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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 6 August 2011

A morning session with The Oracle of Syed Putera

Once again, I have the pleasure to share with readers, the current thoughts of the Oracle of Syed Putra. To refresh the minds of readers, the Oracle is the alter ego of Tun Daim Zainudin. You can almost say what the Oracle says is what Tun Daim thinks.
It seems now, whatever Tun Daim says is carefully analyzed. And Tun Daim is a dangerous seer. In 2008, he predicted the loss of BN in 5 states. The UMNO generals were up in arms. They vilified him, describing him with all sorts of disrespectful terms. Daim is a pensioner. Daim is out of touch. Daim is irrelevant. When the results came, what Daim predicted was generally true.
So how does Daim see the future? According to the Oracle, it’s a grim future for UMNO and BN. the country has no leadership. Announcements were made continuously without understanding what were said. The PM reads the budget in parliament but when it comes to Q&A, Nor Yaakob does the answering. Some people prepare the text and PM who has no time to understand the context, will just read it.
The Oracle related the many occasions when Tun Daim answered he doesn’t understand what the New Economic Model or the various economic initiatives are all about. He only understands basic business models- 2+ 2= 4.  Now if a wily business man like Daim doesn’t understand Najibnomics, what chance do common folks have?
Civil servants complained to Daim about having to implement policies which they have no part in giving inputs. Our economic models are prepared by consultants under the commissar-ship of people like Omar Ong or Idris Jala.
The PM’s rating says the Oracle has been sliding precipitously since the Bersih Rally. He handled that one badly. The NGO was already declared an illegal one, yet he allowed them to have an audience with the Agong. The man who was instrumental in brokering Ambiga’s audience with the Agong was Pak Lah, the former PM. When asked the PM said Pak Lah wanted to help out, but that kind of help hastens his plummeting rating. The Malays have a saying for this- sokong membawa rebah.
All is not well with our country. The majority of the Chinese are not going to vote BN. Moving from one Chinese based party (MCA) to another( DAP) presents no mental hurdle for the Chinese. They are businesslike in their decisions.
One, the Chinese are aware that Chinese interests are better looked after by a more aggressive political party. Two, stepping out from UMNO’s shadow offers some satisfaction for the Chinese because doing so, remits a form of punishment to their cocky big brother. The Chinese have long wanted to teach MCA a lesson. MCA will not be able to stop this rising disenchantment. Most important of all, the general economic independence of the Chinese gives them the luxury of choice. They can choose and UMNO and BN don’t appear on their radar screen.
MCA will probably be left with 5 parliamentary seats. MIC will be completely annihilated. It will be reduced to another PPP and IPF and operates on the same level as Nalakaruppan’s party. The more pragmatic Indian parties will chose to work with whoever comes into power for the sake of the Indian community. The Indian parties do not have friends. They have only permanent interests.
But let’s see what the Oracle says are Daim’s prognosis about my party, UMNO. It seems UMNO people continue to enthrall themselves into believing that all is still well. They have no inkling that the next GE will be the most formidable fort them.
Some commentators in my blog say, the Pakatan people can never influence the Kampong people. What keeps the kampong people loyal at the moment are the reasonably good prices of rubber and palm oil. They couldn’t care less about the quality of BN and UMNO’s leadership. They are worried about the roofs over their heads, food on the table, schooling for the children, jobs for them. The bumper years of good rubber and palm oil prices are slowly and painfully being canceled out by the rising cost of living. The price of essential goods keeps in rising while incomes remain stable. Once that tenuous balance is dislodged, then the full wrath of the people will be seen.
So don’t go on banking on the steadfastness of kampong people. Their own political perceptions are continuously being leavened and moderated by those of their more socially and politically conscious children. Sons and daughters come back to kampongs to debrief parents. The younger generation’s views are shaped by the new media of the internet, twitters and Facebooks. They tell a different story from those which parents are accustomed to. The new stories the children bring demolish the once captive minds of the older generation- minds that were once shaped unchallenged by the old tired and boring media.
The Oracle has been away for quite some time. He has been with Daim on an extended overseas trip. So when I asked the Oracle yesterday (Thursday) where has he been- all he said was somewhere out of Malaysia. I asked why?
Nothing to do here in Malaysia.
But were you keeping abreast of what’s happening in Malaysia?
Of course I do.
What’s your thinking on the current political and economic situation?
So here are some of the things he said.
Najib’s personal rating has plummeted since the Bersih March. It has plummeted alarmingly. Suddenly people realize that Najib is all poster boy, long on popularity, unfortunately short in ability. His handling of the Bersih march was done in a very whimsical way. You can say, the quality of the person handling the Bersih case is like the leadership of a pengerusi JKKK.
A year ago when Najib took over Pak lah, the general perception was that Najib is much better than Pak Lah. He has the looks and better articulation. A few months ago, the Oracle told me, Najib is slightly better than Pak Lah. Now, the perception is Najib is even more terrible than Pak Lah.
The PM must be having some communications problem with the Agong. I was told that Daim recommended the PM speak to Agong before the Bersih event. How the recommendation got transmitted , I am not privy nor did I asked the Oracle. He (Najib) should have advised the Agong at that time to declare that the King is ready to meet up with Bersih reps and received the memo. While at that, the King could have advised Ambiga and others, as responsible and law abiding citizens that maybe no rally was necessary as now the memo has been received.
Or if the march were to be allowed even after an audience with the King, make Amibiga and others responsible for the conduct of marchers. The police could simply be ordered to step out of the way, save for those looking out after traffic management. Then if anything disorderly did take place, the organizers of the rally will be held accountable.
But the problem is, Najib has too many advisers. They don’t have the political savvy. Their responses are the kind you take directly out from the textbooks read mostly by 3rd world despots. Rally marchers? Use teargas and batons. Get physical with them! Jail them!
But the problem here is we no longer lived in a bordered world. It’s now border-less. If FBC dishes out sycophantic and pandering rendition of events, other media practitioners are more critical and more believable. Najib may say with a poker face about minimal force being applied and while talking to Defterious,  scenes depicting actual physical altercations and teargassing are being shown worldwide. That would make Najib looked like a liar.
To be continued……………….how many states will fall.


