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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 1 February 2010

NKRA- finding KEY people.


 Its fine and dandy, talking and publicizing the concept of national key result areas ( NKRA). The key areas are already identified. Very good indeed.
But the PM needs champions to champion his cause. Corruption, poverty, high income economy etc. the targets enumerated and described in the key areas demand good people, good politicians and good government to implement and execute them. The key to implementing NKRAs is finding the KEY people.
They first of all require good people to be at the helm. This is the biggest challenge faced by the PM- To place people with stout determination, verve and dedication and most important share the beliefs of the PM to make things right.
Finding the good people must be the priority of the PM. If you don't have the good and right people, they won't be able to identify the areas where the keys are located or worse still, they don't recognize the area and the keys when they see them.
Let me narrate a personal story. When I was a serving ADUN under the DPM (as the PM then was), I had the opportunity to bring about 160 people to Kuala Lumpur. One of the things to do, was to bring these people (UMNO members) to Sri Satria to meet up with the DPM (as he was then).
I had them put up at a leading hotel in the city (a 3 star hotel) with quite modern facilities. The rooms had touch pad buttons to switch on lights, air conditioners etc. we placed 3-4 persons to a room. These are located on the console of the night lamp desk at the side of the bed.
You have the 'keys' at the key area.
I kid you not- this incident happened to many of the participants who came. The next morning, we went to fetch some people from a particular room, I was surprised to see the aircond wasn't turned on, the lights were not on. The room was very warm, humid and I could see people perspiring. Windows were fixed types permanently fastened and were not opened. Even the ceiling fan wasn't witched on.
I asked- kenapa tak pasang lampu, air-cond, kipas? Apa pasal bilik air pun gelap? Semalam AWOK seme  tidor bergelap dan berpanas ke? Bilik hotel mahal, tapi kalau tak guna kemudahan, lagi tak berguna. Poh Paleh...wabe( Pekan Slang)
YB, hotel ini tak guna- takde kipas, aircond ada, tapi switch takde. Lampu ada kat celing, tepi dinding tapi punat nak tekan pun takde.
Lain kali duduk hotel di Chow Kit Road sahaja lah. Tak guna punya hotel.
I said, mana takde. Tengok ni. Switch semua ada kat sini as I demonstrated by depressing the touch pad keys on the side table of the bed.
Awak orang dah datang Kuala Lumpur macam Kuantan Pekan berpuloh kali, tapi tak kenal rupa switch. Haha, Melayu Melayu, macam mana nak maju. Bikin Malu Dato Najib aje! Koman betul orang Pekan.
You people didn't switch on the lights, air cond, fan? Why is the bathroom dark? Yesterday night, you people were sleeping in total darkness and humid discomfort?
YB, this hotel is useless. It looks fine on the outside. You have a fan but no switch, aircond with no starter, we see lights up the ceiling but no switches can be found.
Next time, put us up at the Chow Kit budget hotels- that would be better.
Who says no such things? I proceeded to the bed side table and demonstrated depressing the touch-pad keys. Voila! All of the amenities came around,
You see, you may have people, but do they recognise where they keys are in the first place? Announcing NKRAs is one thing, having good people, able to identify and recognise the keys is even more important.
You need KEY people to do the NKRAs.



walla 1 February 2010 at 10:54  

May i say this issue of finding key implementers ties in with the leadership lacuna and saving Umno.

Taking the last as the foremost, Umno should do the following in the next 24 hours a'la jack bauer not sparrow;

- centralize 1Malaysia as its core; this means KRA implementers are sourced from all races, and even from the private sector;

- by the same token, cross-pollinate your component members; reps from the other parties come over to be members of special committees which cowork with the Umno branches to interact with the constituents; likewise Umno members join special committees in the other parties; dilute race from the interface even if you are too chicken to go race-less politics;

- do not see the rakyat as them-versus-Umno anymore; the opposition are also citizens and their states are also within tanah air; if giving Kelantan the wang ehsan will create precedent so that the other oil states will ask for more, then create instead a development fund for the kelantanese people and just give, regardless who will be applying it for the benefit of the people; the reason is simple; Kelantan is down. But be ready to also give to Sarawak and Sabah because they also have many poor people. However take nothing from the other states, even if Pakatan-run.

