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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Pahang UMNO Convention-2

In the previous article, I asked- what happened to UMNO politics that caused massive desertion of Malay voters?

It was arrogance mainly. It was an arrogance built on the overvalued belief that Malays depend exclusively on UMNO for their salvation. It caused the UMNO leadership to overestimate their worth and allowed UMNO leaders to speak spuriously, of a kind of perverted manifest destiny – i.e. divine right conferred upon themselves to rule on behalf of the rest of the Malays, with all the attendant abuses such as corruption, bad governance, social decadence, suppression etc, as necessary evils.

The position, in which the majority of Malays find themselves, is that of a people to be cared for by an elite ruling class. The emergence of an elitist leadership synchronized well with a people cultured in a generally submissive ideology. That kind of life's outlook would enable a class of Malay to speak of themselves as protector of Malays and the rest as their charges over which they are responsible for everything. It is this kind of misplaced submissiveness that tolerated the existence of an arrogant leadership which acquired and entrenched further, social values that are at once diametrically opposed to normal Malay values of cultured humility and down-to-earthiness.

This leadership by arrogance is openly displayed in daily lives-by the arrogant leaders who parade their ostensible wealth and decadence. In the most artificial and mundane of manners such as owning and driving in the most expensive cars around, in the adoption of social graces that alienate the majority of Malays.

The purveyors of this kind of leadership were evident in the Pahang UMNO convention recently. I saw one UMNO leader, driving his hummer which probably cost up to RM 1 million to the convention. Of course the hummer is built like an anti tank armored carrier. Either the owner of this car was thick skulled as the vehicle's protective steel plating or the symbolism of the car as something that protects its occupants from hypocrisy destroying peer judgment is well known to its occupants.

Thus you have on one side- a leadership, elitist in form and spirit conferring upon itself, the role of benevolent protector. On the other side, the majority Malays who are subjected to the daily grind of fatalism in that they exist to ask themselves what they can do for the leadership. In simple terms, give the leadership total obedience and submissiveness. In that sense, what the Malays find themselves early in their history is what Kennedy was able to say sometime in 1961:

"Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."

The problem with this kind of social arrangement it runs directly opposite to the ideals of free society which Malays can legitimately desire. As Milton Friedman responded to that address:-

Neither half of the statement expresses a relation between the citizen and his government that is worthy of the ideals of free men in a free society. The paternalistic "what your country can do for you" implies that government is the patron, the citizen the ward, a view that is at odds with the free man's belief in his own responsibility for his own destiny. The organismic, "what you can do for your 'country" implies the government is the master or the deity, the citizen, the servant or the votary.

It would be oversimplifying however; to attribute what went wrong with UMNO by just pointing to leadership by arrogance. We have to look deeper for the reasons.

Each generation is shaped by different motives and values. The motives and values that drove the first generation leaders and followers are different from the same that drive the current generation.

The Problem stated. The problem with UMNO is this. We have a leadership that is still stuck to the motives and values which were suitable for first generation leaders and followers but are discordant with the values and motives of present generation. It is this dichotomy that creates a deep divide between UMNO and the people. Failure to adjust to new values and motives will forever stunt UMNO.


dzieta 24 February 2010 at 09:54  

jatuh stdlah Dato' kalau ketua bahagian/ketua pemuda bahagian tak drive keta import..sekurang-kurangnya harrier..baru ada class!
arrogant issue ni mmg tak akan habis walaupun dah berjuta kali orang bawah kata UMNO kalah dlm PRU lepas sebab DUNHILL - GAYA,MUTU dan KEUNGGULAN..

Manature 24 February 2010 at 09:59  

"stuck to the motives and values which were suitable for first generation leaders and followers"

Huh? You mean Najib, MooooHiDin, the foot in the mouth Nazri, #yorais the one who turned his back on his own doctoral thesis to get back into the cabinet, etc. etc. has the same motives and values as Bapa Merdeka? Comon, how on earth did you come to this conclusion.

