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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 22 February 2010

The Pahang UMNO Convention-1

Friday 19th of February, was the first day of the Pahang UMNO Convention. It was going to take place over 3 days in the UITM campus of Jengka, Pahang. The participants for this convention came from the 14 divisions in Pahang.
The idea of this convention is to get UMNO people into one premise and have them brainstorm. Give them space and time to put up arguments, hopes, demands, or just let off steam. At the end of the day, the leaders of the brainstorming teams will come up with resolutions which are eventually streamlined to serve as action plans.
Participants were grouped under workshops- 60 in total covering politics, economics, education, religion and new media. I shall write on these topics in due time. Our teams were called workshops. I like this term as it suggests a self-effacing term that eschews anything other than wanting to be practical and down to earth. No pain and work- no gain stuff.
Perhaps its the reflection of the unadorned and raw thinking of the Pahang UMNO chief- the spontaneous but well meaning MB. It sure beats the prestige sounding term of this lad or that lab. Participants are not placed under any other illusion that this convention is meant to come out with concrete action plans that commit dedication and skunk work. No karaoke sessions, no kebaya fashion shows, no dance shows. No merriment. Sorry Rosnah Sherlin.
The idea of this convention is very sound- let the grassroots leaders come out with resolutions which they co-author and ask them to live up to what they themselves have promised. That is after all, the idea of a resolution- that you resolved to carry out what you have promised and you are bound to see them succeed. Grass root leaders can't accuse the higher leadership of backtracking on their promises of delivering UMNO from decay. The tables are now turned against them. They come out with resolutions and work on them. If UMNO fails, it's because the grass root leaders fail.
So those ketua bahagians who thought of sending participants thinking this convention is just another business as usual gathering are sadly mistaken. We have enough people at the convention to see through this kind of shallow thinking. So if they had sent the tired old faces, thinking that these are capable of coming out with out-of-the box ideas, they are sadly mistaken. Or they have misread the idea behind this year's Pahang UMNO convention.
Two- participants must also realize that resolutions passed reflect their own ideas and interests. Accordingly, whether the organizers of this convention like it or not, the views expressed as resolutions invariably reflect the interests of the participants' profile. If the majority of the participants from UMNO Pekan for example were chosen on the basis of allegiance to certain warlords, the hidden hand behind the interests are not too difficult to identify.
It's unavoidable in the end to avoid seeing the consolidated resolutions being the expression of competing interests of the vocal minorities in the various workshops. I certainly hope, Pekan people especially those participating in the political workshop didn't put up a demand of insisting that a certain leader in Pekan division be the next MB.
Unfortunately these things happened. A keener analysis of the Convention can reveal hidden agendas. Everyone is naturally attracted to power. Hence the political workshops attracted the most number of participants 900 of them into 30 workshops. Madam Mao Tse Tung was certainly correct when she said, while sex is enthralling, its power that endures. The only thing Madam Mao wasn't aware of- she didn't know UMNO people are experts in this field. Sanusi Junid once differentiated the various values of matters of interest in UMNO politics. As expected, the Ringgit Note bearing the picture of our Parliament had the highest value. The Ringgit note with parliament on it had a RM1000 value I think.
The political question to ask and I hoped this was asked was how to prepare and qualify UMNO to regain the seats it lost and along with that, regain its lost credibility and eminence. What to do?
In my own workshop, I told my colleagues a sobering fact- that while UMNO is a Malay party, it can no longer claim a monopoly of representing the entire or even a majority of the Malay population in Malaysia. The facts are these. In the 2008 General Elections there were 5.7 million Malay voters. UMNO candidates who are Malays secured only 2.38 million votes which included non Malay votes. If we subtract some 380,000- voters as being non Malays, that would leave about 2 million Malay voters. Hence UMNO which has a membership of 3.5 million members managed only to get 2 million votes!
What did the figures show? That there are many things wrong about UMNO politics that caused some 1.5 million members of the party to reject Malay candidates. In total, more Malays did not vote for UMNO. 3.7 million of them.
In the next few articles we shall look at UMNO's struggle, empowering the grassroots and UMNO's future challenges. I shall discuss my own new media workshop later.


Eyes Wide Open 22 February 2010 at 15:09  


"how to prepare and qualify UMNO to regain the seats it lost"

More than anything, i think this one statement really hit the nail on the head.

UMNO must be PRPARED and QUALIFIED to regain the seats it lost.

There is no more room for the politics of patronage, easy money and cronyism.

UMNO members must work to serve the rakyat's interest and not their own (not even for what ex-UMNO/PKR independent Zahrain terms as a balance between "personal and rakyat's interests".

And they must especially be worthy to hold office by virtue of their talent, experience or integrity.

Otherwise there is no hope of UMNO regaining anything

Anonymous,  22 February 2010 at 16:13  

We can prepare analyses but what is very imporatnt is the implementation. If we get the wrong people to implement them, it would status in your previous article about people who were put in a hotel room do not know the switch.....

