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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 16 January 2009

One more for the Road- to the people of Kuala Terengganu

Tomorrow, when our KT brothers, sisters, uncles, unties, grandpas and grandmas go out to vote, please remember:-

Shaping the destiny of a people should not be timed!

Since 1955 when the first general elections took place, the BN in a previous or in current form has been in power. That’s 53 years. That is already too long states RPK. Ask yourselves, whether the destiny of a people can be measured in terms of the number of years?. Shaping the destiny of a people should not be limited by a time frame. It’s a never ending process. As long as there are things to accomplish and as long as the destiny of a people needs to be shaped and reshaped, the number of years being enough, is unimportant. Even if people insist that a time frame is needed to assess the effectiveness of the BN government, please use the entire 53 years to balance what the BN government has done. If on the balance, the BN government under the leadership of all the PM’s has more credits, then as rational people, we should continue keeping them.

50 over years has been too long. That time has permitted UMNO to be arrogant, corrupt, insensitive and detached from the people. We have already answered that.

You would think UMNO and BN are not capable of undertaking internal transformations? Think again. The source of greater changes have always been from within. External stimuli are just catalysts for changes. UMNO for example is not insensitive so as not to undertake its own corrective measures.

Towards the end of 1960’s, UMNO and the Malays in particular were not happy at how the great Tunku Abdul Rahman was managing the affairs of state. UMNO wasn’t insensitive. It listened and effected a changing of the guards when Tun Razak took over. In our own time, the people have spoken. The voices within UMNO have also been voluble. The result of its internal dynamics will see the departure of Pak Lah this March. But we don’t effect changes by lobbing off the heads of our leaders as suggested by PR people.

UMNO’s own internal dynamics will see to it that corrective measures will take place. That process will see the removal of the less desirable elements within UMNO. I have no doubts that UMNO’s internal dynamics will correct its own excesses, rid itself of elements no longer amenable to UMNO’s desired image as a clean and efficient party. Even Dato Najib when he comes to power will be subjected to the same internal dynamics. Don’t ever think that UMNO members are dungus blinded from seeing the rot within UMNO.

So it does not matter whether it’s more than 53 years. The people of KT must be willing to reject a time constraint where welfare and the destiny of a people is concerned. Within UMNO there are enough elements to carry out corrective measures to improve UMNO.

Were the things that took place in Permatang Pauh proof that UMNO remains belligerent and arrogant? Do not confuse the exuberance and excesses during periods of heated campaigns as indicator of inherent arrogance. Whether its vote buying or ID snatchings, these things take place not because they are allowed by law, but because they are impossible to prevent in absolute terms. That is not excusable and the perpetrators should be punished. The majority in UMNO are committed to a conscientious voting process free from such shenanigans. The people of KT must resist the temptation to infer wholesale moral depravity or even demonic designs on the larger whole if some elements with BN/UMNO carried out those dastardly acts. They deserved our harshest condemnations.

I know, this kind of wrongdoing does not turn into a virtue by criticising it on my part and its wrongness not lessened by noting that vote buying is not an alien practice as RPK would want us to believe. We can ask Anwar Ibrahim himself, as the master of money politics about vote buying when he was in UMNO. Would we countenance the idea that by doing that, Anwar Ibrahim is inherently a bad person? The PKR people won’t entertain this idea. They will say, those are just persuasive and creative techniques used by Anwar Ibrahim. No doubt the same things are happening in KT.

But as the PR people themselves say, they have absolute confidence in the people. Let’s hope the number that succumbed to selfish act of vote selling is small in number.

Let us do a reality check. What do PAS and PR offer? They offer those lofty ideas about unity, fraternity, civil rights other highfalutin intangibles. Intangibles are tricky. Things like transparency, integrity, democracy and so forth are very much susceptible to manipulation. To the artful dodger like Anwar Ibrahim and his storm troopers, these assume different meanings to different audience at different times. So when he asked what’s wrong with the letter he sent to TDM tat that time, which the renegade Ezam Mohd Noor showed, one immediately senses the man’s duplicitous and double-dealing ways.

