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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 26 April 2009

Open up and Compete. Ready or Not!

This piece is written at Delifrance, One Utama. Like all shopping malls, One Utama is a typical representation of the freest of markets. People come here with one thing on their minds- to buy quality goods at the cheapest of prices. How is that possible? The supermarkets buy from competitive players. Hence cheaper goods and services can come from opening up the market. When we buy cheaper, we save more. At the end of the day, we are better off.

I have heard these very often nowadays. Now that Dato Najib is the PM and he has a good team, the Malays are miraculously ready to compete in the open market. now people! remember, competition is good. We get quality goods at cheaper prices. 

In a strained effort to justify the statement that the PM has not copped out on Malay interests, some one said that opening up the sub sectors in the service industry is tolerable.

Why? Many of the sub sectors are not participated by Malay Muslims anyway. These are basically haram economic activities. Maybe that's true. But how is it possible these areas though haram have Malay/Muslim participants previously? Maybe it wasn't 30% but there must have been some Malay participation. Otherwise licenses and quota wouldn't be granted then. Presumably when there was some Malay participation, that particular economic activity was fifty-fifty. The term halaram quickly comes to mind.

Perhaps at that time, the Malays participating in those sub sectors were led by the principle: wa haraamun kalau makan sorang; wa halalun jika kongsi sama.

Suppose it was KJ who said that Malays are ready to compete rather than Mukhriz? Would people accept that? Most likely the answer is no. More probably his dyed in the wool enemies will say KJ is betraying Malay interests. He will be accused to do Singapore's bidding which by the way, is the favourite stomping and shopping ground of UMNOniks.

But then, the announcement by the PM was followed up by the parroting of Mukhriz. Since it is Mukhriz who said that, and Mukhriz is an honourable Roman er.. Malaysian and he is the deputy Minister for international trade, this statement is a biblical truth. Those who disagree are heretics.

In that case, let us open up some more sectors. If subsectors are openable, surely the sectors themselves, despite being besmirched by the haram label, are more openable to competition.

We are not short of cheerleaders. The MITI secgen has said, opening up the service industry will allow joint partnership with Bumi partners. It's called strategic alliance. We know it by its original name- Ali-Baba, Ali-Mat John etc.

The secgen also said, it will allow qualified Malays to earn better income. The secgen forgets to mention- would stepping up the ladder require proficiency in the English language?

I think, this is no cause for worry as the secgen has also said that, after talking to the bumi players, they said, they are ready.

There has been this economic justification to open up the economy that has been bandied about for a long time. The general thinking is that insistence of the bumi requirements has caused the economy to slow down. By exactly how many percentage points we don't know. That would imply participation by Malays in the economy has lowered our productivity and therefore earned us less income.

We will soon have occasion to prove this point. Suppose we open up the sub-service sectors and admit free participation. Inefficient Malays and free loaders are weeded out. After the exercise, we find that productivity has actually increased. What do we say then?

Will we say, aha, we told you so, insisting on Bumi quota was the blight upon our productivity. If we had not insisted on the application of the affirmative policy, we would have earned more.

I will have to reject such an explanation. The real truth is: More efficient players have displaced the inefficient and the free riders. These elements whether Malays or otherwise would hinder growth anyway. What it will prove is: that we can never compromise on the need for quality leadership be it in politics or in business. Efficient and productive bumiplayers could very well attain sterling results. Good talent is not ethnic centric. Mediocrity is always counter productive.

What will the opening up lead to? More efficient business? More foreign investments? Better quality services and goods? Cheaper services and goods? If opening us gives us access to all these things, there is all the more reason to throw away all protectionist policies. If, as many are now willing and ready to say, Malays are ready to do anything, then why not ask these people to support dismantling the NEP?

How can protectionist policies harm us? The proponents of special privileges will say that better quality and lower priced goods and services will harm the protected players lose their monopoly. For example, if Corning and other Japanese players are allowed into Malaysia to produce fibre optics and be allowed to supply to Telekoms, itu apa macam? Telecoms Malaysia can save a lot of money and reduces its dependence only on one protected supplier.

It seems that we have to take all these talk about opening up the market with a pinch of salt. You are opening up markets where participation by ordinary Bumiputeras is very low anyway. Therefore opening up will not adversely impact Bumi interests but will certainly harm the interests of other inefficient and costly businessmen.

But as soon as we insist the government open up businesses monopolised by the privileged few Bumiputeras, you can be sure there will be hue and cry. Because monopolies and protection have allowed the scions of the privileged few earn fat pay checks and earn gargantuan fees. Threaten these monopolies, we have an immediate war on our hands. Mukhriz will then become the spokesman for more protection and more privileges. Let's start by opening up the market for optical cables. Boleh?

We are ready to compete right? If we Malays at the lower end of the market are, surely you at the higher end are more ready.


Donplaypuks® 26 April 2009 at 16:18  


Guess who bitched in public that his son's $50 million directly negotiated contract for supply of optic cables to Telekom was blocked by KJ? And Telkom eventually gave in?

Why, it was Bapak Toll Highway & IPP's, of course. Ask Ani Arope about all the underhanded moves by EPU and Bapak Toll Highway & IPPs!!

