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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 25 July 2011

The Amanah agenda- Part 2

This is a gathering of concerned citizens. On the stage forming the committee members of Amanah were Kadir Sh Fadzir himself, Daniel Tajem, Subramaniam( a former MIC deputy President), Tengku Razaleigh as chairman, Ong Tee Keat, Bujang Ulis from Sarawak and a sitting MP from Sabah.
The audience was made up of mainly concerned citizens of all races with Malays making the predominant number. I am sure not everyone in there in the hall that day will commit themselves to the rigors of field politics; but I was sure of one thing. Everyone were united in the revulsion and rejection of what is going on in the country- the politics, economy, the divisiveness in our society, the future of democracy, the future of this country. Being present there is already an indication that attendees cannot accept the things that are happening in the country.
The feelings were adequately expressed by Kadir Sh Fadzir. What he said was exemplary; coming from a person who has had everything- wealth, power, service to the country, enjoyed the esteem and respect of his peers. He would rather be enjoying his leisure days. So too would the others- Daniel Tajem –a sincere looking fellow who is committed to uplift the Sarawak people out of misery, Subramaniam (he may be motivated by his own pursuits), BUjang Ulis, Ong Tee Keat- the MCA man who wanted to do the right thing with regards to the PKFZ.
What the current UMNO is, MCA is that to the Chinese. MCA cannot be a den of thieves and plunderers irrespective of how many truckloads of class A durians the perpetrators of the PKFZ financial fiasco bring over to the bosses. A former MCA leader when he was a deputy minister would often treat his boss at TNB first class durians from Bentong!.
What the country has got itself into is no longer tolerable. These 'has-beens' and veterans of Malaysian politics cannot endure the transgressions, the abuse, the bullying and the direction the country is traveling. It's made worse by a leadership who is more suited to become a poster boy, popular but incapable of managing this country properly.
Amanah is really for now, a group of conscientious objectors. Our objection must therefore be well put.
And what do we object to?
Utusan Malaysia recently revealed the kind of warped thinking the leadership of this country has or even worse, they are unthinking at all. It writes that it's a common outcome of those subjected to interrogation to commit suicide. This kind of thinking is just another unfortunate and grossly stupid gloss of the general notion that the all ends justify all means. Hence the deaths of persons under the duty of care of the custodians are but collateral damages to the desired end of achieving the truth. Except the truth in this case, as Colonel Jessup says in 'A Few Good Men' can't be handled by the truth seekers.
So, it will be used at a general explanation- that all transgressions- corruption, cronyism, are all justifiable means because of our desired end. What is the desired end then? This is the basic objection to these totalitarian tendencies. For that is what these transgressions amount to- not objected they will serve the interest of totalitarian tendencies. The government wants to govern and rule unchallenged.
This country is teetering towards totalitarian tendencies which require objections from all fronts. The diversity of parties and NGOs pursuing the same objectives must be seen as the necessary repeat of struggles and fights to overcome wrong politics. So don't decry if Amanah emerges as- ah, it's just 'another one of those bodies'. It's NOT just another but is the sufficiently and necessarily required instrument in the pursuit of victory over evil that must be fought over and over again not just by one, but by as many as possible.
We must be clear what our general objection is. Very often we inure ourselves and accept the various transgressions and abuses as necessary evil or the ends justifying the means thinking. We must also be clear about this- when we object to the idea that the means are not justifiable no matter what the ends are, we mean, really that the actual end is not the end itself but the means for achieving that end. Hence to elicit truth does not justify murdering someone. To achieve development can be never justify the cronyism and corruption and the marginalization of whole people. Solving the traffic woes of people cannot justify building RM 50 billion worth of edifices. The list goes on and on.
This is our most fundamental objection- the means by which we achieve whatever ends must be correct and principled.


Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 13:54  


I read about Amanah and what it hopes to do.

I wanted to be excited, very excited about this new organisation and what it can potentially do to better the future of Malaysia. I tried really hard to be excited.

Alas, this looks like a party for foxes who are crying sour grapes.