Imagine all those fanciful ideas that are being marketed around by PR people- democracy, transparency, integrity, rule of law, things mentioned about judiciary and so forth- these are just political playthings with Anwar. That’s the irony about all these fanciful, intangible ideas. The manipulators trick us all the time.

Better to vote for tangibles and measurables. Development, children’s future, the economy, more schools, more business opportunities, education for the children, proper housing, and so on.

So I will vote for these tangibles all the time rather than being manipulated by those political tricksters. Those things I can think for myself. Terengganu people! Stop being manipulated!

There are these showy surveys of the people of KT preferring a clean candidate who eschews corruption and other nauseating descriptions. These are overrated labels which bear no importance on leadership. Don’t believe me? Ask yourselves, when Pak Lah assumed power, wasn’t he described in similar glowing soubriquet? Did those help in shaping his leadership? No they didn’t right? So people, don’t overrate all those nice things you hear about the PAS candidate. In the end, as one esteemed blogger used to say- its more hustle to the bustle, more shadow to the substance.

Having said my piece, I beseech the voters to appreciate the import of verses 26-27 of Surah Ali Imran.

3: 26- Say: "O Allah! Lord of Power (and Rule), Thou givest Power to whom Thou pleasest, and Thou strippest off Power from whom Thou pleasest: Thou enduest with honour whom Thou pleasest, and Thou bringest low whom Thou pleasest: in Thy hand is all Good. Verily, over all things Thou hast power.

3: 27- "Thou causest the Night to gain on the Day, and Thou causest the Day to gain on the Night; Thou bringest the Living out of the Dead, and Thou bringest the Dead out of the Living; and Thou givest sustenance to whom Thou pleasest, without measure."

Vote wisely my brothers.

3: 26- Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): Wahai Tuhan yang mempunyai kuasa pemerintahan! Engkaulah yang memberi kuasa pemerintahan kepada sesiapa yang Engkau kehendaki, dan Engkaulah yang mencabut kuasa pemerintahan dari sesiapa yang Engkau kehendaki. Engkaulah juga yang memuliakan sesiapa yang Engkau kehendaki dan Engkaulah yang menghina sesiapa yang Engkau kehendaki. Dalam kekuasaan Engkaulah sahaja adanya segala kebaikan. Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Kuasa atas tiap-tiap sesuatu.

3: 27- Engkaulah (wahai Tuhan) yang memasukkan waktu malam ke dalam waktu siang dan Engkaulah yang memasukkan waktu siang ke dalam waktu malam. Engkaulah juga yang mengeluarkan sesuatu yang hidup dari benda yang mati dan Engkaulah yang mengeluarkan benda yang mati dari sesuatu yang hidup. Engkau jualah yang memberi rezeki kepada sesiapa yang Engkau kehendaki, dengan tiada hitungan hisabnya.


ajip 16 January 2009 at 23:22  

alhamdullillah datuk sak

dah pandai guna ayat2 alquran untuk menghalalkan matlamat

semoga pengundi KT membaca ayat quran sepenuhnya dan bukan separuh2 supaya mereka dapat membezakan antara intan dan kaca

Ariff Sabri 16 January 2009 at 23:51  

your sarcasm is not lost on me. why? you dont me kan? how do you know that i am not familiar and conversant with Al Quran? just because saya tidak pernah menggunakan nya sebelum ini, tidak bermakna saya tidak tahu.
your statement seems to imply that usage of Quranic ayats is the monopoly of people like you.
funny kan..bila orang macam saya guna ayat Quran, ianya di sangkakan sebagai menghalalkan cara-- seorang buffoon like Mat Sabu, atau pemimpin2 pas yang bukan dari jurusan kajian agama, guna ayat Quran, bagaimana?
apapun pilihan yang di buat oleh warga KT esok, ia akan menepati ayat yang saya letakkan dalam artikel saya.

