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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 21 August 2011

Where has Malay Nationalism gone to?

It is moving away from immovable UMNO.

The doleful and almost pleading wish of UMNO people generally is for all the nightmares affecting their political future will go away. As a self-reassuring measure, they tell themselves, things will be all right. The people will come back to UMNO because UMNO fights for Malays. So, UMNO leaders everywhere say, things will be ok. Zahid Hamidi says, UMNO will win back the Malay ground and it will do so overwhelmingly.

Where is UMNO’s main appeal? It appeals to the Malay ground that adopts the cruder form of Malay nationalism, the sledgehammer variety so enthusiastically expounded by organizations like Perkasa. But that variety of base and crude nationalism is dying. The new generation of Malay voters adopt different values and have different expectations.

You can see what form of nationalism they subscribed to- making out the case that Bersih march for example was masterminded by Malaysian Indians out to topple the Malay government. They thought that would turn the Malay ground xenophobic until they discovered the majority of the marchers were Malays.  You get disappointed that you can no longer reduce the issue to a simple Malay- non Malay clash.

What’s the other important thing to the Malays? Their religion- comes the answer. So UMNO leaders came out accusing homely Ambiga as a threat to Islam. Still no go as that would assume the Malay faith in their religion is so fragile that even the appearance of Ambiga who is probably remotely interested in another person’s religious denomination, is sufficient to shake the religious fiber of the Malay ground. Still no one buys that argument as it died out as quickly as it was raised.  

Hmm, let’s try communism, that godless creed. The Malay’s hatred for communism seemed to be a possible source to limit empathy from the Malay ground. So pictures of Shamsiah Fakeh a member of the Malay communist regiment of the 1940s were resurrected and given prominence. The idea was to say that Bersih marchers were communism inspired.

The feeble attempt was non impactful because the attempted association with communism goes against mainstream logic; no one country in the world is sticking around communism. Even China has gone free market. Why would a band of marchers, marched in the cause of communism?

Face it. UMNO can’t appeal any longer to the cruder form of xenophobic nationalism or group pride.

Let’s ask calmly, where has Malay nationalism migrated to? The answer to me is it hasn’t migrated anywhere. But Malay nationalism has mutated into the finer form of nationalism which finds expression in variegated forms of universal causes. Example. The abhorrence for corruption is one reconstituted form of the previously crude form of nationalism. Revulsion towards other races has tuned to a more universal revulsion for corruption for example. Because corruption cuts across and affects the interest no longer of distinct groups, but the whole country. It undermines the moral fiber of the whole nation.

Wasn’t the principal idea of the original nationalism was to inculcate one’s love for the country and one’s love for the country finds expression in a more universal desire to protect the country’s interest as a whole? The crude form of nationalism which is essentially irrational chauvinism exist as an insignificant subset to the wider and more universal nationalism. It exists among the inhabitants of the lunatic underworld.

Revulsion towards economic thievery and corporate pillaging is another example. The Malays despise their own kind for doing a sting on the country with equal vehemence as if economic con jobs are inflicted on them. I have in mind of course the lightning fast deal between MAS and Air Asia. I am left with the bitter after thought that all these so called Malay corporate chieftains should be sent to reeducation schools to be taught the meaning of nationalism. Where is that sense of overriding concern to put things right as a matter of probity and correctness without doing corporate shenanigans to profit from the man-made miseries of MAS?

MAS belongs to the nation as a whole, the pride of Malaysians. Appreciation of that alone is sufficient to preclude it being treated as a pawn in an elaborate corporate board game. More disturbing and unsettling, is the more malignant inference that the government is playing along with the game the business elite plays.

Therefore if UMNO continues to peddle the cruder form of nationalism, while the Malay ground has shifted forward, how will UMNO justify its relevance? UMNO will go the Goklkar and LDP way not because some prominent bloggers will be masterminding cyber-attacks on its leaders. UMNO will be rendered irrelevant because it refuses to change its ideological format. You need to reformat or even reboot your,  raison d'être


bruno,  21 August 2011 at 12:15  

Dato,Umno is losing it's power base because the Malays are catching up to Umnoputras tricks of mass corruption.They can see with their own eyes, how big a mansions and expensive cars, these robber barons of their own race have.They have seen with their own eyes how they have been left behind.

They know that these Umnoputras are getting richer by the minute at their expense.So the Malays who have given up hope on Umno will not be coming back anytime soon.So Malay nationalism is anywhere except in Umno.

ss.,  21 August 2011 at 12:21  

Dear Dato',

All true.You are right on.

All the best.

Salam berpuasa.Regards.

Anonymous,  21 August 2011 at 12:44  

Another masterpiece from you!
What is nationalism when the majority of the Malays are still poor.
Perhaps it means all the institutions - police, ec, ag, judiciary, and the army - will be led by Malays to serve UMNO.

Anonymous,  21 August 2011 at 12:57  


UMNO has hijacked the original Malay Nationalism to become UMNO Nationalism. This country should no longer be called Malaysia but instead should be renamed as UMNOsia. All the country assets have been diverted to become UMNO assets as UMNO has been preaching to Malays that this country (aka UMNOsia) is Tanah Melayu and hence all assets belongs to the Malays. UMNO implies that it is only the caretaker of the Malay assets.

Non malays aka as pendatangs should already be grateful they are allowed to live in this country (aka UMNOsia) and be known as second class citizens. Second class citizens are not entitled to the country's Malays (aka UMNO) assets. UMNO will see to it that the country's (aka UMNOsia) assets remains in Malays (aka UMNO) hands perpetually.

Nationalism means being loyal to the country. But if the country belongs to UMNO, then Malay Nationalism means the Malays have to be loyal to UMNO. This is simple deduction and one need not be conferred a honorary doctorate or a Tunship, Tan Sriship or Datukship title to understand this.

Malay Nationalism is very much alive in the form of UMNO Nationalism.

OneMalaysian,  21 August 2011 at 13:30  

Dear Sakmongkol

“The new generation of Malay voters adopt different values and have different expectations.”

