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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 15 August 2011

A morning session with The Oracle of Syed Putera-Final Part

I am not finished yet with the MAS-AA Saga. But I shall leave the issue for now as I go through the various financial reports from several research firms. I must thank these people for e mailing me. I will have to relearn some of the basics in Corporate Finance as I have forgotten the meaning. But I shall be back.

Just a bit before we move on. The whole deal involving AA-MAS reminds me of the carving out of spheres of influence between the superpowers of 18 and 19th century. The English got Malay peninsula, The Dutch got the East indies. They signed a treaty. In a very similar way, this government of ours, allowed the airline industry to be carved out between what they currently assessed as the poster boys.  Well, at least they see one as a poster boy- Tony F. One corporate luminary says he gest high when he sees people being able to fly from LCCT.  He doesn't see that at KLIA.

MAS will be assigned to compete in the premium sector while AirAsia is effectively given the monopoly to do the LCC. What about Firefly?We haven’t heard a spokesman from this outfit being given a fair airing have we?  I am sure they will have a thing to say.Why ask Firefly to compete with Silk Air and not offer LCC services? you are leaving the space for AA only.

I have also written about the role of CIMB in this deal. I have cited its record in the deals involving Synergy Drive and the split between Telekom Malaysia and Axiata. In this MAS-AA I am told, CIMB played the role of match maker simpliciter. That is its claim, the public may choose to adopt a different view because its difficult for the public to accept that CIMB, the merit driven, results focused bank does something for altruistic reasons.

As I said, we shall leave the issue for a moment. We shall come back later.

Now, for my final installment of my one morning with the Oracle.

How many states does TDZ indicate can BN remain comfortable I asked? This is a dreaded question admittedly because what Tun Daim said in the past has proven to be prescient. Everyone wants Tun Daim to say something optimistic.

But the Oracle says, his friend remains pessimistic. He can only say, among the states where BN can say its comfortable are Johore, Melaka and Pahang. Even in Pahang, a few parliamentary seats will slip out of BN’s grasps as with a few more state seats.  The Oracle was quick to add, what Daim said was about the level of comfort; BN could still win in other states but will find the going elsewhere turbulent and arduous.

But overall, Daim believes Pahang will remain under BN. Why does he mention Pahang in particular, I asked.

Because Tun daim knows you are from Pahang and  he knows you would want to know what’s to become of Pahang.

But didn’t Tun Daim write a very optimistic and encouraging article in Utusan Malaysia  a few months ago? I asked.

Yes, said the Oracle. I did discuss that article with Tun Daim and didn’t I also show you the transcript of that article to you the last time?

You did, said I. you will observe said the Oracle- that Tun Daim wrote the article with so many caveats and qualifications. BN and especially UMNO can win if they do this and that. Its leaders must go to the ground, walkabouts in Subang, in Petaling Steet and in Kg Pandan are not sufficient; people can see through the superficiality and forced smiles and staged walkabouts. Yes people feel good at that time at seeing the PM and his entourage, but after that what – after they are brought back to the realities of thinking about what’s happening in this country.

The oracle mentioned of TUn Daim’s exhortations to the 2 top leaders of BN to go meet up with the cawangan people. Meeting with Ketua Bahagians can be a misleading source of information, they will tell of everything good they have done with a view of getting reelected. You need to go down to the basics-listen to the views in the raw. If possible exclude the ketua bahagians.
But they haven’t done this. The PM is busy with his overseas trip. The DPM will not move lest whatever actions he takes will be misconstrued as upstaging the boss. That can cause some internal upheavals in UMNO.

And you also will notice that UMNO and BN have lost its influence on the younger generation. 80% of the younger voters are not going to vote for the BN.

Tell me honestly- do you think UMNO can win the battles in cyberspace? Just look at the articles being spewed by the UMNO cyber troopers. Some of them are stuck with the idea that the PM of Malaysia is still Dr Mahathir and so their articles will be tailored to suit the positions taken by Dr Mahathir. You watch- Dr Mahathir hasn’t spoken his true mind about the Najib administration. Once he does that, and one reason for him not doing so is the restraint counseled by Daim on Mahathir, all hell will break loose.

