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Monday, 11 July 2011

Untamable Bersih- 1

The object of derision and concern is the Elections Commission. How does the government respond? They did so by demonizing the Bersih Rally. The PM went a step further and went on his, well now predictable, charm offensive. The business people complaining on TV3 about lost business would also not be doing good business on a normal day. But their grievance is now useful to the government because it can be used as testimony that the rally caused severe economic hardships.
The Egyptian tourist who talked about something similar happening in Cairo some weeks ago was probably looking for a good time in Bukit Bintang. He was also probably searching for Dato Eskay whom he may have heard can arrange for a good time for horny Egyptians.
What about those who made a roaring business because marchers were hungry and thirsty? Ask the 'mother of fish head curry' shop how much business they made that day? What about the vendor selling cold drinks on that hot day?
We will allow that president of the mamak eateries to state how much he can make in one day and then we will let the JHDN calculate whether he has been paying taxes on that daily revenue.
One day after the Bersih rally, the UMNO President came out with possibly his most forceful speech to date. He spoke with such intensity, vehemence and vigor and would surely succeed in inspiring the UMNO faithfuls. We have a fighting president after all. He seems almost believable.
He has thus redeemed himself- to be forceful and firm as demanded by Ibrahim Ali. Let's see how the UMNO president manages his new found vigorousness against the competing demands by anti Bersih online petitioners asking him to take stern action against Bersih organizers and the petitioners demanding his resignation. Will the intensity that aided him during his fiery speech helped him on?
Bersih has taken a life of its own and would have become what it became even if Ambiga wasn't around. Isn't it embarrassing for anyone to respond to Ambiga by asking her title be taken back and even her citizenship be revoked? Isn't this a sign of shallowness and an example of pitiable pettiness?
How would I understand his explosive speech? In order to properly place that speech in its context, we need to understand what Bersih has evolved into. Bersih started with its 8 demands on electoral reforms. That shouldn't scare UMNO in the first place. No problem with postal voting because violation on postal voting isn't as widespread as it was a long time ago. Unless of course the candidates' representatives during the voting and counting process were sleeping.
There should not be any problem even if voting is made compulsory on reaching 21 years of age. Cleaning up the electoral roles off dead people shouldn't be much of a problem because this is more administrative and technical. Making voting transparent shouldn't be a problem too.
The big issues are always money politics and Gerry meandering, and phantom voters. Thousands of people in Sabah are being issued IDs with addresses in Kelantan! Now this is a problem.
Gerry-meandering is a real problem. It seems that UMNO can only ensure it has more reps in parliament by creating more parliamentary seats of maybe with 5,000 voters per constituent. Hence an UMNO MP represents 5,000 people, while his opposite number represents 30,000 people. The UMNO MP represents the same number if that number includes 10,000 police and 10,000 army voters.
What has Bersih become? To me Bersih has come to represent the people's willingness to translate beliefs into action. That's what is troubling the UMNO president. Bersih represents willful readiness to translate articulation into action. The shocking thing is, he couldn't detect the same voluntariness and missionary zeal among UMNO people! No money no move.
In response, he came out with his fiery speech upon pressing the panic button.
Which silent majority is he talking? How would we categorize the more than 100,000 people asking him to resign? Maybe they are the silent subversives, anti-Malay, and anti-Islam and so on. Perhaps even traitors.
Here is another troubling thing for me. The Agong to whom everyone pledges allegiance and loyalty has ruled for conciliation. Yet the Home Minister countermanded that rule by unleashing security forces on peaceful marchers. Did the Police find any weapons among Bersih supporters that day?
I am sure, the video clip showing the man who eventually died after participating in the rally whose handcuffs were taken off only in the ambulance, will be played over and over again in the next coming general elections. The opposition already has a weapon. A portent one more worrisome that Anwar's black eye!
Anwar Ibrahim? He was largely incidental in the Bersih rally because the Bersih rally actually and truly wasn't about him. If he participated in the rally because of some personal motives, who are we to fault him on that? At least he wasn't as stupid as ex ITM guy who went around telling people that Bersih is really about overthrowing a Malay government. 70% of the rally participants were Malays!
Now, the number who attended the promptly arranged special penerangan session by UMNO was 6000 as claimed the organizers. I am thinking this impromptu congregation was planned by the backroom boys and the PM's strategists; only they could come out with this magical number! Definitely it wasn't planned by the UMNO Information chief. We couldn't give too much credit to Ahmad Maslan the UMNO information chief.
Except it also got me thinking- hmm, the number is almost the same as the figure attributed to the Bersih marchers. How come the number of marchers seems to fill up whole streets and stadiums, yet the number are still 6000? The number of delegates to any UMNO General assembly at any one time is around 2500. That means, around 3500 were standing on the balcony in the hall. It's a miracle with that big an attendance; the building didn't collapse under the collective weight. But it's been 4 years I have not attended the UMNO general assembly, maybe they have enlarged the space.
The UMNO president was talking to his flock. So, we should not over read the significance. You MUST sound fighting among your own people lest morale is lost. Even if 6000 attended, that's still not a number than can win votes. That represents a miniscule proportion of Malay voters.
So, let's remind my UMNO friends of the number. In 2008, there were 5.7 million Malay voters. How many did UMNO candidates get? UMNO got 2.38 million votes. Assuming 380,000 votes came from non-Malays, UMNO candidates got only 2 million votes.
That's strange. UMNO got 3.5 million members, yet it got only 2 million votes? If we assume that all the 2 million votes came from UMNO members, then 1.5 million UMNO members did not vote UMNO candidates for 1001 reasons.
Therefore I am not easily impressed when the UMNO president said, if we want, we can have 3 million marchers. Unless they are bussed into the city, given a t shirt maybe two for the missus back home, a packet of lamb or chicken mandi, RM 50 pocket money and a night's stay at Chow Kit. 

correction: see para on handcuffs. 


Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 00:22  


Your take is hilarious but true. What Lat is to comics on actual Malaysian life, your articles on Malaysian politics resonate with wit plus humour. Datuk, keep it up, you are really the Lat of Malaysian politics.

nick 12 July 2011 at 00:25  


It is truly funny when the PM with a straight face exclaimed that "If he wanted, he could conjure up 3 million UMNO members and/or supporters to come to his defense!" WOW! 3 million! 3,000,000! TIGA JUTAAA!....but alas talk is cheap or in malay "cakap memang kalau setakat air liur saja, Ibrahim ali and the "Most" masterful Silat exponent pun boleh gak!" (BTW didn't even see a single member of Perkasa doing a silat pulut during BERSIH.... or were they bersilat at home while watching BERSIH unfold on TV?)

