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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Zahrain Hashim and his windmill

About two weeks ago, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah launched an NGO named Angkatan Amanah Merdeka. It's known as AMANAH for short. News about the launch was picked up mainly by the alternative media. Those portals supporting BN and UMNO wasted no time casting ill intentions on the part of Amanah and on Tengku Razaleigh himself. The mainstream papers on the other hand, hiding behind the self-righteous claim of exercising self-censorship( read- me don't know anything) chose to take the ostrich head in the hole approach believing the less said about it the better.

But because it's Tengku Razaleigh, the issue refused to die out. Since then, much has been speculated on the intentions of Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Could it be that he's planning another APU- Angkatan Peraduan Ummah or something like that?

The rumor mills started to work overtime. Zahrain Hashim, the MP who got enlightenment when he was delivered from the dark side to the loving embrace of the octopus like arms of BN, stated that Pakatan Rakyat is orchestrating to bring Razaleigh as leader of Pakatan. Indeed in his latest diatribes against Pakatan, he has challenged Nik Aziz to swear that he hasn't met Razaleigh for the purpose of asking the latter to lead Pakatan.

To people like Zahrain, its useless to deny or insist that nothing of that sort took place. The only way to argue with him is to actually say yes, such a meeting or indeed meetings took place. If so then what? Nik Aziz or whoever else is free to meet whomsoever they choose even the Pope himself. Can we make the inference that Najib is asking the Pope's blessings when he met up with the head of the Catholic church?

It's a puzzle why Zahrain Hashim should begrudge the Pakatan even if they make overtures to the influential Razaleigh? Isn't it their aim to unseat the present ruling government and do it through democratic means? I have to add the last part of the sentence in anticipation of irresponsible answers like- in that case we will defend our government by any means necessary. It is this kind of attitude that served as one of the many motives behind the formation of Amanah. So that people like Zahrain and others know that we form and defend government though democratic means.

Unless of course Zahrain wishes to score brownie points and endear himself to the supreme leader. Judging from his insecure position for the next GE, he had better worked out or worked up on some issues to gain prominence. That is probably his only incentive behind his virulent attack on his allegations about the designs of Pakatan and Tengku Razaleigh.

That being so, we can then dismiss Zahrain's energetic and stout attacks on Pakatan and Razaleigh as only that. Just some hot air, nothing substantial but just motion to make it appear that he is fighting for the interest of UMNO.

Which makes us repeat the question we have often asked-what is the problem with UMNO? It has to contract out its own defense to outsiders such as Zahrain.

UMNO the party which Zahrain supports appears to ignore the veteran and influential leader. So he finds an organization of like-minded individuals to operate. So why would UMNO and Zahrain be unduly disturbed when Tengku Razaleigh formed and launched his NGO? It can serve as a reality check or it can later transform itself into a political party for the benefit of the greater good.

Is he just plain envious that the almost forgotten UMNO veteran and the PM we never had is now enjoying filial respect and is held in reverence as he should be? He could be the only person who can salvage Malaysia from rapacious business and the political oligarchs.

Or perhaps he is already sensing that the embrace of BN is actually the embrace of a female tarantula spider or the death ending embrace of female praying mantis?

He has alleged that talks were held between the leaders of DAP, PAS and PKR with Tengku Razaleigh. Pas spiritual leader, Nik Aziz said such allegations, are a joke. DAP leader Karpal Singh rejected Zahrain's contention by saying Razaleigh is no match for Anwar.

That could only mean, while the PR would certainly welcome Razaleigh's being with them, they are also aware of Razaleigh's fanatical devotion to UMNO's founding principles. Razaleigh is unlikely to abandon UMNO.

The same could not be said of the hawkish attitude and paranoia of UMNO leaders. To them, the ends justify any means. If power is held up by corruption, the emasculation of the judiciary, the creation of a servile police force, the practice of totalitarian practices, principles and ethics are sacrificed. Principles are thrown out in favor of political opportunism. These and not principles, appear to give the life which the BN now enjoys.

So, the end of BN rule means the end of the life they have known all these years.

Hence, the most practical thing UMNO can do if it thinks Razaleigh is plotting some Palace coup to overthrow the emperor without clothes, is to sack him from UMNO. I repeat sack him.

UMNO it seems has an obsession with what Razaleigh does. If he is spent force like many view him as, then why fearful and alarmist response? He is still an UMNO leader and the only one that has traversed the leadership span of all Malaysian PMs.