Anonymous,  6 August 2011 at 06:09  

I think all and sundry now is aware that Najib have failed Umno as well as Malaysia.We are stuck in a political quagmire and social as well economic decisions are skewed towards holding on to power.On the surface ETP looks good i.e private sector driven and based on open market principles.The reality is completely different i.e most invstments is driven by GLiCs such as Petronas,PNB,GLCs,EPF,1MDB.At same time HUGE direct negos,land grabs,enablers are dished out.The scale is as never seen before and will keep us in debt for zillion of years.So Najib trumpets a different tune as his henchman dances to a covert symphony.
But what is more frightening is Najib focussed on non-issues while the real worry is about debt,economic downturn,increasing disparity and cost of living.
Its truly Neroistic and it goes unchecked cos of the silent syncophants Dato.Dato Sri,Tan Sri populating our cabinet,civil service and GLCs.

Anonymous,  6 August 2011 at 06:19  

If we love our nation please say no to Najib and his voodoo advisers.
It must be now cos the clock is ticking i.e not for BN but Malaysia itself.
Save the country from the debtload n asset grab promoted by Jalanomics.
And save the frustrations of the 2 sisters n many others who are victims of the 41% reduction in street crimes.We are spending big money engaging international consultants to do surveys ( 2000 sample size) to tell us that life's good.
Whereas facebook can collect 200,000 no najib,no warisan opinions in few short days n all FOCs.
Everyday I pray that something will turn up to save us from the worst blight of our nation ever.
Najib please learn to lead in the environment of a two party system.Lead is not about retaining power at all cost.Leadership is for the rakyat's benefit n not yours and BN.

Anonymous,  6 August 2011 at 06:59  

Not only looked like a liar in fact he is a liar- Prime Minister of Malaysia.
The UMNO members have to decide now between Jibby and the nation or the longer we wait then only GOD knows.
Wake up! Time to say no to Najib.

bruno,  6 August 2011 at 07:06  

Dato,it is not that Najib does not understand all that is in the budget.HE understands some parts of it,especially those expenses pertaining to his traveling and Rosmah's shopping.The rest about the future spendings he couldn't be bothered,as he has given up hope of a second term.He knows that the 3 M's are gunning for him.

Then all the expert consultants that Najib have,whether they are imported or locally grown are all half past sixers.All stupid as fools who cannot seem to be able to do anything right.The handling of Bersih answers that.Than after the Bersih protest,the continued detention of the EO6 speaks of itself.There was no point in detaining them anymore.Should have realeased them the following Monday.

Then this coming GE Mca would be lucky if they can get 5 seats.Mic and Gerakan combined together will be lucky if they can get 1 seat.The Chinese don't need Mca or Gerakan.These two parties are considered irrelevant as far as the Chinese are concerned.They are only good at bola and batang sucking.

Umno is going to lose some seats.How many is anybody's guess.Sabah and Sarawak BN is also going to lose some seats too.How many will depend on how well PKR can get its act together.DAP is sure going to add a few more parlimentary seats over there.So the rest depends on PKR and PAS.But overall the opposition is going to get more seats than in 2008.

