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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 17 January 2009

The Letter

Ezam Mohd Noor has produced a letter. That letter, in the absence of sumpah here and there as in Permatang Pauh, is THE equivalent of a sumpah. If using sumpah is taken as a predictor, then things are not good for UMNO. The last time UMNO used sumpahs, they lost. I can now revert to my usual mode, as nothing that I now say affects the outcome of the KT elections. As professor Godbole in A Passage to India says, it is written in the stars. ( said in an Indian accent.)

My own estimation? All those voluble and visible campaigns we saw were just that- red herrings drawing out attention away from the real battles. The real determining and decisive battles are the invisible ones. Those are carried out assiduously and quietly by the PAS yeomen, motivated by religious devotion. Those battles I am afraid are won by PAS. PAS is like the metaphorical fire in the sekam( husks?). We on the other hand are like the frog incrementally boiled until too late.

Back to Ezam. As many of us know, he was once upon a time, Anwar Ibrahim’s closest confidante. He says he knows many secrets. He has also said, he does not want to embarrass Anwar, Datin Azizah and family. A very commendable trait. He has his own fan club, it seems. Among renegade PKR people who have crossed over, rumours were murmured that Ezam, once has some romantic designs on Nurul Izah. Who knows? It’s a rumour jungle out there.

Hmm…the letter. He claimed that a letter was written by Anwar Ibrahim to Tun Dr Mahathir. The letter was said to contain the hopes of Anwar to make peace with Tun Mahathir. What did Anwar do when asked about that letter? He does not say what letter? Which would have suggested that none existed. But he answered so what, thereby by default, acknowledged the veracity of that letter. Moreover, much to the chagrin of Ezam and his UMNO benefactors, Anwar dismisses its significance, when he said, ‘so what?’

Ye la.. Ezam, so what? In that respect, I agree with Pak Sheikh. If there were attempts by Anwar to patch up with Mahathir, isn’t that a good thing? The man then was gasping for air and was struggling to clutch on to the proverbial last straw. It indicated his human frailties and vulnerability.

No big deal. It was just a unilateral attempt on Anwar’s part which fortunately did not result in TDM’s much needed favourable embrace. What’s the big deal about this letter compared to say, Bala’s SD or RPK’s SDs? That letter is a non starter. Ezam may be better received if he produces some juicy love letters of politicians or some recordings of politicians amorous pleadings to his powdered paramour. Ada surat itu macam ke, Ezam? That my friend, in the spirit of a line used by my favourite language connoisseur, that accomplished writer, who goes by the self mocking name, Mat Bangkai- such a letter would probably stand a better chance of producing a hard on and a few creamed knickers.

But since we are on the subject of letters, allow me to alert readers to another letter. I believed it is now being circulated widely.

I have received a very perplexing copy of a letter, purportedly written by TDM. It was sent to me through the e mail by an anonymous soul. The letter was written in 1999 when TDM was still the PM. The addressee was Ehud Barak, then the Israeli PM. That will be in Part 2.


Pak Zawi 17 January 2009 at 12:55  

Dato' Sak,
Ezam's exposure of that letter was of no significance. Hope the one you are going to show us will be of bigger significance.
If it is just about TDM, it is quite insignificant but if it has anything to do with Pak Sheikh then he is in deep shit as far as Pak Sheikh's political future is concerned.

Anonymous,  17 January 2009 at 17:03  

Dear Datuk,

I believe the issue re Ehud letter was answered by Tun in his earlier article in his blog. Long time ago.

Here is the link;

Thank you.


Ariff Sabri 17 January 2009 at 17:12  

thank you for the info. that was before i started blogging. that being the case, i wont have to reproduce it. but wanted to use the letter to show what people are willing to do to discredit TDM. nore importantly, letter shows UMNO is a beggar party- hands always outstretched for money.

Anonymous,  18 January 2009 at 06:29  

Who is this EZAM shit? He puports to speak on behalf of UMNO now.He is put there by Anwar so that more and more people will hate UMNO. Maybe he is put there by Pak Lah so that more and more people will hate UMNO. So anyone with any sense in UMNO, how about you Syed Hamid Albar? do UMNO a favour, put this guy in the lock-up and throw away the key.

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