Now, that every UMNO member is given the chance to develop the analyses hope they will find the right people to handle the keys.

Otherwise, it just like another karaoke session, fashion shows and makan makan session.

Suci Dalam Debu 22 February 2010 at 16:41  


It would surely be enlightening if you could find out the % of participants who depend on contracts given out by BN through patronage.

What they do with the contract is a different issue all together.

umar,  22 February 2010 at 17:48  

Now that Chinese New Year is over.Prices of sugar , petrol ,Electricity tariffs are all going to be up soon.
Basic food items like eggs have gone up more than 50% in two years' time. The man on the road wants value for money. You go everywhere. You find Bangla, Nepal, Mynmar workers including in Petronas stations. Local boys don't get jobs.They are only offered RM 600. That isn't enough for average Malaysian. IF employers pay RM1,200, locals would accept the job. Why employers like to employ foreigners ? The foreign workers agent are normally UMNO guys with contacts.Even security guard job in local banks are outsourced to Nepalese. Our retired army and police are no longer wanted. What is happening on the ground ? Would citizens vote for BN when their siblings are unemployed ? UMNO has the answer.

Anonymous,  22 February 2010 at 19:43  

God give us one powerful tool...the BRAIN. Most things in life involve the use of common sense...this is what the brain says.

For UMNO to meaningful reform, the leaders and members must "do the right things". This is common sense.

But sadly UMNO politicians do not do the right thing. They do things to only gain support for themselves and their group, stay in power, become popular, to enrich their supporters, to accumulate wealth and to live the life of luxury. To hell with the people, to hell with the country.

Mulut manis di bibir saja. A bunch of hypocrites, I must say.

Anonymous,  22 February 2010 at 20:36  


Ahli UMNO seramai 3.5 juta, bagi saya adalah satu angka yang tidak munasabah.

Saya pernah menjadi SU Cawangan selama 6 tahun. Kalau di lihat senarai ahli-ahli UMNO yang dikeluarkan oleh Ibu Pejabat UMNO, kita akan lihat beberapa perkara yang angka 3.5 juta itu boleh dipertikaikan.

1. Nama orang yang telah meninggal masih ada.

2. Nama orang yang sebenarnya menyokong PAS tetapi ada dalam senarai UMNO. Ini berlaku kerana:

a. Kebanyakan orang yang berhijrah ke negeri lain misalnya Kedah ke Pahang akan mendaftar dengan UMNO bagi tujuan untuk mendapat tanah, Rancangan Felda dll.

b. Pendaftaran UMNO lama ke UMNO baru, masa itu berdasarkan maklumat yang ada pada JKKK, Ketua Cawangan akan mendaftarkan hampir semua penduduk kampung.

3. Pendaftaran oleh JK Cawangan, bagi tujuan menambah ahli, dengan memasukan nama saudara-mara, sahabat-sahabat.

Saya pernah timbulkan perkara ini kepada Bahagian dan ADUN.

Jawapannya 'biarkan saja, nanti boleh ramai pewakilan'

Anonymous,  22 February 2010 at 22:52  

Niat baik untuk reform your beloved party.To do so you need to be honest and truthful.Yesterday some newspapers ran an ad about the oil royalty issue.Today Ku li came out with his own ad as well.
Now who is telling the truth?maybe u can discuss that in one of the workshop sessions.

dash,  23 February 2010 at 00:04  

Dear Sak

Glancing thru your profile youre an ex adun and still got the umno spirit in you.

Seems you blogs a lot but i dont see where youre heading.Do u blogs for your self esteem or for the survival of the malay race?

Youre in the wrong market segment. Out of the the 3.5 figure how many do you think read english? So whats the point of you commenting about the umno convention and other related articles when 0.1% i guess understand what u wrote.

Do u think umno can survive pru13?
With the current development i think it will be worst.

Komen tuan mcmmana dlm masa depan umno/melayu.mana nak repair pemimpin bhg ke? mkt ke? cawangan ke? atau ahli biasa yg tak betul.

u know better why suddenly people dislike umno.Hope u can reveal SINCERELY why.

btw why u last a single term as adun?

be back later

Ramli Mohd Yunus 23 February 2010 at 00:22  

Dear dato,

To most politician in our era conventions, symposiums, seminars etc etc are just programmes and activities!!

To those in the inner circle, it is just a get-together or a reunion party!!

Ramli Mohd Yunus 23 February 2010 at 00:29  

What we need is hardcore doctrination of ideology to be nailed in the heart of party to bottom!!

Go back to the basic and start from A..not from the Art of War but from the Red Book of Mao!!!For a comparative ideology.

I beg to differ Dato.

Anonymous,  23 February 2010 at 10:47  


The modus operandi of this convention HAS traits that are unique to Idris Jala's management style - have workshops, lock up participants and make sure they come out only when they have solutions with committment to implement and see the success of the solutions.