- do not fall for the temptation of taking cheap potshots at the opposition, even if some of them may do so on Umno; Umno must understand it is the one on the dock, not the opposition; for example, giving a press conference to take a jab at LGE as a 'dictator' is cheap; people can ask what about your former boss? they can also ask where were you when LGE was defending that melaka girl? in other words, taking potshots when one is trying at the same time to portray leadership is a sign of immense desperation and lack of focus on what is the most critical thing - changing oneself first. Understand this clearly - Umno is now a gangsta trying to turn over a new leaf. Screw up in the next two years and it will be wrapped in the same leaf, sprinkled with bunga detik and charbroiled at three hundred fahrenheit.

- bite the bullet on corruption; the MACC boss comes out and says give us a break when asked where are the big fishes; why was he not asked how come the MACC declined Pakatan's invitation for them to view Umno admin files that showed malpractices? This may not show MACC is partisan but it is immediately perceived as such so how can integrity be achieved when credibility is already gone?

Now no one is naive not to think the reason why the big fishes aren't being hauled up is the fear that they will sing like canaries on others. If Umno is really sincere, let that be so otherwise how can you expect the rakyat to even entertain the notion you are serious about arresting corruption which is your middle name? It is a blessing in disguise. Because you are searching for a cleaning detergent. And the MACC can be the cleaners. So free them, let them clean and if they don't perform, let them sell mansions and limousines instead.

If you don't do these, the scorpene commission will turn up. If you do these, the scorpene commission will turn up. This then the test of your manhood; people take to those who will face up to their own music.

- similarly, the judiciary; what is the KRA for the AG? What's the prestasi in updating the relevance of our laws?

walla 1 February 2010 at 10:55  

take the simplest example; parking summons; cityhalls have no locus standi but more importantly, all must understand why people double-park while putting their mobile numbers on the windscreen; it's the peoples' own solution to a problem which the govts are too lazy to solve; what with parking summons with other things as well, hawker stalls, gated communities and so on. Why also waste police resources ambushing unsuspecting motorists who miss some hidden signs when people are being murdered from streets to homes? If Umno cannot even see such a simple thing, a lacuna in providing a stress-free and livable urban environment, it must be made up of homo-boobuses and excrementum cerebellum vincit's.

All these tell one thing - demands are not met on time. So that if resources or solutions are not available, let the people do their own things so long as they don't inconvenience others intolerably or present dangers to public safety. Meanwhile spruce up the relevance of your laws. For example someone is charged for something about network services. Why? That way of charging already enhances the defendant's case because the direct route would uncan things.

- resolve the malay-nonmalay issue once and for all; you have this indon student leader who tells the malays in OMG is-it-the-country's-premier-uni that they need to buck up else they will be stabbed in the back by the nonmalays; this is no different from the things said about the nonmalays by the zealots in your ranks and each time something like that is said reactions will occur, dividing more and more; as propagators of 1Malaysia, what are you going to do about it today? If you don't, there will be other sutrisno's, ibrahim ali's, utusan's and so on coming up each time; remember, even mengeles got his comeuppance on a brazilian beach, finally. No point talking about the original Umno spirit if this is allowed to continue;

- by the same token, everyone knows vernacular education is the backbone and last line of the chinese; that explains all the assaults on it using the line of unity; as was said by Tun before, whether A is in B's house is no different from B in A's house, unless A wants to turn B into a. If Umno wants to show it walks the talk, make vernacular education a primary national thrust for the future of this country's standing in Asia, at the least. Be pragmatic. Add thrust for english as well for mental and knowledge progress. Start with recognizing their certs, loaning them free schools and paying for them a vernacular-teacher training institute. Then keep the Umno bureaucrats ninety kilometres away. Umno after all already has the national schools and indonesian-influenced public universities; see how dainty they have grown?

walla 1 February 2010 at 10:55  

- hold Perak elections; make that state great again; now it is only known for white coffee, bean sprouts and chicken rice. It used to be one of the three brain sources of tanah air. Bangga tak?