The majority are spewing hate articles all the time with the expletives and vitriol. Can these engage the fence sitters; those independent minded would be voters? You have to discuss issues and offer analytical discourses.

You may think these fence sitters and undecided have different political agenda from the rest of the population such as the rural folks. In the end, you may be surprised they actually share more similarities- they want good governance, they detest and abhor corruption, they hate the carving out of this country between business cronies, they want a better future for this country. The only difference, the liberal or the fence sitters are more articulate and possessed of audacity in thinking. They won’t be shy to speak their mind and translate their thoughts into votes.

Overall Daim is pessimistic about the future of BN and by extension, if am liberty to translate the body language of The Oracle, the enigmatic Daim isn’t enthusiastic either about the political fortunes of the PM. And I was sure; I heard the same disconcerting vibrations from Dr Mahathir himself.

Look at the government. We have a PM who has a penchant for announcing big ideas. Some of them are not even ready for public consumption. Even Daim the consummate businessman, has difficulties in understanding them. 

The government is reacting most of the time instead of thinking through its actions. That shows you don’t have plans for the country. How do you tackle urban poverty for example? List out your plans so that people can see you are thinking about it. How do you want to tackle corruption?
There’s one final criticism I hear through the Oracle. The present administration has the largest cabinet with the largest number of unelected leaders. Maybe, tongue in cheek- Daim asked me to ask you to write; for completeness sake, maybe you could write telling the PM to appoint Chua Soi Lek as a full minister. Then he will be surrounded by all the leaders of component parties who are UNELECTED. That’s rakyat di dahulukan for you.


Anonymous,  15 August 2011 at 11:29  

good idea - put CSL as Minister - Najib is doomed...

awang batuburok,  15 August 2011 at 11:29  

salam Dato' SAK,

Alhamdulillah, 2T(TDM and TDZ) dipanjangkan usia oleh Allah SWT untuk melihat segala kebobrokan kerajaan UBN yang menghampiri hujung usia.

Semuga mereka berdua dikurniakan petunjuk dan hidayah oleh Allah SWT
untuk membantu Pakatan Rakyat dalam usaha memperbetulkan segala
kerosakan yang dilakukan oleh UBN sejak 25tahun yang lalu.....amin!!!

OneMalaysian,  15 August 2011 at 11:45  

Dear Sakmongkol

Did you ask The Oracle about Daim’s thoughts on Sabah and Sarawak? What he has said about Peninsular States concerns changes in state governments. And with those state victories will also come some parliamentary seats. Even with those extra seats it is doubtful that the opposition can wrestle the federal government away from BN unless some East Malaysian BN parties breakaway to join them.

Whatever the case, if BN only retains Johore, Malacca (very small state) and Pahang (mid sized electoral state), that would clearly show that BN and UMNO have lost the mandate to rule. We hope for the sake of national unity that the East Malaysian states would then switch loyalty to the new leadership that has emerged in the Peninsular.

bruno,  15 August 2011 at 12:05  

Dato,it is a good idea to put to PM Najib to appoint CSL through the back door as a full minister.Then we will have three ministers of leaders from Mca,Mic and Gerakan.Then we will have the three stooges of BN.Let them to warm the chairs for a few months.Make them happy for a last hurrah.Maybe they might be able to have an organysm.

Anonymous,  15 August 2011 at 12:10  

"How do you want to tackle corruption?"

I would have thought the answer is already very clear, conveyed amply enough by action, or rather inaction, if not by words all these years and it is,

"I do NOT want to tackle corruption in any meaningful and effective way".

Anonymous,  15 August 2011 at 12:18  

Was is suprising? He himself is not an elected PM. Since after 1987, the President and Dep President of UMNO all won uncontested. Thanks to the system put in place by TDM and supported by all self serving dungus of the Supreme Council. That's UMNO for you - position, power and money at all costs at the expense of the rakyat. UMNO tipu Melayu.

Melayu has become poorer and poorer each day. For RM100 they will sell their votes. This is of course good for the self serving leaders of UMNO. That is the reason they can get the votes from the rural Malays - those simple Malays who are less educated and not exposed to the internet/alternative media and therefore less critical. But things are changing. And UMNO is still sleeping....