Eyes Wide Open 26 April 2009 at 17:03  

Another excellent insight Dato. I fear the Hang Jebat label might creep up on you even faster now!

duasen,  26 April 2009 at 17:18  

Dato Sak,

You nailed it. Yes, ask Mukhriz why not open APs. Isn't that what TDM hope his son would look into AP abuse. When TDM said that he meant APs gone to certain people he detest...KJ's somebody..lagi-lagi KJ. Malaysia ini tak ada modal ke ? Asyik-asyik KJ...duh!

If Mukhriz dares to open up APs, then we shall see whether the other MM (older brother) will make noise...

donplaypuks, the tolls, IPPs are only meant cronies and not Malays!

I think the govt is very cruel to open up suddenly without equipping the Malays ie education. Good education will give everyone especially those from the rural areas a more level playing field. If govt is really serious about improving our competitiveness the Muhyidin has to take out his whip and get our educators back in shape! If not it's mere rhetoric and it'll fade away in no time.

dua sen,  26 April 2009 at 19:01  

Just wondering who is the MITI Minister. Is it Mukhriz or Mustapha ?

APs may be abolished, Mukhriz

Anonymous,  26 April 2009 at 19:22  

Much ado about nothing...thats my take on the liberalisation of the 27 subsectors.Firstly,it was in the works for the last 2 years and Secondly,the beneficiaries of the protectionist policies is a small sliver of the Bumi populace anyway.

Its going forward that needs the controls eg
>>listing of the entities on the stock exchange.We have to ensure that only quality foreign controlled companies are cast to the public:the brouhaha of sophisticated overseas operations should be scrutinised.We certainly do not want to be left holding the bag after the jewels have been plundered.
>>Monopolies of certain subsectors leading to cartel pricing and loss of Malaysian talents
>>Mgmt culture not in tune with our country's public policies.Pls do not forget that the excesses of the western economic system is the cause of major disruptions in basic commodoties and financials.

Liberalise by all means but lets not be lured into the back lanes for the almighty mugging.


Anonymous,  26 April 2009 at 19:31  

Liberalization is good if consumers gets to pay less for the same goods or services.

But,one can get a better cup of coffee and nicer food at Old Town than Delifrance...and even cheaper if one ventures to the Mamak shop...and not to forget the warong just a few miles away .

Similarly,the wet market offers fresher foodstuff for less then Tesco and gang.The night market is not too bad either.And Mydin beats the hypermart for basic dry goods.

My point is simply...the giants sells convenience and comfort but if one is bottom can beat the values offered by local entities.
And thats where the govt has a role to play by upgrading the ambience of wet markets,night markets and the corner shops by basic housekeeping plus group supply chains (with latest techniques and technologies)to ensure that all consumers will have a choice.

Not everyone can afford Delifrance or Tesco btw.

Anonymous,  26 April 2009 at 19:35  

optical cables are open market la..only marginal import duties only.
opcom have been in the market for many years and their market share of the fibreoptics market is not huge..

pls check the numbers la

TAAVEEKUN PERAK 26 April 2009 at 19:49  

UMNO must change totally its "rusty image". Even its logo must change.Get rid of the useless "rusty keris" and replace with a symbol that reflects a real ONE MELAYU !! Our cultural, social, educational and political environment have changed drastically and UMNO must "overhaul" its vision and mission to face new challenges. Our needs and aspirations are now totally different from 50 years ago. We are now living in a very complex and sophisticated world and we must adjust accordingly. Our hopes and expectations are very high and we expect UMNO leaders to be more focus and transparent in carrying out their responsibilities. They must be seen at all times to have the highest integrity of the first order or else UMNO will failed miserably to get the respect due from the Malays.

Go to School,  26 April 2009 at 20:24  


We Malaysians have to change the way we choose leaders. For one just one not based on he has good PR or is a nice guy.

As we all know, Mukhriz is only a Grade 3 SPM leaver and went to a substandard university in Japan. Sofia university which is Mukhriz's alma mater ain't no Ivy leaguer of Jap universities. Here's the list of top 30 :

30 Top Japanese Universities
1 University of Tokyo
2 Kyoto University
3 Osaka University
4 Tokyo Institute of Technology
5 Tohoku University
6 Keio University
7 Kyushu University
8 Nagoya University
9 Hokkaido University
10 Tsukuba University
11 Kobe University
12 Chiba University
13 Waseda University
14 Hiroshima University
15 Kanazawa University
16 Okayama University
17 Tokyo University of Science
18 Tokyo Metropolitan University
19 Tokyo Medical and Dental University
20 Osaka City University
21 Niigata University
22 Kumamoto University
23 Tokushima University
24 Osaka Prefectural University
25 Gifu University
26 Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
27 Yokohama National University
28 Yamaguchi University
29 Nagoya City University
30 Kagoshima University

Mind you, Dato Mustapha Mohamed went to Melborne Uni (Top 2 in Australia) and MA from Boston Univesrsity. Mukhriz considering he is Tun's son. He aint no high flyer. So be careful when u support someone so feverently, because, u might just be more qualified than that person.

Anonymous,  26 April 2009 at 21:30  

wah still blasting mukhriz? no wonder u still get anti kj sentiments here

kalau nak blasah org, jgnlah komplen bila kena blasah balik ye tak???

mmg dasar politician suka nak kutuk org

tapi bengang bila kena kutuk balik

bottom line is, umno must unite. but u datuk, bekas adun, still not mature enuff in ur writings?

sampai bila umno nak bersatu kalau u dont make the first move of reconciliation. org yg komen di sini semua budak budak.

kalau datuk pun nak jadik budak budak and submit yourself to character assasination of mukhriz who doesnt give a damn abt u (he never mentions u in any of his public speeches or writings nor had he ever bad mouthed KJ), then why are you acting like a child deriding an umno minister like that?

what is your beef with Umno? bitter not being selected as senator ke?

bitter tak jadi wakil rakyat?

bitter that your kuda tak masuk kabinet?

bitter that someone who is less qualified than you become more succesful ke? rezeki di tangan tuhan. tak de sbb utk kita bengang pd org yg takde kena mengena dgn our lack of fortune.

