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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 2 January 2009

Year Nine into the 21st Century

No: 2/2009

9 years into the 21st century.

2009 is not going to be any different. For the majority of UMNO members that is. We have what? 3.1 million members? 80% of which are what? Riff-raffs? Lower ranking salaried earners? Mat rempits? Security guards? Village loafers? The army of rent seeking UMNOniks and an equally bloated ranks of hands- stretched- out myrmidons? With this quality around, what makes us think that 2009 will be any different?

It will be different only to those who are willing to work hard. Willing to pull themselves by their own bootstraps. It will certainly be different for people willing to question the premises of New Economic Policy or its successor. It will be different for people willing to abandon age long assumptions and ingrained bad habits within them. A few days, ago, Muslims celebrated the coming of the new Muslim Calendar year. It will be different for Muslims, if they commit themselves to cultivating themselves in all aspects to make themselves relevant. Other than that, I think, for the majority, it will be the same and more. Even if the call to arms comes from DS Najib.

DS Najib has proclaimed on his watch, changes will take place. Well, start with the UMNO cawangans first then. Insist that all ketua cawangan must have minimum qualifications. No school jagas. Village bullies. Security guards. On the shoulders of these people, Najib expects the new dawn for UMNO to draw forth?

Insist ketua cawangans don’t have criminal records. Don’t harbour illegal immigrants. I know of one idiot who even married one as a second wife. Insist 30% of cawangan committee members be wanita, puteri and pemuda. That means 5 at least from 15. Insist the cawangan secretary have secretarial skills. Train them. Insist each cawangan submit returns each year and hold meetings once every quarter.

Every ketua cawangan wants to become the ketua kampong. Even those who have already served in that post before. They want to become ketua kampong again. Since when was it stated that a ketua kampong must be a ketua cawangan? The government is not a political party. A ketua kampong is not a ketua for UMNO members only. A ketua kampong is the village head for everyone. So the first step that the government must take is to disqualify all ketua cawangan from being a ketua kampong.

Please answer this. If the ketua kampung is just a school jaga, pray tell, what earthshaking improvements can he be thinking for the kampong? Probably at the top of his priority list is to grab as much land as possible, to victimise as many lasses as possible, to carry out a fleece scam as soon as possible. Or in the case of Pahang, on behalf of the JKKK asks from the state some timber concessions and having an EXCO member as advisor to the get rich quick scheme er..scam.

Why should I surrender my intelligence to a jaga sekolah? The next step the government must do is to insist that all ketua kampong must have a minimum level of qualification. Jaga sekolahs are out, village loafers are out, LCE dropouts are out.

In fact, maybe the best thing that the government can do is to abolish all posts of ketua lampung. Having a ketua kampong invites all year round politicking which are costly in terms of development. Each year, the government faces round after round of vicious lobbying from those wanting to become ketua kampong.

Why not create a permanent administrative post?. The government is paying RM 600 per ketua kampong. Maybe RM800 per month later. No wonder every village idiot wants his village to have a ketua kampong. The requirement is fairly easy- there must at least be 50 households.

Ok, throw a wrench into the wheel. Create an official salaried post. A post to be filled by qualified people- no security guards or jagas, no loafers, no political gangsters. There are many unemployed graduates who can be enlisted as Junior Development Officers- Pegawai Pembangunan Rendah. Each junior officer, salaried, qualified, free from political ideology, is responsible for a number of villages. His primary role is to coordinate development and serve as first line liaison officer for the government of the day.

Next the government should commit itself to abolishing the posts of penghulus. Why do you need them? These are relics of the old feudal system and in a system of parliamentary democracy or democracy, such relics are anathema to democracy. Abolish them. Instead, create the posts of Senior Development Officers responsible for say, 3-4 junior development officers. Insist that all SDO must have a basic university degree. This way, al those penghulus having nothing to offer will be cashiered.

What makes you think there will be many changes when there are people giving the customary knee jerk response of- arrest those who blight the sanctity of the prophet? Ban ceramahs at mosques and suraus? What changes can we expect when there are stupidos and dolts wandering around passing as UMNO leaders?

How do you win arguments against those giving ceramahs and suraus? My answer is through doing ceramahs of your own. Invite speakers to debunk the ceramahs by the other party.

