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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 22 April 2009

Waiting for Penanti

There are two things at the moment that are identified as things Mahathir. (1) The coming Penanti by-election. (2) The re-construction of the Bridge Idea. The people wait for Penanti. The choice of words in re-construction is deliberate, a reminder to some many years ago when the Pakistani philosopher Mohd. Iqbal wrote- The Reconstruction of Religious requires boldness in thinking and action, both needed by the PM.

Why are they identified with Mahathir? Penanti is because Dr Mahathir is insisting UMNO/BN must go battle it despite the odds. The Bridge idea has always been a mean bone of contention between Dr Mahathir and the previous administration of which most of the present cabinet members including the PM were part of. Abandoning the construction of the bridge was not only seen as rejection of his personal vision but was also seen as surrendering our sovereignty.

Our PM has acknowledged that he needs to factor in Tun Mahathir. The reasons are fairly obvious. Admitting this, is no sign of weakness nor does it signal a readiness to kowtow to Dr Mahathir. Dr Mahathir is a larger than life figure. He is to Malaysia what Lee Kuan Yew is to Singapore.

TDM remains a force to be reckoned with. For 22 years he has been the Malaysian PM and UMNO president. Malaysia is what she is today is because of Dr Mahathir's drive and passion. It would be difficult to find another Malaysian leader to come close to sizing up to Dr Mahathir. The only other Malaysian that comes close would be Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. And that is my personal view only.

Most of the present cabinet ministers and those outside the cabinet have deep respects for TDM. Some do so grudgingly and one particular person, with unashamed chicanery despite boasting that he has burnt his bridges. One day, he will come to his bridge too far. Many indeed owe Dr.Mahathir their political longevity in UMNO. That would include the present PM.

Dr Mahathir is the eminence grise or bĂȘte noir depending on how one looks at him and who looks at him. His detractors would welcome the opportunity to tear him apart while his supporters will want to tear his detractors apart.

Dr Mahathir's views on any matter regarding Malaysia are always viewed as relevant. Sometimes even if they are publicly rejected, privately, they are carefully considered. Very much so if the views are potentially damaging to office holders.

Amour Propre.

All of a sudden, the BN is cost conscious. The MSM papers were quickly on the bandwagon shouting here and there of the high costs of doing by elections. In the past, depression or otherwise, the BN was never mindful about costs. Hence when it is now lamenting the costs, people will take this stand as very shallow and hypocritical. BN has never been cost conscious and must never be if it's to maintain its amour propre. Self esteem cannot be equated in terms of costs. What is too costly for BN to refurbish its self esteem?

In my mind, if UMNO and BN refuses to go do battle at Penanti on account of costs (which are flimsy excuses) it will just reaffirm the deep-rooted culture of money politics in UMNO. Money politics has fully engulfed UMNO that now, even its top leadership calculates its fortunes in Dollars and Sen. UMNO has no more a sense of honour and self esteem.

Beyond this overriding need to maintain its self esteem at all costs, are some practical reasons why BN should go into battle at Penanti led by UMNO.

The PM and the entire cabal of BN leadership must never miss the fact that people like elections and by elections. The Malays especially like them. The act of putting the ballot paper in the ballot box represents a final statement of their existence as a worthy individual. It represents the last symbol of his self importance. Take that away, UMNO is taking the people's self esteem away.

Just a fanciful talk? Picture the scene of the elderly being handled by the young to walk to the voting centres, those making their way on wheel chairs and some even carried by others. They want to feel the ultimate assertion of their fundamental rights as a citizen.

If UMNO were to lose, let us lose with dignity and self esteem intact.


Anonymous,  22 April 2009 at 09:41  

A bloody good one Dato.

Agree with you that it's not a sign of weakness for Dato Seri Najib to factor in Tun Dr Mahathir. Good that he has said he would/ is doing it.

TDM made many mistakes during his 22-year rule but we have to acknowledge the overall progress he brought to the nation. He is still as sharp thinking as ever.