Anonymous,  26 April 2009 at 21:35  

hahah dua sen ni mmg bodoh one comment of his challenged whether MUKHRIZ may end the ap system.

but when mukhriz proposed that ap system be abolished, he complained whether MUKHRIZ should be the roght person to announced it when it should be tok pa.

hahaha Dua Sen, mu ni mmg bodoh! bila dah takde isu, isu yg remehy pun jadilah!!

shouldnt dua sen applaud this move of mansuhkan AP? since we had complained abt this for years.

but bila mukhriz announced, dia kutuk pulak.

BANGANG PUNYA ORG.. what is good, kita give credit laaaa... FAHAM tak dua sen????

Anonymous,  26 April 2009 at 22:04  

Anon 21.30
just because you tak tahan Dato komen pasal Mukriz or Mahathir, takpayahlah nak hina2 Dato tak jadi wakil rakyat or senator ok?
And kuda apa yang you bebelkan? Gila babi punya orang!

KJ memang sial,  27 April 2009 at 02:56  

Jika orang Melayu dan ahli UMNO masih sangsi dengan kerisauan Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad mengenai kedaulatan negara yang dinodai oleh kuasa asing terutamanya Sinagpura, mereka harus kenal beberapa individu yang menjadi dalang.

Banyak telah diperkatakan mengenai Datuk Kalimullah Hassan yang menjadi spin-doctor Pak lah. Hampir semua yang mengambil tahu sedar mengenai latarbelakangnya, terutama hakikat beliau gagal pada tahun 1988 menjadi setiausaha akhbar kepada Tun Ghafar Baba yang ketika itu Timbalan Perdana Menteri.

Kegagalan itu adalah kerana beliau dianggap "security risk" (ancaman keselamatan) oleh bahagian perisikan Malaysia.

Selepas itu beliau hilang dari pandangan umum dan muncul kembali beberapa tahun kemudian sebagai juruperunding media untuk Singapore Press Holdings dan beroperasi di Kuala Lumpur bagi akhbar Singapore Straits Times.

Biro-biro Singapore Straits Times di luar negara beroperasi sebagai "front' ataupun topeng untuk agen-agen ISB Singapura (Internal Security Department of Singapore) untuk beroperasi.

Mereka ini, menerusi Kalimullah, telah berjaya semasa itu menembusi UMNO dan telah mengumpul pelbagai rahsia dalaman parti dan juga mengenai pemimpin-pemimpin parti.

Salah satu rahsia yang berjaya dikumpul oleh Kalimullah dan agen Singapura ialah mengenai kegemaran seks luar tabii Anwar Ibrahim. Namun mereka tidak menyebarkan maklumat tersebut malahan terus berusaha merapatkan diri dengan Anwar.

Strategi mereka adalah mudah - biarkan Anwar menjadi Perdana Menteri dan ketika itu, menggunakan semua maklumat tersebut untuk memeras ugut Anwar.

Tetapi perancangan Singapura gagal kerana Dr. Mahathir mendapat tahu mengenai kelemahan moral Anwar dan mengambil tindakan memecatnya pada tahun 1998.

Masalah moral Anwar diperakui sendiri oleh pemimpin Singapura Lee Kuan Yew. Semasa lawatan beliau ke Kuala Lumpur dalam tahun 2001, ketika bertemu pengarang kanan akhbar New Straits Times termasuk ketua pengarang kumpulan Tan Sri ABdullah Ahmad, telah menyatakan rasa simpati beliau kepada Dr Mahathir.

Simpati itu, kata Kuan Yew, adalah kerana apa yang dikatakan oleh Dr. Mahathir mengenai Anwar sebagai peliwat adalah benar dan telah diketahuinya menerusi agen rahsia Singapura sejak tujuh, lapan tahun sebelum ini.

Semasa Dr Mahathir dan UMNO berdepan dengan kemarahan rakyat dan ahli reformasi yang tidak percaya dengan tuduhan terhadap Anwar, Kalimullah telah tampil ke hadapan memberi sokongan padu kepada Dr. Mahathir dan UMNO.

Kalimullah telah secara terbuka menyeru teman-teman perniagaan dan wartawan untuk memberi sokongan kepada Dr. Mahathir.

Antara lain, Kalimullah menyatakan bahawa semasa bapanya sedang nazak di India, bapanya telah berpesan kepadanya (Kalimullah) supaya menyokong Dr Mahathir yang dianggap oleh bapa Kalimullah sebagai pemimpin Melayu dan Islam yang tiada tolok bandingnya.

Kerana pesanan bapanya, kata Kalimullah, beliau tidak teragak-agak menyokong Dr. Mahathir dan sanggup bergadai harta dan nyawa untuk mempertahankan beliau.

Apabila Anwar tumpas dan parti Keadilannya juga tumpas di dalam pilihanraya 1999, Kalimullah dan Singapura mula mencari personality baru untuk disokong di Malaysia dan kemudian diperkudakan.