The leaders of this organisation are still members of their respective political parties that they are lambasting. They didn't even think about doing anything as members of the party or when they were holding powerful positions in the party. Why now and why outside of their existing political parties?

If they strongly believe what they preach on the Amanah platform, why do they not have the guts to openly challenge their own party leaders on this, openly lead the change within their own party?

Sorry, Dato. I tried to be very excited about Amanah but in reality, it is a still-born set-up.

Its leaders may be popular figures but they lack credibility to make any real change.

Umar Khair,  25 July 2011 at 14:11  

Dear Sir,
Bravo. An eloquent argument, although I wish the writing was better. I suppose you wanted to rush it.

As a Muslim with one foot in the grave, I must advise my brothers in Umno to take heed. Life is all about the means, not the ends. God will judge you by your actions, not the results of your actions. The results are His business.

Red Alfa 25 July 2011 at 15:15  

Salam Dato'

We cannot support this Government anymore. The interlinking and enmeshing interests of the vested parties are not serving the people or the country's future. This Government has no Amanah Agenda either in word or deed.

Take just One example: "The people wants the MRT and we will give the people the MRT.." That said by this Government and how it will become!

It starts and gets going by setting aside every Amanah in the books.

It has and will be getting away with wantonly robbing the country by and in every blatant form and guise of cronyism and corruption.

The Fact is everything that is established as dastardly and unacceptable in every world's government is becoming the biasa (norm) by this Government.

The tragedy will but continuing. The voting public (mainly the blind UMNO supporters) have been effectively prevented from knowing and will never want to know.

But if Ku Li is now declaring (finally) what have really gone wrong and next openly stops supporting or he leaves UMNO; it should make a difference, perhaps?

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 15:36  

As you write about the billions being spent, the Defense Minister speaks about spending another RM 3 billion on fighter jets.

Calling Amanah, I have heard it all. Now for action!!!!

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 16:02  

I wonder if the Govt suddenly treat Amanah like BERSIH anad threaten to act against it leaders, labelling them communist etc., how many of these well-to-do leaders will pack their bag and stay home.

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 16:52  

However noble the intention it may be, Kuli & Amanah still needs to prove by its actions. Talk is cheap. Action speaks louder than words. Get into some actions for us to see and then we'll decide whether to support you or not. (But no point copycat BERSIH 2.0)

foodie2shoes,  25 July 2011 at 17:01  

Dear Sakmongkol, for all that u write, u are still in UMNO, a party that is promoting all the evils that u speak off. Is that not a hypocrisy?

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 17:18  

Right now Amanah is viewed as an out-sourcing outfit by UMNO/BN to contain the moderate voices within, to prevent their drift to PR. This is much the same as those extremist voices being outsourced to PERKASA/PEKIDA. Just like a parent company with its various subsidiaries, all are still being held under the same Group of Companies, with the same share-holders.

We the rakyat want no more tricks. If Kuli is sincere about reform, he should take over UMNO and clean up the cesspool. If he cannot do that, then make a clean cut from UMNO. Otherwise the rakyat can still smell the stink.

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 19:45  

As a concerned citizen I am glad a few legendary leaders (not Subramaniam and Ong Tee Kiat please) are taking efforts to navigate the country back to the correct path. However with no disrespect, we should ensure the start got to be right. How are we going to achieve anything, if eventhough few members of amanah are distinguished, we still make the same mistakes by filling it in with corrupt and dirty and so called leaders like Subramaniam and Ong Tee Kiat. Subramaniam is well known to be an inmoral person who is a big time womaniser and actively practices cronisym and caste politics not to mention xtremely corrupt. Where are we leading up to you here. Please tell the rakyat is this 'scumbags' are the best our Malaysian society has to offer????

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 21:21  

I don't see Pakatan on your list and just BN. I don't think it's really sincere about saving this country.