There will be no changes as long as UMNO goons prefer the dangdut joints over suraus and mosques and don’t go to suraus and mosques. UMNO goons lament the fact that committee members of suraus and mosques are dominated by PAS supporters when they don’t want to go to mosques. They want the membership to the committee of the chairmanship be given to them free. Even then, they still prefer the dangdut joints that the mosques and suraus.

And who are these kayus who holler and howl when there are blogs blighting the image of the Muslim Prophet? Then you write good things about the prophet while debunking the ideas parlayed by the ‘evildoers’. The problem is you don’t want to read much less write.

So whether there are changes in 2009 even though the calls were made by the incoming PM, these are moot points. Nowadays, the words of politicians even that of national leaders are just a whole heap of bull manure.


Anonymous,  2 January 2009 at 00:54  

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good idea.
give it a try at pahang?

Singh Is Kinng 2 January 2009 at 02:24  

Dato' Sak,

Wow, it sounds like changing the entire system. But the relic, with some myth subjected to it, not easy to get rid.

Anonymous,  2 January 2009 at 03:49  

Well put. Had this tingling inside me all along, finally shy away from these people.

We have one Jaga pintu Bank, trying to wrestle the Naib Ketua UMNO position for sometimes now. I wish I have enough guts to make him look into the mirror.

We have so many retirees, in senior positions here in the Kampung, all ready to contribute but sidelined because this BIG FELLOW can shout louder!! hehehe

Please UMNO, check your grassroots Napoleons, some are disgraceful!!


Saya... 2 January 2009 at 08:46  


Your observations are so right. But how to change the bottom when the top people thrive and survive on this culture? It is their "power base' no? These little napoleons?

I do not have any hope in Najib. Even he himself survives by having this army of goons,with hands outstretched around him. It is ingrained in the party.Join it not to serve, but to serve yourself. And it permeates every level of the administration. Itu yang kena berubah, tapi remains rhetorics. Go to any Umno gathering and you can see how the ketuas thrive on the bodeking and hero-worshipping...nak muntah tengok. Tak tau nak describe lah the culture that exists, but you should know better. I have been with the Cheras side and Setiawangsa,too and the bodek ampu jilat mentality is just too heady for the ketuas. They will never let go of that pleasure.

Tak ade lah yang berani pull the rug out from under all these people, sebab they will collapse unto themselves.

Anonymous,  2 January 2009 at 13:53  

Dear Dato',
Details aside, what you have just described is a party in decline. Replace UMNO with Golkar and it will probably sound the same. This can only lead one to conclude that things won't change until UMNO loses the mantle of leadership to PAS.

Furthermore, whilst I admifd your desire to put forth a solution, hallmarks of a problem solver as opposed to a mere naysayer, I do not share the same optimism that more Government would solve anything. In the Malaysian example, the role of Government in anything outside the administrative system is the antithesis of the Midas touch, it breeds inefficiency, more spending and no change in whatever indicator that one had envisaged.

To me Malaysia will continue to drift away until PAS takes over. One has to admire the diversity in leadership , from the ulamaks to the educated Erdogans, for want of a better word. Whilst they perhaps differ in views, the vast majority of PAS leadership has yet to be untouched by the scrouge of a "hand me out" mentality and easily corruptible morals.

One may be tempted to ponder the after effects of a disasterous KT campaign and yet again the same issues of speeding up the transistion of power, a weak party machinary - we probably would hear a lot of that. IMHO, as I too am a finance guy, one could discount UMNO staying in power, it may sound strange but telling anybody in Wall Street that Bear Stearns would be sold for a tenner in 2007, when the stock was trading at USD 120 would also be met with the same look of disbelief.

The balance sheet never lies, and UMNO right now has meagre assets, huge liabilities and precious little political capital.

Anonymous,  2 January 2009 at 17:12  

I came across your blog by accident and could never, never imagine how come an ex-ADUN who can articulate his thoughts so profoundly has such a short term in office.

I really, really wonder why your vast intellectual capacity, namely your economic knowledge, is being overlooked. During testing times such as now, I'm pretty, pretty optimistic you can make immesurable contributions to our homeland.

I'm sure the folks of Pulau Manis would be as shocked as I'm why your ADUN stint was shortlived. For Malaysia to progress, we surely need great minds - who are able to formulate effective strategies and not 'jackasses' - and the time is NOW ...

P/S: Would you mind sharing your private e-mail address with me? Thanks.