Khairy Jamaludin secara kebetulan merelakan dirinya. Khairy mempunyai cita-cita tinggi. Beliau juga berdendam kepada pentadbiran Dr. Mahathir yang disalahkannya sebagai penyebab kematian bapanya seorang bekas diplomat yang membunuh diri kerana tekanan perasaan selepas kontraknya tidak diperbaharui.

Ditambah pula dengan latarbelakang akademik yang menyerlah, maka Kalimullah yang telah ditugaskan oleh Singapura untuk mencari calon yang sesuai untuk agenda republic itu, telah memilih Khairy.

Khairy amat sesuai kerana dia tidak mempunyai rasa patriotic yang tinggi kepada Malaysia dan semangat Melayunya juga amat luntur kerana dibesarkan di luar negara dan tidak pernah melihat pentingnya Dasar Ekonomi Baru untuk umat Melayu.

Dari segi Islamnya, Khairy juga tidak mempunyai penghayatan yang kukuh kerana cara hidup sebagai seorang anak diplomat di luar Negara tidak menjadikan Islam satu cara hidup sebagaimana anak-anak Melayu lain yang dibesarkan di Malaysia.

Khairy juga mempunyai teman wanita berbangsa Cina dari Singapura. Mereka berkongsi ranjang semasa belajar di Britain dan hubungan itu berterusan sehingga mereka kembali ke Negara masing-masing.

Malahan, dikalangan teman-teman rapat Khairy, mereka sering berkata bahawaKhairy masih lagi berhubungan secara intim dengan gadir Singapura itu walaupun selepas berkahwin dengan Nori, anak Pak Lah.

Kisah percintaan Khairy dengan Nori juga sebenarnya hasil perancangan licik Kalimullah yang telah menemukan mereka. Nori mudah tumpas ditangan Khairy yang beria-ia menunujukkan cintanya kepada Nori yang dari segi rupa tidak seberapa dan tidak sepadan dengan Khairy.

Bagi Khairy, mencintai Nori bukan sesuatu yang susah. Baginya, sesiapa sahaji yang boleh membuka jalan untuk mencapai kuasa boleh dicintai dan dicumbui. Khairy tahu, dengan kuasa, dia akan dapat memilih gadis-gadis yang diidamkan untuk dijadikan penghibur hatinya.

Hari ini jelas, Maya Karin serta gadis Singapura itu, menjadi penghibur hatinya dan Nori menjadi sumber kuasanya.

Kesabaran Khairy dan kesanggupannya mengahwini Nori sekarang membuahkan hasil bukan sahaja untuk dirinya malahan untuk Kalimullah dan sudah tentu Singapura.

Sejak Pak Lah mengambilalih dari Dr Mahathir, Singapura tidak lagi menunjukkan sikap bermusuh malahan menunjukkan kesediaan untuk berbaik-baik.

Bagi Pak Lah, ini adalah kejayaan diplomasinya. Tetapi umum tahu, Singapuratidak pernah berminat untuk berbaik-baik dengan Malaysia dalam apa keadaan sekalipun kecuali jika ia menguntungkan republik. Itu.

Sekarang dengan adanya Khairy dan Kalimullah sebagai orang kepercayaan Pak Lah, Singapura tidak perlu bermusuh malahan berbaik-baik dengan Malaysia akan menutup rahsia hubungan mereka dengan Khairy dan Kalimullah.

Hasilnya, Temasek, badan pelaburan kerajaan Singapura bereluasa di Malaysia, mengambil alih pantai Holdings, Southern Bank Berhad, Avenue Capital (menerusi ECM Libra yang diterajui Kalimullah dan Khairy sebagai ahli lembaga), Telekom Malaysia selain dari mencuba untuk menerobos syarikat Malaysia seperti Proton.

Kepentingan Melayu dan UMNO semakin terpinggir dan inya dilakukan secara sistematik tanpa disedari oleh umat Melayu. Kesemua dilakukan atas nama meritocracy dan hamper kesemua media massa, terutama dari luar Negara menyokong usaha itu kerana selari dengan agenda globalisasi.

Dr. Mahathir yang telah melihat usaha Singapura menghancurkan kepentingan Melayu akhirnya tidak lagi dapat menahan dirinya lantas secara lantang mengkritik kepimpinan Paklah dengan harapan ahli UMNO dan orang Melau akan sedar akan ancaman yang mereka hadapi.

Namun, suaranya itu dibantah oleh orang Melayu dan ahli UMNO sendiri. Maka berleluasalah Si Kitol dan Raja Mendeliar. Akan hancurkan tamaddun Melayu moden yang dibina oleh UMNO kerana angkara mereka ini ? Akan terjajahkah kita lagi ?

any komen?

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 03:31  

pengomen sial,
komen saya, mengapa hang tak siarkan hang punya analisa ni kat blog hang secara artikel? bukan sebagai komen dalam blog orang lain?
lagi baik kalau hang ada teloq, hang siarkan nama hang yang sebenar

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 08:19  

memang akan terjajah oleh yahudi pulak. tambah yg nak buangkan logo kris UMNO.

Semua menunjukkan tamak haloba dan strategi utk menghakis kekuatan melayu dan apa2 yg bersangkutan dengannya. dari segi kebudayaan, jati diri dan agama melayu itu sendiri. Semua berselindung di sebalik NEP. Bila ekonomi kaum melayu hancur, senanglah memporak perandakan budaya, jati diri dan agama!

