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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 11 January 2009

Warkah to the people of Kuala Terengganu(1)

The enfant terrible of Blogsphere, RPK has written an open letter to the people of Terengganu. His exhortations are based on the following reasons:-

1. The people of KT need to send a message to the BN government because they are not happy.

2. He insists that the BN government, in particular UMNO have not heeded the people’s message.

3. 51 years is enough.

4. The permatang pauh was proof that UMNO remained belligerent.

5. BN gives out money which are the people’s anyway.

6. BN will spend at least 250m and yet gave out only 80m this January. BN siphoned 20b in oil royalty.

7. He suggests that the BN will use phantom voters to win. Suggest usage of IDs to vote on behalf of the 25,000 who he believes, will not come out to vote.

8. UMNO and Islam.

9. UMNO and other religious faiths.

10. Vote for pas because it cannot establish an Islamic state anyway.

What message? Are the KT people, RPK’s errand boy?

This 17 January 2009, the voters in KT will come out to exercise their democratic choice. I am urging the people of KT to vote as they did when they voted the late Razali. You will find the same reasons why you will want to vote for the BN candidate. The main reason being, the people of KT are pragmatic enough to hedge their bets. They already have the services of the 3 PAS ADUNS in the state. They want to have access to the federal government through a BN representative. This is a wise decision and let us keep it this way.

It’s all business . It was a decision based on pragmatism and common sense. Why do you want to gamble it all by insisting that you need another PAS wakil rakyat for parliamentary seat? The rational voter will want to have a balance. Yes, you are going to elect a BN candidate for the simple reason you want balance.

Of course this election is like what RPK said. is a proxy war between Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat. But it is more that what RPK wants us to believe. This election is an exercise in sensibility and pragmatism. Yours and no one can take that away. You must not allow it. Definitely not because the postmaster RPK wants you to send a message to the BN government.

It will also be a celebration of our own independence.

What independence? What did the verdict of the recent General Elections represent? When the KT people voted 3 PAS ADUNS, one MCA ADUN and one UMNO parliamentarian? It can only be a manifestation of the independent mindedness of the KT people. It can only mean, that KT people do make rational decisions, weighing the costs and benefits of making a pragmatic decision. They were willing to allow 3 PAS ADUNS and allow one MCA to take care of the Bandar area. But they also knew of the benefits of voting into office, a BN parliamentarian to network with the federal government. Indeed their pragmatism was rewarded by having the late Razali appointed as a deputy minister. Now, RPK wants to destroy your independent mindedness. Do not let him do this. He wants to make fools out of the KT people. After the elections, he will go back to KL to enjoy his time.

Barisan Nasional stands for a democratic and sensible government. It would be a stupid thing to do if your decision is grounded on a desire to just send a message to the Barisan Nasional. The people of Terengganu are not RPK’s errand boy. You are not cheapskate postmen used to bring messages on behalf of RPK and his gang of morbid anti BN motley crew.

You have already sent your message!

In the 2008 general elections, you have already sent a message which was loud and clear. Among the most prized outcome is, you have forced Abdullah Badawi to make way for Dato Seri Najib. That is sufficient proof of a genuine desire for UMNO and BN to listen to what the voters say. Abdullah Badawi owned up to the people. The person who has not owned up is the PKR chief, Anwar Ibrahim. He has craftily excused himself from owning up. The people who have not owned up are the PAS people for not admitting that it is impossible to establish an Islamic state.

It is travesty of reason to imply that UMNO has not learnt its lessons. Having heard the messages, where does it say, that UMNO’s admission must be validated by RPK? We don’t owe anything to RPK. We can’t be running around proving our transparency and truthfulness being validated by RPK in order to make ourselves believable. Because deep in your hearts you know UMNO as a whole is a decent party.

Which makes Wan Farid being the BN candidate a non issue really. He is here as an instrument for the BN government. He will also appreciate the responsibility being entrusted to him. One, to continue serving the KT people as BN rep. Two, to provide comparison in the study of effectiveness as representatives for the rakyat. He will also be aware that his actions will be subjected to watchful supervision of national leaders. It is most decent then for KT people to give Wan Farid a fair hearing.

Our decision on who to vote must be based on a wider perspective. UMNO has ruled the country since 1955. That’s 53 years. The people of Terengganu must question whether UMNO has squandered all the mandate it received such that, there are no redeeming features at all with UMNO’s rule. That is simply not true. UMNO has given democracy and development to the country. One cannot dismiss the whole on account of clogged monsoon drains and on account of different houses the leaders chose to live in. living in folksy houses can be signs of pompous piety as do living in mansion like homes be signals of ostentatious gloating. That is not for RPK and his cohort to judge, is it?


Anonymous,  11 January 2009 at 21:57  

lagi2 RPK...

takde manusia lain ke kita kena cerita. pogedit...

Anonymous,  11 January 2009 at 22:03  

hoi..habis? nak biar anak raja bugis ni cakap ikut suka. macam kau cakap la..pogedit

zooky 11 January 2009 at 22:20  

Well said, Datuk.
These are the thoughts I have, only I do not know how to express it as you do. Dan saya rasa, tentu ramai lagi yang setuju.