Anonymous,  2 January 2009 at 18:15  

Yes it is a party in decline, in denial, in disarray, and, (rather) disoriented. Throw any combo and they will rhyme. Disconcerting.

Replicating the Razak-template of a fleeting re-union with Pas is not going to work. Pas will secure a few Ministerial positions while it frowns at MCA, and others who will grapple with more insecurities.

Ominous to suggest Umno must first be defeated before it could be reinvented. The surviving Umno MPs may be tempted to join a new ruling coalition under the guise of Perpaduan Melayu. Sabah politicians could fall back on traditions of "tukar baju". Sarawak could emerge as a powerful power-broker. Witness the growing discontent of Johor Malays, the very bastion of the party. This, plus, a new electoral boundaries approved by a two-thirds majority may finish off the party. Yes, Golkar, LDP, Congress all bounced back but the size of the young voters for PRU13 is of a magnitude not evidenced in Indonesdia, India and Japan.

The party has to be nursed to some vigour now. Sakmongkol is right in offering ideas in hopes (I am sure) this could be expanded, tested, discussed.

The Cawangan bosses perpetuate the (mis?)rule of divisional leaders who will bequeath the throne to their children if they could. There will be partial member-empowerment by democratising party polls at the national-level without changing the system at the branches, divisions. Divisional and branch heads too should be elected by members, via secret ballot. This is only good on paper which is why Sakmongkol, I think, described the talent-pool.

Successful individuals and higher-grade Government employees, given their resurgence in stature (thanks to better pay, career prospects) deserve prominent roles at the branches. The Government staffers live in the locale while Umno's revival is (performance) linked to education and wholesome progress. Breed departmental-indiscipline and muscle-flexing? No, the respective Ministers will no longer be dictated by the whims of the teacher-vote bank and such in Umno as power will be in the hands of the entire membership.

Perhaps many other prospective Umno supporters may support the from outside. A Petronas executive from Jeneri does not have time to attend to the needs of folks backhome, so he will read the blogs, and decide whether Umno has changed to suit him. What will he look for?

a) Are the more strident members of the party flaunting their wealth, minus the attendant brain trust and work ethics?

b) Does Umno have time for chaps like him? He may be incoherent in his articulation of his discontent for he has never addressed a political crowd, but, he thinks his views are cogent. He believes he has canvassed sufficient input to allow him to make a credible judgement on Umno.

c) Who will best represent the future-interest of his children? He screens the cast and apportion credit and blame. He wishes to see quantities of decency, depth and sincerity.

Utterances, therefore, from simple comments to the Press to full-blown speeches and blog writing will have to amplify a desire to lead and listen to the range of segments.

The rest of the country rejects the swank and swagger of Umno, a gait that oozes a conceited sense of entitlement

Demonstrate tact and intellect. Never underestimate the guile of Orang Kampung. Those gullible, impressionable crowd have vanished. The rakyat is better informed or rather believe they have all the facts to judge and punish Umno (the others are judged on a differing set of requirements, standards). Let crusaders, environmentalists, professors, politically-incorrect souls write for the mainstream media. Kadir Jasin, DKL, - let them have their say. Liberalising the media is not about having more blogs to savage the Government. It is about forcing RTM and the dailies to explain the thinking and actions of both sides. Dont give us the Telegraph-Guardian example,because we don't have them dailies supporting non-BN parties here. Any impulse to get the media to be more compliant will yield the consequences. The Government should explain issues raised in MSL instead.

Alas, an Umno defeat minus the changes needed to the political system, shall inflict more distress. The crowd Sakmongkol says now run the party branches will hop to Pas and PKR, hounding their elected representatives to their political death. Pas and PKR suffocated and Umno marginalised.

Before it is too late discuss politics on radio, television nightly or gossip will cripple this nation. Put Rocky and Sakmongkol on television more. Ask all the questions to the political leaders in the open. Politics has ceased being seasonal.

Apocryphalist 2 January 2009 at 19:23  

Of Anon (17:12)’s qualm, I had been wondering about the same thing too. We are only treading the path to sychopantic destruction if UMNO recognises the “Jaga” much more than what lies inside our illustrious Cyber Tomoi fighter’s psyche here. Perhaps this is ONE place where meritrocacy is safely practised, no? If those peabrains out there have more say, more recognition than the people or intellectuals of repute but have somewhat “feebler” cables, do you think nation-building can be trusted to succeed?