Sila amati permainan licik mereka, kalau tak boleh meneka dalam kesamaran atau melihat tersirat dalam tersurat, alamat nahaslah menanti.

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 08:28  

Kepada orang yang mengomen orang lain sial.
Takpernah dengar ke? Siapa yang mensialkan orang lain sial tu PASTI balik ke dirinya.Tapi mungkin orang tu rasa dia tak takut pada Tuhan.

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 08:35  

Sedapnya komen hal peribadi KJ.
Betul atau tidak, kamu yang mencerca dia tanggunglah dosa memfitnah orang muda tu.Mungkin anak engkau baik sangat agaknya.
Aku perhati tidak ada siapa pun berani tegur Tun Siti Hasmah tidak memakai tudung sampai umur sudah menjangkau 80an.Selalu pakai rambut palsu.Yelaaah.Sebab dia isteri TDM.Semua yang berkaitan dengan TDM tidak boleh dan pantang ditegurkan?

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 08:59  

Sak Dear,

Sebagai peniaga melayu risau juga pasal keterbukaan yang sedang dijalankan dan mahu diteruskan.Walaupun perniagaan saya kecil,tidak termasuk kot dalam senarai yg tlh disiarkan tu.tapi tetap risau..

Harap kerajaan melalui khazanah akan membeli saham2 tersebut balik dalam open market.

Mari la kita sama2 berusaha dan berdoa agar apa yang kita takuti, iaitu dijajah semula oleh sesiapa melalui perniagaan tdak berlaku dimalaysia bumi bertuah ini.Harap pemimpin dan pegawai kerajaan yang diamanahkan utk melaksanakan dasar2 kerajaan tdak mudah digulakan dgn wang ringgit.Ingatlah pada anak cucu bangsa kita pada masa akan datg.Jangan gadai semuanya hanya kerana nafsu.

Yangmenarik pasal komen tentang kelulusan mukriz, apa ahli yb pkr dan pas highly educated sgt ke,,katanye posmen,cameramen, pemndu teksi pun ada.jgn la berat sebelah,pandang2 sama diri kita tu..yang penting seseorang yb perlu memberi masa dan tenaga utk rakyat,,tak akan survive lagi yb dan pemimpin yang mementingkan diri; jan kata dm pilihanraya, dlm umno sendiri pun.UMNO sebagaiparti yg telah matang akan dan telah melalui bermacam2 evolusi spanjang 50 thn menerju negara.ianye tdak sempurna tapi tdak pula begitu hina seperti yg digemburkan oleh pembangkg.masih terdapat ramai ahli yg setia, yg berkualiti, dan positif tentg masa depan nye.dalam pengamatan saya hanya umno yg matang dlm berpolitik,,tenang dlm mengambil tindakan,tertib dan bertamadun dlm bermeyuarat..mcm lg ug postif pasl umno ni..

Ree,  27 April 2009 at 09:23  

Dato Sak,

Govt should just do away with the 30% equity objective of NEP.

I think this is a seriously flawed objective. It is flawed primarily because the percentage is based on the nominal shares of companies in Malaysia.

Is the value of a share in a private company owning a bakery the same as the value of a share of a large listed company?

According to the NEP it’s the same as NEP uses the nominal value. Nominal value means absolutely nothing. It is possible that the Bumis can hold 30% equity in the economy, but in reality this 30% is completely worthless.

Lets scrap this objective which has led to so much abuse.

msleepyhead 27 April 2009 at 09:30  


As the subject of economic empowerment of the Malays is close to your heart, you may be the right person to ask, sorry for digressing from the current topic.

How do the Malays, in general, uplift themselves from poverty or improve upon their economic situation (government or AAP aside)?

For example, some families, as you may know, believe in education, whereby one generation saves and sacrifice so that the next one gets send abroad or have access to higher education, which gets them the white-collared jobs later.

Others, migrate to a foreign land, like maids and construction workers from neighbouring countries, or move to the city to seek out opportunities - to go where the money is, ie modern economy.

Of course there are more situations and examples that you are already aware of. Will be great to hear your thoughts on this very basic matter.

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 09:59  

Saya amat tertarik dengan komen KJ Memang Sial itu. Saya kenal, walau pun tak rapat, 1-2 orang yang di sebut nya dan saya percaya apa yang di katakan nya. Dia nampak nya tahu banyak, termasuk hal Temasik dan sebagai nya. Walhal, logik nya boleh ternampak dari apa yang berlaku beberapa tahun yang lalu.

Tapi, kenapa pulak Anon 03:31 menyebut nya sebagai "pengomen sial" dan marah tidak menyuarakan pendapat nya di blog sendiri. Bukan kah blog ini memperlawa komen? Bukan kah dia tidak memaki hamun sesiapa, ha nya mengeluarkan pendapat nya sahaja. Kalau tak setuju atau fikir ada yang tak benar, keluarkan hujah-hujah menafikan nya.

Pengomen KJ Memang Sial mengemukakan perkara Melayu kena jual dan kita mesti berhati hati supaya jangan terus kena jual. Anon 08:35 kata sedap mendengar nya. Tapi kita mesti sedar. Singapura sudah lah kena beri secara percuma sahaja, tak payah jual pun. Tolong lah Melayu Melayu sekelian. Jangan lah berfikir (atau tak berfikir) macam Tengku A Rahman dahulu.