Patrick 25 July 2011 at 21:44  

I am a firm believer in the mentor-student art of teaching or passing knowledge. You should watch this fairly good historical depiction of Sun Tzu and the origins of the Art Of War, in this chineses movie 'The Warring States'. In this particular case, I see AMANAH providing not only the MENTOR role, but alo taking the lead in LEADING the change. AMANAH is comprised of seasoned politicians, who have done that, seen that, got that. And have nothing to lose. The combine brains, experience and sheer inside knowledge of UMNO inner workings should provide enough ammunition to lead the change. People in Wall Street claomor for inside information to be $1 better than the other. AMANAH has all the insider information it requires to lead the change.

So we can begin there. We have ample young, energetic, smart young people out there to be trained to lead the next generation. AMANAH cannot be self serving, all talk and media junkie old farts. AMANAH HAS to use all its wisdom, experience to lead the change from the top while training and passing positive knowledge to younger generation to extrapolate and grow from there.

Is this so difficult to ask of anybody from AMANAH? Is it so difficult for AMANAH to walk the talk NOW? We dont want a 'manager only' syndrome, where everybody in AMANAH want to be manager and manage with tons of meetings, but no execution....

Suci Dalam Debu 25 July 2011 at 22:00  


Would these political has-been still singing these tunes if they are still in the corridors of power?

Though I don't hold much hope for Amanah, I still want to wish it to be successful in achieving the noble objectives.

Ku Li's credibility ada menurun sikit sebab dia mudah dipujuk BN dan U-turn.

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 22:06  


AMANAH needs to act and act fast. We Malaysians are getting tired of politicians talking and talking and talking. They will still be talking right up to their deathbeds and ours while the corrupt UMNO fellas and their cronies continue to laugh their ways to the banks.

Is God really so unkind that He favors the corrupt and evil people instead of the honest and innocent people in Malaysia crying out for justice, fairness and equality?

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 22:18  


Saya ada 2 pandangan saja....

1. Ku Li perlu nyatakan pendiriannya sebenar, sama ada dia sokong gomen najib ini atau tidak. Jangan cakap saja,sambil letak satu kaki di sini dan satu kaki lain di sebelah sana.

2. Bila lihat kepada AJK,semuanya juak2 UMNO yang frustrated dan expired,saya langsung hilang excitement.


Quiet Despair,  25 July 2011 at 22:26  

All I can say is all the best to Ku Li.
Too much but too,too late. Big on idealisms but short on policy.
I see it going the Semangat 46 way - die a natural death.Wonder will anyone burn bridges with UMNO this time?
I see Amanah as another tool that will split the Malays.
DAP will be the winner with the Chinese solidly behind it.
What Ku Li can do is to sit down with Najib and lay it out at the table on what is troubling Malaysia and especially the Malays.
He will emerge as the respected elderly statesman.
I am very sure Najib will be ever ready to listen to him. They go back a long way.
They have a special relationship since Ku Li was once his dad's blue-eyed boy.
Najib was once a close "relative' when he married his first wife who is a niece of Ku Li.
Ku Lid knows it better that the good of the nation must always supersede personal ambitions.
He is too gentlemanly to do an Anu-War.

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 22:50  

I fully subscribe to KuLi's ideas and views, so how do I contribute as an individual ?

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 22:54  

Some of them are still BN components parties memebers, don't they need to toe the parties line?? Agreed with all the commentators, action speaks louder than words. The PEOPLE have had enough of Speakers but lack of Doers.

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 23:25  

to foodie 2shoes
Dato sak is not a hypocrite you egghead.If it was true then he would have been buttering or polishing all along.He in fact is doing the very opposite, he is whacking and making people come to their senses in his own way.In other words, if you do good then alright, but if you mess up then you need to advised and told to clean up your act within youtr own party.
Do you call that hypocrisy?
Itu orang panggil berani lah!

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 23:40  

“Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.”

