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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 26 January 2010

Can UMNO be saved?-1

Can UMNO be saved? Of course it can, the answer lies with the members and the leadership at the basic unit of UMNO organisation- the UMNO branch or cawangan. A party with a 64 year history just simply can't fade away because of shenanigans at the apex. It will definitely not whistle away because the opposition wish and fictionalise its demise. They have to also win the electorate.

There must first of all be a genuine desire to transform UMNO and it must begin at the basic level. The top at the superstructure is less relevant because it essentially feeds off the base. It is to the base that we need to pay attention. Forget the top- why should we bother to reform people like Rais Yatim for example or the large numbers of UMNO divisional heads who are more interested in hobnobbing with ministers whispering sweet nothings into their ears, spending evenings listening to concerts?

Why must transformation take place at the bottom of the UMNO structure? Because it's the foundation upon which the superstructure rests. Change the foundation, the superstructure will change accordingly. The UMNO branch is the cell that is the basic structure and functional unit of the UMNO living organism.

It is a simple concept. We create them; we should be able to de-create them. The leadership at the superstructure I mean. The 25 elected supreme council members, the president, the deputy president, the 6 vice presidents, the information chief, the secretary general, the treasurer and the 12 others appointed by the president. I don't think this contradicts the popular adage that the fish rots first in the head that translates into if you want to make changes, start at the top. We are, that is why we are starting with the branch heads. They are the real top cats. Why do we have to limit our thinking of believing the top has to be the top at the superstructure? Look at the top of the basic unit, i.e. the branch.

Revolution doesn't start from the conventional top. It doesn't start with the status quo. It begins with resentment and disillusionment with the status quo by the broad masses. The status quo simply doesn't have the consciousness nor the political will to change itself. Transformation and revolution must come from elsewhere and they don't come in refined and chaste manner. Demanding change in the quality of leadership at the basic UMNO unit is violent in nature because, just as those entrenched in power at the top at higher levels, leaders at the basic unit will also resist being forced out of power. The clash between two opposing forces can't be anything but violent.

You call for a revolution; you must know that revolution is not like a dinner party or making crotchet. You know the saying; "Revolution is not a dinner party, not an essay, nor a painting, nor a piece of embroidery; it cannot be advanced softly, gradually, carefully, considerately, respectfully, politely, plainly and modestly."

When the UMNO president calls for some form of direct elections by more some 140,000 delegates to the divisional meetings, that's a revolution by UMNO standard. It hasn't reached a real revolution yet, because the agenda set forth by the UMNO president is a qualified revolution. It's still fettered by rules here and there.

The question of having to transform UMNO would have been unheard of before 2008. UMNO won a big majority at the 11th general election. That was in 2004. Tun Abdullah had succeeded Tun Mahathir a year earlier. There was euphoria for a moment and a lot of hope was pinned on Abdullah. Within 4 years, the euphoria turned to disillusionment. We got rid of the illusion that Abdullah could make a difference. He was wanting in most departments. His leadership resulted in the biggest loss UMNO had in its history.

UMNO wasn't paying attention to its front liners- the branch leadership. UMNO's leadership was more besotted with esoteric ideas. Islam Hadhari, inter-faith dialogues, Economic corridors which by the way are fast turning into nothing more that economic boundary markings by predatory economic players. .

UMNO leadership (not just Pak Lah alone) sent the message of an Utopian-esque future. Pak Lah and UMNO wasn't paying attention to the UMNO front liners who bear the burden of translating the ideas into practice. All Pak Lah was able to muster later, was to come out with a limped whimper blaming the little napoleons. In order to translate and implement, members must first understand the agenda. The little napoleons didn't understand Pak Lah. They still don't about PM Najib's agenda.

Either you make them understand or have them replaced with those who can understand and share your enthusiasm. Problem is, PM Najib is surrounded with eager to please the leader people. People who continue to blindly say, it's ok boss, it's ok until it reaches a point when the OK turns into KO.

The little napoleons were in the form of UMNO branch leaders – he wasn't paying attention to them. He lost the message war. Where was he bringing the country to? How do we get there? The other leaders too made the same error. The future of a country rests in the hands of over 100,000 branch leaders who elect 191 division heads who in turn elect an even smaller number to manage the country.

Just take a look at a typical branch leader- he may be a school gardener, a watchman somewhere, the village bully and loafer, the local strongman. With due respect, these people are hardly the material on which to build a great nation. Would these people have the required presence of mind to choose leaders with capabilities, intelligence and probably dissimilar thinking at variance with what they have been accustomed to?