But in any case, perhaps it is better for people like you and Tg Razaleih to continue in UMNO where your criticism of the widespread corruption and power abuses is hopefully more effective in bringing critically needed reforms for our poor country and if you and like minded can do that, I even though non-Malay non-Muslim may even be prepared to support.

syed putra ahmad 24 February 2010 at 11:54  

brave and wise words indeed from an umno x-adun, but still lacking in the finer points of an honest and calm muhasabah. go deeper dato', insyaallah you'll find it and insyaallah you can do something about it.

Phew!,  24 February 2010 at 12:31  

Umno is trying hard not to be arrogant.
See how Najib is bending over backwards to please the non-Malays.
Give credit where it's due.
How about writing on Pakatan becoming arrogant day-by-day?
P.S. I see you are earning praise from racist Zorro's followers.

Ariff Sabri 24 February 2010 at 12:39  

you mean its you who's dying to get accolades from zorro and his followers?

i am not interested in bettering other political parties. more interested in UMNO. there are enough pro UMNO molotov throwing bloggers who can hold out on their own against anti UMNO bloggers.

kuldeep 24 February 2010 at 13:06  

Pahang politico Bossman have a Hummer?..this is I believe is the favored transportation of rap artist i.e ghetto guys make good.Its a celebration..

I doubt if Obama hv or wants a Hummer>>but then he is dumb.

I admire the UMNO guys..they can leverage the very little grey matter n education they have into so much economic wealth.Just imagine if all our Academia n Intelligentsia can emulate won't be Hummers but Gulf 5 flying into Jengka.

Anonymous,  24 February 2010 at 13:31  

Good one Dato.

But you have to provide the solutions. How to change? How to effectively reform? To me, the fish rots at the head first. Got the hidden message?

I have a few questions for you or your readers to honestly answer :

1. This leadership by arrogance - is UMNO addressing it? I see a lot of actions/statements from leaders that is still smack with not only arrogance but stupidity.

2. Looking at how things that are going around, do you, in all honesty believe that UMNO is reforming itself?

3. The UMNO guy that drive the RM1 million "toy", is he a shrewd and capable businessman? Or is he a Ketua/AJK Bahagian, Minister, Political Sec or rent-seeker that depends on hand-outs? As you know, UMNO is famous for breeding mediocrity for political expediency and patronage.

4. Is corruption, wastages, leakages, power abuse being effectively addressed without fear or favor?

5. Are our Judiciary/MACC/PDRM/AG truly independent? If no, how to make it independent?

6. On PM's 1Malaysia concept, is it just rhetoric or is it for real? There are a lots of conflicting actions/speeches that are in contraditions with this 1Malaysia concept including coming from his own party men including DPM and his personal aide.

I suggest you print all your postings and comments from your readers, compile it and pass it to your division head for him to ponder. Boleh?

Anonymous,  24 February 2010 at 13:37  

Well said. What does it take to get the message into the thick skulls of the UMNO elites. How do you get pass the armour of their American made hummers (or soon to be China owned brand).

Anonymous,  24 February 2010 at 14:18  


What you wrote about and what you saw during the convention, is at the face of "orang biasa" daily.

When I see such things I just go Ohhh..... "Ini Macam Kera Dapat Bunga". The Question is.... are we going to keep voting for the Kera Kera in UMNO??

Joe Black

Anonymous,  24 February 2010 at 14:24  

Can we start by replacing Zahid and Khairy.

Anonymous,  24 February 2010 at 17:40  

To those who are looking for a refreshing ideas on the running of our country and future of the Malays, join FB Group - Tabung Idea Mengukuh Martabat Melayu. First listen to the creator's (Suflan Shamsuddin)introduction in the video section to get an idea what this group is all about.

walla 24 February 2010 at 17:43  

A: 'Is there a way out, Tun?'

B: 'Looking at the situation? Yes, Sofea, but only one way.

The situation is bad. One, there isn't enough time. Two, the problem's too big. Three, there is too much resistance and personal agenda. And you can think out for yourself the other factors.'

