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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 2 July 2011

Tun Daim- The Game has changed: The real game.

Former Cabinet minister Tun Daim Zainuddin today said the obstacles facing the present day government are far removed from those just a decade ago, and old strategies are unlikely to find the success they once did.

Now, I have no direct access to Tun Daim but am in constant contact with his alter ego- someone who I characterized as The Oracle of Syed Putra. This shadowy figure has the inside track on Tun Daim's thoughts and it is to him, that I often refer to when trying to decipher what Tun Daim says.

My interest in what Tun Daim says piqued when he was proven to be prescient in his predictions in the 2008 elections. He warned the government then, that at least 5 states were in jeopardy. At the time, UMNO generally dismissed his prognoses as some ranting of a has-been and a retired politician. Some UMNO people even labeled him as having gone off his rockers.

Since then, people have taken note of what Daim says. This time he's saying and giving the same warnings to the UMNO leadership.

The top leader is impervious to the changing external environment. One thing he observes is that today's younger audiences, demanded communication that was accurate and honest, adding that this applied to businesses and governments alike.

The present generation is a questioning and informed public. Therefore the onus is on leaders of public and private sector to explain their actions. The rise of fuel price, inflation and food price globally is a good example. You can't explain these things summarily without doing more to reason things out.

So I asked The Oracle, what Tun Daim said and what was the occasion.

Tun Daim , said the Oracle recently gave a talk to senior civil servants who wanted to know of the current political scenario. It was also an opportunity for Daim to get to know the mindset of civil servants.

Here is what he said as I interpret from The Oracle.

The mindset of some civil servants is worrying. A section of the civil service is still besotted to the idea that the civil service is an island unaffected by political developments and is automatically identifiable with BN. They think, it is THEY who can determine what kind of government is voted in. hence a section of the civil servants clings to the idea that the opposition cannot govern this country because the opposition cannot factor in the high opinioned civil service.

The reality is, warned Daim, the country does not operate in accordance to this insular mindset. The civil service gets the government which the PEOPLE vote in. the people vote for a government which they want and what they want may not be in line with the civil service mentality. The role of the civil service is simply to serve the government of the day and the government of the day, is not necessarily what the civil service wants.

This small section of the civil service has better live up to the political realities that are taking hold in this country. Civil service has adapted to any government of the day that is not BN. the civil service can adapt to the government of the day in Penang, Kelantan, Selangor, Kedah. This shows, contrary to the wishes and insular opinion of some section of the civil service, it can operate under a government that isn't BN.

The national government of the day has also got to wake up to the disturbing trend that not all civil servants are for BN. the Police for example may give almost total support. But the government isn't getting total support from the military establishment for example. And there is also an increasing trend for civilian members of the civil service not to support bad policies of the government. Bad policies are read as reflecting a less than desirable government.

So, the top leadership of the present national government would be better off, abandoning rose colored spectacles which lead them thinking everything is rosy. Tun Daim may just be polite and acquiesce in the general mood of the more vocal sections of the civil servants attending his talk the other day; but it pays for everyone to listen to his private and independent views.




Anonymous,  2 July 2011 at 10:26  

Why do you think a section of the senior civil servants are identifiable to the BN Gomen?
Ans: This is because it is Umno who appointed the Chief Sec-Sidek, the IGP Ismail, the AG Gani Patail, the Chief Justice Zaki, the EC head Aziz and the Macc head Abu Kassim. And these Umno appointed lapdogs in return appointed persons of similar mould and characteristics to key positions of their respective departments. They are really not civil or public servants in the professional sense but are infact Umno's servants. They behaved as if their livelihood depends on Umno and would support the corrupt Umno leaders come what may. But they formed the minority in their departments. Most civil/public servants despised the corrupt Umno ministers. They are not anti-Government as Utusan would like people to believe but are anti-corrupt Umno/BN ministers.

I agree with you Sak that the only gomen department Umno could get nearly 90% support is the Police force. This is because 90% of the police force are themselves corrupt and they have no qualms in supporting corrupt Umno ministers/leaders. Their bottom line is money and more money. They say birds of the same feather would always flock together. Just look at the intended Bersih rally...The corrupt police force is behaving nonsensical and foolishly on the bidding of their Umno masters. People like Ismail, Khalid and other senior malay police officers just look too stupid and dumb in the eyes of the public. They are an embarrassement to us malays. How can you have stupid malays holding important public positions in our country.

Anonymous,  2 July 2011 at 10:33  

This change is nothing.You wanna see change?Wait till after PRU13.
We will audit all BN pols n cronies.If any fail to account for their weallth against their reported income,they will pay the price.We will hunt the world for the trillions BN n cronies have sucked from the rakyat.
We will also bring CBT charges against those who constructed those lopsided privatisation deals n give away land cheap n APs FOC.
Not enough prison lah . .some may say.
Its no problem cos we have our technology using IBS to build 50 cells a day.And we hv flexibility to allow for heavier floors to cater for the BN crowd. .cos they tend to be fatso n heavier
than most ppl.

