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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 19 January 2010

Good form, bad form

Here is the problem. We now have Muslims going around saying Allah is just a form. Hence people say, Muslims have to learn to be less excited about form. Concentrate on the substance. To balance things up, we say, non Muslims have to learn to be sensitive.

I like this kind of thinking. So, we can now worship a tree- because a tree is just a form. A chair is a home. If we concentrate fully, behind the tree is the essence of Allah. It's all in the mind.

This issue hasn't died down. When they( public outcries and anguish)  are not published or their undercurrents not captured by the lethargic mainstream media, it does not mean, they have died down. They only mean the MSM has been sleeping and slow footed to capture the essence of the mood of the people.

It's not about form. Allah for Muslims is the foundation of our Aqeedah . It incorporates the principles of Tauheed. To say, it's just a form, devalues the Islamic religion. If other people say its just a form of terming God, let them. We don't have to prostitute ourselves.


maxthecat 19 January 2010 at 12:22  


Here is my problem with the whole aqidah/tauhid argument:

1. God/Allah measures our tauhid universally, I presume right? I mean there cant be one measurement standard for Arabs or Indons and one for Malays. That would be just wrong, but again who are we to judge what God/Allah does?

2. If we agree with 1), and we also say that this is an issue of tauhid, we are saying that we are the only correct ones. All the Arabs are wrong, the Indons are wrong because their aqidah is flawed.

3. Now, that may well be the case, but really, lets be frank, do you really think it is?

Anonymous,  19 January 2010 at 13:46  

Tidak terfikirkah dihati kita, mengapa mereka hanya mahu memiliki kalimah ALLAH saja, tetapi tidak mahu masuk memeluk agama yang diredhai oleh pemilik kalimah itu iaitu ALLAH.


I think the problem with you is about race.

Islam is meant for all human race plus Al-jin. Since you are not aware of another race, then you have not mention it there.

Aqidah is about one God and there is no other God except Allah alone.

We Muslim do not judge Allah but only you who judge Allah. Why I'm saying that? Well, it is best explained in my first paragraph.

Anonymous,  19 January 2010 at 13:58  

Did you read the written judgement?

The government was completely irrational, illogical and completely laughable. If they win on appeal Malaysia would be the laughing stock of the world.

Apparently the government was seeking to ban the word Allah in the herald and thats it. Christians may still pray and teach using the word allah.

How stupid. Malaysia boleh

Chinaman,  19 January 2010 at 20:20  

Now here's why you should send your kids to SRJK. Our boys up there just can't do maths.

Lets analyse this thing using the oft derided chinaman approach and leave the theology to those more qualified.

Now this is how a chinaman would have done in arriving at a decision (despite what Lim Kit Siang says).

Here's the thing, firstly Najib must realise that whichever way he goes on this issue. There is no way to please everyone. Meaning, can use Allah - Melayu upset, cannot use Allah some Christians will get upset. Either way someone will leave the table less then satisfied.

Now here's where the cold hard numbers come in. Simple demographics of the Malaysian society, roughly la :

Melayu - say 70% (of which 100% muslim)

Ah Pek - say 20% (of which say 30% loves jesus)

Keling & Bayi - say 5% (of which say 30% loves jesus)

Lain2 - 5% (of which say 30% loves jesus)

So roughly, 30% of the kaum pendatang loves jesus, so only 9% of the entire population loves jesus.

Now of this 9%, using the broad population demographics of P. M'sia : S + S of say 70 : 30, it follows that 6.3% in P.Msia and 2.7% in S+S loves jesus.

We all know this is only an issue in S+S, so only the 2.7% number is relevant.

Of this 2.7%, say 60% worship Jesus in melayu. So that makes the relevant number 1.62%.

Now, of this 1.62% you take out (maybe 30% for those who don't give a shit and doesnt know the difference) we are down to the grand number of 1.13%.

Now on the other side of the coin, say maybe 10% (low number becos u say this is big deal for muslim) of Melayu "can take it both ways" (people like Anwar/Pete/Marina/Saiful/Chef Wan, etc) that's 63% of the population.

So En Najib, you apa lagi pikir-pikir panjang lagi lebar. U want to piss of 63% of the population or 1.13%? The rest of us just want to get on with it.

1 Malaysia, is nice for marketing purposes la, but its all bullshit, u know it, we know it. Jangan jangan u pulak actually believe ur own bullshit.

When it comes down to it, it's always the cold hard numbers abang. Jangan lagi u cakap Chinaman talak tolong itu budak melayu. Kira-kira ini talak tipu.


Anonymous,  20 January 2010 at 09:07  

Chinaman, the problem with you, is still about race, whos best, whos stupid and who what not...

You dont have the idea of helping malays in their maths, and if you do, you make a hoo-haa of it.
That shows yours "sincerity"

In making decision, calculation is just an assitance of making a wise and fair judgment. Since you are not well-versed in islamic law, why make a fuss in commenting and giving opinions since you judgement are back up by a sound knowledge at all.

Your statement was rubbish and full of ignorance, lack of tolerate, lack of respect, lack of undertanding and lack of knowledge which is of prime importance in dealing with issues of our nation.

Maybe we could give you options to go back to your root country where you can hold your pride with ur so-called excellent in maths.

maxthecat 20 January 2010 at 14:39  

To: Anon 19/1/10 13:46,


No, I am not talking about race. I am talking about the measuring of one's aqidah. It has nothing to do with race, the fact that you demand exclusivity to the Muslims here makes it a race issue, because the other Muslims elsewhere dont.

Kenapa kita nak susah2 pikir apa motif diorang? Its their religion, let them figure it out themselves, jgan masuk campur hal depa. Depa tak masuk campur pun hal kita kan?

I think it was Gus Dur who said, something along these lines: Muslims everywhere fight to protect God. But God is all powerful, he doesnt need other ppl. It is we who need his protection, not the other way round.

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