Anonymous,  15 August 2011 at 12:27  

Dato'SAK, salam,
1.Sila siasat tentang tanah bijih @iron oil@Gold mining diFelda Sg Temau yang BERIBU-RIBU ekar tu,
Dulu approved atas nama KSG(Khairy Ghapor)& MUIP dan sekarang dah tukar tangan kpd adik MB , Dato H.....
Wahai orang Pahang bangkitlah gunakan kuasa yang ada.
2.TDM-sebelum pencen dapat Jet GF yang baru kepunyaan Syed Mokhtar, guna kehulu dan kehilir, lepas pencen dah jadi penasihat Al-Bukhary dapatlah jet free,apa jadi dgn bunglow diCountry Height ?dan Bunglow diThe Mine?.
Kenapa Mirriot Hotel,Starhill dan Lot 10 tanah milik melayu @Dato Sulaiman manan ditukar tangan kepada YTL, ?siapa Syed Abdullah diYTL???????? dan banyak lagi yang tak tetulis.
3.TDZ-Siapa mereka ini Halim Saad,Wan Azmi,Amin Shah dan case tanah Kg Baru??????, kenapa dia kaya sangat dan ada beberapa buah bank dluar negara dan Hotel di Bali,Indon pej diLondon????
4.Siapa Vicent Tan,Tan Sri Ping,Sunway Group's owner,The Mine's owner apa kena mengena dgn TDM kenapa kekeyaan mereka melampu semasa pemerentahan TDM.
Rakyat 1 Malaysia Lu Fikirlah sendiri.
Maaf Dato'SAK saya guna blog Dato' untuk menunjukkan ketiadak puasa hati saya sebagai pembayar cukai yang setia.
Tks dan harap maaf

Anonymous,  15 August 2011 at 12:28  

Dato'SAK, salam,
1.Sila siasat tentang tanah bijih @iron oil@Gold mining diFelda Sg Temau yang BERIBU-RIBU ekar tu,
Dulu approved atas nama KSG(Khairy Ghapor)& MUIP dan sekarang dah tukar tangan kpd adik MB , Dato H.....
Wahai orang Pahang bangkitlah gunakan kuasa yang ada.
2.TDM-sebelum pencen dapat Jet GF yang baru kepunyaan Syed Mokhtar, guna kehulu dan kehilir, lepas pencen dah jadi penasihat Al-Bukhary dapatlah jet free,apa jadi dgn bunglow diCountry Height ?dan Bunglow diThe Mine?.
Kenapa Mirriot Hotel,Starhill dan Lot 10 tanah milik melayu @Dato Sulaiman manan ditukar tangan kepada YTL, ?siapa Syed Abdullah diYTL???????? dan banyak lagi yang tak tetulis.
3.TDZ-Siapa mereka ini Halim Saad,Wan Azmi,Amin Shah dan case tanah Kg Baru??????, kenapa dia kaya sangat dan ada beberapa buah bank dluar negara dan Hotel di Bali,Indon pej diLondon????
4.Siapa Vicent Tan,Tan Sri Ping,Sunway Group's owner,The Mine's owner apa kena mengena dgn TDM kenapa kekeyaan mereka melampu semasa pemerentahan TDM.
Rakyat 1 Malaysia Lu Fikirlah sendiri.
Maaf Dato'SAK saya guna blog Dato' untuk menunjukkan ketiadak puasa hati saya sebagai pembayar cukai yang setia.
Tks dan harap maaf

Anonymous,  15 August 2011 at 12:53  


Do not forget Siam Anglo 1909, Anglo got Perlis,Kedah,Kel and Trengganu. Siam got Petani,Setul,Yala. Why forever Malays allow others to decide their fate?

PM Najib must act now. Follow Dr M, fire his DPM or 3M will eat 1N.

Meru Gambir
Kapar, Klang

Anonymous,  15 August 2011 at 14:47  

PM said the request is an 'off-site" solution and not a bail out for TR. What is the difference between a 'off-court' and 'off-site'? Is it not the same thing? All this to me is to avoid cans full of worms to come out if it goes to court. This is too much for the rakyat to stomach.

Anonymous,  15 August 2011 at 15:09  

apa la lu arif, same old story! kutok najib aje kerje ko! bila nak guna nama mahathir to suit your article ko pileh pandangan mahathir. what la u, no principle! only principle you have is like aspan alias also, sour grapes old men who wish they are in UMNO higher ups. dream on la orang tua!