Even the most elaborate and expensive event organized to "rally" 1 million (1,000,000 - SATU JUTA) youth to defend Putrajaya only managed to con a paltry handful of "entertainment seeking, party boys and gals". And the gomen spend nearly RM27 million on that! I wonder how much is the PM willing to spend to get his 3 million crow(d). A Billion RM or TEN BILLION RM or how about A Gazillion billion million. There! I too can conjure up a figure! And Mr PM, did you really spent RM27 million to organize the 1 million youth rally or did you actually use that money to buy a ring? Seems to be too much of a coincidence, me thinks! (or was it USD27 mils???)


donplaypuks 12 July 2011 at 00:32  

"The object of derision and concern is the Elections Commission."

The real object of Bersih was to expose the subversion of the EC by succeeding UMNO/BN Govts. No EC chief would do anything illegal unless he is directed to and protected by the PM and the ruling party.

The cleanliness or Bersih-ness of the EC is not to be judged by the fact that Pakatan managed to wrest 4 states at GE 2008, but by what MORE it could have achieved had the EC been pure.

That is also the same way we should judge the economic performance of UMNO/BN during the Mahathir era. We could have literally 'bungkussed' Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore had we arrested corruption and given meritocracy greater emphasis. Instead, the reverse multiplier effect has us today staring at being in the August company of Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the like.

In the face of 2 instances of outright lying to the nation by our Prime Minister Najib in recent weeks, I have demanded his immediate resignation and for the calling of fresh elections. Refer

Who am I? A nobody. Just another Malaysian citizen, one of the 50,000-60,0000 who turned up on Saturday 9th July 2011 and refused to budge when our elected Govt started telling us what colour T-shirts we can wear. Today T-shirts, tomorrow underwear, bras and panties? Not on Najib's life!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 00:45  

Hahahaha just can't stop being tickled on every sentence.

bruno,  12 July 2011 at 00:51  

Dato,the Bersih rally has shown all Malaysians that if they stay united as one people,the Umno GOM no matter what authoritarian government they are, their days as a brutal and lawless government are numbered.It is just a matter of time before they are brought to justice.From now till the GE 13th the date July 9th, 2011 will always be a nightmare for them.

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 00:53  

There are the die-hard BN supporters and the die-hard Pakatan supporters. In-between them are the civil activists.

These civil activists are demanding for whatever rights they are fighting for eg Bersih for free and fair elections. To them, which ever political party is more attuned to their cause, they will throw their support behind the party. What is amazing is how BN, instead of engaging them; keep pushing them into Pakatan's corner.

But what is more astounding is how the BN government intimidated the ordinary rakyat over the Bersih's campaign. This cumulated in the heavy-handedness by the PDRM against the rakyat last Saturday. Now words, pictures, videos on the Bersih's rally are spreading like wildfire about the government that is cruelly suppressing its own rakyat.

The one-million-dollar question is: who are advising Najib and the government over this? Definitely not APCO, RAND or any modern PR or political strategists. The good professor from UKM implied as though a group from the cold war era is still active. Even then, this group will have the winning the 'hearts and minds of the people' strategic component.

Personally, I think with the Malay Rulers merely as constitutional monarchs; UMNO has since taken upon itself as the de facto rulers imposing feudalistic raw power on the rakyat. It is only just over half a century that ordinary Malays have wield raw power and they have not learned how to temper it.

How else to explain ??

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 03:06  

The smart or the SMARTEST one has spoken!...Why don't you become PM???...Show us how you run your family first b4 you start lecturing others...You are pathetic to the core la...

bruno,  12 July 2011 at 03:47  

Dato,when I first started commenting on your blog I always said that Najib leaving aside his baggage would still make a good PM.The last few months his performance sure would made anybody who said good things about him eat humble pie.He sure is a real dissapointment and an embarassment.

He looks so helpless,so spineless and with no backbones.Even the chicken king CSL would make Najib look like chicken fodder.As a politician even if you know that your days are numbered you have to go down fighting.At least get rid of your enemies first before you go.Even the pondan Saiful showed up in court.So what happened that rendered Najib a lame duck.

The oppossing factions got Najib's balls squeezed in between wooden workhorses.I am sure we know how painful when balls are squeezed between workhorses.You cannot even move an inch.Thats where his enemies have got him.They have something over him.Maybe the Altantuya and the submarine thing.

Now this Bersih fiasco.What ever spin their highly paid spinmasters come up with the rakyat will just ignored it.No matter how they spin it there is no way they can recover from this.They have overly gone way off abusing the power of the public institutions.So Najib's rivals can also kiss goodbye to inheriting the premiership.

Unleashing the full force of the men in blues on peaceful and unarmed demonstrators will created a huge public backlash.Then the attack on the hospital.Because some of the demonstrators got cornered on both sides ran into the hospital compound doesn't give the authorities reasons to fire teargas and water inside the compound.The demonstrators are not going to take over the hospital.They are not the Umno youth mat rempits or AL Qaida.All it needs is a loudhailler to ask them to come out.

bruno,  12 July 2011 at 03:47  

Then the death of Baharuddin Ahmad.The teargassing and watercannoning with the baton charging of the men in blues caused the crowd to scattered.He was chased down and arrested.He was handcuffed and in the process suffered a heart attack.The time wasted as the police stand idling. Then the long time they took to take the handcuff off and van him to the hospital caused his death.

If the Ministers did not ordered the police to used rowdy tactics to chased the crowd away all these would not have happen.This was a well disciplined and peaceful demonstration.There were not a single report of damage to property or looting.This is unheard of in modern days demonstrations.

Even our neighbours would envy us.Even in the civilised countries of the West,in Europe and the US,there is always property damage and looting during demonstrations.All these harsh and rowdy actions ordered by the Umno GOM will surely and definitely come back and haunt them.The events of July 9th, 2011 will definitely be the awakening of the fence sitters.

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 04:47  

Datuk,you are talking sense here..and most of the time.Why can't Umno members digest what you are saying? I think Umno is ageing and nothing can be done to counter age.
To become a progressive and developed Nation,malaysian need to be clever and clean.BERSIH more no less.

Najib,why are you so afraid of BERSIH? unless you are not BERSIH yourself...haha..najib oh najib..kesian sama you.