A: 'So, how can Umno change itself?'

B: 'To me, if Umno is sincere to make changes, there is only one reverberating solution. A surgical stroke, lightning attack, if you will.

And that is, Umno must return power to the people. It must bypass the warlords in its midst. So that all the right things will be done.'

A: 'How to do all that, Tun?'

B: 'Borrow the method of the other Tun.'

A: 'Erh?'

B: 'Do one last act of power. But unlike that fella, let go after that. Return the power to the rakyat.

Now, how to do that? Bring the rakyat into the government. Actualize what they want. And what they want is to remove Umno influence on the key institutions of the country which at the moment are in limbo.

First, the mainstream media. All of them, including printing, press and broadcasting. Remove Umno's influence.

Second, the judiciary including the AG, MACC, PDRM and parliamentary oversight. Remove Umno's influence.

Third, the civil service including Umno-run states. Second their administration to a formal public scrutiny mechanism.

There could be a few more. But let's for the moment say they are the main ones.

When i say remove Umno's influence, i mean they report to a new parliamentary entity with findings open to the people. Not the parliament oversight committee or the royal commission but something higher, faster, stronger and more effective.'

A: 'But how is Umno going to approve its own vivisection?'

B: 'That's why i said it has to be a lightning attack.

Sofea, the Umno president is also the head of Barisan. He knows the component heads will be only too happy if those things are done because their inability to influence for those things to be done was one of the reasons we have such a huge political fallout. So they will all go along with him. That leaves only the Umno elite.

The entire solution thus falls on the shoulders of the Umno president vis-a-vis his supreme council members and the ketua bahagians, cawangans et cetera.

Therefore, the scenario is like this. He holds his cabinet meeting and says he will go ahead with those things. Details need not be outlined yet. Even agreement in principle need not be sought. He is after all the head of administration.

There will be some consternation registered. He ignores them. After the meeting, he calls a press conference attended by the respective heads of those institutions. On live tv and radio, he issues his executive order for those things to be done.

Of course the audience would be huge because his press secretary a week earlier sounded out that a major announcement of tectonic proportion will be made.

Once the announcement is made, there is no going back. Because once the rakyat are told they will get what they want, they are not going to stand idly by if anyone even thinks the order can be withdrawn, deflected or changed. That's why i say the power returns to the rakyat.

walla 24 February 2010 at 17:44  

Now, why are those institutions important? With free press, you get transparency and accountability. With free judiciary, you get integrity and real justice. If those attributes of good governance are not delivered after that, the people will demand that those institutions be cleaned up.

There is now too much legacy baggage on them. And too many people perceive them to be opaque and slanted in the ways they have been operating.

Once power returns to the people, the demands go mainstream and normalcy will return to this country.

Ta'kan the rakyat will allow for a departmental head in some division in some agency in some state to be corrupt one minute longer, no? Or for political vote-buying to continue, or for kickbacks and under-table money to be implicitly endorsed, eh?

You see, Sofea, once the Umno president makes his announcement, he presents himself and everyone in the country, especially those in Umno, with a no-return ticket to better and cleaner governance.

All he needs to do is courageously make that announcement.'

A: 'It's not going to work, Tun. He doesn't have the (cough). His other half won't let him. He won't survive the rancour and recriminations of his supporters and the Umno elites.'

B: 'Bola? That's why he has to do the other tun act. Just once. If weak, take some tonik cap gajah before going live. His other half? Stomp his feet-lah. The Umno warlords and bigwigs? Why are we then having this conversation, Sofea?

You see, it is not lost on me that the essence of this solution is the same as that in the problem which had caused the mess in the first place. In other words, we use the property behind arrogance, power-hunger and might to solve what they had caused. Neat, eh? I like clever solutions.

Secondly, it is also logical. If his supporters and the Umno diehards are the problem, then circumvent them, go around them, and short-cut to a solution.

Sofea, the only solution out there which is brief, fast, and cheap is to return power to the rakyat. In one stroke.