We are seeing UMNO is becoming paranoid, fearful of its own shadows. In the face of irrefutable evidences of UMNO’s complicity in tearing down the fabric of the country, UMNO chooses to engage in smoke and mirrors. UMNO tries to explain away its transgressions by shameless spin-doctoring and manufacturing of half-truths. The UMNO’s president is a weakling, unable to provide leadership but to succumb to extremists like Perkasa and its ilk; to hire spin doctors from Apco to bolster his fictitious popularity; and to embark upon a programme of grandiosity against a backdrop of increasing economic and political disenfranchisement of the people. His failed signature of 1Malaysia has been resonated by Bersih in the mobilization of the silent majority to withstand the brutality of the security forces. More and more influential and conscientious individuals from the middle-class are seeing through the mediocrity of the regime and are starting to stand up and be counted. The latest formation of AMANAH is the continuing snowballing of a grassroot mobilization against a cruel and uncaring regime.

UMNO’s paranoid schizophrenia against the word “Bersih” and the color “Yellow” lends truth to the proverb: “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.”

Anonymous,  25 July 2011 at 23:47  

ameno ke paske mca ke pkr ke mic ke dan semua apanama parti politik kat malysia ni bila dah pegang kuasa semua jadi gila babi.

jual bangsa, jual rakyat dan jual agama, janji dapat sokongan dan terus memerintah. semua wal hasil balik asal. penipu semuanya.

ramai rakyat yang miskin asyik tedarah ikan kembong ngan tilapia dan ikan keli je hari-hari. kau orang pemerintah kat atas mentekadara makana import hari-hari.

bila ada kuasa sebat retabenda, kumpul duit bebanyak kat luar negara untuk anak cucu. semuanya kaki kelentong.

negara dan dunia dah moden, lebih baik ada kan undi terus atau direct voting diatas semua benda yg kerajaan nak buat atau undang-undang baru yg nak diluluskan. wakil rakyat dah tak guna, membazir aje asyik2 nak menibai duit dan pompuan.

ikut macam switzeland, direct voting untuk semua perkara kerana malaysia rakyat yang punya dan bukannya wakil rakyat dan parti politik yang punya bahalol.

yang dah tua-tua nak mampos ni buat amende ni buang masa. dapatkan direct voting semua masalah akan selesai. booodoohhh.

TAG 25 July 2011 at 23:51  

Quote Everyone were united in the revulsion and rejection of what is going on in the country- the politics, economy, the divisiveness in our society, the future of democracy, the future of this country Unquote.

In gutter language (begging your pardon), what you are saying is that the BN government is a piece of shit and is dragging this country into the shithole.

I cannot agree more with you on the above but pray enlighten me as to why you and Ku Li are still swimming in the filth. That is mind boggling!

OneMalaysian,  25 July 2011 at 23:53  

Dear Sakmongkol

I have just returned from a foreign country – no, you can’t really call it a country – where in a strict sense they don’t have universal suffrage. They have a funny sort of way to vote in councilors (law makers), and the people are not happy with this “democratic” system. But nobody rigs this “undemocratic” voting system. It is a clean place physically and free of corruption; it is highly efficient and competitive; and it is rich. This little place is Hong Kong.

I cannot help comparing this little rock of a place – a place that has insufficient water for its people, unable to grow its own food, and their only obvious assets are the industry of its people and the clean and responsive government - with Malaysia, a resource-rich country that is cursed with a bad government. Because of this government, even with all our natural resources, we are struggling to get out of the so-called middle-income trap. Now, racial and religious intolerance whipped up by this government will set us even further back.

Our salvation can only come from a change in government. But when I look at AMANAH, I am disappointed. I see another talk shop. Most of the “prominent” leaders who attended the Friday launch are still members of their respective BN parties. This is the coalition that has got us where we are. They are all responsible for what happened to us, if not directly when they were in government, then indirectly by staying in the component parties and thereby endorsing the current policies. If they think this country is in dire straits, there is nothing they can do from inside because they are out of the power loop. They have no influence. In politics time is of the essence. The long-suffering people cannot wait much longer, while more NGO-type talks and activities go on endlessly. If these people are leaders, then lead – from the front, and with conviction. Burn all your bridges. Only then will the people take AMANAH seriously. Hedging your bets won’t work. And remember, NGOs are not political parties. If this is what AMANAH is, then stay out of politics. Let Pakatan Rakyat fight alone. But what a pity that these “concerned” AMANAH people are passing up a chance to create history by joining up with the others who are taking the fight to BN.

bruno,  26 July 2011 at 01:09  

Dato,I always have high respects for Tengku Razaleigh.TR meant good what he and his well known buddies formed this Amanah thing.It makes sense what TR is talking about.But like I said before how is all this talk going to have an effect on the political scene in the country.

