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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 18 February 2010

Questions for Pahang UMNO Convention participants.

Two questions for UMNO convention.
These two questions were asked earlier by a blogger friend- the intrepid Walla. This blogger is not Malay, who I suspect, in the current paranoia, will be asked to butt out. I am anxious for Walla.
You can't ask people to go away just like that, especially if he/she has something of substance to say. UMNO people can't go into the streets to protest what non UMNO people say especially if they say something that should interest UMNO. Furthermore, I am almost certain, UMNO people will try to out-UMNO each other to claim first rights to present a memo and first claim over bragging rights.
Because, he, like all of us UMNO members, has a legitimate stake in the future of this country. And since UMNO will feature prominently in any future Malaysia, his questions deserved hearing and response.
Those who are going to attend this weekend's Pahang UMNO convention please don't go with the intention of having a time of merriment- there will no karaoke sessions saudara saudara, no fiesta tarian Melayu or Puteri Kebaya fashion show. If I were to make a suggestion, the puteri head should be scalped in the next GE for imposing this kind of cultural aberration, upon us. Has Puteri UMNO degenerated into a conduit for budding dancers and fashionistas? Imagine this:-
Fiesta Tarian Melayu Kreatif dan Fesyen Kebaya Puteri Umno akan dijadikan acara tahunan, bermula tahun ini di peringkat negeri dan nasional, kata Ketua Puteri Umno Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin.
But I hear you already protest against my verbal transgression- surely you insist, these are earth shattering events reflecting the great thinking to have come forth from the nubile minds of UMNO members, no? I bet you many of the participants will be a tad disappointed.
Apa lah lu orang APIA punya organisers! Apia was a famous moniker for freshies entering UM in the 70's.
Please ponder these questions.
I understand, the 3 headings which will be addressed by the political workshop are the history of UMNO, the future of UMNO and empowerment of UMNO grassroots.
And Walla's questions are:-

  1. The first question to honestly ask is: what is UMNO, now?

  2. Does UMNO's middle income trap come about because UMNO's middle name is denial?
The political workshop appears to be tailor-made for Walla's first question. Not Taylor Made the golf set ok. I know, many UMNO people are anxious to practice their golf at the nearby Maran golf field or somewhere. Golfers know where the holes are. UMNO golfers more than others.
Just to place the discussion in context, there was a comment in my recent article from this gentleman named Encik Idris. He asked;
You should know why UMNO is not attractive to the young, intelligent Muslim population.
Let me tell you why. I am one of them. My friends and I find UMNO corrupt, unfair, stupid and does not rule the country with the Rakyat's interest in mind.

For now, I am not going to answer the above questions. I shall allow readers to tell us their views. I will not censor any, provided the views are free from expletives. Feel free to demonstrate in cyberspace. But remember, no need to outgun each other since there will be NO awards over first bragging rights and claims of first rights to send memo.
With warmest regards
HE Sakmongkol Ak 47, Ambassador to state of Jengka.


Anonymous,  18 February 2010 at 13:09  

May I add...

My friends and I find UMNO corrupt, unfair, stupid, ARROGANT, SELFISH, UNTRUSWORTHY, BREEDS MEDIOCRITY, ALWAYS IN DENIAL and does not rule the country with the Rakyat's interest in mind. ONLY RHETORIC WITH NO REAL ACTIONS.

Richard Cranium 18 February 2010 at 14:41  

Anon 13:09

And those are just the good points.

Anonymous,  18 February 2010 at 14:45  

HE SAK AK 47, DUBES ke Jengka,

Buah fikiran Sak sangat bernas, relevan dan tajam. Tapi aku rasa yang hadir nanti, kata nya ribuan, ada mungkin tak baca posting you kerana takde akses internet atau tak ngerti BI. Harap tang baca dan ngerti BI, sampaikan dan sampaikan kepada yang berkaitan, dengan itu matlamat akan tercapai. Selepas itu minda nya akan berubah. Tidak ada lagi kecil hati, merajuk, dan berbayang harta . Kerja... kerja tanpa perlu balasan untuk kekal dan terus relevan. Apa kata. Kalau silap pohon maaf.

