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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 7 August 2011

A morning session with The Oracle of Syed Putera-Part 2

I am repeatedly asked about the identity of the Oracle. I shall have to decline the request to reveal his identity. The identity of the oracle is not important. It should remain anonymous as long as it can be. Then I will be able to share information which is spoken candidly and in full candor.
I had a good laugh when someone suggested that the Oracle is Sanusi Junid. That someone commented I was lucky to be an intimate acquaintance of the illustrious Sanusi. That is not possible. Sanusi as many of us know has just survived a quite serious heart attack. The Oracle recounted the day Daim receiving a text message a few weeks ago informing that Sanusi was critically ill.  
Happily he is doing well now. We wish him a speedy recovery. He is an estimable combatant and a worthy opponent. The Oracle told me, he and Daim rushed over to the hospital to see how Sanusi is faring. I am happy to be told by the Oracle- Sanusi is Sanusi, weakened but indomitable in his unrelenting criticisms on how Najib is handling this country.
Here is the problem says the Oracle. The low estimation of Najib as PM and UMNO president is no longer just confined to the man in the street whose opinions may be justifiably dismissed as idle talk of the chattering class. The same opinions are being said and repeated, by UMNO luminaries, people of some significance indicating a very serious perception problem. Opinions of people of influence can snowball into a movement. And Sanusi is also a committee member of the PENAWAR NGO whose members are made up of previous UMNO MPs. It’s led by a former political secretary of Tun Mahathir and a Mahathir loyalist, Aziz Shamsudin.
But the Oracle isn’t ready to concede any consequence to the group led by Aziz Shamsudin. Precisely because it’s led by Aziz Shamsudin.
I thought Aziz is a Mahathir major domo? Mahathir’s dogsbody?
 No, you are not quite correct, said the Oracle. Aziz has proven himself to be a man of all seasons. He was with Tengku Razaleigh then switched allegiance to Mahathir. After Mahathir to Pak Lah. And now?
Penawar hasn’t got the impact potential. Not at the moment anyway. Unless the Old Man throws his weight into the ring.
I haven’t updated myself on this Penawar grouping having just come back from overseas following Tun Daim. I will know more when we meet up with Dr Mahathir.
The Oracle wasn’t even aware that the PAS Ttiwangsa MP, Dr Lo’ Lo’ has passed away.
Many of us have fond memories of Sanusi for 1001 reasons. He can be comical at one time, deadpan serious at another. Sanusi used to regal many of us with his caustic remarks aimed at disarming Najib or discrediting Najib as it were. He related his many conversations with Tun Razak and how Tun Razak was sighing about how Najib can’t cut his teeth into politics. Sanusi would let out a half smile when he tells us of the moment when he cheekily asked- why Tun? Too much skirt chasing, came the answer.
Look, say the Oracle- there is a growing divide between the UMNO president and UMNO and the Malays. What is he doing now? He’s seen as busy finding ways to find money for Chinese National Type schools and that alienates the Malay voters farther. He’s seen as appeasing non Malays more and more. It seems to me his way of solving problems is by paying his way through.
Yet the UMNO warlords from which UMNO and its president depend for political power are not amused. They are NOT receiving projects for their areas. The UMNO leaders in Kedah are complaining for example. They are asked to set the agenda to retake Kedah , yet they are not given resources to go into battle.
Speaking about Kedah, I interjected- what’s your take on the 3 M grouping of Mahathir, Muhyidin and MUkhriz?
I wouldn’t give much credence to the 3M thing.  For what purpose? For Muhyidin to ascend to the PM post? He can do that by other means at his disposal. He is enjoying better credibility with his Malay first, Malaysia second attitude with the Malay hoi poloi.
To prop up Mukhriz so that Mahathir will lend his weight to Muhyidin? That, possibly. But how long can Mukhriz survived in politics by hanging on the coattails of the father? It’s like you said about Najib being cornered to come out with his last resort defense when attacked on his policies. All he could muster was- He is Tun Razak’s son. How long can you sell that?
We all have to admit Dr Mahathir somehow refashioned Malaysia after his dynamic personality. But that is soon going to be history as the new generations of voters are more comfortable at accepting the general level of development which we are now enjoying, for granted. Who was behind our country’s drive to modernization isn’t as significance as we of the older generation holds it.
So no, Mukhriz isn’t going to last long banking on the popularity of his father which is beginning to diminish now.
So why should Muhydin be a party to declining forces? - The estimation on Mahathir is fading, while the son hasn’t sunk his presence onto the local stage. Muhyidin isn’t as stupid as he looks.  So the 3M thing is perhaps just another red herring to disguise some sort of power struggle within UMNO. It could be even be something the Najib camp is manufacturing to justify isolating Muhyidin.
Personally, I think, said the Oracle- Najib is politically finished. He is isolating himself with a band of highly self-opinionated advisers. He has this habit of abandoning friends and dismissing advice and frank criticisms. He prefers the advice and company of greenhorn advisers. They may be clever people, but haven’t got the political wisdom and savvy.
Who does Najib have for advisers as Mahathir had? Mahathir had Daim, Anwar( then) Sanusi, Megat Junid who were his operatives. They did the ground and underground work so that Mahathir can do what he does best. Which is, projecting himself as an unrelenting crusader to about almost anything on earth. Why was he able to do that- because he had a team of sewer workers. Najib hasn’t got people who will want to do the dirty work for him.
He’s got who? JJ?  If it comes to the USA, maybe JJ can do something about it. What about the opinions of others? You look at the issue that is going to explode in France soon. Najib handled that badly. That French lawyer who was deported? He will soon be a cause celebre in Paris. And world attention will be drawn to Malaysia and in particular to Najib. If it were during Mahathir’s time, the issue would have been neutralized by his operatives who would have probably spent time in France diffusing the situation. Najib is inept at these things. Somehow, he has lost the plot.
He came upon the scene sending positive vibrations that things are going to be exciting and different. Over the months, that positive note quickly turned out of tune as he made repeated misjudgments. He promised a smaller cabinet and broke that promise by coming out with an even bigger cabinet. Now his cabinet is more known for being filed up with unelected politicians. You have Idris Jala who seemed to have added even the PM as an admiring fan, Tsu Koon, Raja Nong Chik, Shahrizat, and many others. You want to know what the MCA ministers are doing. They are busy making money. All of them. The mocking phrase of Yen Yen Jalan Jalan Curi Makan is not without substance you know. The market knows it.
How many states? Thousand apologies, another article.