To many who may be too young to remember, Tengku Razaleigh was the 1st chairman of PETRONAS and was considered to be Malaysia's best Finance Minister. He was the architect behind many of the moves to Malaysianise business conglomerates once owned by British companies. He can be credited for bringing back Sime Darby, Guthrie, London Tin and many others as Malaysian owned companies. He was the one who set up Bank Bumiputera, Pernas, and many other business and economic powerhouses that have now sadly been hijacked by the robber barons created by Mahathir.

To the many more who cannot remember the BMF financial scandal, perhaps we can challenge the government to refresh our memory about the scandal. It will be do a lot of justice to let people know at that time, BBMB was answerable not to the Finance Minister but to the PM. In 1982 we know who the PM was. It will even be more interesting if we can recall people like Nawawi Mat Awin and Rais Saniman to confirm and tell everyone who were the people who directed them to disburse the loan to the Carrian Group.

I read with a tinge of humor when one blogger wrote let's see who shall be at Razaleigh's breakfasting function this weekend. This kind of rhetorical question is typical of UMNO's mentality. You are immediately judged to be from the dark side by association. For God sake- this is a breakfasting function. Razaleigh invites whoever he wants. This is not a political gathering.


Anonymous,  3 August 2011 at 18:57  

Zahrain + Ib Ali = Hotair.

Anonymous,  3 August 2011 at 19:26  

Salam Dato,

Glad that you could see the ulterior motive of Zahrain.

Glad that you do not exhibit the same traits as those UMNO goons.

Glad that you see Ku Li through a different set of lens, different from those used by UMNO goons!

I have so much respect for Ku Li and now with this article, I have so much respect for you too.

Let's hope the end for those UMNO goons is near, very near.


bruno,  3 August 2011 at 20:01  

Dato,this Zahrain guy was riding on Najib's coatails for free vacations.Now being an ass licker and bola and batang sucker he thinks that it is time he made himself relevant.But as usual these froggies are always late for the game,showing up and let themselves be counted when the game is almost over.

bruno,  3 August 2011 at 20:29  

Dato,for what has transpired these last few weeks,I think that no matter what,Tunku Razaleigh will swim or sink with Umno.TR have been in Umno for to long to leave his beloved party.He won't quit just as Umno won't sack him.

They are like a married couple always argueing and quarrelling over personal,financial and infidelity problems.But neither one is willing to take the right step,to divorce and always no matter what to reconciled because of the welfare of the children.

Whenever either spouse get out of line the other will smacked him or her and they will make it up with a kiss.But when things get too out of hand than they will encourage the children to get involved to smothered things out.Funny thing is they are in the same desperate situation as Quiet Despair.

Anonymous,  3 August 2011 at 20:45  

"...they are also aware of Razaleigh's fanatical devotion to UMNO's founding principles. Razaleigh is unlikely to abandon UMNO."

This is his weakness. His stubbornness in holding on to the past. Such a person will find it difficult to move forward.
When a vessel that holds something of value starts to leak or crack, we need to look for a new vessel.
Time has changed, people have changed and Kuli has to change with the times.
Forget about UMNO, use Amanah as the new vessel to take the country to greatrer heights.
Clinging on to UMNO is NOT, I repeat, is not going to win trusts from those who have lost faith in the party.
When will Kuli and you accept the fact the UMNO is beyond redemption.
Or both of you still want to dream dreams.

Quantum Metal Consultant 3 August 2011 at 20:54  

Kenapa Dato' agak terganggu dan bersusah payah 'memperlecehkan' Zahrain sekadar kenyataannya yang terbentuk dari sumber dalaman PKR.

Bukankah apa yang diperkatakan ada juga mirip kebenaran dan jika akhirnya terbukti 'temberang dan palsu' bukankah ia akan memakan diri Zahrain sendiri tanpa perlu Dato' mengotorkan tangan untuk memperlekehkannya.

Cuma mungkin 'tembakan' Zahrain terlalu awal hingga merencatkan sikit agenda tersurat dan tersirat.

KarimBUJANG 3 August 2011 at 21:18  

Zahrain Hashim, Zulkifli Kulom, Ibrahim Ali and other X-PKR members of parliament are just the worst and most corrupted individual, personally, financially, organizationally and every aspect of life.

Anonymous,  3 August 2011 at 21:40  

Good one, Dato. Riding on Zahrain the scum to promote Razaleigh. Nice writing style.

If Razaleigh was all that you wrote of him, he certainly is not displaying any of those qualities now.

