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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Democracy: Chicago Style.

The Washington Post Editorial

IN THE PAST two years, Malaysia, which has been a one-party state since it gained independence in 1957, has made remarkable strides toward becoming a democracy. That it has done so is mostly due to the efforts and political talent of one man -- Anwar Ibrahim.
So the fact that Mr. Anwar went on criminal trial last week should deeply concern the democratic world. The outcome could determine whether one of Asia's most economically successful countries preserves its stability and embraces long-overdue reforms.
Six years later, the conviction was overturned by a court, and Mr. Anwar resumed his political career -- this time as an open champion of democracy in Malaysia and other Muslim countries. If led by Mr. Anwar, it would have a fair chance of winning the next national election in 2013.That's one reason it's suspicious that, three months after the state election victories in 2008, Mr. Anwar was once again accused of sodomy. Another is that his young male accuser was seen with aides of Najib Razak, who is now prime minister; Mr. Anwar says he has evidence that the accuser met with the prime minister and his wife shortly before making his charge. A third is that the case has been transferred from criminal court to a higher court whose judges are closely linked to the ruling party. But it could just as easily provoke a backlash against Mr. Najib or street demonstrations that could destabilize the country. That's why the Obama administration and other Western governments interested in stability in Asia should make clear that the imprisonment of Mr. Anwar would be a blatant human rights violation -- and not in Malaysia's interest.
What do Anwar Ibrahim and the Washington Post have in common? No, it's not that Anwar Ibrahim is America's Trojan horse here in Malaysia. What they have in common is a kindred spirit with one notable American- the great community organizer, Saul Alinsky. Saul Alinsky leant the fundamentals of ridicule- infuriate your opponents, goad them into reacting to your advantage. Hence Anwar Ibrahim taunts and goads the media so they react according to his plan and uses the reaction to his advantage. Washington Post ridicules our judiciary, judicial system and our democracy so that we react as overgrown adolescents.
One rule of the Bully tactics:  Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.  You can kill them with this. No country can obey its own rules. Ridicule them over this. You know we can never obey our own rules absolutely. America does this all the time. You accuse others of doing this and they can only react with pleading innocence and pulling their hair. Yes, others who do not adopt American style democracy are a potential enemy. America doesn't obey its rules. It knows this and therefore uses the same to bully others.

