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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Pahangians in Najib’s Cabinet


Our new PM has come out with a leadership theme. It is One Malaysia, People first and Performance Now.

He has outlined his hopes for creating an inclusive society where no group is left out from the fruits of national building. The overriding objective is to put the people's interest first. We can suppose that these objectives are achievable with competent performance.

We shouldn't mislead ourselves into believing that these objectives are achievable with so-so leadership quality. They demand competent leadership consisting of men and women with the passion, drive, determination, intelligence, commitment and fortitude to help achieve these goals.

Najib must direct himself to finding men and women of above average calibre to lead the nation. Forget about those naggers who are left out and who will be braying until they are blue in the faces disavowing such an elitist approach.

It's necessary to offer above average leadership for Malaysians. Not all are ministerial material and it's not etched in stone somewhere that all MKT members must be made a minister to be able to serve. They have been telling this line about serving even without positions to us so many times; let's see it applied on them now.

But let me dispel this idealised notion of insisting a leader with angelic virtues. Before the 3 by elections I have been hearing preachy and pontificating overtures to DS Najib that he must choose untainted individuals, uncorrupted people and so forth. After hearing that so many times, I could have sworn we are looking for committee members of a mosque or surau. They must have unblemished moral record and any perceptions imagined or perceived as moral deficiency are sufficient to disqualify a potential leader. Never mind if the fellow is a sissy in leadership, as long as he/she is externally virtuous, he/she is in.

When I heard that, and because I don't think DS Najib will disqualify himself, I see a cabinet consisting of....only Dato Najib. All the others are tainted. So shall we have the first cabinet in the world with only one person and that person is Dato Najib?

Naturally, because I come from Pahang, I will be waiting with bated breath to see whether those Pahang chaps who won in the recent MKT elections will be included in Najib's cabinet.

Will Ismail Sabri still be a cabinet minister? A previously colourless fellow with no impressive record was made a minister in the previous cabinet, he will be hoping to still be in. Will Saifudin Abdullah still be around? And will the hardest working individual who has straddled the earth and the space, Mr. Boombastik, Mr. Fantastic! a.k.a Mr. Raba Raba be included in the cabinet? Or will he be despatched to head Media Prima as rumoured? I say, I say, that will be Butt Heaven old chap!


Anonymous,  8 April 2009 at 18:41  

This decision will make or break Najib's career as Malaysia's Prime Minister.

Daripada Najib lantik KJ(mamak) kepeda jawatan menteri/timb menteri, lagi baik Najib letak jawatan sahaja.

Kita sedia maklum bahawa Tun M telah berkali2 menasihati Najib supaya tidak melantik KJ. Jika dia berdegil lagi, maka Najib memang tidak layak menerajui kepimpinan negara.....

Orang UMNO, Orang Melayu, Orang Malaysia telah meletakan harapan mereka di bahu Najib. Kalau Najib gagal melaksanakan tanggungjawabnya, maka Najib akan menjadi PM paling singkat, lebih singkat dari Dol Badawi.

Anonymous,  8 April 2009 at 18:57  

Whats with you and JJ? You never fail to take a swipe at him whenever his name crop up?

Was he one of the reasons why you ended up being a one-term ADUN.

BTW I dont think much of him as a minister either.


Ariff Sabri 8 April 2009 at 19:06  

haha..friendly banter. maybe because he studied at Manchester as I did too. Or from one pekan fellow to another Pekan fellow.
perhaps its got something to do with consuming too much Pakistani food at Rusholme. he is a brainy guy though

Anonymous,  8 April 2009 at 19:10  

"I could have sworn we are looking for committee members of a mosque or surau."

Totally acidic!!! :) I love it.

Anonymous,  8 April 2009 at 19:33  

O dear! Then its true! I've heard strong rumours that Tun Mahathir has a strong hand in deciding who should be in the cabinet line-up and who shouldn't.
O what a sad day for Najib. He has to listen to Tun Mahathir and cannot be left alone to make his PM decisions!
Thanks HMK for telling us that Tun M dah berkali2 menasihati Najib supaya tidak melantik KJ!

Anonymous,  8 April 2009 at 19:36  

O sorry Sir! HMB not Hikayat Mamak Kluangman!

Anonymous,  8 April 2009 at 19:55  

Apologies I am a bit dull Who is Mr. Raba Raba? Samy Vellu?

Wah Al-Subangi 8 April 2009 at 20:05  

mosque committee, hahaha! well.. at least not someone who have been found guilty of money politics.

