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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 27 January 2009

The Next Ketua Pemuda (2)

I am not going to do a SWOT analysis in analysing who is better in this Ketua Pemuda race. This isn’t a term paper in management 101. A long time ago, some OF KJ’s people did a SWOT analysis. I discounted that analysis by saying; the ketua pemuda race is not susceptible to this esoteric analysis. Hence, when a commentator invites me to do another SWOT analysis presently, I must decline that invitation. It is so passé.

Thus far, the impression I get from those who reject KJ is the idea- I liked A, I groom A. I don’t like B, so we must reject B. what do you have then? We have a self perpetuating system, based on the personal preferences of the present leadership. You want leaders who are mirror images of you. You want to have a system, in conformity to the idea that the acorn does not fall far from the tree kind of thinking. Leaders that come after you are your clones as best as possible.

This is a not a good system by which we want to choose our leaders. What we want is a self continuing system. A system worked on by people, committed to a set of ideas, not a system grounded on unquestioning loyalty to personalities. The commentator in my previous article on next ketua pemuda was peeved off and said, padanlah Dato najib dumped me. I feel sorry for this chap who has to resort to hitting below the belt for his failure to advance cogent reasoning. He is a person who subscribed to this self perpetuating system. What does this kind of system perpetuates? It perpetuates mediocrity, blind obeisance, corruption, callousness, arrogance and so on. How? Because you are against the process of natural selection- that is what entails in democracy right? The inept and less able are displaced in favour of the adept and adroit and more able by way of democracy. By insisting on a system that is self perpetuating, you are in fact supporting a system which strengthens oligarchy. Sadly it is an oligarchy of mediocrity.

You know the much hyped RAHMAN theory which has it that Najib should be the next PM? Well, let’s have it that Najib closes the chapter on selecting leaders based on the principle of self perpetuation. Let us have Najib as the closing chapter to a method of selecting leaders that is only a modern version of selecting a leader based on bovine vomit. For those who have forgotten the story in Sejarah Melayu- the first Malay rulers came from Muntah Lembu.

My article on choosing the next ketua pemuda has generated a lot of unkind criticisms. These are expected because the subject matter is unpopular. I also see a lot a criticism being levelled at, unfairly I think, at my presumed lack of moral compass. They suggest that I make light of corruption and moral depravities. Nothing is further from the truth. I do not condone any form of corruption and abuses of power. But I find it reprehensible, that suddenly we become sanctimonious and appear to be over eager to slap this moral sanction on KJ. If we were to apply this principle generally, then UMNO will be left with no one. So let’s not try to have this holier than thou kind of thinking. I don’t want to sound self righteous, I am in UMNO and I know what kind of people are in there. I stand by what I say- if you want to apply this morality compass ruling on KJ, apply that to everyone. Then UMNO is no more. Every single UMNO leader is tainted.

If KJ is a lost cause, then there isn’t any worry to my supporting him, is there? My supporting him and others will not affect the outcome which will be determined by the delegates this March 2009. The UMNO elections will not be an exact science. Hence, that explains my reluctance to apply the SWOT analysis. Apa? You orang baru keluar university kah? Can't get over the infatuation to apply exact science on politics, huh? But please go ahead if you want to. I won’t be offended.


kuldeep 28 January 2009 at 00:50  

the next ketua pemuda will be the guy who gets the most votes>>thats democracy as reflected by the current umno system of proxy voting with all the various constraints and rules.The results will be different if a "one vote for each member" format is adopted.
Anyway,of the three candidates the differences is obscured by the similarities thus the final choice is insignificant.You need different horses for different courses and right now a genuine hard nosed plodder maybe preferable to a high breed fleetster.
And by the way,looking at the longer term career prospects maybe it is suicidal to be the winner now.

Anonymous,  28 January 2009 at 01:26  

"I don’t want to sound self righteous, I am in UMNO and I know what kind of people are in there. I stand by what I say- if you want to apply this morality compass ruling on KJ, apply that to everyone. Then UMNO is no more. Every single UMNO leader is tainted."

Here's my two cents worth of opinion. A well written article, yet the caption above caught my interest to comment. I guess being that's the reason what people see UMNO is corrupted which drives them away from UMNO. I know that there are some getting near to UMNO, but I guess, more getting away than nearer, and casted by votes.

I realise that it is quite impossible to have 100% corrupt free organisation, but at least, UMNO should try it's best not to be corruptable. The way you put it shows how bad corruption is in UMNO, and somehow, the way you put it, it has become a norma.

It has become noticed that lately, UMNO is trying to reduce corruption. However, people still unconvinced by such actions due to the impression that only the 'ikan bilis' that got caught.