Dato. . .U like that change?
And for the more serious offenders we hv more extreme torture i.e a day eith walla.

bruno,  2 July 2011 at 10:51  

Dato,these Umnoputras have a fixated mindset.They think that they are still living in the stone ages,that every thing they do they have to use a sledhammer.Like Tun Daim said the game has changed.If the game has changed then the mind has to changed too.If their minds cannot changed then they must have worst than animal brains,because animals are smart creatures and can think.

Because these Umnoputras don't know how to used their brains they are always behind the game.Because they are so stupid they have to pay some people who come from a country which they consisered their enemy.And mind you the fees aren't cheap,just around 100 million ringgit only.Only is because it's the people's money,not their own.

They think that the people can still be led by their noses.Before,yes you can ask the DO or the kampong pengulu to tell the Malays whom to vote for.Nowadays the Malays will tell the DO and the pengulu whom to vote for.Like Tun Daim said,the game have changed.

Up till today most civil servants still think that their bosses are Umno and not BN.Even those civil servants who are not Umno members in their mind they still believe that they owe their allegience to Umno.Even in Penang the civil servants still think that they are under Umno.The majority of the civil servants have the same mindset as the Umnoputras.Maybe it is truth that you cannot teach an old horse to turn tricks.

bruno,  2 July 2011 at 10:52  

Nowadays the better educated civil servants will not just blindly be led as their predessors.If this coming July 9 Bersih rally is still on do not be surprised to find government servants in the crowd.These civil servants who will be walking with the crowd is doing so not because they are disloyal,but they know that they have to stand up for their rights.

Their rights are freedom of expression,freedom to vote and not to be intimidated by the ruling party's thugs.To teach the GOM not to totally abused the power given to them by the people.Like arresting civil activists because they couldn't agree with them.For using their power to abuse the electoral system and for looting the people's bank.

Then they wanted to teach the Umno GOM not to bred thugs,gangsters,racial and religious bigots and terrorists.Then they wanted to teach them not to harbour rapists and murderers too.They know that they cannot talk to them because these Umnoputras are blind,color blind,deaf and dumb.So they have to participate to be counted.

Quantum Metal Consultant 2 July 2011 at 11:02  

Kita dapat lihat bagaimana poendekatan era abdullah yang cuba berubah dari pendekatan mahathir membawa padah yang bukan alang kepalang hingga ke hari ini. Bukan kerana kesilapan itu 100% terletak kepada paklah tetapi juga kepada rakyat yang menolak perubahan itu. Setiap perubahan tidak perlu dibuat secara drastik apalagi kalau perubahan dibuat dengan cara mengubah dasar lama yang telah berjalan.

Perubahan sewwajarnya bermaksud mengadakan dasar dan kaedah baru selari dengan kehendak dan perubahan dunia tetapi tidak semestinya memusnahkan atau membatalkan yang lama secara total. Ruang2 pilihan wajar diberikan.

Seperti juga paklah, najib cuba melakukan sebanyak boleh perubahan dalam masa yang paling singkat dan terburu buru untuk menunjukkan kepada dunia, itu semua 'saya' lakukan demi rakyat dan negara.

Manamungkin dalam masa 2 tahun najib dan teamnya dapat memikirkan secara 'mendalam' begitu banyak projek yang dilancarkannya. apakah kita sudah melihat hasilnya? Jangankan hasil, bayang pun belum nampak..

Apakah sama projek yang dibuat kajian selama 3 hingga 4 tahun sebelum dilancarkan dengan projek yang 'difikirkan' 6 bulan hingga 1 tahun dilancarkan?

Generasi muda hari ini merupakan penentu kepada masa hadapan negara termasuk menentukan corak pemilihan undi akan datang.

Jika dirujuk kepada belia itu sendiri, kenapa tidak diletakkan Menteri yang berusia 28 tahun? Apakah relevan menteri yang berusia lebih 50 tahun untuk memahami citarasa anak muda.

Kerajaan juga kena ingat bahawa 'mat rempit' juga adalah pengundi dan tahukah kerajaan berapakah jumlah mereka seluruh negara yang boleh memberi sumbangan kepada parti kerajaan jika mereka dipelihara dan bukannya diperangi?

Anonymous,  2 July 2011 at 11:16  

Thank you for another great insightful topic.

A better Malaysia,  2 July 2011 at 11:48  

So is there hope for a better Malaysia, Datuk?

Anonymous,  2 July 2011 at 12:07  

Kami sokong umno tp umno tak sokong kami dan rakyat malaysia. Rata kami pi, pemimpin dan ahli umno kata yg atas dok syok sdiri, org tak percaya dah walaupun cakap betui. Pembangkang tipu pun rakyat percaya sbb umno byk tipu rakyat selama ni. Hangpa tgok sendirilah cara dan gaya pemimpin umno, pikiaq diri dan keluarga depa saja. Depa lupa tanpa ahli dan rakyat sokong, depa semua tak kemana. Kaya mana pun jadi ketua pembangkanglah bila dah takdak kuasa memerintah. Jadi kami la ni nak buat duit saja macam tun daim buat zaman dia dulu kala. Terima kasih Tun!

