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Monday 19 January 2009

Sobering Lessons for UMNO(3)

This is the 3rd part of my article in the sobering lessons for UMNO. Before I go on, I have to tell this.

Dato Najib worked his socks out in the KT campaign. He was there from the beginning as any commander in chief should be. But Dato Najib had a tough time in KT. He wasn’t listenable. That must be very unnerving for him; the incoming PM.

Anwar Ibrahim drew in humongous crowds (compared to what could be mustered by UMNO) to his ceramahs. Anwar the artful orator regaled the audience with his stock in trade. He makes fun and denounces BN policies. He gets carried away with his nasal renditions. The man has the gift of the gap. The frightening thing is, he is believable. He is, like Syed of Outsyed the Box says, will be believed even if he now says, he did all those sordid things of which he has been accused of.

BN came around with its usual stock in trade of pork barrel politics. Vote for us, you will get this and that. That included a speedily approved funding for Chinese schools, the first lucky draw on contracts, a hastily created fund for fishermen etc. In other words, the DPM played the role of Santa Claus to the hilt. If carrots don’t do the trick, then you employ the stick. You baik sama saya, saya baik sama you kind of thinking.

What’s wrong with this approach? You would think that everyone is buyable. The other, you think if people are not buyable, they can be cowed and pummeled. What’s wrong here? You have forgotten the dignity element. In the end, dignity cannot be bought or pulverized. You have got to respect dignity. The majority in Terengganu refused to allow their dignity being trampled. They take your money, only out of practicality. Money can buy you the necessities and other things. But in the end, they decided, their dignity is not for sale or for bullying.

By the afternoon of nomination day, the rented crowds of UMNO cheerleaders, shouts-for-rent squads and probably one or two buttocks flashers have left KT. Of the remaining perhaps only 10% were real soldiers. The rest were hangers on crowding around Dato Najib and other important ministers and so on. DPM knows the drill. It’s just like what’s happening in Pekan. If DPM wasn’t listenable, who would want to listen to the rest?

The KT election showed UMNO couldn’t get new converts to its cause. People don’t know what UMNO’s cause is anymore. The transmitters of the IDEA behind UMNO are no longer there. Bumiputera? Well, even I have said this long time ago, it’s Bumi in front, while those privileged puteras behind, piggy ride us. The Bumi portion in front of the term BUMIPUTERA getting bombed at, while the privileged puteras cowering behind get all the juices. Or it is always the Putera first, Bumi later. Those that stood by UMNO are probably existing loyal UMNO supporters driving on reserves. In the next general elections, the 13th, these probably would have vanished.

Suddenly it dawns on me. What happens to Dato Najib and the second liners showed one thing- that suddenly all UMNO leaders are no longer untouchable. They are reduced to just a bunch of politicians, subject to the same grilling by the voters. The voters now are those whose political awareness has risen beyond that comprehensible by UMNO. It is UMNO that has lost the plot.

The KT outing is proving damnable to Dato Najib. After Permatang Pauh , what KT does is to strip bare the DPM from whatever larger than life myth that has cocooned him. He is now as vulnerable as any ketua bahagian UMNO in the country. Obviously a bigger number was not impressed with his magical presence that caused elderly people to cry out openly nor were they overwhelmed by the rehearsed religious yodeling by womenfolk. He is just like you and I, triable and therefore condemnable. The horrifying feeling is, the people no longer feel guilty about doing so. No more feeling being inhibited by memories of Tun Razak, no more awed by the position of DPM.

The most terrifying of all is, he is no longer believable. When he says that he now has the interest of Terengganu as priority- he is giving money to Terengganu where none of the same is given to Kelantan and to Pahang, his home base, the KT folks just weren’t hooked. So when the blogger Smalltalk assigned blame squarely on Dato Najib’s shoulders, he has probably got into the plot.


satD 20 January 2009 at 00:31  

Kapal hanyut Dato...

Sooner or later one need to chart the right direction...

But i believe results is not a total swing or hate vote (we saw hate vote benefited PAS in 1999 with 14,448 majority)
statistically speaking of course

Votes r just not sure, many played safe...

On the other hand,does Najib have what it takes to reform Malaysia's Largest Reverse Ponzi Scheme sold thru 20odd years years of Multi Level Marketing by the Cawangan/Bahagian representatives?

The game have changed, new strategies must be put forward, bite the bullet now or u might have one embedded in between your eyes......

Anonymous,  20 January 2009 at 01:45  

Umno was a non-starter in KT ever since internal critics ruled that Wan Farid was a dreadful candidate. This is the same party that installed the man as Ketua Bahagian in 2004 and retained him as local party chief last year. By so openly repudiating the party's choice the critics acknowledged that branches in KT endorsed Wan Farid for the top Bahagian post in 2004 for the sole reason that he was political secretary to PM in the same way aides of Najib now occupy top positions in their respective Bahagian. Was that the case? Wasn't Wan Farid in the Pemuda Exco during Tun Mahathir's time? Was this about Wan Farid being compatible with the Pemuda ranks but not suited for KT? Were the critics suggesting instead that Umno and the electorate are not compatible, meaning while an individual could be acceptable to party members, the rest may not like the man? For as long as the present methods of electing leaders are retained, the onus is on the party to defend its choices or the electability of the party is in serious doubt.

Umno's defeat in KT accentuated the party's success in retaining a vast majority of its support despite the aspersions, sniping and expressed doubts from within. Truth is Pas reclaimed the protest votes (spoilt votes and the Maimon vote-bank), and secured a few additional Chinese votes this time around.