Anonymous,  8 April 2009 at 20:27  

A brainy guy JJ pun not much of a minister.

Even between the not-so-brainy - even average - and the bright but unclean fellow, we must go for the former. One unclean fellow at cabinet level can pollute so many others. We must get back to old values as far as moral and financial cleanliness are concerned. It's done enough damage already. Manifested in various forms. To the detriment of the Malay race.

Yeah, yeah, singing the old tune. But you people must not make light of the huge problem. Everybody says UMNO is corrupt to the core and Malays become less respected than before. Tak malu ke kita? Tak kan lah Pak Lebai saja yang bersih? Mesti ada banyak yang pelajaran tinggi, luas pandangan dan bersih untuk di pilih.

Dato Seri Najib, tolong lah pilih yang bersih sahaja ke kabinet dan singkirkan yang tak bersih. PRU 13 tak lama lagi.

Anonymous,  8 April 2009 at 21:07  

"Mr. Boombastik, Mr. Fantastic! a.k.a Mr. Raba Raba" refers to Datuk Jamaluddin Jarjis, the Rompin MP, am I right, Datuk Sak?

Eyes Wide Open 8 April 2009 at 21:11  


i think it's unrealistic to expect angels in govt. As long as they don't kebas public money or abuse power and can execute the jobs well, cukuplah...

Anonymous,  8 April 2009 at 21:17  

KJ will not be given a cabinet post cos he needs to focus on pemudaing..instead mukhriz to be in the cabinet.
Is that good?

Hamba,  8 April 2009 at 21:17  

Mamak Pencen in Najib's Cabinet or shall we say pencenian in Najib's cabinet. Secretly, I think Najib would want to put the pencen guy in a coffin rather than in the cabinet.

Anonymous,  8 April 2009 at 21:21  

We need Ministers who is hands on and willing to get to the bottom..
We need Ministers who is never afraid to keep their hands full..
We need ministers who is meticulous enough not to leave anything substantial untouched...
We need to revive the Rubber Research Institute...

But pls lets keep Petronas,GLCs to professionals.

Anonymous,  8 April 2009 at 21:31  

I was with my family...travelling up North just a day before the by elections.We stopped by at a coffee house in a hotel in a town not too far from one of the Bukits for dinner.
In one corner was a group of about 15 UMNO guys..myb even a few Deputy Ministers and at least a SetPol or two...
They were noisy,laughing,joking..and the gist of MOST of their conversations seems to be about visits to Istana Negara...and the biggest laughter was about some poor guy who it seems is having nightmares about missing the trip to istana negara...

I guess they needed a rest after a hard day of campaigning..but the telling question of from my 7 year old kid.." Abah,why are they making so much noise?Don't they know there are other ppl around too?"

We need heroes..we need role models for our children.

Pak Zawi 8 April 2009 at 21:50  

Dato' Sak,
Media Prima is butts heaven eh? All we need to do is send some cigars over to keep him busy and out of mischief.

Anonymous,  8 April 2009 at 22:20  

Looking at the comments on this and previous postings, you guys are still squabbling, eh?

If blogosphere (in particular the Umno blogs) is a microcosm of Umno the party, then it certainly looks divided.

Dato' is it too early to say that KJ's victory seems to be divisive insted of uniting? And you are put more and more on the defensive.

It does look like the pro- and anti-kj camps are entrenched in their positions. And no one's blinking.
That bodes ill for your party.
How is KJ going to deal with this? How are you? Perhaps, in a posting in the near future, you will give your ideas.
To me (as an onlooker), KJ is not the leader at this juncture of Umno's existence. You have untiringly told us he is the best man for the job, he has the brains, yada yada. Maybe at this point, it's not the smarts that's needed. But someone with a quieter strength, who could heal the rift. I believe (hang on, gotta put on my safety helmet)MM comes nearest to it. But as it is, it's all water under the bridge....
Best wishes
zooky (sorry, too lz to log in)

Anonymous,  8 April 2009 at 22:29  

anon 21.31

if you can't find role model in a coffee house then please go to mc d or kfc. you have taken your kid at the wrong place and at the wrong time. you could have realised it in the first place.

what a poor kid.

Anonymous,  8 April 2009 at 22:46  

mr raba raba be rubbing your money in MOF, ha2.
kepala pening?
i cant agree with you more. trying to find a clean senior BN fella is like looking for a needle in haystack.

Walk D Talk 09 9 April 2009 at 00:36  

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Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun Mahathir Tun Mohammad.