If Razaleigh wants to prove his mettle, that he has the calibre to be the next PM, then first thing first, openly lambast UMNO for going against his principles and do that as an UMNO member, not as someone from Amanah.

If Razaleigh doesn't even have the courage to do that, then he is no better than Najib who doesn't have the guts to stand by his 1Malaysia and tell Muhidin off for being Malay 1st and Malaysian 2nd.

As it is, Razaleigh is showing that he doesn't even have the guts to stand up for his principles.

I wouldn't want someone like that as a PM, no way!

Anonymous,  3 August 2011 at 21:47  

A matter of time Zahrain, the parasite will become history.

walla 3 August 2011 at 22:38  

Umno general members should associate more with the positive convictions of people like Tun Dr Ismail, Tengku Razaleigh, Aspan Alias and Ariff Sabri.

I remember one Umno MP who took courage to appeal in parliament against what he had professionally seen as wrong things done by the government; his argument was reasonable and logical, and his delivery was sterling. Yet Mahathir wasted no time to drop him the following session.

If a leader only wants bad mould followers today, how can they be good character leaders tomorrow?

And if a government cannot check itself while also stopping its own representatives from doing the right things, erecting a mainstream canopy to cover-up matters from the rakyat, sweeping things under the carpet, and holding a strong opposition in contempt, who then will come to the rescue of the rakyat? The same government as we are seeing today?

Our democracy has to get back to basics again. Not the farmer voting for because of money from. The very fact that anyone can barter vote for cash is testimony that something is wrong with the system that year after year endorses and implements it.

They may each get four hundred ringgit this Raya but what if the government blasts away another four billion ringgit on crony scams after it gets their vote? How many wonderful Raya's will the future generations never then get?

The cost of stupidity and selfishness is incalculable because those who die will not be able to see their folly visited years later on their children and grandchildren.

They can't excuse their knee-jerk emotion of simplistic gratitude on some technical negligence.

Such as suggested as an excuse by the EC for the NRD. One should think the EC would have lost no time to lambast the NRD and pressure it to dig up the entire electoral database before the next GE so that after the next GE there won't have to be people like Ibrahim Ali, Zahrain Hashim, Badrul Hisham and Ezam Mohd Nor to play their opportunist brinkmanship all over again on the next generation of rakyat by thinking the rakyat are as gullible as them.

Like Rais' tv reruns, our country is going round and round in circles.

For instance, someone professed we don't really have a middle income trap but should we heave mighty relief? One crony with one billion add to one million rakyat with only one thousand each does not equal the one million rakyat getting some of that billion. In fact it is because the crony got that the rakyat didn't get but some will say that's socialist argument and not clean governance.

We should stop grasping for straws to draw the circle that engulfs us. Like windmills but just of the mind.

Enough is enough.


saji 3 August 2011 at 22:57  


Dengan isu AMANAH mula dimainkan oleh UTUSAN, saya percaya, TRH kan disingkirkan daripada UMNO.

OneMalaysian,  3 August 2011 at 23:00  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Razaleigh is unlikely to abandon UMNO”.

They say in politics a week is a long time, and a month feels like forever. So we can never tell what is going to happen. Politics is always fluid, never static. And circumstances change. Everything is in play.

But to my mind, there is one certainty: Tengku Razaleigh will not leave UMNO on his own accord before the next general elections; he will have to be sacked. But he may leave after that if UMNO degenerates beyond redemption and leaves him with no choice or the political situation after the elections requires him to join with PR to help this country out.

Umno would rather leave him to rot if he does nothing to warrant a sacking. This is to “look” nice in dealing with a party old-timer, and it will prevent him linking up with the opposition if he remains inside.

As for Ku Li, he is too much of a gentleman to be seen abandoning his party when it is in trouble even when it spurns every attempt he makes to save it. So some weird sense of honour and loyalty (some might say misplaced), are holding him back from leaving right now and working with PR even when so many are urging him to do so. He is a complete contrast from the current main political players. Perhaps a quieter, more contemplative, less controversial and less divisive leader is what this country needs for a change.

bruno,  4 August 2011 at 05:18  

Dato,Tengku Razaleigh has the finesse for business.He was a very good businessman and Finance Minister.TR was voted the ten top smartest men in our region together with LKY.But Kuli is to fine a gentleman to be in politics.

His ambition is to be PM.But his ambitious urge to go for it is not that strong.If he wants to have a shot to be PM all he has to do is quit Umno and join the opposition.But TR wants to be only an Umno PM.But Umno doesn't want him to be PM.So the spouses will be always argueing and quarelling.