Quiet Despair,  12 July 2011 at 08:09  

I read mny blogs and I really sympathise with the good, concerned citizens who really believe the illegal demo to be about EC reforms.
Alas it was not to be. Achi Ambiga blew her cover when she's seen walking arm-in-arm with that PM pretender.
If only she keeps that Mr Trouble at arm's length if she wants to be credible.
I did not see her holding a memorandum of any sort supposed to be sent to DYMM YDP Agong that day.
And she did not use the golden opportunity to present it during that "privileged" audience with Tuanku.
One can't help thinking it is a political rally because the only sound heard was Reformasi.
It was a dry run, a dress rehearsal as a precursor to King Sodomy's trial verdict which is coming soon.
Did you guys watch the one-hour talk show on TV3, two nights before the street demo? The guests were EC supremo and Shahrir Samad who won handsomely on an Independent ticket some years back.
The EC boss said there were originally 17 grouses but were whittled down to only 8 after Achi and gang met him several times.
It could have been settled if the Achi was patient enough to meet him after the Sarawak elections was over. The EC was very busy at the time they demanded to meet him.
He said three of the proposals involved amending the constitution which is beyond his ambit.
He said Ambiga could have used the MPs to bring it to Parliament.
After all as Sharir said she's always seen passing notes to the opposition MPs during Dewan Rakyat sittings.
So Ambiga is not really truthful, hmm.
And he said the electoral rolls is revised every day and every hour when deaths are reported.
The EC boss said Ambiga seems to understand what has been told to them during the meeting.
He said things could easily be thrashed out if she is really sincere in wanting so.
And he firmly stressed that the EC will no longer entertain her after the street demo.
"We don't work under threats. Sorry for her we will not bow to pressure from street demos."
Shahrir who spoke at length said he had never been suspicious of the EC's transparency when he stood as independent candidate for JB.
"I trust the EC. I know and I was confident that I won handsomely because of the love of my constituents for me"
"Saya menang walaupun pada masa itu Anwar bersengkokol dengan Mahathir."
He said EC must not be the scape-goat when political parties know they are losing in the coming GE.
He said only DAP will win in the coming GE. PAS and PKR will lose big time.
I too believe that.
He had a good time laughing at the nprmal antics of Keadilan to take to the streets when election is coming and Anwar no longer has support.
And like everyone is saying, Ambiga will be a candidate in the coming GE as is the norm for organizers of street demos in the past.
(If you read the papers, you will see almost every day, the EC coming up with booklets and infos on the EC).
But of course you guys only read Malaysia Kini and blogs out to undermine the EC and the government.

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 09:24  

Actually now think of it. Those who oppose BERSIH should be KOTOR.
So those anti-bersih should be known as KOTOR

Richard Cranium 12 July 2011 at 09:38  

QD, your Umno undies are showing, bro. But can't fault you on that one.

You said "one can't help thinking it is a political rally because the only sound heard was Reformasi." Oh, really? Were you there? Did you just hear this Reformasi word? And you didn't hear other slogans yelled as well?

Or, is this selective hearing?

Or, have you again fell hook-line-and-sinker for the drivel that flows from the media?

Do you hear, but not listen? Do you see, but not perceive?

BN is going down. And when they do, Pakatan will dredge up enough dirt in those filing cabinet documents to bury BN forever. That's what scaring the shit out of the politicians.

Unless BN gets to them to shred and burn them first, just like in Selangor.

nick 12 July 2011 at 09:41  

Quiet Despair,

No matter how you want to "pusing" it, the people have seen the truth and they no longer listen to some nonsense crap about EC "impartiality and objectiveness and most funny professionalism". And the BN has shown itself as no different from those regimes which was booted out from power during the ARAB Spring.

You can talk all you want and your PM can lie through his teeth, the crux of the matter is that the majority of the people (the actual majority of silence) no longer listen and they have made up their mind and what's more, rakyat have a grudge to settle with the BN govt. The Malaysian people will settle their grudge with the BN gomen not through violent uprising but by voting overwhelmingly against BN in the coming election when even all the dirty tactic and gerrymandering used by BN and EC will be of no consequence.

The ground is rumbling and the malays are all waiting to teach UMNO and its cohort a thing or two about "the fury of the patience one". It will be a day to remember (and maybe a day when many of the elite fled the country too!)

Malaysia BERSIH!

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 10:00  


The saddest thing is that UMNO people including the IGP/Polis Raja DiMalaysia cannot count. I know the malaysian education system had sunk to a very low level but I never knew the level is now at sewage point. Nevertheless I think the UMNO people can count brilliantly when it comes to counting money and the number of wives they intend to marry.

Najib is hopelessly lost now and directionless. Sending a fake Tengku to Indonesia to explain/demonize the Bersih rally is a sure sign of desperation. I can hardly believe what I read when this fake Tengku announced that Indonesians play a major role in our tourism revenue. I would have thought that we are the number 1 destination for illegal Indonesian migrants instead.

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 10:02  

Datuk Aspan

Zssalamualaikum, apa kabar?

AlFatihah utk Allahyarham Baharudin dan kesian saya tengok pada POLIS yg berada disekeliling allahyarham pada hari itu. Mereka seperti hilang akal tak tau nak buat apa apa. Kesian pada mereka kerana IGP ajar mereka utk bermusuhan tp IGP tak ajar utk berkasih kasihan antara manusia. Agaknya macamana anak anak mereka makan hasil darah dan nyawa Allahyarham Baharuddin itu? Tapi tak apa, mereka hanya Melayu saja tapi belom ISLAM.

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 10:08  


DSN must be delusional if he thinks he can rally 3 million people behind him. His people cannot even fill up PWTC hall for a conference fully paid and bussed in. With only Makciks in attendance. upon checking came frm felda and risda schemes...

There goes my Malaysia tercinta..

Keturunan Jebat

Jong 12 July 2011 at 10:18  

#One day after the Bersih rally, the UMNO President came out with possibly his most forceful speech to date.
...He seems almost believable.#

- HahaHa almost! I watched him on tv national news. Like a rabid dog he displayed his teeth alright claiming to have support of the 'silent majority' - who, where? Poor fella, he's alone now. And for those around him pity them, it was a pathetic sight - their body-language and expression betrayed them, tolerating that terrible ear-ache! I even thought he melatah(verbal diarhoea) and was frothing from his mouth at one point, no?

But ultimately they still clapped for him to save-water-face! :D

Raison D'etre 12 July 2011 at 10:41  

Quiet despair,
Went to EC's website yesterday and guess what: Same old, same old.

Very user unfriendly.

I do read the MS newspapers, every now and then and you know what: Same old, same old. Been there and even done that.

Ambiga: So what?
PAS: So what?
Anwar / PKR: So what?
DAP: So what?

