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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 26 February 2010

The Circus that got to America-2

We will fight on land, sea and air. The supporters of Anwar Ibrahim would have preferred us to just sit down by and watch whatever they say on foreign shores go unchallenged. We don't do that.

There are 1001 reasons why Wee Choo Keong (troublemaker) and Zahrain Hashim( side-indeterminate) are in USA attending the CSIS forum . Why should their presence be an issue? They have nothing to add to Anwar Ibrahim's case or throw any light on issues such as Allah controversy and so on. They were there as were Tajuddin, deputy speaker, Ronald Kiandee as part of the team of MPs on study trip. They have these frequently and such trips do also include opposition MPs.

Ghani Patail was on a trip to South America and stopped over in Washington to meet up with his counterparts. Officials from SPRM were also around to explain Malaysia's stand on corruption. They were not part of Nazri's entourage. Ghani Patail was caught up with his counterparts and couldn't make it to the CSIS forum. I am sure it was the courteous thing to explain the absence of the other speakers at the forum. But we didn't hear the report on this. A simple and innocent explanation that doesn't deserve deceiving spin.

If I were an adversary to Anwar Ibrahim, I don't find anything strange in bringing Zahrain Hashim. He has left the party and so PKR does not have any moral authority over him. He may be despicable on many fronts but if I can use him to discredit my political adversary, why not. Not commendable but useful. Anwar Ibrahim isn't someone who will want to dismiss such an opportunity. Zahrain may be able to expose the shenanigans inside PKR and on Anwar Ibrahim himself. Which sides people are on are not relevant factors to consider when Anwar Ibrahim was so sure 30 over MPs were going to cross over last year. So why should which side Zahrain is on, be bothersome to Anwar's supporters?

If our ambassador had not capitalized on Zahrain's presence in DC to shed light on who Anwar and PKR are, then I would question his political prowess.

Wee choo Keong? I can't offer any explanation why he was there other than being part of the entourage with Nazri.

There is only the other possible explanation. It seems that Anwar Ibrahim DOES NOT WANT Americans in Washington to hear the views of Malaysian officials about his case – including the Malaysian judge who ordered him released in 2004. Yes, that is the reason why Tun Hamid Mohamad goes to America.

Don't you see this as strange? Anwar Ibrahim who proselytizes on democracy doesn't want free speech taking place in democratic America? If the attendance to the CSIS was dismal, then Anwar has no grounds to be worried.

You can see the black hands of Anwar Ibrahim in this event. As soon as Washington think-tank CSIS announced it would host a February 24 forum, open to the public, on Malaysian legislative initiatives on governance and rule of law, Anwar and his team swung into action. How?

One of the earliest steps taken by Anwar's Trojan horses was to call up John Hamre, the head of CSIS, urging him to cancel the conference on the grounds that it would be improper to give "legitimacy" to what is, after all, the elected government of Malaysia, by allowing any of its officials to speak.  Hamre was told that no Malaysian officials should be permitted to speak unless and until Anwar's trial was shut-down through political pressure on the judiciary.

What Hamre did was to call the head of its Southeast Asian program, Ernest Bower, who had put the conference together. Ernest Bower answered that he has also done events with the opposition. It was his understanding that is part of CSIS's policy to encourage all voices to be heard. Hamre authorized full-speed ahead.

The next tactic of the Anwar team was to secure the services of friendly blog pieces ahead of the conference, attacking it before anyone had said a word, and calling it a circus. Sure enough opposition-favoured bloggers immediately complied with efficient pre-event hatchet jobs.  The reporter from Malaysiakini said he flew in from San Francisco. It is strange that his news and information were reproduced in Malaysia Today and not his employer's on line paper.

Will Anwar tell us, how much it costs to have this chap flown from San Francisco to DC?


Anonymous,  26 February 2010 at 10:34  

Dato, please don't join the circus!!!
Do you really think Americans will simply bite anything from Malaysia?
This is the problem with Malaysians and always thinks we are so far ahead but yes slightly ahead of Zimbabwe and on par with the Americans mentality and attitude, but my foot!!! be it politicians from both divides and the civil servants-fit only as juara kampong!!!!
So just don't waste taxpayers money and if the government is stupid just keep it with them, don't drag others!!!!
So, please Dato' don't be part of the Circus!!!

Ariff Sabri 26 February 2010 at 11:04  

my very reasoning. its no cause of worry on yr part if Americans dont buy our story. that would work to yr advantage.
the one dragging others into his personal case is anwar. yr diatribes are better directed to him.
of course its a circus when it damages yr pet theories.

Anonymous,  26 February 2010 at 11:19  

how is it that otherwise apparently intelligent reasonable people like yourself, at times, can be so blinkered?


Ariff Sabri 26 February 2010 at 11:28  

because i choose to not believe anwar ibrahim and therefore i am blinkered?
what about you? you consumed by hatred towards the govt?

Anonymous,  26 February 2010 at 13:02  

How did a presentation on the 'quality' of the malaysian institutions become an AI issue?

There is no question of hatred - just don't waste tax payers money on PR exercises. If the right things are done at home, as you prescribe in your postings on the UMNO convention, we will be once again, an example of a well administered country on par with the best in the world.

All that is requested is that people like you don't get obsessed with AI and be distracted from the main task of reform from within.

Cheers - jay

Ariff Sabri 26 February 2010 at 13:31  

the thing became a session on AI because those were the main questions posed to Nazri Aziz. obviously the people who went there wanted to ask questions regarding AI.
i agree- lets not get obsessed with AI and leave it to the courts. pls answer why is AI afraid of the Malaysian legal system? the same system that overturned his convoiction on sodomy charge on tecgnicalities the first time. the very legal system that has also seen the govt lost on many issues. the same legal system that prevails over people like you and i. why should AI have a different legal system that can have any colour as long as its black?

Anonymous,  26 February 2010 at 14:05  

For right or for wrong, noted that you have answered Patriot's question no 2 and 3 posted in the earlier post but you have not answered question no. 1. Care to comment.

Unknown 26 February 2010 at 14:20  


Why America?
Why Not Australia?
Except for John Kerry, no other American Figures have written in to protest on Anwar's Case whilst 50 Aussie MPs and Supporters did.

Manature 26 February 2010 at 14:24  

"Will Anwar tell us, how much it costs to have this chap flown from San Francisco to DC? "

Datuk Sak, I would dearly wants to know, the announced 2 speakers (official) who somehow went missing in action, did us public paid their expenses? Also, were they also there on lawatan sambil belajar like Khir Toyo or whoever? I had wasting of public money and I am sure you too would agree.

Beyond that, content to let the rakyat judge.

Sorry, just 1 more. Next reading assignment Your comrade Ku Li: Even Malays leaving Tanah Melayu

Manature 26 February 2010 at 14:28  

Also, not sure, but are all comments which are not spam and which don't use bad language publish?

Manature 26 February 2010 at 17:00  

Hey readers, how about making a poll? Or maybe simpler, let us just count those for Sakmongkol and those not for. Us Sakmongkol's party dacing, put everything on the scale and see which side it tips.

How about it folks?

Anonymous,  26 February 2010 at 20:51  

Dato, Good that you stated your stand that you do not trust Anwar.
Fine...but he is still Opposition leader and Selangor state government's advisor.

Ditto for the PM. Many do not trust that he was NOT involved in many controversial issues, originating from Mongolia to the shores of France...but he still PM.

What difference can you make to the AI situation with your conviction?


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