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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 19 January 2010

Muslim cabinet members must stand and be counted!


On the contrary, all Muslim ministers in the cabinet must study the 57 page judgment on the Allah issue and come forward with reasoned arguments to 'overrule' the judgment by the judge.

To not do it, will mean we hold you as having devalued our own religion. Or even worse, you sit idly by while your religion is abused.

Don't be like Anwar Ibrahim. Look carefully at he is doing. He is only prepared to give a qualified endorsement to the use of Allah- he is playing both sides (no pun intended). Yes- let's allow others to use Allah but don't allow them to abuse it.

What kind of prescription is this?

It is a prescription of a deceptive and devious mind at work. That kind of endorsement- a qualified support is not operational at all. What does it mean? Yes or no? When will the usage be deemed as abuse and therefore invites censor or ban? How my friend?

What mechanism will we put in place that raises the alarm that the name of Allah has been abused? Anwar can't give us that mechanism. Would he classify the DAPSY's call for the use of Allah over the whole of Malaysia as an abuse of tolerance? Will he consider this a case of giving your calf wanting also your leg? Isn't this an abuse already? Even at this preliminary stage, renders Anwar's prescription of can- but- cannot- abuse, WORTHLESS already.

It's pathetic to suggest that this entire ruckus is a ploy by UMNO to regain lost Malay ground. UMNO is far from perfect. We know that. We know it's infested with ne'er do wells as pointed out by Tengku Razaleigh, but who is to say, these elements will not be purged? Indeed that is the only way for UMNO to regain credibility, which is by ridding itself from elements bringing it down. On the other hand, the Pakatan structure is waiting for its implosion.

When will that happen? It will happen when Anwar is punished for the wrongs he has committed. Even people within Pakatan have resigned to the fact that this time Anwar may have reached his cul-de-sac. If not, how do you explain, his bizarre attempts to postpone his trial in the civil court indefinitely by creating whatever legal ruses he can think of? Cornered, he is fighting using brass knuckles.

Why is he for example insistent on being tried the shariaah way which requires 4 witnesses to see the action taking place? Who in their right minds will ever want to see such spectacle? And only an imbecilic person will bring people watch his exploits.

There's a scientific alternative in DNA analysis which can replace the actual 'seeing' by 4 witnesses. Why is Anwar suddenly infatuated with an ancient way to prove his innocence, when in the issue of Allah, he chooses a liberal stand?

How can such a person, ding-donging from one position to another position, be believable?

The Allah issue is not a second or 3rd leg of a conspiracy to discredit the Pakatan grouping as suggested by Syed Hussein Ali. The severity and gravity of Anwar's personal case are not lessened by this disingenuous attempt to include Anwar's personal problem under the same roof as the Allah issue where all, it is claimed are part of an UMNO strategy to discredit Pakatan. You think Anwar's case is diluted if we can be made to believe that it's all part of an UMNO game to destroy the credibility of the disparate grouping Anwar leads? Come on!

Then there is our venerable Lim Kit Siang.

Why is Mr. Lim Kit Siang so patronizingly concerned that the cabinet must practice collective responsibility over this matter? That it involves allowing each minister to make their stand?

What if the cabinet makes a stand that the word Allah, in recognition of the sensitivities and fairness, recognizing the supremacy of the Malay rulers over issues affecting the wellbeing of the Islamic religion, desirous of maintaining racial harmony, declares that Allah is exclusively reserved for Muslims?

The stand behooves all those who have differing views to submit to the views of the majority, i.e. endorse the cabinet stand.

The same principle will have it that those who object on conscientious grounds or whatever grounds the warped minds of ministers trod on at that moment, be asked to leave the cabinet so as to qualify as genuine practitioners of collective responsibility? Doing that, they receive the standing ovation of Lim Kit Siang?

Will these cabinet members imagined by Lim Kit Siang to have the guts and gumption to insist and even demand that Allah can be used not only in East Malaysia but over the whole of Malaysia, resign the cabinet posts? That is the principle of collective responsibility isn't it? That once the cabinet makes it stand, everyone must acquiesce otherwise, he or she must make the honorable exit and tender resignation?

Why should Lim Kit Siang deny the government its right of appeal against the decision at first instance? The effects after the first judgment are all out in the open for all to see. That these matters are possible and real outcomes of the judgment should have been conceived by the judge. That would make her averments that the prosecution has failed to show adverse repercussions could happen, crumble.

Adverse repercussions did happen after that- churches burned and mosques desecrated. We have no guarantee that these things will not occur further.


Anonymous,  19 January 2010 at 08:48  

PAS says it's ok for non-muslims to use Allah.

But I think Kelantan's state law still says that Allah is banned for non-muslims.

I think Nazri noticed it too.

Anonymous,  19 January 2010 at 09:20  

There's a scientific alternative in DNA analysis which can replace the actual 'seeing' by 4 witnesses. Why is Anwar suddenly infatuated with an ancient way to prove his innocence, when in the issue of Allah, he chooses a liberal stand?

4 saksi bukanlah ancient way. Ini undang2 Islam. Saya bukanlah menyokong anwar, tidak sama sekali.

Tetapi dari segi keadilan Islam dan utk meleraikan timbul fitnah dan konspirasi, inilah caranya.
Akan tetapi, Islam jika didapati benar2 bersalah, hukumnya amat berat. Sedih dan malangnya tak ramai negara yg bisa mengikutinya.