ajip 16 January 2009 at 23:52  

saya kasihan dengan datuk

datuk betul2 kelihatan jujur

tapi majoriti pemimpin parti datuk haprak.... half past six bak kata pemimpin pujaan datuk..........

kata shahnon.....ikan kalau busuk mula di kepala......tahi hitam pekat kalau dah keluar dari dubur tu habis semua jatuh............dushhhhh.........busuk.......silap2 datuk pun boleh terpalit sekali

Anonymous,  16 January 2009 at 23:57  

sahnon is dying atau pun sudah jadi sayur. probably main dengan shit nya sendiri. mahathir masih segar dan al hamdulillah, sihat.
saya rasa encik ajipp tidak payah kesian dengan dato ni... sebab encik ajipp pun manusia juga. yang kesian pada manusia lain ialah Allah sahaja.

ajip 17 January 2009 at 00:03  


saya tak cakap pun datuk tak familiar dengan quran.....saya cuma cakap datuk dah pandai guna ayat quran untuk menghalalkan matlamat.....sama seperti pemimpin parti pas juga.........mungkin kat rumah datuk ada banyak translation quran.....datuk boleh rujuk bila2 masa......takde siapa boleh monopoli....

dan satu lagi....datuk ada satu perangai la.....datuk suka sangat name calling atau hina individu tertentu bila menulis......ayat quran mana pulak yang datuk guna untuk halalkan benda ni?

takkan orang lain makan taik datuk pun nak ikut sama?

bak kata dr maza.....kalau nak berkempen pun tak payahlah hina orang dengan name calling dan sebagainya.......tunjukkan kehebatan parti sendiri tanpa hina orang tak boleh ker?

Ariff Sabri 17 January 2009 at 00:19  

kalau tak suka name calling ni, jangan datang ke blog ni. mudah je. name calling pun nak pakai ayat quran?
tuan ada satu perangai juga, iaitu cakap merendahkan orang. tuan kata.... nak halalkan cara? ayat mana tuan pakai bila buat assumption ni? Nik Aziz pun pernah kata Tuhan mencarut. tapi kita faham itu figure of speech aje. saya kesian kat Nik Aziz jika orang macam tuan ajipp yang review speech TGNA.

ajip 17 January 2009 at 00:35  

datuk ni suka la salah faham

saya tak cakap pun saya tak suka name calling dan saya memang suka melawat blog datuk......saya cuma cakap datuk ada perangai macam tu......salah ke.....memang betul pun

berkenaan review speech nik aziz tu..... saya kesian kat pemimpin agung dr mahathir.....sebab dulu masa ceramah dia asyik ulang nik aziz cakap tuhan mencarut.....dr mahathir tak faham ke itu figure of speech? datuk sak tak kesian ke tengok tahap pemikiran pemimpin agung kita tu

sebelum terlupa.....tv3 pun keluarkan ayat quran mengenai fitnah dalam buletin utama sebelum pilihanraya permatang pauh...........

alhamdulillah....sekarang ni trend mengeluarkan ayat quran sebelum pilihanraya sudah berkembang.....bukan monopoli pas lagi

satD 17 January 2009 at 01:03  

Salam Dato' Sak

As for the showy survey - i think there is a political master behind them especially the latest output with 527 sample out of 80222 population

Sorry that we did not have d chance to meet..will try in my next visit Sir!!!

Ajipp ape hal lu nak kecoh kecoh pasal orang nak quote Al-quran, cuba mengucap sikit kalau lu islam brader

M.SEPIAL 17 January 2009 at 03:18  


Aku selalu mengikuti tulisan dalam blog YBB, banyak pengetahuan dan ilmu boleh di kutip daripada kajilidek YBB yang mendalam dengan perkataan yang menderam. Tapi ada yang tertanya dibenak aku tentang pandangan awak bertukar 180 darjah sejak bergelar YBB ni, kenapa hantam parti YBB yang pernah menyondol awak ke DUN P DARUL MAKMUR tu begitu lah begini lah. Kenape ye?. Jangan sampai dikata kan tak mengenang budi dan jasa bagai kacang lupakan kulit. Jangan hantam kuat sangat YBB.