Even in the kampongs PAS is sure to gain some seats.Nowadays not all the kampong folks are going to listen to the DO or Pengulu.Some will definitely decide for themselves.Some will listen to their children.Some may already have decided after the Bersih rally when they saw the police using brute force on the protesters.

Going by the mood after the Bersih protest and the detention of the
EO6 all points to a better showing of the opposition.Whether they will gain enough seats to give BN the foot remains to be seen.But whatever the outcome Najib's tenure as PM is coming to end end.He will go down as the shortest tenant of Putrajaya in Malaysian history.

nick 6 August 2011 at 07:14  


Many already know that Najib is a liar and an incompetent liar at that, even before he became a TPM. Not sure that your oracle are among those who think that Najib is "SLIGHTLY" better than AAB BUT to many of us, we already sense the catastrophe that awaits Malaysia when Najib became PM.

Najib and all his baggage (plus the hump he calls FLOM on his shoulder) is the least suitable person to assume the premiership. Who honestly believe that a politician with huge personal problem (financial and personality)and to top it off has a better half who is in fact worse off than him (in the department of greed and ugly personality and trait) will be a good and quality choice for the office of PM??? Even when he was the MB of Pahang, he was terrible and we expect him to excel in managing the whole country??? Oracle or not, I suspect most UMNO leaders are still under TDM zombie influence and thus none of them can be counted to save the nation. And THAT is why I think TR finally realized the truth and started "AMANAH" (but it still puzzled me as to why TR roped in numerous UMNO past leaders and most of them are not synonymous with truth, justice and integrity).

Personally I think TR should have stuck with UMNO members who were not past ministers and deputies. But then again, UMNO members are known to be superficial and thus they need to see "big" names on board with TR.

Anonymous,  6 August 2011 at 08:32  

I still remember my teacher used to tell us that we are selected becos we are THE BEST among the worst. Tak ada UDANG , IKAN BILIS pun boleh lah.

Hahaha.. They dont have time to look at the budget or they have just bought the reference book - Economic makes easy by Harchandran Singh. That's where I learned my first Demand and Supply curve too!

Aiya , why you never recommend me to buy BERSIH MAKES EASY by kepellapusingh instead of buying so much Panodol cap kuning.

Anonymous,  6 August 2011 at 09:41  

tak kan lah marah lagi pasal tak jadi wakil rakyat ni Arif!! wahhh, kau punya dendam dengan Najib tak habis2 lagi. kesian la lu. masuk pkr la lagi baik. tak payah selindung2 lagi.

Richard Cranium 6 August 2011 at 09:46  

Nick said : many of us, we already sense the catastrophe that awaits Malaysia when Najib became PM.

Absolutely. If memory serves me, I think the phrase people used was "God help us."

bruno,  6 August 2011 at 10:39  

Dato,if the GE and the 3 M's could not finished off PM Najib,the upcoming French court case of the scorpene submarine will.

Although the French will not be bringing up the murder case of Altantuya,a corruption case involving Razak Baginda will trace the trail back to Jibby.The deportation of Frenchie lawyer has public perception against Najib.

Out of 100 million Euros what is US 500 thousand dollars.Sometimes we have to figure out how come some people who have the smarts to collect 100 million Euros in bribe having ending up in a scandal.All because they refused to pay their interpreter of her agreed commission and have her murdered.Maybe the saying that lust and greed will bring down powerful people is true.

Anonymous,  6 August 2011 at 10:57  

My bone of contention is still with those stupid malays who are in the top echelons of PDrm. Ismail, Khalid, Bakri and Salleh are people with the Kalimuthu Bentong mentality. Well..Bentong Kali only knows how to use his gun to deal with dissenters..and so are these stupid malays in the police. They acted foolishly on the behest of Umnoo and Ibrahim Ali.

Out of 15 million malays, don't we have better intelligent and smart malays to become top police officers. And that goes with the judiciary, Ag Chambers, SPR and PSD, Macc.

DINO SCOTS,  6 August 2011 at 11:03  

Najib has failed UMNO and the country and that he is a liar PM of Malaysia ?Those are a bit OVERDOSE !
.I read those umteen time in harakah, rocket and suara keadilan and the Pakatan campaign-the same arrogance tune .Have you a decent candidate from Pakatan that can have the respect of the Rakyat.? Anuar?,no the partners are ignoring him now after all his adventures.Hadith Awang?Mat Sabu ?Kapal Sink,LKS- they are good oppositions but can never be there for you know why ? Come on give me one..NONE right ?May be TR,but didn't I say he will never abandon UMNO ! Pakatan just don't have that charismatic leader for now.Just be a good opposition.
The road to Putrajaya is going to be rough and tough.

thana55,  6 August 2011 at 11:28  

UMNO leadership bench has been almost nil since Badawi took the reins. Najib has continued the slide. Muhyddin is a worse option than Najib. Time for a team change come GE13. Pakatan for now seems the best option.