Anonymous,  15 August 2011 at 16:27  

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Anonymous,  15 August 2011 at 17:06  

By my standard, Najib and Barisan Nasional are doing a fine job running the country, if only the opposition stop being empty tin cans.

Ariff Sabri 15 August 2011 at 17:10  

anon 15:09

boy, can you wipe the mucus off your nose? we ll see about whether old men can dream better than your wet dreams.

anon 17:06

of course, it is your standard by the way.

Zaidi,  15 August 2011 at 18:26  

Datok Sak,

The Oracle may be right, but as the day passes by we can see the accumulation of damage by UMNO. This is the true sign of "the beginning of the end". Yet when the time come when UMNO is defeated, they will say nobody ever reminded us! It shall be written as an epitaph of UMNO "Here lies the party lead by the sons of great leaders who refuses to listen and command with little understanding, a shame to the Malay race and the religion of Islam. May the future generation be protected from such leaders"

Anonymous,  15 August 2011 at 18:26  

Adviser2 najib is too smart for their own good.They Re aeons ahead of us normal mortals.Their theories and strategies are too complex for normal souls.Their analysis and surveys goes beyond pure numbers almost to metaphysical boundaries.
Najib have full confidence with them.They have a simulation model thats updating on continuous basis BN's status.Every info,news,data,Nkra.nkea.epp.etp updates is automatically captured and crunch.Every week they submit new initiatives and words najib hv to use.And will also dictate how many jomhebohs,dress style,lipstick intensity,tweets n fb messages etc
Current analysis is najib will capture all states and 95% of the votes.Thats why najib trust these advisers very2 much.

telur dua 15 August 2011 at 19:10  

The current PM is not exactly the smartest cookie and surrounding him is a bunch of turkeys. The able and clever ones (who don't bodek) are sidelined.

Anonymous,  15 August 2011 at 20:47  

BN will win by a simple majority in parliament n will rule in putrajaya, BN has billions n 3m to win - money , media n machinery, the seats delin eation favors BN- so simple arithmethic

bruno,  15 August 2011 at 21:37  

Dato,this coming GE will be the hardest fought elections in Malaysian history.It will be a life and death fight for Umno.Umno is now like a wounded,defenceless and helpless animal.If the opposition cannot deliver the knockout punch this time they can wait till the cows grandbabies have grandbabies and they will never see daylight again.

For a tiger who has been hungry for five decades and cannot do the finnishing touches to a defenceless,wounded animal is a toothless tiger.The PR is sure to gain some seats from MCA,Mic and in East Malaysia.How many seats they can gain from Umno will decide whether they can take over Putrajaya.

The top leaders in the cabinet are all deemed useless.All carryovers for previously rejected regimes.And half of the cabinet are appointed backdoor ministers.Umno have let down even the majority of the Malays.Only those with political connections are able to benefit.

Anonymous,  15 August 2011 at 22:13  

Why do we bother to listen to Daim or the Oracle? Didn't Daim steal the country's (Bumi) money?

Anonymous,  15 August 2011 at 22:35  

anon 15.09

Saya setuju dengan luahan anda. Blogger ni asyik meghentam Najib.
Tapi masih beada dalam UMNO. Macam kawan baik dia si Sepan tu.
Ariff, apa kata kalau Najib bagi awak bertanding di Pahang. Terima kan?
Kenalah jilat ludah sendiri. Terpaksalah pulak bodek Najib kan?
Malukan kalau ditakdirkan awak jadi calon?

Anonymous,  15 August 2011 at 23:11  

is Daim thinking of making a come back?

dianna 15 August 2011 at 23:59  

The Opposition must make sure the next general elections are clean and transparent.

Right now both the electoral roll and the election commission are held in deep mistrust.

Also how many illegal workers have been given citizenship remains an enigma.

All this is unacceptable. If BN wins, the people will say it cheats because it controls the home ministry's NRD and by the way the election commission has been carrying itself, that body as well. The perception is entrenched and if BN doesn't clear its tarnished reputation, the voters will conclude it intends to cheat.

