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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 10 April 2009

Yes Prime Minister- A deft Political Move.

Before I move on to offer my views on DS Najib's cabinet appointment, I need to touch on a subject matter which is undoubtedly uppermost on people's mind. Naturaly people will ask, how come KJ's name wasn't there, but the name of one of the 2 people he beat at the Ketua Pemuda post, is. What gives?

I am not going to fault anyone who chose to believe that KJ's exclusion is to allow him to concentrate on reinvigorating the Pemuda. Dato Najib has even made the inclusion of the young to be a part of his team to transform Malaysia with new ideas and so forth. Being part of a transforming team, as any politician will say, does not necessarily mean to be physically part of. I am sure such conciliatory gesture by way of acknowledging the young and desirous of their participation is made with good intentions.

We can of course sugarcoat our reasons of this exclusion by saying that Pemuda needs to concentrate and focus on getting the young in Malaysia committed to BN/UMNO's cause. After all in 5 years time, the numbers queuing up in saluran 3, 4, and 5 will probably outnumber those in saluran 1 and 2. Some may become part of saluran 1 and 2. Unless Pemuda under a focused leader does something to commit the younger voters now, our negligence here will translate into a bigger loss later at the next GE.

Although not untrue, I feel the logic that comes with such an explanation, as being very very strained. But then, we are only distant observers. Even the Ketua Pemuda used this line of explanation and therefore it should be true. Personally, I have to reluctantly accept that. You have a position, have won it; you have guts of iron, mind of steel, where do you apply them? With these credentials, you must have application. Of course you can apply such leadership talent by leading your team to play futsal, learn to speak and write English, learn how to debate and so forth. At the end of the day, would it be extreme if I were to say, that would be like a thoroughbred horse pulling a milk cart?

My own assessment is as follows. The exclusion of KJ at the moment as well as the non inclusion of Najib's long time friend and Mr. smooth operator, Mr Boombastic aka Mr Fantastic aka Mr Raba Raba (sung to the tune of Shaggy's signature song) JJ, is underscored by the same shrewdest rationale. Surely people reasoned out, Najib will not leave out JJ, a long time confidante and a fellow Pekanite who hails from Kampung Mat Dulang in Pekan? There isn't anyone with a 'hands on' approach in doing things like JJ. After all JJ has been masterminding some of the most street savvy and deft political moves on behalf of DS Najib in the past.

Well, I see this (excluding KJ and to a lesser extent JJ) as a very sound tactical move by the very confident looking PM. I will bet my bottom Dollar, these two will not be out for long.

For the moment KJ is an additional liability as does JJ that could damage and frustrate DS Najib's effort to build up its (the cabinet's) credibility image before becoming irreparably damaged. DS Najib does not want that. At the moment, this is the most important characteristic that needs to be visually manifested. Credibility. It's the cabinet's VM- Visual Manifestation.

Whether DS Najib likes it or not, the biggest dent in the credibility of his cabinet involves him personally. That could hold up the cabinet in a defensive mode for quite some time. Much time, resources and efforts would have to be invested in parrying off the political assaults. In order to optimize resources (after all efficient performance is one pillar of his leadership theme) it would be a sound tactical move to contain the credibility problem.

That can be achieved if assaults on the cabinet's credibility are restricted. Hence if attacks on the credibility problem are confined to defending his alone, the problem can be overcome. I believe the attacks on his personal credibility can be easily managed and contained. Directed at him alone, makes the problem manageable and controllable. This is what he wants to do at the moment: to reduce the problem to a very minimum.

But DS Najib cannot afford to overextend the cabinet's ability at damage control if the assaults at its credibility are too overwhelming. At him alone Dato Najib may be facing 1000 poison darts but together with an unproven KJ, he may be facing another 1000 poison arrows. That would make even the most accomplished Shaolin master physically challenged to tai chi them.

That would be so, if a person like KJ is included and to a further extent if JJ is similarly treated. That would then lead to excessive time and resources being diverted instead of concentrating on real substantive work. Hence by excluding people like KJ reduces the credibility problem to the minimum.

