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Saturday 3 January 2009

Now, its the paraphiliacs at IJN's Gates!

No: 3/2009

I have actually written something that I developed from reading de minimis’s economic perspective. Somehow, the issue of IJN came out again. I have decided to defer posting that particular essay. It will appear as article no. 4.

Just when I thought its safe to get into the water, there are still man eating sharks around. And so like Herr Dr.Christian Szell, I keep asking , is it safe?

Apparently its still not safe to get into the water. It is not safe to drill the cavity. I don’t know which is the merchant bank that’s advising SD’s purchase of up to 51% share in IJN. Some of the board of directors are already salivating at the prospects of maybe cashing out at a hefty premium. Screw you all- playing the politics of health care. They are probably saying that. The premium must be hefty as IJN has RM400 million reserves and makes RM100 million profit a year.

What do we term this deal? The mother of all what?

I want to do an amateur Sigmund Freud on this. IJN is a sexy entity. It attracts all kinds of paraphiliacs. These as you know, are sexual perverts.

What is Musa Hitam in this sordid affair or trying to do an Anwar Ibrahim on IJN?. Since he stays in the background, emerging only after public outcry, we shall term him as a Voyeurist after Voyeurism of course. The term refers to those who are sexually aroused observing nude individuals without them knowing they are being watched. Musa Hitam likes who he sees at IJN disrobing each other.

Those investment advisers are Frotteurists, from the term Frotteurism. This term refers to those who obtain sexual arousal and gratification by rubbing their genitals against others in public places. Certainly this fits the description of investment bankers advising this deal who get their kicks by rubbing their phallic analyses on IJN in full public knowledge.

The orang tengah are exhibitionists who get sexually aroused by exposing genitals to an unsuspecting stranger- what else can we describe a person who gets aroused when submitting a position paper to the unsuspecting EPU? Those people at EPU after reading the position paper are of course practitioners of some fetishes. These are people who obtain sexual arousal thinking about an inanimate object ( the paper) or part of the body( touching the paper) for the first time, thinking of some kickbacks.

What about Zubir? He of course is the sadist after sadism which refer to those getting sexual arousal through inflicting pain on another person. By wanting to buy IJN, is he not inflicting pain to millions of the poor?

And Dr Salleh when he gets the bitch’s slap when told by Musa the Voyeurist is a masochist- he gets aroused by having pain and humiliation inflicted upon himself.

What about the shadowy board members, i.e. those who say screw you gomen men? They are Pedophiliacs who engage in sex or sexual activity with children who have not reached puberty. IJN is how many years old? Still in the puberty range? And perhaps some of them are transvestites after Transvestitism, i.e. those who get sexual arousal from dressing in the clothes of the opposite sex. They get aroused by assuming the opposite of doctors, i.e. patients. .

Even before due diligence is completed, Ahmad Zubir, the sadist, has already assured that present rates will stay. Macam mana hang tahu, without us knowing how much you are going to pay for IJN bro? Probably like in the SD-GH-Guthrie merger, Ahmad Zubir has probably hired merger and acquisition experts and human resources consultants to crunch the numbers for this newest venture. The only way IJN can maintain its rates on the ignored poor is by asking the government to top up with subsidies. .

So I am asking the question once asked by unker LKS- who is the orang tengah in this deal? For example, for its shrewd “orang tengah” role, Synergy Drive (CIMB) is believed to have turned its modest invest in the venture (or adventure) into fee income and shares worth hundreds of millions of Ringgit. Not bad for a year’s work. So is it CIMB again? But the DPM was on record saying that none of his immediate family members will be allowed to do deals.

Is it boutique investment bank, Ethos?

Second, is there a mystery “non-Bumiputera” market maker who is responsible for successfully selling this merger idea to the UMNO-led government?;

IJN is for all intents and purposes, a government asset. It is making money. It has large amount of reserves. It has a good reputation and that is goodwill. And goodwill translates into money. Its sexy. So, will another government asset, held in custody or trust, whichever term you may want to use, be surreptitiously transferred to a government-linked company like Sime Darby?;

If that is the route, then the modus operandi of our own corporate raiders has not change. The trend in recent years, is for the government crown jewels to cash out- for that is what it really is. Except it hides behind the euphemism of market capitalization.

Who is the grand wizard behind this deal? Musa the Black? The has been who was given a second lease of life by the inept Pak Lah? The most over-rated MF of a politician. The person reputed to be a political animal? He is more of a rat. A big one at that. And Musa is Pak Lah’s mentor. Also to the primus inter pares, the silverback, Shahrir Samad.