Some time ago, a friend of mine who was a classmate of an MB of a state (mantan dah) and had been a professor in a university all his life, had come to offer his services to Dato’ MB, noting as how his servicing years in university is going to end soon and if said dato could render him to be of any use as the servant of said state. His reply was, “Kito kek sini ni haaa tak main laa PhD-PhD ni …. Tak payah bondo tu sumo doh … nak tadbir nogori bukan eh payah intelek intelek mano pun. Ese ni pun dulu haa cikgu sekolah yo. Apo toh?” and then proceeded to fill his cabinet with people of his level: school teachers, ex-peon, and others whose only talent were their ability to nod in unison to whatever said MB says.

Herein lies our predicament, folks. The entire UMNO complex is like a kolam ikan air tawar: you cedok the murky water out and suddenly eykk---new murky water takes its place. And it is forever going to be that way. I don’t mean to be sanctimonious-sounding in this, but we can let nation-building be handled both by intellectuals and non-intellectuals alike, no doubt. But inherently, each one’s vision is different. Their purposes are different, their personal ambitions are different, their methodologies, theoretical frameworks on how things should be done, they are all different, being dictated by both experience and intellectual acumen.

At an age where in the grassroots and malay heartlands the opposition has successfully managed to paint UMNO as being the cistern of anything corruptible, scandalous, cable-based progress and repository of minion politicians who lack minds of their own, sidelining people who matter is a surefire way to lose in the next PRU. They want change, not the same old dance. Apart from Dato’ Sak here, bloggers like and and numerous others have also been realized to possess uncanny degrees of analytical capabilities in the socio-political world that, if extracted out from this cyberspace into real Malaysian politics, could produce somewhat substantial change.

But perhaps after all, these people are the modern day’s version of Hang Nadim?


Should Dato' Sak, Jebat or KijangMas be major players in mainstream politics later, all would-be allegations that I mintak dari diaorang tiga-setengah lori tanah di Muazzam, Pahang due to this comment of mine MUST be brushed off as untrue.

KME 2 January 2009 at 20:46  

Good suggestion Dato, but be prepared to be disheartened as a novel idea like that would be rejected by those blokes out to enrich themselves.

Furthermore, it's UMNO you are talking about. It takes a PM with a great vision and revolutionary mind to change the current "feudalistic" system.

Anonymous,  2 January 2009 at 21:28  

What foresight!

My take on this? The powers that be will, at first, laugh at it. Then they will oppose it tooth and nail. But when reason finally prevails, your idea will be accepted as the self-evident truth that it is - and eventually be hijacked by glory-seekers who crave the credit.

In a way, its sad. But I will never forget that the idea originated from you

Anonymous,  3 January 2009 at 09:58  

Sir Tong Kol had an interesting take of a grand party built on Malay solidarity. My take on it
Spot On!
But of course the concept needs to be sold to the PAS grassroots. Not to sure of the UMNO grassroots, I don't think their views matter. They, true to the Wall Street culture, would always follow the money.

There are of course 2 teams those in favour and those opposed.
In favour would be Pak Lah, Anwar and Ustaz Hadi.
Opposed would be Najib, TG Nik Aziz and Tun Dr Mahatir.

So its 3 vs 3 - who do you think would prevail?

Ariff Sabri 3 January 2009 at 10:12  

jed yoong.. yes i am hoping it will be carried out in phg first.

piggy singh- betul tu ps. yang dah berakar umbi ambil masa panjang nak di tukar.
i share your disgust at all thats happening. UMNO is overrun by unsavoury characters.
an nimr.
memang ni lah yang berlaku di merata tempat. UMNO needs to correct this.
mr padedoh
i believe ini kali pertama you visit my blog. my sentiments exactly- kadang2 saya rasa UMNO kenah musnah dulu, baru nak sedar. yr comments have given me some material for an article i am writing.
anon at 17:12
your compliments are too much for me maybe. my e mail-
sir tong kol and apocryphalist- your comments also will be material for my articles. credited to you both.
betul saudara cakap. kita memerlukan pemimpin berjiwa bismark untuk membetulkan kepincangan. pimpinan dari acuan lama hanya mengekalkan cara lama.

mat bangkai- you are too kind with your words. thank you.

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