Yes, indeed they have. The cocooned and self-interested UMNO leaders have missed a phenomenon. They have been walking in one direction whilst a great many Malays, who they claim to speak for, have marched off in another direction. As the Malays move more and more into the mainstream of economic life, just as the Chinese and other non-Malays before them, they discover issues that impact their lives that UMNO is not solving – price inflation of basic food items, asset inflation that puts home ownership in cities increasingly beyond them, the unfair distribution of wealth that is exemplified not so much by Malay versus non-Malay gaps, but worryingly, between ordinary Malays and the so-called UMNOputras. The Malays that have moved out of the kampongs have also moved out of UMNO’s reach and influence.

So a party that relies on crude Malay nationalism has simply lost its mojo, or as you put it, its raison d’être. Can it recover? If history is any guide, no. To be sure, it won’t completely die. It will simply fade into irrelevance. Your examples of Golkar and the LDP are instructive. But never mind, in politics nothing is ever static. Other political forces that can appeal to the Malays and better solve their problems will replace UMNO.

I can quite understand your sentiments about UMNO and Malay nationalism. But what puzzles me is your linking Malay nationalism with MAS. Nationalism, in extenuating circumstances like war, might be an acceptable ideology to galvanise a people. But linking Malay nationalism to a “national asset” like MAS is definitely not one. First, MAS do not belong to the Malays. Second, MAS is a commercial enterprise that has to compete internationally with all other airlines. It must therefore be operated solely on commercial logic and in accordance to tested business principles. You can defy all this, but at your own financial peril. So it is no surprise that at MAS where commercial expediency has always played second fiddle to “social engineering” has lost billions over the years. After all these years, have we not learned anything?

The sooner we discard such unhelpful political ideologies such as “nationalism” or “chauvinism”, the sooner we can build a stronger economy and better unite all Malaysians around common values, not race-based values.

adie 21 August 2011 at 14:05  

Spot on Dato'!
Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.

kampong Man,  21 August 2011 at 14:55  

really there is no tricks involve here.UMNO/BN are for all Malaysians.Umno must improve the Malay lots more so now at the same time not hampring the right of other Malaysians to buy more condos ,luxury cars,better education in the urban areas,Jobs for mandarin speaking applicants only,open more vernacular schools so that we give no room to integration.
I wish to apply to be a second class citizens so that i can buy more luxury cars and whatever i want to do with my richness and wealth.Who cares about Malaysia.UMNO/BN cares for Malysia MERDEKa !

Anonymous,  21 August 2011 at 15:19  

Tazkirah seorang ustaz memberitahu ribuan org melayu islam sudahpun murtad kerana kerajaan tidak berani bertindak kerana ianya isu sensitif. Katanya isu murtad DUMC adalah hikmah untuk menunjukkan betapa pimpinan politik selama ini tidak ambil berat serta bersikap acuh-tak-acuh dalam menangani masalah murtad sehingga sukar untuk dibendung lagi. Ustaz ini berkata beliau sendiri terlibat dalam operasi serbuan serta kaunselling kes murtad sehingga pihak berkuasa agama, masjid, surau dihina kerana mengabaikan muslim sedangkan pihak gereja melayani mereka bagaikan tetamu kehormat. Org murtad boleh kata kepada ustaz “lakum di nukum waliya deen” Kita ucap tahniah kerana pusat zakat bertambah kaya raya dan orang murtad pun bertambah ramai.

Frank,  21 August 2011 at 15:22  

Dato Sak

A very well written and brutally frank article. Thank you.

Anonymous,  21 August 2011 at 19:18  

Dato Sak,
well written, you made the point to the kris' hilt!


Anonymous,  21 August 2011 at 19:49  

Cannot be that bad.I am tired to read all the same kutuk as corruptions,cronyism in your blog.It is the same old stories day in day out since the 2008 political tsunami.The cyber space are used to descredit individuals and politicians .Seems like PDRM,SPR,SPRM GOVT bodies are all wrong. Damn it . BN dont need your vote as nothing can change your crooked mind PR ! .Lets agree to disagree ok.Even Kompas offer apology for the wrong Fitnah.
Bruno, you can continue spinning to win election.Guees electio0n is just around the corner.BN shall prevail sir.Good luck.

Aldeenor 21 August 2011 at 20:36  

I swear I came across this quote before...

"Patriotism is a lively sense of responsibility. Nationalism is a silly cock crowing on its own dunghill...."

bruno,  21 August 2011 at 21:16  

Dato,looking back at history,Umno Alliance and Umno BN has each been hit badly at least once in the GE's.But each time after they have come back strongly.So they are banking on history repeating itself again.Will it become a self fufilling phopecy.Will the Malays all come back to Umno and closed ranks again,and held it to regain it's lost political supremacy.

This time Umno have taken the extreme road of no return,so the probability of it regaining it's lost invincibility,and becoming a powerhouse again is like a cat having nine lives.Like the saying third time's a charmed.Umno might retain federal power but with less seats than in the previous elections.In other words a lameduck GOM.

Nowadays,even first graders are more computer savvy than their parents or grandparents.They can relate to their illiterate parents,grandparents or great granparents in the kampongs of why Bersih took to the streets.They can see on the internet why their families are being left behind and not getting even a bite at the economic pie.

They know that third runk Umno people like Khir Toyo and Ezam have huge mansions.Or the fourth runk Umno man in Pandamaran who has built himself a castle.And they are still living in kampongs with no proper ameneties.Forget about the lambos or lembus.So the illiterate becomes the literate.

They have heard of the word corruption.But now the children understand what it means.They have most recently heard of Sime Darby,Felda and Felda Global and now again MAS.They have been hearing of the GLC's been milked.
Now they know why their parents,grandparents and great grandparents are being left behind.

bruno,  21 August 2011 at 21:16  

And they can see what is happening to their religion.The recent intrusion by Jais into church compound to further their political objectives,under the pretense of hearsay rumuors.The causing of numerous deaths due to their overzeolous acts of arresting khalwat participants.