TK dari Bentayan.

Unknown 18 February 2010 at 15:15  


I hope your "State of Jengka" (Triangle?...Anywhere near the Bermuda Triangle?) will raise for discussion during the Pahang UMNO Convention,KJ's earlier contention that UMNO has Contacted the dreaded "Siege Mentality".

Perhaps KJ should also be asked to explain why he and his Colleagues felt that they were under Siege by "The Australians"?... So much so that they had to take to the Streets to Protest against the Siege.

Now they tell us that 3 muslim women were caned for Adultery...

What about Prostitutes? They don't get caned because they are paid whilst the three were caned for giving it away for free? What about the Men? Not Caned for "Taking" without paying?.. Looks like it doesn't pay to "give" freely.

What Laws do you have in the Jengka Triangle?

Anonymous,  18 February 2010 at 15:26  


Saya mempunyai ramai kawan dari ahli-ahli politik, terutamanya UMNO, sekarang telah menjauhkan diri dari UMNO atas prisip dan nilai-nilai yang tidak sesuai bagi saya.

Dari dulu hingga sekarang, Batam, Jakarta, Bandung, Bangkok adalah tempat bagi mereka bermain 'golf' hebatnya kerana selalunya ditempat-tempat itu selalu dapat 'hole in one'.

Bergalak ada duit, tapi kalau kita pergi ke kampung-kampung tradisional ramai anak-anak tidak bersekolah. Kalau JK Bahagian, JK Pemuda UMNO Bahagian tidak menghabiskan duit di Karaoke dan Rumah Urut ditempat-tempat tadi berapa ramai orang yang boleh di tolong. Mereka lupa dari mana mereka dapat duit, golongan yang susah itu lah yang mengangkat mereka dalam politik.

Malangnya bila bercakap tak lepas dari mulut, ketuanan Melayu, Agama tapi realitinya?

Baru-baru ini saya kebetulan ada temujanji dengan rakan diKL, (rakan saya ini seorang JK Bahagian) sampai di KL saya hubungi beliau, beliau meminta saya datang ke tempat yang dia tentukan, bila saya sampai saya sangat sedih, kerana kawan yang selalunya bercakap tentang Ketuanan Melayu dan Agama itu, sedang melayani beberapa orang GRO yang kelakuannya tak ubah seperti Lembu dalam musim mengawan, termasuk juga rakan-rakannya yang ada gelaran dipanggal nama.

Dalam hati saya dari dulu hingga sekarang UMNO masih lagi tidak berubah. Apa harapan kita kepada orang-orang seperti ini.

Abdullah AR 18 February 2010 at 16:16  

Saya seorang professional umur awal 30-an sympathiser PR.

Saya nak bagi tahu bhw sebenarnya ramai juga kawan-kawan saya professional Melayu yg menyokong UMNO terutamanya selepas March 8 2008. Ramai yg tidak selesa dgn pengaruh DAP dan pemikiran liberal yg pada mereka mengancam kedudukan Melayu dan Islam.

Penyokong PR janganlah dibuai perasaan bhw professional Melayu kebanyakannya menyokong mereka. Nanti terkejut dlm pilihanraya akan dtg.

Tapi saya masih symphatiser PR. Sebabnya K'jaan UMNO masih belum berubah. Masih korup, membazir, tidak competetive, kekalkan ISA, feudal, dan tutup mata atas salah guna kuasa agensi-agensi penguatkuasa.