The image potrait on KJ, especially on ECM LIbra and such other issues listed by some commentators in previous article has made impact on UMNO, but surely not a good one. And I guess, being a politician, you are more than aware of the importance of good image. Being just brilliant and smart, but tainted with such negative issues isn't good.

Just to add up, considering us as Islamic country, the act of corruption shows how some just take simple approach in carrying out Islamic way of life.

Earlier, you mentioned as a reply that you remember that you say "i remember another Malaysia who spoke out with his revolutionary ideas got booted out from UMNO but later came back to rule Malaysia for 22 years".

Just a thought though..he got the ideas, but I don't remember any allegations made to self making money to his own pocket associated to him. Allegations to making some money to his cronies, yes, but I can't recall any for himself.

Just my two cents worth of opinion...perhaps, a naive one..

Ariff Sabri 28 January 2009 at 02:56  

the reference to the leader who got booted out...was said to counter the commentator who suggest that people who have such ideas get out of UMNO.
ianya bukan bermaksud menghujjahkan that leader is free atau tidak from corruption. itu hanya tanggapan saudara. tapi menarik juga jika saudara tahu bahawa TDM mengayakan kroni2 beliau- mahu kongsi dengan kita semua siapa mereka?

anon at 02:09
apa hal ni? jika kamu ada maklumat mengenai siapa gay atau tidak, apa hal sebut dalam blog ini? ini blog untuk membincangkan hal2 yang serius tahu. oleh kerana itu, saya delete komen oleh anon ini.

Anonymous,  28 January 2009 at 03:25  

Salam Tok Sak,
Aiseh man Tok! I guna "SWOT" tu acah2 je... since we are dealing with an "Oxbridge mo**n" (oops! My personal view, of course) with high powered "Oxbridge 4th floor as***es" think-tank with "ENVIABLE" track records of memperjuangkan nasib bangsa Melayu di Rembau and everywhere else, and memertabatkan Malaysia dipersada dunia, kena nampak "sophisticated" lah sikit kan? Anyway, personally I think ada lagi anak2 Melayu lain yang layak jadi Ketua Pemuda UMNO (as per your various postings on ciri2 good leadership), but because the system is such that it promotes "continuity" as you rightly observed (contrary to the maxim of survival of the fittest), then these potential ketua pemuda got "screened off" from the list (remember, the "system" will not accept "oddballs" who don't play by the rules, EXCEPT of course, again KJ who got "elected" to the post of timbalan ketua pemuda by putar alam)... so dipendekkan cerita, we ended up with not really the cream of the cream, but rather, make-do "ice creams" irrespective of whether oxbridge-educated or not... of course, as you said, since tak ada lagi calun yang nampak as cocky/outspoken or as "anti-establishment" as KJ (though I wonder how you arrived at this conclusion since HE IS THE EMBODIMENT OF PAK LAH&CO ESTABLISHMENT?), he is by default perhaps THE ONE SAVIOUR for bangsa Melayu... well people believe what they want to believe, don't they? I doubt whether SWOT or whatever jargons out there will change your mind about KJ, right? And as for me and others, I/they too will believe in what/who I/they want to believe... so good luck to all the calon2... wow! come to think of it, kita Melayu memang suka berpolitik lah... kempen sampai berbulan2 & ekonomi makin merudum... looks like Najib is in same boat as Obama... Pak Lah cabut he inherits the mess! (and that could include inheriting the troubling SIL a.k.a KJ!)....

Anonymous,  28 January 2009 at 05:58  


With due respect to you as a person of very high personal and professional value, its sad for me to at last have to disagree with you on this one. I have been posting comment here mostly jokingly because most of what you have said needs none of my comment. I Cuma menyebok jer.

But, this one is different. You have lost the plot of what really happening here. Why is the Pemilihan UMNO so important and why Najib taking over Pak lah is seen as some kind of paradigm shift. Well if BN had won the last election in all states except Kelantan, this problem of UMNO would not arise which means the Malay people are happy with the current UMNO leaders.

The goal of changing the leadership of UMNO now is to give back the confident to rakyat especially the Malays. You might ask me what this got to do with you supporting KJ. Its about perception ….my dear Dato. In politics you not only must be nice but also be seen as nice. There’s no benefit in being nice or brilliant but seen by people and perception of people as stupid and arrogant. Im not trying to be personal with you but some of the reason you were not picked for the last election because people in your constituent thought of you as not people friendly and kedekut because you did not play checkers with them or belanja them teh tarik. Now, I know that you’re none of that because you’re brilliant person and maybe so busy doing your job professionally that bodek membodek is not your style…but perception sir…that’s what matter most when we want vote from people.