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 10:30  

I have only one word for Anon 09:23 - crap.

In fact, more than one word: the Government should have a higher than 30% NEP objective. What about other sectors of the economy?

Can't this fellow think that the abuse he referred to relates to implementation and it doesn't mean the objective is wrong? Speak about poor implementation la, not about objective, man.

Talk about doing away with 30% NEP objective! If you don't want it, we will ask for more than 30%. There are over 60% Bumis in this country and so far we only ask 30% corporate wealth, haven't even got that yet. And you talk about doing away with it.

And don't give me that crap about Malays tak pandai this, malas that, when the bloody British didn't bother much about educating the Malays and the non-Malays hardly helped the Malays in business since they began flourishing economically under the British.

And we don't even talk about doing away with people thinking like you.

anti kjs,  27 April 2009 at 10:53  

Pengomen KJ Sial, kau adalah melayu/mamak sial yang menjadi pengikut anak mamak yang bodoh tu yang tulis mcm anak jalang yang tak pergi sekolah. kaulah bangsat.

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 11:09  

My comment at 10:30 is addressed to the Ree fellow.

I'm not even interested in listening or reading any more crap from him. Sheesh.

Unknown 27 April 2009 at 12:13  

no no no... whats wrong wth u guys.. bergaduh pasal dua nama ni.. KJ dengan MM.. kan election dah habis.. so yang menang tetap menang yang kalah tetap kalah.. jadi semua serba salah.. yang manang pun sanggup tak nak jadi menteri sebab nak concentrate pemuda.. bagi yang kalah kena la jadi menteri coz at least dia boleh tolong yang menang ni juga... jangan lah jadi budak2.. fikir - fikir kan lah future negara kita ni woi..

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 12:18  

i think we, malay should ask for 60% bukan reducekan nya.

nomen nescio,  27 April 2009 at 12:21  

fullback, yg kalah tak leh terima kenyataan, tu yg sampai meroyan tu, dah habis pemilihan masih lagi nak tabur pasir dalam periuk org..

Org balas tabur pasir atas rambut dia, dia pulak jerit2 maki2...yg dia tabur pasir periuk org tu dia tak perasan pulak....

Ree,  27 April 2009 at 12:38  

Anon 10.30

Anda faham tak apa maksud "nominal"? 30 percent of nominal shares does not translate to 30 percent of the corporate wealth.

You want 60 percent of nominal shares? It wont improve the Malay lot at all. There will just be 2 times more abuse.

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 13:54  

Pak Lah already opened up our need to announce...just give direct nego contracts to china for penang bridge...indians for double track seremban to gemas...thats 5 billion give away when our own people got not enough to eat.
Anyway..the works subcon back to malaysian but they bring in all the chinese/indian to manage.
Very sad..very sad but not a word of complaint by the opposition or mca or mic..
Bumi dapat kerja much noise.

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 14:59  


I don't understand what it menas. Would you care to explain a litte so that the average fellow like me and Anon 12:18 there understand and not get the impression you are speaking for scrapping the NEP or something like that.

We don't want any statement to that effect go unchallenged.

If you propose "doing away with the objective of the NEP", you should suggest the alternative. What then is the alternative?

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 15:29  

30% nominal share dalam company A adalah milik Bumiputra.

Lagi 70% pemegang saham dipunyai oleh sebuah non-bumi company B, bernama Libra Sdn Bhd.

Manakala company B pula dipunyai oleh Company C, Temasik Sdn Bhd yg 100% adalah milik warga asing.

Oleh itu, kepentingan langsung Temasik Sdn Bhd dalam Company A, adalah 70% milik warga asing.

NEP lebih kepada milik/kuasa besar dalam syarikat yg akhirnya menentukan ekonomi dan politik malaysia.

Ekonomi malaysia lebih ditentukan oleh kuasa penentu pusingan barang2atau pasaran dalam negeri dan juga antara bangsa.

Kesan nya kepada masyarakat ialah, penawaran dan harga barang utk kegunaan peruncit bagi barang2 terkawal atau keperluan asas. Utk rakyat, daya penawaran dan permintaan harga, menjamin kesejahteraan hidup rakyat. Ini dari segi makanan.

Barangan lain seperti elektrik dan sebagainya banyak didominasi oleh negara2 luar yg membuat investment dinegeri kita.

NEP tidak memberikan kesan kepada syarikat2 besar dengan pemilikan 30% bumiputra. Dengan menghapuskannya, tanpa gantian yg lain, akan membuatkan kanak2 yg baru berjalan terpaksa berlari dalam acaran balapan yg terdiri dari pelari2 handal bertaraf olimpik.

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 15:36  


Pensyarikatan lebih kepada milik/kuasa besar dalam syarikat yg akhirnya menentukan ekonomi dan politik malaysia.

NEP diharap dapat menambahkan keahlian bumiputra supaya dapat belajar berniaga seiring dengan yang lain dan supaya tanah dan segala dalam negeri ini, masih juga punya nama org2 melayu didalam nya walaupun kecil.

Kita tidak mahu, kita tinggal tanah air, tapi tanah air telah dipajakkan kepada Yahudi, contohnya, bilamana hasil bumi dan segala isi dalamnya bukanlah hak milik mutlak kita.

Contoh mudah difahami adalah palestin. Tidak mendapat hak dan pengiktirafan.