Anonymous,  7 August 2011 at 10:59  

Excellent article Dato'.

Anonymous,  7 August 2011 at 11:02  

I like the Jalan Jalan Curi Makan especially after the PKFZ fiasco. Ministers and friends are bunch of cheaters exploiting the nation coffers.

bruno,  7 August 2011 at 12:04  

Dato,many people assumed that Najib is stupid and a liar because he didn't make good his promise of the stadium to Ambiga for the Bersih protest.How can someone who was the engineer of the takeover of Perak be that stupid.He pratically stole the state from under the supposedly smart PR's noses.

Najib wasn't able to deliver the stadium to Ambiga's Bersih because the factions opposing him wouldn't let him,knowing that Najib would get the brunt of the backlash.That would make Najib looked like a double crossing rat.And we know how people will treat a double crossing rat.That is what Najib is receiving today.The rakyat's perception that he is a trickster and a dirty damned liar.

The opponents that Najib is up against are very savvy political players.We can see the moves that they are making are like very good chess players.One step at a time.From Abrahim Ali,Christians vs Muslims,Datuk T trio,arrest of PSM activists,Umno youth mat rempits,crackdown of Bersih protesters and continued detention of EO6 for three more weeks after Bersih protest.

All these Umno holigans and gangsters who created havoc was left unhindered to continued their shenanigans.This made Najib look bad as he was blamed for all these
problems because of the inaction of the PDRM.So either Najib was behind all this or he was rendered helpless nobody cares,as all this happened under his watch.

So now the public perception has sank in that Najib is a damned liar,useless,leaderless and gutless leader,somehow involved in the submarine scandal and Altantuya's murder.And the list goes on and on.So no matter what happens from now Najib is a sure goner.

awang batuburok,  7 August 2011 at 13:20  

salam Dato'...

sungguh menyedihkan apabila dikhabarkan kononnya sudah ada umat islam yang fakir miskin terpaksa menadah tangan memohon sedikit ehsan dari rumah ibadat agama lain di ibukota untuk mengalas perut dibulan yang mulia ini, benarkah berita itu Dato?