Quantum Metal Consultant 22 April 2009 at 10:17  

Mungkin Mahathir agak individualistic tetapi impiannya agak praktikal dan logik.

Ada pepatah mengatakan: Jangan lihat siapa yang bercakap tetapi lihat apa yang dicakapnya.

Mungkin itu lebih baik dari mencampurkan emosi dan fanatik kita dalam memberi pendapat.

Anonymous,  22 April 2009 at 10:24  

hey kluangman
gua tak faham apa lu cakap lah. boleh cakap bahasa Melayu ke?

Anonymous,  22 April 2009 at 12:05  

Datuk Sak

i havea lot of respect for your writtings and opinions but I beg to differ on the below statement

He is to Malaysia what Lee Kuan Yew is to Singapore.

LKY was not a racist and he did not playup the race issue to stay in poer. He use the enconomy to unite the people. But i can not say the same about TDM. He marginalized the non-UMNO public that is the Malays ,Chinese , indians and others of BN and non-BN.

In my books he is the worse PM Malaysia had. Look at the cost of living that shotup during his misrule. He needs to take a step back and enjoy his last years with his family.

You are free to delete this posting if you wish to. By deleting this posting I will also know that you are also baised and intollerant of other opinions.

salam datuk

Man on the street

Anonymous,  22 April 2009 at 12:11  

I understand what kluangman said.

Anonymous,  22 April 2009 at 12:18  

Man of the street, its only in your book, but not other people books.

Book vs books.

Majority wins.
I guess you only understand what you want and not what every other people desire.

You are the type who cannot understand other people but want others to understands you.

I believe man on street is the new coming actor in this blog, or perhaps could have acted in some of the article of this blog.

Anonymous,  22 April 2009 at 12:20  

I notice that mr sak have been writing an article at least or 2-3 everyday, but it seems that he has lost popularity.

Anonymous,  22 April 2009 at 12:37  

there are different type of humans surrounded us. which can be categorised as humanbeing, humanimal and humanada.. so which human are u?? (mahathir, anwar, or najib..... mr lim...or...)

nasidagang,  22 April 2009 at 12:53  

BN must contest in Penanti by-election.

Anonymous,  22 April 2009 at 13:45  

aiseh, ada jugak on the street (obviously, man on the street is not Ondastreet)...

Man on the street,
TDM is not perfect, and so do anyone in this world (except for Rasulullah for muslims). Each of his decision in his premiership has ups and downs, but to put all the bad things on TDM, for me is not fair.

For what I believe, every little thing we do, there are consequences, good and bad.

Take this scenario as an analogy.For instance, we decide to buy a car for our own use. The action do help us to move around and help automotive business. However, on the other hand, smoke from the exhaust has caused air pollution and traffic jams. But do we banned our selves from using cars due to harm on mother nature?

Well, TDM has voiced his opinion and so do we. Let the government do thier job. Afterall, DS Najib just started. Let the newly set up government do thier job.

Okay Man on the street?

Anonymous,  22 April 2009 at 14:05  

if DS Najib decides to put up a candidate in Penanti and/or decides to start up the crooked bridge,then the conclusion is that TDM is running the show..pulling the strings as it were.

If DS Najib decides not to follow TDM's "recommendations" it will show that he is the man...and the ball will be back in TDM's court.If TDM takes it badly and keep reminding that it is not the right decision,then its back to square one.If he commends DS Najib's action/decisiveness,then it will be the real beginning of the DS Najib era.

its dicey...but it could be stage managed for the high impact confidence boost we all need now.


Anonymous,  22 April 2009 at 14:28  

man on the street.
I don't agree hes the worst PM Malaysia ever had.All the PMs have had their fair share of fumblings at the expense of the rakyat.
However, I wish Dato' sak had defended D.S.Najib in not wanting BN to participate in the Penanti by-election.
Its okay to admit our defeat for now and not waste money, time and resources.BN can come back and fight there when theres hope and the strength to win there.
For now its kamikaze for BN in Penanti.DSNajib is the PM now not TDM!!