Ree,  27 April 2009 at 16:20  

Anon 14.39

Nominal means paper value. Otherwise known as "par value". It does not reflect real value.

Lets take a simple hypothetical example -

A simple economy with only 2 companies: BAT and Perwaja. Lets say hypothetically, each company has only 100 shares. One share of BAT has a nominal value of 50 sen. One share of Perwaja has a nominal value of 1 ringgit. Say BAT is owned 100% by Non-Bumis. Say lah Perwaja is 100% owned by Bumis.

NEP looks at nominal values. Therefore, according to NEP, Bumi equity participation in this hypothetical economy is 75%. This is because the total nominal value of shares in this hypothetical economy is RM150 (RM100 Perwaja and RM50 BAT) of which Bumis own RM100 i.e. 75%.

75% Bumi!!! Hooray! Melayu kuasai sektor koperat!

But wait a minute! This is nominal value only. Market price of one BAT share is RM44. Market price of one Perwaja share is only 70 sen.

The Bumis' RM100 in Perwaja is actually worth only RM70. The non-Bumis RM50 nominal shares in BAT is actually worth RM4400 (100 50-sen shares x RM44)! The non-Bumis in this hypothetical economy are in fact 62 times richer than the Bumis who control 75% equity. Who really controls this hypothetical economy?

Interesting isnt it?

My point is that the 30% equity objective is flawed. The example above just illustrate one reason why. There are others which I don’t have time to touch upon. Fine, if we want to help the Bumis, but let us look at more meaningful economic benchmarks.

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 16:27  

Anon 15:29

Saya tak tahu sama ada komen Sdr berkaitan dengan komen saya kapada Ree.

Saya masih tak paham sebab

1. Ini tidak menyebut Ree yang menulis nya
2. Masih belom di jawab apa alternatif nya bagi syor "do away with 30% objective" itu
3. Menggunakan Libra dan Temasik sebagai contoh itu menimbulkan curiga ini betul kah atau perli kah
4. Saya memang curiga tujuan kegiatan Libra dan Temasik di Malaysia. Saya percaya kapada apa yang di tulis "KJ memang sial" itu. Saya curiga sabelom dia tulis lagi.

Saya rasa Melayu memang sudah amat teruk sekarang. Di jual sini, di jual sana. Politik wang, korupsi, kronyism, nepotism. Implementasi NEP haplag.

Banyak yang belom merasa faedah NEP. Orang bukan Melayu boleh nikmati faedah kerakyatan sampai ke zaman tondan. Melayu pulak boleh rasa faedah NEP sampai perut si korap dan si kroni pecah sahaja? Yang lain tak boleh, cucu cicit tak boleh?

Saya akan maki tak habis habis mana Melayu yang sebut tak payah ada NEP lagi. Anon 12:18 dan banyak lain akan sokong saya. Bangsa lain apa tah lagi. Tak tahu ini Ree Melayu ke bangsa lain ke.

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 16:56  

Ree, saya rasa komen anda berdasarkan syarikat diniagakan du bursa saham. Untuk melayu kuasai rasanya belumlah banyak sangat. Cuba saudari check percentage nya di papan saham pertama dan kedua.

Selain itu, ada syarikat yg tidak diniagakan di bursa saham, contohnya, syarikat2 sendirian berhad, yg merupakan anak syarikat kepada syarikat yg diniagakan di bursa saham, yg tidak perlu pergi ke SC untuk guideline tertentu. Ini termasuk syarikat2 yg terlibat dalam engineering, kontraktor2, electrical, pembuatan jalanraya dan sub-kontrak kecil yg lain. Ada syarikat bumiputra yg ingin mengusahakan bidang ini.

Bila syarikat2 ini bid for contract, adakah project manager atau konsortium yg mendapat project besar itu memberikan kepada sub-con2 ini. Bagaimana pembahagian? Adakah mengikut nilaian 30% itu. Kalau tiada, inilah yg menjadi kerisauan, bagaimana peniaga2 bumiputra ini akan meneruskan hidup di alam perniagaan. Sia2 saja Dasar Tun Razak dan pemimpin terawal. Ia seolah2 terbantut.

Sedangakan dengan 30% pun masih ada lagi di ali babakan, masih ada juga jenis yg makan untung atas angin akibat ahli2 dalam bidang perniagaan juga terbabit dalam politik.

Ini yg melambatkan migrasi melayu dalam perniagaan. Bukanlah salah pada NEP 30% tapi salah pada cara implemantasi itu.

Saya setuju kalau dinaikkan ke 60%.

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 17:19  


The fact that you tried to explain suggests that you have nothing to hide and had put out a bona fide comment. Thank you.

I leave it to people like Anon 16:56 to figure out whether Melayu kena jual lagi atau tidak and raise the matter further if it is.

I wish I had studied Economics at school at least to understand kena tipu ke tidak. I don't know if I can trust the leaders with so much bloody corruption in the country and nothing much being done to arrest it.

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 20:49  

"Bagaimana pembahagian? Adakah mengikut nilaian 30% itu. Kalau tiada, inilah yg menjadi kerisauan, bagaimana peniaga2 bumiputra ini akan meneruskan hidup di alam perniagaan..."

No need to look very2 far...just check the GLCs sudah cukup.Anak2 Melayu yang managing GLCs..gaji juta2..langsung lupa orang Melayu.Their comment is basically Malays are not capable.

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 20:57  

Bumis have special privileges?