BERSIH is about setting in place a fairer (no way democracy is 100% fair I can understand) and a stronger institution in the EC (and the rest so that people can go back to believing).

The govt could have just bloody gone:"Hmm, hmmm.. Yes, yes, that's right. We understand. Give us some time and we'll do some goddamn kajian and we'll get back to you. Soon. Better yet, we'll set up an RCI for that. How about that for being pro-active. YeeHaw!!"

In a more politically correct, pseudo-sincere tone, of course.

Most won't believe you, but hell, they would still need to stand down, don't they?

There must be something else brewing then if even this is not a viable approach to defuse the so-called BERSIH threat.

The question thus: Is there?

elizabeth 12 July 2011 at 10:42  

Datuk, you talk alot of sense, just as Tengku does. But sadly, these had fallen on deaf eard. Is the struggle of umno the same as the struggles of umno of old that you are faithful to? I hope noble men and women whether in or outside of umno/bn close ranks with the rakyat and work to bring about a new dawn for Malaysia. Governments are voted in by the people, to serve the people and not to enslave or to oppress them. A seed will not gernminate and grow into a tree, unless it first fall into the ground and dies.. I believe Umno has to go through the same process for it to find its old roots again.

loveMyKris,  12 July 2011 at 10:55  

Quiet Despair, u and who else again watch TV3? Shahrir Samad? Hahaha

Melayu Baru,  12 July 2011 at 11:52  

Assalamualaikum Dato' Sak,

I wrote long time ago that we are witnessing a march towards change. It is an awakening of sorts - the maturing of our society. The process has started, and nothing that any individual can do to stop it.

It is history repeating itself. In the early 1900s there were the Kaum Tua vs Kaum Muda conflict. Kaum Muda ~ with their renewed vigor and knowledge challenged the old assumptions. Guess who won, Dato?

Then, there's the independence. Old ways of colonialism versus the need to be independent. Which one is the old ways? Which one won?

Now, there's UBN type of feudalism rule towards a real democracy. THe winner is not there yet, but the outcome will be clear.

All the events above were also intertwined with what was going on in other parts of the world. In the first one, there was the tajdid's from Middle East. The second one was catalyzed by the second world war and other independent movement. The third one is the changes that are happening around us - Middle East, Asean etc.

We are in transition of this change. This will be the most difficult time. UBN will do all it can to stop it - but as long as it does not address the real cause behind the change it too will fall.

This change is not about DSAI. It is not about Malay supremacy. It is also not about change for the sake of change.

Melayu Baru

Melayu Baru,  12 July 2011 at 11:54  


The seed of change was planted many years back - when the people of Malaysia got sick and tired of the government policies. When the leaders can get away with impunity when they steal, plunder and rape the nation's wealth, few people will start to ask questions. They talked, and more people asked the same questions.

The government heard this - and dont give a heck.

Then, more people start to get vocal. They get smashed and hammered. That put fear of government in the heart of people asking questions.

But the raping and plundering continues. People looked at what the government is doing and got sick. Very sick - to a point that they can accept the risk of being smashed and hammered.

They walk as a voice. Yes - they got the battering and hammering. But they unwaveringly continue. It is only a matter of time before the end of this change episode.

Change is the only thing that remain unchanged.

Who would have thought the Pharoahs, her empire and all her subjects will not fall? Ditto the Roman empire. The Aztecs, Incas?

The world is always about conflict. Good versus evil. And guess, who triumphed at the end of it?

Melayu Baru

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 12:03  

The handling of the Bersih rally has been a great mistake from the beginning. The adamant and uncompromising position taken by the government via its security apparatus had instead made the rally organizer and participants more emboldened and hardened in pursuing their cause.

If the government had any idea that it is emulating or reenacting the Ops. Lalang, sorry to say, it is grossly mistaken. The players (the government, PDRM and the organizer of Bersih), the issues and the security scenario 'jauh berbeza seperti bumi dengan langit.'

Furthermore we didn't see the intervention of SPBYDPA in the Ops. Lalang case. Cyber exploitation of the issue which has palayed a significant role in the Bersih case was also unheard of during Ops. Lalang.

Hence, there should have been a more diplomatic and subdued approach towards the proposed rally by Bersih from the beginning particularly so after SPBYDPA has intervened.

And now the government has to face the brunt from the international community particularly the Amnesty International which from time of immemorial has nothing good to say about human rights in Malaysia.

Melayu Baru,  12 July 2011 at 12:07  


What are the options left for the government?

Status quo? The will be swept away by the tsunami of change. Bersih 2.0 was built upon Bersih 1.0, Hindraf raly and other marches. It will not get less - especially after knowing there's kenduri like atmosphere in Pulapol.

Dig their feet? As in Zimbabwe (oh, wait - Tsangirai also won), Khmer Rouge/Pol Pot? Third world pariah?

Or, embrace the change. Go with the flow. Understand the aspiration of change. Respond - with meaningful change.

Not cosmetic or tokenism in nature.

But how do you teach old dog new trick? Or how do you change DOS based operating system to GUI based? You cant. Impossible.

The old DOS based operating system of UMNO is that of patronage. It is about getting power by paying. It is about being the best by running down you opponent.

The new one is based on competence. It is about getting power by engagement. It is about being the best by coming up with the best idea.

Will UMNO do the above? No effing way. UMNO is at least a decade away from meaningful change from inside. They will go through the change process - which is at a very early stage (asking question before get hammered stage)

So, just status quo, or descent to third world pariah. The choice is there for those in power to make.

If they do not decide soon, no problem. The sun still shine, the world will go around. But the march for change will not stop.

Remember - change is the only thing that remains unchanged.

Melayu Baru

Fireman Sam 12 July 2011 at 12:37  

Being criticised for a fine piece of writing in your own column is indeed the best form of flattery.

I sincerely hope you're not a tad incited by such childlike antics (i'm not even bothering to name names here)

To level off with an idiot is to behave like one. Thankfully you haven't contemplated in dragging yourself to that level.

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 12:51  

Quiet Despair,

It not about AI. Its about people taking back what is rightfully theirs. Let me ask you, did EC answered any of the allegations thrown at them? What I saw was EC only beating around the bush without providing satisfactory answers to the allegations.

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 12:56  

"If we assume that all the 2 million votes came from UMNO members, then 1.5 million UMNO members did not vote for UMNO candidates ....."

Hmmm ...... this also meant that another 2.2 million Malay non-UMNO members also did not vote for UMNO candidates. No wonder BERSIH is complaining.