Dato' Sak, mungkin mesej Dato' tak sampai kpd org UMNO. Sbb nampaknya ramai penyokong PR yg baca blog Dato'

Bonzi,  18 February 2010 at 16:16  

I believe most of the UMNO members have their own definition of UMNO. There is no common values among its leaders and its members. Being a young generation of UMNO, I have no confidence that UMNO can sustain its agenda. There is no structured succesion plan for leaders, selection of MPs were from pool of incompetent candidate and flaws are visible everywhere we look. Whether has UMNO made progress from the last general election, is yet to be seen. Nowadays we here more about 1Malaysia and less on UMNO. It is good but why hasn't there be any effort to streghten what UMNO aspiration?

Dato, I agree with you on your argument on UMNO being in the middle income trap. What can be done? Can old dogs learn new trick? Knowing something and doing something about it is two different thing. We need changes in UMNO, improvement on way of UMNO is doing things to be more effective, share common Values.. and we need all that yesterday.

Sokmo Lepih,  18 February 2010 at 16:19  

May I recommend Puteri Umno to be disbanded.
Many are a bunch of no brain girls who know next-to-nothing about politics.
The Umno assembly is just a showcase of their pink sarong, tudung and Avon cosmetics.
I hope the Pahang convention will come out with good ideas to make Umno more relevant.
Bukankah orang Pahang terkenal dengan pemikir macam Tun Razak, Mat Kilau and King Ghaz?.
I like your signing off as ambassador of Jengka state.
Isn't Jengka Felda full of Kelantanese and Kedahans.
The Kelantanese were resettled in droves by Datuk Wan Sidek when he was Pahang State Secretary.
I hope they are all Umno voters.
P.S. Tak ajak ke Siti menyanyi di jamuan makan malam nanti?.

Anonymous,  18 February 2010 at 16:51  

What if UMNO in its current form,substance and style is unable to champion the interest of the Malays as proven now, will UMNO allows other entity that is capable of taking the Malays to the next level to progress without any hindrance.

Jebat 2010,  18 February 2010 at 17:33  

Buatlah konvensyen ke seminar ke mereka tetap dengan ke'tolol'lan dan bodoh sombong. Mengaku HIDUP MELAYU tetapi WANG RINGGIT rakyat dan HARTA AWAM juga yang diSEBAT dan diBAHAM. Warga muda profesional sudah lama jijik dengan karenah mereka. Mereka berlagak dengan kereta mewah kononnya walaupun pendidikan tidak setinggi mana. Hanya mengharapkan komisyen Sang Tauke untuk kontrak JAMBAtaN dan perumahan rakyat. Geli bila memikirkan ada yang berbini dua masih rajin ber'karaoke' dan berdangdut. Gah meneguk air kencing setan. Inikah pemimpin harapan MELAYU UMNO?
Tuan Hamba tolong khabarkan kepada mereka.

Jebat 2010,  18 February 2010 at 17:45  

UMNO Pahang terutamanya di PEKAN masih terus leka dengan kekebalan pengaruh PM. Jika mereka terus berfikir begitu walaupun berakhirnya Konvensyen UMNO ini maka mereka di ambang kemusnahan. Buang sifat ke'tolol'lan dan bodoh sombong mereka itu. Dunia makin maju. Profesional makin ramai. Mereka yang masih berfikiran 'kampung' yang beranggapan "terima kasih UMNO" atas setiap suapan nasi semakin kurang. Kembalilah kepada perjuangan Alif-Ba-Ta. Jika lawan menyalak jangan kamu juga menyalak sama. Rakyat akan menilai yang mana pejuang yang mana pengkhianat.

Wenger J. Khairy 18 February 2010 at 18:16  

Dear H.E Mr. Ambassador,

In a discussion on leadership, there were two pictures shown.

The first was one of Tun Dr. Mahathir with the title "Mahathir was a reformer too".

The second was one of "1 Malaysia" - the Prime Minister's picture conspicuously missing.

I believe that UMNO has gone thru many brainstorming courses throughout its last 2 yrs.

I never once at all, ever heard the great Tun Dr. Mahathir lend himself to attend a brain storming session with other participants. Neither would I think that the great man, would ever seriously consider the results of a brain storming session, unless he was in attendance.