Anonymous,  12 January 2009 at 08:08  

My sentiment exactly, Datuk. Who the eff is this pompous half-breed to 'advise' us anak Terengganu what to do come January 17? My advice to him instead - go keep your own house 'literally and figuratively) in order. Enough of verbal diarrhoea.. MUAK ALREADY.

Anak Terengganu

Navi 12 January 2009 at 10:45  

Your loyalty to UMNO seems to overide good reasoning. While RPK might not be correct on all accounts,he has a valid reason for campaigning against UMNO. It is common knowledge that the BN Government cut off royalties to the PAS ruled State government of the day in 1999. Since then this money became referred to as wang ehsan and was administered by a select group. The use or misuse if the wang ehsan has not lifted the locals of Trengganu in any way. Most of it probably ended in the pockets of the select few.

The recent handing over of millions to schools and individuals in KT reek of corruption of the highest order. What RPK and his fellow bloggers (and readers of MT) want is this to end.

The March election was a clear indication by the poor that enough is enough. If the BN led government had initiated more humble approach and undertaken the much awaited reforms to stamp out this blatant practice of servitude to money by the UMNO and their cronies, the rakyat will once again turn to UMNO and BN to lead.
Under current conditions they have lost the confidence and no amount of posturing by its leaders (you included) will change this perception of a corrupt regime. BN has to die to rise again. RPK as a citizen and Malaysian of some standing has every right to speak to the people of KT. The people will decide if he has a valid reason or otherwise reject his call.

Anonymous,  12 January 2009 at 15:18  

Saya bukan orang politik tetapi saya ada mengikut perkembangan politik tanah air sekian lama.Dah 51 tahun kita Merdeka kebanyakan orang kita Melayu ari segi ekonomy jauh ketinggalan berbanding dengan bangsa asing dan bangsa UMNO.Saya dah jijik bangsa UMNO ni memerintah.Sat sat orang dia aje yang dapat dari segi ape pun.Bodoh macam tunggul pun dapat menerajui sesebuah syarikat yang besar sampai syarikat tu bankrupt mengunakan wang kerajaan.Siapa yang menyukong UMNO mereka tu dah dapatlah ganjarannya itu sebab bermatimatian menyokong UMNO,kalau tidak periok nasi mereka tak berasaplah.Mampos UMNO.

Anonymous,  12 January 2009 at 15:24  

Inilah masalah orang bercakap tak guna otak. pakai hantam kromo aja, making sweeping statements right left and centre. saya orang UMNO, tapi tak semestinya saya suka apa yg saya lihat dalam UMNO hari ini. Baik saya sokong the devil that I know than the devil that chooses to memantat..

anak terengganu

Anonymous,  12 January 2009 at 15:28  

btw, I wasn't referring to you Sak, my ranting was targeted at the two comments preceeding mine. macamlah after 51 years of merdeka takder perubahan in the lives of orang melayu... give credit where credit is due la, fockers..


Greenbottle 12 January 2009 at 15:33  


this is worse than obscene.
I pity my fellow malays. they are so god damned stupid that they still can not think beyond UMNO.

UMNO is a spent force. their leaders are despicable and the party is now nothing more than a virulent racist party bereft of any idalism.they have failed to uplift the malays ,let alone to struggle for Islam.

umno's real 'success' is only in turning malays into racist bigots which in turn, make the non malays more suspicious of the malays and contrer reacted and the result of which everybody can see in the march 8 election results.

umno can and will never learn. my happiest day will be when umno, this despicable party will be banished from the face of the earth.

only then will the malays can truly open their eyes and hopefully like pheonix rises back from the ashes.

Anonymous,  12 January 2009 at 15:56  

please lah .. people, UMNO ni dah tak ada modal dan moral untuk mentabir Malaysia lagi.Ada tak siapa siapa dari UMNO sekarang ni boleh di katakan "Competent" dari segi akedemi atau intellectual untuk menjadi pemimpin ? UMNO sekarang ni bagaikan "kumpulan penyamum" di mata kaca rakyat ! Inilah sentiment rakyat jelata sekarang ni!



Anonymous,  12 January 2009 at 16:04  

Dear Navi,

You don't seem to understand Sak's message. You have to differentiate between PRU and PRK. The first reads Pilihan Raya Umum and the second reads Pilihan Raya Kecil.

Open up English dictionary and try to understand the word pragmatism as used by our Dato over and over again.

Put it plain simple. Are people of KT vote for their benefits or vote to prove their distress? Terengganu is BN state. It is like you have a boss that you are not happy with, but voicing out your distress with your boss will not change anything except for your boss to put more distress onto you. So would you still voice out your distress or you just keep your mouth shut?

To put a PR representative in an already BN controlled state may sound heroic, but not practical at all because it won't change anything except asking for the BN government to squeeze the people of KT out. If you are talking about delivering the message, the message already being delivered in PRU 12! So what message are they trying to deliver?