What was needed wasn't Islam Hadhari. What we could have profited from, was an UMNO hadhari- a pursuit to make UMNO leadership relevant.

The question then is, how does the UMNO leadership ensure UMNO stays relevant? It can't retain relevance by retaining a leadership at odds with the new mood of the electorate. How has the profile of the electorate changed?


dzieta 26 January 2010 at 11:19  

many of the branch leader stil expect "monthly wang ehsan" from division head in order for them to continue the support for the division head..
kalau ada profesional nak masuk,pangkah siap-siap sebab nanti dia rampas kuasa.."depa duk kerja kat ofis,mcm mana nak buat kerja ketua cawangan,tak boleh pilih depa!"

Red Alfa 26 January 2010 at 12:52  

Dato' asked how has the profile of the electorate changed? And why not?

Some have become concerned seeing that Malaysia like a ship is GOING FOR the rocks and the leaderships will not ever want to change course!..

Many have since then discovered the alternative leaderships in DAP, PKR and PAS because the die-hard stalwarts and the effete MSMs have never been failing to be very crude and personal with innuendos and condemnations with the refrain if it's politics and politicians, DAP, PKR and PAS are all just the same if not even worse than UMNO.

Except for the very few perhaps, most will never return or will ever believe in UMNO given the rots are as beyond any redemption; quite what that have been described so succintly in your article, Dato'!

Anonymous,  26 January 2010 at 13:37  

Why save UMNO ?? UMNO is more of a corruption agency. Did you see any competent leaders in UMNO ? NO.

Dato' Sak, can name me one UMNO leader that is not corrupt ??


Wenger J Khairy 26 January 2010 at 15:20  

Should UMNO Be Saved?
Well there still is a need for an entity to look after the interest of the Malays, that one cannot be denied. Whether UMNO is the only symbol of Malay political power, however is debatable, as PAS once they assume control of the civil service (if it happens) may impose an alternate definition of what Malay political power looks like.(Note to all DAP sympathetizers).

Can UMNO Be Saved?
Well, right now which version of UMNO is one talking about. There was a version that produced great leaders who had integrity like Tun Dr Ismail, Ku Li, Tun Abdul Razak and I still believe right up to 1997, DSAI should be counted as one of them.

And then there was a version that produced Tun Dr Mahathir, Dato Seri Khir Toyo, Tan Sri Mohammad Mohammad Taib, Rahim Tamby Chik.

How can two sets of completely different leadership styles emerge from the same UMNO? One styles stressed integrity, the latter stressed "lies, getting ones way at all costs, annihilate everything that is in the way and have 0 regard for basic human dignity."

So which UMNO are you talking about saving? It seems same in terms of mission, vision but after the 4th Prime Minister failure to install backup circuits in the 1987 Presidential Election thus successfully getting the party de-registered from a judiciary that for a moment in history, was respected overseas (malaysians always respect judiciary if not we go to jail), the product is very different.

Not to say there is any viable alternative. Perkasa perhaps? Why not - won't it be ironic if Ibrahim Ali of all people successfully executs the Blue Ocean strategy 1MPM6 was talking about?

But back to the question, can UMNO be saved?

In answer = NO. Not when the government is struggling to even make basic payments stipulated under the "Anak Emas" concept, and when our debt burden is so high, and real economic growth possibly negative (MIER says 3.7%, Wenger says yeah rite). Then there wont be enough goodies and small contracts to be dished to keep the class F contractors happy who would quickly figure out the only way to make money is to force a by election in that area.

How - err its really up to ones imagination. Engineer cross over, consitutional crisis, get MPS to elope with well endowed young actress and resign, I don't know.

But really the money ain't flowing down to the ground fast enough. Without the money, there is really no premise for the operations at the ground to move. After all was not that what the 4th PM said? Make instant millionaires?

So no growth, no potential for new projects, no new money = no survival.

Now if you asked me, can Malaysia be saved, well that too is looking increasingly risky.

The situation is super hot and volatile, old loyalties are now up for grabs, and I know, at the end of the day, he who MUHAHAHAHs last MUHAHAHAHs loudest.

Anonymous,  26 January 2010 at 15:22  

We can be hopeful...but we have to be realistic too. Everyday we pray that the leaders big or small will be more religous, less materialistic and more emphatic with the hardship of the people.