Anonymous,  2 July 2011 at 13:30  

There has already a shift in the mindsets of the civil servants.

I am already 50 years old and in the private sector for over 10 years. Before I was in the civil service for about 16 years.

All my life, I have voted for the opposition. Why? ...because of the abuse of power and corruption that is so widespread. Another reason being that a thriving democracy needs a strong opposition. Most probably I would be voting for BN if and when it becomes the opposition.

Many of my ex-colleagues in the civil service share this view.

Jong 2 July 2011 at 15:04  

We knew that all along, nothing new lah from Diam! Only Diam and his dumno thought we aren't aware!

Anonymous,  2 July 2011 at 16:34  


The fact remains that whether they are in civil service or police or military, if these people were brought up by god-fearing parents and have in their sub-conscious the good religious values taught to them since young, they will one day, follow their conscience and do the right thing for their own souls and that of their loved ones.

I believe most people in civil service, the police and military cannot bear to see what is happening to their country and the rakyat. They see their family members and relatives, their neighbours, everyone suffering in the hands of the evil few that holds the power.

They just need the tipping point to galvanise them to stand up for what is right in humanity. They need leaders among their ranks to make stand.

Do you know of any such leaders, Dato? For the sake of the country and the people, speak to them and ask them to stand up!!!

Anonymous,  2 July 2011 at 16:35  

Mungkin kah ni agenda TDM nak mengulangi 2007 di mana TAB dijatuhkan selepas Bersih 1 dan HINDRAF?
Sekarang masa nak gulingkan DSNR pula iaitu bangsawan Melayu yang tak boleh diharap oleh TDM untuk melanjutkan dynastinya.

DSNR terperangkap sebenarnya. PDRM dan SPR dan lain-lain agensi yang menguasai kerajaan sekarang.

UMNO BARU sebuah parti yang terus menghina Presidennya yang lepas-lepas seperti macam era pemerintahan TDM. Mamak saja yang betul-betul Melayu dan Islam. Yang lain semua tu Allahyarham Tengku AR, TAR, THO, TAB dan lain-lain semua tak dak standard dan tak tau memimpin negara.

Musuh dalam selimut kat parti tu siapa sebenarnya? Kerana nak kekayaan, kuasa dan menurunkan dynasti takta, maka semua yang difikirkan pencabar dianggap musuh. Sampai parti yang mewakili orang Melayu pada permulaannya kini semakin hilang adat resam, bersopan santun dan keMelayuaannya.

Sekarang, sebenarnya yang merupakan parti orang Melayu tulen anehnya ialah PAS. UMNO telah dikuasai oleh Melayu celup dan bertopengkan Islam yang sekarang cuba merampas kuasa daripada Melayu bangsawan yang mungkin telah dipegang telur oleh orang-orang tertentu.

Lama-kelamaam, ahli-ahli KIMMA akan lebih ramai dan menguasai pilihanraya Agong UMNO dan muncul lah puak yang akan menentukan hala tuju nasib Melayu kat UMNO. Silap-silap nama UMNO BARU pun ditukarkan juga kepada nama baru seperti Majapahit, Sri Vijaya atau Kerala.

Jadi, berwaspada le terhadap siapa-siapa yang datang mengatakan berjuang untuk UMNO BARU. Tengok lah latar belakang mereka kerana harimau tak kan hilang belangnya walaupun disapu dengan bedak talkum berlapis-lapis.

Melayu Bodoh.

p5t,  2 July 2011 at 16:45  

Anon 2 July 2011 10:26,

I think you have given the best and truthful insight on what is really happening on the ground, even walking to the ... mosque ;)

Anonymous,  2 July 2011 at 20:51  

They just need the tipping point to galvanise them to stand up for what is right in humanity. They need leaders among their ranks to make stand.ANON 16.34

If the UMNO Malays had stood by their conscience and their religious exhortations, principles and morals, they would have abandoned UMNO long ago.

The same Malays who are against clean and fair elections to allow a corrupt regime to rule over them.

Anonymous,  2 July 2011 at 21:01  

Living in denial can aptly describe those not so many souls who dont know whom they are serving while working in the civil service.
Then again i honestly do believe that they are in that state because it is almost impossible for BN to lose till eternity.Thats the absolute truth.
Dont you agree dato dearest?

bruno,  2 July 2011 at 21:52  

Dato,now the million dollar question is whether the long planned Bersih rally on July 9, 2011 will go off as scheduled.The crackdown recently by the authorities on civil activists and people wearing yellow is meant to discouraged supporters from turning up.The wartalk sounded by the HM,IGP and his deputy are that they are very very serious in stopping this rally from taking place.