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Apa yang saya maksukan adalah :

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6. Memang betul Mukhriz tidak berkecimpung dalam politik sewaktu Ayahanda menjadi PM , tetapi Mukhriz tidak pula tidak diberikan keistimewaan dalam perniagaan, anak-anak Ayahanda semuanya mendapat keistimewaan sebagai anak Perdana Menteri, buat apa mahu berpolitik , lebih baik berniaga. Mukhzani adalah di antara 40 orang yang terkaya di Malaysia. Mukhriz kerana kini berkecimpung dalam politik tidaklah pula dapat kita trace kekayaan beliau, pasti mereka ini kaya raya. Inilah yang selalu Ayahanda ulangi , anak saya tidak dibenarkan berpolitik ketika saya memerintah, Apa salahnya jika mereka berpolitik , as long mereka tahu asas perjuangan. tetapi politik bukanlah sesuatu yang digemari oleh anak-anak Ayahanda.

7. Pak Lah sudah bersara, mungkin tidak lama lagi jambatan bengkok akan disambung kembali, kita tunggu saja dan lihat. Saya tak pasti tapi saya rasa mungkin. UMNO perlukan perubahan , jika UMNO tidak berubah maka UMNO akan diubah , jika UMNO mahu berubah tapi UMNO dipaksa berubah cara Ayahanda , tak ada maknalah perubahan itu, Ayahanda juga perlu berubah. Marilah kita sama-sama berubah. Kami sudah letih , kami sudah bosan , bergaduh sesama sendiri. Tolonglah Ayahanda.

8. DS Najib patut diberikan peluang untuk mencari identiti beliau sendiri, DS Najib patut diberikan peluang untuk merubah UMNO. DS Najib tidak patut diberikan bebanan dengan perpecahan sesama ahli parti. DS Najib patut diberikan ruang untuk berfikir sendiri. DS Najib patut diberikan masa dan waktu untuk mencorakkan kepimpinan beliau tanpa gangguan. Tidaklah perlu Ayahanda mencuri limelight dari beliau . Baru 5 hari beliau mengambil pucuk pimpinan , suara Ayahanda hampir sama banyak di dengar dari suara beliau. Sehingga kami kompius , siapa yang mengambil peralihan dari Pak Lah.

9. Biarlah DS Najib tentukan pasal Khairy, Tak payahlah hari hari Ayahanda berikan komen pasal Khairy yang sedikit sebanyak akan mempengaruhi keputusan DS Najib. Perpatah Melayu ada berkata , Kalau betul Ayahanda benci biarlah berpada-pada , kita sesama umat islam. Sedangkan nabi lagi memaafkan. Tak perlulah Ayahanda menghebahkan orang ini rasuah , orang ini tidak baik , orang ini jahat , orang ini baik. Anak aku baik , anak orang jahat , menantu orang tuh jahat , menantu aku baik. Tidak ada sesiapa yang sempurna di dunia ini dan tuah kini membayar secara tunai. Takut nanti tuhan itu terbalikkan apa yang kita cakapkan .

10.Permintaan kami mudah saja, berihatlah Ayahanda, Tentu Ayahanda letih by now. Ketika Pak Lah sibuk sebagai PM , Ayahanda pun sibuk jua nak menjatuhkan Pak Lah. Pak Lah sudah berundur, beristirehatlah Ayahanda. Cukuplah kita sudah berpecah banyak kali, apa yang akan tinggal dalam UMNO nanti jika ini berterusan. Khairy juga ada penyokong. Kita berpecah pada semangat 46, kita berpecah semasa UMNO baru, ramai yang disingkir. Kita berpecah ketika Keadilan ditubuhkan, kita berpecah unoficial sewaktu kemelut Ayahanda dengan Pak lah, mampukah kita berpecah lagi, Kita ini sebenarnya sudah nazak. Ubat yang paling mujarab dan telah dikompromi olah Pak Lah adalah perubahan. Berubahlah kita.

Akhirkata , saya menyusun jari yang sepuluh, saya sedar siapalah saya mahu meulis kepada Ayahanda tetapi inilah akibat desakan hati dan nurani yang tidak tertahan lagi menunggukan perubahan dalam UMNO. Assalamualaikum.

daripada :
Mawarku Berduri.

Dhahran Sea,  9 April 2009 at 03:50  

Tok Sak,
Is it "Pahangians" or "Pahangites"? The former sounds like "Pahang-gian" la...

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