Excluding a person like KJ at the moment is a very deft political move aimed at containing a credibility program. Dato Najib is going to be an exciting PM and may prove to be as accomplished as TDM.

The next question then is: isn't what you are saying an admission that KJ is guilty of political corruption as many insisted him to be despite being given a less than 100% clean certificate of eligibility? But it is a certificate of eligibility nonetheless.

Readers will remember that in my last article I did write about KJ winning the ketua Pemuda post despite the rumpus and continuing McCarthyite witch-hunt that is still going on. After winning the ketua Pemuda post, as if in concert and suggestive of a conspiracy at work, there were no less than 100 reports made against KJ on money politics and other forms of abuses. These are yet to be proven and Dato Najib can't induct a person with this amount of stigma.

So I suspect when Dato Najib summoned KJ on the later part of Tuesday evening, it was to explain that it was impossible to include KJ without having being cleared of these allegations. I am optimistic however, that Dato Najib may have told KJ that once these are cleared, KJ would be in. Dato Najib knows the leader of the Pemuda must have application.

Dato Najib may yet prove to TDM and the other doubters, he is not a pushover.


Anonymous,  10 April 2009 at 09:13  

One does not depart from convention without very good reason. Nobody is surprised that a perasuah did not get a ministerial appointment.

Our Perasuah needs all the talent, bravery, connections and luck to pull back support from the youths. Ah.. well, they are already inspired...and they know they just have to be brave, flaunt their talents and buy their way up.

Good luck to KJ and UMNO.


Anonymous,  10 April 2009 at 09:24  


What Najib need most now is a strong backbone. Be his own man and make his own decision. Mahathir is history and a mere citizen and Najib is the PM - not the other way round.

It would be OK to leave KJ out for some good reason but to take in MM
and at the same time shut the door on KJ is unbelieveable. Only Mahathir can come out with this kind of logic.


NeedleInTheHay,  10 April 2009 at 10:24  

Well said sir Sak, well said.


Anonymous,  10 April 2009 at 10:54  

KJ accepting his fate is a sign of maturity. If he starts positive actions in organising UMNO Youth and getting other youths to carry out activities beneficial for the Malays and the country, people will start feeling good about him, perhaps putting aside the money politics charge that he was found guilty of.

He needs to do a lot of good deeds, and consistently. DSN would surely make the facilities available, within reason. Activities not designed and seen as potential lawan tokeh. Remember, DSN waited a long time, often biting his nail and grinning in anguish and frustration before he got the PMship.

KJ's declaration of wanting to be PM by 40 made many people load their guns in readiness to shoot him down. One has not heard such talk by political aspirants in recent history. The UK comedy series "Yes Minister" and "Yes Prime Minister" even suggested that a politician saying he does not want to be a Minister meant that he actually wanted to. We see this is true even here. But MM was made a Deputy Minister; perhaps because of the gratitude to his father who gave DSN a seat even in his 20s a long time ago.

There are really many people who dislike KJ and jump at the mention of his name. All over blogoshpere people criticise his perceived angkuh behaviour, riding with Mat Rempits (rightly or wrongly) in Ijok and became highly suspicious of the 304 voters because he was found guilty of money politics, whatever the motivation or inclination of UMNO DB.

Let him show he can be a really good and responsible KP, instil good values and steer the young from unacceptable ones. Then we can talk about him being a Minister.

