fear and paranoia in the heart of a ruthless regime. Bersih's simple demands for a clean and fair electoral process has teased the lie out of a regime that involuntarily admits that it does not advocate clean and fair elections. Through the baptism of fire that Bersih has just witnessed, it has brought out a new awareness of multiculturism that the regime's own "1Malaysia" concept has failed to forge and had to be bought through deceit and money. Bersih' rally has shown that Malaysia's motley citizens do care for one another despite the regime's racial and religious baits to divide and conquer. The regime is shocked that intimidation and naked brutality have not worked. In fact the more brutal and self-denial the regime becomes, the more adherents Bersih will attract.

Now the losses: Anything associated with Bersih has come under renew attack from the regime. The new victims are the word "Bersih" and the color "Yellow". I am afraid that the offending word will be expunged from the dictionaries and school children will be taught to hate the word. The word which has graced the regime's own slogans will also have to be replaced. Now "kotor" will be the official replacement for the word "bersih". Malaysia will no more be a clean country. Dirty drains, dirty water, dirty politics and everything associated with "kotor" will be de rigueur.

There will be one less colour from the spectrum in paranoid Malaysia. There will be no yellow T-shirts, no yellow cars, no yellow houses, etc. No TV programmes and printed matter will have the colour "yellow" in them. Yellow which signifies royalty will have to be banned which will render our royalty less royal. These measures, the regime hopes, will exorcise the ghosts from its living memory.

So there you go, these are the legacies of the Bersih's aftermath.

Anonymous,  11 July 2011 at 01:43  

They demand the electoral roll be cleaned, that the postal voting system be reformed, that indelible ink be used, a minimum 21 day campaign period be instated, free and fair access to media for all be provided, public institutions be strengthened, and for corruption as well as dirty politics to be stopped.

But these, say Ibrahim Ali, proxy of UMNO and Malay of the Malays, are actually disguises aimed at undermining the rule of the Malays, Malay rulers and whatever is of concern to the Malays.

But it is true kan? The cries of the bersih people at the rally and the politicians from pakatan showing up and the twitter responses of people who are pro bersih all proving that Ib Ali was right.

Anonymous,  11 July 2011 at 01:45  

I would like to ask UMNO people, why do we support Ibrahim Ali who is not even an UMNO member? He has no moral standing to speak about the Malays in a space where it is UMNO who is claiming a monopoly to speak on and about Malays.
I am not an Umno member but why should I support Ambiga? She was in the team that defended Lina Joy and proponent of murtad of muslims.

Anonymous,  11 July 2011 at 02:48  

How does Umno counter this, ISA her, or was she one of those dastardly Communist terrorists that the ministry of propoganda and misinformation was peddling? A picture paints a thousand words. Very powerfull symbol. Malaysian Lady Of Liberty.​/Malaysian-Lady-Of-Liberty/227​295033969781?sk=wall

Anonymous,  11 July 2011 at 02:50  

How does Umno counter this, What spin will they pull out of their bag of tricks? ISA her, or was she one of those dastardly Communist terrorists that the ministry of propoganda and misinformation was peddling? A picture paints a thousand words. Very powerfull symbol. Malaysian Lady Of Liberty.​/Malaysian-Lady-Of-Liberty/227​295033969781?sk=wall

Anonymous,  11 July 2011 at 02:53  

How does Umno counter this, What spin will they pull out of their bag of tricks? ISA her, or was she one of those dastardly Communist terrorists that the ministry of propoganda and misinformation was peddling? A picture paints a thousand words. Very powerfull symbol. Malaysian Lady Of Liberty.​/Malaysian-Lady-Of-Liberty/227​295033969781?sk=wall

Khun Pana aka johanssm 11 July 2011 at 05:23  

There are good news too.
The sheer number of Malaysians coming out for BERSIH means that the use of the May13th as a bogeyman no longer works.
Incomparison to other street demonstrations in other countries that leaves a trail of destruction.
The BERSIH group arrives quietly and went home peacefully.
Not a single parang was found on that day.
BERSIH Boleh !

