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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 17 April 2009

Less is Beautiful.

Let me begin with some caveat. Those who find the material written here is trash please do not read it. It may give you a heart attack and should you die, your death shall not be on my hands. Those who find the English Language used here is not up to standard, please go elsewhere to read better English. Those who find the subject matter too difficult to understand, I suggest you go read cartoon comics. Finally to those xenophobic Malays who detest another Malay writing in English, why do you read this garbage in the first place? Write your own articles then. Do it in Bahasa Melayu.

To those who like reading the articles in the blog, who do not mind the terrible English, who are interested in the issues raised and who don't have any hang-ups about the language in which the matter is written, I welcome you and bid you happy reading.

The subject matter today, is what Dr Mahathir has written. As everybody knows, Dr Mahathir is a sage like figure. What he says have far reaching impact on Malaysian politics. No one can ignore him. Those who do will be imperilled. So, Dr Mahathir continues to hover menacingly at Dato Najib's cabinet.

It is just like the cartoon drawn by Lat. Yes, the one showing Dr Mahathir telling Mukhriz that even though the son is in government, that does not mean he will stop bashing the government.

It is obvious that the bashing will continue unless each and everyone's qualifications in the cabinet, meets Dr Mahathir personal criteria. That will certainly include the requirement that one has to be absolutely corruption free. They will have to be wholesome person, not the half past six types. The present cabinet is only partly good when it did not admit Khairy Jamaludin. It was more or less corruption free even though one or two has gotten in.

Dr Mahathir will save this country and spare Dato Najib further heartaches if he actually names the one or two fellows. There are so many taint free people who can serve this country. Shahrir Samad who did not pay money in the UMNO general assembly can be called in. Everyone knows Shahrir Samad's single obsession is to bash Dr Mahathir at every turn.

We can now regard Dato Najib's decision to retain Herr Nazri Aziz in the cabinet as a wise move. Nazri will not back out from bashing Dr Mahathir. Nazri is also not exactly lovey dovey with Mukhriz. He will be the crass voice that Najib isn't. Then again, maybe Dr Mahathir has included Nazri in his list of unsavoury characters. If so why not named Nazri as one of the characters?

It is also now clear, that the one or two fellows term used by Dr Mahathir is just a figure of speech. The Najib cabinet is still filled up by unsavoury characters.

We have the right to know who the unsavoury characters are. The unsavoury characters would certainly want to know because they want a right to defend their honour too. Is being part of the previous cabinet sufficient to qualify that fellow as an unsavoury type? That would mean almost 90% of the Abdullah cabinet including Dato Najib and Muhyiddin Yassin. That would be patently wrong. In view of that, we need a clear indication from Dr Mahathir.

The cabinet is filled up with:-

  1. Unsavoury type- No
  2. Less unsavoury-Yes
  3. More unsavoury-No
  4. Most unsavoury-definitely No
  5. Corrupt -No
  6. less corrupt-Yes
  7. More corrupt.-No
  8. Corrupt like KJ-No
  9. Less corrupt than KJ-Yes
  10. More corrupt than KJ.-No


It would seem that to pass Dr Mahathir's acid test the cabinet member or non cabinet member of the Team Najib must be:-

Types , 2, 6, 9. These are the types that elicit yes answers.

These are people who scored least in every category. Maybe we should add less clever. Small is beautiful. Less is beautiful too. Stated with apologies to EF Schumacher.


Gone wehh..,  17 April 2009 at 23:56  


Ignore the mofos that gave unwarranted comments on your English etc. Writing with thesaurus - hardee ha ha.

Anyway, I'm beginning to agree with you on Tun M unwelcomed snipings at the new PM. I have loads of respect for what he did for Malaysia, but he need to cut the new PM some slacks.

I feel Najib & his band of brothers (Johari, Nazir et. al.) have serious brain wattage to do the country good, should they choose to do so.

Anonymous,  18 April 2009 at 00:39  

correct me if i am wrong>>KJ's corrupt practise (as per judgement made by umno disciplinary board) involved a sum of money of about 500 ringgit?..thus is that the benchmark of ultra corruption?Thus that defines the corruption benchmark (CB)

And for want of better guidance..i hv to use someone from somewhere close to TDM's heart i.e.kubang pasu ..thus Mr Jo as the savory threshold (ST)

as a concerned citizen,we should apply this CBST taste test to all members of the cabinet,Better than benchmark gets a plus 1,worse off gets a minus 1.The two attributes shld total to a max of between +2 to -2.
A zero is a hero.

kuldeep 18 April 2009 at 00:43  

keep the fight..the hero always wins the last fight and gets the last dance.

Anonymous,  18 April 2009 at 06:55  

dear dato sak,

you must be frustrated that kj was not chosen as cabinet minister.any special bondage with him..people at the grassroot really loathe him,his ego, his arrogance...

Eyes Wide Open 18 April 2009 at 07:10  

heh heh heh.

Dato Sak, I'm afraid that people might start to call you Hang Jebat instead from now on...

Anyway, ever since DrM rejoined UMNO as an ordinary member, he has been to the PM's installation and has been on the VVIP list of several high-profile functions, the latest being the launching of the Proton Exora. (the Star's front page pix also gave him central prominence!)

And he still has a powerful grip on the party and govt. But all the while he claims to be nothing more than a private citizen with a right to speak.

Ala...I wish he wouldn't be so "coy" about things. Kalau nak berpower-power lagi, be like Lee Kuan Yew and ask Najib to create a Minister Mentor post for him la.

Sniping from the shadows is so low-class for a person of his stature.

Sammy 20 April 2009 at 15:22  


Hopefully more bloggers will write and use the English language like you do. The present SMS generation are more apt to use broken English and short forms in the hope that save some time.

With the present education level, we may not see much improvement.

Keep on writing!

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