Idzan Ismail,  10 April 2009 at 11:09  

Dear Datuk Sak

Yes indeed it is a deft political move.
It is wrong for people to brand Najib as Mahathirism or kow-towing to Tun M.
He is his own person. He's not showing it for fear of being seen arrogant.
He cannot rise to the pinnacle of power if not for his political acumen.
Next to Ghafar I think he is the best political strategist Umno has ever had.
Granted he was parachuted to Umno, but he always emerged triumphant in every perilous political journey.
He must have strike a deal with Khairy that you prove your meetle in Pemuda and reward will come later.
Ah well Khairy is only 32 years old.
Being an intelligent man, he can re-invent himself and work on the perceived negative image surounding him.
Personally I am in favour of heads of Wanita Umno, Pemuda and Puteri not be in the Cabinet but work on transforming the wings to prepare for the 2012 elections.
As to Mukhriz, I dare not venture it's daddy's influence or to appease Tun M.
It's more to appease Pemuda and mend the fissures among its rank.
I look at Mukhriz as the solution to part of a problem.
Tun M will love Najib more.
And Najib will earn the silence of Tun M to rule in peace without constantly looking over his shoulders..
P.S. Pemuda Umno is the best grooming ground for PM. If KJ played his cards well, he's on his way.

Anonymous,  10 April 2009 at 11:14  

Sak puts his reputation on the line and makes another prediction. KJ will get a spot in the cabinet in the future. So who will KJ bump off the roster or will DSN create a new post for him? Will TDM turn a different shade of purple or embrace the boy like his real prodigal son?

In the meantime, another LKY obsession makes it to Malaysia. KPI. Very good. Is LKY mentoring TDM and Najib?

Greenbottle 10 April 2009 at 11:59  

the way i see it, either way, najib is screwed. if he includes mr raba raba and kj in, all the dogs will be at najib's throat . and now that they (kj and jj) are out, a different pack of dogs are at his throat. and all these dogs are from the same party...umno! (ok, some mongrels from outside too.).

whatever it is, umno/BN is trully fucked now.umno can't be saved and it can NOT be changed. what is that proverb?, a leopard can't changed it's spots.

in your defence of KJ you mentioned that KJ isn't any different then the rest of umno. the great wonder is, if that's true...meaning all umno are corrupt and morally suspect...why the hell do we still need to defend this party?

no, let me's because malays are too stupid and too cowardly to venture into the unknown. they believe only through umno that they can survive. what a pitiful state the malay psyche is!

as a malay myself ,i personally can't wait for the next bury the bn.

walla 10 April 2009 at 12:09  

KJ's thinking powers should not be left to fallow.

What he has shown so far from what he has written and from the interviews he has given, one is reminded of LKY's thinking powers in his heydays.

Umno Youth needs an intelligent, articulate, forward-looking and moderate leader. Someone who talks reason as staple, not use the old methods of fire-branding issues from one angle only that invariably weakens further the essence of culturedness resulting in acrimony against the other communities, and destabilizing the very 1Malaysian society that's the new reality. That, today and tomorrow, can only mean more votes lost.

Taking a leaf or two from Nazrin, KJ can provide a moderating leadership to rebrand and transform Umno Youth from inside out so that it can play a better role to help lay the foundation of healing this nation.

But there's a caveat to this that KJ should also bring upon himself. If one is allowed a small liberty to suggest, he needs to first transform himself. Arrogance, bigotry, bravura and racism must go. The path of the racist leads only to the incinerator. He should foremost think what is realistic and practical, progressive and positive for all. Then people will look up to him as a master conductor of the variegated and diversified 'more-choices' that bedecks our national reality.

Along the same vein, no one can be a master conductor in the true sense if he by the sides arrogates to himself the role of competition-fighter. In the last year or so, that was what he had set himself to do. That role is predicated on only one assumption - for me or against me, where 'me' can stand for self or group or party.

Aren't those who don't hold to the same manifesto or ideals also citizens of the country imbued by their own ideals, ambitions and destinies? The real master conductor can reinforce mutually contending forces to seek out positive results that benefit all the rakyat. After all, to heal, one must harmonize.

More importantly, it is also aligned to the paradigm shift that Najib has set in motion - that the day 'the government knows best' is gone.

People read 'government' as 'party' as 'Umno'. So the admission that Umno doesn't know best all the time is a return to humility which is the beginning of wisdom, itself an element in the culturedness that has remained an unpolished gem in the race for too long.....