Whether this Bersih rally takes place is not that significant any more.The most important thing is that the Umno GOM and the rakyat got the message loud and clear.

The message that the Umno GOM got was that the people will not tolerate their abuses of the power bestowed to them by the raktat.That is oppression of the peoples right to free speech and right to peaceful protest.Manipulation of the electoral process.Using GLC's as their personal piggy banks.Using the public institutions as their tools to surpress their critics and opposition party members,and to harbor criminals, rapists and murderers.

The message that the rakyat got was that the corrupted Umno GOM will go the extreme to protect their regime.That is by letting out their affiliate NGO's and rowdy hired thugs to stirr up racial and religious tensions.To threatened physical confrontation and even to the extent of threatening people's lives.Their Umno youth even send out 600 mat rempits to surround and threatened to burn down thr PKR headquarters.

If after condoning all these criminal acts by their own Umno members, and the Umno GOM is still not voted out to pasture then the rakyat deserves to be oppressed and surpressed by their master Umnoputras.

walla 2 July 2011 at 22:33  

Right now, Umno looks like the man who spins the gasing with a wild flourish, hoping it will distract the rakyat. And then finds himself choking on the rope as it lashes back to wrap around his own neck.

In one week's time, this nation may witness its defining tipping point.

The rakyat are simply incensed to the hilt with what Umno has been doing to them. They include many of the three million Umno members whose number Najib used today to say they could also hold a rally. Is he therefore saying Umno members can be called upon to rally for dirty elections? If yes, what about Umno's own internal elections process then?

And yesterday Hishammudin deregistered Bersih in an attempt to make it illegal. Doesn't he realize when he did so he would actually be putting his boss in a difficult international position because his boss has said the Opposition was behind Bersih. Are the rakyat therefore to conclude that Umno has deliberately used its office to make illegal the opposition event of a democratic country? How different then would Umno be from a kleptocratic dictatorship?

How did our nation come to such a state that the rakyat wanting clean elections can be bullied to such an extent?

And the excuse that rallies will disrupt our economic transformation whose programmes are on the threshold of a launch also does not hold water.

In the first place, the biggest chunk relates to the urban rail project and it is given to a few players without the transparency that the rakyat had craved for more than thirty years, what more with the bitter medicine that if they don't accept those projects, the country won't be high-income. How can one accept something in order to be better when the situation has been made worse by the same non-transparent process?

Therefore, it's lame to ignore the fact the rakyat want clean elections because they want clean government so that it can run economic projects cleanly because the rakyat have all to the last man woman and child already lost trust in the way this country's finances have been run into the ground until from rich we were to poor and in debt we now are.

Secondly, there is this argument. It says the EC must have been ok otherwise how to explain the Opposition had won five states in the last elections. Now, how did mister potato-head know that the Opposition actually wouldn't have won more states if those elections had really been clean even then? And whether they will not be dirty in the next one is therefore the reason why Bersih is marching. Right, or not?

In fact, suspicions and doubts started to build up right after the Sarawak elections. Barisan won but the opposition had made inroads. Having won, one would think Barisan would be gloating with some relief. But particularly with Umno, it went downhill instead, reeking of more desperation and shooting out strange actions. The most obvious result of all that mess-up was to widen the them-vs-us gulf between the government and the rakyat. Bad it already was for a long time but today it has become criminally yawning.

And it is easy to see why. From the cheques then to the foreign workers squatting to wait for the mycards now, the signs are all laid out for the rakyat to make their final judgement. Yes, it is Judgement Day and, talk to my hand, muchos gracias.

It remains to ask - what has happened to the Taib case? And why is Hishammudin so accommodating towards Perkasa but not Bersih? On what grounds could he have approved for Perkasa's formation with such speed that he could have moved to have Bersih deregistered with equal speed? Non sequitur actions, don’t you agree?

walla 2 July 2011 at 22:34  


Thirdly, why can't our PDRM get over their Bangkok fear and do the natural and wise thing for once? One, recognize that it is the constitutional right of the rakyat. Two, arrange for the three rallies to be on separate days with the promise that the participants march peacefully. Three, line the blues along the roadside to protect (not antagonize) the rally marchers on each day. And fourth, get the blues to smile when the marchers pin hibiscus on them for protecting them. Then, fifth, get the MSM including TV to broadcast the event and interview the marchers. Finally, sixth, get the PM and the EC officer to respond on each request on live tv.

Do that and come out smelling like roses. Do otherwise and come out smelling like yesterday's leachate. Which is exactly what is happening today.

Now what has all that got to do with the game has changed? Allow me to (cough) spin an answer.

It has everything to do with the real game.

The natives of today are not the same natives of yesteryear. Today they don't take bullshit and they want fast efficient and best-price action.

They are kind to animals, and want clean ones to run their government.

They have opened their eyes, seen the real world and realize their present plight caused by all those years of believing in the myth of Umno's invincibility and paternalism.