Kalaulah benar peristiwa tersebut, apa dah jadi dengan pihak yang diberi amanah menguruskan khazanah dan hartabenda umat islam seperti wang zakat,harta waqaf, sedekah jariah umat islam yang bernilai ratusan-ribuan juta ringgit?

Maaf cakap Dato' di Terengganu, wang royalti petroleum yang sudah di mansuhkan dan dinamakan wang ehsan juga sudah tidak tahu kemana perginya. Tiada ketelusan siapa yang berhak menerimanya; telah menjadikan rakyat Terengganu sebagai pengemis untuk mendapat hak mereka yang termaktub dalam perjanjian Akta Petroleum 1974 yang dicetuskan olih Almarhum Bapak PM hari ini bersama-sama Ybhg TRH.

Sampai bila lagi agama islam dan umat islam hendak dimalukan dengan kebobrokan perangai pemimpin dan penguasa yang terpekik-pekik histeria mengaku merekalah pembela agama dan bangsa dibumi tercinta ini?

Anonymous,  7 August 2011 at 14:58  

Ha, ha,, ha... greenhorn advisers, your are too kind, Dato.

There is a joke going around time that we used to have Idiot as the PM, now we have a PM with a lot of Idiots as adviser.

Another big blunder in the making below;
Monday, October 06, 2008
Privatise AirAsia, take-over Malaysian Airlines; Another Avenue Assets-ECM Libra in the making?

The following has been recently reported:

Southeast Asia's largest discount airline, rose for the first time in three days on the Kuala

Lumpur stock exchange after the Edge newspaper said the carrier's biggest shareholders

are considering a buyout.


AIRASIA Bhd's major shareholders may have to pay some RM1.25 billion to take the

budget carrier private, analysts say.

Readers are reminded that Fernandes and Co, AirAsia's major shareholders, are not what

one might consider cash-rich. Hence the question to ask here is how such a deal might be

made doable. One option, which this writer thinks is probable, might involve the following:

a) Tune Air ie Fernandes and Co borrow the required sum , say RM 1.25 billion as reported, and take AirAsia private, AirAsia stock serving as collateral for a bridging facility

b)The loans are then transferred to AirAsia, and/or charged against AirAsia's assets,instead of AirAsia stock

c)The entire company with its new borrowing is then injected into a listed company, freeing Tune Air of any debt obligation and instead providing it unencumbered , tradeable, liquid stock.

Readers get no prizes for guessing that the listed company is likely to be Malaysian Airlines

Bhd. Subsequently, Tune Air gets a substantial if not the majority stake in MAS and

probably the right to manage the merged AirAsia-MAS. After all, Tony and Co have proven that they have undoubted skills in airline management (see story below).

The above bears similarity to the Avenue Assets-ECM LIbra transaction (

Readers will recall that Tony & Co and Kalimullah Hassan and Lim Kian Onn of ECM Libra are now associated via AirAsia X and other ventures. ( &


Anonymous,  7 August 2011 at 15:15  

Dear Dato
if our PM is going to go out, he should go out fighting, not against the rakyat, but against his enemies in UMNO, this seemingly group of warlocks and 'supporters' who have played him out again and again as they watch how the bamboo bends this way or another.
Then at the very least, he will bring down with him his enemies! Why let them enjoy the fruits, let them share his downfall. The PM should know by now his main combatant who is bent at all costs to make a mockery of his PMship; he knows who he is, the DPM. So, the greatest hurt he can inflict on the DPM is to deny him the PMship.

Anonymous,  7 August 2011 at 15:17  

Right on spot , DATO.
His only ammunition up in his sleeve is to achieve one's objective or solving problems just by Paying His Way Through. (for that I think Ah Long is capable too).

Not to omit another talent of his-
At all cost , By all means to legitimate the despicable act of plundering of the Silver State.

Last but not least - OVER MY CRUSHED BODY.

Takut Ya ! dont play play with me.

