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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 18 August 2011

winnable candidates; high quality government and high standards of governance

These talks about looking for winnable candidates is fast becoming into a self-righteous smug- as though mentioning it somehow distinguish the speakers from the rest and therefore, solves the actual and real problem- the search for winnable candidates is designed for what purpose?

It is first of all necessary to frame the question right- the search for winnable candidates is for what purpose- the answer that springs to mind, seems to be, search for winnable candidates is to create a winnable political party that can make this government a winnable government and therefore a winnable country. Just what are winnable candidates?
It can only mean one thing. It’s a search for leadership material which is committed to a plan into making this government into a good government with good governance. Surely this must be the foundation of a leadership committed to transforming the country. Barely what?- 2 years into his premiership, already the PM is hailed as the father of Transformation? What has been transformed other that a copious amount of announcements that don’t seem to subside, we haven’t seen transformation yet in the fundamentals- the leadership material for example.

The transformation must begin with the search for leadership material to achieve a quality of government with equally high standard of governance. It must never be the search of winnable candidates as in the artful party operative who can work the crowd into ecstasy or emotional convulsions. We have these duds running around by the dozen- those who prey upon ethnic insecurities and emotions and those who prey open the religiosity of the masses. These are never nor can ever be winnable candidates.

The search for winnable candidates must be part of the overall strategy- positioning of leadership committed to a plan to make a high quality government with high quality governance. Hence it must necessarily involve first, the search for the ablest and most dedicated and committed to the cause of the country.

I am gratified to hear one of the latest statements by the PM who says, We want WHOEVER rules this country to be elected according to the true wishes of the people,” he told a large crowd gathered for a buka puasa function at Pangsapuri Seri Perantau, an 11-block row of low-cost flats built by the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS).

The MCA announces also its plan to look for winnable candidates- although that announcement by the MCA president sounds like saying out loud of plans to phase out recalcitrant rivals in the party? As early as last year, the UMNO president spoke of the same desire to filed winnable candidates. If he goes to the UMNO ground, every incumbent ketua bahagian and sitting office bearers say, their areas are winnable provided it is they who stand as candidates.

Unless you come out with clear guidelines what the criteria of winnable candidates, the phrase just becomes an excuse for so many things by so many people not to work on the most important thing in our politics- finding the ablest and most dedicated to make this government, any government a high quality one with high quality governance.


bruno,  18 August 2011 at 09:17  

Dato,what are winnable candidates.Let us say that there are three candidates vying for a parlamentary seat in a single constituency.One candidate is from Umno,PR and an independant.These three candidates are all good candidates.But there can only be one winner.So there is only one winnable candidate and two unwinnable candidates.

Then we have KJ coming out talking about having only these winnable candidates to stand for the coming GE.This time around Mic and Gerakan
will be lucky if they can get more than one seat.Mca will get around
eight seats if they are lucky.If a second tsunami comes around Mca might be lucky to get a couple or a handful.Umno will definitely lose a few.But all the candidates come in with high hopes of winning.

Of all the BN component parties,we can safely assumed that Mca is the only party who have third runk leaders,more inferior than Gerakan and Mic.Why we say that they consists of third runk leaders.All the best that they could elect as their party president is a lousy cheating creep,who was caught on tape by his enemies having sex with a whore.

To have a porno actor as its president Mca has lost all respect from the Chinese community and the people.The Mca members cannot even come up with a more suitable candidate.If thats the best they had,Mca will be lucky if they did not get decimated this coming GE.

OneMalaysian,  18 August 2011 at 10:39  

Dear Sakmongkol

Before we can talk about “winnable” candidates, we must surely first talk about a “winnable” political ideology. If UMNO keeps its tired racist Ketuanan Melayu ideology, and if the party’s existence relies on massive amounts of slush funds channeled through cronies abusing a corrupt government procurement system, how can we have a competent government, and how can we have a high standard of governance?

This UMNO/BN government seems totally divorced from the people. They have forgotten their role – to serve the people. We are constantly talked down to. We are told to be grateful for what the government has done for us. How dare these incompetent fools talk like this? Who elected them? Who pays their salary, the cars they drive? Who pays the taxes needed to run the public services? Us - the people. The people are the boss. Let them never forget. Let us remind them that what we want is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. These incompetent, lying, and never-doing-good politicians are not anointed by some god, dropped from heaven with bags of money, to do us some favour. They owe their position to us – the people.

So, the party that has the “winnable” political ideology will attract “winnable” candidates. Right now, UMNO/BN has no winnable ideology. They have lost the plot a long time ago. In the short time from now to the elections, it is doubtful they can manage the necessary transformation – they have forfeited 3 good years.

Patrick 18 August 2011 at 11:03  

Everything has historical roots. If we look back at how all this came about, this mindset was created by Mahathir. His quest for power, and hence, wealth, was and is insatiable. This one person with one unwavering mindset put in place a set of mechanisms to permeate his own selfish greed. The result is a generation of personalities that reflects Mahathir's personal desires. Not the country, but in the name of the country. Mahathir set the tone, and criteria for 'winnable' within HIS own parameters.