This rule carries within it another rule:  Ridicule. Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.  It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule.  Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage. So Washington Post ridicules Malaysia's rule of law. It ridicules Malaysia's judiciary and judicial system
This is what the Washington Post is doing. It's another form of America's bully tactics- another form of Chicago style mob intimidation. Do a democracy American style or take all the risks. Our first response is, this is quite extraordinary. It's a departure by a country that espouses the rule of law. The only contradiction being, it often does so by denigrating the rule of law and universal rights adopted by other countries.
Indeed as America often does, it subverts other people's democracy saying that others democracy hasn't grown up or are always in arrested development. Hence American intervention is necessary or that adoption of America's definition of what democracy is is necessary.
So America wants Malaysia to adopt its version of what democracy is. It wants Malaysians to keep their hands off Anwar Ibrahim. Do that even if Anwar Ibrahim may have committed a crime.
Just because the US does not like the way Malaysia has handled and is handling Anwar Ibrahim, is the worst reason for taking a moral high ground against Malaysia. How is the US now going to use its moral authority as a crusader of universal values and rule of law, if its first resort when it confronts unpalatable decisions, is to subvert other people's legitimate way of adopting the rule of law? In Malaysia, our adoption of the rule of law is saying that Anwar Ibrahim must face the same judiciary and the same judicial system which all other's face. We don't have selective rule of law or selective judiciary. It isn't perfect, but it's no reason to spurn it entirely only because Anwar Ibrahim doesn't like it.
How do we react to these kinds of remarks? I suppose, we can do what is expected from a lesser standard deputy minister such as the Malaysian Indian deputy minister whose party hasn't got any seats and is bickering who's the boss. At least Sivaji can claim he is a boss. The common retort would be: Don't meddle into our internal affairs. This is the best counter argument overgrown adolescents could muster.
The Americans wouldn't bat an eye over such kind of childish admonitions. Asking them not to meddle didn't stop them from getting Noriega, didn't stop them from invading Iraq, and didn't stop them from going into Afghanistan.
Let us dissect the premises on which American public opinion is based. Take the article by the Washington Post.
So if the Americans have it their way, Malaysian history began in 2008. That first sentence betrayed inherent bias- that the advent of democracy started when PR won 82 seats in the Malaysian parliament in 2008. To Americans therefore, democracy has always been associated when a minority or disadvantaged group on whom they invested their sympathies and support, wins in a contest. In other words, a country is democratic only when America says so. This attitude stems of course from the fact that America is the most powerful country in the world and it gets what it wants. It now wants Malaysia's democracy to be shaped according to what is defined by America.
It goes without saying, that America judges democracy in Malaysia in terms of the ebb and flow of PR especially Anwar Ibrahim, the advisor of PKR. It thus ignores the fact that, the BN is still the majority party that has been invited, under the terms of the Malaysian constitution, to form the government. Already the first sentence fails the litmus test of accepting the rule of law. The Washington Post has already determined that Anwar Ibrahim is innocent even before the court makes its verdict.
Then, there is this spurious argument that associates Anwar Ibrahim as responsible for bringing democracy. How can any reasonable arrive at this association? It's such as sweeping statement whose hollowness is unsupported by elaborations.
On what does the democracy in American rest? It rests on the constitution; it rests on the bill of Rights. It doesn't depend on Obama. Associating Anwar with the rise of Malaysian democracy is like saying, democracy in America begun only last year. Because in that year, America sheds its intrinsic racial bias and white superiority by endorsing Obama who is Black to become the first black American president. America therefore stays democratic if and only if it allows blacks to continue becoming president of America.
America stays democratic simply because it allows competing and contending arguments and ideas. It is also the same here in Malaysia. We allow contending ideas and arguments. That has been the reason why Anwar and his friends won 82 seats in 2008.
Anwar is an active participant and beneficiary of democracy in Malaysia. W may not have all the features normally identified as American style democracy- queer sex protected under some of the amendments of the American Bill of Rights. The fact that Anwar is brought before the court, defended by a team of lawyers, disputing the charge laid down by the prosecution, presided by a judge at the bench is our comparative answer to the American 5th amendment. Our system may not be an exact carbon copy of the 5th Amendment because we have evolved in accordance to our own circumstances.
The Washington post's starts off with the premise, that if any country is to qualify as a democratic country, it must replicate what American judicial system does. That insistence actually hides the arrogance of a superior power- that its laws and systems must prevail and take precedence over all others.


Unknown 10 February 2010 at 10:32  


Your obsession with Anwar can be related to Buddha's reminder to his followers on where one should observe and contemplate.....

"With his finger pointing to the Moon he reminds his followers to not gaze at his hand and finger for it is the moon that he is pointing at."

Anwar is the Hand and Finger that you are gazing and Yapping at......It is the moon that most of us especially foreigners and foreign investors are all looking at..and wondering whatever will happen to it!

Anonymous,  10 February 2010 at 10:50  

Pasal apa anwar dilepaskan, itu yg menjadi puncanya.

Org lain dikira, mengambil untung sabut timbul.Jadi, bila sabut itu timbul, semua berlumba.

Yang malang, adalah org2 yg sebelum ini percaya, lama2 sokongan terhakis. Bila dah terhakis org luar pulak masuk campur. Tidak kah ini bermakna hasrat di simpan tak tercapai, maka yg ada interest, secara hukum nature law, menunjukkan diri.

Itupun, jika ada yg belum buta.

Anonymous,  10 February 2010 at 11:29  

Kami gembira dengan perkembangan terbaru PAS dan UMNO dan kami sarankan rakyat Malaysia khasnya orang-orang Melayu jangan tuduh menuduh kerana ini akan memudaratkan anda semua di kemudian hari. Sila berbalik ke ajaran Islam iaitu berbaik sangka terlebih dahulu.

Kami ingin sarankan agar kamu semua berbaik-baik semula dan memikirkan hal nasib kamu dinegara ini jika Melayu dan Islam telah tiada atau di injak-injak.