Patrick,  7 August 2011 at 15:25  

If we take PENAWAR and compare it to the Spongebob series, then these retired generals on the committee of PENAWAR is akin to the MERMAID MAN and BARNACLE BOY, no ?

el especial,  7 August 2011 at 16:44  

Very funny Patrick ;)

dianna 7 August 2011 at 16:46  

Dr Mahathir overspent and under-delivered. Moreover he divided our society and groomed no one to pick up the mess. In that sense, he did refashion Malaysia after his personality. But it was not dynamic. Just terminal.

His only success was to create our middle class. But to feel good about themselves, they have to overlook what he had really done to everyone in the end when the details came out. They became pretenders.

No UMNO leader so far since then has done anything remarkable. Only make noise, cause more trouble and confusion, and play money politics.

Under the rawest swasta standards, they would have failed to the last man in the first month.

Yet they get titles and are lavished with privileges. Tomes have been written just to discuss their playacting and maneuvers. Meanwhile the people stand looking at who can replace them. Some actually pick the bones for any redeeming feature.

How can our society ever improve then?

Anonymous,  7 August 2011 at 18:13  

The French thing isn't just going to disappear from the local or foreign radar. Nor is it as simple as getting operatives to neutralize it. Murder, misappropriation of funds, kickbacks, corruption all equals same thing: wrongdoing. Being a defense or home or prime minister does not mean you are above the law. You do not address the main issue that ails Malaysia riddled with Abusive power, Corrupted leadership, Misruling entity.

bruno,  7 August 2011 at 18:18  

Dato,maybe Kedah Umno is not getting enough funds for their preparation to retake the state is because Umno Baru knows that Kedahans have rejected and deserted Umno.Or else how come the state of Umno's fomer PM and Umno's most powerful warlord lost the state to the opposition.

It is a direct snub to Dr Mahathir by Kedahans.This coming GE no matter how hard or dirty Umno gets is not going to help them win back Kedah.When Al Gore was running for the President of the USA he lost by a nose.And to add insult to injury he lost his own state Tennesse which was formerly a democratic state.Had he won Tennesse he would have been President.Since then Tennesse has been under Republican control.

So looking back into history Kedah will be be in the hands of PR at least for a few more terms.Muhkriz is not condidered popular or a strongman in Kedah in spite of Dr Mahathir's presence.So how can he climb up Umno's hierachy is anyone's guess.Dr Mahathir's still strong influence in Umno will not help his son this time.Eventually Mukriz will fade into political oblivion.

Anonymous,  7 August 2011 at 18:19  

i heard from a little bird that a Malaysian company has ordered and received 30 million pieces of flags from China.this is probably for Merdeka celebrations and the forth coming elections.say,at a profit of rm 3 per piece,we are talking rm90 million.Malaysia boleh!

bruno,  7 August 2011 at 20:37  

Dato,lets look at PM Najib's lineup of cabinet members.Looking at the the total of numbers of cabinet menbers we can safely say that half of them are the people's rejects.

What have we ever learn at school.To try to be good students.
Students with good grades and decicpline become class monitors,school prefects and head prefect.Just imagine if the teachers and headmaster made duances class monitors,school prefects and head prefect.The whole school will go havoc and in chaos,with students jumping around like monkeys and kankaroos.

Now look at what we have in the present cabinet.The people's rejected duances.Now just ask anybody what can duances perform in a government cabinet.Just look at the recent fiascos after fiascos.As expected of duances they performed as expected a first class clown act of clown acts.No wonder the rakyat's perception of Najib's leadership and statesmanship have gone to the dog days of no return.

Anonymous,  7 August 2011 at 21:34  

Salam tok, Najib is a goner if he doesn't physically put his very own trusted and able men incharge of the mainstream media - papers,tv and radio. Almost everyday these media carry news ridiculing him as PM, direct or indirectly. Another thing is his wife Rosmah should be confined to his kitchen before it is too late. Her actions membuat UMNO's politicians meluat, apatah lagi rakyat jelata.She appears to take the centre stage more often than the other ministers and politicians despite the fact that she is nobody politically, not even somebody in Wanita UMNO. Najib's eventual downfall would be because of UMNO's powerbrokers deserting him - left, right and centre! == Wali10, Pekan.