It remains to add that if you survey the landscape, there isn't a single malay youth voice that whichs bespeaks as would a globalist.

Civilizational issues, globalization challenges, quantum tunneling of strategies in nation building, mindset transformations, retooling reference frames...these are things which he can write about in the context of multi-cultural and co-existential perspectives. Thereby opening his own mind and those who look up to him to a bigger and more enervating world out there, breaking the very chains which have bound the youths of this country for too long to the soggy grounds we all have all found ourselves from causes we have long identified....

He and the groups from Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton and others can share their thoughts and learning on those things. Why leave them in a newsletter or in a powerpoint when they can be exploded as a series of well-argued public lectures or talks carried by a a national-level think-tank, one which is new, spritely and refreshing....whose deliberations can additionally provide food for thought by backflow into the country's economic planning organs, inasmuch generating more balanced discussions with direct inputs from an intelligent public through a liberated media?

Meanwhile, one remains curious how a cabinet of such size operates. Such cabinet meetings can't very well last too long; there is a falling-off in attentiveness and productivity if a meeting is too long, the agenda items too many and the group too large. If everyone is to say something on each item, the meeting would stretch to dreamland. Unless you're saying the meeting is to rubber-stamp decisions already made in whispers the night before. Wrong decisions can be costly. Like how the sign-offs on toll concessions were made.

You would also reckon the minutes of past meetings would have been electronified by now. Which means they are searchable on a screen. Which means there will be a pattern or kaleidoscope on how decisions were made before. Which means you can quickly assess the evolution of a problem, match it to the evolution of past solutions....and then find the departure which must be made in order to create the mindset shift or breakaway b-through that you are now trying to innovate. Otherwise, new faces, old what's the real difference from the perception of status quo that the rakyat has already formed?

For instance, why has it not been seen for so long that the rakyat view the ISA as an anti-democratic political tool? What were the emotions that had overrode all else in the deliberations that had led to the maintenance of that Act? These and other blind spots can make the whole country blind to the real world.

At the end of the day, a cabinet is just a committee led by able-bodied men and women. Whether they're able-minded men and women is an entirely different matter. The KPIs are a good start, long overdue, but time's up to talk the walk accurately, then walk the talk precisely and completely.

Anonymous,  10 April 2009 at 12:19  

Kj had been cleared and allowed to contest and he won. So why was he left out? Only Najib and KJ can give the answer.
Put away of being emotional and do away of being hypocrite and Najib must be sincere to the people of Malaysia. Stop giving excuses and continue his trait of someone ever since in politic will always play safe for selfish reason and own survival.
I am no fan of KJ neither I owe to any political party. But look at KJ potentials as a young leader and surely as a leader Najib can appreciate that, unless he is blinded by some hidden power. KJ can never win the Ketua Pemuda unless he is able to connect himself as what you have mentioned in many of your articles.
Hopefully Najib is not another "pemimpin melayu" as "cakap tak serupa bikin" and as usual well known to Malay leaders plenty of PHD. Wait and see for how long but what a waste of a talented young man whose ego need a little bit of guidance by the veteran and not the bashing of TDM whose motives are very damaging to the nation. Orang Melayu ni tak habis habis dengan hasad dengki...!!!
Alahai pemimpin ku Najib.... siapa lah penasihat mu....dh9753

Anonymous,  10 April 2009 at 14:26  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bro Jinggo 10 April 2009 at 17:29  

Salam Ziarah

Khairy menyeru semua ahli pemuda memberikan sokongan padu kepada YAB Perdana Menteri

Satu pertemuan dan majlis ringkas minum pagi telah diadakan pagi tadi di mana YB Khairy Jamaluddin telah menjemput penyokong beliau dan juga Exco Pemuda UMNO Malaysia untuk bersama beliau bagi bertukar pendapat dan mendengar pandangan dari ahli-ahli Pemuda. Dalam ucapan ringkas YB Khairy telah menjelaskan kedudukan sebenar dan menyeru agar semua penyokong beliau untuk menerima keputusan Kabinet dan membantu beliau untuk melaksanakan kerja parti yang telah di amanahkan oleh Perdana Menteri. Beliau juga menyeru agar ahli UMNO tidak melabelkan diri mereka sebagai orang-orang pemimpin pemuda tertentu dan perlu membuang anggapan berkenaan kerana semuanya adalah Pemuda UMNO . Mereka mesti bersatu dengan semangat setiakawan sebagai Pemuda UMNO dibawah satu payung.