Paklah was picked by Mahathir because of perception of him being Mr.Clean, BN won big the first time Pak Lah as prime minister because people perception of him again as Mr. Clean bertaraf wali. The last election BN lost big because perception of people was KJ is the devil who actually runs this country….whether this is true or not..I cant answer that. What I can answer is, KJ hates Mahathir and Mahathir hates KJ…almost all governtment’s newspaper especially NST had tried to put Mahathir in bad light. We know whose this newspaper belongs to…close friends of KJ.

Most of the people who voted against BN were people who love Mahathir except for the opposition of course, they missed Mahathir, they missed their true statesman. I would say half of UMNO people are loyalist of Mahathir…and if you want to win them back. Don’t choose KJ as the next Ketua Pemuda. He might be brilliant but his time is not now…wait till BN win back the lost states. He is still young, he can wait.


Ariff Sabri 28 January 2009 at 07:17  

dhahran sea
my apologies. no offense intended. most of th ethings you said are correct. the reason why this debate is ongoing, is we are working within the existing system which sucks. you rightly pointed out, kita orang melayu memang over politicking. that's why kalau you baca post i dulu2, i proposed the doing away with certain institutional posts in malay society so that politicking is minimised. in the end, no amount og campaigning you and i buat akan affect the delegates minds. you know cara orang UMNO memilih- they vote where the money is easy flowing.
sorry tuan.

are you gonna go my way said.

you are going a little bit personal. this debate is not about my not being picked up again. those things you said were about perception. the perception formed by malays society, a syou know bukan representative of the whole lot. but the perception prevailing at any one time, is the perception formed and articulated by certain more active and energetic groups. in UMNO as you know, generally speaking, the members are very agreeable though forming part of the silent majority. yang kaki bising and therefore advances the 'perception' ialah kaki busuk dan those layabouts yang got nothing to do nut politics 24/7. ini malady orang Melayu yang perpetrated by UMNO leaders.
the present debate concerns who among the 3, better serves the longer term Malay interests. jangan melarat hal hal lain. salam tuan.

Anonymous,  28 January 2009 at 08:09  

Saya faham maksud Dato, sebab, nak ambil secara bulat-bulat apa yang Dato tulis pun berbunyi seolah-olah Dato pun terlibat sama. Kerana Dato juga seorang pemimpin, dan Dato tulis "Every single UMNO leader is tainted." Bukan begitu? =)

Tentang bahagian beliau mengkayakan kroni-kroninya, saya tidak kata saya tahu, tetapi tuduhan-tuduhan itu ada dilemparkan dan saya ada membaca satu dua...terutama apabila Dato Mukhriz bertanding untuk Ketua Pemuda. Saya kurang pasti samada tuduhan-tuduhan sudah ada sebelum Dato Mukhriz mahu bertanding untuk Ketua Pemuda.

Salah satu komen yang saya rasa relevan terdapat di sini - , yang mana komen dari seorang hamba Allah berbunyi "Star LRT, PUTRA, KLIA tu membazir wang. Kerugian yg ditanggung oleh Star dan Putra dianggarkan berbillion billion ringgit, dan beban ini dihadiahkan kepada kerajaan perseketuan. Mungkin kos pembinaan sengaja dinaikkan untuk menguntungkan kroni". Siapa untung siapa dan untuk membuktikannya, biarlah hamba Allah itu yang jawab. =)

Sekadar pandangan umum yang umumnya tidak diambil sebagai kesimpulan yang mudah.=)

Anonymous,  28 January 2009 at 08:27  

lupa pulak..jangan la pulak Dato ingat saya tuduh Dato pun korup. Komen perenggan pertama komen kedua saya yang diatas sekadar untuk menunjukkan saya faham maksud Dato dan tidak mengambil word by word apa yang Dato tulis.

Sekian, terima kasih

Anonymous,  28 January 2009 at 10:22  

Dear Dato'.
What do you see in KJ that we don't.
If we let MM become the K.Pemuda Umno Malaysia, at least Tun Mahathir can advise his son on some important issues.

KJ has failed.In trying to help Pak Lah, things became worst.
Just look how in 22years Tun built up the economy of Malaysia.
Pak lah couldn't do much and in less than 5years was forced to resigned.
We want the glorious Mahathir days to be back.
If DSNajib can think like Tun Razak, then I am sure MM can think like his dad Tun.
DSHishamuddin wasn't that clever.But people treasure the late Tun Hussein's sacrifices.
So MM must be voted the KP. Tun Mahathir has made so many sacrifices for the country and one of the ways to say thank you to Tun is to vote for MM even though some say hes lembik and not as forceful as KJ.And hes a Mr Clean!