PANJI HITAM 61 6 August 2011 at 12:12  

Well said Dato

"But the problem is, Najib has too many advisers. They don’t have the political savvy. Their responses are the kind you take directly out from the textbooks read mostly by 3rd world despots. Rally marchers? Use teargas and batons. Get physical with them! Jail them!"

There is a joke going around town that we used to have an idiot as a PM, now we have a PM with a lot of idiots as advisors.

The solution: UMNO must engage RPK and he will whack all these idiots from both sides of the divide.

Anonymous,  6 August 2011 at 12:19  

"Civil servants complained to Daim about having to implement policies which they have no part in giving inputs. Our economic models are prepared by consultants under the commissar-ship of people like Omar Ong or Idris Jala."

Very true, Dato.
See what these CON SULTANS have done to MAS below:

Last count- RM 10 billions have vapourised within 5 years.


Quiet Despair,  6 August 2011 at 12:30  

Much has been said about UMNO losing, Najib losing his grip and dissent within the party against him. Ad nauseum.
It's always UMNO this and UMNO that.
It is the coalition partners of UMNO that will bring the downfall of BN.
Najib can win Pekan, Muhyiddin Pagoh and so are most UMNO top guns. But can Vel or MCA leaders win.
They will be the ones who may deny the 2/3 majority.
It's not the Bersih illegal demo too. It's the economy, stupid.
And the worry is next year, world economy is forcasted to be dismal, which will definitely impact our GE.
Bersih only brings glory to Ambiga. It did not bring food on the table to the average Malaysians.
And the government is now paying attention to the plight of the man-in-the street with food stamps etc.
Felda settlers too have their early duit raya. Not worried about the kampung folks too whom the government is addressing their problems.
It's the smug, cynical urban dwellers like us who are now pounding the keypad gleefully predicting the downfall of BN.
It is their wish so that they can say I told you so.
Please enter Ku Li. If we are in the doldrums, rescue us. Be our saviour.
Carpe diem. The best time to seize the day by registering Amanah as a political party.
Be brave and tell the world, Keadilan, PAS and DAP wants you to lead them.
I note Sak's word for UMNO my party. Masih sayangkan parti kita kan? Sebusuk-busuk boleh juga makan, ya tak.
And that is what Ku Li is thinking too, I guess.
You implied we are leaderless. Maybe. And that goes for the opposition too.
Do you still want to rely on Call Me Irresponsible Anu-war. The Mr Irrelevant.
He's now talking about Malaysia being left behind in the democratisation wave world-wide.
What is he doing about it? Only talking about himself nearly dead being bludgeoned during the illegal demo.
Bogged down with tricks to delay his court case until it dragged to the GE for his political capital.
Why can't we see how Anwar and side-kick Azmin were mute when problems beset their party.
Same goes to LKS, LGE, Karpal and DAP who are in the rather you than me mode.
In the issue of the raid on the church, only Khalid is left to handle the situation. Easy solution: "Gag PKR members from saying anything."
And then drag in the Selangor Sultan. Duh!
Yeah, yeah, so many in PKR mking conflicting statements leading to murkier waters.
Can you gag Hassan Ali, your erstwhile friend?
Is that leadership when everyone plays dumb to save their skin.
Now who do we choose to lead us in 2012? BN, warts and all.

Anonymous,  6 August 2011 at 12:31  


Your article make a lot of senses, hope more Malaysian follows your blog.

Terima Kasih & Selamat Berpuasa.

awang batuburok,  6 August 2011 at 12:53  

salam Dato'....

kata orang tua-tua kalau manusia sudah nazak jangan kita cuba paksakan dia terus hidup walau macamana kasih dan sayang kita kpd insan tersebut.. relakan lah dia menemui penghujung hayatnya seperti yang telah ditakdirkan oleh SWT.

Organisasi UMNO1988 sudah nazak diserang segala barah rasuah dan penyelewengan, sudah merebak sampai ke usus (spt yg di ungkapkan oleh YAB Tun Dr Mahathir) perlu kita relakan ia mengakhiri hayatnya dalam pentas politik tanahair tercinta.