Sekarang sebenarnya kamu sedang berdepan dengan situasi dimana kumpulan kaum minoriti sedang cuba utk "topple" kerajaan sekarang dan sekali gus menjatuhkan kedudukan kaum majoriti iaitu Melayu dan Islam. Maka itulah isu kalimah "Allah" digunakan mereka bagi mengelirukan umat melayu islam agar kamu berbahagi2 dan senang dan mudahlah mereka mendapat pengaruh dengan membawa melayu yg kufar atau terkeliru ke kumpulan mereka seperti PKR skrg. Cuma skrg belang PKR telah menunjukkan nanah dan mereka ubah ke lain taktik pula. Anda semua harus cepat.

Anda patut gusar setelah membaca artikel di bawah ini-

Are You Gonna Go My Way,  10 February 2010 at 13:42  

"With his finger pointing to the Moon he reminds his followers to not gaze at his hand and finger for it is the moon that he is pointing at."

Buddha was smart enough to point his finger at the moon at night not in daylight.. So that people can actually see the real moon.

In the case of Anwar, He thinks he is the moon and those foreigner and you Mr Nik must be smart enough to realise that Anwar is not the moon. The moon will still be there with or without him.

Malaysia is bigger than Anwar...and our life does not revolve around him. Please dont be so stupid to think otherwise.

Manature 10 February 2010 at 13:48  

"We don't have selective rule of law or selective judiciary."

I suppose one's opinion usually is colored by one's blood or affiliation, just like how Datuk Sakmongkol says that the children of the late Augustine Paul have the opinion that their father is sterling.

Judge King Solomon 10 February 2010 at 13:54  

I just hope you one day will have to resort to our judiciary and taste the bitter medicine

Manature 10 February 2010 at 13:59  

Sakmongkol I believe there is in you a measure of goodness and much intelligence.You well know the kinds of problems and future our country faces with the depleting petroleum and the institutions we have. I appeal to your good side to help bring the much needed changes to our country.

Anonymous,  10 February 2010 at 14:58  

Some anon pax said:

Sekarang sebenarnya kamu sedang berdepan dengan situasi dimana kumpulan kaum minoriti sedang cuba utk "topple" kerajaan sekarang dan sekali gus menjatuhkan kedudukan kaum majoriti iaitu Melayu dan Islam.

I am from a kaum minoriti and this is certainly not my intention nor the intention of the people whom i know. such statements just shows blind paranoia. really how can some people who are from a majority be so fearful of minorities?

What rubbish!!!

Anti Racists

Anonymous,  10 February 2010 at 15:47  

Benar juga, berdasarkan beberapa kes berlaku dan boleh dilihat disekeliling kita, mengeluarkan isu2 yg tak patut keluar, mintak perhatian dunia supaya dikasihani dsb nya.

So the understanding is that, most of the people know, but setengah2 tu dah buat havoc mintak itu mintak ini, buat2 tak ngaku pulak.

I dont think they are scared, it just that, rasanya ramai yg tahu. Cuma org melayu ni agak lemah lembut dan tidak samseng macam setengah2 tu. Tapi, diam2 jangan sangka tiada buayalah.

Dimanakah semangat waja melayu itu hilang. Diharap berlemah lembut jangan sampai telunjuk menjolok mata.

always thinking,  10 February 2010 at 16:27  

Mr Anwar obssessed
Pray tell what is Anwar's demooracy style?
Street mob. Street rule of law. Street demagogue.
Anwar is an empty suit.
Create problem but not adept at solving them.
Name us one thing that he has contributed to building Malaysia.
Only then I can look at his face.
You talk about Chicago style.
If Anwar lived during Al Capone's time he will be thrown into Lake Michigan.

Anonymous,  10 February 2010 at 17:30  

Ala tok, takkan tak tengok PKR apa dah jadi..

Takkan nak buat hal lagi.. nak bagi muka dan peluang..sampai nak panggil org luar plak ambik perhatian..hal2 yg sekarang ni pun dah naik getik menengoknya, haru dibuatnya..

sedangkan org dalam punya kerja, hampir nak melingkup kita, esok2 bagi org lain masuk campur....

hai nengok ajerlah apa yg jadi disebelah dunia sana..