And Tun was right. Brain storming courses appeal to "consult" leadership - a strict no no in Asian management style, more so in the context of UMNO.

When Tun was the leader, all party members had to do was to obey the leader. Collectively, at any organization, making things as simple as possible to the lower rung - to the extent - that all they have to do is obey is the only workable strategy.

PM Najib says the era of Government knows best is over.

Wenger says, if that is the case, the era of PM Najib does not look very good, because the only way for power to be retained is for the PM himself to believe that really "Government knows best" and to be able to promote this propaganda to the masses.

(Question to all: Does this also mean our greatest leaders will display "autocratic" style? And really, "autocrats" can only be replaced by "autorcrats" no? I believe Tony Blair was an autocrat too)

Government spends RM 40 billion a year on salaries. Perhaps they should spend a little bit more, such that they do indeed know best.

This government has made so many mis steps its almost difficult to keep count.

The biggest was to outsource the leadership style of the new PM to these 3 things : High income economy, 1 Malaysia and NKRA.

The problem is that
(a) High income is a fallacy (QED'd by yours truly some time back)
(b) 1 Malaysia - everybody has a different interpretation cf: Datuk Safar's 1M talks)
(c) NKRA - aren't we still waiting for something?

In comparison, Tun when he took over from Tun Hussein banged on "Bersih, Cekap and Amanah" which he followed up with actions from the punch card system, to bringing Malaysia's time forward by an 1hr.

In hindsight we can comment, but at that time, nobody doubted the "Cekap" portion. The B & A were kind of relegated to a cost of doing "Cekap" style.

I believe if the PM promises 3 things, fulfilling 1 is good enough to retain power. Maybe people are a bit more demanding, they may require 1.5, but they will never require 3 out of 3.

Neither will they accept 0 out of 3.

Anonymous,  18 February 2010 at 18:28  

Sokmo lepih,

Aku setuju Pahang Ramai Pemikir dan Bijak Pandai, Kan Pahang antara negeri termaju dan tercanggih dalam Malaysia, semua ada.

Sokmo Lepih, aku tak setuju peranan Datuk Wan Sidek seperti kata kau. Kan pemilihan peneroka juga melibatkan wakil rakyat. Kedah dan kelantan orang malaysia juga, melayu sokmo dan agama islam sokmo.

Sebab kau sokmo Lepih maka kita sokmo pahang darul makmur. kita sokmo serupa itu.Yang lebih sokmo lepih faham dan pandai tulis OMPUTIH.

TQ and sorry.

Anonymous,  18 February 2010 at 20:20  

Time is running short. Many youngsters and the over the fence group, trying very hard to be with UMNO and very accommodating as to give time for UMNO leaderships to be back on track. But nothing has change and the present UMNO leaders need to be changed and a complete overhaul right from the top.
The perception is so deep rooted that UMNO is shit. Like it or not that is the perception and none can be trusted.
Can you do it Dato'?!!! As long as the present leaderships remain ignorant and in the state of denial, then GOD bless you Dato'.
UMNO doesn't know who is the enemy and who is their friend. Wake up please, wake up mr. President!!! As a Malay I am disgusted with his leadership, baik Pak Lah lagi sedap juga tengok muka dia!!!

Sokmo Lepih,  18 February 2010 at 21:01  

Anon 18.28.
Okaylah sokmo hormati pandangan mu.
Sokmo Lepih tu makna Lipis Forever.
Memang pandai cakap Omputeh.
Come to my house, my wife cut cock.
Maknanya auk datang rumah keh, bini keh potong ayam sambut auk datang.
Faham ke cakap loghat pekat Lepih tu.
Kalau awak orang Pekan macam Sak, maka cakap kucheang, anjeang kan???
That's for kuching and anjing if you don't know.