What the opposition must do is draw open the debate on BN cheating in the forthcoming general elections. Make it reverberate into the Umno general membership itself. Project what will happen after that election. There will be turmoil. There will be no closure. Umno members will be scorned for condoning cheating and supporting a party that creates a foreign presence competing for the same jobs.

All this is going to hurt the country because it is irreversible once the result is out. Clean and transparent election is a must and it supersedes any prediction of which states will stay and which will fall.

For that, ask Paul II (the octopus).

BrighterTmrw 16 August 2011 at 00:51  

The official numbers showed 48% voted for the opposition in 2008. Since UMNO cheated, it means the opposition probably got around 50-55%. So now with flat out corruption running in the BILLIONS per week, and Najib put through the wringer by BERSIH, the opposition probably has 55-60% of the vote. No wonder we need Banglas by the millions.

Anonymous,  16 August 2011 at 06:24  

Anon 22:35,

Satu lagi blogger ni suka di puji melangit. Kalau u perhatikan dalam comment dia semua pembangkang sokong jadi tu yg buat dia seronok. Dia jadi calon? najib mati hidup balik pun tak akan calonkan dia lagi. Najib tidak lah sebodoh tu nak lantik penkhianat macam dia dan Sepan tu. They have passed their sell by date already!

THE TROUBLESHOOTERS 16 August 2011 at 06:49  

PART 1 / 2

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your relentless effort. My heart is bleeding again.
We are ready to surface.

I have also read somewhere about the main issue that has been overlooked.

“The state-owned airline has already had two rights issues since Jala took over, raking in RM1.6 billion in 2007 and RM2.67 billion in 2010 to fund its operations and fleet purchases.
Industry experts said that a further injection of cash will not save MAS as “operational fixes” are required.”

“The past financial fixes haven’t helped MAS. Another round of money won’t either, an industry source told The Malaysian Insider despite a touted RM8.4 billion aircraft renewal programme.
“Most of the past solutions for MAS, either the WAU or Jala’s business transformation plan, were financial in nature to keep the airline in the black. But what is needed are operational fixes,” he added.”

Yes, this is what lacking in MAS leadership – an Operational person who is FIRM, FAIR and FULLY FUNCTIONAL (as in operational).

I have also written many analysis and some reports were given personally to Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof (when he was the MD) and Tan Sri Munir Majid (when he was the Chairman).
Being Finance persons, they somehow were not able to understand operational issues.

The observations below are extracted from my report titled “ENGINEERING AND MAINTENANCE DIVISION WORK CULTURE: A PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS” dated 11 December 2003


Based on a series of investigation, study and event that have unfolded, out of plain responsibility, I would like to raise my concerns on Engineering and possibly other MAS senior Management that we may be living in an unhealthy and disturbing culture whereby:

1. We take problems for granted.
2. We fail to analyze the real underlying issues and thus not able to provide professional solutions
3. We tend to defer important issues and failed to put first thing first preferring to continue prescribing quick fixes and fire fighting instead of fire prevention.
4. We tend to contain main issues, buying time, with the hope that the issues may miraculously go away or at the very least, the individual who raised it will be frustrated, fed up and eventually give up.

THE TROUBLESHOOTERS 16 August 2011 at 06:49  

PART 2/2

5. We are slow to act and react, we tend to condone many malpractices especially among the management. We have been led to believe that if we expose these malpractices, we are backstabbing our own friends and colleagues. We failed to recognise the fact that if we do not correct and instead choose to ignore the issues, we are actually backstabbing and betrayed the trust given by the nation and the public (staff)
6. The true professionals and leaders were not given the due recognition and credit they deserve.
The non performers (yes man) are rewarded whereas the performers are sidelined simply because their superiors felt threatened by their able subordinates.
7. Many have been exposed albeit ineffectively on various course such as leadership, communication, financial, management etc. What really missing is the very basic skills of learning which is analytical, comprehension, expression, interpretation and research skills
8. We tend to tolerate our own incompetence, giving too many chances when what seriously lacking is a dose of proper lessons
9. We tend to penalize those who defy, those who had guts in exposing our own incompetence and malpractices.
10. We tend to be ignorant of the huge responsibilities that Engineering & Maintenance have to shoulder and our inaction could jeopardize many lives including our loved ones.
11. Engineering as the engine of growth and heart of MAS acutely lack professionals who can provide solutions to the needs and problems and leaders who solve problem others fear.
12. In summary, we do not seem to be doing the right things and quite evidently we do not know the right things to do.