Dato dan teman-teman yang masih selamat dari barah tersebut perlu menyelamatkan diri dan perlu berhijrah dalam bulan yang mulia ini.Berhijrah meninggalkan kelompok yang masih degil menegakkan kemungkaran kadangkala perlu kapada pengorbanan perasaan dan hartabenda sebagaimana Nabi Muhammad SAW berhijrah meninggalkan kampunghalaman dan sdr mara dikota Mekah, sepertimana Nabi Noh meninggalkan isteri dan anak yang enggan meninggalkan kemungkaran dan kesesatan.

Minta maaf Dato kalau terkasar bahasa dalam bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini...wassalam.

Anonymous,  6 August 2011 at 13:55  

Mahathir ruled with an iron fist. You either love him or hate him but he says what is on his mind.

Najib, people are calling him liar, ular, hypocrite and many other uncomplimentary names. People are already seeing through him. He is going to be history soon.

Even though Mahathir started the rot in UMNO, UMNO people looked up to him for his strong leadership. He will be calling the shot again on who will lead UMNO.

The restless UMNO will be comforted again but it is living in its own yester-years fantasy world without realizing that the ordinary rakyat has stepped into a new one.

Hit the Road, Jib! Don't come back no more!,  6 August 2011 at 14:30  

...That would make Najib look[ed] like a liar.,,,

What do you mean "look"? He was, is and will be a liar! You have not uncovered and told us that it's not Najib that's the real PM!? ;)

If Najib acted like a third world despot that would be complimentary. He's faking it and appears to be resolute in his credo that a banana republic will stand on the strength of it's peel !

So what happened? He didn't take orders? Being a PM he "shouldn't" and this is maybe the crux of the Malay dilemma maybe. You still need the proverbial Hang Sapurba whose internet connection is not broad enough because of bad statics.

Sorry SAK but aint you taking this oracle thing a little too far? Just asking! ;)

It's easier to say it in BM at Aspan's.

I recall Ku Li used to say ..."Don't let anyone talk you down!" But that was English! ;)


Anonymous,  6 August 2011 at 15:10  

This the Daim will be wrong in his predictions.
BN will win big because it will cheat like hell with the connivance of the EC, Police, NRD, civil service,media etc.
UMNO is already predicting victories here and there.

The people can scream. Bersih can scream. The Opposition can scream.
BN will cheat and will be sitting ducks.

walla 6 August 2011 at 16:22  

Yet only months ago Daim was aggressive of Umno's chances to regain lost seats in the next elections.

What then caused the sudden change in his perception of the political landscape this time?

It's not just Najib; he's been out of the country half his tenure although for the time he had the attention of the rakyat, he'd have wished he didn't for all the foot-shooting he had done with his mouth.

Najib is just a silver-spooned introvert thrust into a role he is unqualified to play while trying to wordify the last set of outsourced power-points as if by doing so the problems besetting the nation will just disappear; he also carries on him a set of baggage that will not clear the next checkpoint of any country while looking over his shoulders to see if his own people won't leave him stranded to take the fall alone when the lights come on.

The more rooted toxic problem are those his own people - Muhyiddin, Hishammudin, Rais, Hamidi, Rustam, Nazri, Ibrahim Ali, Utusan, Toyo, Taib and all the other Umno-juiced flotsam from the yesteryear of Mahathir, Daim's own ex-boss.

They form not just an axis of dubious characters but also a pyramid of feudal power lanun's typical of Umno's finest Keralan tradition.

For all its sloganeering post-GE12, Umno has never changed. It has waxed so much propaganda on the rakyat it even believed its own spin until the spin contaminated its own character which then self-promotes to denying, lying and cheating - in that order - without the slightest tinge of conscience or contrition.

Umno remains a feudal party built on patronage which creates an arrogant elitist structure that tars the image of the whole party the moment its leaders foul up, abetted by their down-line yes-men and little napoleons in the MSM, the GLNGOs, the MOE, the judiciary and the enforcement arms.

Do they wear still wear their uniforms with pride, or is it now with prejudice?

And now the rakyat are aghasted to find even the home ministry's immigration dept, the NRD, the EC and the MACC are also culpable in broad daylight and practicing plausible deniability in broad nightlight.

The rakyat ask, 'is there any organization under the sky under Umno which practices integrity anymore?' None.

They ask again, 'what would the founding fathers of this nation do if they can appear today?' Fire the whole lot.

Yet, put this pack of jokers together and they but occupy only one room, probably no bigger than one washroom cubicle of an Umno warlord's opulent mansion built on rakyat land at officially minimized price.

So the rakyat ask the third question, 'why let these jokers mess up not only the whole party of three million but also the whole country of twenty eight million?'