Termite 18 February 2010 at 21:33  

Amongst other things (which are of public domain)corruption within BN and gov't agencies must ceased. If PM is successful in this area, then no opposition by whatever name can shake his gov't. For the corruption to be wiped out, PM must start with himself and his candidates in any election. BN partially won the election because of vote-buying so as the UMNO party election. This is corruption but UMNO chooses to name it money politic or contravention of UMNO Constitution. Whatever name you brand it, it still carries all the elements of the offence of corruption. To get rid of corruption, it means that all the BN lawmakers must be made answerable/sacked. Who on earth among BN men would do it. So the mother/producer of corruption is BN. Kill the mother of corruption, it will not give birth to any child. But the problem here is that, the person who is supposed to be the exterminator of corruption is the mother of corruption itself. So how could elimination of corruption be carried out. The eldest and most powerful children of the mother of corruption is the gov't agencies, PDRM and UMNO/BN Linked Businessmen.In this aspect, if we expect corruption to be duly addressed under the current gov't, it is just a worldly fallacy and myth.

Anonymous,  18 February 2010 at 22:13  

dearest dato
U make an awesome leader.U are a man of substance.U know whats damn bloody wrong with your party.Are u in denial too?
If u, a party member yourself seem to be facing a brickwall, why are you seeking our views?Is it going to make a change?
Are they are going to listen or even read in the first place when they dont even give a damn about what u have been saying all this while?
Its all about money and power.It makes people senseless.If they cant decide whats wrong or right and what is haram and what is halal then they are done for
And thats the root cause dato.Its common sense.

Manature 18 February 2010 at 22:16  

Look how low our country has gone and how UMNO has reduced our country into a practically failed and possibly police state. Here is one Malay who says he had been a loyal UMNO member but who now has expressed such distress over the state of our country. He is afraid for himself that if he ever had to face the judge, he is afraid that like Anwar, will have to prove his innocence when the law says all he need is to create a benefit of doubt over his guilt. What kind of judiciary do we have? You perhaps may not be afraid maybe you are confident you have the judges in the palm of your hand?

Datuk Jema Khan is the former Sabah Umno Youth chief

Anonymous,  18 February 2010 at 22:59  

Salam Dato

Aren't we running around in circles and still not finding any solution ?

Just look around us, the middle-aged and the senior malays are still loyal to UMNO, regardless of whether they are rich or 'rewarded' by UMNO or not. They know, it was UMNO's fight, resilience and commitment that allows them to educate their children through the primary, secondary and even University level, locally or otherwise.
Now, the products of these efforts, are the current youth, educated, qualified and high earning individuals. AND THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE ACCUSING UMNO OF MANY 'INEFFICIENCIES'
Next, look at the present batch of UMNO leaders. They are also youthful, qualified and widely exposed, even foreign educated. Now, put the picture together. The educated youth do not like the current leadership of UMNO who are also from their ranks. What is wrong ?? Can anyone figure it out ? I have a rough idea, but let me listen to others first.

DingDong,  18 February 2010 at 23:30  

Salam Dato,

If UMNO wants to stay relevant.
Challenge all the status quo matters.
Make a new social contract..
Contracts between communities..
Contracts between Rulers and Rakyat..
Contracts between Leaders and Rakyat..
Nothing is a sacred cow for the new generation..
I am a PR sympathiser
But my vote is not for PR
My vote for ADUN is based on the candidate's promises and past records if app,and MP from a Party with clear policies and achievable objectives..
PR is far from BN in every aspects except juicy stories and ceramah rakyat..
But most of PR leaders are honest down to earth people who can grasp what is the sentiment on the ground..
Senang cakap leaders like Dato Ariff,Ku Li and many faceless & powerless middle & bottom level BN members..
UMNO founding fathers vision is a party full of Type A politician..
Others before self
Nation above rest
The sell their property,mind & soul for the cause they believe in..
Alif Ba Ta (Agama Bangsa Tanahair)
From the 3 million members how many actually practice this basic UMNO philosophy?
The time to change is now..
The opportunity window is open for spring cleaning..
Weed out the dreaded ones plaguing the Grand Old Party of Malaya
Its not that hard to identify them..
Win back all the undi protest..
Without political stability no economic prosperity will come to our shores again..