It's going to be a gone case come GE 13.

walla 12 July 2011 at 13:11  

Saying he can fly back in a jiffy if needed, someone has flown the coop.

Landing at Heathrow, he was ferried to the business meeting. There he gave his speech. It was as stirring as the one he had given to his own people back home. Then it came to the questions and answers session...

Q: Your Excellency, we are enthused by your presentation on investment opportunities in your country.

However, given our own economic challenges, could you elaborate for us how much should we price the train ticket so that your peoples can afford in order for us as investors to recoup our investment should we take part in your urban transportation project costing billions? By the way, we noticed the last time you had used Bombardier from Canada and Siemens from Germany. We are the British Isles.

A: Erhh, can i take your question offline? Next.

Q: Speaking on behalf of my colleagues here, we must confess we are somewhat troubled by the recent event in your federal capital. Could Your Excellency help allay our fears?

A: You don't have to worry about that. It was just a small rally no bigger than the one i could easily muster with one phone call if i had wanted. Except that i don't believe it is our way of doing things. I know you all may remember one of my predecessors who was wont to push his way around. He called it My Way but that's just him. Maybe that's why there were no rallies during his time by the simple expedient of just locking up everyone.

Q: Ah, Your Excellency. We do get transcripts of what you had said in your speech to your own people. Correct me if i am wrong but you said that street demonstrations must not be made a part of your culture. You also said your people should not have to live in chaos and uncertainty. And finally you had called upon the silent majority in your country to stand up and be counted. Am i right, Your Excellency?

A: Yes, we are peace-loving citizens and we want to live in a nation that has a bright future.

walla 12 July 2011 at 13:12  


Q: Yes we know that. Incidentally how many of the 130,000 jobs out of your urban rail project won't be for foreign workers so that your peoples will have jobs in order to save to pay the financing charges passed to them from the projects you have just articulated in order to have a bright future?

Let's however say we can put that aside. What i would really like to ask Your Excellency is this.

You asked for your silent majority to stand up and be counted. Didn't your silent majority just show that in the recent rally which didn't look small by any frank and honest count?

Now, let's say you contest my assertion by saying they are not the silent majority. Can i ask you how you knew they are not the silent majority? Because they were not silent? Is your definition of silent majority then to mean pliant, pliable, obedient and unquestioning simpletons and yes-men? Or were you actually saying that in giving carte blanche to Mr Ibrahim Ali to be unsilent, in fact loud to the extent of boorishness, you espouse double standards wherever it suits you?

While at it, i might as well ask Your Excellency now whether he doesn't think the objectives of the rally are in the first place noble, correct and the very epitome of democracy?

So if the silent majority in your country are saying they want to be counted but there seems to be some problem with your present election counting process, including multiple entries in the database, single citizens holding double identity cards, foreign workers getting citizenship papers by racial and religious bias, shouldn't their request for reforms be given fullest attention by Your Excellency's administration? I don't know about you but in our country such administrative remiss would have received a permanent invitation from our Majesty to The Tower.

Yet and yes, we note you have not said a single word on election reforms even up till today.


Is it because postdated conditional cheques in the hands of simple-minded headmen cannot be returned or is it because your election body tags ballot papers by pencil or is it because entire camps can be re-demarcated into certain constituencies whose outcome might otherwise be in question?

A: No, no, no! Because my administration sees the rally and its demands as the foul work of the opposition in my country.

Q: Surely Your Excellency who has said your government didn't know best should acknowledge that others, whether they be opposition or ordinary citizens, may know better and thus their requests should be privileged to receive careful consideration followed by a review of the election process?

After all, aren't they also equal ordinary citizens of your nation?

For instance, as i can recollect fondly when i was last in your beautiful country, crossing the border from one state Selangor into another, Perak or Negri Sembilan, didn't change anything for me and my family with regards our perception of the peoples. No difference at all. Friendly, helpful, down to earth peoples. And a great fruit. Durian, is it?

Now, because i am sure you would take exception against any aspersion on the integrity of the purportedly independent election body in your country, why not then prove it is just some figment of, erhh, jaundiced, minds? Do note i am mindful that jaundice is yellow.

After all, the chaos and uncertainty you had vigorously mentioned do come from mistrust and suspicions which come from lies or their perceptions thereof, all of which can be easily eliminated with facts and proofs on the ground. Right?

However, Your Excellency, the very fact your administration had done everything in its power to prevent the peaceful rally seems to say it took action less out of concern for the citizens' wish for clean elections but more because the rally is seen as a threat to your politics. Is that correct?

walla 12 July 2011 at 13:13  


A: We made them illegal. We disbarred them from entering the city. We cancelled all transport permits. We erected barb-wired barricades and got our water cannons and gas canisters ready. We did it to maintain law and order. Wouldn't you?

Q: But isn't it their right to assemble as provided in your own federal constitution which you may want to note our country has had a hand in drafting?

Let's be honest, Your Excellency. Would your people have acknowledged that right filed as an application if they had no compunction about doing the things you had just said, let alone the other perception so sent our way about planting evidence before the event to fix charges and rake tension, firing a gas bomb into the grounds of a maternity hospital and ramming a portly man from his motorcycle?

A: Excuse me, Sir. I take exception to your accusations. I can only answer about the hospital. It didn't happen, and this was determined by one of my coalition ministers. And i know you will next say there was brutality against the rally walkers. That also didn't happen.

Q: Alas, Your Excellency. We know global netizenship can be a pain but its tools like youtube do capture some rather troubling scenes. In the one about the hospital, we noted one gas shot was fired towards the rally walkers at the entrance to the hospital and this was followed by another into the compound of the hospital to which they had sauntered. Would your minister like to say there was error in aiming?

In the general matter of brutality, we can give you the benefit of the doubt but then there's that video showing someone wearing a backpack kicking someone already on the ground who was being manhandled by a group of vested men. You see, Your Excellency, in other shots captured, there were also men carrying similar backpacks standing casually next to your uniformed folks as though part of a team so who could they be and what were they carrying and wouldn't kicking someone already on the ground constitute brutality?

A: You said you were from? Let me check and i'll get my assistant to email you my official reply. Next.

Q: Incidentally, Your Excellency, could you please tell us why the speech you had given to the people of your party was not given directly to the people of the rally? Wouldn't federal mean something for all?

walla 12 July 2011 at 13:13  


A: Look, we're getting away from the agenda of this meeting. It's about investment and not politics. People in your country may walk to Westminister but not mine. And just to prove my point, why didn't the rally organizers present their memorandum to our Majesty when he had asked to meet them? Go ahead, try and answer me that!