We want the ugly and greedy UMNO "caterpillars" to be colourful butterflies so that the future generation is physically, emotionally and spritually secured. I am not worried about myself because I might not even be around the next few elections. I am more worried with my children who supported the opposition not because they are religious but because of their hatred towards the scandals in the ruling party. (They even refuse to enter UNISEL because of the chancellor). It is frigtening to observe peoples political attitude when they will vote any party as long as it is not UMNO.

We love and optimistic of a peaceful and developed Satu Malaysia. Call it with whatever jargon Hadhari or Malbari...but faith is becoming thinner and thinner everyday.

Anonymous,  26 January 2010 at 16:42  

i dont think umno can be saved cos i did not se any change at cawangan
at kampung or state level or at any level yg nampak cuma presiden saja ada blog ada twitter ada facebook yg lain2 tu pmimpin di peringkat bawah i tak kenal pun kat kampung tak da apa2 aktiviti pun.. entah la..

Donplaypuks® 26 January 2010 at 17:41  

No. There is no hope!

UMNO cannot be saved, not even by its members because UMNO IS what its members have wished for!

It's better for the good Malays to regroup and look at a new political platform that can take the country out of the cycle of poor corrupt infested economics/finance and low GDP/PCB trap.

Race based politics is in its desth throes! Those who fail to recognise that are doomed!

We are all of 1 race, the hUman Race

kuldeep 26 January 2010 at 21:09  

Its no longer about UMNO or BN or PR>>its about the very survival of our country..
Everyone is becoming so enchanted by their own views and have no fear nor consideration for others..
Is this the new norm of an "Open Society"..the 1Malaysia that PM is promoting?
Come mid February the NEM will be announced.
Thus,we will be facing the Anwar Trials,the NEM,the Perak MB decision as an additionality to the current "issues"...
Do we need Perkasa as an icing to the cake?

Anonymous,  26 January 2010 at 22:24  


I really hope before I die, I would have the opportunity to vote back Umno. I've been a member since I was a kid afterall, ok bapa yang letak nama but that's besides the point. At the moment tho'I don't see that happening until and unless Umno kalah election sekali. Otherwise tak can le nak pangkah BN lagi ... sayang. And also, I need to plan for my kids to be marketable not just in Malaysia.


flyingman,  26 January 2010 at 23:26  

sorry to say this...malays in malaysia are easily swayed by emotions and feelings..

I kept hearing people say UMNO,BN is corrupt..the leaders are corrupt,even government agecny like the MACC is corrupt..

What do you all really want?a new government?

So you want PKR to form the government?Anwar to be the prime minister?Is that what you all really want?

I am very sad every time i read postings by Malays condemning
the current leaders etc..

Ya,maybe they are to a certain extent corrupt..but from what I see they are also doing their very best to help the many subsidies..

Ok,enough said..just a reminder to all of you..

Treasure what you have now..Sekiranya BN atau UMNO tumpas di PRU yang akan datang...THATS IT!

maka tumpaslah jua satu bangsa di negara Malaysia...and forever bangsa itu akan terkubur dan layu buat selama-lamanya...

walla 27 January 2010 at 00:20  

The first factor is time. It is not on Umno's side. GE13 is too near so there is not enough time to effect the massive internal changes that are needed in order to re-enthuse the rakyat to vote again for Umno or BN.

It is not just enough to change the leadership whether top or branch. The voting grassroots must also change their mindsets otherwise if the leaders have changed but the ones they lead have not, then there will be generals but no volunteering army. How can one change the grassroot malay mindset in two-three years when it has been groomed to expect the opposite in the last thirty? Mindsets can only be changed if there is something concrete out there which provides the reason for changes to be made. So far there isn't and it will take at least another fifty years to turn the ship around.

The second factor is substitutes. Better substitutes are not in the heartland. Those in the cities are too busy trying to make a living. If they devote time to politics, they will expect to be compensated. Bringing back the same problem. They will also not know the grassroots well enough. They will be viewed as outsiders breaking the old rice pirings. Any support will be grudgingly given, if at all. The displaced will rake mud, unless placated which will be costly if at all possible. And who is to monitor the process of change to make sure it is going in the desired direction? None.

The third factor is funds. Where are the political contributions going to come from when the opposition now hold the more productive states? The economic corridors will not return investments until after GE13. The returns are not for BN but for treasury to use for the country regardless of federal or opposition. The GLCs and other party-linked investments are bleeding. And the taxpayers are going to get angry real soon.