Again, the rakyat ponder sagaciously - are they not as forgettable, irrelevant and obsolete today as that gay Umno branch chief of Penang, all the Umno MB's of Selangor, and all those amphibians who had crossed-over for the price of their nenek's?

walla 6 August 2011 at 16:22  


Yet there are some who still cling to straws. Majority wins, they say. Meaning shut up, for might is always right, they brave.

Do these dudes and duds wear the bulldog crew-cut of the schoolyard bully as the finest product of fifty four years of nation-building and BTN-screwed-on, racial education, one wonders?

How to explain? Privileged, educated and well-fed - but no standard, no culture, no principles, no integrity, no reality. Hypocrisy and racism, perhaps?

Or, shall one say they are like the poor alien from Java who hides behind a corner and conspiratorially whispers, 'psst, rolek? gucci?' while showing such valuables unwrapped surreptitiously from a handkerchief?

Or, maybe they open the menu of their screen, and say, 'ah, last week was race, the other day was rights, then it was religion, now yesterday was royalty, so what shall it be today? Yes, shoot the DAP to strike fear in the minds of the Malay simpleton so as to keep them in constant servitude.'

But what shall one do with DAP's friend, PAS? Is it also racist by association then?

Bersih 2.0 has shown that our Malays have accepted the nonMalays as friends and colleagues, brothers and sisters. To Umno's horror, a stand that is completely against its focused designs.

Bersih 2.0 was more Malays than others. It numbered in the tens of thousands versus the handful from Perkasa and Umno Youth who blustered more before and whimpered away after until to revive his flagging fortunes, Ibrahim Ali had to initiate a racist award in his alma mater.

The rakyat ask, is this Ibrahim Ali a better Malay man than the young Malay man walking in Bersih 2.0 who shielded with his own body the spikes of a fence a Chinese woman was trying to climb over while both were trying to escape the nauseous gas and toxic water of a 1Malaysia Caring Government People First but first-strike, body-armored, deployment force under the rule of Umno, Incorporated?

Don't let that long question discourage you from giving your honest answer. Now, please.

And by the way, all this, coming to a screen near you at every kampung's home entertainment theatre. This Raya.

Meanwhile, the rakyat ask and it's not because they're just curious - 'what has happened to PNB's Wawasan tower to be built on a piece of land that PNB had bought for RM400 million so many years ago?' Or, they may, closer to the home state ask, 'what has happened to the Kuantan Port special project?' Or, 'what's this financial hub in Kayel, or that Sg Besi airport redevelopment all about?'

walla 6 August 2011 at 16:22  


Because up till today, nobody, including Daim and Co, knows how any of them, including the mother(load) of them all - the MRT - is going to be financed without ruining the future of the young which may itself soon be sundered by another display of irresponsible vote-buying generosity of the Barisan government through the next Budget's goodies while importing countries like the US totter on the brink of massive financial default even as Indonesia emerges as the new economic force in this region in which case Mutapha might as well relocate to Jakarta our FDI-promoting centre.

On that score, perhaps Umno's home ministry under our esteemed Hishammudin (not that MACC hunk) should be appreciated more for his incandescent foresight to see the importance of Indonesia to such an extent that 200,000 of its javanese and sumatrans can be fast-tracked citizenship just in Selangor alone while those others of non-Malay stock who have waited for half a century can wait some more. Lah.

Not only racism but also treason?

One therefore wonders why this need to specifically announce the price of the possible eurofighter contract without announcing the prices of the other options.

In fact, why bother with megabuck defense procurements if one can just open the door to let aliens come in for political purpose?

In the near future, there will be no escalation of conflict because the local PM may hail from Banyuwangi. One understands the ladies there are jaw-droppingly chunner than the chunnest.

Maybe...maybe some people think the french government can prevail on their french court in the same way a certain government (not sure where) can prevail on its local courts to the needful dengan mengikut perintah.

Where's justice?

Lastly, if not Barisan, Pakatan leaders can or not..was the question heard.

Of course can. Barisan's finest who have been shuttled and suppressed in the background all this while will join in to lend support - either as active opposition to make sure Pakatan doesn't foul up - and that based on past experience knowing where and how to foul up - or as active proposition to supplement and complement Pakatan's team as colleagues, peers, fellow politicians and brotherly MPs.

Who cares what color is the musang? So long as the right thing is always done for the rakyat for the long term good of this nation.

Ooops, it's almost a full afternoon session. Forgiven, ya?

(sigh, Banyuwangi.....).

Anonymous,  6 August 2011 at 16:33  

Never mind about the Oracle or Tun Daim.

Pendek kata ..., what you wrote resonates well with many M'sians I have come across; same assessment.

You were x YB and politicians do not exactly retire, they just change their modus operandi. Hax3 !