Now, after nearly 8 years under wrapped, it is time for me to share with the public.

Thank you

My other report and the lame response here:

DINO SCOTS,  16 August 2011 at 10:45  

I dont care a damn about who the Oracle and Daim are.They have all benefitted in whatever way during their tenure for being in positions before.They should bring their money in the banks overseas here back in Malaysia and assist those poor folks in the kampong by creating economic activities to uplift the rural and the urban poor.Not until they give back to societies here i have my reservation on them no matter what, if they and you believe in Maslow.

Daim,Oracle and TR may be your idols but that is all to it.After all most of their(may be not TR) times are spent overseas .For Daim to come back to politics -no way and i dont think so.I salute Syed Mokhtar(SM) contribution more.I think you should write more of SM than Daim.Politically he(Daim) is not relevent anymore now in my view.
I am still amazed and bewildered that you are still an UMNO man after what you have written so far.In fact this blog should be a PR blog from the many articles and the many support that you receive from the PR supporters.Thank you.

Patrick 16 August 2011 at 12:04  

I think that the powers that be, MM, is in a quandry. Whatever he does now, will now be th emost optimum for him or Malaysia. The rot has gone too deep for any salvation. The only other viable option for MM and his cronies is damage control.

I tend to concur with the statement that BN will be left with only 3 states after GE 13, not counting Sabah and Sarawak yet. The reason for my concurrence is that in my travels around Malaysia, talking to the man in the street is very refreshing. It is the pulse of the country. And the hawkers, cab drivers, mid level executives, etc are quite fed up with the current state of affairs in Malaysia. All they want it some peace and quiet to focus of earning a decent living. They have been inadvertently dragged into polarisation with race and religious rhetoric day in and day out. What they want to hear instead is what kinds of action is the govt taking to control price increases, the prevent corruption that they are genuinely facing daily.

Add to this, the talk on how Penang and the people of Penang are doing well under the opposition, the general sentiment on the street is for a change in govt. These man in the street may not be politically savvy or voice out their concerns loudly via blogs, internent forums, and other media forms. But they are just fed up and want a genuine change.

It is good that BN doesnt accept this sentiment. Or else what they will do is just continue making ad hoc band aid statements to placate the people and make it worst. For BN.

BN sans MIC, MCA, GERAKAN retaining 3 states after GE 13....Yes....

Fed Up with nonsense,  16 August 2011 at 13:06  

Salam Dato' SAK,
By MAS and Air Asia being merged is an indication that all is not well for the national carrier. What do you expect the government to do ? Carry on and continue losing and become like those airlines that have stopped operations.
This is a rectification process and it is for the interest of the country.Does not help to condemn efforts to make the airline better and more competitive.

Quiet Despair,  16 August 2011 at 14:02  

UMNO is not perfect. But it's near-perfect if compared to opposition parties.
UMNO will still maintain its status quo. May lose some seats. But will still get the required 2/3 majority.
As usual come near GE, pundits or prophets of doom will say this time it's the downfall of UMNO.
It's not so much as UMNO will fall.
Its what you want to see. That UMNO is defeated. So you guys can say I told you so. Padan muka UMNO.
Nothing new, this game. They tried it on Abdullah. It was a concerted effort to oust Dollah.
The same they are doing to Najib now. You can see some people commenting in pro-UMNO blogs, "Syabas Muhyiddin, the future PM of Malaysia."
This is just a ruse to cut a wedge between Najib and Muhyiddin. And they both know it.
It's time for Najib to play the bad boy. No more Mr Pleaser, Mr Nice Guy.
After all good boys finish last.
Be bad. But not of the Anu-war kind.
And I can see he's now acting and telling people I am the boss.
And UMNO always follow the boss.