Maaf ye YBB jika komen aku ni keterlaluan.

mekyam 17 January 2009 at 07:07  

setahu saya anugerah diberikan kerana mengenang jasa, sumbangan dan budi seseorang.

pemberian anugerah itu sendiri tidak boleh dianggap pula sebagai jasa dan budi juga.

aturan dan logik mana en. M.SEPIAL pakai?

jika penghargaan diberi sebagai langkah untuk menutup mulut seseorang warganegara daripada bersuara apabila melihat kekurangan atau salahlaku kerajaan atau pegawainya, itu sogokan namanya!

saya rasa en M.SEPIAL nak mengena tok sak, tapi dengan tidak sengaja telah mendedahkan jenis sikap tak berpendirian yg menjadi penghalang bangsa kita daripada berani menegakkan kebenaran.

LESONGINDEK 17 January 2009 at 08:21  


Mekyam komen saya terhadap posting DSAA itu ikhlas tidak bermaksud untuk mengenakan DSAA apalagi untuk memperlekeh pemimpin besar seperti beliau. Mekyam baca betul-betul dan perhalusi komen saya itu. Saya bertanya kenapa komen DSAA itu agak keras mengkritik organisasi atau parti beliau sendiri?. Tak ada cara lain atau kaedah lain selain untuk menyampaikan nya. Itu saja. Maaf. TK.

Ariff Sabri 17 January 2009 at 08:59  

yelah, i am sorry we couldn't meet up the last time but of course read about your happy encounters with our bro de Minimis, the venerable walking dictionary Walla and of course Rocky whom i have not got the opportunity to meet up yet. yes, lets me up and alert me on my email.

M sepial.
terima kasih kerana membaca artikel saya. saya bernasib baik dapat menulis dengan bahasa yang bersehaja( pada saya lah). mungkin datang dari pengalaman dan pembacaan yang bertahun tahun.
tapi saya rasa tuan silap atau tidak membaca tulisan saya secara berterusan. mengenai PRK kuala Terennganu misalnya, artikel saya membela UMNO walaupun umum tahu, UMNO hampir kepada tidak mampu terbela lagi. mengenai kritikan- memang saya mengkritik parti saya bila perlu dalam cara yang saya rasa itulah sahaja cara yang UMNO mengerti. tapi sikap membuat teguran secara berterus terang seperti yang tuan baca sekarang bukanlah sikap yang baru- itulah stail saya dahulu pun walaupun semasa menjadi ADUN. kalau tuan berkesempatan, sila baca lapuran sidang dewan Pahang atau boleh dapatkan buku saya- koleksi ucapan dalam dewan.

mek yam,
terima kasih for your spirited defense. . i read your comments too about the KT elections. no worries, our love and respect for you are not diminished on account of differing views on UMNO. we ALL know that's the truth in UMNO, but as i have said, i want to be a captain on a ship, the captain doesn't abandon ship and he is the last to jump.

Pak Zawi 17 January 2009 at 09:27  

Dato' Sak,
We are like minded people and we prefer to speak our mind. It is our opinion and people are free to differ.
After following your blogs I definitely find you as a principled man who dare to call a spade a spade. Sometimes I shudder at your bravado to call names of a certain politician who has threatened to sue anybody who dare to highlight his fornicating habits after the court of law has declared his innocence.
Take care.

Anonymous,  17 January 2009 at 09:53  


It has always been a treat to read your articles. No other pro-UMNO blogger analyse situations as candidly as you do.

Tapi recently I feel you have taken a slightly personal view of
things. You no longer write and
accept critics as openly as before.