The fourth factor is leadership. The older group are not trusted because they don't know how much the rakyat already know about their past and present baggages, political and personal. They also have no ideas and solutions to change their party and to change the economy. The younger group is no better; they are still learning the ropes of administration, not even management. The whole group has no personality. Some of the older ones are still clinging to how they would do things in their past when the world has already moved on. They are completely disconnected from their customers, present and potential. None has any leadership inspiring skills. All just say the first things that come to their heads. Diagnosis is possible cerebral ischaemia. And the stakeholders, the rakyat, trust none of them not to stretch things when it suits them to save their own skins.

The fifth factor is the economy. It sucks all other factors dry. The past Umno method for any problem is to try and spin its way out while sweeping things under the carpet or deflecting attention to somewhere else. These methods won't work today because the rakyat have seen through them. Even the Umno general members. If they don't show it, it's because they don't want to appear ungrateful or disobedient or courting trouble. While they may nod and applause outside, their minds have already concluded whazzit again. And the telcos will tell you it takes at least three times more effort to try and get back the same customer who has left than to retain the one on hand. Whose loyalty is just going through the motions.

walla 27 January 2010 at 00:20  

The sixth factor are the dichotomies between the top with the middle, and between the middle and all the lower rungs. The very top think everyone knows and accept what they are saying. Seldom. Also nothing they have said can be translated into tangible action that can result in quantifiable long-term benefits. The middle think they are ignored. Most. The lower rungs just think the whole matter is sandiwara and they might as well take the kuihmuih.

The seventh factor is relevance. What is Umno's role now? It's a question no one can answer anymore. There is no role that Umno can play which an outsourced administrative office cannot. Umno is no longer special. It's just like a post-office moving things from one place to another. If something is to be solved, anyone else can solve it given the same things. Many will say even better, cheaper, faster and more durable with less trouble. The opposition has shown there is a credible and working alternative to Umno and BN. The opposition may have their teething problem. They just need to get their act together and pull out some teeth. But would the rakyat say use the Umno dentist?

If one looks back, a lot of trouble, some say most, started with Umno. The youth wings made a mess of racial harmony and set a new high for arrogance besides doing nothing concrete in this country. The adult wing reeked of corruption, abuse of power, bullyism and malignant neglect. The words squander and plunder come to mind.

Today everyone everywhere is scrambling for scarcer and scarcer investments. Money has flowed out. Brains have left. Trees take time to grow. Oil is fast going. Reputation is bad; the word laughing stock has been used until it's no laughing matter anymore.

In this situation then, how to attract investment even from domestics let alone inbound? All the announcements in the biz pages are either about MOUs which is just i understand you understand or about introducing low-end imported products or about blowing explanations for the latest losses or even about boardroom tussles. Where's the innovative product, the big this century plan, the right move?

Looking at these amongst other unspoken factors, the sum-up is as follows:

one, the question is not whether Umno can be saved but whether it should be saved;

two, Umno cannot change within the parameters set by those factors so it will continue with only cosmetic changes; the reason why it has not transformed itself is because it has calculated that if it made remarkable changes, it would decimate its own ranks and that only serves to confirm to the rakyat that their misgivings were not misplaced when they didn't vote for Umno;

walla 27 January 2010 at 00:21  

three, Umno's approach to GE13 may thus be to thwart the opposition by any which way, to gerrymander, and to use things meant for peninsular to subsidize the two east malaysian states;

four, there will be significant challenges even while these may be taking place; the economy will be challenged even if a new economic model comes up next month - because internal resources are not yet available to any significant size in order to actualize any new opportunities from the new model or masterplan - and that's because internal participants have no funds and skills, and external participants are busy trying to save their own economies; right now, the country is low on the radar screen of investors in the region because we have no new success story to tell anymore;

five, the internal culture and social issues remain stagnating; unless they are yanked out of their stupor, they will not be ready for any bigger opening of the economy to the world. But which leader will be doing the pulling? The political fallout has already been calculated. Since there has been no major mindset change, the risk of fallout is about the same. Status quo is thus imminent.

six, about sixty percent of the population is too unskilled in new ways not to be behind time; probably belong to the 60's at best if we take the top global measures where it counts, unless we want to compare with the emergents again. And because of certain results of the cloistering policies of the past and present, they will continue to remain like that until they expire. It's impossible to make changes fast enough. Because there is no way they can pipe into the world to learn on their own what has been happening while we have been slumbering;

seven, there are hidden costs ahead; many things need to be spruced up; there is no money for proper maintenance; at best unintegrated pockets of improvement, which in modern parlance, is no improvement at all.