Anonymous,  28 January 2009 at 10:31  


Tak terlintas nak personal dgn dato.
When some people talk like that about you...I come to your defence.

I know the long term solution for UMNO should be knowing who to choose as leader. This should start at grassroot level and continue to the top not the other way around.

But, short term solution now is to win members confident...then we'll work from there.

BTW, do you believe that by choosing KJ, will mean now umno is making a big change or leap forward? Is KJ that powerful? By merely appointing this one man...he will then control and guide the whole UMNO?

kuldeep 28 January 2009 at 10:47  

Every leader in umno is "perceived" as corrupted and every member of umno is perceived as being easily corruptible...
And the purpose of the umno leadership battles is to get to a position of being easily corruptible to being a corrupted person.The higher u r in the hierachy the more the opportunities to be corrupted.
By definition in the umno mindset,taking is not corruption(rezeki,belanja ikhlas,expenses etc)but giving is.BUT unfortunately,MACC views both as being corruption.

Well,you take out that subtle balance and umno loses its purpose and its rhythm of life.

Dato must hv at sometimes in ur political life given some guys money to cover their busfare back to Pekan (and keep the change pls.)

The culture conditions that..and also rationalise it

Anonymous,  28 January 2009 at 12:23  

Salam Dato',
Thanks for the kind reply, but no problem... I think I understand where you're coming from... out of your sincere concern on the plight of us Malays... I'm in the same boat as you are (and just like many others, I'm sure)... anak2 mula nak start their own lives after graduation, etc.... and what do they find in bumi bertuah Malaysia now? ONE BIG MESS! Of course Pak Lah, SIL&Co. would love to put the blame on TDM&Co,; but any man/women worth his/her salt who knows what accountability is, will know who owns this mess!? Keep on writing & sharing your ideas & thoughts Dato', we all need them, especially now. Thanks & salam.

Anonymous,  28 January 2009 at 12:24  

I heard KT is dishing out money like nobody's business and buying votes.Takkan BPR tak tangkap? Answer: he is heard to have said he can kowtim the BPR anytime.
Please BPR boss! Check your guys who are in charge.Don't tangkap only the small fries!

And MM?He probably can't afford to splash as much as KT.Hes got to pay for his Chayenne chauffered-driven car,his 911 Turbo, his 2 porches, his big mansion in Jalan Duta etc.etc.

KJ? Hes been left to fend for himself politically since his father-in-law was forced to resign.Not many want to go near him bec hes already being branded like a pariah! The more senior leaders cant wait to boot him out because they think hes too smart!Smart people don't belong in UMNO!!

Archer Daniel Smith 28 January 2009 at 13:06  

Kepada Tetuan Ondastreet,
Kalau nak buat bisness stail orang Cina, kos tu mereka akurangkan, supaya ada untung.
Yang perenggan tu, memang sah syarikat ni semua dah di'nasionalisasikan' - dengan beban hutang ditanggung oleh kerajaan. Ni semua orang tahu, so engkau cubalah hitung satu campur dengan satu , apakah jumlahnya. Takkan syarikat tersebut akan mengaku, ya memang kami sengaja memberi kontrak kepada kroni kita.

Mungkin dalam cerita Noddy sebegitulah.

Anonymous,  28 January 2009 at 13:33  

Kepada Dato Macamana,
Terima kasih kerana berkongsi teori. Saya boleh terima teori Dato. Akan tetapi, sebagaimana yang Dato' Sak tanya jika saya tahu, saya memang tak tahu..adakah Dato Macamana tahu siapakah gerangannya?

Meminjam kata-kata Dato Sak - "mahu kongsi dengan kita semua siapa mereka?" Teringin juga nak tahu...

Anonymous,  30 January 2009 at 07:19  

My dear friend

Law of physics says a vacuum is never left unfilled. Only that surrounding rubbish would rush in.

If members don't give their votes those corrupt fellows won't become leaders.

There must be non-corrupt, highly principled ones among the so many members. Look for them - look hard, search and identify. The future of UMNO, maybe even o the Malays, depends on this.

Don't think of or look among the existing or past leaders only (no offence intended). Those who have not held high or any post may be able to lead as well. Mahatma Gandhi was one such person. There must be a few of Mahatma character
(though not of Mahatma stature) among UMNO members.

Anonymous,  30 January 2009 at 09:16  


No need to go as far as India
to loook for a sample of a non-corrupt, highly principled character.

Our own ex-DPM Tun Ismail was one.

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