But they can see the hyprocrisy of the Islamic authorities.They only arrest the working people.Why the Muslim politicians who drank liquor,patronizing establishments where Muslims are prohibited,gambling and commiting khalwat are not arrested and caned.

They can see the abused of power by the authorities.They only arrest the opposition people,mostly on trump up charges,but not the real trouble makers from Umno.So they can see that the present Umno GOM is rotten to the core.And these abused of power and mass corruption not only effect the other races,it effected the Malays too.

And these children will tell their parents,grand parents and great grandparents to look for other alternatives.And their other alternatives is in the coming GE.And it is going to be in the ballot boxes.And the other alternative is not going to be Umno.Not by a longshot.

Anonymous,  21 August 2011 at 21:52  

Bercakap mengenai nasionalisma melayu ini pun dgn bahasa orang putih, jadi kemanakah semangat nasionalisma melayu nya? Yang penting semangat nasionalisma dan patuh/setia pd negara tak kira cina ,india.kadazan.murut,kelabit dll.Apa salah nya ceo mas kaum lain ttp rakyat malaysia. Ceo SIA orang malaysia lebih tepat lagi cina malaysia. Feri penang dulu rugi ttp sekarang untung selepas bertukar ceo, betul ke? Jadi melayu semakin layu semangatnya.isk isk isk

bruno,  22 August 2011 at 00:06  

Dato,let us take a look at the latest political announment about what KJ said.Before he said that he was not going to defend his Rembau seat.That was when he was at his political trough.Now he is saying that it is up to his superiors.It should be superior without an "s".Commonsense will tell us that the superior is Najib.

Najib has woken up and come to his senses.He has brought KJ into his camp to shore up support in his fight against Moo and Hisham.
Remember Najib's recent trip to Kadashan.KJ was among the entourage.When previously Najib went to the US,he brough along froggies from PKR,and KJ was not invited.

Do not be surprised that if Najib retains power after the coming GE,
Kj will be appointed a full minister.Then later on with KJ in his camp,Moo will be shown the door.It will be a repeat of Anwar vs Ghafar(act2) at the Umno presidental elections,unless Moo tones down and behave like a good yesboy.Cousin Hisham will be retained to save face,abeit a little demotion in rank.

Anonymous,  22 August 2011 at 00:35  

Dato ' Sak
maaf saya suka tulis dalam bahasa Malaysia kerana saya berasal dari sek. Malay medium.
1.Melayu dah lama hilang taring sejak Pm Mahathir lagi. Pasal dia banyak jaga dan perkayakan orang2yang China dan Tdz hanya kayakan segelintir melayu yang tidak menolong bangsa sendiri contoh Halim Saad, Tajuddin Ramli, Amin Shah, Wan Azmin ,Hamdan Mohamad, Azman Yahya begitu juga pm Mahathir Abdullah Bedawi dan Glc, kontraktor -kontraktor Melayu tidak diberi peluang sekiranya diberi peluang pun bayaran kerja tidak dibayar akibatnya banyak yang gulong tikar, Melayu banyak merayu dengan main cont bangsa lain, inilah membuat kita hilang kuasa dan taring.
2.PEMUDA sekarang semuanya penting pocket sendiri, kalau tak pakai Q7 dan Alphad, bukan pemuda inikah bangsa yang akan menyelamatkan bangsa sendiri.?
3.Undang2 murtad, kalau dulu beberapa orang mufti negeri cuba serius dalam hal2 ugama Pm Mahathir lucutkan jawatannya. Macamana nak tegapkan Undang2 Islam,tangkap buang kes, beberapa tokoh koporat kahwin orang putih dan terus hidup macam orang putih, bulan puasa lari tinggal Malaysia, dirumah penuh dengan minuman haram, nama saja islam, cara kehidupan harian semua cara orang putih, beberapa cadangan untuk menguatkan Undang2 Islam ditolak mentah2.soo silap siapa,
Dato pls tulis dan highlight kan benda ini dan jangan pandang remeh.

Anonymous,  22 August 2011 at 07:02  

Its a big sacrifice to be a politician..please respect the work we politicians do.So whats wrong if we are rewarded with projects?You think we don't need to eat?I can earn more money if I devote my energy outside of politics but I am sacrificing myself to make your life better.
So whats wrong if I drive a Q7?If I use a simple car like a Camry you think people will respect me?

If you all think you are so good,come and join me in politics lah.I bet you won't last a day.

Ok my dear Armchair Critics?

talisman 22 August 2011 at 07:28  

Dtk Sak,
your writings has been very provoking; unfortunately only to suburbans.
I only wish you can write simple analogous topics of why rural Malays are being cheated everyday.
Whata waste of your mis-guided talents.