- and so that all this is not lost on all by the time this post ends, free the MSM; those journalists have suffered enough;

- meanwhile make Malaysia the funn-est place on earth, more cosmopolitan and forward looking, more progressive and modern minded. Don't like that from the religious angle, find your own corner then. If people don't get the chance to run, fall, get up and nurse their wounds, how can they stretch their muscles to learn new mistakes each day? If a person doesn't make mistakes, what's there to save of him?

Fear is the only thing the Malays need to fear. And Umno has to stop mollycoddling them until they asphyxiate from their own delirious nightmares.

This post, for the heartland grassroots i rubbed shoulders with yesterday's hot afternoon, Sg Udang Melaka. We all met near the new komplex penjara melaka. Looks better than the UM i knew before which can these days even luluskan a racist's message.

If Umno wants to save itself, start by stopping all the friggin' rubbish.

(to anon, i tried my best to prune it shor but too many things to get off the chest - sorry)

Ariff Sabri 1 February 2010 at 11:54  

you are welcome to write long treatises you may want here. we are trying to encourage respectable debates here. single liners, precis like comments are also welcome. the danger with the latter is it may reflect un-serious thinking.

kuldeep 1 February 2010 at 17:17  

Look at the list of participants in the LABS..i would think 90% are liberal arts graduates i,e the admin n accounts crew.
Would you expect lots of lateral/out of the box thinking?Or Blue Ocean ideas?

Did anyone suggest setting up decoys to trap those petty criminals?Or having a network of informers to source out the fence (the guys buying the stolen goods).

Did anyone suggest that an audit shld be conducted of all CURRENT/PAST leaders to ensure that their wealth (if they seem to have) are from genuine sources?

Did anyone suggest new forms of Public Transportation bridging buses and Trams

Did anyone suggest building houses,schools etc from locally available indigenous materials rather then the standard conc,rebar,bricks and mortar?

Did anyone suggest creating new rural devt areas to encompass the traditional villages thus giving more bangs to the devt expenditure.

I love the statistics > 87% of street crimes are by locals mmmm..but btw...wats the % of street crimes that got solved i,e the perpetrators id n charged successfully?I guess myb locals are not smart enuff to get away..

Anyway..lets hope the RM 18 bil will be wisely spent..on value add,long term projects n not as a PRU 12 steroid,

Donplaypuks® 1 February 2010 at 23:02  

In a nation of 26 million people, I refuse to believe we are short of key/brainy people.

But what are we asking of these key people? Look at UMNO Youth wanting to ditch SIL because he can't fill the gravy train - MOOLA!

In such a situation only 1 outcome is possible. All the keys will be crooked!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

flyer168 2 February 2010 at 00:15  

Dear Dato',

To be a Public figure, one must be established, sincere, honest, credible, transparent & also be amongst Men of "Honour, Responsibility & Integrity" to be able to carry out their duties without Fear or Favour.

- They should also be open to scrutiny like in the US.

- I believe, if any Man of God who has done & given his best to carry out his duties sincerely, honestly, diligently & fairly to ALL parties without Fear or Favour, then he has nothing to worry about, nor need any "Props, Title, etc"....

- He would then "Earn the Respect of his Peers & subordinates" - a better & more lasting legacy.

Not Leaders with Baggages....which will OBSTRUCT his & the Party's Progress...

“An organisation is only as good as the person running it”.

Anonymous,  2 February 2010 at 00:21  

The issue is not finding KEY people. This issue is finding the good people with the right motivation to fill the key positions. As for the civil servants, forget about them. As for UMNO politicians, except for a handful, like 2-3 fingers, the rest are like the civil servants or maybe worse.

If there not enough of these people, forget about the NKRAs. It might as well be nangka.

ServiceB4Self,  2 February 2010 at 15:04  

The question that you have asked is correct. The other question that must be asked is whether the system in which UMNO picks its leaders will give rise to these KEY implementers.

I feel that the way the system works will NOT give rise to leaders who will be KEY implementers.