Umno and umno's people should be ashamed

bruno,  11 July 2011 at 07:28  

Dato,the Geneva Convention states that warring countries cannot attack or bomb any of their enemies hospitals.Maybe third world countries who are not a signatory to the GC can,after all they are not call third world for nothing.

But here we have GOM's forces attacking our own hospitals.Mistakes or human errors is no excuse.Somebody of authority,like PM,DPM and HM should be held responsible for this fiasco.It is time we demand that the DPM be held accountable too.The DPM is so quite as a mouse that he has been getting a free ride so far.

Until now the heat has been on Najib and Hisham while the real instigator and trouble maker has been left at peace and being able to have a siesta.Maybe after the GE if Umno GOM gets the boot the rakyat can have the three stooges tried for war crimes.Afterall in peacetime or wartime attacking of hospital is a warcrime.

Anonymous,  11 July 2011 at 08:10  

What does it mean when a PM who broke his word twice (1. Stadium 2. To meet with Bersih) the week before and then the day after he

1. Lied about the size of the rally
2. Lied about the force used.
3. Lied Anwar is the one behind it
4. Lied that the participants were not extremely peaceful and disciplined.
5. Admitted that UMNO was behind Patriot which was suppose to be illegal.

Najib destroys his own credibility. Why should people believe him about Anwar, why should people believe Altantuya's death is not his doing, he did no stole hundreds of millions from Scorpene, that prices go up but salary does not because of corruption, GST will make prices go up, ETP/NEM will fail, etc. etc.

What can he do when no one believes him? He is a lame duck..

Old Timer,  11 July 2011 at 09:27  

Saya heran macamana ini Omardin Mauju boleh dapat title Tan Sri. Setahu saya keturunan Benggali ini dulu seorang gangster dan kaki pukul di kawasan Setapak. Pernah dibuang daerah beberapa kali kerana memukul dan mengugut, tetapi tak dapat dibuktikan di mahkamah. LCE pun tak lulus. Konon cerita dia bela jin. Itu pasal dia boleh cakap besar dia boleh terjun dari bangunan tinggi tapi tak boleh cedera. Sangat riyak hingga boleh panggil jurukamera filem buat filem dia di tanam hidup-hidup. Dan Najib serta Pak Lah boleh bersokongkol pula dengan son of Maujoo ini!

Anonymous,  11 July 2011 at 10:35  

dear anon at 10 July 2011 21:58,

u don't have to necessary support the opposition. bersih is not about the opposition. while it is true that PR supports it bear in mind the invite to march was extended to BN by bersih. BN choose to ignore it with the reason that it's an opposition tool. that's all.

Anonymous,  11 July 2011 at 11:12  

anon 21:58,

the choice to vote is yours and our system of voting must not be compromised.

and whatever they did to our national lauraute is so disrespectful of what he has done for the country.

Question not his allegiance to his king, country or NGO movement but his cause.


Anonymous,  11 July 2011 at 11:31  

The Mahaguru was once chased out from Kampung Puah by the people there... years back. Why sebab nak tunjuk samseng. That is why now duduk kat pinggir Kampung Puah and even don't dare come come in or approach the surau there.... hahahaha what a story.

Jong 11 July 2011 at 11:57  

LOL!!! There goes the bumbling idiot and his sandiwara!

Now this ‘Father of All Rhetorics’ goes KL city walkabout! Where was he on 9 July? – glued to “live” for latest on Bersih?

What a miscalculation, he should have been more civil to join in the Bersih Walk, take heed of The Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s advice for face-saving, and things would have turned out differently with more breathing space.

Now he has lost everything – his integrity, credibility and people's trust when he reneged on his words, and as if not enough he further enraged the Rakyat with threats to engage Silat thugs to ‘kow tim’ Bersih Rallyers/Civil Society coming together for transparency, clean and fair election.