Pendek kata ..., One day in politics can be a very-very long day indeed. Yes/No ?


OneMalaysian,  6 August 2011 at 16:40  

Dear Sakmongkol

I can’t wait to read the next instalment of your conversation with The Oracle. But let me say here that I am in general agreement with his (and Daim’s) reading of the current political situation.

What you have said of the MCA will I think come to pass. The MCA will go the way of Gerakan. The Indians are practical operators and will give their loyalty to whoever will give them the best deal. I have no feel for the kampong voters, but what you say makes sense. So the swing to Pakatan is well on the way.

When I think about the impending implosion of UMNO, I think of Golkar, and how they had been the political spine of Indonesian politics for 32 years, backing a dictator who was eventually brought down because of massive corruption and cronyism. Today Golkar is just another one of several parties commanding about 20% of the votes compared to 70-75% when Suharto was at the height of his powers. UMNO, which has lost the “mandate from Heaven” to rule, will also go the way of Golkar. Just as Indonesia prospered after the demise of Suharto and Golkar, Malaysia, too, will be better off when a new government is installed in Putrajaya.

Unknown 6 August 2011 at 16:53  

As a Rakyat, it pains me to see this country sink into such a leaderless state. Whilst external economic forces are assailing this nation, our leader should be doing all he can to cushion the impact. Instead we have someone who is too busy looking after his behind and pockets and allowing the Rakyat to suffer. While he is enjoying the RM24.4 million ring, the Rakyat are left suffering.

zorro 6 August 2011 at 17:12  

Dato, in your next encounter with the Oracle can you ask (in a whisper)if the whisperings we are hearing about Daim and Soh Chee Wen being in partnership to get rid of Anwar from the scene. The last time I broached this to someone financed by John Soh my question was dismissed with: Like the cow jumped over the moon!

Anonymous,  6 August 2011 at 17:21  

Pendek kata, pendek kata ... pendek kata hahahaha

Anonymous,  6 August 2011 at 17:42  

Quiet Despair:
"And the government is now paying attention to the plight of the man-in-the street with food stamps etc.
Felda settlers too have their early duit raya. Not worried about the kampung folks too whom the government is addressing their problems."

You think UMNO can plunder the nation and give back peanuts to the rakyat? Well you are definitely wrong!

Yup, the typical mentality of an UMNO foot-soldier.
Come GE13, these monkeys in UMNO would not even have any peanuts to chew on...

Anonymous,  6 August 2011 at 17:55  

Umno has failed the nation; malays,chinese, indian and easr malaysians.ALL.

Anonymous,  6 August 2011 at 18:09  

I disagree with the Oracle! Najib is a fine leader. He just have a few incompetent people advising him. Once these people are sacked, things should be back on track.

Anton 6 August 2011 at 18:15  

The whole of Malaysia n the world knows najib is a LIAR. Even his own supporters know that. First tom have known it is his wife. The pm is a liability to umno and the country as a whole in economic, social and political terms.
The question is what is umno going to do about it.? Options:
1. Drop him before GE13? what good does that do in winning an election when the succession line is a whole lot of more rubbish than Najib himself was. Look at the field, muyuddin, hishamuddin, zahid, etc. All were in paper involved in najibp's decision by inclusion or exclusion if you know what I mean. Umno warlords will be at each other 's throats come GE13. how would they win with mca n mic almost completely eliminated, if not totally.
2. Go for GE with najib running for pM but step down soon after. So if najib agrees with this option, which is the most likely option because option1 is difficult to implement umno style. It would have meant umno bn agrees that what PR has said is true. Lost the manifesto from day1?
3. what does umno do with Angkatan or amanah? I.e. TRH? Expel TRH? Chances are TRH n gang will not accept any of the najib succession line because they are no different from najib, in fact worse because they are part of Melayu Baru, who do not subscribe to Amanah objectives. How to cooperate.? Who benefits? Surely not umno.

The conclusion is that umno will lose out big time unless they had taken care of this problem by having cheated with illegal immigrant list in electoral roll in such a way that it helps tilt majority votes to umno. This is exactly what our Theresa Kok is saying and is , I think, very possible, more than not. If this is not the case, I sense violence come about 7pm when voting trend would have become quite clear , in all major cities with umno agent provocateurs slashing away and umno govt moving in with Agong's agreement to stop vote counting because quite a few in each state counting centers would have been ransacked by the former. Umno will get to form an emergency operational govt and pull in it's umno contacts of the likes of Nazarruddin, Hassan Ali, etc. Non Malay communities would be asked to send their reps to represent minority rights.
Our only hope is for fair minded Malays in govt and society and BN itself to resist such temptations and allow people's choice to run the next govt what ever that is.