And all that is needed is one simple act of courage that will turn the ship around, and change the course of destiny of our great nation.'

A: 'But some people will say that will be selling them out. They can call for an EGM to vote him out. They may even work overtime to try and spin those things as giving up Umno's rights, and then work the crowd to a frenzy that their existence will be threatened. The Umno supreme council will say the president is relinquishing power to the opposition instead. You know, the usuals...'

B: 'He has an antidote to all that. All he has to do is to repeat the process and go live again with national coverage. On that segment, he invites - by name - those who resist and oppose what he has done to come up and say why they think he has done not right by them. They will have to answer. If they don't, the rakyat will draw their own conclusions about them, and then they will have only one recourse for themselves. Hemlock, i believe, is still sold in some shops.'

walla 24 February 2010 at 17:44  

A: 'But on second thoughts, Tun, what about the moderating role of a government? You can't deny Umno has also played a moderating role on sentiments. Wouldn't giving power back to the rakyat forgo that for unpredictable outcomes? What if some of the rakyat want things that others don't want, and so on?'

B: 'First, we must understand why Umno must change. GE12 said so. That's why. It means the rakyat, including a sizable portion of the Umno members, want Umno to change. And that's because the administration of this country has lost its checks-and-balances. So returning power to the rakyat is a way of working towards recovering those checks-and-balances.

Second, we must reach a stage in the evolution of this nation where we must believe that in the main, the rakyat are sensible people governed by good sense and fairplay. The opinions formed after GE12 have shown that the majority of the rakyat are perceptive, fair, sensible and intelligent people. How they have been led so long by dullards, numbskulls and idiots remains a puzzle but let that be a special project. Thirdly, those who have seen the world and studied elsewhere have shown promise that this country can be saved from the machinations of a few parochialists and zealots. Fourthly, we are at the dawn of a new beginning for Malaysia...'

A: 'Dawn of a new beginning? I thought we are at the dusk of a new ending, Tun.'

B: 'Hehe. That's just to see if you're still awake.

In any case, if the Umno president doesn't adopt the solution, then we may conclude Umno has no intention of changing. Which means that everything its leaders have said so far is more suited for the audience of your next program called sesame street. For the rest of us, we are in the avatar 3-D mode and going for 4G mobile.'

A: 'But you also have a concern, Tun?'

B: 'Yes, if Umno doesn't change, it also means something quite disquieting.

It means all the things Umno is doing up to now are to fish for more votes and to stabilize its platform to get back lost votes. In other words, it wants back its seat majority. What the rakyat are concerned is that it wants to achieve that at all costs. A phrase which has been said out loud, i recall. Even if that means raking mud on the name of this country, commando attacks on the opposition leaders, infiltrating double-agents. At all costs could also mean buying every mother indonesian in Sabah and Sarawak to vote for Barisan in GE13.'

A: 'But they are not citizens, Tun.'

B: 'Really?'

A: 'I see what you mean. Umno may not really change because it has calculated the risk of winning GE13 at all costs. So that seems to say what they mean when they say give us a chance to prove we are the better government is still a chancy proposition.'

B: 'Exactly. That's why if they really want to walk their talk, they should just adopt this one solution. Go live and do the right things in one stroke.'

A: 'This post for?'

B: 'Sakmongkol AK47, he has been writing heaps for his party. A good, smart, man.'