It only makes one wonder where the hell did he learn that from, …his father?

donplaypuks 11 July 2011 at 12:47  

"Furthermore, anyone looking at the frontline members of the much fewer Umno Youth walkers will not escape the conclusion they look very well-fed in contrast to the thousands of ordinary youths on the Bersih side." Walla.

I thought I was the only one who noticed the beefy UMNO Youth flanking KJ. Kudos to Walla.

I suspect these were not UMNO Youth members, but some (they looked foreign) helicoptered in specially for the occasion. Maybe even hired help!

Except of course that wannabe Bumiputra, Reezal.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  11 July 2011 at 12:55  

it is really sad and belittles the PM to see him on the podium doing his clowning acts when he tries to be the last warrior in Malaysia, and tries to disparage and talk down Bersih, Anwar and the like. Is this what our PM has turned himself into, a clown/joker, poking spite and venom at his critics? My advice to PM, do this to your real enemies, their claws are emerging, the DPM, HM and your warlocks.

donplaypuks 11 July 2011 at 13:14  

"I am not an Umno member but why should I support Ambiga? She was in the team that defended Lina Joy and proponents of murtad of muslims." Anon 1.45

This is another lie spewed by PM Najib without investigating it properly and like a fool, Ibrahim Ali quoted and propagated it on behalf of PERKASA!

Lina Joy was defended by Dr. Cyrus Das and his team. CLICK HERE

You will note that other lawyers involved in that case were Sulaiman Abdullah, Zain & Co, Umi Kalthum and officers from Jabatan Peguam Negara with watching brief by Haris Ibrahim amd Malik Imtiaz Sarwar.

What does this make of PM Najib? Racial and religious bigot of the highest order?

we are all of 1 Race, the HUman Race

Anonymous,  11 July 2011 at 13:36  

It's a power struggle at UMNO BARU going on at leadership level with each behaving like Brutus and PM looking back every step he takes.

BERSIH seems to be the trigger for 2 groups of people who are the gainers:

1. Within UMNO BARU for those who have seen how history will repeat and BN will still win but with a change of leadership after that. Aspiring PM candidates seems to be many not only among Malayans but also among East Malaysians leaders.
Ada chance la an East Malaysian to be PM when they hold the Joker Card after coming elections when UMNO BARU goes back to beg their support to form the Govt. Dia orang bukan bodoh when Anwar sudah offer 20% and UMNO BARU kedekut dengan 5%. See how much money now flowing back to East Malaysia for so called Pembangunan to prevent any idea of the leaders haviing second thoughts and continue living off the dough thru projects for rakyat.
The aspiring West Malaysians group pulak wants their so called aspiring PMs to be the next inline because dah lama tunggu and want a piece of the lucrative pie and for some, their continuity in maintaining their wealth and ongoing projects.

2. The fence sitters all these while who have been complacent and being shackled and now see the light of what UMNO BARU has become. So many examples of "Cakap tak serupa Bikin" and Kata-kata tidak diKotakan" is being shown on TV and all other forms of media which glaringly over time has even made the most dumb person wake up from their slumber to realise they had been had by a Govt which can't be trusted. There is not even an element of "Give the benefit of Doubt" anymore cos the ones saying it are the same media controlled by the BN Govt. How to make anymore war cries when the audience itself start dooubting and saying "Betul ke ni? Siapa yang cakap tu? Bukan geng aku le. Mesti dia dapat projek kut. Mesti dapat apa-apa tak?"

There is no need for the opposition actually to do anything because UMNO BARU will self implode just like the WTC. The power struggle within will overwelm themselves and contradict each other for all to see.

As for the rakyat, all have been stung and bewildered by the chichinary of most Govt departments and heads who behave more like politicians then government servants. There seems little separating Govt from Party and independent bodies which should be safeguarding separations of powers seems to have all merge to form one whole jolly party with helping the strong instead of the weak, protecting the rich instead of the poor and continuously blurring the minds of people between what is right and what is wrong.