They have suddenly woken up, drenched in sweat, and blurted out to their pillow-mates their horror of "sayang, i think we've been screwed". (and you won't want the responding reply here.)

The mindset of Umno political leaders has remained the same. Patronage and feudalism. Gaddafi's proud desert culture. The Shah of Iran's proud marble-finished palace. Marcos' wife's huge wardrobe. The list goes on...

Yet the other day the same minister of tourism we remember in his signature bow tie is now just another resorts consultant. Gone is the pomp and title, the air of magnifique and ecstatique.

Yes, except for one machiavellian anaconda, politicians when they step down are just like the rakyat and common folks on the street that they had tried to rule by selling they had tried to serve. They also will bleed.

So with the locked jaw mindset of today's cage of Umno politicians, too with the people they had promoted up to incompetency and pembolaan in the ranks of their civil service.

Which is why it is important that an alternative government be considered right now.

The young have been bequeathed a terribly challenging future and are ill-equipped to face it, what more loaded down with debts that will shoot out from those economic transformation projects whose funding remains a black hole.

If Felda which had lost millions in the US has to take a six point five billion loan from the EPF without proper justification to the rakyat, how assured can the rakyat also be then that the EC chairman will justify why he cannot respond to the requests of Bersih for election reforms when the voter database has been found wanting in (cough) deregistrable entries?

I know, let's be succinct and ignore the articulation of all the problems of this country.

But we are not on planet krypton where it won't matter anyway, and we are not supermen for the young who are reading this post as i weep my last tears for our Malaysia.

donplaypuks 3 July 2011 at 01:43  

The present UMNO/BN leadership under the Rosemajibs, Mahathir and Ibrahim Ali are all like the 78rpm vinyl records where the needle got stuck.

Same old same old while the new millennium has moved 11 years on.

They will ignore the ICT and Internet savvy youth of today at their peril. As someone put it very aptly, while it's yesterday in the West, it's already tomorrow in the East!

That also does not mean anyone will fall for the con job spinning of Rosemajib, Roti Jala & $100 million APCO (finanaced wholly by Taxpayer's money.

As for the Civil Serpents, what can we say? How can a nation of 30 million have 1.2 million of them compared to 1 million in Japan and 500,000 in Taiwan.

Few realise it, but we have become a truly socialist state by UMNO/BN stealth.

Lastly, someone said to me at a dinner last night that Diam Diam is one of the 4 beneficiaries of exclusive and secret margin guaranteed Petronas contracts to sell their oil. The truth? Who knows, but it's surely out there?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

bruno,  3 July 2011 at 08:59  

Dato,a few years back PNB ventured
into commercial fishing.Few months later their fishing boats and nets
were found abandoned by the beaches.They lost around 80-120 million ringgit for something they
don't even know about.It was rumoured that somebody scored a

Now Umno Baru has also ventured into deep sea commercial fishing.
This idea was brought up by the
people whose country was Umno GOM's
enemy.This people from Apco the company, our Umno GOM paid almost 100 million ringgit for screwing them upside down.Their gimmicks ranging from froggy the clown,Datuk
T trio to Umno youth mat rempit fiasco has all but backfired.

But their new venture,commercial deep sea trawling seem to be about
to bear fruit.That is what our HM,IGP and his deputy are trumpeting about these last few days.They have already set their trawling nets in deep sea and will soon be hauling in their catch.Their targeted catch are not the fishes.They are the civil activists and PR's big fishes.

I hope that the civil activists and the PR's big fishes are smart enough to swim away from the nets.
Instead of keeping quite as a tikus and wait till the rally day to show their faces they have all
jumped head first into their trap.
When the nets come in the next few days we will know how big the catch
is.Hopefully it will be a small catch.Then we can tell the Umno GOM
that they got screwed again by Apco.

saji 3 July 2011 at 11:27  

Sdr keluangman

"Kita dapat lihat bagaimana poendekatan era abdullah yang cuba berubah dari pendekatan mahathir membawa padah yang bukan alang kepalang hingga ke hari ini. Bukan kerana kesilapan itu 100% terletak kepada paklah tetapi juga kepada rakyat yang menolak perubahan itu. Setiap perubahan tidak perlu dibuat secara drastik apalagi kalau perubahan dibuat dengan cara mengubah dasar lama yang telah berjalan."


Dasar awam negara seperti DEB hanya menjelaskan ciri2 aspek kemanusiaannya yang mencakupi aspek ciri falsafah, strategi dan sasaran matalamatnya.

Bukan dasar (negara) sedia ada yang sepatutnya diubah. Kerana ia digubal dengan begitu cara untuk disesuaikan dengan perubahan masa dan keadaan atau cabaran.

Yang sepatutnya diubah dari semasa ke semasa ialah ciri2 aspek teknikalnya yang mencakupi ciri struktur (organisasi), kemudahan dan peralatan, sistem dan tata cara pelaksanaannya yang merupakan alat yang menterjemahkan dasar tersebut kepada realiti matlamat yang disasarkan.