Sak, don't you feel guilty if UMNO really is defeated? That you contributed to the downfall.
Don't you feel as a member STILL you can contribute positively to the party which you once was an ADUN?
Or you sudah betul berpatah-arang dengan UMNO?
Our bro Aspan has already declared he's leaving UMNO soon. Will you follow suit?
In this posting you can see people cheering you on, praising you.
But in your dissertations of MAS, they criticized you. You were the whipping boy, the bad boy to them.
This people are not really your loyal fans but are UMNO haters.
Please Sak, use your god-given intellect to help make UMNO grander.
Only UMNO can unite the Malays.
And like Tun Razak said if the Malays are happy, the other races will also be happy.
It's really sad to see a supposed UMNO man has almost all commentators who are pro-PKR.
Just the opposite of Din Merican whose blog is strictly pro-Anuwar and exclusively for Anu-war fanatics.
Once in a while he tries to ampu Najib, but it rings hollow.

Anonymous,  16 August 2011 at 14:04  

Our current X & Y generations still ok now, many having secure jobs, can afford don't care attitude towards the country. I worry about our kids generations. 10-20 yrs down the road when crude oil depleted, where are they going to cari makan.

TDM and TDZ have done great to destroy this country by allowing dogs culture to take over this land. Culture of cronyism, nepotism, culture of alibaba easy money no hard work, culture of special rights and privileges waiting to get spoon fed etc.

Yup, the day will come when crude oil dried up. Like Philippines and Indo gone bankrupt by the formal corrupted regime. Citizens forced to work as cheap labors and maids overseas. No thanks to TDM and TDZ.

Anonymous,  16 August 2011 at 17:06  

That Omar Ong fella joined AirAsia Board in March 2011.
His firm seems to be advising everyone..involved in Pemandu,Teraju..

He must be really effective,
5 months after joining AA BOD..TF gets a plum deal.


Anonymous,  16 August 2011 at 17:44  

Any chance of some views from you about the recent Tajudin almost `bail-out' by the government?

Mat mencelah,  16 August 2011 at 18:28  

QD, Anon 15.09, Anon 17.06, Anon 22.35 dan Anon 06.24

Sejuk dan suka hati saya membaca akhirnya ada yang membela Umno.
Selama ini saya tengok QD sahaja yang mempertahankan Umno.
Membaca blog ini dan blog Aspan (ada yang panggil Sepan) amat menyakitkan hati.
Mengaku orang Umno tapi tak ada yang kena pada hati mereka. Dan penjilat Anwarpun berpusu-pusu mengkritik kerajaan dan Najib macam rekod rosak.
Sakmongkol dan Aspan ni syok sendiri. Ego besar. Itu sebenarnya.
Ingat diri mereka best dari orang lain.
Eloklah masuk DAP atau Keadilan.
Nanti mulut kena gam.
Ingat kat Keadilan ada 2 Queen Control - Isteri anugerah Allah dan anak yang Papanya hebat.
Baru padan muka. Kena buku dengan ruas.
Janganlah ingat orang UMNO tak tahu perangai anda berdua.

dahserikngankeris 16 August 2011 at 23:24  

intresting, whats intresting is that if umno loses dyu think the party will survive or all the politicians will migrate en masse lompat si katak lompat to the parties that would actualy hold power.......a friend of mine told me on the eve of bersih...'semua sama aje, kalau dah melayu mesti sama punya'

and u know what i kinda agree, ill fence sit till all mahathir era politicians are out of the picture...anak beranak included!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous,  17 August 2011 at 00:52  

lawaklah mereka yg tak bersetuju ngan dato arif ni..takde ker yg boleh berhujjah secara kritis dan ilmiah..?

Fairness,  17 August 2011 at 01:35  

Anon 15:09 and anon 22:35

Kritikan dato' sak keatas umno dan pm bukan bermaksud dia bencikan mereka. Kita sayang umno pasal tu kita mahu lihat umno berubah seiring zaman. Kalau kamu tak setuju dengan bos kamu ada kah kamunakan terus berhenti kerja? Kita harap allah akan buka mata pemimpin kita untuk berubah untuk kebaikan negara..

Anon 22:13

Tdz may have his flaws and it may be a major one. But does not mean what he says its true. Kita perlu ambilnyang jernih dan buang yang keruh. Kita kena belajar dengar lagu bukan penyanyi nya. Tak semestinya kalau kita takn suka dengan penyanyinya lagu yang dinyanyikan tidak merdu..

Kalau benar segala tuduhan tersebutmkita hrap satu hari nanti dia akan dibawa ke muka pengadilan bkalau bukanndi dunia di akhirat..