kampong man,  22 August 2011 at 08:39  

Seems that so much focus is on UMNO and this is good.It shows that people like you and me are very concern on the manner and direction on the country strongest party and hopefully because we care ,or may be you dont care but i do.
Sorry a bit of history and story.Following the May 13 dissaster i secured my MARA loan to study Engineering in the UK University .May be i was not clever enough to be at University Malaya Engineering Foculty,being the only University in Malaysia then as it requires straight 4A HSC level to be there.At that time there was hardly 3% kampong man type there. I guess that time you have not set your senior Cambridge O level yet.The kampong man parents were extremely happy that this Kampong boy from the fishing village managed to finally achieve his dream to be an engineer at last.Oppurtunity was given to him and he has full settled his study loan fully long time ago so that other poor students from the kampong can continue having that benefit to further their studies .Why all this brag about me you may wonder .I am no member of UMNO until today but it was the UMNO/BN that make it possible and he owed it to UMNO/BN till this day.To be securing First grade pure science those days for a kampong boy was really something. A second grader from Kuantan and to be in Economics foculty ,UM then something as well Sak so you are excellent too. But i dont belong to that elite MCKK school like Anuar and i never share his values and and not one bit.I have no problem with those UMNOputras having big houses and big cars and you cannot assume that those are from the ill gotten money.The UMNOputras numbers are just peanuts as well in relations to the non-UMNOputras numbers.I have seen more and more non- UMNOputras having big big mansions and big big cars benefitting from UMNO/BN rule for the last 54 years ! and these are the people, the giver and the major contributor and source of CORRUPTION and now you are bashing UNMO/BN for corruptions,cronyim lah.Because it has political agenda to change the entire political landscape to see the demise of UMNO in the next PRU 13 finally, and because you believe that these inexperience people can manage this beautiful Malaysia free of corruption !
Bruno, you may continue bashing UMNO because this is an UMNO bashing blog and because you enjoy poisoning the mind of the fence sitters and because you are VERY SURE this is going to be the end of UMNO/BN for whatever your ultimate desire is you may succed and you may not and is for you and me to see.You and me have only one vote each.I know where my single vote will go despite all.I have not forgotten the JASA and the oppurtunity given to me by UMNO/BN.Because Kampong man TAK MUDAH LUPA.
I dont believe Najib and team is not doing anything about it.
UMNO is changing and improving in the light of new changes in the manner current generation are voting despite all the cyber attacks and they must change for the better since they must not only look after the interest of the malay folks but also the entire RAKYAT i.e all Malaysians.Hopefully the PR ,should they manage to be at Putrajaya will do the best for Malaysia too though it they will be at the learning curve.After all no party is political perfect right.
As i look into the crystal ball despite the setbacks ,the bashings UMNO/BN will retain Putrajaya.UMNO has gone into many worst crises than now before,they got stronger each time. Malay nationalism dont fade ,the stronger the challenge and the demand the more stronger the Malay Nationalism is.Sorry i have to disagree with you .
Salam ,and selamat berpuasa.

Quiet Despair,  22 August 2011 at 08:43  

Everyone knows UMNO/BN is poised to win the coming GE. There are really no major issues to scuttle the BN as the ruling party again.
Plans for electoral reforms are in place.Civil servants, Felda settlers and Risda small-holders got their just due.
And the coming budget will be people-friendly to cater to the cost of the living of the masses.
The opposition really have nothing to quarrel with the government with regard to the welfare of Malaysians.
So they are on a feeding frenzy on the supposed split between Najib and his deputy.
And the latest is also the split with his cousin Hishamuddin. What? Adik nak lawan abang, where got road? Hahaha.
Oh how people like Bruno loves to see this supposed feud, no matter if it is imaginary.
What better ruse to go to the people telling them not to vote for a party that is in a power struggle.
And that Anu-war fella knows it too. As usual he goes abroad to shore up his support since his countrymen reject him.
Who else if not him that's spreading slander on Najib and wife about the US24 million ring and his future in-law alleged link with Russian mafia. Visiting Indonesia as though he is the government.
The Indonesian paper, Kompas has called his bluff with the apology.
It's us who perceived the different approaches to Najb's transformation policy as a break-up betweent he two.
I see it as a symbiotic relationship. One concentrate on the national interests encompassing all races.
And Muhyiddin is playing the role of appeasing the Malays who regard the policy as alienating them.
It's not that Najib is less Malay than Muhyiddin as we like to see.
Nationalism is not dead in UMNO.
It's alive and well.

zaidi,  22 August 2011 at 09:23  

Dato' Sak,
The best thesis so far on Malay Nationalism. I think the big guy is watching you and soon you will be enticed to join the Darth Vader camp. Beware of the dark side Dato' Sak. Tough people like Husin Lempoyang has been swayed...UMNO in desperate time need people like you.
Selamat hari Raya, Maaf zahir dan batin..Kami sekeluarga peminat dan penyokong Dato Sak.

Iskandar,  22 August 2011 at 10:51  

WMD "Weapons of Mass Destruction" led to the downfall of for BN it will be TMC "Trickery of Mass Corruption"...the Rakyat is getting more educated as the days go much longer can they hope to keep people ignorant.

It's easy to catch a magicians tricks if you have cameras all around him...BN is now faced with that situation, thanks to the internet. No one will ever be as good an "illusionist" as Mahathir...he managed to fool 10Million Malays into thinking he was one of them.

Anonymous,  22 August 2011 at 19:56  


Eaten away by capitalism since TDMahathir took power!


Patrick 22 August 2011 at 20:07  

Nationalism is fluid. It moves with times. Your article is quite franks in its assessment of UMNO's slide towards irrelevance. Nationalism means differently at different period in history. What nationalism that UMNO was built on does not apply anymore today. Hence, you are right. We see UMNO probing the national scene daily to find its nationalistic footing. But the larger issue is that UMNO is probing with the same characters that more or less created this nationalistic culture. They never change and are lazy to move with times, prefering the easy way out of doing what has been tried-and-tested.

In UMNO's quest to retain power and educate the masses, they also empowered the masses. The internet, the all potent and intagible force, just leveld the playing field. Suddenly the educated masses are understanding governance, economics, welfare, survival at lightning speed and are comparing their lot to the rest of the world. Then ASTRO just furnished the videos and live 'breaking news' as it develops globally for the masses to see. Suddenly, the masses become self aware of their environment and ultimately, their rights.

The convergence in technology really shifted the goalpost of nationalism and is continuously shifting, in line with global events. People realised that we are all in the same boat and have to live together to move forward. If the ruling elite can have wealth, the people are also entitled to them. Nationalism means levelling the playing field where everybody aims for a common goal together, in peace and harmony.

UMNO is not moving with times simply because they are made up of old cocks, bent on retaining power the old and ancient nationalistic way. There are no young blood within UMNO to continue the fight into the new era. Hence you have a gap between realism and perception in nationalism in UMNO. To the detriment of the nation.

bruno,  23 August 2011 at 00:05  

kampong man,

Maybe you are among the few lucky beneficiaries from the kampong.But you have to look at it at a general perspective.For one kampong student to get a scholarship,how many other students are left behind.For one small entrepreneur
to get loans to start a small business,how many prospective and aspiring entrepreneurs are left behind.