Anonymous,  4 August 2011 at 08:10  

Now there's Penawar who wants najib to resign.Will perkasa n umno stand up n protect najib.
Day by day,the PM is showing that he still needs more years of pupilage b4 he gets to become a supreme leader.Its been a long education but the tutorship does not cover the needs of the have-less rakyats n the guiles of the want-more politicians.
Brudder you're fired.

Quiet Despair,  4 August 2011 at 10:01  

If Utusan takes notice, that means Ku Li is being noticed. It means something is brewing.
No matter, good or bad press, he is finally seen as a force to contend with. That Amanah means business.
All this while, MSM are mum on the matter. And the UMNO mouth-piece is finally rumbling.
There's a saying if you are relevant or significant, you are talked about. If not, you are just a nobody.
So from tomorrow, Utusan will be carrying comments against Ku Li.
But they will stop short of asking Ku Li to resign. All they want is goading Ku Li himself to do so.
Ku Li being a savvy UMNO stalwart will not easily fall into this trap.
But I think the big guns will be cautious on this issue. Only the "kuchi rats" will shoot their mouths.
Take no heed on soon-to-be EX MP like Zahrain. People like him jentik sikitpun dah melenting. Getting a bit of sound-bite on TV3 or a few lines in the MSM made him in heaven.
But there's some truth in what he said.
Nasruddin of PAS admitted he and some PAS and DAP leaders did meet Ku Li to discuss some kind of cooperation.
But stupid Zahrain made the mistake of implicating Tok Guru who was not at the meeting.
That's a smart, political move if they really want to oust BN.
Anu-war and some DAP leaders were not invited.
He and Karpal are jittery and quickly came out with assertions that he is still the BOSS and will not be replaced.
Ku Li can just sit tight and laugh at this tug-of-war over him, on both sides of the divide.
I am all for Amanah and PAS tie-up so as not to split and further divide the Malays.
I am also tired of voting for MCA candidate. Have no choice since I live in urban KL.
But the one I think really in a dilemma is Ku Li. His supporters may want him to resign.
But being true-blue UMNO man, he will not want to be seen as leaving the party and finally out in the court, just like in Semangat 46.
Like I have said before, if you want to be the PM, it ought to be from UMNO. A sure ticket and a more glamorous platform. He knows that and wants that.
The way things are going, Ku Li can only be an opposition leader, leading a pack like LKS and LGE.
Will he want that? Written in the annals of history as the wanna-be PM who is just a leader in the House.

Anonymous,  4 August 2011 at 10:20  

Dato, its nice to read your blog as you give a very fair assessment of the political situation. I have never been interested in my country political 'elites' as I grew up thinking the government knows best.
It is sad after 57 years of my life to see so much 'racism etc' being churned up daily. I am a professional involved in HR and I have friends of all races. Why is it so hard when during my times we eat and play together irrespective of race?
I am now politically awakened to the dangers of the current government in their wastage of public funds etc.

Beduk berbunyi,  4 August 2011 at 10:26  

["...To the many more who cannot remember the BMF financial scandal, perhaps we can challenge the government to refresh our memory about the scandal. ..."]

I say kawan, it's a long wait before breakfast.

Let's hear the juicy stories.

Thou shall not hide the truth nor shall thou bohong! ;)

en passant,  4 August 2011 at 11:01  

Zahrain's "innocence" shall be his "reward".

Whether you pray once a week or five times daily, it's good to search for wisdom wherever it lies hidden in truths.

Chances are it's within you. ;)

Ar-Rum 30:41

Anonymous,  4 August 2011 at 14:29  

Ramadhan Kareem...

Ni saya nak kongsi kata2 Prof Ungku Aziz (di papan tanda UM)
rajin bercakap rajin bekerja - bagus sekali
rajin bekerja malas bercakap - kena buli
malas kerja rajin cakap - wayang cina
malas bekerja malas bercakap -tak guna
malas bekerja suka mengadu - nyanyuk
malas bekerja selalu ponteng - baik berhenti
malas bekerja suka menyibuk - baik mati.

- jawaganu

awang batuburok,  4 August 2011 at 17:54  

Salam Dato'..

saya mengambil kesempatan dlm bulan yg mulia ini memohon jasa baik Dato agar menasihatkan YBhg TRH menerima hakikat bahawa UBN diambang kejatuhan umpama tenggelamnya kapal "Titanic".

walau sebesar mana dan sehebat mana nama UMNO Baru (1988?) segala penyakit barah yang ada sudah sampai keusus (seperti mana ungkapan Tun Dr Mahathir). Kita relakanlah dia menemui ajalnya.