The people used to get all excited and stimulated when the media goes to town with these 'winnable' personalities. Then when we vote them in due to media shaping and herd mentality, we discover that the only person who won was the candidate themself and the party, not the people. These are the days before internet revolutionised communications and information dissemination required for critical thinking.

The term 'winnable' is so worn out now that whenever mentioned, it automatically conjurs 'greed', 'inefficiency', 'self interest', 'arrogance', 'racists', 'corrupted', and all the adjectives one can think off in relation to power grabbing.

The people are entitled to potential 'winnable' and their resume or CV to be viewed to make informed 'winning' decisions. Gone are the days of patronising with no substance. Furnish resume or CVs that the people can digest in its simplest, most acceptable manner. The people are now demanding and can view critically, their own future. If 'winnable' cant stand up to this simple demand, the people should keep evaluating until satisfied. We are shaping history for ourselves now. Its called self empowerment.

Raison D'etre 18 August 2011 at 12:52  

"...every incumbent ketua bahagian and sitting office bearers say, their areas are winnable provided it is they who stand as candidates..."

Nice one. As they say: Everybody wants to rule the world.

Really, SM: Politics is too much linked to commissions, cables, cuts, tanah kurnias and what not.

I don't doubt there will the odd ones out who are in it for, urm,...

Hell, why do people get into politics and become a candidate, winnable or not?

awang batuburok,  18 August 2011 at 13:23  

Salam Dato'...

bak kata penyair tersohor Rajendra;

semua politikus berteriak,
saya berniat baik,
soalnya niat baik untuk siapa?

pilihlah saya demi khidmat,
soalnya khidmat untuk siapa?

Suci Dalam Debu 18 August 2011 at 13:29  


1. Winnable candidates are those with the BIG $$$ to buy votes.

2. Bapa Transformasi is correct. Transform $$$ into votes.

BN must die before this country can rise up again.

Anonymous,  18 August 2011 at 13:33  


MCA is already history. They claim to represent Chinese in Malaysia ... but Chinese in Malaysia will vote for anyone (or even a goat) other than MCA

So, MCA will have to depend on the goodwill of UMNO & MIC to field MCA candidates in Malay/Indian majority locations. Now, imagine what will happen ...

Donplaypuks® 18 August 2011 at 13:47  

"Winnable candidates...We want WHOEVER rules this country to be elected according to the true wishes of the people.”

This is Rosemajibanomic FBC/APCO WE speak for:

1. Whoever WE endorse from UMNO/BN and/or 3rd rate defectors from PKR.

2. Whoever WE give money to say 'You hap me, I hap you...can we agree?

3. Whoever we deal with "Off Site."

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

MeorUSA.,  18 August 2011 at 14:07  

leadership is to get the whore loving,the one night stand and the wife cheaters out of politics.
That is a test - a requirement - the job description first and foremost..... whether SAK like it or not.
If you cannot control your balls leave us alone.

Anonymous,  18 August 2011 at 14:34  

Bro Bruno,
Of all the BN component parties,we can safely assumed that Mca is the only party who have third runk leaders,more inferior than Gerakan and Mic.Why we say that they consists of third runk leaders.All the best that they could elect as their party president is a lousy cheating creep,who was caught on tape by his enemies having sex with a whore.

You are missing a number of comma's in your post, la, bro.

Anonymous,  18 August 2011 at 15:20  


Winnable candidates means candidates who are the best bluffers and liars during campaigning time.

As for Najib being called Father of Transformation, I think a more apt description is "Father of Transformation From Bad to Worse".

nick 18 August 2011 at 17:13  


"Winnable candidates; high quality government and high standards of governance". A good topic but one thing is certain, NONE CAN BE FOUND IN BN AND ESPECIALLY NONE IN UMNO.


Anonymous,  18 August 2011 at 22:03  

We can conclude we see more losers than winning candidates!
Quality is'nt there at all and honest ones? forget it....

Quiet Despair,  18 August 2011 at 23:24  

Winnable candidates? Wow that's a tough call.
More so since the party is expected to form the government again.
It's the buzzword from the PM down to the low ranks.Easier said than done.
If you follow it to the letter, more than half of the Cabinet must be out.
What if the winnable cannot perform after being elected?
Winnable how? Poorly educated but well-liked by the people. Highly educated but dislike on the ground..
Or best educated, darling of the makchiks and simple rural folks but not like by a cross spectrum of UMNO like our beloved KJ.
Wonder why KJ is talking about winnable candidates too. He has said he is not contesting. Will he be chosen?)
The sure winnable candidates which goes without saying are Najib and his deputy.
And the only sure MP who will be re-elected is Kamal of Hulu Selangor.
That newbie even goes for sahur and help in the preparing of food too with the Felda and kampung people there. They sure like him for that.
So different from Vel who is acting like he's the Samy in Batu Caves.
Vel the unwinnable, will be considered winnable and will be given the safest place in some remote kampungs.
MIC president ma, drop water-face lor if not given a seat. Cannot be an eternal Senator right.
If Najib really means business, Vel, CSL, Shahrizat and Koh Tsu Koon should not be chosen. Let them lead their respective wings full time.
That seedless durian Koh should simply be pensioned off since UMNO, Gerakan and MCA already gave ultimatum he must not contest in Penang.
Don't tell me he will again be Minister without portfolio.
This is the best time for Najib to get rid of all the losers cum senators now in his bloated Cabinet.
If you call them winnable, they must also be eligible as Ministers.
Will not be mentioning tired old faces like Rais etc. They know who they are and must go voluntarily.
Whew I don't envy Najib. Every BN leaders think they are winnable.
Forming a government, they sure will but with what majority is the question.
It's easy for the opposition since they are not going to be the ruling paty.
Just choose someone good at opposing and the more racist, the better.
Going by current sentiments, even that Lingham cameraman MP can win if he is to contest again.

