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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Fly who flew on an airplane.


One day a male fly boarded an Air Asia plane. The plane goes to Melbourne, Australia. From the plane, the fly was able to see the wonders of space. When the plane landed, the Malaysian fly flew to a few places. It was able to see wonderful places and things. Met with local flies and exchanged pleasantries. When the fly has completed a few visits, it was time to go back.

So it came back to the Air Asia plane where it was transported back to Malaysia. It disembarked and went back to its colony.

Once back at the colony, the fly narrated its story to an amazed and disbelieving crowd. Many people shouted obscenities to him, heaped profanities and ridicule at him. He was very depressed.

And so he went to a wise old fly to seek counsel. The old fly said- I believe you my son.

But my brothers and sisters do not, objected the returned fly.

Leave them be, said the old fly- how could they comprehend such matters? After all they have the brains of a fly.

We have been schooled in the best tradition of conspiracy theories. Our minds have been accordingly shaped. It is near impossible for us to debunk what we have accepted as undisputable beliefs. How could we believe a heretic fly?


Anonymous,  4 February 2010 at 15:04  

Yes what you say is so true especially, when you have this super sperm from a 62 year old man being able to survive in an anus for more than 2 days, btw was the anus also carrying the sperm when he went to meet Najib. Pakailah otak, you may be able to con your umno clowns, but even they've got brains, yesterday I was speaking to my Ketua Cwg.Umno from my area and even he said its a bloody ridiculous. So how many more Umno people have the same thoughts in their mind, I know you are trying preety hard to sell your umno bull, but is the fly story the best you could come up with. btw as a muslim how does it feel to FITNAH, will you think your sins will be washed if you go to Mecca????? Shame on you, how do you look into the eyes of your family members, you children and grand children, How will they remember you?

Anonymous,  4 February 2010 at 15:46  

i want to believe too but if that male fly told the other flies that whilst he was in Melbourne, a 60+ year old hippo buggered him, then i tend to disbelieve. Not only that, this male fly told the colony that after the long trip back home, he has proof he was buggered in that he managed keep the hippo semen intact in his tiny anus.
i wish i could fly....

Ariff Sabri 4 February 2010 at 16:27  

anon 15:04

you sanctimonious bastard- how do you knwow its fitnah? you have not proven it to be otherwise. this is the purpose of going to trial- to establish whether its fitnah or not. dont go that holier than thou stuff with me- that ketua cawangan you spoke with- what is he, a school gardener?
you ask anwar the same questions, will his sins be washed away? for all you know, this is his comeuppance here on earth.

Ariff Sabri 4 February 2010 at 16:38  

anon at 15:46
unfortunately that hippo wasn't interested in a fly unless he is also a male fly. in this case, the one he climbed on must be a male hippo.

Anonymous,  4 February 2010 at 16:44  

It is not a matter of having live sperm to extract DNA. To all you sceptics, even DNA from the time of the Pharaohs could still be extracted.

Anonymous,  4 February 2010 at 16:50  

then, why is the AG’s Chambers refusing to release evidence to Anwar's defence team ??

UMNO wanting to stage another trump-up charge against Anwar ??

The Fly

Anonymous,  4 February 2010 at 16:58  

Hello Anon 16.44, which doctor taught you that, dna from anus? Mahathir? another half wit.

Anonymous,  4 February 2010 at 17:18  

anon 15:04

kamu ni hidup kat planet mana? atau memang jenis beku tak tahu apa langsung? pernah dengar tak Deoxyribonucleic acid atau singkatnya DNA? pergi lah baca sendiri kalau dah tak tahu.

sedap je kata orang takde otak sedangkan nampak sangat yang dia tu yang takde otak. kamu lah contoh terbaik lalat yang datok sak cakap tu.

Anonymous,  4 February 2010 at 17:22  

bukan kah sebab itu kita ada perbicaraan? mahkamah, pendakwa dan pembela.

nak tentukan betul atau tidak.

pernah terfikir ke kalau perkara tu bukan fitnah macam mana?

sebab apa yang belum bicara lagi kita dah yakin benar ianya fitnah?

abrahampeer,  4 February 2010 at 17:23  

Dato, let me take the middle path, why debate somthing which is still on trial.In any trial there will always be one party who will not not be satisfied with the verdict and normally i'ts the accused, because in most cases the accused is found guilty as charged but if it turns otherwise it's the prosecutors or the accusing party who will be advice to all fellow readers is,
whatever it maybe just voice your grievance through the ballot box, i'ts that simple,come on dato just relax take it easy, it looks like the langguage used has gone beyond decency or maybe i'ts a norm in the cyber world.

Donplaypuks® 4 February 2010 at 18:01  

But the male fly swore on a holy book that the male hippo climbed on his back 7 or 8 times against his will.

Then the fly's Chief Fly first denied he met the fly in his palatial HOME, then said he did and it was about a failed Uni drop out who wanted a scholarship (presumably to MAS), then when cornered said it was about an allegation that a hippo had climbed on to the fly's ass many times?