Umno cannot say so long as it wins the next round/election, it has shown it has saved itself.

For the question is not whether it saves itself by any definition at its disposal at any time in its history. But whether the country and its peoples are saved by the only definition of the world. Polemic tripe aside, that is the only thing that matters.

Take a few minutes to imagine traveling from north to south, east to west, and across the sea to the other states. Then narrate the journey of careful observations made. The writing's all over the wall.

Anonymous,  27 January 2010 at 03:46  

Dear Dato,
UMNO cannot be saved and should be allowed to die. Read the article below and you will understand.

Boy's life of pain
He suffers from itchy skin, open sores and is also unable to stand or walk.
Born with a chronic skin condition, the 11-year-old's body is covered with open sores. His leg bones are also bent. Unable to stand or walk, he is forced to move by dragging himself with his hands. --

KUALA LUMPUR - MOHD Ihsan Mohd Tahir keeps away from his friends, so ashamed is he of his condition.

Born with a chronic skin condition, the 11-year-old's body is covered with open sores. His leg bones are also bent. Unable to stand or walk, he is forced to move by dragging himself with his hands.

His mother, Norazahariyah Mohamad, 44, said when Ihsan, her fifth child, was born, the skin on his hands peeled off. He was also skinless from the knees below, reported The New Straits Times.

'My heart ached when I heard my son whimpering in pain when he was born and he was put in an incubator,' she said at her home in Kampung Tengah here on Sunday after she received donation from a donation from state Education, Higher Learning, Science and Technology Committee.

Norazahariyah's first child, Mohd Syamil, was born with the same condition in 1994 and died 12 days later. 'Because of itchiness, Ihsan always scratches himself until he bleeds,' said the teacher.

Ihsan is studying in a special education class in SK Sungai Tinggi. His father, Mohd Tahir Mohd Khalid, 48, a fisherman, said he could not afford his son's medical treatment which cost about RM1,000 per month. The state government would give Ihsan a motorised wheelchair to move around.
Why is UMNO let its own to suffer?


Anonymous,  27 January 2010 at 08:53  

UMNO is like the intestine, important but full of toxic, waste and shit. It can be cleaned and eaten and that is why it still survive inspite of all the hatred and curses of so many people. But the intestine will always be a place of the dunk... even many good people who go into it change because of the power, money and benefits in UMNO...e.g Toyo becomes Toyol and Zamri might becomes Zombie...

Yes UMNO can be change...because there are many people who still devour the instestine... Hidup UMNO

Red Alfa 27 January 2010 at 11:31  

@ Flyingman
Your permission Dato', please!

"Ya,maybe they are to a certain extent corrupt.." Open your eyes please and be aware that they had been helping themselves to very much more and very soon there would not be any new or much wealth and fortunes left for our children to look forward, treasure or grateful about but the mountains of debts that will soon overwhelm them and future generations.

"Sekiranya BN atau UMNO tumpas di PRU yang akan datang...THATS IT!

This refrain making the Alternative to BN/UMNO the bogeyman all Malays have never failed being reminded as their worst nightmare yet!

"maka tumpaslah jua satu bangsa di negara Malaysia...and forever bangsa itu akan terkubur dan layu buat selama-lamanya..." will only because of the rampant corruption being tolerated. Only when UMNO and BN is soundly defeated, can there be start of ZERO TOLERANCE to corruption in Malay culture... and that shall be the ultimate wish of every true Malay, fearful with the reminder that no civilizations ever survived when their peoples died in ignominy and their claims to great legacies got buried in the trashheap because they accepted the way of life and history of corruption!

Anonymous,  27 January 2010 at 11:32  

Dato, where is the party called UMNO? In essence does it really exist? What we have now is just a party that uses the sacred name UMNO.

So where is UMNO that we want to save?
What we see now is not UMNO bro.

hj tempe

Unknown 27 January 2010 at 11:41  


UMNO should remain relevent ...

After all everything is impermanent.

Red Alfa 27 January 2010 at 15:51  

Sorry Dato' that I feel impassioned to return and continue on issues of UMNO/BN corruption which are hampering and preventing Malay/Malaysia greatness...

I think I would love UMNO today and forevermore, had UMNO instead taken the same culture and singlemindednes of not tolerating or accepting corruption as Singapore's PAP and passionately producing only world class Malays.

It would be such very small matter to remove NEP, special privileges, etc to make 1Malaysia, Ketuanan Melayu, Islamic Malaysia or whatever just that much more credible for every Malaysians to accept!