UMNO BARU is doomed without them even realising it and the pent up frustrations of the rakyat will only reveal itself once election is called again.

For simple folks who are blinded, indoctrinated, isolated and don't have access to these goings on and easily succumbed to Gula-gula, the opposition just can't educate fast enough with the resources at hand if they are serious in winning the next election. The only way out would be perhaps to offer the promise of more Gula-gula on IOUs than BN, play the same game of " I help you, you help me".

Finally nothing beats winning the conscience of citizens than the offer of "Good leadership and governance" everywhere in this world.

Humble Servant.

Anonymous,  11 July 2011 at 14:44  


I don't believe the Agong made that unprecedented intervention himself but was dragged into it. I really believed that these useless excuse of "leaders" tried to drag the Agong into the fray thinking that Bersih will commit derhaka by refusing to budge but unfortunately, their ruse backfired. The rest as they say is history.

I think you are right, UMNO is in serious trouble. I am not sure what they are smoking but these so called leaders are really incompetent and in lala land. UMNO really need people like Dato. You are worth 100 of those useless morons with more intellect to spare. In fact I would be insulting you. You are worth a 10000 Hishamuddin. How his grandfather and father would turn in their grave. I would be ashame to be a Malay today

Quiet Despair,  11 July 2011 at 15:06  

Ouch my head hurts!I am now undergoing CT scan. Blood is oozing. (Nudge, nudge wink, wink tomato sauce lor).Haha.
There goes our international consummate actor on U-tube to the world. Lying down in a Bersih t-shirt as though dying.
So that jalan belakang fella thinks he 's scored a point. That he's the winner.Not on your life.
As usual he creates havoc. That's what he is good at.
Creating destruction and others left to clean-up.
He creates crisis. But Umno thrives in crisis.
And tthe following morning Najib upped him by meeting those whose livelihood are affected by that fella's doing.
Najib again triumph.
And they are guests of the so-called brutal police. Given good spread of buffet food ala wedding feast and facilities for prayers.
Congrats girls and boys including the bloghost and I who were not there. You all were enjoying the show on the side-lines clapping to see Malays fight Malays.
No worries ya DAP the smart one will be the winner in the coming GE.
PKR and PAS will go kaput. Back to square one. BN the ruling party and DAP the opposition.

jamilah abdullah,  11 July 2011 at 15:52  

So many Anonymous and not real names giving comments and opinions on how they want to be 'Bersih'.... sigh... yet don't even want people to know who they really are...

bang chik,  11 July 2011 at 18:05  

dear anon who commented abt lina joy .think abt it of course hati mana tak terusik mendengar melayu muslim murtad.such a foreign concept in malaysia.truth of the matter is harussani mufti perak this lina joy type is in thousands sure it must be ambiga fault alone? why dont u ask the real question why lina easily swayed.frm what i heard her father is a pious that ambiga fault?truth is scarier if the gom let the statistics out in the open.but it happens.pls dont point finger just to escape and admit kelemahan ummah.jaga2anak kita jgn sampai jadi hamba or i might add jadi murtad!

