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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 10 January 2009

Hey Mr PLO rep: Hamas is not the issue!

Here is a little bit about Israel that readers may be interested in. before the recent carpet bombing and ground force invasion of Gaza by IDF, I , like many others was an disinterested observer.

I was reading about the recent demonstrations by the NGO on Israeli aggression in Kuala Lumpur. The demonstrators were mostly NGO members. Some carried Hamas Flags. The Palestinian Authority( see? Not even a country) demanded that Hamas flags not be used. This is unacceptable. Malaysians demonstrate and therefore it’s no f*****g business for this man to decide which flags Malaysians can or cannot use. Hamas won the elections in Palestine and should have a representative here instead of the free rider of a representative from corrupt PLO.

Read Hamas is not the issue here.


Pak Zawi 10 January 2009 at 07:16  

Datok Sak,
These Palestine business is mired up into such a complex situation that simpletons like me cannot understand the real situation. All I can figure is an Illegal Nation called Israel has been occupying Palestine and expanding its borders by force and like a parasite, force the occupants of the place to flee. All this is done with the consent of USA who consider itself as the only democratic country in the world. War is democratic to Uncle Sam's eyes especially under Bush. Obama? he may see it that way too soon when he takes over.

Chet 10 January 2009 at 07:23  

Zawi, Believe me you are no simpleton. You have summed up about what a lot of us have felt. I am from the US and all I can only hope for is that Obama will not take the same view as Bush. I am afraid AIPAC will continue to run our government as they have for years.

Pak Zawi 10 January 2009 at 07:48  

Thank you. The picture is clearer now after I have read the site referred to Datok Sak.
At least we know that not all the people of USA are blind to the atrocities of Israel which The Government of USA is supporting. To most of us, the current leaders of USA are the terrorists. We prefer to cheer the Red Indians when they fight the palefaces in cowboy movies because there is some semblance of Israel occupying the Red Indian's territory in the early days of North America. To people like you Chet, I extend my personal apology for generalizing that most Americans don't see the truth. 'Booting' Bush out was a clear indication of the American people coming to their senses.

Chet 10 January 2009 at 08:13  

Not all Americans feel like I do but the number is growing against Israel. Protests have been turning out in good numbers across the US and to us also the US Government are terrorists.

Thank you for not thinking that all americans are like Bush. Bush has given america a blackeye or I guess it would be better to say that he has flushed us down the toilet.

Karin 10 January 2009 at 08:38  


I am referring to your first comment ... and fully understand your view! I am living in the US and find more and more people turning against Israel and sympathising with the Palestinian people!

Nobody in the right mind and on top considering him/herself beloging to humanity can silently watch little children starved, injured, orphaned and brutally killed - regardless of nationality, culture, religion, skin color ect!! I can't wait till Bush's term is over (the left-over 11 days are 11 days too many!!) ... and HOPE Obama will make a completely different start, seeking fairness, justice ... and, after so many years, respect the rights of the Palestinian people!

I am carefully optimistic ...

walla 10 January 2009 at 10:30  

I am not optimistic Obama will do anything different from all the other US presidents..

He should ask his jewish chief-of-staff what to do next. The zionist lobby in Washington permeates all the way into the white house. It's like the tail wagging the dog.

What the US want is middle east oil. For that, they will pile the arabs with money and the israelis with guns, creating a bipolar region held together by the tension of the Palestine state whose common factor will be just US proxy. Just to maintain their 'way of life'. What about 'lives'? Lives of the poor, the barb-wired, the dispossessed, those pushed into specks of only arid land so that their political voice will be pushed out of existence in this world?

Yet there are glimmers of hope that elsewhere people with conscience will rise to clamor for real justice...

For conscience is something which the israelis have completely lost. How can they, survivors of the warsaw ghetto and the extermination camps of auschwitz, belsen, dachau and treblinka do to people whose lands they have annexed what was done to their forefathers by Hitler's regime? How can they, survivors of the death squads and the trampling boots of the SS das reich panzer divisions do the same today to people who don't have the ignoble support of a big brother to draw infinite resources to inflict total destruction? The israelis are still playing on the conscience of the US for once having turned a blind eye to Himmler's endlosung factories.

Doesn't that make them the ultimate hypocrites of history, all the more pointed for their race's contributions to mankind's sciences and humanities?

One ex-french president said, 'all i see are men with guns killing boys with stones.' That has gone one scale up. Now it's CCCC with satellite-targeted guided missiles taking out entire families.

If the tel aviv regime can gloat that they have penetrated the palestinian organizations to know where the rockets and bombs are cached, it must mean they have sent in their people to see for themselves where those arms are hidden. Why not draw inspiration from their jewish chutzpah and just destroy those arms? After all, they had overflown sovereign airspace to bomb a Baghdad installation. And if they can stop an ambulance to delay it from rushing to the wounded their bombings have piled up, why not stop just the entry of explosives to make the rockets?

The only conclusion you get is that they want the conflict to continue, knowing the palestinians are a people with their backs against the wall. Having this experience themselves, they can therefore plan for the eventuality that the repressed will reprise and knowing they have the upper hand in all aspects, from ordnance to intel, they can then say to the world, 'see we have been patient, yet they rocket us, so don't blame us if we go in and take them out.' For all those affected peace accords in play, taking them out was the only thing in their minds all along.

Israel's reprisal against the palestinians carries less moral and legitimate rights than Palestine's reprisal against israeli annexation of their land.

Israel must admit they don't have any legitimacy and moral order to think they can foist peace by turning their neighbors into cannon fodder.

Mankind has never fallen to such depths of injustice brother against brother. As one can read from history, what goes around will come around. One day the Palestinians will have their dues back.

Meanwhile Malaysia rises to the fore again for calling for UN action. Not that one thinks that parliament will amount to much. Like Bosnia, they will just feet-drag until the bodies pile up.

What will He think when men only go by kill ratios?

azlishukri 10 January 2009 at 11:11  

tidak semua rakyat AS menyokong dasar kerajaan mereka, tetapi rakyat AS tiada jalan untuk mengubahnhya, cara terbaik masukkan "iman" dan dakwahkan Islam kepada rakyat AS - biar mereka masuk Islam ramai2, tetapi umat islam mengabaikan dakwah.

UMNO PARTI PENJARA 10 January 2009 at 11:12  

Sama2 kita boikot produk Amerika :-)

Suara Keramat Rakyat Terengganu :
Tiada Halangan Hanya Peluang :-)
Takkan Melayu Hilang Di Dunia
Tiada ‘Hantu’ Di Kuala Terengganu ;-)

mamasita 10 January 2009 at 11:56  

Hai Walla,
well-said bro!Great comment!Now you must drop one at my blog too ok (for my friends to read!)
Btw, my hitlist counter sudah kena Israel missile I think!Sudah hilang!!

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