You talk of RPK anger, but at the
same time of your anger (although
you did not use the word itself) of
being marginalised by the people
you are defending.

You told Ajipp to stay out of your
blog if he dont like it. See, in spite of your liberal views of politics, you still has this typical UMNO leaders' way of ending discussion.

In spite of my perceptions above,
I still think you are one of the
better blogger who write with passion with, perhaps, a lit bit
of emotion.


Anonymous,  17 January 2009 at 09:56  

UMNO’s own internal dynamics will see to it that corrective measures will take place. That process will see the removal of the less desirable elements within UMNO. I have no doubts that UMNO’s internal dynamics will correct its own excesses, rid itself of elements no longer amenable to UMNO’s desired image as a clean and efficient party. Even Dato Najib when he comes to power will be subjected to the same internal dynamics. Don’t ever think that UMNO members are dungus blinded from seeing the rot within UMNO.


Don't think it will happen in the next 10 years. If it will, I really doubt it by looking at the people the candidates vying for position.

We are already at a cross road and hence what difference if it is a bad choice for another 5 years. BN have been given 53 years and over the years it have come to this. Ahmad Ismail's outburst, UMNO's subsequent punishment and Syed Hamid's reasoning is all but another salt being rubbed into the anguish of the minority races.

Everything said, I think BN's down fall will be caused by the following:-

1. The amount of goodies being doled out at KT and this leaves the question "WHY NOW" and "WILL IT BE HONOURED"

2. If BN win anymore on "Pendatang". If there is, will the ISA be used

3. Issue of Altantuya's Case which seem to link deeper into Najib's involvement withe the testimony of the remaining two defendants.

4. Najib's desperate act. Well at least this is what the Voters are reading into.

The whole nation is watching whether this will be Najib's waterloo and if that happens, than the silent hand works.

Ariff Sabri 17 January 2009 at 10:13  

thank you for the reminder which i honestly appreciate. that is sobering.

anon at 09:56.
yes, i too cant wait for today's results. i am exercising self restraint on further analyses on KT. what you say are true. that is why i think, some of us in UMNO are making it a personal crusade to correct things in UMNO at least by telling it as it is.

mekyam 17 January 2009 at 12:36  

salam en M.SEPIAL,

terlebih dahulu saya minta maaf atas keterlanjuran melulu menuduh seperti saya boleh baca pula niat en. M.SEPIAL. itu memang tidak wajar sama sekali.

namun saya masih berpendapat bahawa pandangan yang orang yang telah diberikan anugerah tidak patut lagi mengkritik pucuk pimpinan partinya kerana itu boleh dianggap sebagai tidak mengenang budi dan jasa itu sebagai tidak kena.

pertama, kerana tanggapan sedemikian merendahkan mertabat anugerah itu sendiri kepada tidak lebih daripada menyogok atau membeli keakuran atau pembisuan.

dan kedua, jika pandangan begitu tidak dilihat sebagai sesuatu yang harus diubah, sampai bila2lah pucuk pimpinan di malaysia -- baik di peringkat pusat, negeri, maupun parti -- tidak akan dapat meraih faedah daripada mendengar pandangan dari sudut yang berbagai2, walaupun yang tidak sedap telinga mendengar.

itu yang buat saya tergesa2 membuat komen, hingga terlanjur. pada saya suara2 berani dan ikhlas seperti tok sak (malah raja petra sekalipun) tidak patut disuruh rendahkan.

saya rasa kalau tok sak setelah menerima anugerah tiba2 terus jadi kendur lidah, mungkin en M.SEPIAL sendiri pun akan hilang hormat terhadapnya.

yg menjadi tunjang kredibiliti blog sakmongkol ini ialah nada dan pendekatan tok sak yg konsisten terhadap semua isu yang beliau utarakan.

LESONGINDEK 17 January 2009 at 12:38  


Saya amat berterima kaseh kerana DASAA respond, yang berterus terang, ikhlas dan adil. Saya akan dapat kan buku itu. TK.

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