Anonymous,  11 July 2011 at 20:03  

salam dato,

saya antara ramai pengikut dato semenjak dato jadi ketua penerangan dahulu sampai lah jadi yb dan kemudian di berhentikan pada tahun 2008. kami heram macam mana seorang yang ada potensi seperti dato tidak di sambung perkhidmatan sebagai adun. jika ada beria ria sangat suruh dato masuk pkr atau parti lain, elok rasa nya dato memikirkan perlunya langkah tersebut memandangkan UMNO sedang nazak. Najib jangan ek lah cakap depan orang UMNO sendiri yang pemalas kerja.
kami masih ingat semasa dato jadi ketua penerangan dahulu, dato berkerja bertungkus lumus sementara hampir semua AJK lain peluk tubuh dan hanya pandai bercakap dan bodek dato najib. bahkan ada kalangan UMNO Pekan yang dengki dan sekat aktiviti dato dan rakan rakan dalam j/kuasa penerangan. akhirnya, selepas ratusan program yang di buat, sumbangan dato nyta berkesan bila Najib dapat lebih dari 20,000 majoriti.
dan kita semua tahu Dato lah ADUN yang paling kuat berkerja, yang lahabai lain seperti ishak mumahamd tidak buat kerja apa apa melainkan berkomplot menjatuhkan lain. siapa yang tidak menghargai jasa baik dato menyelesaikan hak milik tanah rakyat, bagaimana dato dengan berani nya menentang pencurian tanah oleh penghulu dan ketua kampung. kita juga tahu dato bertungkus lumus semasa banjir besar, berkerja keras menghantar bekalan keperluan ke kampung2 sementara AJK lain main judi di pusat banjir dan kemudian mendakwa mereka lah yang kuat kerja. siapa di antara wakil rakyat yang menggunakan kenderaan sendiri mengankut pegawai kebajikan masyarakat dan pergi rumah ke rumah menyelesaikan masaalah kebajikan. dan mana ada wakil rakyat yang terus menerus melakukan program di masjid dan surau selain dato yang lakukan.

saya mewakili rakan rakan dalam UMNO Pekan yang tahu membezakan intan dengan kaca, akan faham jika Dato memilih meninggalkan UMNO seperto yang di cabar oleh beberapa orang laknat. kami sedia menyokong Dato dalam apa apa keputusan yang dato buat dan akan mengembelinkan tenaga rakan rakan yang setia dengan Dato Ariff Sabri dalam pilihanraya yang akan datang.
selamat berjuang Dato.

rakan rakan mu yang berpegang kepada jasa mu tetap di kenang.

CYC,  11 July 2011 at 20:39  

Tahniah ! Pegawai-pegawai kerajaan, sastrawan-sastrawan, mufti-mufti dan..... semuanya CARMA belaka. Sastrawan Negara Pak Samad Said telah memberi teguran yang seikhlasnya dari sanubari sejati.

Carma , suatu perkataan yang baru dipelajari dan sepatutnya menjadi "Perkataan UNtuk Tahun 2011"

bruno,  11 July 2011 at 20:58  

Quite despair 15:06

Your Umno Baru under your Najib is a gone case.You are hoping against lost hope.Why can't you realise that your hopes cannot become a reality.When leaders used brute force against their peaceful and law abiding people,it is because they are desperate and are fighting for survival.

As you can see with your own eyes tear gassing and water cannoning a women'e hospital.Isn't it an act of desperation.Do you know that attacking hospitals is a warcrime under the Geneva Convention.And here we have our own government committing warcrimes against their own fellow Malaysians.What say you QD.

Unknown 11 July 2011 at 21:03  


Have you watch the footage of how one of the BErsih guy come to his life's end? With handcuffs still on, and the police just looked without even tried to release the cuffs: but Police Inspector General said it has nothing to do with the police.. I guess Arwah handcuffed himself ...

Quiet Despair,  11 July 2011 at 22:23  

Ibrahim is a person of no consequence. Yet you give him reams and reams of space in your postings.
I think you are like me who have the same obsessive dislike of Anu-war.
Some time ago I did say these two pests are like dandruffs on my Zegna suit. Flick if off, and more will come falling down.
They are also like dirty dishes and dirty laundry. As all housewives know, they keep coming!
Anu-war is like a spectre haunting and hovering in our midst.
At least Ibrahim has his usefulness.
Majib may want to distance himself from him. He does not court his friendship.
But Ibrahim wants to bodek him. And as a leader, you can't tell him not too. You have to have as many on your side.
And Najib and UMNO can use him to do the talking when there are issues which UMNO are not free to talk about.
He is alse the best secret weapon to confuse UMNO's enemies.
Like your intro quoting him, he does come up with gems. Sometimes smart too.
On the Bersih demo, he coyly said he's not going so as not to disrepect the Agong and the police ban on him.
Also his "home minister' banned him from leaving home.
That's smart of him haha and he's got the gumption to say "Bodoh' to those who took part in the illegal demo.
As to the other pest, the less said the better. Not going anyhere except to jail.
But let us promise not to mention the two again okay. Treat them as bad words and expletives which polite boys won't utter. Hahaha.