These robber barrons,rapists,and even murderers we have in our present Umno GOM are not going to lose a minute's sleep over this Amanah thing.If TR thinks that Umno Baru is beyond redemption then he has to make a stand.He has to make a difference, resign from Umno and form a political party.I am pretty sure that if TR formed a political party there will be a mass exodus of members fron PKR to join his party.

If TR forms a political party and have a pact with PR,I am very sure Umno will be the underdogs in this coming GE.The betting odds will be1/10 in favour of the opposition.OTK a former Mca minister will even win hands down if he stands on an opposition ticket.With no disrespect to TR,if he wants to make a difference it is time he put his money where his mouth is.

bruno,  26 July 2011 at 04:30  

Dato,lets take a look back at Tengku Razaleigh.When he was Finance Minister he was a well respected man in SEA and even in the West.He was once acknowledged as among the top ten smartest men in our region.

If TR had choosen business as a career he would have been CEO of one of the largest coporations in SEA.But all along he has been a politician.To be a good politicain one has to be crafty,sometimes ruthless,agressive and of course have a bufallo's thick hide.

If he had this he would have won the Umno's VP post in the seventies.If he had won this election he would have been a senior VP.Then his accension up the Umno hierachy would have been easier.His gentlemanly behaviour caused his supporters to desert him, thus losing the Umno VP election.

Then he lost in the Team A-Team B fight against Dr Mahathir.Dr Mahathir won because he is a good politician,and knows how to win even if he knows that he is in a loosing position.He is a survivor,like his comeback in Umno.Dr Mahathir knows how to play dirty and cheat to win.

But let's be honest.Dr Mahathir is a very smart man too.If not for his greed for the ringgit, Singapore would just be a little red dot on the map.

For letting his chances of being PM slipped twice through his fingers TR must made it right this time.He has to make a stand.That is look Umnoputras straight in the eyes and tell them that he has had enough of them and is going to show them the door.

Ariff Sabri 26 July 2011 at 06:57  

bruno at 01:09

your prayers will be answered in due time. pls be patient.

Anonymous,  26 July 2011 at 08:53  

I'm glad that you support this cause, being an Umno member and all that. With Kuli at the helm, he can do so much for the democratization of the country if he get strong support from people such as yourself and Kadir Sh Fadzir who can articulate his cause. Our country is on the brink of collapse, financially, socially and politically. We need to turn it around before we become a basket case. If Kuli is really serious, he should resign from Umno and make his organisation non-patrician. It doesn't matter if the rest are party card carriers. The rest of us would certainly support him. Good luck and may God be generous in his blessings for you guys.


Anonymous,  26 July 2011 at 09:05  


All this pitch about AMANAH and not a single news of it in the mainstream newspapers.

Granted, not that we think they will ..

At least BERSIH was prominently vilified and gets all the media coverage it never asks for in the first place.

I hope AMANAH will provide that BANG needed soon.

For GOD SAKE, reminiscent about our loss of football champions in the time where rakyat are seeing to more pressing issues like the rising cost of living sounds a bit aloof.

Get a new speechwriter!

Anonymous,  26 July 2011 at 09:19  


Dah lupa ke cam ne Najib khianati Kuli masa lawan Madey dulu, atau ko masih hingus lg.

Anonymous,  26 July 2011 at 09:26  

"bruno at 01:09

your prayers will be answered in due time. pls be patient."

anxiously waiting, Dato Sak.