Anonymous,  22 April 2009 at 14:32  

Anon 12.20
Dato sak has lost popularity?? Waaaah, why you worry or care man??
You don't lah read his blog ok??

Anonymous,  22 April 2009 at 14:45  

anon 14:32

aint no worry, aint no care. Just a statement. Ahhh! i c, truth does stinks.

Idzan ismail,  22 April 2009 at 16:21  

Man on the street.
Your biasness is showing.
Lee Kuan Yew not a racist?
When the majority in Singapore are Chinese what is there to say anymore.
The 20 per cent Malays live in the flats in Geylang and on Sundays play quitar in Marine Parade.
The Malays dont own shops but work at the high end boutiques owned by the Chinese.
How many Malays are in Nanyang U?
He make millionaires of many Indians like Ananda and Vhinese like Lim of Country Heights fame.
These are few examples.
Look around in Bangsar and Damansara Heights the number of Indian and Chinese millionaires.
Tun M is respected and well-known throughout the world.
You know that in US and the Arab world, many thought he is still the PM.
p.s. whenever I go to Singapore or stroll at JB's Sea View, I am angry that Tunku cede Singapore.

Ariff Sabri 22 April 2009 at 16:36  

anon at 12:20 and 14:45.
inilah yang saya katakan komen yang patut keluar ikut lubang bawah di keluarkan melaluilubang atas.
mereka yang menulis blog bukan untuk mencari populariti. jika ada orang yang membaca nya, saya sudah cukup terima kasih.
judging from yr type of comments and the type of English you use, you don't have the capacity to understand what's written. sorry anon.
and that is the truth!

Greenbottle 22 April 2009 at 17:13  

i suggest umno field dr M as penanti candidate...that would be fun...and i bet umno would win pants (or is it hands?) down.

and why not? he's been banging on and on and on on all kinds of topics and trying to sodomise najib administration since day one. i think it's about time he actively and officially participate in running the country again.

since dia dah tua, no need to take charge of malaysia lah...penanti enough lah...

is it insulting to field dr M? no lah... you have insulted him worse ...remember paying rm50 to kubang pasu people not to allow him to attend the second from last umno assembly?

Anonymous,  22 April 2009 at 17:24  

Dt sak,

Pelik saya dengan perangai bangsa lain ni,,mereka nampak yang tidak baik je perihal mahathir,, padahal pada zaman mahathir la business mereka menjadi besar,,bursa saham pada zaman daim telah melahirkan ramai jutawan dalam masa yang singkat,,mereka sebenarnya yang meraih keuntungan 80% daripada semua program affirmative kerajaan untk memjukan kaum bumiputera,,mereka yang berjaya,,tapi yang mereka ingat cuma ISA, sistem kehakimam, entah apa2 lagi yang buruk, cuba kita minta dia tunjuk pada kita mana kerajaan yang memberi freedom yang lebih2 dalam apa juga isu, kehakimanke, polis ke, censorship ke,, apa dia ingat kat USA, Britain, China, singapore ke,tu semua free ke..Cuba dia orang pi buat kacau disana tenguk,,kot2 hilang terus je taktau mana kuburnye..betul tak..mahathir tu kehebatannye cukup untuk menutup apa jua keburukan atau kelemahannye..cukup dah kerajaan tunduk pada kehendak dan kemahuan mereka ini.memang tak pernah cukup,dia nak kita bekerja utk dia itu pu jadi kuli je.mane ade manager melayu dalm syarikt dia,mana ade peluang orang bumi untuk dapat kontrak drp syarikat dia, mane ade..habis tu nak marahkan kerajaan pasal nep..kerajaan buat nep tu untuk mengatasi masalah tu la..itu yang dia bengang..dia nak kita mengemis minta kerja dgn dia, mcm kat indon.gaji beri paling minima,,benefit lain langsung tak ada,, bonus pada bangsa dia sampai 4&5 bulan tapi orang melayu nak dapat 1 bulan pun payah..alah sape2 yang pernah keje dengan majikan cina memang tau la.tak kira kita ni engineer ke,qs ke,akauntan ke, memang dia buat macam tu..habis mau ckap banyak..