Tinta Hitam 6 August 2011 at 20:11  


All is not well in this country.1.2 milliona PATI will beregistered.200 000 will be awarded citizenship automatically providing they vote for BN in the coming GE13.This actions were blessed by all UMNO supporters.They fele their leaders had found a very wise and genius way to solve UMNo problems.PATIs are not security threats anymore.They were needed for UMNo survival..Let me tell you BERSIH 3.0 is on the way

bruno,  6 August 2011 at 22:01  

Dato,now the Umno GOM is showing the rakyat what it knows how to do best.Throwing money around like Santa Claus when election time is around.Like soon to be self appointed incoming PM wanabe Muhyidin coming up with the wonderful idea of giving food stamps and the early duit raya for felda settlers.

Even PM wanabe Muhyidin realised his self appointed premiership is not going to come easy.Expecting tough opposition in the coming GE for his beloved Umno putting his wild wet dreams in jeopardy,he finally woke up realising that by buying votes is the easiest way to the premiership.

For once we have to agree with Quiet Despair for finally coming to his senses.QD said that come GE13th these monkeys in Umno will not even have any peanuts to chew on.These monkeys will be lucky come election day that they will still have diapers or panties to wear walking along the streets cheerleading for their handlers.

BennyG 6 August 2011 at 22:42  

Thanks for the insight.

I am sure glad that UMNO does not have more people like you. I do not think that UMNO can change from within when everyone in there is looking out for himself.

Looking forward to GE13!

Anonymous,  7 August 2011 at 00:04  

Daim and the Oracle are just human,they give their thoughts to issues that interests the rakyat.

They are not soothsayers who can predict anything 101% perfect.

But for one thing, I am 101% sure Najib is a gonna. The problem here is not Najib,but Rosmah. As long as this lady interferes with Najib's administration,people are going to hate the government more.

Recently, Rosmah requested more money for her Permata project,bet you come Budget day, Najib will fulfill her request.

The other problem facing us is UMNO. UMNO is a dying party. If Najib gave in to Bersih's demands, UMNO and Najib knows that UMNO will be wipe out.

So, in order to keep them in power UMNO needs Indons,Bangala,Myanmar and Cambodians to boost their support. Within a space of 3 months thousands of foreigners are given citizenship and registered as voters like instant mee!!!.

How do the non-Malays feel, when some of them had to wait for 30 years to get their citizenship, while these pendatang can make it within a year??

Malays must ask the BN/UMNO government, won't they need to compete with the foreign workers for better pay now? There is the worry of whether there will be enough jobs for us and for our children? And the most affected are the Malays.

On a level playfield,without the help of EC,Police,undi post and undi hantu,not only UMNO will be KOed but Najib too will lose his Pekan seat.

50 years is too long for a party like UMNO/BN to be in power. The rakyat realise this but not UMNO.

I 'tabik' UMNO/BN for bringing progress to the nation but that is the duty of the government of the day. What I hate most are those goons in UMNO/BN who are getting more arrogant day by day.

Look at Penang,to UMNO what DAP is doing 'semuanya salah' Hello, UMNO/BN you were in power for over 30 years,have you done better? Tayang cermin dulu!!!

I am really piss off with the current government under Najib and I will make sure that all my family members who voted 'kapal layer',
later on 'dacing' over 50 years to 'pangkah' PAS,PKR or DAP depends wherever they are.

50 years is too long...time for change!!!!

UMNO 1963

Anonymous,  7 August 2011 at 00:36  

BN still do not understand that anything that the government does which is against the people's interest will give bad impact to the BN government. It is true for BN but not for PR. Penang Govt decision will be reflected as a DAP decision and it does not impact Pakatan Rakyat as a whole. This is because voters still see DAP, PAS & PKR as different entity although they are working together. We can hear different ideas come out from each of this parties. But for BN, UMNO speaks for all BN component parties. Any wrong doing impacts all of them not only UMNO.

Changing Our Mindset

Anonymous,  7 August 2011 at 06:55  

Everyone is happy robbing the country - good money, big money! - without having to do anything. Can relax; go shopping; go fishing; go overseas to enjoy while the ship sinks. These pirates and their cronies are aware of the situation but $$$$$ comes first. Even Paul the Octopus is smiling in heaven. You get what I mean Sak!

Anonymous,  16 August 2011 at 00:31  

The hike in electricity rates "will not affect the poor" - said by PM.

What a load of rubbish!!!

You know, I know & everybody knows that even the biggest hyper-markets have dimmed their lights, AC temperatures set higher and raised prices.

Who is not affected?

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