Anonymous,  3 July 2011 at 11:57  

Mubarak got 70% of the rakyat's votes prior to Tahrir.The Jasmine revolution is by a couple of millions and succeeded by the actions of the army chiefs.

So by numbers Mubarak is still the chosen one.Of course,one can argue that the elections during Mubarak's era was rigged.But isn't there the possibility that the silent majority still wants the peace and quiet of the Mubarak era?

Dictatorship and cronyism does not impact all people in a similar manner.And some don't mind being screwed as long as there's food on table and Jom Hebohism in the weekends.

Rallies can be tiresome and disruptive.So,our esteemed PM strong n aggressive action to thwart such events is indeed lauded.Anyway 50% of the people don't really care either way.

Anonymous,  3 July 2011 at 12:02  

I like Tun Daim.
He is a small guy,not very personable it seems but he is damn powerful.He remains very much behind the scene but is believed to have orchestrated so many "big" moves.He is presumed to be ultra rich but displays little of his wealth.

The Daim phenomena should be taught in all biz schools.

donplaypuks 3 July 2011 at 17:01  

"The Daim phenomena should be taught in all biz schools." Anon 12.02

Yeah, the School of Bernie Madhoff!

You can admire someone for charisma, elan and chutzpah, but not global scale embezzlement.

Remember the buying of MAS shares for $8 when it was trading below $4, using Taxpayer's funds and the bail-out and cover-up of Renong that cost the Taxpayer $3-4 billion and Telekoms $4 billion?

And guess who were among the shareholders of Alliance Bank after the re-structuring of Multi Purpose Plc - Diam Diam's nearest and dearest and also his lawyer pal Josephine!

You stil think our budding biz school students and entrepreneurs should understudy Diam Diam Curi Curi Malaysia Truly Asia? The moral dimensions of doing biz in an ethical manner has no place anywhere?

Who are your other heroes - Hitler, Mao, Maha Firaun and Stalin? Lol!

we are al of 1 race, the Human Race

Quiet Despair,  3 July 2011 at 18:43  

Civil servants are bound by regulations to obey the government of the day.
They are duty-bound to serve the powers that be.
Saya yang menurut perintah, is their credo.
Why begrudge them? Why must chastised them for carrying out their duty as obedient servant?
For you guys, its more to do because police etc and government departments are Malay institutions.
Hmm envy rearing its ugly heads.
Coming from a long line of civil servants from my great grand-pa's time, there exist strong symbiosis between public servants and the ruling party.
Civil servants are comfortable with leaders who know how to rule i.e. UMNO leaders. Easy to work with them.
But look at Penang and Selangor. Senior government officials find it tough to interact with inexperienced CM and MB.
That explains the SS crisis in Selangor and the SDO crisis in Penang.
The officials know their jobs but the CM and the MB do not.
Hey, there's a difference between ruling and administering than being put there because your party won the state in the GE.

Anonymous,  3 July 2011 at 19:33  

care to help me out dato sak? how come there is so much hype and fanfare about this bersih rally? some have gone paranoid and some need to see the shrink.
i wonder what seems to be the fear factor.
The PM is doing a great job running this country.He has a very able set of men in the cabinet to help him run the whats the worry then

Anonymous,  3 July 2011 at 20:00  

This blog and its string of opposition lovers are like an old record, keep on repeating same thing: UMNO bad opposition good!! What a waste of time!!

OneMalaysian,  3 July 2011 at 21:35  

Dear Sakmongkol

Would Najib and UMNO acknowledge that the game has changed? Just a while ago the Thai PM, Abhisit, went on Thai national TV to concede defeat, and to wish Yingluck well. That’s civility, something Najib and UMNO has yet to learn. Instead, they are trapped very much in yesterday’s mode, issuing threats to this country’s citizens who merely want to march peacefully for clean and fair elections. And peaceful assembly is our constitutional right.

If the PM and his half-witted cousin do not respect the Constitution, who do they think should? If they do not respect and allow peaceful protest and demonstrations, are they inviting violent ones?

It is quite clear that Najib and UMNO are caught in a time warp. They still think UMNO has this divine right to rule forever, no matter how stupid and unfair their policies have become, or how corrupt they have become. They regard the opposition merely as a decoration in Parliament. The opposition should be tolerated so long as they don’t threaten to win power. They forget the opposition is composed of citizens just like them. This is His Majesty’s loyal opposition. Democracy can only exist if there is an opposition, an alternative that can rule when the ruling party has lost the mandate of the people.

Yes, the game has changed. But Najib and UMNO are either blind or are so desperate to stay to power that they are resorting to foul and unfair means to cling on. But the people shall have the final say.

Anonymous,  3 July 2011 at 21:36  

What is your opinion on this Bersih thing. You've been quite on this matter. As for me why the government is so afraid of them. Just let Bersih rally go on and see what can they achieve rather than suppress them even when it's taking place yet. What say you...