Q: Perhaps, if we may be so bold as to surmise, Your Excellency, it was because they were already declared illegal and didn't want Your Majesty to thus have to receive a memorandum already deemed illegal by an administration to which the memorandum would ultimately have to be forwarded for further action, considering he was supposed to be apolitical?

A: Haha (nervous laugh). You Brits are so full of bloviating prolixities.

Q: That should not surprise Your Excellency whom we understand has studied in one of our county institutions, though, hopefully, without imbibing the characteristics of one of that county's more insalubrious figures.

A: Alright, last question? I have a plane to catch. Spinazkazthan.

Q: Your Excellency, why did you not allow the voice of the people of your country to be carried?

A: Because they're disruptive, bad for business, supportive of the opposition. I thought i had made that clear?

Q: Was that then why you had said the following at our Oxford even earlier?

"We need to hear the concerted voices from moderates in all countries and from all walks of life. And when we do, the prize of peace is there for all to see.

...But while one man standing in the road is a nuisance, a mere distraction, ten men standing together are far harder to ignore.

And if those ten become a hundred, a thousand, a million, a billion even, they become a force so big, so strong and so united in their common cause that those who espouse hatred will face a very simple choice.

They can join us, or they can remain where they are and be crushed by the force of our collective will."

A: Excuse me, i've a plane to catch.

Q: But Your Excellency, the plane will wait for you. It's one of two in your state stables, isn't it?

By the way, will your country be buying any more submarines? We have just mothballed two of our nuclear-powered subs. They come with more accurate missile firing mechanisms than your gas-firing folks seem to have.

A: No. And goodbye.

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 13:16  

Pemikiran datuk amat kreatif dan mengetuk minda.
Aku anak tani. Anak Pak tani.Bersekolah kebangsaan Melayu.Tidak boleh bercakap inggeris dgn baik.Tetapi,aku memahami apa yg Datuk tulis.Aku bookmark blog datuk.Aku belajar berfikir mengenai isu yg datuk tulis.Kalau boleh biar dalam Dwi bahasa.Gooogle translation tak berapa molek seninya.
Biar Orang Melayu, generasi facebook, berfikir macam Datuk berfikir walaupun hanya 30 persen.
Teruskan usaha Datuk.
Kenapa pemikir macam datuk terpinggir dalam UMNO?. Aku heran.


Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 14:19  

As anyone a few simple questions on the streets, in the fields, in the air, on the seas, in the office, in their homes, in the stalls (warongs), in the kopitiam, in the park, in the shops the following question and you get a resounding "YESSSSSSSSSSSS"!

Q1. You sayang Negara Malaysia tak?

Q2. Rasa you Kerajaan bawah BN Kaki Buli tak?

Q3. Rasa you ada penipuan tak masih Pilihanraya?

Q4. Rasa you SPR (EC) tak tau buat kerja tak?

Q5. Rasa you BN harus berubah tak?

All a resounding "Yes". Wanna bet otherwise? That also means a lot of people support BERSIH in their aim of a Free and Fair Election after seeing so much chichinary going on for the past elections which are clearly and without any shame whatsoever shown on TV and printed in the Mainstream Media. It lingers in their minds for a very very long time.

Come GE 13 soon and Q5 which should be "Rasa you BN harus ditendang keluar tak?" will definitely get a resounding "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS"

OneMalaysian,  12 July 2011 at 14:19  

Dear Sakmongkol

I am in Penang for a short break, haven't been here since LGE took office. After talking to my friends here I can say DAP's grip over Penang is unshakeable. Penangites are solidly behind BERSIH. After driving over half the Pearl of the Orient, I can vouch that it is bersih, with hordes of tourists swamping over it. The durians of Balek Pulau are as good as they are famous.

When we stand back and look at BERSIH we will see that it is actually another milestone on the road to a change in government. No one should fear this, least of all the Malays - about 70% or more of the marchers on 9 July were Malays. This will be the eventual shape of the new government to come.

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 14:46  


whether it's in this blog or Aspan's blog, u just can't let go of Anwar Ibrahim. I wonder why...

loveMyKris,  12 July 2011 at 15:41  

hahahaha walla, walla. kelakar la. u forgot to mention that he had to wipe his mouth with his kerchive every 10secs during the 'interview'.

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 16:15  


Fire the SPR head. He cannot hold the fort. Should called for round table to discuss the 8 items until the cows return. Makan gaji buta, PM has to involve. Cut his head macam Zubir of Sime Darby.


Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 17:17  

Wah, disini "Untamable Bersih" tentu nak jawap "Taming of Bersih" disana tu.
Pening juga kepala kita ni yg tak tau "inside story".

telur dua 12 July 2011 at 18:12  

How can anyone not agree with you.

Your blog and Art Harun's is one of the few worth visiting. You make sense.

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 19:11  

rightly said dato

due to the government action, ambiga known only to the lawyers has beome a household name

with regards to the bersih and the aftermath, the government responses are bordering on lunancy

najib should throw away all his advisers, go for a walk , pick some chaps from the streets and he'll get far better advice

Unknown 12 July 2011 at 20:00  

Anon 13:16,
Apa nak di herankan.. biasalah orang umNO... ditempat kami (mungkin lain tempat pun sama) kalau ada ahli umNO yang bercakap fasal ugama, fasal islam, fasal hukum tutup aurat ke atau memberi nasihat kepada ahli umNO, mereka terus cap orang itu dah jadi PAS atau dirasuk oleh PAS... kalau orang umNO cakap kearah keagamaan sikit je, dia tuduh orang tu PAS.. umNO akui PAS tu memang ingin menegakkan Islam, (that's what is stated in its constitution), but how come umNO so hated PAS like they are worst than communist (that's what some of umNO leaders said about PAS). Only when umNO feels there are drowning then only they look for PAS to save them...

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 20:29  

Dear Walla,

haha, another delightful question and answer session.

Dear Dato,
The MCA president said no big deal, CSL said he could muster 50,000 even 100,000 any time. Shall we ask him to do just that with the city locked in, people locked out, road blocks, hotel checks, tear gas, water cannons and all the rest that goes with a police state? Another stupid statement from him, and why now only and not before the Bersih rally? Can he even get 1000 to turn out? I'll put my money somewhere else.

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 20:52  

to anon 12 july 3.06
You are out of line.How dato sak runs his family has nuthing to do with this posting.stick to the issue at hand please.