Hukum ni Allah yg tentukan dan sebagai pencipta, telah diketahuiNya trick2 manusia. Jadi saya kira amatlah "funny" kalau disebut ancient way.

Jadi apa yg dikatakan cara terkini? Mungkin cara terkini yg boleh diterima pakai manusia. Maaf saya agak tersinggung bila hukum Allah disebut sebagai ancient way. Tapi saya tau tulisan itu dibuat sebegitu rupa utk memahamkan pembaca mengenai kehendak Anwar.

Saya faham mengapa Anwar meminta dibicarakan dimahkamah syariah. Dato ada point disitu. Tapi agak pelik bila anwar membenarkan pasukan nya meminta perkataan Allah digunakan. Ini menunjukkan Anwar tidak punya kredibiliti sebagai pemimpin dan beliau ada kemungkinan melupuskan hak2 agama Islam disebabkan menjaga hati kaum yg menyokong nya.

Patut nya telah sedar, kalau benarlah sokong yg tidak membawa rebah, masakan sanggup mintak nama Allah pulak.

Dunia, dunia. Bila lah mau kiamat.
Biar padan muka semua.

walla 19 January 2010 at 10:05  

It is hard to be serene when low.

Maybe the heart of the matter, or matter of the heart, is like this:

the issue is happening because there is a mismatch between what is and what is desired.

The what-is side says it has been like this since long ago.

The what-is-desired side says this country should be different.

The issue happens because the wid group did not come out to say so in exactly so many words from the very beginning. It is saying so after the wi group has already been going about its own happily.

Now the wid group is trying to retrieve and rewind. The thread has already unreeled and the kitten is territorially trying to ball it all over the place. Thus the messy masses of reactions, ricochets and ripostes.

Once people can push their chairs back from the screen another two feet, this situation thus becomes clearer. The issue is thus clarified somewhat.

But whether clarity will lead to a final amicable definitive solution only He knows.


Ariff Sabri 19 January 2010 at 10:59  

anon at 09:20.

betul seperti tuan sebut:

Tapi saya tau tulisan itu dibuat sebegitu rupa utk memahamkan pembaca mengenai kehendak Anwar.

Anonymous,  19 January 2010 at 11:28  


Let's face it. Expediency is very well practiced in politics. Isn't selective prosecution common ? Has any politician been prosecuted for drinking alcohol or khalwat ? Don't tell it does not happen, the drinking ?

So if Anwar decides to play by the rules, he is legally permitted as long as it is in the holy book. He is being selective. But I should declare that I am not a fan of his but merely pointing out that everyone else is also using the same strategy of being selective. Nazri & Hishamuddin practises it very well so does many of the other ministers.

Anonymous,  19 January 2010 at 12:39  

Yes, its true anon 11:28. That is the reason why more and more muslim are asking for islamic law in this country.

Since we have dual law system, islamic and nowadays laws based on common law from british, your worries, im afraid will continuously happen from time to time.

Unknown 19 January 2010 at 13:12  

I hope you can look at 2 sides of the coin. The “Allah” issue has put the country in a catch 22 situation. Looking at the whole episode and statements from UMNO camp, I think it has more to do with politics than religion. If at all it is confusion it is politics that had confused the whole issue. I do not want to go to the religious part of it as this matters are best left for religious leaders, but what I know all religion teach us good and UMNO being a great defender of Islam in this country must therefore be in the frontline of doing good and not flinch from the religious values of Islam. Corruption in any religion, including Islam is a sin or haram and yet Umno unflinchingly is practicing it. The moral of the story here is How can Sinners preach about Religion.
I hope you being a seasoned politician and blogger will not be drawn into the dirty politics of UMNO which are destined to destroy the country.

Anonymous,  19 January 2010 at 15:31  


we hope, after this issue, UMNO would become a real defender of ISLAM, be it in politics and its administration and their day to day practice of life.

the govt is not Merlin per say, where things can just improved with just a blink of eye.

Be patient willya.

chinaman,  19 January 2010 at 23:42  

Anon 1531,

"we hope, after this issue, UMNO would become a real defender of ISLAM, be it in politics and its administration and their day to day practice of life".

The operative word here is HOPE.

Chinaman HOPE to win Sports Toto RM20m jackpot, the odds lebih kurang sama.

Anonymous,  20 January 2010 at 08:06  

Dear Dato
I think it is a waste of time writing about the Allah issue. You have more pressing issue to present.
1. The Malay electorate has been fed for years with handouts and privileges. How far can this go on?
With the exit of non-malays (tax-payers) and the dwindling of oil revenue, will UMNO able to continue to feed the Malay electorate?

2. What will happen when all the subdies (petrol,sugar flour,etc)are removed?

3. There is a clue that there is a split in the cabinet. Najib on one side and perhaps the defence minister on the other. The leak of the theft of two jet engines was the work of Ministry of Defence to embarass Najib. Why?

4. The appearance of Bala and his testimony has put Najib in a bad way. Najib sweared on the Koran that he did not know this woman "Alantullah" is now a smoke screen. This really looks bad for Islam;the PM lied to the whole nation.

5. The American now wants the answer and whereabout of the stolen jet engines pronto. Failure to do so could result in trade sanction. Malaysia still needs a lot of hardware in the oil production and exploration from USA. Without this hardware Petronas has to shut shop and zero income. This was what happen to Libya. Libya was the pariah of the international group. It just could survive being a pariah and eventually accept the terms and conditions in order to be welcome back into the international group. Will this happen to Malaysia?
Well Dato this is for you and your readers to debate.


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