Anonymous,  3 July 2011 at 23:33  


Machai to lim kit siang and anwar ibrahim!! Wat u know about daim? U r nothing but a spokesman for anwar and kit siang!

Anonymous,  4 July 2011 at 00:01  

What UMNO has forgotten is than when Badawi wanted a strong mandate in 2004 the people of Malaysia gave him that with a 90% over mandate a never before heard of prize (making Mahathir to really gnash his teeth in frustration like a chump he is ), His PLATFORM- END THE CORRUPTION. Rakyat wanted an end to the Mahathir polemic of entranced corruption. He got an overwhelmingly strong standing ovation but what did he do zero fell asleep on the job. Maybe UMNO has not got that through it's sundal brains cos doesn't that tell you some thing with the results of 2008. Hello pakailah otak yang Allah hadiahkan. Now they cry and wonder why the Rakyat do not support them? The rakyat have had enough of this and want an end to the corrupt people who are a shame to their religion. Let me tell you whatever Umno does, ISA,EO, May 13 lah whatever, enough is enough and the rakyat will make the BN pay very dearly through their noses, more like nooses because end is near and PRU13 is doomsday for them.

Jong 4 July 2011 at 02:24  

donpp, hehehe good one!

Anonymous,  4 July 2011 at 07:42  

UMNO = United MAMAK National Organization

Melayu mana? Hilang dah.

donplaypuks 4 July 2011 at 15:05  


Machai to lim kit siang and anwar ibrahim!! Wat u know about daim? U r nothing but a spokesman for anwar and kit siang!" Anon 23.33

I'm no mouthpiece for AI or LKS. I am my own person!

What do I know about Diam Diam?

Haven't I told you already about Alliance Bank and highway robbery at MAS and Renong/Plus? You knew that before my mentioning it? You forgot the fiasco at Time Dotcom?

Why were banking laws changed so that no individual could hold more than 20% shares in any M'sian bank and then who flouted it for an exception?

Who manipulated CLOB and was influential in giving a $300 million monopoly contract to a M'sian company to fleece unsuspecting S'pore shareholders of M'sian stocks to transfer their shares to KLSE?

You want more?

We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Garuda Nikko 4 July 2011 at 16:34  

I will continue to support UMNO and vote for Barisan Nasional. I want to see DSNR's economic transformation plan works. I want to see this country grow and become first world. I know DSNR can do it. I only pray that he gets rid of some UMNO and BN leaders who are not fit to become Ministers and Deputy Ministers in his Cabinet. Rope in the good ones who can help him achieve the objective. Don't forget to drop some of MPs who do not do anything good for the people. Replace some of the civil servants who are not trustworthy. Listen to views of the people. Dont't be afraid to do things that are are seen unpopular. Serve the people, especially the rural folks. Reduce the subsidies and give the poor and rural folks cash to ease their hardship. They are more grateful than the city folks who only know who to complain.

Garuda Nikko 4 July 2011 at 16:34  

I will continue to support UMNO and vote for Barisan Nasional. I want to see DSNR's economic transformation plan works. I want to see this country grow and become first world. I know DSNR can do it. I only pray that he gets rid of some UMNO and BN leaders who are not fit to become Ministers and Deputy Ministers in his Cabinet. Rope in the good ones who can help him achieve the objective. Don't forget to drop some of MPs who do not do anything good for the people. Replace some of the civil servants who are not trustworthy. Listen to views of the people. Dont't be afraid to do things that are are seen unpopular. Serve the people, especially the rural folks. Reduce the subsidies and give the poor and rural folks cash to ease their hardship. They are more grateful than the city folks who only know who to complain.

Anonymous,  4 July 2011 at 18:34  

I think there is a still a way and hope for T.Razaleigh to become PM of Malaysia, albeit on an emergency basis.

Agong had issued a statement expressing his deep apprehension and concern on the open confrontation between Umno/Perkasa and the Bersih organizers. As usual Umno is acting and misusing gov't apparatus to deal with their enemies. Both Hisham and Najib have clearly lost the plot in dealing with the Bersih organizers. With their police primitive ways of dealing with the Bersih organizers and their supporters, tension is rising high. The Police are behaving maniacally and paranoiacally by arresting people who wears yellow T shirts & other Bersih's paraphernalia. Our country has really gone to the dogs and is becoming an embarrassment to the whole world. We have stupid malays as Home Minister & PM and more bloody stupid malays as IGP and D/IGP.

Agong has to step in, diffuse the situation and get the warring parties to cool down. This can be done by Agong proclaiming a State of Emergency u/d Art. 150 Fed Consti. Agong has a lot of reasons to do so. Perkasa led by the crazy Brahim has made their intention clear. And Najib has also indicated riots would ensure if the Bersih rally proceeds. so there is enough grounds to satisfy him to act u/d Art.150.
Agong then should dismiss his PM & Cabinet and appoint Tengku Razeleigh to head an emergency Cabinet for a period of 2 years with the immediate task of cleaning up the election rolls and eliminaating all election frauds to ensure free, fair and transparent election in 2 yrs time.