P.S. Your Pekan friends have made their point.
Take up that dare.
Maybe you will be the leader to replace Anwar.
Join the DAP and you may be our PM!

Quiet Despair,  11 July 2011 at 22:56  

bruno and Tok Nyadat

That is the situation we don't want to see or hear. That is why the police exercised caution and restraint despite the provocations of the illegal protestors.
Didn't Najib tell the old Achi and her cohorts that the onus is on them if anything untoward happens.
Najib told them to go in peace, assemble in peace and leave in peace.
Why did the coward protestors seek refuge in the hospital? Of course the police know about the Geneva Convention.
But all is fair in love and war.
We will wait for the police video before passing judgement on who is at fault.
Al-fatihah to the dead man. Ambiga should give succour and provide compensation to his family.
He has a heart problem. My wife will not allow me to be there if I have such ailment.
Already some said he died a jihadist. What is the religious crusade he's fighting for?
To me it's shameeful when you are a grandpa to be shouting in the streets like hooligans!
You want the government to allow demos. And you can blame them if things go awry.
Have you ever thought of the scenario if the government allows the demo.
Three million red-shirt UMNO members and 1/2 million yellow shirts PKR Bersih pretender converge just like in Thailand.
We will see deaths and destruction.
And if you follow closely developments in Thaiand, Yingluck will only have the luck to be a short-lived PM.
And did you know that in Egypt, there are now regrets with many saying they wish things were before Tharir incident.

Hopeful Msian,  13 July 2011 at 00:32  

To my beloved Country:
When some one was kicked with boots, well there was 'no body contact' due to professional act
When video clips showed a hospital is hit with tear gas and chemically laced water, well the Health Minister shouted no such thing because of an written report
When it was multi-racial, well it was allegedly chinese against malay or malay against chinese
When Marina Mahathir attended, well is some1 gonna say that she was drugged?
I wonder how to i teach my children about facts and fictions in this country.

Anonymous,  13 July 2011 at 07:04  

I dont pretend to read everything on Comments. You do have some really intelligent, rational, sincere and conscientious commentators, and to name them is to disparage the others which I will not attempt.

Still, I will mention Quiet Despair. I think he 'loves' to write perversely, he likes to be the devil's advocate and he is always tempted to offer a different opinion or stand, even though he may not believe in what he writes. He takes delight in contradictions and that is what spurs him on to come back again and again to offer his comments. Remember, he does no harm, except to raise the wrath or ire of those he wants to poke fun at or to point out the holes, or just for the sake of debate. There are sprinklings of truth in some (not all) of what he says,so when you read him, sieve the chaff from the wheat. I think he trying to tell us something in his 'special' way, and when this does not get across, he is in Quiet Despair. Just as he is in Quiet Despair in so many of what he sees, hears, reads - PM, DPM, HM, DSAI, IA, PDRM, AG,and the rest of the clowns.

Charles Leviathan,  7 September 2011 at 11:54  

Dear Dato'

I am an avid reader of your blog and have the utmost respect for your views. I am also a fan of UMNO and saddened by what it has been turned into. Your views resonate with the vibe of Truth.

However Dato, there is one thing that irritates me. Could you please stop referring to His Majesty as the King and use the proper term - the Agong.

The King is a purely monarchial institution. It exists in Britain and elsewhere. The Agong on the other hand is a democratic institution. It is unique to Malaysia.

Thank you.

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