Anonymous,  19 February 2010 at 02:18  


Your participation in the demonstration outside the Oz high comm is a real Malu. You behaved like a monyet kena belacan!

You are really an embarrassment. What did you achieve? 2MM riggit from the PM? Puas tak sekarang?

You are not setting a good example for young professional Muslims like me and my friends. You are one of the many reasons why we are not attracted to BN/UMNO. Show us that you are treating Malaysians as human beings, with respect regardless of creed and colour. Please do not think we are stupid that we need you or BN/UMNO to feed us. We have brains, we can find a job to eventually feed our own family.

So, please grow up and show us that BN/UMNO is not corrupt, fair and build and grow the country economically and the Rakyat intellectually.

You are a shame Khairy. We the young ones are embarrased by the example you have set called Youth. Shame on you!


Anonymous,  19 February 2010 at 10:03  

Sad...sad...indeed to read some of the negative comments made about UMNO. The UMNO founding fathers would be disheartened and ashame to see all the aspirations, sacrifices they made to built this small nation after independent are being dismantle little by little.

Greed, feudalism, sex, scandals, political infighting dominate the news as oppose to real programs to help the poor, protecting the opprosed,strenghtening social fabrics, educations,.......

We don't want this country to be like Haiti where the leaders siphoned all the nation monies and fled the country when the people revolted but left the nation in pauper. We don't want to be like Zimbabwe where they country are treated like pariah. We don't want this country like Iraq,Palestine, Agahanistan, old Bosnia and many other that faced war, poverty, hunger and destroy everything what has been built.

To the delegates,I urged all of you to be honest, put your titles & ego aside,open your mind, be a good listener to lower delegates and stop being hyprocrate. May Allah provide hidayah and guidance to you in this convention.

To be brutally honest time is running short for UMNO to redeem itself.

Good Luck.

Unknown 19 February 2010 at 10:03  

Assalamualaikum Sdr Idris

I read with interest your comment on Khairy. I appreciate your matured and objective perspective on the issue, but was quiet disturbed with your comments "Please do not think we are stupid that we need you or BN/UMNO to feed us. We have brains, we can find a job to eventually feed our own family."
Do we sense an air of arrogance there ? Aren't we malays taught to be grateful and humble ? Do you have to make such a statement to deliver your point on Khairy's behaviour ?
I agree with Dato Amin and some of our leaders that UMNO today has some adjustments and corrective measures to be done immediately. But please be humble and grateful that what the malays has become today, is not the result of UMNO's last few years effort, BUT THE LAST 50 YEARS EFFORTS BY A GENERATION OF LEADERS starting from the late Dato Onn Jaafar. Let us not forget that !! Just because of a few impatient young leaders who wrangled their way to the top of the party leadership (corruptly or not)we should not brand UMNO's effort as useless and become ungrateful.
I was from a rubber estate, my family income then was around 250 ringgit a month. Would I dream then to be able to become an air force pilot, go out and see the world to places like London, LA, Zurich, Christchurch. Upon retirement I had been able to set up a small business to provide for my family (without any political patronage or intervention even though I hold a position in UMNO) Nevertheless, I AM GRATEFUL to UMNO's leaders of 50 years for their vision and tireless efforts that enabled not only me but hundreds of thousands of malays of my generations to achieve their dreams. (Not that they don't have brains and needed UMNO's help unlike you) I am pretty sure these malays are grateful too.
So, your views on Khairy may be appropriate and rightfully so, but please do not put down UMNO so low that it appears totally useless since its inception which I think is totally unfair. You will be more respected if you are more balanced in your assessments.


vinnan,  19 February 2010 at 11:40  

Alang Zari,

You are where you are today because of your own efforts and not because of a political party. The non-Malays excel in competition outside Malaysia because they understand this truth. It is high time the malays think of themselves as able Melayus and not receivers UMNO largese.