Anonymous,  18 August 2011 at 23:52  

I dont want winnable candidates, I want com-etent and capableand intelligent candidates......BN doesnt seem to have any. KJ, sways with the wind

Anonymous,  19 August 2011 at 02:37  

salam dato,

since bolehland loves immigrants, why dont be end imports the candidates from all over the world.

umar,  19 August 2011 at 02:56  

Does it matter ? If you win a seat under BN ticket, will that make you any more prominent ?
Look , what we have in NAJIB'S cabinet now.
1. Samy appointed a ministerial status ambassador.
2. Koh Soo Koon, a looser also appointed a minister
3. Sharizat also another loser appointed a minister.
4. Palani Vel another born loser appointed a full minister
5. Idris Jala, won nowhere also appointed a cabinet minister
6. Ezam, a sworn enemy of UMNO,loyal only to Anwar ,also appointed a Senator.Waiting to be a minister next. No need to win.
7. MIC PJ Barat Maniam will be appointed a senator tomorrow!

So, you don't have to win any seat. Which side of your bread is buttered is the only criteria...
Tengku Razaligh has never lost any election, where is he in UMNO ?

Badut Nasional,  19 August 2011 at 09:40  

KJ surely DOES NOT qualify per se , judging from his latest twit about PBB's THP, who made his money through hard work and skills, unlike some UMNO scums who makan telan RM500,000,000.00 submarine commissions for doing nothing!

Anonymous,  19 August 2011 at 10:21  

Criteria for winnable UMNO candidates.
1. Have lots and lots of money.
2. Pandai bodek pemimpin.
3. Never criticise your leaders
4. Willing to demonstrate against Opposition parties at the drop of a hat.
4. Attack Christians.
5. Defend Islam even if you are a bad Muslim.
6. Demand respect from non-Muslims.
7. Torch DAP headquarters and burn newspapers.
8. Be reported in Utusan and TV3 everyday.
9. Never be seen with Kuli and his gang.
10.Don't pocket all your MP/Adun allocation. Give 10% to your supporters.You keep 90%.

bruno,  19 August 2011 at 10:35  

Dato,a sure way for BN to have winnable candidates.Paired in indentical personal characters,like adulterers,rapists,
sumptah laknat and liars.

Bung Mohktar vs CSL.
Ezam vs Ummi Hafilda Ali.
Rais Yatim vs Thambi Chik.
Koh Soh Koon vs LTL.
Yen Yen vs Sharizat.
Saiful vs Dato T.
Abrahim Ali vs Hishamudin.

Barisan Nasional has sure seven winnable candidates.

Anonymous,  19 August 2011 at 13:49  


The rakyat no longer takes what Najib says seriously...

So quoting him on whatever subject he choose to broach is mere kata kata...

His latest wiseass of "Meritocracy" leading to "Mediocrity"...Hmmmm where did he get that from?!! Blue Ocean or Blue Lagoon!!

Joe Black

Anonymous,  19 August 2011 at 14:13  

Stupid KJ. What's the point of having "winnable" candidates when all they do during the campaigning period is trying to win a popularity contest and then revert back to their greedy, arrogant and selfish self after being elected.

What the rakyat want are honest, capable, competent and effective candidates who will serve their constituents and get the job done. Then only can the elected rep be called a "Winnable Candidates". Only UMNO pariahs will cry out loud for "Winnable candidates" without giving any thoughts as to whether the winnable candidates are honest and capable or are just plain nincompoops which is what 90% of the present government cabinet are made up of.

Anonymous,  20 August 2011 at 03:00  

Dato' Arif,

To search are Winnables Candidate For ADUN and MP not so difficult. Only need to judge 3 CRITEREA :

Anonymous,  20 August 2011 at 03:05  

Winnable candidate ?.

1. Flatter person
2. Double faces
3. Big talk

This happen before, now and after. haaaaa....ha

No room for people LESS TALK DO MORE. To Tranform do more and less talk. RESULT and IMPACT is MATTER.

Anti Pemungkar.

Anonymous,  20 August 2011 at 11:41  

where's the cerebral Walla?

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