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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 5 February 2010

The politics of a Kangaroo trial


"Many Malaysians believe that sections of the executive and political establishment have an interest in this trial. There does not seem to have been any attempt to remove this suspicion," Razaleigh said.


How to remove this suspicion? The accused is a political personage. Anywhere one moves, he says this is a conspiracy by the establishment to bump him off. He himself politicises the issue by linking up with the sections of the international community. He holds the country at ransom and is therefore partly responsible for causing this country's credibility to spiral down further. The accused is as guilty as sections of the executive and political establishment of turning this trial, into a political circus.

That is precisely what the accused wants- to tie up what is basically a criminal case into a political frenzy. Once there, he can, with the manufactured theories of political conspiracies, claim that his trial is politically driven. He needs all the accompanying hoo-has because his identity and relevance depend on them.

True, the behaviour and action by the media owned by the government is not commendable, but the actions of the accused and his carnival dancers aren't either.

The prosecution is done by the state and that being so; it is not possible to remove suspicions that it is doing the bidding of the executive and political establishment. The whole thing reaches sinister levels because, the accused being the person that he is, knows this and exploits it.

Since when are the higher standard of proof of Islamic jurisprudence become a subject of interest with people who would seize the slightest chance to condemn the 'archaic' Islamic laws? Since the time, when people realise the 'antiquated' laws can be of use to them. One day a liberal, another day, a fundamentalist's fundamentalist.


Anonymous,  5 February 2010 at 13:00  

Tengok artikel ni dato', bagaimana org luar boleh meminati bahasa dan tercetus idea utk mendalami linguistic setelah mengetahui dan mengalami hidup dengan berbahasa melayu.

Tapi setengah2 kita memandang rendah kebolehan Melayu. Kerana bahasa itulah kita dikenali. Tanpanya, kita tidak lagi dinamakan Melayu.

Mungkin dato' juga perlu baca ini

Wenger J. Khairy 5 February 2010 at 13:16  

Dear Dato',
I have to respectfully disagree with your reading of the situation. The facts what you say are correct, but Tengku is spot on the interpretation.

Anwar in 2009 is not the same as Anwar in 1999. His support base is greatly diminished, and that may sound counter intuitive considering the tremendous gains the Opposition has made in the electoral seats.

Why do I say that?
The oft held wisdom among the UMNO elite is that Anwar is the glue that binds DAP and PAS, which as usual is outdated. In fact, really PAS had planned the outcome of this trial way back in 2009, and if you look at recent pronouncements considering the issues dear to the Malay community,they did not need Anwar to mediate a common platform with the DAP. Furthermore, PAS and DAP model was put to the test in Perak and it was the actions of 2 x PKR reps and 1 x DAP rep which caused it to fail, initially. Furthermore, Anwar did more damage than good when he decided to go with this MP jumping routine, and really if Anwar gets taken down, I bet it would not be an insignificant proportion that says good riddance to bad rubbish. Even RPK has more or less said so.

But Anwar has yet one last role to play before he goes down. He will bring the Government down with him.

Let me explain how.

From the initial 2 days of trial, we assume that this trial is going to last for some time, lets say 4 months. A week plus from now, Nizar's case gets mentioned before the High Court, around the same time TBH inquest resumes.

So we have two potential time bombs for the Government with this protracted fight against Anwar. Remember the Government is not engaging in a fight with the Opposition, they are engaging in a fight with Anwar. The Opposition (PAS & DAP) is happily working together to bring BN down.

And already a lot of questions are being asked on the motives of Saiful, you can read around to find out. Just imagine how Karpal & Co. are going to cross examine Sayful. Is the end game to save Anwar?


Around the same time our economy is in the doldrums. Government is in huge budget deficit mode, and the talk is that the oil subsidy will be revised. I roughly know the state of Government finances from the extracts from BNM. The growth rate in M3 is about RM 10-15 million a yr, which cannot sustain any meaningful bank lending to industry.

GDP this year? Real growth 3%?
Dato, is that number even achievable? After all the ups and downs of the economy tracks really the volume of exports which is governed by the semi conductor cycle. Which is governed by the demand from our friendly Americans for our goods. Last nite, US economy continued to shed jobs. No good news here, and any adjustment to the Petrol subsidy will mean deep recession.
Additional info: You have to utilize a tool called System Dynamics to see the bull whip effect that contributed to the regional increase in economic activity in Q2-Q4 2009. Quarter on quarter, Q4 GDP would be positive, but year on year, I estimate contraction of around -5 to -6%. Full year 2010 -1 to -2% real growth.

And so the question people are asking is why on earth is the Government so focussed on this trial? The people are asking this question because there are 100 other things that requires the Government focus as well, which they feel that the Government is either unable or unwilling to solve.

And that's what will drive voter attitude. The political outcome of this trial will be determined by the economic reality. If Malaysians achieve developed nation status in 2011, then the PM Najib is the best thing since sliced bread. If Malaysia achieves two consecutive years of recession, which is what Wenger J. Khairy is predicting, then the rest is kind of history.

But alas, whoever is driving this ship has set his course to go over the edge of the world, and so may he sail over it, with all those in tow.