KT was not a tragedy for Umno-BN despite the stunning intrigue - the most preposterous being this was some kind of subterfuge designed to blame Najib. Public airing of distrust of this magnitude provides courage to Umno watchers and opponents to dislike the party more. They tuned in to TV3 and sister stations and endured the relentless lynching of Pas and its associates. The dismay deepened. The rakyat had this feeling that their intellect was being savaged. A series of editorial decisions were shocking hinting that those who made such decisions were a) totally besotted with Umno b) chose the safest option to avoid getting the blame c) hatched a veiled conspiracy by insinuating to readers as editors of an Umno-linked newspaper they are not allowed to think.

Umno supporters in KT deserve praise for backing the party but I am not too sure voters elsewhere would have been as kind. The condescending-tone of the reporting by segments of the mainstream media has been to the detriment of the party. They have been the breeding grounds of mediocrity that have wounded the party. The absence of a mental struggle has offended the rakyat so. A thoughtful media will precipitate the rehabilitation of Umno which must now begin in earnest under PM-designate Najib. This is the kind of media which will compel Umno personalities to make sense to have any chance of making the news, a process that in turn shall assuage the readers/voters secure in the knowledge that the country is in good hands.

Anonymous,  20 January 2009 at 11:26  

Kalau lah BN letak calon yg ada lebih mesra rakyat... majoriti 2000++ bukan bermakna PAS menang besar seperti mana Arwah Razali menang majoriti 600++..di Kuala Terengganu kekuatan BN dan PAS adalah seimbang cuma yang membezakan adalah CALON itu sahaja..

Seperti di Sungai Petani pengundi di situ memang dah tak suka Zainuddin Maidin lagi dah pasal banyak cakap merepek.. walaupun dia memang tak dinafikan seorang yg prihatin juga tetapi PERCAKAPANAN yang dikeluarkan semasa menjadi MENTERI PENERANGAN menyebabkan orang meluat..

Untuk pengundi yg tidak mempunyai parti macam aku ni akan tengok juga kredibiliti calon itu sendiri..

Contohnya jikalau diletakkan MAT SABU dan USTAZ PIRDAUS aku akan undi Pirdaus pasal MAT SABU bagi aku suka sangat merepek termasuklah kenyataan yg dikeluarkan masa ditangkap berkhalwat dulu..

Tak semestinya letak calon yang KAYA.. yang KAYA kalau menjadi beban tak guna juga..untuk menjadi KETUA BAHAGIAN ok tetapi kalau kredibiliti kepada masyarakat KESELURUHAN kurang baik beri kepada yang lebih berkelayakan..

MAsalah UMNO ini pula bila terpilih jadi wakil rakyat (bukan Ketua BAHAGIAN)mula mendabik dada kononnya dia yg terbaik daripada semua ahli UMNO yg lain,mula nak bertanding jadi KETUA BAHAGIAN.Yang KETUA BAHAGIAN pula mula muncung mulut cebik muka pasal tak terpilih jadi calon wakil rakyat. perlu di ingat UMNO perlu dapatkan UNDI SEMUA RAKYAT bukan ahli UMNO sahaja.. Oleh itu KEtua BAHAGIAN jikalu tak terpilih perlulah berkerjasama untuk membangunkan rakyat jelata manakala yg terpilih menjadi wakil rakyat pula jgn lah menyombong berlagak hebat tak mau minta pandangan KEtua BAhagian..

Jikalau perkara ini berterusan maka memang seperti tanggapan PEMIMPIN dan PEMBlog PAS,PKR dan DAP bahawa memang dah tak lama lagi UMNo dan seterusnya BN akan terkubur..

Anonymous,  20 January 2009 at 15:16  

Dear Dato,
Thaere are a few feedback that worth mentioning in your blog regarding this Dunkirk event in KT.

1.The presence of police at every traffic junction was very intimidating = vote for BN or else!
People dont like thing pushdown their throat.

2.Over friendly looking candidate was an overkill.The TV showed WanFarid carried the patient into his car and then to the hospital with full glare of TV crew and press ...."are they trying to hoodwinked us again?" mental picture went on overdrive.
Suddenly this does not jive with the the formed picture of the candidate as an lofty,non-groud-touching-walk character who intimate support of Kairy and his gp of 'associates' had abused millions of rakyat money to line their pockets.
WanFarid had 'biawak' on his shoulder and he reckoned it was a pleasing sight.

3.The splash money and threat was counter productive .People realise that given an oppurtunity,the same leader that give you RM10 now would recoup in millions through the gravy train with him at the locomotive engineer.
Take the money and voted rationally they certainly did.

Respect is earned and cant be forced upon people.Many UMNO supporters and leaders came with their own agendas to KT.....none of it for the sake of party but their own self interest,be it the party post or contracts( nothing change in UMNO)

5. The UMNO leaders still continue with their 'self fulfilling and self destructive' mode even after last general election.
If you keep on doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to see a different outcome each time ...then you are an UMNO member,quoating Einstein on advising his foolhardy subjects.

6.Leaders in UMNO are chosen from unintelligence bunch with lots of money.No matter how you colored and roasted the groundnuts,it would taste like nuts.Nuts would show the true taste when crushed under under the molars(the election)....expecting durian tastes would be like expecting them walking on water!!

Mr Kalahari( i am hot)

Pak Idrus 20 January 2009 at 22:35  
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