Did anyone copy anything form Idris Jala?


Ariff Sabri 23 February 2010 at 12:29  


same modus operandi used by PKR people. renamed- training sessions!no cause for u to worry, if such conventions amount to nothing.

Anonymous,  23 February 2010 at 13:42  

Salam Dato',

Sebenarnya saya ini orang lama dan bolih juga membaca dan menulis dalam bahasa Inggris,tetapi atas dasar ingin memertabatkan Bahasa Melayu,dan rasa bangga kerana menggunanya saya memilih untuk membuat komentar ini dalam Bahasa Melayu.

Usha untuk mengadakan konvensyen adalah satu tindakan yg terpuji dan baik kerana disana akan terlahir pelbagai buah fikiran dan maklum balas yg dapat dibincang secara menyuluruh dan mendalam dimana akhirnya rumusan dan resolusi akan bentang yg kemudiannya asas kepada rancangan gerak- kerja untuk memperkuat dan memperkasakan UMNO agar dapat menebus maruah yg terluntur dalam PRU yg lepas.Tapi perlu diingat bahawa berapa banyak konvensyen dan resolusi dibuat sekalipun ,ianya tidak akan membawa hasil yg positif jika tidak diikuti dengan gerak-kerja dan aktiviti yg terancang,kemas dan efektif yg melibatkan jentera parti di semua peringkat yg betul-betul komited,bersemangat dan ikhlas.

Untuk memulihkan kekuatan UMNO ianya tidaklah satu perkara yg mustahil,walaupun ramai berpendapat bahawa UMNO sekarang tidak lagi desenangi rakyat,bahkan ada yg meramalkan BN akan kalah lebih terok lagi dalam PRU akan datang ini.Kunci dan formulanya untuk mengambalikan kekuatan UMNO ialah dengan cara kembali kepada asas perjuangan asal yg termaktub di dalam perlembagaan parti.Disamping itu,setiap ahli hendaklah diterapkan dengan semangat jatidiri, setiakawan dan rasa cinta kepada parti,agama,bangsa dan negara.Dengan adanya semangat itu tadi maka dengan sendirinya akan telahirlah sifat dedikasi dan sedia berkorban demi parti dan bangsa serta agama dan negara.Semangat setiakawan yg diterapkan itu mungkin dapat mengurangkan pergeseran dan buroksangka diantara ahali-ahali yg selalunya membawa kepada tindaka"ceh keting dan tikam belakang"dikalangan puak-puak dalam parti.

Selain daripada itu, kepimpinan disemua peringkat hendaklah mengambil sikap mesra ahli dan rakyat.Kepimpinan melalui tauladan hendaklah diamalkan.Mereka juga perlu sentiasa peka dan prihatin terhadap segala masalah ahli-ahli dan rakyat.Segala masalah yg timbul hendaklah diberi perhatian dan diselsaikan dengan segera.

Satu lagi perkara yg tidak kurang pentingnya ialah berkenaan dengan disiplin ahli-ahli.Segala tindak-tandok ahli hendaklah mengikut kaedah dan peraturan yg ditetapkan dalam perlambagaan dan peraturan parti.Tindakan tegas dan adil hendaklah diambil terhadap mana mana ahli yg melanggar peraturan dan undang-undang parti.

Memang diakui bahawa ianya amat sukar untuk melaksanakan segala aktiviti dan gerak-kerja untuk melahirkan hasil yg dikatakan diatas,tetapi atas rasa kesedaran bahawa jatuh bangunnya bangsa Melayu dan kesajahteraan Negara yg tercinta ini terletaknya diatas bahu ahli-ahli UMNO sekalian.Jika UMNO kecundang didalam PRU akan datang maka nasib orang Melayu dan Negara ini akan menghadapi masa hadapan yg amat gelap dan orang Melayu mungkin akan melarat dibumi sendiri.

Askar Tua

Anonymous,  24 September 2010 at 02:38  

UMNO blh jadi smakin lemah jika pmimpin dn trpimpin brcakaran ssama sndiri,dn,topman pulak lmbat mmintas macm Tun Mahathir buat ktika jadi presidenUMNO/PM,rupanya nazri pun brani lanyak Tun, walaupn Tun msukkn smula dlm kabinet;suara ahli akar umbi pulak tklaku sesenpun,jadi, sejak Tun tkde smuanya naik tocang lbih2 lgi Paklah tkdaya guna kuasa veto(presidenUMNO/PM)..
UMNO klihatan mgalah je dgn tulisn2 ajen PR, ptut, pmuda/puteri lawn idea dgn keras supaya ajen2 mreka gentar, jgnlh hrap kami yg krepot2 ni,nmun kmi ttp suport dri blakg, biar pmuda2/puteri2 lanyak mreka all-out;sy rasa itulah ksimpuln convensen tu diadakn,gaknya lah..

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