To quiet despair
Why ambiga didnt grab the golden opportunity to present the memorandum when she was granted an audience with the king?
The answer is becoz we have the utmost respect and love for our king, there are proper "adab and budi pekerti" which we must observe.Our beloved king summoned ambiga for a specific reason,to listen.Not to present a memo .
JUmpa bos pun ada appoinment lah.

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 21:10  


Let's ask Najib to gather BN supporters in KL, permits given, no free T-shirt, no free bus, no free meals, no free accomodation, police roadblock everywhere heading KL, TV day & night hentam BN, khutbah jumaat by Jakim also condemning the rally.

Then together we see the numbers !!

Quiet Despair,  12 July 2011 at 22:09  

Anon 20.52

Please don't offer any excuses for Ambiga.
You think Tuanku said to her: "Welcome, welcome. How are you my dear?"
She sure got a ticking off from His Majesty. Don't you see her face and her body language after the audience.
Tuanku must have told her there's no need to demo. Just present your memorandum. The government will look into it.
And by granting the audience, the government wanted to trap Ambiga to see whether the demo is really about electoral reforms.
You wanted to meet the King to present the memorandum . Now we are granting the audience.
That was the first instance the government knew she has other agenda.
That's why UMNO is going to town with where is the memorandum.
Ambiga was check-mated at every turn.
And you all think she's a hero and Najib is stupid.
And at the demo, there's no memorandum in her hands. Only arm-in-arm with Oh Yes I am a Great Pretender fella.

donplaypuks 12 July 2011 at 22:25  

"The MCA president said no big deal, CSL said he could muster 50,000 even 100,000 any time." Anon 20.29

Sure, if he stars in another porn sex video as the main performer, CSL can probably command a 100 million audience.

CSL should collaborate with the Dato Trio for a blockbuster - 'From Ampang To Batu Pahat With Statutory Rape With Side Trip to Bangcoq' sponsored by Omega Watches of Saudi. Co-starring Dato Michael Yeoh as China Doll and Rosemajib as Handbag holder and $24 million diamond ring cutter


we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 22:28  

to quiet despair
Just be quiet lah my fren if you cant justify what you say or debate in a sensible manner., who called ambiga a hero and who is saying someone else is stupid?
Its a sheer waste of time to engage in a conversation with you.
Tak boleh justify langsung hujah!
Learn from dato sak lah my fren.he is a true gentleman.
Seek professional help also my fren.This will be my final response to you.Peace be upon you.

Quiet Despair,  12 July 2011 at 22:38  

Good try Walla. Fertile imagination. Great creativity.
But that won't happen.
Life goes on my friend.
Najib is happily getting investments in Turkmenistan.
Now on the way to London to visit the Queen and meet Gordon Brown.
They have their own pension strike and newspapers' hacking to be bothered about our internal affairs.
At best, there may be a demo from a handful of students, just to embarass Najib. We know where they come from.
You and Bersih may still be wallowing in your three hours of fame on Saturday.
But the third rate actor auta man is still smarting from his "pain". On Saturday he's got head pain.
Today he's wearing neck braces. From head to neck ya. Haha
Why are the old aunty, grandpas and grandmas and other demonstrators unscathed?
His voice croaked today when he spoke on TV (is it a show of his pain or too much shouting Reformasi.
He brought up the brutality of the police whom he said dragged Ustaz hadi into the van as though he's a criminal.
But Hadi replied also on TV: "I was treated like a VIP, given good foor and sent home like a VIP which I don't deserved."
Haha note the contradictions
BTW the grand buffet for those arrested costs RM25 per person.
When is the police charging those who defy the ban in court?
If they escaped jail term, at least slap the maximum fine to reimburse their meal which came from the tax-payers.

Quiet Despair,  12 July 2011 at 23:05  

Bro Sak

Kesian ya UMNO. Such a poor party. Can only offer ayam mandi (what on earth is that), T-shirt and a stay at Chow Kit.

My friend from Penang Keadilan got RM250 for the demo and a stay at a four star-hotel with morning breakfast.T-shirts as many as you please!

If only I like the leader, I may switch camp.

Meorusa,  12 July 2011 at 23:18  

I am among the accused "3 gomen spy " in one of the rally even though i am not a card carrying member of any political party or ngos or ever being in the governments.

i am UMNO @ hearts.

I went to observe the "clean" rally.

What i saw was a political rally to un-seed Umno.
The process did not hides the aim.It is more a PR effort.
Most participant don't have a clue what "clean" is.
Most were there to un-seed Umno.

Street mentality.....goes 2 way.

Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 23:22  


If I invited a fren to come to my house for dinner and he takes that opportunity to do his direct selling marketing then...I'd ask him to leave immediately.

What more if it is the King that invites his subject to the palace.

Surely, If Pak Lah had brokered the meeting, he would have had the palace officials to advice Dato' Ambiga and Dato' A Samad Said the proper etiquette when meeting the King.

Aren't we Malays the cultured one among others,


Anonymous,  12 July 2011 at 23:35  

Hello Quiet Despair,

You must be hopping mad at Anwar Ibrahim for rejecting your advances which explains why you are so full vengeful. And now you are directing your love and affection to your new hero Najibby. However your advances will also be spurned by Najibby who is under the full control of Rosmama san.

I suggest you turn your attentions to the honourable Minister of Homo Affairs, the one and only ludicrous Hisasspudding whom I'm sure will respond positively to your advances. Good luck QD and may you find happiness with Hisasspudding.

Nasi Arab,  12 July 2011 at 23:55  

Dato', I hope UMNO will give me the contract to supply the Mandi Rice packets as I will add in some laxative julap for them to tercirit birit like what happened to the wives of BN Reps in Terengganu just recently... LMAO!!

Nasi Arab,  13 July 2011 at 00:24  

QD, I would very much delighted to give you some Mandi Rice samples to you since you don't have a clue of what it is.. Just give me your delivery address...

Don't worry as I wont lace them with laxatives.... TRUST me.... Yeah RITE... haha XD

Fireman Sam 13 July 2011 at 00:34  

Hello Quiet Despair,
Wondering if there's any reason for the PM to visit Gordon Brown at this juncture?

To have a glass of scotch perhaps???

Anonymous,  13 July 2011 at 06:23  


Politics will be the same everywhere, power, poverty, corruption etc.

Not many Malaysians are well versed about is the SECURITY of the nation.

Threats is within and from outside forces. And the hidden agenda behind.

Why did BUSH and BLAIR go to war in Iraq, no WMD found and todate 1,5million iraqis dead?

And the Afganistan? How many dead?

And Palistine. How many dead?

Now they are onto IRAN.