Look at CIMB group...who are holding the key posts reporting to Nazir? i.e, business banking,treasury,strategy and finance,risk,retail,group IT,insurance,cards >>not Bumis lah

Bumis ok for HR,Group Asset,corp services..and of course car finance and islamic banking,

Only bumi in real banking is Charoen.

We are not good enough even in companies controlled and managed by our own people.So>>we can't expect Public bank,HongLeong etc to train our bumis for the real technical and key posts.

So,when can we be ready?

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 21:09  

bumi kalau dapat kerja dengan GLC setakat potong rumput,cuci jamban,pasang longkang..ok lah.
Kalau nak harap yang lebih skill,lebih tinggi value add...sorry lah.

actually,GLCs should have training and development programme for bumi companies,,and assistance to decelop their capabilities.

it doesn't happen cos its not a tanam rumput pun dah ok.

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 21:50  

Kalau gitu, pasal apa ada Melayu yang kata tak payah NEP lagi? Ada pulak Melayu yang ketawakan NEP. PM yang lalu gunakan perkataan tongkat bila cakap pasal Melayu dan NEP.

Orang macam itu tak derhaka ke? Saya menyampah tengok. Orang besar besar politik perut buncit, anak perut buncit, kroni2 perut buncit. Ketawakan Melayu yang kurus kering tak cukup duit pulak tu. Rasa nak maki saja di sini.

Anonymous,  27 April 2009 at 22:41  

Some people just forgot that they are where they are because of NEP..and their connections.They have got their wealth..enough for a few generations.

For the rest of the Malays..its no problem >> as long as ada education opportunity cukup lah.Not everybody can be ultra rich.Bersyukur lah sudah middle class...isn't that already a step up from the kampongs?

Not everyone can be ultra successful...and not all successful or smart people can be rich..thats the way things are.

But if I have a few thousand APs,a few hundred ringgit direct nego contract...mmmm...makes the impossible possible too.And I wonder would I be singing the "No more NEP song "too?

Anonymous,  28 April 2009 at 08:16  

sepatutnya bumi percentage dinaikkan kepada 60% atau 70%.

30% tak rasa apa, jadi taik gigi aja.

mechanism kena find ways la how about to do it.

Anonymous,  28 April 2009 at 11:09  


Cakap anda ada benarnya, depa sendiri tak caya bangsa depa boleh buat keje. Company yg majority non-malay, tambah la lagi takmau ajar langsung, melainkan jika melayu itu anak org2 tertentu yg depa tau ada fadilatnya kemudian hari depa bagi la keje dan angkat habis2.

Secara argumen, ada benarnya - ada melayu yg malas atau cara keja tangkap muat aja. Takda follow-up, lambat ikut dateline, tapi bangsa2 lain pun ada juga rupa cam gini.

Jadi depa2 yg buat tohmahan pada melayu, suka ambil kekurangan yg universal dan labelkan pada melayu saja, nak pulak melayu yg dikata tu memang pulak lembap. Jadi kebenaran seolah terbukti.

Akan tetapi, dunia ni luas, ada melayu yg berdaya saing, yg bagus, cuma peluang takda. Yang ni lah kerajaan kena ambik tau dan boss tempat keje yg melayu kena prihatin. Dek susah nak cari melayu yg outstanding, yang ada potensi kena diasuh bakatnya.

Cakap pasal bakat dan asuhan, memang ada usaha2 nak bagi bumiputra jadi usahawan. Tapi punyala payah birokrasi pastu terms nya pun alahai, susah2 belaka nak tepati, pastu ruang kedai dan plan kena ikut cakap depa, pastu lokasi pulak tak strategik. Kalau yg berjaya2, semua kena ada cabel dalam, dan org2 tertentu aja boleh dapat.

Jadi 30% tu pun tak pergi melata, hanya mereka dan keluarga mereka sahaja.

Salahnya bukan pada dasar, tapi pada org2 yg mengimplementasikan dasar yg baik itu utk kepentingan diri dan keluarga2 mereka sahaja dan kroni2 mereka.

30% share sebenarnya bukanlah kepada bumi rakyat2 sederhana dan bawahan. Ia lebih kepada melayu yg sedang dalam bidang perniagaan.

Saya berpendapat utk pengagihan, perlu dibahagikan kepada berikut:-

1) Golongan miskin dan melarat
2) Golongan sederhana
3) Golongan kaya dan punya kaitan dengan pentadbir kerajaan.

Jadi percentage agihan kepada 3 golongan itu perlua ada julat2 percentage yg berbeza. Mungkin dari segi penawaran kemudahan asas hidup kepada(1) dan (2), perniagaan perlu ada percentage lain kepada golongan (2) dan (3) atau sebarang mekanisme pengawalan yg lain supaya tiada salah guna kuasa.

Untuk sektor perniagaan, kurang2 kena ada bumiputra participation samada dari segi modal atau tenaga kerja dalam syarikat tersebut dipunyai oleh bumiputra sebanyak 75% atau 100%.

Syarikat bumi owned 75% ini perlu diberikan pengalaman dalam projek dan dibantu atau work as joint venture basis atau boleh juga dimonitor oleh sebuah syarikat non-bumi misalnya, supaya kemahiran dan nilai kerja yg baik dapat di lihat dan dikongsi bersama.

Ini sebagai sebahagian saja, seterusnya, fikirkan lah sendiri cara yg sesuai utk kemakmuran bersama tanpa argumentasi.

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