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Monday 11 January 2010

The Burning of The Reichstag- is Anwar our Willi Munzenberg?

The Burning of the Reichstag

The Reichstag was the German Parliament. It was burnt down by a Dutch Communist, Van de Lube. The extent of the damage created suspicions that Van der lube wasn't acting alone. The Communists disowned Van der Lube saying he was a half witted, drug addicted homosexual. The communist party accused Hitler and the Nazis of sponsoring Van der lube. Hitler accused the communists to be behind the arson.

RPK- the indefinable iconic crusader of truth or sometime plain cyber anarchist depending on your preference, has likened the burning and attempted burning of churches to the burning of the Reichstag. To lend a sense of melodrama, he has inserted a clip of a film on you tube in his blog. The man reprising the role of Hitler looks similar to our Anwar Ibrahim.

I say, the comparison is an art form of disingenuity. I say lets respond accordingly.

Are our churches the Reichstag of Malaysia? Wouldn't it be more melodramatic if arson were to be an excuse to prolong power or to seize absolute power, the arson should be done of a grander scale? Say the burning of the national mosque, our own parliament, or maybe Istana Negara?

These could be compared more aptly to the Reichstag yes? Then, it would be more proportionate for the Prime Minister to declare a state of emergency and accuse the Pakatan 'Communists' of trying to stage an excuse to seize power illegally. Hitler accused the KPD- Communist Party of Germany.

If Najib is likened to Hitler's Nazi Party, then Pakatan is our Willy Muzenberg's Communist Party of Germany. Now, this Munzenberg fellow is quite a character. He orchestrated a counter trial in London with a full quorum of lawyers and judges. As expected, he played the puppet master behind the scenes to contrive a judgment favorable to him.

I would say then comparing Anwar to Munzenberg is more apt, since over here, Wily Anwar wants to have a court convened on his own terms. He is of course going to be tried for arson of a different kind producing equally burning sensations.

Well, Willy Anwar Munzenberg has already accused UMNO using the Allah issue as an excuse for UMNO to portray themselves as champions of Islam. If UMNO cannot become champions of Islam who can? The answer pompously implied by Anwar - Pakatan and Pas. How? By championing the use of Allah by non Muslims.

Let's humor Anwar. UMNO a party of Muslims championing the use of Allah by Muslims does not qualify to be champions, yet Pakatan which champions the wish of non Muslims the use of Allah is? The Muslims who are against the usage of Allah by Catholics in Malaysia are not UMNO stooges or even UMNO supporters. They may be just objectors of conscience. These people don't give a damn about how UMNO handles this matter. We don't give a damn about Anwar's feet shuffle either.

The significance of the burning of the Reichstag was that it gave Hitler the perfect excuse to rout his rival the Communists and took absolute power. It therefore gave rise to the suspicions that maybe the burning was orchestrated by the Nazis themselves, most notably by Goering.

Van der lube character is no longer important as are the real arsonists here over the church burnings. He was found guilty by the German courts in 1933 and was subsequently executed. After the war a series of re trials were conducted this found him not gulty, guilty, not guilty. Finally in January 2008, he was pardoned because present day German courts ruled the laws under which he was tried, were unconstitutional. The sage of Van de lube will continue to enthrall audience.

The burning of the Reichstag gave contending political parties a forum to clash. In the original Reichstag, Hitler and his henchman- Goring, Goebbels, et all. On the other side, there must be one- representing the communist party of Germany- Willi Munzenberg who orchestrated a counter trial in England. His henchmen would have to be our own Malaysianised Ernst Torgler, Georgi Dimitrov, Blagoi Popov. Readers can liken these to any one on the Pakatan.

RPK's insinuation that Najib and UMNO will exploit the burning of the churches and therefore capitalized the sorry events just as the Nazi party did over the Reichstag is disingenious. Just like Reichstag, the churches here will give the Najib government, an excuse to assume absolute powers. There's one messing element. It did not happen according to the script, RPK wants to.

The government has acted with magnanimity, extending assistance and whatever else was needed to Christians. The government is equally contemptuous of the heinous crime perpetrated. Sharing grieve and having sympathies are not the monopoly of Pakatan people.

But once again, who is our own Willi Munzenberg?

Only one person fits the bill- Anwar Ibrahim, the 'Communist' Party in our Malaysia. He wants a trial that he personally approves. He delays trial at the civil courts coming out with 1001 excuses trying to discredit our entire judiciary to accommodate him alone. Let us call him our Willi Anwarberg.

So we ask, why is he being so evasive about being tried in open civil courts where all others, are subjected to? Why does he ask for special treatment and wants to be tried by a court of his own choosing? He finds a loophole in Islamic law and now insists he wants to be tried by the Shariah court and hasten his request for qazaf.

Pakatan can accuse UMNO to be behind the arson. UMNO can also accuse Pakatan as the instigators. THAT is the debate ongoing surrounding the burning of the Reichstag isn't it? That makes the story eerily similar to the Reichstag does it not? Don't stop. Either UMNO or Pakatan did it.

Consider this: The government has already suffered enough damage over its handling over this affair and now it stupidly aggravates the situation by asking some people burn churches? We know RPK thinks UMNO leaders as being imbecilic, but he has outdone himself by this unsolicited characterization.