During those period TR could use the time to get rid of corruption afflicting the country and put correct all the mismanagement and misgovernance that have been happening during the Mahathir era until now.

I think that is the only hope for this country and malaysians would hold the Agong in gratitude if this could be done. As it is the better thing for Najib and Hisham is to resign and let TR take over. Their handling of the Bersih rally is primitive, thuggish and so chidish.

The fact that the Agong has to issue a statement shows that he is not pleased with Hisham/najib's handling of the Bersih's thing. A person of TR calibre would have dealth the situation differently such that citizens would not be arrested for wearing T-shirts and being accused of waging war against of all person, the Agong.

Anonymous,  4 July 2011 at 21:25  

Mr.Quiet Despair
Jangan kasi orang lain despair bila baca komen anda.Biar ada justifikasi dan kebenaran.Jangan syok sendiri punya komen atau komen yang boleh kasi orang meluat.

BENatang10,  5 July 2011 at 09:50  

Perhaps,its time to take DSAI out of the equation and put in Nurul. Then, we shall have the "Tom Yum" effect ala Thailand!

Hidup Rakyat Power!!!

CYC,  5 July 2011 at 16:20  

Najib's transformation already failed before it even take off. Pemandu is just a circus that dish out jig saw puzzle to confuse people.

umar,  5 July 2011 at 18:43  

We know senior civil servants are frequently asked to attend courses and camps in INTAN and some other resorts. Almost all the speakers are from the establishment. so what do you expect from the seminar ?
Any critical thinking ? Virtually there is no thinking or brain-storming involved. It is all one- way brain washing.
When do they ever invite speakers from the other side of paradigm ?
All Daim is worried is about his ill gotten wealth accquired during the Mahathir era. So he has reason to worry about BN losing ! Not the rest of us.

Anonymous,  5 July 2011 at 19:33  

"... piqued when he was proven to be prescient in his predictions in the 2008 elections".

Not very difficult to do when you (Daim) are part of the leadership that that screwed this country for 22 years. Seeds of destruction were sown long before 2008.

Anyway, can you ask Daim through the Oracle to donate some of his billions back to the country?

Seringgit dua kupang,  5 July 2011 at 19:51  

Yeah, so the Bureaucracy is a Kolot lot! It could have come sooner, if there is a free press and media all through. Would it be too difficult for well trained public servants to get that sunk in? Civil society in the Ulu and the kampungs would have learned a lot without going to school. Presently, the internet got around the clampdown but the botak at MCMC isn't so excited to roll out whole barrel and lies through his forehead. We could find our population now to be more enlightened if those idiots at the Gov't Media and Press all drop dead one night!

There is no excuse for the public servants if the Special Branch does manage them via their letter of "cleanliness". All those idiot have to do is plant some parang in the poor guy's backyard and he'd fried - jobless, household debts now maybe 70% with immanent inflation rising, car loans to pay for stupid national cars that could have been had for half the price, house loans to keep the brood together and with a nagging wife credit cards to pay-up, the list is longer than your arm! Tragedies hit Malay familes when Ah Longs wield their unseen hands and mothers and grandmas get slaughtered for the small cash they might have frugally stashed away.

It's a reality in politics which bizness is ubrdled power. The Japs have a problem with their Bureaucracy. So do a few others. In Malaysia there's fraudulent theocracy being hyped about.

It's tough when institutions like the UM, UKM etc. are but extensions of mistaken credos.

Do we have a government? We have civil society that's tearing at the seams tolerating the stupidity. The only thing that's keeping this place together is the "civility", civil society or simple decency.

We can take Daim's learned advice. That the incoming government is gonna have a real shit of a time to do their work or institute meaningful reforms!

It's humiliating and sickening to hear the PM and his Deputy berate citizens because some foreigners will invade Malaysia. If ever there is, it's because of the stupid Razak tubs that float instead sink!

Anonymous,  5 July 2011 at 21:52  

BENatang 10

Nurul Izzah? In your dreams.

I studied with her from Standard One to Standard Six at Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Bukit Damansara.
She was very irritating and annoying unlike her siblings Ehsan and Nuha.
Her UPSR result was dismal when 90 percent of us scored pefect As as the best school in the Federal teritory.
Malu man when that time the father was DPM. TV reporters came but have to interview us instead.
She got where she is now because of her hebat Papa.

Anonymous,  5 July 2011 at 22:09  


Yes, please give more!!! But if you dont have any evidence but just wet dreams rumours propogated by your sifu AI and LKS, then just shut the f....up ok!!!!

Anonymous,  6 July 2011 at 20:13  

Hi Sak,
I am sure your true Hero Dr. M, who knows all the answers will be able to solve such a small problem.

Anonymous,  17 July 2011 at 22:24  

So check it out ...thanks anyway.

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