Anon 12:28

Tentang penerimaan jet oleh tdm itu jika benar pun adalah satu pemberian peribadi. Tidak menggunakan wang kerajaan. Syed mokhtra berhak beri kepada siapa dia mahu. Kalau dia mahu kamu tak nak? Lagipun sehingga kini tdm masih berjalan ke serata dunia untuk mempromosikan malaysia sannsebagainya. Dia tidak rehat walaupunnsudah pencen. Biarlah dia guna kemudahan itu untuk terus menyumbang kepada negara.

Tentangbtanah di bukit bintang tu spbagi pendapat saya kita kena tanya penjualjya nya la. Kalau kamu nak jual rumah tak nak ke kamu jual kat cina kalau cina tunsorang je mampu beli? Atau sanggupkah kamu hidup dalam hutang janji tak jual kat bangsa lain?

Maaf ini cuma pendapat saya

kee 17 August 2011 at 15:48  

You posed the question: "How do you want to tackle corruption?" Whatever method is chosen to tackle corruption, one thing is definite. It won't succeed if caried out by people who themselves are corrupt. It also won't succeed if carried out by people who are controlled by people who are corrupt.

Based on this premise alone, I cannot see how the present UMNO/BN government can ever tacle corruption successfully.

Suci Dalam Debu 17 August 2011 at 22:19  


I hope the many young people of Malaysia will read your blog and better still, they carry your message back to their kampungs so that their rural folks can be better informed.

Carry on your good work. As Deng Hsiao Peng said, it doesn't matter if a cat is black or white as long as it catches mice.

We want good governance but it is not provided by BN and we don't have a choice at the moment. We need to redouble of efforts to create a viable 2-part system,only then can we have black or white cats.

Anonymous,  18 August 2011 at 03:45  

Mat mencelah

1. Mana lebih berkesan antara membaiki UMNO dari dalam iaitu ketika masih ahli UMNO lagi atau dari luar atau sudah tidak menjadi ahli lagi.

2. Lazimnya manusia akan jelas nampak kesilapan masa lalu yang telah mereka atau rakan sejawat dilakukan ketika berkhidmat atau memegang jawatan dalam kerajaan, misalnya selepas mereka besara. Bukan begitu SAK?


Anonymous,  18 August 2011 at 03:50  

Anon 15 August 2011 22:35

Mana lebih baik antara dipilih menjadi calon kerana suka bodek PM dengan suka mengkrik PM?


orang kampong,  18 August 2011 at 08:46  

Pembangkang ashik dengan cerita corruption dari dulu sampailah sekarang dan DAP pula ashik memainkan issue perkaumannya untuk memancing undi.Semua ini culture orang Tongsan dan jenis mereka inilah yang menggunakan rasuah untuk mendapatkan sesuatu.Itu bukan corruption ?.Kita semua tahu Tapi orang china di kampong kampong baik baik belaka.Mungkin mereka tahu perjuangan BN dan mereka ini orang lama agaknya.
Akhirnya PR gagal juga di Perak di bawah pimpinan puppet PAS mamat Nizar tu.MP depa juga yang tak percaya dengan perjuangan mereka.Saya yakin UMNO/BN tidak lalai dengan PR kali ini mereka memperbetulkan kesalahan dan cadangan baik dan tidak baik yang diutarakan pembangkang.Apa jua ramalan TD tidak lagi releven.
Biarkan orang cina bagi 100% support pada DAP ,UMNO/BN tetap memerintah macam biasa.Yang penting kali develop kawasan yang menyokong BN yang tidak tu pedulikan.Dia orang pun dah tersangat kaya dan tak perlu pembangunan lagi.MCA,Gerakan tidur ke?

Anonymous,  18 August 2011 at 11:27  

org kg kata "Yang penting kali develop kawasan yang menyokong BN yang tidak tu pedulikan"

baguih sgt la buat perangai lagu tu. saya dok ingt tugas pemimpin /kerajaan buat kerja utk semua org xkira dia sokong ke tidak. tak tau la kot2 kemarin depa dah ubah job scope.

mampuih!! sblm GE kempen, lepaih GE kempen lg, lama2 pemimpin kita reti kempen je la. kerja lain tak tau buat.

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