Were any of the top executives at IJN including the fitness freak Dr. Salleh Budu, husband of Shahrizat in the deal? Did Musa Hitam do a Nazir on the executives and board members of IJN- i.e. summoned them to a private meeting. And at the private meeting, Tun Musa brusquely told the IJN executives that their medical establishment was were going to be sold to Sime?

I am sure Dr Salleh knew of Sime Darby’s flirtations in wanting to eat up IJN and the magnitude of the deal is equivalent to the rudest bitch slap to their faces. Possibly being a masochist, he relishes the bitch’s slap or even maybe whipping. Except of course for Ahmad Zubir, who may have taken Tun Musa’s pronouncement with the coolness of someone who knew what was being laid all the time. His coolness is symptomatic of a sadist.


OTAI (Otak Tenang Akal Inovatif) 3 January 2009 at 00:42  


abe anok kelong jati
salam buat dinasti pok su loh

Saya... 3 January 2009 at 00:47  


Is it mating season?

Why is everyone blogging about sex?

I just did, twice...

Oh, no wonder. It's the air, Heat of the panting paraphiliacs still lusting after the Heart of the People. (First time dengar term tu sure you are not also a closet sexologist?)

btw, you asked a question:

What do we term this deal? The mother of all what?

I say: The mother of all f*ckers.

(sorry dato, can't resist that one)

Anonymous,  3 January 2009 at 10:13  

Salam Dato'
Aha - you were reading the FT. Yes - world wide depression knocking on our door steps.

Singapore has the National Cancer Centre. USA has John Hopkins. Sweden has Karolinska.

All medical institutions of great repute, a place where IJN can hold its own,a place where "miracles" - are performed on a daily basis, where blessed fingers give a new lease of life to the most vulnerable and youngest members of society. Because a great deal of peadiatric surgeries are performed in IJN, curing a wide variety of ailments.

Some viewers may be a bit surprised to hear Dato' use such language. But Dato' hits it spot on - what would you think of a person who is going to monetize a charity that he or she never contributed a sen to, a charity that preserves life,nurtured by the hard work and dedication of many, but corrupted by the greed of a few.

I don't think one could actually find such words. Its beyond proper language.

Wah Al-Subangi 3 January 2009 at 10:15  

i always thot musa hitam is a f$%king s hole..

Ir. Hanafi Ali 3 January 2009 at 11:42  

Truly the writings of a Muaythai fighter. Sharp, precise, forceful, inflicting a lot of damage.

Anonymous,  3 January 2009 at 12:07  

Salam Dato' Sak,
Apt descriptions of the sick players in this whole episode indeed! Great & timely expose! Keep 'em coming Tok!

Pak Zawi 3 January 2009 at 16:20  

Dato Sak,
Don't we have any true leaders left in this country? All we seem to have are robbers and plunderers.
God's retributions to some of them doesn't seem to have any effect at all.

Anonymous,  3 January 2009 at 19:50  

Happy New Year to all.

Although a little uncomfortable with the language, I am thankful that there are still many Malaysians out there who have the guts to say what needed to be said.

Can we all then answer Din's of Sime Darby Watch request -- lets start a crisis call for urgent movement to stop the IJN takeover. The Government must stop raiding and raping public institutions/GLCs that are working well.

If Sime Darby wants to be seen doing CSR, go and pick any other failing government ventures, and turn it around! Try the consolidate the express busses, or the KL taxis!

Sime Darby has managed to totally eliminate the brand and goodwill of Guthrie and Golden Hope. Lets not allow it to do the same to IJN.

A suggestion -- maybe go and make quick progress on the Institut Kanser Negara or something else! And please quit trying to erase and rebrand everything that Tun M has done. You can't erase his success of turning some Malaysians to be thinking citizens...


mekyam 4 January 2009 at 11:45  

tok sak,

remember what i said before... about musa hitam in the background, quietly whispering his dark counsels to further his vendetta against TDM and everything to do with the old man?

a hit at IJN, an institution that's literally and figuratively close to TDM's heart, would be one heck of a coup de grace!

abdullah badawi, fed with the delusions that he actually has a legacy to leave and one that shall overshadow that of his predecessor's [kesian! :D], was of course pie.

guess the man is too slow to figure out that musa secretly despises him because he, once simply dismissed as an inconsequential no-talent in musa's camp, actually gets the plum seat musa himself coveted.

bet musa is already gloating in delicious schadenfreude about the shi*t legacy that abdullah will inevitably leave. :D

as for the sidekick shahril, not only is he joined at the hips with musa politically, it is common knowledge he has his own axe to grind with TDM.

what care they for the rakyat's hearts if they can finally squeeze mahathir's, kan?

and where does the pm-in-waiting figure in this equation? my guess is najib has been held immobile, probably by that certain nether part of his anatomy, waiting to be made the goat.

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