-Mark Knofler-

Anonymous,  26 July 2011 at 10:05  

A very nice line up of people. I wish they could tell their side of stories of which when they were with the ruling parties.

machang cowboy,  26 July 2011 at 11:01  

TR, the PM we never had. What has happen had happen. All the blame rest on the shoulders of Hussein Onn. Had he has the foresight he should have appointed Ghaffar Baba as the DPM for he is the most senior Vice President then. Instead he appoints Mahathir who is the most junior. The rest like people say is history.

Anonymous,  26 July 2011 at 11:03  

Terpanggil saya nak berikan komen walaupun hanyalah pendapat orang kampung yang bodoh.
Amanah takkan kemana-mana kerana masih berteraskan perjuangan parti yang menyebabkan semua masalah ini berlaku.
Kita ambil contoh paling bawah, di peringkat kampung. Nak terlantik jadi jawatankuasa masjid mesti penyokong parti pemerintah walaupun datang bersolat di masjid hanya pada Hari Raya.
Pada peringkat pentadbiran PIBG pun sama. Semua mesti orang parti pemerintah. Yang terlantik memang pandai mengumpul duit untuk pembangunan ilmiah. Yang lain entah kemana. Pendidikan bukan hanya setakat membaca dan mengira sahaja. Adab sopan pun kena ada.
Pada peringkat daerah, Pertubuhan Peladang misalnya, pun sama. Mesti dari parti pemerintah, lagi baik berpangkat "datuk" walau menanam ubi pun 'terbalik'. Ubi ditanam songsang mabuk kalau dimakan. Kalau menanam ubi pun tak tahu, bagaimana nak membawa ahli yang rata-ratanya orang kampung kepada kemajuan.
Pada peringkat yang lebih tinggi pun apa kurangnya. Peringkat universiti, GLC, persatuan sukan, NGO dll. semuanya sama. Ada 'cable' baru boleh terlantik.
Ini baru berkesah pasal 'meritokrasi sesama melayu' belum lagi isu besar yang lain:
Rasuah politik dan penjawat awam.
Salahguna kuasa politik dan penjawat awam.
Salahtadbir negara, negeri, jabatan, persatuan dll.
Kepincangan sistem pendidikan.
Jurang pendapatan rakyat, yang kaya segelintir sahaja, yang teramai kais pagi makan pagi.
dan banyak lagi. Anda tambah/renungkanlah sendiri.
Takkan habis satu buku hanya untuk mencatat semua kepincangan yang telah, sedang dan bakal berlaku.
Pendek kata, kalau Amanah hanya berminat 'menyapu cat dipermukaan' tanpa membuang 'jaringan akar yang sudah berselirat', tidak akan ada perubahan yang dinanti-nantikan rakyat.
Hanya ada satu pilihan...berhijrah. Itupun kalau bukan niat Amanah nak bersandiwara.

'Hanya buah fikiran dari orang kampung yang bodoh.'

Anonymous,  26 July 2011 at 21:32  

Going out of topic for awhile..
While we are here bickering, powers-that-be are already planning (or unwittingly misguided) to put Msia on sale under the mask of liberalization!! Refer to the Liberalization part under Strategic Reform Initiatives.. Very subtle of them.. Msian budding entrepreneurs will be slaughtered if this goes on!!

Orang socialist
P.s. Reminds me of lagu Warisan.. "Bumi dipijak milik orang.."

Anonymous,  26 July 2011 at 21:35  

Dear Dato,

Going out of topic for awhile..
While we are here bickering, powers-that-be are already planning (or unwittingly misguided) to put Msia on sale under the mask of liberalization!! Refer to the Liberalization part under Strategic Reform Initiatives.. I've voiced my opinion about this to little avail.. Msian budding entrepreneurs will be slaughtered if this goes on!!

Orang socialist
P.s. Reminds me of lagu Warisan.. "Bumi dipijak milik orang.."

mad 26 July 2011 at 22:24  

amanah is just a joke. don't take it seriously, at least i don't. umno is playing 'good cop, bad cop' with us malaysians. the 'bad' being perkasa. don't waste your time on this bunch of 'has beens'. quite entertaining by the way.

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