Despite the amendments to UMNO's constitution that enable the branch representatives to select the leaders at the supreme council, there is little change in the way the branch selects the leaders at the division level. More often than not, it is the division leaders that are candidates for federal and state constituencies in any elections.

Change the system of selecting the division leaders. Provide an avenue where the intelligent and those with integrity are able to become division leaders. Increase the pool of intelligent and honest members amongst the members of UMNO at the branch level.

Once you have a working system, the pool of KEY implementers would be there for any PM to choose from.

Unfortunately even if the system is changed,the system would need time for it to produce the required results, something that the PM don't have. Of course it would work out in the long term but the KEY implementers are required now.

So for immediate results would therefore to hand pick good leaders, administrators and managers at every critical level of the government service.Give these people their KPI and the necessary authority (incl to hire and fire the necessary people) to achieve their objectives. Remunerate these people according to the private sector market rate.

The bottom line is human resource.

dzieta 2 February 2010 at 16:01  

sometimes the wrong people get a right connection and exposure,so can be seen great compared to the right people who is no body!
I've seen that in the real world of political connection in UMNO..
its not bias or what,it is luck,what they told me!

so it is easy to see wrong people with good connection to be a KEY people..unless PM got his own criteria for the key people.

kuldeep 2 February 2010 at 17:00  

We should not harbour such a jaundiced view of the sincerity of the government to improve and their ability to execute these ideas.

The govt have a huge pool of talents that can be mobilised to get up to speed on this GTP initiative.

The talents includes amongst others ;

1. Bloggers who have consistently said that civil servants are dumbos.

2.the guys at the Kopitiam who are so sure that all politicians are corrupted.

3.Commentators in socio-politico blogs who are drumming the symphony that all Bumiputras are stupid and corrupted and is surviving merely because of the NEP.

4.The Bumiputras who are vigorous in their belief that only they have the rights to whatever rights there maybe.

5.Anyone who writes thesis when commenting in blogs (me included.)

6.Any politicians who have lost,not been chosen to stand for elections,won but not excofied or menterised(esp ex Menteris)..

7.Any businessman that have a harebrained proposal rejected by "powers that be"

8.Any others who do not know how to tie a necktie.

These are the KEY people..the agents of constant change flavored by supreme dynamism.

Why should we allow a Professor disguised as a politician and a middling MNC manager disguised as the next best thing since Gardenia to lead us?
PM have to recognize the genius ,the potential and the energy of the disenchanted.

kuldeep 2 February 2010 at 19:32  

So goes;this particular golf club Golf Link Club (GLC) have a serious problem with the quality of their players.Their members never seem to get PAR..let alone birdies.It was disgraceful..

The Committee by the way are non golfers,,placed in a position of power cos they owned the irrigation rights to the area.

So,they brought in a whizz kid affectionately called Axe Man to sort things out.

He came out with a Golfers Trends Formation impressive 600 page document with dazzling graphics and dancing pixels.The docs have such fantastic recipes littered with KPIsm,KRAism etc.Truly a work of art..and too thick and wieldy for any of the mostly senile committee to read.It was unanimously approved.

Axe Man put his plan to work and IMMEDIATELY all members was getting pars and birdies.
Everybody was delirious with unbridled joy:bonuses was like confetti,the despatch guy was renamed Chief Delivery Officer and paid a million was the season of plenty..THEN somebody realised Axeman solution was to increase par by 2 strokes for each hole,make bigger holeon the greens,slope the greens to funnel balls into the holes,shorten all holes by 50%...

But well why bother..lets just kid ourselves.

Anonymous,  3 February 2010 at 00:29  

See what Najib's SO Nasir just did to him in Melaka. There goes nothing. He is back to square one with his 1Malaysia. All the NKRA and KPI in the world will not help him. He will be fighting a fire caused by one key person.

flyer168 3 February 2010 at 02:20  


Good point there...

MAN will always find ways to get around anything....Rules, Regulations, etc to make $$$$...

More so in this Bolehland!

Even any slogan by any PM will be $$$ for their Machais.

So “An organisation is only as good as the person running it”.

I wouldlike to share some of Lee Kuan Yew's old speeches made in 1965, after breaking away from

Quite an accurate prediction of what is happening in Malaysia now.