Orang Kampong,  7 August 2011 at 21:41  

Siapakah gerangan si Oracle ini.Tentunya seorang penganalisa politik terkenal.Mungkin tidak,mungkin ianya hanya satu pandangan peribadinya sendiri dan tentunya berbeza dengan saya dan juga semua orang lain.Ianya terllalu subjective untuk diberikan satu ketentuan yang muktamad(Najib is a goner katanya).Penyokong UMNO /BN harus berwaspada pada tohmahan dan taktik memecahbelahkan dan menghancurkan Pemerintah BN sekarang yang diketuai UMNO.Najib harus terus berjuang untuk UMNO/BN untuk semua rakyat Malaysia.Jangan dikisahkan sangat komen dan tohmahan negative dalam blog pembangkang dan juga di sini.
Peduli apadengan si Oracle ini.Dia pun terlalu sibuk meraih sebanyak bayak kekayaan dan banyak masanya di luar negeri sehinggakan tak tahu pun DR LO LO dari PAS sudah meninggal.! (ALFATIHA untuk nya).taktik kotor pembangkang bagi melemahkan UMNO banyak sudah kita ketahui- Bacalah CHEDET yang terkini.Hantu hantu seperti Bruno,Walla ,nick,awang batuburukdan yang serupa dengannya tak berani nak masok pun !Jadi apa yang hendak di kisahkan dengan PAKATAN ini.Biarlah semua kaum china mengundi DAP dan menjadi pembangkang yang baik kalau itu yang mereka mahu seperti di Sarawak
Peduli apalah AMBIGAU tu di beri layanan yang teristimewa sangat sedangkan KESELAMATAN NEGARA DAN RAKYAT adalah lebih utama.Apabila BERSIH +politikus PR itulah jadinya,huruhara.
If you say ANU-WAR is GONER saya setuju 100% tidak Najib.Tak payah orang luar ini melagalagakan kita.
Jangan terlalu yakin dan terlalu riak dengan yang PR pasti di PUTRJAYA GE 13.Kita lihat.
Selamat berpuasa kapada semua penganut Islam.Harap sdr Hasan Ali dapat selesaikan isu di gereja itu denbgan baik.Wasallam

@orang kampong-Pemnerhati

Anonymous,  7 August 2011 at 21:47  

Najib can finish off his opposing warlords by exposing their corrupt practices. No doubt, Najib has his own 'baggage' but those can be 'covered' as he has done it all the time. Use the police and SPRM to deal with 'them' instead of the Opposition members. As the Chinese saying goes ' Eat those that you know rather than those you don't know'. After he has finished all the opposing warlords, then Najib can take on the opposition. Taking care of those UMNO goons is the easiest. This includes the 'apa nama'. After all the 'apa nama' hasn't got much to show anywhere. The 'apa nama' did not finish Bodowi. Someone else did.

Quiet Despair,  7 August 2011 at 22:39  

So the oracle isn't Sanusi. I am guilty of goading you many times to reveal that it is him. Thousand apologies!
But he does talk like Sanusi. My next guess is a guy who omce worked for Sanusi and was in Daim's circle. He was once a government officer and a former MCKK boy. That explains the Syed Putera since this guy always hangs arund the Macoba building. Best let him be a mystery man.
Anyhoo, if you want to know the anecdotes about UMNO, Sanusi is the man. He calls a spade a spade.
Those who know him said he learnt it from King Ghaz who was his first boss when he was elevated as a deputy minister from an accuntant.
Sanusi has on record said that Ghaz was not stingy in imparting knowledge and grooming his staffers.
He read and subscribe to Atlantic magazine and also build an impressive home library like King Ghaz. Impressed with Ghaz when he brought him home for dinner at his house.
UMNO people knows that Sanusi, Daim and Mahathir were triumvirates. Anu-War wormed himself into the circle after joining the government.
But they dropped him like hot potatoes after uncovering his plot to topple Mahathir.
Aziz Shamsuddin and Megat Junid were die-hard true-blue Mahathir loyalists.
Megat was the high-profile combatant and ride rough-shod over others.
Aziz is the retiring, self -effacing man and always smiling. Very quiet man who is intelligent and a master-mind, smarter than Megat.
People close to him said he is an enigma which leads people think he is a man of all seasons. Not true.
He has already said categorically that he was not behind the Penawar move to topple Najib.
In fact he said Penawar was never out to oust Najib.
As you know many in UMNO thought it was a Pakatan ploy to divert issues and made Najib a scape-goat.
And why would Muhyiddin be with Mukhriz to take over from Najib? He knows after Najib is him and he is biding his time.
Muhriz is not a factor in the top hierarchy of UMNO as of now. It is said that they are not sure of even putting him as a state candidate to be Kedah future MB.
Many in UMNO are asking why is it after Bersih that Najib is touted as bad boy and will be a short-lived PM?
And I wonder why too? And we must pity him. We put him in a blind spot. Buat dia jadi serba-salah.
The Malays think he is prioritizing the interests of the Chinese and the Chinese thinks it's the other way..
It is a matter of perception. I think he needs more forceful image-making man.