umar,  24 February 2010 at 19:52  

The general topic is UMNO must reform. Feudalism is ingrained in UMNO-has to be removed.Hence the begining.Then things will fall in place or apart.I don't accept your observation that the leaders today are arrogant,displaying their wealth around. Contrast this with the scenario of the 1970s. UMNO meetings attended by Guru Besar, guru sekolah rendah. THe Malays then drove Morris Minor . Today , you see dark tinted BMWs,Merc S/C Class and Imported 4=wheel drives around PWTC everytime there is a UMNO gathering ( not Meeting ).The content of UMNO too has changed, Those days the Malay school teachers were the hardcore members and were respected by the ordinary members. Later during Mahathir & Daim era, businessmen dominated UMNO politics at evert level. Hence came the corruption, distortion and decadence.Education Minister was a sure ticket for Presidency.Mahathir's era changed it in one stroke as Walla argues.
Teachers were not allowed to hold political positions.
How not to display their new found wealth? ASN pays handsome dividends even after paying the full bank loan. MITI allocations given to the same group.They made money on every IPOs after paying the full loans taken to finance it.The new rich UMNO members never bought any commercial properties in urban areas.They instantly renovate their houses every 3 years. Bought the latest automobiles, marry second or third wives,joined the pretigious golf clubs.So you advocate them to change their life style after indulging in luxury. Hard to give up good life to please the peasants in kampong.
It is the ordinary kampong folks who has to adopt to the new ways.They have to accept technology, internet, broadband, e-broking, e-commerce etc. They cannot envy their cousins in the cities for flashing their Rolex, Armani and other accesories.They should not reject UMNO because they were not in the receiving side of the goodies.

Donplaypuks® 24 February 2010 at 20:33  

I think when we let the dust settle down and analayse the situation, it will come down to 2 things:

1. Human greed for which there is no known limit unless external brakes are applied. This led to massive corruption.

2. Corruption by power, and we all know what Lord Acton, as reinforced by Karl Marx, said about absolute power and absolute corruption.

The good thing about it all is that it has nothing to do with race, but all to do with individuals.

Therefore, the power to change for the better is well within UMNO's grasp! But can it and more importantly, does it want to?

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

bat8 24 February 2010 at 21:28  

Ubat paling mujarab untuk membaiki UMNO(baru) adalah menjadi pembangkang. Biar UMNO kalah dalam pilihanraya, hilang segala kontrak, kronisma dll.

Dengan tiada apa-apa lagi, proses membina kembali UMNO boleh bermula. Jalannya sukar, susah dan mengambil masa yang lama. Tetapi percayalah, ianya berbaloi.

Apabila UMNO hilang segala-galanya, segala lintah darat, pemimpin yang kepala besar, dll anasir yang menjadi penghalang utama akan menghiang diri dan keluar dari UMNO. yang tinggal adalah mereka yangmempunyai intergriti, maruah diri, nilai perjuangan yang mantap.

Persoalannya sanggupkah UMNO mengharungi kewujudan sebagaipembangkang? Jawabnya tidak. Percayalah tiada cara lain yang lebih efektif untuk menghalau anasir-anasir perosak ini dalam UMNO melainkan cara ini.

Suci Dalam Debu 24 February 2010 at 22:41  


I can tell that your conscience does not jive with those of UMNO but you have been a member for so long that you just can't let go.

Begini sajalah, buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih. Lupakan saja UMNO tu. Nasi dah jadi bubur, retak dah belah.

Macamana nak baiki UMNO. Kalau UMNO tu Labu, yang nak baikinya upmana TIKUS. Buat macamanapun, tak kan elok.

TDM pun dah kata, rotten to the core, Kuli pun bilang begitu juga. Buah yang rotten to the core, biasanya, kita buang dalam tong sampah.

Saya pun sebenarnya turut bersedih dan nostalgia juga tentang UMNO ni, but then, sometimes, you just have to bury it. Usah khawatir, kan orang bilang Patah Tumbuh Hlang Berganti, but in this case, yang berganti tu tidak lain dan tidak bukan........PKR, and nothing to do with DSAI.

Believe me, rakyat want change.

Anonymous,  24 February 2010 at 22:48  

I reckon this writer is also an UMNO member. Or 'was'. His analysis of UMNO is perfect and 100% accurate.

UMNO today is a party made up the well heeled, the corrupt, the greedy, the immoral and self serving leaders.
They are leeches who suck the blood of the poor gullible, ignorant kampong Malays, whose demands are small and think UMNO is their protector and defender.
It's indecent to exhibit one opulence and greatness to simple kampong folks.