YB KJ juga menyeru agar semua ahli Pemuda UMNO untuk memberikan sokongan padu kepada YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak Perdana Menteri Malaysia kerana beliau juga selaku Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia akan terus setia dan memberikan sokongan yang padu kepada YAB Perdana Menteri. Beliau juga mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada yang telah membantu dan menyokong beliau semasa pemilihan dahulu dan baliau benar-benar berharap semua penyokong beliau jangan merasa kecewa… Meminjam kata-kata Ali Rustam , Dunia Belum Kiamat, Esok Masih Ada.

Beliau juga mengucapkan Syabas kepada dua pemimpin pemuda yang telah dipilih sebagai Timbalan Menteri dan beliau amat berbangga kerana pemuda diwakili oleh dua orang Timbalan Menteri. Beliau berkata , beliau sebenarnya tidak meletakkan harapan untuk menjawat jawatan dalam kerajaan ketika bertanding untuk merebut kerusi Ketua pemuda UMNO dan kerana itu beliau tidak merasa kecewa apabila dipanggil oleh Perdana Menteri sehari sebelum penamaan senarai kabinet.

Pemuda akan menjadi sebuah pertubuhan yang tidak terikat dan bebas untuk menyuarakan apa juga permasalahan yang diperjuangkan kerana beliau tidak terikat didalam kerajaan dan beliau berharap Pemuda akan menjadi sebuah sayap yang digeruni oleh kawan dan lawan seperti di zaman Datuk Harun Idris dahulu. Untuk mencapai matlamat ini pemuda perlu bersatu dan memupukan semangat setiakawan. Beliau juga berharap agar semua yang hadir untuk menyampaikan apa yang telah beliau nyatakan dan berharap semua ahli Pemuda memahami akan pendirian beliau .

Salam Setiakawan


Anonymous,  10 April 2009 at 18:03  

Bro Jinggo

Saya berterima kasih di atas maalumat yang Sdr beri itu. Kata2 KJ begitu menyenangkan hati pemerhati2 yang sikit ragu kapada dia.

Saya sangat hendak dengar rancangan2 nya untuk memulihkan Pemuda, memikat pemuda2 yang belom menjadi ahli, mengikiskan imej politik wang dalam UMNO dan dalam Pemuda, membendong tingkah laku Mat Rempit dan penyalah guna dadah, menyemaikan nilai2 murni kapada pemuda2 Melayu dan sebagai nya.

Kalau boleh beri maalumat demikian di blog Sakmongkol ini amat baik supaya banyak pengkritik KJ di sini boleh nampak tindakan2 baik nya dan mungkin lama kelamaan jadi mesra dengan nya.

Anonymous,  10 April 2009 at 18:06  

"Dato Najib is going to be an exciting PM and may prove to be as accomplished as TDM."
May that be true. Then come next GE, I needn't have to spoil my vote.

I also would like to share with you a not dissimilar assessment of Najib by Nathaniel Tan, a young PKR politician (who I rather like, truth be told). smart-against-najib/


Anonymous,  10 April 2009 at 18:29  

walla 12.09,

i wish everyone to pay heed to what u have tabled out here.

i love malaysia.

kuldeep 10 April 2009 at 19:45  

KPIs for Ministers?Dep Ministers?...seriously I just can't see the rationale.This concept of KPIs is too over rated (by certain ppl in Malaysia)...its not the cure all panacea.At best it works well as a quantitative measure of the tangibles.And I would reckon a successful Cabinet demands a lot more of the soft skills..the less tangible aspects..
Thus,it seems that this is another PR exercise...
PRU 13 is the KPI actually.