Manature 5 February 2010 at 15:28  

Sakmongkol, you accused Anwar of carrying out a "kangaroo court" in the media. Very ingenious.

What would you say of UMNO, its mouth pieces Utusan Malaysian and Sinar Harian and the prosecution (Saiful says Anwar was his idol):

Later on, lead counsel for Anwar’s defence team Karpal Singh raised an objection to Utusan Malaysian and Sinar Harian carrying a photo caption that was, according to Karpal “out of hand”.

The picture which showed Saiful, Judge Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah, defence and prosecution lawyers in the bedroom of the alleged incident was captioned “Mohd Saiful Bukhari menunjukkan katil di bilik tidur utama tempat beliau mendakwa diliwat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim kepada Hakim Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah” (Saiful showing the judge the bed in the master bedroom where he claims to have been sodomised by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim).

Karpal’s argument was that even during in-camera, the bed was never introduced as evidence, therefore the caption is misleading.

And the judge dismissed that

ServiceB4Self,  5 February 2010 at 16:27  

1. Cameleon will change colour such that it will be always protected by the surrounding.

2. Just like once a point in time, a fatwa was issued by certain group of people that muslim consorting with non muslims are infidels, but now has changed the fatwa to say it is now ok if it is for the common good!

3. The problem with Sodomy 2 trial is that people just can't accept that a person could have sodomised another, what more if the accused is a political figure who when in ABIM wore a "Skull Cap", in UMNO wore the "Songkok", as a DPM wore italian silk suits and as leader of opposition wears a tie less long sleeve shirt.

4. It is just like at one time in history the Vatican held that the earth was at the centre of the universe and that the Sun orbits around the Earth. Afterall the Sun does rise in the East and sets in the West! Anyone who thinks otherwise were heretics notwithstanding such a person were able to put forward evidence and calculation to support that fact.

5. Have an open mind, review each fact without prejudice, consider all hypothesis and question the actions of both sides.

6. Don't just disregard a fact just because it contradicts what you have been told that the sun orbits the earth!

Are You Gonna Go My Way,  5 February 2010 at 16:48  

I heard that Tengku razaleigh..will take over Anwar place. If this happened..we back to square one..
Everybody Wants to rule the world..

What do you think Dato?

Anonymous,  5 February 2010 at 21:51  


What you say about the MSM style reporting is correct. The more MSM try to give one side of the story and put a blind side one the other make people (or rather the voters) further distrust what it is trying to communicate. Somehow I am amazed, some of the stories are so full of propaganda which I think the viewers feel MSM trying to insult their intelligent. They should know better in todays age of communication they have alternative access to information.

Somehow I have to admit today MSM have slightly (stressing again slightly) improve their reporting. The only thing is whether damage or trust can be rebuilt. Remember Toyota image has been severely dented because of failure of their braking system. World market punish them swiftly within few days. The only thing is whether their branding is not severely tarnish which could many years to rebuilt not to say amount of money spent or lost.


kuldeep 5 February 2010 at 23:28  

Its so worrying now...
the economy seems to stagnate & businesses are not doing too well..yet the leaders are pretty confident announcing goodies after goodies...but nothing happening on the ground.
there's a lot of 45 to 65 year old professionals unemployed or working at a fraction of their previous salaries,,just to get by.

We think our leaders are not worried ..only preoccupied with building up support fror PRU...and cooking up strategies...its not only BN...every one.

and we got a few bombshells>>
Perak MB,TBH,Anwar,Altantuya appeals...

its really the leadership focussed or are we heading for the iceberg?>

Anonymous,  6 February 2010 at 00:13  

The economy's been sodomized.

Anonymous,  6 February 2010 at 01:15  

Whatever you try to portray about Anwar, you can't change the facts Dato. The facts speak for themselves. If you were to see Saiful's forehead it's like a person who has been practising religion and doing all the rituals that landed the marks on his forehead which until today we hardly notice on the world's most famous ulama's. Why is it? Is the complainant in this Sodomy case trying to show that he is such a pious person.
Looking at all these, we need to have this guy's head inspected. He has medical problems maybe a psychopath. What can we make up of a guy who does not excel in his studies but want's to be a student leader. One day he is BN's camp, next he is in the opposition and all of a sudden he 's back in the BN fold. Can we trust this kind of character compared to the one leader who's gone to be world renowned, for the sake of the country, painstakingly accepts the realities in the country. I would say he possesses the real and true qualities to be master of 1Malaysia. At least he got the guts to face his own race in trying to bring JUSTICE to ALL. Whats wrong with that. Allah did not say in the Quran that Malays should fight for Malay rights first. If that was the case Islam would not have found it's way to the rest of the world.
Wake up my friends from UMNO. Face the reality. Our forefathers failed to realize that this division of races in the quest for power and wealth would one day bring misiries to this country. Look at Indonesia. How successfully they have integrated the various races, clans etc for the sake of 1 Indonesia. Chinese are proud to call themselves Indonesians first and chinese last.Why this did not that you can't blame anyone.happen in this country before March 08. I blame the UMNO leaders who had no foresight. They kept the division because ot was easy to rule when you divide the community. You corrupt the leaders and they toe their people by their nose. But for how long. Now, after 50 years, you have to face young and educated people from all races who no longer believe in the race system. This is a global achievement
where time doesn't wait for no one. So if UMNO through it's NGo's and corrupt leaders and racist leaders still want to force down the throat's of the people of this country this 50 year old outdated system that is only being inflamed by certain people. When you compare the people you will find that the pure malays are willing to share compare to the so called 'malays' who have roots in Kerala India, Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia and the list goes on. The real malays of this country have no qualms so why do this foreign rooted think of the as more malay then the 'original' malay's of this country. Think Dato.