Anonymous,  25 February 2010 at 05:23  

Show us that UMNO can undergo genuine reforms and genuinely work for the rakyat and the non-Malay and non-Muslim votes may return for we are not racist nor bigots.

Hartal 25 February 2010 at 05:33  

But look at this: Drawing the political lines — a PAS-Umno role reversal. Mana ada chance UMNO will genuinely reform. It is set on regaining power by any means, not on genuine reforms. Hopeless case.

Gandhi reincarnated 25 February 2010 at 05:41  

If UMNO/BN does not change, this is what the public need to do HARTAL, resistance, Gandhi style.

Manature 25 February 2010 at 06:18  

How is it possible that a single person at the top (PM) who probably cannot lift a 50kg weight can have so much power, a single word and the rest obey? This is due to the chain of command (authority) but it will only work when the people lower down in the chain of command are willing to obey.

Take away this willingness and the power of the PM evaporates to zero.

If conditions in this country does not improve, this may be what will be needed to be done - break this chain of command. Desperate situations need desperate actions.

Bleacher,  25 February 2010 at 10:09  

On the lighter note:

To all Humvee owners please take note "Hummer faces shutdown after Chinese sale collapses" source AP.

There is alot of similarity relating to GM (present manufacturer & owner) problems with UMNO. GM "too big to fail" is no longer accepted by American public.

Greenbottle 25 February 2010 at 11:11  

your heroic effort to validate umno is admirable but the fact is... you're just kicking a dead horse.

you know what my dream is? umno to disband and all the good and idealistic ones join PAS and reinvigorate PAS... the rest? bugger the rest... they can jump into the sea for all I care...

kuldeep 25 February 2010 at 11:34  

"The rumors of my death is grossly exaggerated"...thats the UMNO story today.

We are missing the forest..not having the luxury of a helicopter to see the skyline.

1.UMNO is still UMNO ; with ideals that are still relevant and needed
2.The so called leaders with the negative traits are not the majority.
3.There are sincere n genuine leadership material within the ranks.
4.There is no real alternative to UMNO.
5.We hv the tendency to focus too much on the symptoms n not the disease.A persistent headache is a headache n is not necessarily a brain tumour.
6.The internet tends to be a digital zoom..goes to 32X but not as anyway as real as a 5X optical zoom.
7.Leadership criteria differs at every level..whereby we do not need PM level brain power to lead a cawangan.Managing a kedai runcit requires different skill sets that the TESCO CEO may not have.

Thus,water will find its own level unless u Bakun it...and the risk now is the oppositionistas have done a better job than Ekran Ting.

Not whipped 25 February 2010 at 13:23  

Herein lies UMNO weakness and the greatest hurdle to any meaningful reforms:

"Umno members, especially the division and branch chairs.

Most of these leaders are Class F contractors or are involved in businesses that rely exclusively on government or government controlled corporation (GCC) hand-outs."

Najib's defence against Umno - centralising power

Nazri's circus 25 February 2010 at 14:28  

Datuk, if you genuinely have the interest of Malaysia and its rakyat at heart, hope you will through UMNO help bring these about: Say no to money politics

Some extracts:

banning of business ownership by political parties including media and corporate funding for elections.

truly autonomous election agencies like the Election Commission and a freer press that gives equal access to media coverage for all political parties

State funding (for political parties funding)

Anonymous,  25 February 2010 at 16:19  

Kuldeep, you could not be more wrong :

1.UMNO is still UMNO ; with ideals that are still relevant and needed
(the reality is that UMNO is bankrupt)
2.The so called leaders with the negative traits are not the majority. ( The problem is that they are the leaders calling the shots and not ordinary members)

3.There are sincere n genuine leadership material within the ranks. ( There may be but they are not the leaders and cannot do anything to initiate any changes.)

4.There is no real alternative to UMNO. ( There are always alternatives just like there is always a choice. It depends on whether you are willing to bear with the pain.)

5.We hv the tendency to focus too much on the symptoms n not the disease.A persistent headache is a headache n is not necessarily a brain tumour. (This is ironical. A headache is not normal what more a persistent headache!)