Dhahran Sea,  10 April 2009 at 19:49  

Tok Sak,
Your last para basically sums up your earlier paras... Najib hands are already full and can't afford to have to clean up all the sh** from kj & jj as well, not at this time when PR are coming for his jugular! Let both of them clean up their own sh** and come clean on their own.

Bro Jinggo 11 April 2009 at 02:47  

Maaf kesulitan melayari laman
Anda boleh melayari laman ini melalui
Terima Kasih kerana melayari blog kami.
admin: Bro Jinggo

Pahang Stagliano's Fanclub,  11 April 2009 at 03:51  

Mr Kalashnikov,

Now you're giving me bad dreams. I already poured out my A & W root beer in celebration on Mr Boombastik given a miss in Najib's cabinet.

Now you're telling me this might just be part of a ruse? Shiver me timbers...

Gwo Burne!! Pass me the darn Mo Far Kor! (With apologies to Deminegara).

Wah Al-Subangi 11 April 2009 at 05:55  

saudara bj,

saya suka sikap kj yang saudara tulis di atas. pada saya masa dia akan tiba dan kalau kj seperti yang dituliskan oleh dato sak dengan cara yang sungguh menghambat perhatian, masa dia bukan sahaja akan tiba tapi akan disambut bak sireh pulang ke gangang, pinang pulang ke tampuk.

Anonymous,  11 April 2009 at 08:05  

Sdr BJ

"beliau berharap Pemuda akan menjadi sa buah sayap yang di geruni oleh kawan dan lawan saperti di zaman Datuk Harun Idris dahulu" -

Saya harap tidak lah sehingga pesaing politik menyungkil bukti rasuah, di bawa ke mahkamah dan masuk jail saperti Harun Idris dahulu.

Pada saya setakat "di segani" oleh kawan dan lawan sudah cukup. Kalau sehingga di geruni, orang lain akan risau, mungkin mengancam ketenteraman.

Harap ini perkara bahasa sahaja, bukan niat. Pemuda boleh memainkan peranan yang besar. Harap membina, tidak memesongkan halauan anak2 muda kita ke politik wang, Mat Rempit dan sebagai nya. Ini harapan ikhlas saya, bukan nak kritik.

Anonymous,  13 April 2009 at 09:29  

Dato’ Sak,
I am not very fond of KJ. That is the feeling right now. And, I have my own reasons.
I agree KJ has something special, something that can benefit us all. In all honesty, should he stay true to the cause, true leaders need not use his parents or in laws’ influence or protection? No matter how you twist it, bersongkol with si Kali on the ECM scandal is enough to show his rotten ethics. What troubled me further is that he was found guilty of money politics and still shows no remorse. It was as if he did nothing wrong or never troubled with his conscience. Money politics is so ingrained in UMNO that he will still have his followers, who, I have no doubt will continue to feed on those monies. That is ‘Perjuangan’ to them.
Nevertheless, siapa yang tak pernah buat salah? Can people change, really change for the better? Why not? What is so impossible? Will he eventually be accepted to the Cabinet?
Who knows what the future holds. I think the following story (as told in a movie) befits my post here:-
In this village, a little boy is given a gift of a horse. The villagers all say, "Isn’t that fabulous? Isn’t that wonderful? What a wonderful gift."
The Zen master says, "We’ll see."
A couple years later the boy falls off the horse and breaks his leg. The villagers all say, "Isn’t that terrible? The horse is cursed! That’s horrible!"
The Zen master says, "We’ll see."
A few years later the country goes to war and the government conscripts all the males into the army, but the boy’s leg is so screwed up, he doesn’t have to go. The villagers all say, "Isn’t that fabulous? Isn’t that wonderful?"
The Zen master says, "We’ll see."


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