P.S. Don't tell me we are getting feed-backs from the same person. And we report it back, using our own spin. Heehee.

Anonymous,  7 August 2011 at 23:28  

Haha.. Orang Kampung tetap dengan pendapat jaguh kampung. Inilah masalahnya, pemikiran tidak selaras dengan perkembangan semasa. Masuk di bawah tempurung.

Jins M'tara 7 August 2011 at 23:57  

tak kisah siapa tok nujum yang meramal pasal Najib atau Mukriz, yang penting M'sia mesti dibangunkan dengan cara bermaruah. Jangan terlalu taksub pada mana2 pemimpin. Yang salah tetap salah. Mahathir sebagai contoh, jasanya membangunkan M'sia memang terpuji tetapi pasal Islam, dia betul2 haprak. Jadi, para penyokong parti2 politik kenalah bersikap terbuka dan bijaksana. Jangan emosi dan jumud.

Anonymous,  7 August 2011 at 23:59  

the many suggestion in the comment coloum for dato najib to go after the umno warlords is perilous ...but thats the only option left or else he will be gone....will rosmah allows it...thats another story ....perhaps to stay longer as flom , she will opt for it looks umno has more problems than pkr.....ironic twist ...

Anonymous,  8 August 2011 at 02:58  

please advise Dato Najib and Kak Ros, kurangkan travel keoversea,kurangkan guna jet airbus,kurangkan cakap-cakap angka yang billion, kalau nak g oversea naik MAS atau AsiaX tunjuk kepada rakyat cost cutting.
jangan percaya kepada Ketua Bahagian 100% begitu juga pemuda guna double check, terutama Ketua bahagian pasir Puteh kelantan , Tanah Merah, Kepong,Bt Bintang, ADUN Kuang,MB Johor, MB Pahang banyak cerita yang nampak depan mata saya termasuk Khairy,Azeez, Raof tu jangan lebih kedepan pada PM semua tu tong kosong self fish saja.
tks Dato tulong sampaikan pesanan ini kepada PM .

Anonymous,  8 August 2011 at 05:08  

najib will ultimately fail because of Pemandu.If you notice,the oppo vigorously attacks Perkasa but not Pemandu.
Cos Perkasa can win votes for BN as Pemandu exocets Msia economy.

Anonymous,  8 August 2011 at 05:57  


6 jahanam punya kerja.

kee 8 August 2011 at 08:30  

Those dying to know the identity of the Oracle, I have a suggestion. Take note that the Oracle, together with Daim "rushed over to the hospital to see how Sanusi is faring."

Find out the hospital where Sanusi was warded. Then go to the hospital with photos of Daim and those likely to be the Oracle. Don't forget to include a photo of Dato' Mohd.Ariff Sabri. Don't rule him out as the Oracle.

Be nice to the staff who were looking after Sanusi and show them the picture of Daim and all the other photos. If necessary, give some monetary incentive because In Malaysia money still talks and does wonders. Ask them which was the one who accompanied Daim to visit Sanusi Junid.

Anonymous,  8 August 2011 at 09:22  

The axes and knives are out for Najib, and we wait...... for the screwing to start He overstayed his terms.Why term ? That is the usual malay style of ruling...and politics.

Anonymous,  8 August 2011 at 14:16  

when your house is on fire, you grab what you can, after that, you'll grab what else you can from your neighbours too. that's the MCA spirit.

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