6.The internet tends to be a digital zoom..goes to 32X but not as anyway as real as a 5X optical zoom.( This happens when the MSM is controlled by politicains and the common people have nowhere else to turn to for accurate news.)

7.Leadership criteria differs at every level..whereby we do not need PM level brain power to lead a cawangan.Managing a kedai runcit requires different skill sets that the TESCO CEO may not have.(Agree but it seems like the whole party is being run by FLCEs and pelawak.)

JAUH DISUDUT DUNIA 25 February 2010 at 16:24  


Anonymous,  25 February 2010 at 16:29  

Datuk, tolonglah jangan kritik UMNO.

Walaupun apa yang di kritik itu betul, tapi orang no. 2 nanti akan kata ketaatan Datuk pada UMNO dipersoalkan. Ku Li dah kena. Nasib baik Ku Li. UMNO tak berapa berani nak pecat dia.

Tapi kalau Datuklah, dah lama kena pecat. Ini lah budaya UMNO Datuk. Macam mana UMNO nak berubah kalau yang pemimpin tertinggi sendiri dangkal pemikirannya dan tak reti nak "do the right thing"?

Alahai...UMNO, UMNO.....dahlah bodoh, sombong pulak tu.

p.s Dengar cerita Zahrain Hashim dan kawan se negeri dengan Datuk iaitu Mr. Raba-Raba sekarang berbulan madu di Washington DC. Nampaknya si Zahrain ni nak masuk UMNO agaknya sebab dalam PR susah cari makan. Kalau UMNO terima orang macam ni pun, saya tak terperanjat. UMNO kuat mengamalkan Matlamat menghalalkan cara. Tapi dah banyak kali "backfire". Ada comment?

Anonymous,  26 February 2010 at 00:20  

Salam Dato',

Pada umumnya, apa yg Dato' nyatakan berkenaan dengan kepimpinan Umno sekarang adalah betul.Yg jelas, Umno sekarang ketandusan pemimpin yg tulin,berwibawa, berwawasan,berani,tegas dan bijaksana di semua peringkat.Kebanyakan mereka mengutamakan kepentingan peribadi dan puak daripada kepentingan perjuangan dan parti.Untuk mendapat kedudukan dan jawatan didalam parti mereka sanggup melakukan apa sahaja,termasuk rasuah,menipu dan menabur fitnah.Amalan ini sudah menjadi kelaziman dan budaya dalam Umno hari ini.Sebenarnya,mereka yg mempunyai sifat burok yg mengamalkan perbuatan keji dan terkutuk itu tidak layak menjadi pemimpin ,bahkan tidak layak menjadi ahli biasa.

Jelas dan nyatalah bahawa punca kepada segala masalah dalam Umno sekarang ialah kerana kerakusan yg didorong olih perasaan tamak,gilakuasa(jawatan) dan gah dengan kemewahan dikalangan pemimpin pemimpin Umno disemua peringkat.Segalanya ini akan menghakiskan semangat perjuangan, rasa cintakan parti dan ikatan setiakawan.Apa yg tinggal hanyalah sebuah parti yg tidak bersemangat,lemah dan rapoh seperti yg dialami Umno sekarang.

Walaubagaimana pun,harapan masih ada kerana dua sebab:pertamanya kita masih ada lagi orang orang yg benar benar cintakan Umno yg berani membuat teguran terbuka dan ikhlas seperti Dato'yg mana saya percaya ianya akan mendapat perhatian pihak yg berkenaan dan akan membawa perubahan yg positif:keduanya ialah apa yg berlaku dalam Pakatan Rakyat sekarang menampak keadaan yg amat celaru,perjuangan yg kabur dan pergolakan seolah olah retak menanti pecah.Dari aspek kepimpinan ,nampaknya mereka ini lebih terok daripada Umno/BN.Olih itu secara lojiknya rakyat tidak ada pilihan lain melainkan terpaksa terus memilih Umno/BN untuk mentadbirkan negara ini.

Askar Tua

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