Manature 10 February 2010 at 17:46  

Datuk Sakmongkol,

Tell me why we should not be suspicious of our judiciary when a former UMNO lawyer (what is his position in UMNO?) leap frogged over so many senior judges in such a short time and I think was only in the judiciary for a very short time? I am the type who call a spade a spade and if you give compelling reasons, I am prepared to accept it. If you can prove that UMNO has reformed, I may even vote UMNO in the future.

Peter,  10 February 2010 at 17:53  

Mr Anwar obssessed

said and challenged us...

"Pray tell what is Anwar's demooracy style?
Street mob. Street rule of law. Street demagogue.
Anwar is an empty suit.
"Create problem but not adept at solving them.
Name us one thing that he has contributed to building Malaysia.
Only then I can look at his face.
You talk about Chicago style.
If Anwar lived during Al Capone's time he will be thrown into Lake Michigan."

I can name one.. and the biggest one ANY MALAYSIAN CAN MAKE ...

He made it possible to have two party system.

Can you?

Not in your lifetime nor my own.

That is his biggest contribution.

After that what he does is not important.

Pakatan now must use this opportunity to provide a viable alternative.

DingDong,  10 February 2010 at 18:39  


I tot u said u are bored with DSAI d..

DS Najib said he wants more input for the New Economic Model..

I hope u work overdrive and continue giving a piece of ur mind to DS Najib for the sake of Malaysia..

I truly hope we can have a $50K GDP by 2020 or 2030..

If the plan unveiled in late Mac is realistic and achievable Im sure many Professional Malaysians will be returning home in the next 5 years..

I like TDM's vision..A modern country without the hectic of Japan,Korea & London..Who cares if the red dot people earns more but live in flats..hahaha..duit byk tanah 2100 Singaporeans will be living in Iskandar Region..I bet my balls on it..

Anonymous,  10 February 2010 at 20:51  

greetings datuk
i posted a comment yday-asking u to stick to the MCKK stories.Glad u replied but honestly.i didnt expect such a reply from a learned person like you.
why? i will justify.First and foremost, i dont give a damn about Anwar ibrahim.What i am more interested in is this country being governed by those who follow the "JALAN YANG BENAR".It can be anybody, including u Datuk Dearest!.As long as u do it the right way.
Isnt that what u want too?Isnt that what u always fight for?
or are u fighting a different cause?
With regards to the JALAN YANG BENAR.The MCKK stories were very honest and true.THEY WERE BENAR AND IKHLAS.
That was what i meant when i suggested u to keep to the MCKK stories.
At least it doesnt contridict with ur stand for a JALAN YANG BENAR kinda democracy in MALAYSIA.
So please dont reply with a crap of a response next time around

Always thinking,  10 February 2010 at 21:38  

Two party system? Wakakah.
Ruled by Clowns, Jokers, Pak Pandir and Court-Jesters.
Each have different agenda. Each have different ideology.
Mr Kulim man has already said PKR can do without DAP.

Are You Gonna Go My Way,  11 February 2010 at 00:28  

Anon at 2010 20:51

I also want someone who is on "Jalan yang Benar"

you must be a catholic to come up with that kind of tag line...but your jalan yg benar and my jalan yang benar are not the same...
My jalan yang benar dated back to Abraham and then to Muhammad and continues to present time while yours stop at Jesus.

Anwar is not on jalan Yang Benar..infact he is SONGSANG....

and you think you're smart...

Snakebite 11 February 2010 at 01:06  

so it is true what they say about americans...they know nothing about other places outside the usa. this is washington post? i had a good laugh

Anonymous,  11 February 2010 at 23:55  

My oh My, u must be a nujum pak belalang type of a guy? How sure are u that i am a catholic? I said i dont give a damn about anwar ibrahim and yet u are talking about jalan yang songsang,are u damn sure that i support anwar?
you continue by being cynical about me trying to play smart.
Whats bloody wrong with you? go see a shrink. Get a reality check.AS a muslim, i m offended by ur comments.I simply stated that how i wished the country can follow the path-Jalan Yang Benar
Stop being paranoid.

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