The politicains have to utilised some funds to show that they are doing something,at least on paper.
Then the rest of the funds are channeled somewhere else,most likely into their personal piggy bank.If those hundreds of billions of ringgits,stolen from the people's bank are distributed equally among all Malaysians,do you know how much each family would get.That is why I like to bashed Umno and it's little siblings Mca,Mic and Gerakan.

Quite Despair,

Civil servants,Felda settlers and Risda small holders got their just due.

Hold your horses,buddy.Have you heard of Felda borrowing billions from EPF.Have you heard of Felda having a new sibling called Felda Global.Do you know that Felda Global has already lost billions overseas.Have you asked yourself where have the billions gone to.

If not for the many folds increase in the prices of rubber and oil palm,you think the settlers would get anything.Compare to the many folds prices have gone up,what the settlers got was pittance.If those few billions lost overseas for whatever reasons,were to be distributed to the settlers than yes,I fully agree with you that this is going to be a goog Hari Raya for the settlers.Cheers buddy.

Unrepentant Klepto,  23 August 2011 at 00:11  

Dato, I don't know where Malay Nationalism, or if you like, Malaysian Nationalism, has gone to or heading towards.

All I know is with plunderers aplenty in our midst the word nationalism is meaningless. Look back to the past, and in this case to the time when the father of the present P.M. was the P.M. then we might just understand why nationalism and nation building meant so much to all Malaysians, then. There was a pervasive and deep sense of purpose in everything politicians, civil servants and the common men and women did. There was warmth shared between those who serve and those who were served. If the people sweated so did the politicians, and few wore the cynical condescending smiles we see so much today from self-serving ‘nationalists’. The reason was that the day's work had to be done, and the morrow was another day, and there was nothing to smile about. Today only ‘nationalist’ politicians and their friends in the corporate world have reason to smile. Shaking hands is not their preference as they would rather have them, though much soiled, kissed.

Let us take a sentimental journey back to remember the type and quality of men we had a long time ago. For the moment just these two comments by two important personalities from the past, about Tun Abdul Razak. They are taken from a discussion session led by Farish A Noor with Datuk Abdul Rahman Hamidon (Secretary of National Operations Council 1969-1971, post May 13th crisis) and Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad, one time personal aide to Tun Razak and later an assistant Minister, from Off the Edge, issue 56, August 2009.

Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad: "I sometimes used to help carry Tun Razak's bag. Now they've got people to carry minister's wives' bags, hairdressers, make-up......."

Datuk Abdul Rahman Hamidon: "I'll tell you one incident. One day Tun Razak had to make a trip to Kelantan. Tun Rahah had wanted to follow him but ministers could not take their wives with them [on official trips]; the government would not pay for it.
So that morning Tun Razak called me and said, 'I'm going to Kelantan and Rahah wants to go too but I cannot take her because government won't pay for this.'
I said to him, 'Tun, this is the NOC, and I am the controlling officer. I have the right to approve and you are the number one man. You take her, I'll pay for it and no one will query it. You are the Director of Operations.' He said, 'No, no, no people will talk, people will talk. Rahman, I don't want people to talk about this.' In the end, Tun Rahah had to go to Kelantan by herself, by car.

And that's the type of man we had running the country at that time. Let alone now, going overseas and taking their wives and children....."
That’s it – clean honest and pure service to the nation by honest men without shouting any slogans.

What 40 years can do to a nation!

Anonymous,  23 August 2011 at 07:26  

back to slumber again? Wake up man.
Kompass apology for printing untruth? Where does it say so? Did it retract the article? Read again the fine print. What did it say exactly....haha! caught you.
Still ebullient about Umno's chances? Budget proposals borrowed from PKR? Nevermind, imitation is the best form of flattery in this case. Feuds and tussles among themselves in Umno, between themselves, you do understand, but dont want to. Oh dear.

Quiet Despair,  23 August 2011 at 10:09  

Anon 07.26

LMAOF. Woke up to a dismal morning but you made my day.
You are a joker of the highest order. You must be in the vaudeville troupe entertaining Americans during the deep depression.
Or maybe in the sandiwara bangsawan group of our pre-independence days.
You mean that fella with the BM general degree can think of budget proposals. He cannot even balance ABIM accounts.
You mean to say he crafted our budget since over 50 years ago. Duh.
Never handled a file before until he was anointed as Minister.
Failed miserably as Education and Finance Minister. Jeez.

Anonymous,  23 August 2011 at 10:50  

Ha ha ha ..


Saya cakap melayu bole nooo Tuan Sak..

Hang dapat ke UK tajaan MARA lepas 13 Mei, masa tu UMNO tak Koruplagi..

La ni lepas TDM, ambik alih semua jadi korup..hangpa tenggok, yang bina Banglo, Mension, pandu Alphad..agak-agak depa tu sepadan dengan kelayakan depa?..cuma disebabkan jawatan depa yang di kongsi anak-beranak depa boleh jadi kaya..

Lihat komen dari Unrepentant Klepto, Zaman Pemimpin UMNO yang jujur sudah berlalu, yang tinggal hanya samseng yang tahu merompak atau menyamun untuk kepentingan mereka (walau tak semua tetapi majoriti begitu, dari peringkat cawangan hingalah ke peringkat tertinggi)..adakah fenomena ini boleh kita ubah!!!.

Ianya telah menjadi cara hidup UMNO BARU, if you cannot bid them join them..ha ha ha.

QD nice to see u...

Anonymous,  23 August 2011 at 11:57  


Why r we still talking about Malay Nationalism in this stage of our nationhood?

Shouldn't we concentrate on Malaysia Nationalism?

Our founding fathers had that vision for Malaysia, even though they carried their own ethnic charisma while fighting for the formation of the Malaya.

That Malaysia Nationalism has transcended all the other races' individual ideologies. Thus we saw the harmonic co-existence of all the races during that initial phrase of the national building. Racial & religious discourses were at the minimum then.

Unfortunately, that concept has been hijacked by a small group of Malay elites, some r only of pseudo-Malay stock. It has since been turned into a two headed snake, of race & religion, biting into & tearing apart that diversity-in-unity fabric of our nationhood.