You think this Chief Fly has any credibility or is fit to lead his colony of flies?

Now the 22 year old fly says he did not put up a fight, sock the 60 year old bad-backed hippo in the jaw and run for it!!??

There is an old tongue twister which goes like this:

A fly and a flea flew into a flue and could not fly out. But the fly and the flea in the flue found a flaw in the flue. The fly said "flee" and the flea said "fly" and the fly and the flea in the flue flew out the flaw!!


We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Snakebite 4 February 2010 at 18:57  

i suggest we should not pre-judged the facts and follow the trial without any pre-conceived ideas or conclusions. be open to both side of the arguements.

Anonymous,  4 February 2010 at 18:58  

the fly swears by which Allah? the Heralds?
this is a conspiracy another one by Anwar Ibrahim, to assault the minds of Malaysians. Anwar Ibrahim's friends know of his addiction.

Ariff Sabri 4 February 2010 at 19:01  


already stated that in Kangaroo Trial. the real trial is inside the court, not outside by both sides.

Anonymous,  4 February 2010 at 19:02  

What a coincidence that this whole episode are about 2 'Flys'!
An old Fly accused of sodomising a young Fly..quite a bodo young fly though.
Why didn't he fight back?

Anonymous,  4 February 2010 at 19:54  

Hello back to u, anon 16.58. I am sure the DNA extracted from SBA contained his DNA and another person's DNA.. guess who is that other person's DNA? Pakai otak sikit la... The other side of the story is that, if sodomy never happened, maybe, just maybe, OKT stuck his tongue into SBA's anus and his saliva was deposited there...:))

Anonymous,  4 February 2010 at 19:58  

Now that would be an ingenious defense wouldn't it?..:)) No sodomy but just anal licking!! hahaha!

Anonymous,  4 February 2010 at 20:21  

" And so he went to a wise old fly to seek counsel. The old fly said- I believe you my son.

But my brothers and sisters do not, objected the returned fly.

Leave them be, said the old fly- how could they comprehend such matters? After all they have the brains of a fly." Could you tell me what makes the old wise fly believe the words of this small fly? Is it bcoz he is wise old fly and his words are final since the rest are having the brains of a fly? I was told the same story but had a different ending : the wise old fly said, " lets see, you said you flew to Melbourne on Air Asia flight, when and what was the flight no. I will check with Air Asia on their flight schedule to Melbourne..for a start.

DingDong,  4 February 2010 at 20:26  

Salam Dato,

All this started when TDM did not trust the intelligence of Malaysians.

Even if DSAI 'really' is guilty of sodomy,the main reason he was brought down in my 2 cent pendapat is bcz he liwat TDM from the back during his fragile moment of 97-98..

He was the Finance Minister and normally if most of ur policies screwed up then tendering ur resignation is the only honourable option left for a politician like DSAI or maybe take a sabbatical leave from public office..lawan tetap lawan wrong move.he2..

But DSAI chose to follow his few fanatic power craze inner circle so called brilliant advisers ala 4th floor boys and budak2 kolek exc my father..

Kill the Emperor when he is weak
and take ur rightful place on the throne!!!Sabar sebahagian dari iman org2 tua pesan lupe kot..

TDM makan garam 7 lautan more than DSAI and all his supporters in and out of UMNO.

David and Goliath is just a myth.

I doubt BN will come to this if TDM had told the Malaysians the truth of the situation in 97-98..

Point out his economic flaws 1 by 1..

Just sack DSAI and address the Nation why DSAI was booted with the whole truth..

I doubt orang kampung akan cakap eh x baik la buang Anwar,kesian dia.

Bukan semua salah dia pun ekonomi kita lingkup...

Like u always say Dato,people dun really care about DSAI's dick or Saiful's arse..

Will it affect the food on the table or not?..

Pragmatic less sentiment = generasi melayu intelek baru

Are You Gonna Go My Way,  4 February 2010 at 21:02  


I told you before already...gays are very close knit society..they defend each other, no need to fight all the comments coming from gays...they are different species...Nabi pun tak ngaku umat....can you you imagine that..the are binatang. Dont expect animals to understand you.

Anwar is a homosexual...thats a we only need to make it official..the court will do that.

ServiceB4Self,  4 February 2010 at 21:44  

I once explained to a son of a friend of mine how some bloggers fool their readers. The blogger would show a document stating a certain fact similar to a magician showing that one side of the coin is painted white.

The blogger would then post a hypothesis that is reasonable to most readers eg. a coin would have two distinct and opposite sides. Most readers without thinking would agree ... it would never cross the reader's mind that this may not necessarily be so.

The blogger then concludes that since one side is white, the other side of the coin would therefore be black. Most of the readers would then be in awe with this revelation by the blogger and would therefore believe this as the gospel truth. But I digress from the comment I want to make.