Lets go UNDERNEATH, and who are the people they use to start this whole thing?

Think Global Datuk,

Our Poor poor innocent Rakyat is merely used as pawns, instigate them, devide them, burn the posers of hatred against each other, sabotage progress and economy..

May I ask you, out of the billions of Women in this world, why did they choose AMBIGA to receive the award?

Thank you

Anonymous,  13 July 2011 at 06:31  

Tambah sikit;

Before Sabah joined BN, who were invited to play regular Badminton games with Tun Siti Hasmah?

Did she invite your mother, your wife, your daughter or your sister to join in? Check the list.

Let me repeat, Rakyat are only used as pawns. Yang tak faham bahasa sahaja will join whatever Demonstration.

Thank you.

Anonymous,  13 July 2011 at 07:51  

Whilst we cannot ignore the fact that in any demonstration there are its objective and its motive as well as its attendant security implication, the government via RMP should be wise enough to handle it in a more humane and compromising manner and strategise its preemptive action.

Just because other countries unleashed their tanks and resorted to many forms of brutality, we may wish to do likewise. There is a sharp contrast between Malaysia's political and security scenario and that of other countries.

Quiet Despair,  13 July 2011 at 08:28  

Fireman Sam

Sorry. I meant David Cameron.
Was reading too much of Gordon Brown who complained of hacking on him and his family.

I forgot to mention that some PKR demos from outstation also received petrol money and return bus or train ticket.

Anonymous,  13 July 2011 at 10:28  

dear dato,

looking at the comments of some umno/bn supporters here there's no surprise why the ruling government continues to rot and fumble over some of the simplest challenges, bersih being one of them.

and of course after the whole debacle the blame game begins. first blame the opposition, then bring in external forces and start comparing us with libya, iraq, egypt. blame everyone anyone but bn.

we have now ministers who lies openly while all evidence are against them. look at hishamuddin n liow's comments. while it's fair to argue that bersih is being hijacked by political parties one must also admit pdrm's response is totally uncalled for. click on youtube n u'll see what i mean.

of course many will then argue the internet is a tool of our enemies hell bent to see our country's demise.

good luck malaysia..

Anonymous,  13 July 2011 at 11:58  

I dont pretend to read everything on Comments. You do have some really intelligent, rational, sincere and conscientious commentators, and to name them is to disparage the others which I will not attempt.

Still, I will mention Quiet Despair. I think his mission/obssession is to write perversely, he likes to be the devil's advocate and he is always tempted to offer a different opinion or stand, even though he most probably does not believe in what he writes. He takes potshots in contradictions and that is what spurs him on to come back again and again to offer his comments. Remember, he does no harm, except to raise the wrath or ire of those he wants to poke fun at or to point out the holes, or just for the sake of debate. There are sprinklings of truth in some, (certainly not all) of what he says,so when you read him, sieve the chaff from the wheat. I think he trying to tell us something in his 'special' way, and when this does not get across, he is in total Quiet Despair. Just as he is in Quiet Despair in so many of what he sees, hears, reads - PM, DPM, HM, DSAI, IA, PDRM, AG,and the rest of the clowns. Devil in disguise? Maybe....

Anonymous,  13 July 2011 at 12:08  

Dear Walla,
PM is off on his jaunts again, leaving the mess behind. Apart from his latest vitriolic attacks on you-know-who, beating the breasts and so forth, is there anything else worth listening or watching?

Ambiga and the Bersih team are more worthy of our focus and attention, and even Quiet Despair is in agreement.
Read between the lines whenever QD brings up the EC, he subtly finds holes and leaks, but leaves it to the readers to catch the leaks, and QD is in bliss.

bruno,  14 July 2011 at 09:34  

Dato,before the World Cup Women Soccer semi-final this morning between France and USA started the players of both teams held together a huge banner which says "SAY NO TO RACISM" in bold letters.They were refering to our Umno GOM which has a seat on the UNHRG to have more respect and not make a mockery of Human Rights.They were also telling our Umno GOM how brave our men in blue were for attacking a women's hospital.

Anonymous,  14 July 2011 at 12:05  

Hi Dato'

I bet you suffered sleepless night thinking about this article.

You are right. They missed the point. The main issue is the Election Commission. No one not even the PM has enlighten us on this matter. It is real?

Anyway since you have been criticizing this issue many many times, I think it is only fair to ask you of your critical mind of how things should be handled, if you are in the PM shoe.

What would you do?

All this criticism about EC are fast becoming a cliche.

I would imagine since the issue has been brought to our attention, no one has produce any evidence of any kind. All these talk and shout can easily be regarded as baseless accusations.

Next episode, maybe?

Perhaps there are issues. They are all but isolated cases.

But blown out of proposition to gain interest the public.

Since we are a country with full respect of the law, then the legal civilized and legal process must takes place.

Why must we take what ever being said at face value? Should we question the motives?
What would Ambiga gain from this exercise? and Why are they (including Anwar) hide "behind" her (pardon the language).

Suggestion; would it be nice if EC could run a campaign to explain the whole process of election from A to Z. This can help people to understand better and even propose any improvement if necessary, savvy!

Anyway Dato' thanks for the article. I'm looking forward for my inaugural election.


Fireman Sam 14 July 2011 at 14:27  

This rally thing, nobody really cared much for it. People perceived that there was nothing that could be done anyway?

It was so foolishly handled by the government agencies which turned a molehill into a mountain. All the brainy political strategists failed miserably and did not foresee the aftermath.

What's for sure is that the 'curse' of May 13 is forever broken. All people were one.

Think about it.

Fireman Sam 14 July 2011 at 14:35  

Quiet Despair,
I thought so too, that you were referring to David Cameron


Anonymous,  14 July 2011 at 15:46  

Of course Bersih is about politics n a vehicle for the opposition n those seeking change.Thats a no brainer.
The problem of BN is the over exposure of the less smart seniors in the public news n especially TV.Hish needs to be anchored.Shafie is non afdal,TPM shld play to his ghafarbaba image instead of trying to be suave and PM got to moderate his saliva splattering bully boy speeches.
Two options for BN. .one is to give more exposure to the better quality guys like our KJ,Saifuddin. .siapa lg lah?
Second option is to give more airtime to oppositionistas.Very2 shortly the public will be treated to the same mind bending drivel n unispiring jingoism.Keeping them on youtube makes them heroic n mysteriously smart.
In actual fact we're very short of truly inspiring leadership n party politics will ensure that only tripodist n bag carriers will survive the food chain.
Thats our truly Malaysian way.

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