Instead of strengthening our cultural diversity, a undisputed advantages in this new dawn of the Asia Might, we r silo-ed into building a single race identity of M'sian, based just on a single race. Along the way, all sorts of draconian thuggery were/are employed just to justify the end.

The result is as we see now - a fractured nation, losing her initial god given advantages to the late-comers nations surrounding her.

What u have said about the new generation of the Malay M'sian has been happened to all The Others for quite some time now. They r awaken earlier bcoz they have only themselves to depend on. When u r on yr own, that survival instinct would clear yr mind.

This is now been felt by the 'new' Malay M'sians. They r been exposed to all the infos that have been previously excluded from them by their 'caring' elites.

In short, they r been rudely awaken by the reality of the surrounding world. & they know that Malay Nationalism will only bring them back to their feudalistic past, which is also spurious made-believe.

Their new dawn is Malaysia Nationalism, just like all The Others r inspired through their understanding of the new order. & this is the current Malay psyche. Those who cant read it bring their own downfall.

Anonymous,  23 August 2011 at 13:51  

Amchair critice.
Just to let you that i'm also politician before, bukan politician murahan yang terus masuk ikut pintu belakang. Apa yang awak cabar itu adlah satu sikap keegoaan awak.
1.Saya cabar awak tubohkan beberapa cawangan Umno sebagaimana yang dibuat oleh saya dulu, saya tiap 2 ptg. Selepas waktu pejabat akan membawa borang keahlian Umno dan memasukkan kedalam peti surat, Selepas seminggu kita akan follow-up inilah apa yang kita buat. Bukan macam awak terus joint politik minta projek.
2.Kesenangan yang saya ada bukan dari duit projek politik semata mata semuanya hasil dari saya makan gaji dan sedikit hasil perniagaan yang tiada kena mengena dengan parti, saya tidak cemburu dengan apa yang awak ada dan dapat contonya Q7,pasal dirumah saya ada lebih daripada itu.
Pesanan saya dan pandangan awaklah salah seorang ahli politik dari pemuda mungkin dan salah seorang ahli parti yang sombong tidak diboleh tunjuk ajar. Orang semacam awak lah yang menjahanam parti yang Umno.

sang kancil 23 August 2011 at 16:27  

The sad fact is that the UMNO today is being led and controlled by liars thieves and scumbags to the detriment of Malaysia.

Anonymous,  23 August 2011 at 21:08  

QD, 10.09
Cat stepped on your tail? Did I shake more than the tree to upset you so much?
I am from the boondocks, enlighten what's LMAOF?
QD, either you are still sleeping or what? My article was not referring to any one particular Minister (you were), just a oblique reference that Umno never ceases to imitate, in this case budget proposals from PKR. Take it easy.

Quiet Despair,  23 August 2011 at 22:09  

Amon 21.08

LMAOF is what we Americans (haha) say Laugh My Ass On The Floor. Some say Little Midgets Are On Fire.
No sweat Mr. Anon. I am not in the least flustered or angry.
I regard this blog as a playground for us to play, tease and taunt.
The beauty of this blog is you don't see people shouting vulgarities or cussing.
I get scared when I go to some pro-Pakatan blogs where the F-word is bandied about when someone disagrees with them.
I put my two cents worth only in Sak's blog and his best pal, Aspan.
To me they are matured men (can I say old men?)whom we can discourse with since they know more than me.
I learns lots from them.
I am a newbie in politics.

walla 23 August 2011 at 22:35  

We hanker for our old dondang sayang Malay nationalism.

But Mismah and her one million countrymen, many of whom already given citizenship, may soon enough rise up to demand Indonesian nationalism on Malaysian soil right after elbowing off our own Nusantara Malays from the decrepit job market and chicken-feet handouts.

Imagine, Umno officiates foreign competition on its own members trying to eke a living in a price-distorted world.

If that mykad-conferred Indonesian nationalism rears, how then will that general of the same army that had laid down countless lives on our western shores during konfrontasi respond when he only knows how to respond to his political puppet masters, the very same who so liberally dished out citizenship to foreigners just to tilt votes, direct inasmuch postal, at marginal constituencies?

There are only two things holding up Umno today. Grandiose schemes spun for dreams of personal wealth with hands already holding promissory notes to the pie, and the blinkered gratitude of the conscience-dead.

Upon these, the fate of the nation is to reside? Please, where's the lift to the rooftop of Plaza Masalam?

The hard truths that the blogger has articulated are no lesser hard truths that the ex-minister mentor down south had uttered.

But in the latter case, it was the challenge of finding and grooming real global leaders with the contextual intelligence and helicopter view to transcend global forces and pro-act on situations, not like over here whose so-called half-past six leaders only know how to react with distortions failing which deflections failing which lies and recriminations failing which vote rigging, all backed by twisted notions of race, rights, royalty and religion.

What has happened to our gravitas, pietas, dignitas and virtus?

In a country gunning for high-income economy, eighty percent of our workforce hold only a general SPM of annually diminishing standard supplied by a ministry led by a forked-tongue Malay only minister presumably still reporting to a flip-flopping chief whose credibility is as blown as his government.

Press the button of the lift now. Not working? Why, no maintenance culture as well?

Nationalism needs that culture too. How does one maintain good nationalism? Certainly not by cheating, blackmailing, bribing, bludgeoning the rakyat nor by sodomizing the very institutions which operate the democracy we are supposed to practice.

Just one simple rule - always do the right thing. Applies from the lowliest to the loftiest.

So that we can reach the zen of real nationalism - rekindling the natural goodwill and love we have for one another independent of dogmas and discordance.

To be only too happy to bravely be kind to everyone.

To be only too happy to bravely commit to saying this:

"i shall never leave you behind."

Not song, not slogan, not empty words by sly spineless politicians and their conscience-deficient ilk.