Anonymous,  6 February 2010 at 01:40  

There can only be 2 possibilities i.e either 1)the sodomy does not happen or 2)the sodomy did happen.

Assuming the sodomy happened, from my reading it has to be consensual at least initially before the Saiful guy change his mind(for reasons that many can speculate)and decided to lodge a report.

Remember Saiful met Najib before the the 26th (the date mentioned in the charge) complaining about being sodomised by Anwar. Meaning the act (if it is true) must have taken place a few times before the date. No sane man will be blunt to ask "can i f*** you today" if it is the first time!(if ever the words were uttered).

The question is, if Saiful is not a willing partner or was forced, why don't he lodge a report after the first incident.

In his sumpah, he mentioned that "saya diliwat oleh anwar" which may be true but he did not say "saya diliwat tanpa kerelaan" or "saya diliwat secara paksa" See the difference?. It is difficult to believe that he is not a willing partner, at least initially. He could easily fight back if he wants.

But sad to say, the law treat sodomy like statutory rape. Consensual or not, the "sodomiser" will be punished while the "sodomisee" will get away with it.

My 2 sen worth.

Manature 6 February 2010 at 08:51  

Sakmongkol, your reading assignment: NH Chan: The people know when a judge has done wrong

You should already know that ND Chan is a retired judge of high repute.

Ariff Sabri 6 February 2010 at 11:31  

patriot at 08:51

that he may be. but that doesnt mean he is always right. in any case, thats y personal opinion. others think the late augustine paul was sterling. ask his children.

nahraf 6 February 2010 at 13:19  

In Anwar sodomy trial10 years back, prosecution star witness admitted 3 times under oath that Anwar did not sodomize him and yet the good judge said that the witness testimony against Anwar "As strong as the rock of Gibraltar". The fact do not lie and what kind of opinion will the ordinary joe will form after knowing this?

Based on what happen 10 years back, the circus trial that happened, a man humiliated, di fitnah by the government machinery and you hated him for the chaos that happens after that, you as a true blooded umno will never understand why people were disgusted with umno, who in the right mind would associate themselves with a government that use "fitnah" as a political tool to bring down someone, what kind of muslim would associate themselves with that kind of thing.

Remember, truth is impossible to be suppressed, sooner or later , the truth will surface, in just 2 days already there are inconsistencies in Saiful statements, if you still believe the government do not do anything wrong in Anwar case be my guest, that is your personal opinion. but i'm confident your opinion will be proven wrong sooner or later.

hibou 6 February 2010 at 15:30  


Malaysia, like any country in the world today, is very much integrated with the rest of the world community, especially, economically and politically with the advanced nations.

As such we should not feel any apprehension, " linking " any of the actions, especially that of our judiciary to the opinions of the international community. We should in fact, if we have nothing to hide or be afraid of, showcase all that we are to the world.

The rest of the world already have a keen eye on the happennings in Malaysia on their own accord, notwithstanding any actions of the government or the opposition.

The rich nations love their money, not doubt about that and knowledge and information on potential buisiness partners, greatly influence their investment decisions. It is highly unlikely they would invest in countries for the long term with countries like Zimbabwe or Myanmar, for example.

Manature 6 February 2010 at 19:35  

Yeah, opinions are personal and I suppose yours of Isa is he has never been found guilty of money politics.

Unknown 6 February 2010 at 19:50  


You said

"others think the late augustine paul was sterling. ask his children."

Oops if I was you......

Which children will think his father is any less than anyone else?

On the Sodomy Case....
What matters now is what will happens to Keadilan (NOT Pakatan Rakyat)if Anwar (god forbid, since he has not been charged with sexual assault)gets locked up.

The whole case is not going to give any additional mileage to UMNO and BN....In fact there is an upside risk of backlash if the public percieve foul play.

abunawas 6 February 2010 at 22:30  

The court will never dig the real truth. The court only makes judgement upon the evidence adduced. The court's judgement prevails. So the truth does not necessarily prevail (simple example... Ali lost the case to the Jew who stole his belonging for lack of evidence adduced to the court...but the truth only surfaced after the Jew subsequently admitted ). Who jugdges the court? The public! And the public will not give a hood if they have high confidence on the judges. They will only be more keen to judge the court the moment they have enough ground to doubt the integrity of the judges.

The most sure thing for us to know the truth for now is to wait for the Final Reckoning Day....the day all of us will be resurrected where no one can argue anymore then.

As for now, at best, it will be one's value judgement against another... then again may be influenced by one's inclination and/or prejudice towards the parties involved.

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