Tunku Alizan UMNO Bkt Bintang,  27 January 2010 at 16:27  

UMNO is like a company that fails to realise the market has changed. It will continue to spend both time and money on marketing a product that is no longer in demand. UMNO must also realised that its associated companies eg MCA, Gerakan, PPP and MIC, are not longer able to market their products.

The trick now is for someone in UMNO to understand the market and therefore able to determine the product that it needs to produce. It makes it even worst is that UMNO must come up with a product for its partners of which UMNO doesn't have the resources, access nor the experience to formulate.

In UMNO the front liners are actually the branches and the members in there. What is happening now is that the front liners have failed to touch base with the "UMNO's customers" what more are not able to connect with "MCA, Gerakan, PPP and MIC's customers" and therein is a failure in the system wherein feedback from the branches are non existent or not being effectively channeled to the top and even if it was channeled, no one is manning the product development department.

The product of "1Malaysia" is what BN/UMNO is trying to sell. The question is whether that is really what the customer wants? Don't BN realise that the customer want their different school systems. Surely it realised that the customers are happy to be amongst their single race clique and don't want to change.

Just get back to basic. The customer wants a product that will make them happy and that the cost of the product should be value for money.

To find out what this Product may be, the branches must be restructured that it is able to access all the customers. Presently, it would be impossible for UMNO branches to do so. The only choice is to bring in people who can approach MCA, Gerakan, PPP and MIC's customers.

The most logical move would therefore be either to open UMNO's membership to all races - ie. United Malaysian National Organisation or alternatively dissolve all parties under BN and the component party members are members directly under BN.

Once that is done, U"Malaysian"NO/BN has to review its feedback systems and procedure and at the same time set up a strong product development team and a marketing team. Don't rely on the branches to do so for it may not have the skills and ability to market and sell the product.

The marketing and sale of the product therefore must be done by the division. To do so, UMNO must put in people who are capable to understand the product and therefore able to market the product effectively. Unfortunately, under a democratic system, only the most popular are put in to lead the division and more often than not, they may not be the best and brightest. Thus there should be a category of elected leaders that must have certain educational or experience criteria to sit on the special committee of the bahagian to act as the "brains and the experience" of the division. This special committee should be independant of the division committee with a specific and sole role of putting together marketing campaign for BN/UMNO's product in the constituency and amongst the branches. This would also give way for more professionals to be involved in BN/UMNO.

Anonymous,  27 January 2010 at 18:45  

To All Our UMNO leaders.

Please wake up and listen to all the constructive criticisms and suggestions.
Do not get lulled into chasing mega-projects to accumulate wealth only for your family's future.
Tell your wives and children not to splash money like there's no tomorrow!
Think of us the lower ranking no party position UMNO members.
We have families too.

After all our continuous support for the party, are you guys just going to let the party go down the drain??
The PKR will not take too kindly to us.
We'll be neglected and probably 'persecuted'!

flyingman,  27 January 2010 at 22:18  

@Red Alfa
with your permission sir:

"I think I would love UMNO today and forevermore, had UMNO instead taken the same culture and singlemindednes of not tolerating or accepting corruption as Singapore's PAP and passionately producing only world class Malays"

please compare the two government cabinet.
1)How many malays are there in the PAP govt?and what portfolio are they or is he holding?
2?How many chinese and indians in the BN govt?and what protfolio are they holding?
Its more multiracial govt in the BN govt..
But yes, i agree PAP leaders are one of the best..they are for what we know, corruption free?they are the highest paid ministers in the world.
but then again if malaysia leaders were to get a raise,these ungrateful rakyat will start to throw so many acuusations at the govt,greed,crony,etc...
As much as i want BN to rule in the next PRU, i do hope that the leadership of BN must stay relevant to the rakyat now. Know their problems and feel their problems and do your best to solve them.
But as for the DAP,PKR and PAS...they are just interested to ruin BN image to the core,just to make sure they win votes..and they are willing to sacrifice religion and race just to make sure BN hancur.

Anonymous,  28 January 2010 at 15:33  


What relevance is the no. of Malays in the PAP cabinet ? If you have all Malay members in the cabinet and they do a good job, I don't think there will be that much complaints.

Nak gaji tinggi boleh tapi justify. As it is gaji official rendah. Perks more than gaji tambah sideline lagi. Ask yourself truthfully and don't rationalize.
Samy Velu worth his salary or not ? Syed Hamid Alba dulu ? Ramai sekarang pun tak layak.

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