Anonymous,  19 February 2010 at 12:42  

Salam Dato Sak,

Brilliant piece from you as predicted and knowing your style as well highly importance substance which has noted and inline from time to time.

Fret no more, Pahang delegates not only have a lot of things to do hence to entertain adhoc programmes i.e. Puteri agenda, joget that and so forth is not well inline within UMNO.

I will borrow what the most Eastcoast peeps would say i.e. From Pahang to Kelantan etc.

" Kalau hidup dok Juruh, manjang nok nampok gaye asa papa kedana, rompok duit anok yatim dan amik Hak oreh, Dok selamat Dunia Akhirat "

As per Khairy J, there are some look up to him as per se the next inline to save the PEMUDA as we all during TUN days, Pemuda plays a part of plotting the next mega support which ending up the very least getting a decent Cabinet Post.

Unfortunately, KJ is desperately needs to cling on Power by hook or crook, but I on a personal note rather not sure KJ has learned his lesson from the last GE-08 that his antics and character wise - remember the bru-ha-ha of scouting for Rempits and task them to take on Kelantan? (Ops PADE DOH) sadly it bites KJ Arse nicely at the end.

Now, at present times 2010 with the recent PERKASA thingy - for KJ to hijack the "show" and with his usual typcial antics "Peace Rally" so called lah but to tag inline with PERKASA? really? who are you kidding mate? for those hardcore loyal of UMNO isn't it obvious KJ really clueless of PEMUDA role? come on lah, Takde benda lain yang "penting" ke? susu anak lu Gabriel terlampau cukup sangat ke sampai lu "free" nak pergi rally?

Well as for the next "erection" and keep this up PEMUDA & UMNO antics with KJ spearheading - I wont be surprised hancur PEMUDA.

Tsk, Tsk, KJ and the rest of Pemuda should learn and bite the bullet - (dont bite the rest of that RM2million OK )

UMNO wont change itself as long the people of Malaysia keeps embracing them thats the saddening part, but the fact remains true.

- Ikan Tongkol-

Anonymous,  19 February 2010 at 17:51  

Sak ,
Stop day dreaming !Umno is like Aids and its dying slowly.Umno needs to be cleansed by all drastic means of CORRUPTION for starters and have thinking grey maters people of quality.Starting with the PM(WHO HAVE LOADS OF BAGGAGES) AND THEN the DPM (same BAGGAGES like PM) AND THEN THOSE corrupted Division Warlords,By having a clean slate then UMNO can talk of being a FAIR party for the PEOPLE.
If it cannot do that then its all mouth and back to SQUARE ONE PERIOD!Umno is better dead than alive today!
This big do finaced by its cronies is a waste of its members time if it fails!Can you really find an honest soul in umno at todays rate?
You will be lucky if they are in for the love of umnnnnnoooo!!!!!

Unknown 21 February 2010 at 00:26  


I am not denying, my efforts preludes my success. What I am saying is, criticise all you want, but is it wrong to be constructive ? Must we be arrogant to deny and just forgo the achievements of the past. Hypothetically, we were brought up by our parents when we were small and helpless, now when we are successful, should we condemn them when they are now and old ?? Likewise, should the efforts of UMNO in the past in nurturing the progress and harmony of our people be forgotten just because their situation currently is in a bit of disappointment due to a few immature or inexperienced young ambitious leaders ? Criticise, comment and suggest but give them time to reform..don't expect changes withing 24 hours of your takes time.

Anonymous,  21 February 2010 at 09:28  

What is the NST? Is been years since I read this paper though I did see recently the fishmongers in Chow Kit Wet Markets wrapping the fish for their customers.

I used to look forward to going to the Newsagent to buy the papers (NST/The Star) but is been yonks since I bought any.

When journalists loose their sense of fairplay and independance (though some not through their own making), is it a wonder why readers are turning to alternative media including yours to formulate their own views on the issues affecting our nation.

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