The Reichstag is equivalent to our parliament. The more apt comparison would have to be the burning of our parliament not some churches in some shop houses. Now, is RPK sending a subtle message to arsonists at large, to burn our Parliament?


ABC 11 January 2010 at 10:40  

tok sak,
is there any way to gauge the percentage of muslims in malaysia, also in peninsular malaysia, who are against the use of Allah word by non-Muslims in the peninsular?
if only someone could find out scientifically.
or else we may all be spending our time arguing when only a handful disagree.
what is your sense? i live far away so cannot gauge whether the natives are indeed restless.

Anonymous,  11 January 2010 at 11:18  

To champion Islamic causes is different from that of Malay, Chinese or Indian causes. To champion Malay or Indian or Chinese causes, we only need to fight for their lots in the society. The more we get business or education opportunities for them, the more succesful the cause is. However, to champion for Islam doesn't mean to fight for the betterment of "Islamic people". To fight for Malay causes men to fight for betterment of Malay people. To fight for Islam means to fight for justice and fairness. I believe "Islam" is not the name of an exclusive club, otherwise it will become just a sectatian religipus group. But the word Islam just describes the way we should live our lives.

Richard Cranium 11 January 2010 at 11:20  

"So we ask, why is he being so evasive about being tried in open civil courts..?"

You still don't see it, do you? Haven't there been enough cases already to tell you that people, PROBABLY Anwar included as well, see the courts as upholding justice selectively?

But, I do see some sense in your saying that Umno wouldn't be so imbecilic as to be orchestrating the church bombings. Or, would it? for thought.

JHassan,  11 January 2010 at 13:21  

richard cranium,
if the Malaysian courts are "upholding justice selectively" as you described, then why Anwar and his cohorts are using the courts to sue people who disagree with them? The act of suing in a way shows they believe in the justice system in Malaysia. Or is it "selective belief"?
I believe if one is innocent, then all the more reason one wants to appear in court quickly to prove one's innocence than to delay the proceedings.

Anonymous,  11 January 2010 at 13:24  

Perhaps Umno must explain first, why was Anwar treated in a 'special' way when he was in detention. Did Rahim Nor (the then IGP) pay a personal visit to all other detainees?

Ariff Sabri 11 January 2010 at 13:37  

now now fellers,

i am offering an alternative interpretation of the burning of the Reichstag. it was posted by RPK. this alternative interpretation offers readers the chance to evaluate the comparisons given by the video by RPK.

Anonymous,  11 January 2010 at 14:42  

I belief PR is behind the attacks as to discredit Najib and BN as this is not getting to be very dammaging to BN and UMNO. Until it is proven other wise non-muslims and also a majority of muslims are not going to buy BN's vervsion and will vote for PR.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out who gains most from the church attacks. Najib and Hisapmuddin were not thinking far when they endorsed the right to demostrate. i CALL IT navie and shouting one ownself.

Giving 500,000 ringgit is nothing compared to having a reward up to catch the culprits. By not putting up a reward also shown that BN is afraid that the culprits could be theirs.

No finger prints on the bottles and if yes NRD can catch the culprits fast.

action counts if want to salwage what ever of UMNO and BN's good name.


Anonymous,  11 January 2010 at 16:14  

One Pip you have accepted Islam and surpass the hurdles face by other non-muslim in their thot.

I suggest you embrace Islam and say the Kalimah "Lailla haillah muhammadarrasulullah" with all your heart as you are near to the true faith.

Because in Islam, there is one group where we call munafiqqun, which really Islam is the best way of life, but on the other side had sold Islam and its values to satan for their own purposes.

DingDong,  11 January 2010 at 18:52  

Salam Dato,

I hope all is well in Pahang..No bad news coming from ur state so far..The Churches Arsonist are 'Mat Rempits' type of people..Very intolerant and do not know the existence term of agree 2 disagree..But,any country have this type of people.The solution to this is simple.Have a closed door meetings.The imbecile need not rage when they don't know what is happening.If UMNO really wanted to burn something down I think the DAP HQ will be in ashes in 10 mins..Btw what happened to ur previous stand on DSAI liwat kes innocent until proven guilty?Dah panas sangat kot Dato..hehehe..As usual Politics is about numbers and politician will go any way to get more votes..

Anonymous,  15 January 2010 at 23:23  

When Muslims in other countries say that there is no problem for "Allah" to be used in other languages that have the term "Allah" as in the case for the Malay and Sikh languages, the UMNOputras countered back: "Our landscape is different from other countries. Malays here are different from other countries". LOL, now instead of "Allah" being a universal God, He has now being downgraded as a racist God that can be patented by UMNO.

If that is so, then the Arabs can also say that the Malay language should not used any Arabic words in Malay or to claim Islam as their religion because Prophet Muhammad is not a Malay. Or the Indians can also forbid the Malays from using thousands of terms taken from Sanskrit. Or the English and American can also prevent Malays from using thousand upon thousands of English terms.

Then the Malay language would be reduced with only groans, growls and grunts for communication. And that is exactly what these UMNOputra' desperados have projected themselves in the eyes of the world, in constrast with the Christians and Sikhs.

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