... nostalgic read. Almost like a Nostradamus in predicting what will happen.

Pity that his contribution was lost to Malaysia.

S'pore have moved on and M'sia is still back chanting empty slogans of One Malaysia !!!

Sad .... truly sad !!!!!!!!!!



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Anonymous,  6 February 2010 at 01:26  

Yes! Dato. This I agree with you. Finding key people. Tell you the truth. You can't. As long as everything is politically motivated you can forget about the NKRA. I save my breath. Walla, you said it. Shake hands with me.

Anonymous,  6 February 2010 at 01:47  

Walla, I love you for your comments. You are truly a Malaysian. Keep it up. In Malaysia, the authorities whichever dept they are from are little napoleon's. You walk into any govt dept, one will find very few, yes, very,very,very few public servants there who will look into your eyes to offer you help. Most of the time they will be glued to their table's and will pay no attention to you until you greet them. Shouldn't it be the other way round where you get greeted just like when one comes to your house, you will answer to his call. Most of the time these public servants forget that they are in fact PUBLIC SERVANTS.Thanks but no thanks to Mahathir for renaming them as Civil Servants. 'kakitangan kerajaan'. They should be reminded and infact be reverted to 'kakitangan awam' or Public Servants.
Now a good example is the police force. They cry out aloud, we can't do our jobs, we are underpowered ( they were top heavy - pangkat tinggi lebih ramai ) then the situation was addressed, the they say, we are poor in logistics, so the govt give more cars so much so that one could see misuse of these public financed cars. One could see, man and officers ferrying their family with the branded cars without giving a dammn to the public opinion. I have seen with my own eyes officer's carrying their families for dinner in the branded cars. The list goes on.. That's why we need the 'real' key people.

Anonymous,  6 February 2010 at 09:33  

Why are we harping on the process/kpi etc? Why are we delineating who and their attributes as a good manager/leAder? first of all we need to 'shut-up' and focus on doing the job with the right results. To achieve this we need to plan right. We also need to execute it right. And lastly we need to be open with all the above with all our stakeholders. As I have said in the begining, enough already with our whining and get cracking to deliver the job and results.
Other nations have forged ahead. Even the Thais (with their red shirts) and Indonesian (with their social pressures) have knuckled down to work. We have lost our economic and social development leadership. We have forgotten to continue to strive and start to demand easy life and wonderful things in life. Over indulgences is entering our life definitions. Too much politicking have immobilize our energy for work. There's too much focus on internal view and less on competition out there. We cannot afford to be slacking anymore. We have wasted too many opportunity ities and time. Let's us refocus on the brand new and different world out there which our future generations are going to inherit

flyer168 6 February 2010 at 11:49  


With all the rhetorics....maybe his will help ...MAYBE!

Jesus and Satan were having an on-going argument about who was better on the computer.

They had been going at it for days, and frankly God was tired of hearing all the bickering.

Finally fed up, God said,'THAT'S IT!

I have had enough. I am going to set up a test that will run for two hours, and from those results, I will judge who does the better job.'

So Satan and Jesus sat down at the keyboards and typed away.

They moused.

They faxed.

They e-mailed.

They e-mailed with attachments.

They downloaded.

They did spreadsheets!

They wrote reports.

They created labels and cards..

They created charts and graphs..

They did some genealogy reports .

They did every job known to man.

Jesus worked with heavenly efficiency and Satan was faster than hell.

Then, ten minutes before their time was up, lightning suddenly flashed across the sky, thunder rolled, rain poured, and, of course, the power went off..

Satan stared at his blank screen and screamed every curse word known in the underworld.

Jesus just sighed..

Finally the electricity came back on, and each of them restarted their computers.

Satan started searching frantically, screaming:

'It's gone! It's all GONE!'I lost everything when the power went out!'

Meanwhile, Jesus quietly started printing out all of his files from the past two hours of work.

Satan observed this and became irate.

'Wait!' he screamed. 'That's not fair! He cheated! How come he has all his work and I don't have any?'

God just shrugged and said,


You be the judge!


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