Lets review the facts the tourist FLY brought home:

1. Anwar's initial defence counsel was Hj Sulaiman Abdullah - he discharged himself on the grounds of medical reason and that he doesn't want to delay the trial I have met Hj Sulaiman recently, he looked hale and hearty. If Hj Sulaiman is not really ill and still represents many other clients, why discharged himself in July 2009? Those who has had the benefit of knowing Hj Sulaiman, he is a principled lawyer and is truly an officer of the court. Maybe he did discharged himself on medical grounds at that point in time but could it be that he as an advocate don't believe his former client's case and was against delaying the trial and therefore knows that he can't effectively defend his client and therefore has no choice but to discharge himself?

2. Anwar's legal team continuously files multiple applications -eg. to disqualify the prosecution team because they are bias - of course they will be bias duh! (it would just like Chelsea complaining that Man U are not allowed to play because Man U has Rooney on their team and that Rooney is bias for Man U and would be scoring against Chelsea!). Clearly a delaying tactic with no legal basis!

3. The Opposition MP's tried their best to block the passing of the DNA Identification Act in 2008 in Parliament. Why? They say that it empowers the police to procure DNA sample from suspects. The opposition was afraid that with the Act the police is able to get DSAI's DNA sample. Why would this matter unless they know that the investigation has the DNA of the sperms that was found on the complainant. Please note that the finding of the sperm in the anus of the complainant was only made known this week! Hmmm how did DSAI know that sperm was found in the anus of the complainant in 2008?

4. DSAI legal team is arguing that DSAI can't get a fair trial because they don't know the evidence that the prosecution has against him. The evidence that any prosecution must have in a case similar to this is that:
a. the accused was present at the same place and time as the complainant - especially when the charge is very specific as to the venue, date and time. (lets face it, it is simply a case of there is evidence or not. if none, prosecution fails)
b. the accused had sodomised the complainant (evidence from complainant and evidence taken from the complainant's body)
You don't need to know this on the onset of the trial especially if you weren't there at the place and time of the charge and that you know you didn't have sex with the complainant.

ServiceB4Self,  4 February 2010 at 21:48  


5. Why then would you want the evidence? You need it to refresh your memory? Could it be that you know that you were there with the complainant and actually did have sex with the complainant - so the only avenue for the defence team would be to go on technical grounds? Wasn't this the route taken by DSAI's legal team in Sodomy 1 trial and the Court acquitted DSAI on technical grounds despite stating in the judgement that they agreed that the sodomy was actually committed? Wouldn't it important for your defence team to know the evidence so that you can mount a technical defence?

6. DSAI team knows that our criminal legal justice system doesn't grant such rights to an accused. Thousands of accused don't have such right from the time we adopted the Indian penal system, why is DSAI more equal than others?

So why make such application when you know that there is no legal basis? Obviously to DELAY the start of the trial. This strategy has been consistent from the beginning of the case - the same strategy that Hj Sulaiman may have objected to. If I was innocent, I will insists on having the trial begin as soon as possible so that I can clear my name. Alternatively it would serve a political objective - with the court denying such access to evidence, DSAI spin masters and bloggers would therefore say that the courts will not give him a fair trial (didn't the court acquit him in Sodomy 1?) and that there is a great conspiracy at work!

7. DSAI stated that the medical report didn't find a tear in the anus of the complainant. Based on this DSAI stated that since no tear - no sodomy! Does ANYONE challenge that hypothesis? A tear would occur if the organ inserted into the anus is so large as compared to the size of the anus such that it would cause a tearing of the anus. Would there be a tear where the organ is smaller compared to the anus? But this is where faith comes in, all DSAI believers knows that DSAI being the man that he is, surely must have big organs otherwise he is not THE DSAI and therefore any orifice the DSAI may have entered would have been torn to shreds!!

So my dear FLIES, please disregard the fact that DSAI has been found guilty by the court of abuse of power/corruption but the same court had acquitted him on a techical defect in a sodomy charge. Disregard too that DELAY is a consistent strategy adopted by the INNOCENT DSAI! My fellow FLIES, shout out loud that DSAI will never abuse his power including on a young 24 year old boy! SHOUT that DSAI is more equal than others (just like the pigs in "Animal Farm" by George Orwell) and therefore has the RIGHT to disregard the law and anything less than that, the courts are unfair!

My fellow FLIES - why don't we just wait and see the other side of the coin before we conclude the colour of the hidden side?

Anonymous,  5 February 2010 at 09:57  


Donplaypuks said;

"Then the fly's Chief Fly first denied he met the fly in his palatial HOME, then said he did and it was about a failed Uni drop out who wanted a scholarship (presumably to MAS),"

Truly Correct!!

Did you all know that Saiful was seeking for MAS to sponsor him to enter ASIAPACIFIC FLIGHT TRAINING SCHOOL. He was interviewed by AFTS but was not selected.

Wonder if the sperm was still in his anus during the interview!

Joe Black

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