Anonymous,  22 April 2009 at 19:31  

We spend too much time politicking..
its the favorite conversation piece amongst most malays on par with the celebrity gossip and sports.

Is removing 30% bumi equity requirement a political issue?or is it a business issue?

Is the Royal Family and the Indon model story a political issue or celebrity gossip?

Is Mahathir's voluntarily given advisories a political issue?or is it a sporting issue?

We will only see shadows if we walk in the the open.


Anonymous,  22 April 2009 at 22:02  

I love election and by-election. The road gets repaired (at least for a while), the public longkang clean. Rubbish gets collected every day, sometime 2 times a day. Maybe an angpow or two.

How not to like?

Anonymous,  22 April 2009 at 22:42  

Before going for the battle, its best to set the house in order.

If PKR and DAP traded views in public on the Penanti matter, gleefully spiced up by the MSMs, UMNO also has its own share of challenges.

Read below the story from the blog 'Malaysian Story'.


UMNO Scumbags In Penang

We have a bunch of shamed and mortified Umno leaders in Penang who are lazier than donkeys but power craze like monkeys.

They have ganged up and issued a threat to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to appoint the state new Umno chairman of their choose or risked being boycotted if Najib selects a candidate of his choice.

They had held unofficial meetings to pick their own candidate for the post. I was informed that they want Bukit Mertajam Umno division chief Datuk Musa Sheikh Fadzir who is also the Aseania Group chairman.

We know whom Musa is aligned to. Non other than our failed and disgraced ex-Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who carried the image of ulamak but a scoundrel in reality.

I will elaborate to you later why I called him a scoundrel.

Musa has most Umno division chairmen in Penang to support him. Among the culprits who came up with the idea to issue the threat and boycott are Permatang Pauh Umno head Datuk Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid, Azhar Ibrahim (Opposition leader who is also Penang Umno secretary), Shahbudin Yahaya (Tasek Gelugor chief), Omar Fuadzar (Bukit Gelugor and Musa”s cousin), Datuk Rahim Saibo (Bayan Lepas), Datuk Nordin Kassim (Batu Kawan) and Datuk Ahmad Ibni Hajar (Tanjung).

These Umno blokes did not even lift their fingers to do anything after Penang was seized by Pakatan-Rakyat in the last general election.

In fact, none of them, except Seberang Jaya and Sungai Bakap state assemblymen, had done anything until today to plot or draw up strategies to re-coup Penang from PR.

They are acting as warlords in their own divisions. They even pressured Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop to appoint them as committee members in the state MTEN and for that, they now received RM500,000 annual grant each from the PM’s Department to organise their own programmes.

While Najib is making relentless efforts to WALK his TALK, this bunch of Umno scumbags are merely talking on how to plot strategy to enrich themselves and cling on to power as long as they live.

They deserve nothing but a boot out from Najib. Najib has to be tough and firm with these scumbags. He has to discipline them or the people will discipline him.

Tok Pendita 23 April 2009 at 00:08  

Only Umno supporters think Tun Dr Mahathir to Malaysia is what Lee Kuan Yew to Singapore is. Unfortunately that view is not shared by vast majority of people outside Malaysia. Although Singapore is an authoritarian state, it's one of the most corruption-free nations in the world. In 1982, the most prosperous industrial/trading nations in Asia were Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Hongkong. Indonesia and Thailand were lagging very far behind. Today Korea has overtaken Malaysia and Indonesia and Thailand are on par with us. Just because Singapore has a great statesman doesn't mean we also have one.


Anonymous,  23 April 2009 at 06:26  

Sak I totally agree with you on the need for BN to contest the Penanti seat. BN has somehow been transformed into a coalition of cowards. Even, TDM who said he was not afraid of PAS Kelantan has been reduced to being terrified of one man, Anwar. Maybe he souldn't have rejoined UMNO Baru.

TDM wasn't afraid of a PAS state government but he is afraid of one man. What has UMNO been reduced to?

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