We should vote for the underdogs. They're hungrier to perform. If they don't, vote back Barisan ten years later. That should be easy; after all, Umno presumes to have more members than the others all the time. Inclusive of foreigners.

Unrepentant Klepto,  24 August 2011 at 02:10  

Dato dan Anonymous(23 August 2011 10:50). Bahagian kedua, Wira-Wira dulu yang tak banyak bising. Dipetik dari makalah yang sama, yakni 'Off the Edge, issue 56, August 2009.'

"Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad: He (Tun Razak) restored peace to the country which figuratively was on the brink of collapse, and the speed with which this was done was extraordinary, thanks to the active participation of all the ethnic groups. A shy reticent and exceptionally able administrator cum politician, he was a rare combination of qualities. He was very dedicated to his work, to the extent of being a workaholic and above all, he was incorruptible. When he died, he left behind only two modest houses, one in Kuala Lumpur, and the other, a rumah kampung in his constituency of Pekan, Pahang. ....
...... He (Tun Ismail, previously Foreign Minister) was a no-nonsense, independent man who brooked no incompetence, tardiness and graft. Like the Director of Operations [Tun Razak], he was reserved, able and a doer, not a talker. If he was hot-tempered, he was also a very fair man. Both he and Razak recognised talent; they groomed, defended and rewarded young politicians and civil servants on performance rather than on paper qualifications and social background.
I liked both because they didn't play favourites and they behaved with great propriety in public as well as in private. Though Razak was from aristocratic roots and Ismail from an upper class home, both believed in meritocracy and pushed for social mobility. The nation suffered when they died at relatively young ages; Razak at 54 and Ismail at 58 in 1973.”

So again simple authentic accounts of patriots and nationalists from the past, and if you like true blue-blooded jihadists of the quiet kind who struggled all the way till the final roll call to the grave.
I have often asked myself where would we be today if both men had lived an extra ten years? Would we still see over-fed politicians who own palatial homes merely by patching up holes in rotting teeth or straightening them, or, through making lucrative deals sanctioned from on high because of political affiliation? Would we still have randy dour-looking skirt-chasers after being exposed and allowed to lead a political party?

Where have all the nationalists gone?

"... he left behind only two modest houses,...." - cantik dan manis sekali, dan pahit!

Ghab 24 August 2011 at 02:19  

Indeed , Nationalism is old fashion . Its days are gone and long time gone . If Nationalism is cared to condition the Malay minds , the question of today's Democracy would not be in a prevailing state . Malaya would remain Malaya and may become the twin of once the Apartheid South Africa . God forbids .

The New generation of Malay has changed and apparently about the historical rhetoric of Nationalism is of no consequence to them . Thus the opinion goes , " Malay voters adopt different values and have different expectations. "

What was obvious for the last two decades , new generation of Malays have been escapade by the new rhetoric of political forces to bring about the new political , social and economic orders opinionated in construction by the political wave of the unconvinced Liberalism . As a result , led by their minded leaders , they are being further alienated and be in the post-partisan from the status quo imbedded .

Liberalism is confusing and slippery in the context of Malaysian political landscape .
The so-called liberals favor a graceful welfare provision and redistribution and at the same time the other liberals prefer laissez-fare economics and minimal Government intervention .

The politics of liberalism become more confusing because they become interchangeable sometime to further left . However , the liberals have a series of domestic values . At time , they include liberty , democracy ? , tolerance , constitutionalism , human rights and other ' Everythinisms ' that are convincing in its remarkable adaptability . The irony is , the Government , termed Liberal is variant to their types of liberalism . Recently , Liberals were hostile to democracy , Election Commission , the ruling parties , Malay , Islam , tolerance and constitutionalism . It seems , it is not their exclusive properties . What it seems obvious that it is a political movement with a very political condition for Anarchism .

Many of the new generation Malays are suffering and often confused from these types of liberalism . They are made to feel the sense of alienation . From that alienation , they are made to feel that they have no stake in the society and therefore they are ever ready to fall into the mentality of revolutionary ideology . This is because liberalism emerged as a revolutionary ideology . In the end , the Liberals are reflecting the ambitions to the rising of the new elite of their kind , in mind to the abolition of feudal privilege . This political phenomenon should be corrected and the Government , had better recognized .

Crossing the arguments and being posted for schism is a nasty predicament . Change is inevitable but progress within the status quo is the fundamental instrument for stability . Progress would not wait for us if our country is trapped in mental Anarchism .

Anonymous,  24 August 2011 at 06:15  

Dt Sak.
Add what Unrepentant Kleptof said.
RAZAK left Genting Highland Share under his father-in law Yayasan Tan Sri Noh's name.

Anonymous,  24 August 2011 at 07:41  

QD 21.08
thanks for the clarification, we need to learn new acronyms.
I and am sure most of us read Dato Sak's comments and Walla's thoughts(when he decides to write in, haha), and these are not only provocative, analytical, incisive, clarifying, edifying, but they do open up a well of hope and despair that can be productive and in the process sharing and learning more. "Old" men you may want to say, hardly really, their thoughts come across in ways that inspires others to write in to put in their 2 cents worth, and for some to 'tease and taunt'. Maturity is not only defined by years. This is an excellent blog, and shakes us out of our safe cocoons. Enough said, I am now going to read Walla's contributions here.

Anonymous,  24 August 2011 at 14:16  

DT Sak & unrepentant Klepto,
Tun Razak good and very cleean??????,
But how can His father-in law having Genting Highland Share under Yayasan Tan Sri Noh?.
How is Pemenggang Amanah for that share now???????

Anonymous,  24 August 2011 at 14:48  

For years before GE12, we witness how BN political actives live their lives especially UMNO's ambitious lot. It was money making talk everyday - projek sini projek sana, serving the community? Nah...just a gameplan only. Corruption on the ground is a daily cari makan activities. Tak payah kerja, most kopitiams, restaurants, hotel cofee house IS 'the office'.

Bullying comon ppl on any given day under the slightest nano provocation. No worries, with their close connection with enforcement agencies especially police and the ADUNs, MPs..who dare go against them? Too exxagerate? Go ask the real common ppl.