Apa yang penting perjuangan membela rakyat perlu diteruskan.
TRH perlu kembali kapada harapan dan aspirasi rakyat, cara yang paling praktikal ialah bergabunglah bersama bahtera Pakatan Rakyat.Yang penting rakyat mesti diselamatkan tak kira siapa yang menjadi nakhoda bahtera rakyat, semua pihak ada peranan masing masing untuk memastikan bahtera Pakatan Rakyat sampai ke destinasi yang di impikan.

DINO SCOTS,  5 August 2011 at 07:32  

what Zahrain does has nothing to do with UMNO .It is his own independent opinion and doing, after he totally LOST his confident with PAKATAN !and he is not the only one there many others and most are MP'S and prominent individuals such as Muzaffar Shah who choose to provide inputs through NGO'S or as independent.Interestingly,these people are from PAKATN !Think about it .
Didn't i say that Ku Li will not and will never abandon UMNO !likewise he will not be sacked by UMNO .The situation now is not that serious to warrant him to do so unlike the early years of Semangat 46.His contributions to UMNO and this country has been massive as highlighted by you Sak.He will not have the physical and mental stamina to take up that position and that responsibility without the many support of the masses going against the alredy established BN. At least 65% malay voters are now with BN and the indians are also coming back with BN after the many defections.The urban chinese will go for DAP and MCA will suffer the same fate as GERAKAN in Penang if it does not buckle up from now to woo the chinese voters.UMNO shall remain the strongest party in BN and shall dominate the political scene and shall continue to rule regardless whatever you label them as goons in my view. You can continue barking at the tree and keep smearing like that bloke Karimbujang, BN shall prevail in the end in my analysis.
Peace loving Malaysian will fully support AMANAH as most Malaysians have been manipulated by politicians from both sides and AMANAH intentions are good.But the responsibility of unifying our multi-ethnic Malaysia does not lie in the shoulder of the Government of the day only if we continue fanning hatred and continue playing racial card like the DAP does .All of us have to carry that responsibity if we are truly concern on the current state of affair as highlighted by AMANAH.
Not until the PAKATAN behave professionally like what you see in Britain,USA and the like I will not take chances of voting the uncertain because we are not TUNISIA ! neither EGYPT ! neither we want to be like LIBYA !no way.

@DINO the observer

Anonymous,  5 August 2011 at 09:11  

If we want to see further corruption, maintain the status quo. `Peace and harmony' is better than the turbulent struggle for freedom. So what if first lady buys or gets 24m ring, so what if Razak Baginda get off scot-free and lives a wonderful existence somewhere. So what if single mother and 5 children drink tap water to stave off hunger, no problem. At least we have a roof over our heads even tho we only eat kangkong belachan. Some people dont seem to think that at the rate the top guns are plundering the country, that roof over our heads will soon be gone. NAUZUBILLAH

Anonymous,  5 August 2011 at 11:30  


you mean UMNO/BN is very professional???

oh dear oh dear...kuangkuang

Anonymous,  5 August 2011 at 14:32  

This Zahrain is just another Datuk T but without even a tape.
I will run around Penang naked if he retains his seat.

telur dua 5 August 2011 at 17:05  

The 2 Ringgit Company Man strikes again. It seems his value did not increase with time. What a loser.

umar,  5 August 2011 at 18:30  

This Zahrain fellow wanted to be the Chairman of Penang Golf Club and wanted some million dollar contracts for his $ 2 company !
Abandoned PKR after refusal.Typical of UMNO mentality; wants money flowing easily without much effort.
Has he got any substance ?
Another joker Zulkifli also abandoned PKR for the sake of bangsa, agama dan negara !

Anonymous,  5 August 2011 at 19:06  

Anonymous 2:32

Im not a fan of zahrain but i do hope he wins so u can run around penang naked. But i doubt u actually have the balls to do it

Quiet Despair,  5 August 2011 at 22:23  

Anon 14.32 dares to make such a dare because he knows Zahrain will not be a candidate in the coming GE.
But I really want to see him running naked in Penang.
So I pray Zahrain will run and win in Penang.
Mr Anon, you sounded like LKS.

Anonymous,  6 August 2011 at 02:18  

...Principles are thrown out in favor of political opportunism.

I likes very much of that sentence, a full of meaning. look of all angles .. that sentence are life.

Bravo Dato' Sak.

Victim of that setence.

TQ and selamat posa dato'

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