Then u see these Arrogants started to distance themselves as if they are a level above the rest, flaunting their wealth and expect the common ppl to bow their head giving salam when reaching out their hand. As if they have contributed positively to the lives of the common ppl..and then when the next person comes in, eg. a minister, PM or sorts..these BN ambitious will sprint out to bow their heads to salam the VVVVIP with a wide grin as if seeing their beloved long lost father coming home. THe ppl see through all these shameless antics. Disgusting!

Then the ppl realize, these BN vultures are never there to help. Instead they are liabilities, parasites. When u raise a problem seeking help, it is like stripping yourself naked for them to take advantage on us. Surely they will find something to benefit themselves. Not true? Go ask the ppl....real ppl not ambitious BN ppl.

Malay Nationalisme? Helping the Malays? C'mon.....I helped more Malays in my area than the UMNO big-mouths or even the PKR kekoks!

This is not an anti-BN comment but a true fact. A fact seen by the vast majority of the people.

Anonymous,  24 August 2011 at 19:55  

Dear Dato Sak and Walla,
really confusing our growing mixed population. In future, will the Malay first only Minister be the Indon first Minister, Malay second? Looks like our neighbours are racing in to fill the bboxes the with the help of the cousin. What a day.

Unrepentant Klepto,  25 August 2011 at 00:50  

Anon 06:15 and 14:16:

I would still like to believe that Tun Razak could not possibly have been instrumental in his father-in-law, Tan Sri Noh's shareholdings in Genting Highland or other listed companies. Given the cultural setting of that moment in time, it was altogether highly probable that one just could not refuse a gift from a grateful friend. Certainly no son-in-law could be held accountable for a father-in-law's commercial transactions. I remember those times when a gift remained just that, a gift. It was never given as inducement for a favour to be done unlike all the ugly connotations a gift generates today.

Allow me to extract, as Part 3, on Nationalist and Nationalism, from the same issue of 'Off the Edge', to reinforce my general impression of the stirling incorruptible men who inhabited our public spaces:

"Datuk Abdul Rahman Hamidon: "Out of curiosity, can I ask you whether elected representatives were paid during this period (of the Emergency) when Parliament and the state assemblies were suspended? After all Parliament was suspended and so did they get their salaries?

TS Abdullah Ahmad: "Yes they were paid, and they got their allowance."

Farish Noor: "So they were paid but they were not doing anything. But that's the same like today!"

Datuk Abdul Rahman Hamidon: "Two years doing nothing, but getting paid! (laughs). But in those days, their salaries were very small, compared to what politicians get paid today. Even Tun Razak's allowance was small. I know, because I looked after it.....
When Tun Razak or Tun (Tan) Siew Sin went overseas I followed them. Tun Siew Sin washed his own clothes and hung them to dry because the government wouldn't pay laundry allowance. Later on, the civil servants, we fought for dhoby allowance so that whenever we had to go overseas we were reimbursed in half, not full. During the time I was there, there was no payment for laundry. Can you imagine that?
....... I'm telling the truth. Tun Razak never interfered with contracts. I was in the Ministry of Defence; I was chairman of the tender committee. [Tenders] were handled by civil servants, not the politicians. Tun Razak would never accept anybody coming to lobby him; everything had to go back to the civil servants. Tenders were managed by the tender board, not like today. The tender board was controlled by the Treasury; not all decisions could be made by the tender boards. If I remember correctly, the tender board only dealt with tender contracts up to Rm2 million; the board could recommend to the Treasury which tender to accept. Beyond Rm2 million, no.
And even then the tenders had to be passed by the Minister of Finance, not the minister in charge...."

We are not our brother's keeper still less our father-in-law's. The point you made is noted, and I thank you for that, and with a prayer we hope great men and women will still stride upright on our erstwhile blessed country.

Anonymous,  25 August 2011 at 09:35  

Unrepentant Klepto

‘…a prayer we hope great men and women will still stride upright on our erstwhile blessed country.’

That prayer shall never be answer until a new page for this nation is been turned.

Simply bcoz the ‘great men & women’ that currently infested the hall of power r scum.

To paraphrase yr praise for Razak, let me relate a passage from Hitler’s biography.

Sometime during the rise against the Jew, when the genocide was been carried out like wild fire, the Führer himself had appointed a Jew to manage the operation. He did that bcoz he knew that person could carry out his order efficiently to the dot, even though it was an extermination path for his kindred.

Wasn’t Hitler a Jwe hater? & yet he tolerated a Jew to carry out his master plan of wiping off the Jew from Europe!

Here’s the moral to yr story. Even an evil man could have some trace of ‘good’ attribute. Recognisation of ‘good’ skill, even when that skill lies with a person whom u despise.

Razak was the schemer of May13, the darkest chapter of the M’sia history. Harun was his tool. T Ismail was conned.

He was the Brutus that backstab Tunku, SIMPLY bcoz he wanted to be the PM. The only way he could achieve that was to play race & thus remove the mild manner gentleman Tunku.

Razak was so immersed into that new power that he gained; wealth gathering was only secondary in his mind. So any wonder "... he left behind only two modest houses,....". Just gave him a few more year lah!

BTW, someone should do an audit to find out how’s the assets of Yayasan T Razak arises. There r more skeleton than u care to dig.

zorro 25 August 2011 at 23:28  

Your surgical scalpel cuts clean and deep with precision to heal. Or maybe it is a mite too late your applied skill. To look on the brighter side....your dissection of a cadaver a la postmortem is for the benefit of a new generation. That's how I read this. Great job Dato.

Anonymous,  27 August 2011 at 14:14  

(1) When Bersih is not beneficial to the govt, the leader of Bersih is highlighted as Malaysian Indian.

(2) When AA is beneficial to them, they didn't mention the head of AA being Malaysian Indian.

Real hypocrites.

telur dua 29 August 2011 at 12:10  

They substituted Nationalism with Moneyism a long time ago. They are just being practical.

Harping on race and religion can't get them very far.

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