The sort of RPK and his goons are just making used of the people of KT to further their morbid anti BN sentiment at the expense of the people of KT. If you seriously think all those corruption and racial sentiment will change just by having PAS winning the KT election, you must be so naive. What you will get is probably one or two article in Malaysian Today praising the "bravery" of the people of KT. That's all. When the election is over, it is the people of KT who will have to face with their daily chore and RPK will not be responsible to what ever happen to the people of KT.

bumidaku 12 January 2009 at 16:12  

Saya fikir sebaliknya dari RPK. Pengundi Melayu harus menghantar mesej DENGAN MENGUNDI UMNO!

Saya sudah garap di tulisan saya di sini bertajuk "Kenapa pengundi PAS Kuala Terengganu mesti mengundi UMNO kali ini" di sini:-


Mintak tolong publish comment dan link kan Dato'.

Anonymous,  12 January 2009 at 18:48  

I am from Kuala Trengganu. I am going back to vote for PAS together with my wife, hers and my parents.

BN have to go. The only good they know is how to think of collossal project proposal.

Anonymous,  12 January 2009 at 21:11  

Salam Dato',
I can't really comment on RPK's letter or your response to RPK's letter because to me its mssing the wood for the trees.

This campaign is very important because it will the first example of a true test of PAS new manifesto "PAS for All" in the heart of the Malay base - the East Coast.

I did some analysis on this campaign, over here
I think most UMNO folks/strategists/4th floors underestimate or misunderstand this message. I think its powerful, flexible and can take on different meanings to different individuals. What is clear is that PAS is making a pitch for Putrajaya with this campaign, and to the extent that the core supporters see this as a natural progression of the party's struggle, what you will have is that PAS can still hold on to its base, and at the same time diversify its appeal to other demographics which had previously been the sole monopoly of UMNO/BN.

This election has a lot to do with marketing and messaging. As it stands right now, PAS is winning hands down. BN/UMNO has 100 hours to come out with a counter game plan.
I have done my small little part for free

Anonymous,  13 January 2009 at 02:01  


Siapakah bekas Menteri yang sibuk nak bertanding untuk jawatan naib presiden Umno, tetapi sedang bercuti di Bahamas sekarang ni?

Pemimpin-pemimpin Umno lain sedang sibuk berkempen untuk Calon Barisan Nasional menjelang pilihanraya kecil Kuala Terengganu Sabtu ini, tetapi bekas Menteri ni sedang bersantai dengan ahli-ahli keluarganya di Kepulauan Bahamas yang memang terkenal sebagai destinasi pelancongan.

Yang lain sibuk berkempen siang-malam, sipolan ini sedang menikmati angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa di tepi pantai. Alangkah bahagianya hidup.

Perwakilan Umno patut menolak pemimpin seperti ini. Sudah banyak sangat kes sipolan ini. Batu dan kayu sahaja yang sipolan ini tak makan, yang lain habis dimentedarah...

Pantun untuk Dato' Seri Najib:

Bercerai sudah bertalak sudah
kasih sayang ditelan waktu
Mencuri sudah, meraba sudah
Takkan nak simpan sipolan begitu.

Pian Gombak.

Anonymous,  13 January 2009 at 02:19  


Siapakah bekas Menteri yang sibuk nak bertanding untuk jawatan naib presiden Umno, tetapi sedang bercuti di Bahamas sekarang ni?

Pemimpin-pemimpin Umno lain sedang sibuk berkempen untuk Calon Barisan Nasional menjelang pilihanraya kecil Kuala Terengganu Sabtu ini, tetapi bekas Menteri ni sedang bersantai dengan ahli-ahli keluarganya di Kepulauan Bahamas yang memang terkenal sebagai destinasi pelancongan.

Yang lain sibuk berkempen siang-malam, sipolan ini sedang menikmati angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa di tepi pantai. Alangkah bahagianya hidup.

Perwakilan Umno patut menolak pemimpin seperti ini. Sudah banyak sangat kes sipolan ini. Batu dan kayu sahaja yang sipolan ini tak makan, yang lain habis dimentedarah...

Pantun untuk Dato' Seri Najib:

Bercerai sudah bertalak sudah
kasih sayang ditelan waktu
Mencuri sudah, meraba sudah
Takkan nak simpan sipolan begitu.

January 13, 2009 1:43 AM

Khun Pana aka johanssm 13 January 2009 at 04:42  

It is about check and balance.
Too many umno's ppl in charge and there goes the petty cash.
More oppositions must be voted in for an effective democracy to work.
Good sense tells you that.
As soon as PR obtain the 5 states even the highway contracts are expose.
Siapa yang rugi?Rakyat rugi sebab semua contract berpihat kepada siapa. ?
KT is just another seat, let PAS have it.

Anonymous,  13 January 2009 at 12:26  

The sooner those Umno pukes get AKAYED THE BETTER IT IS FOR THE COUNTRY!If i can recall as a young boy those kapal guys under the gists of Alliance parties right through the Dacing was really a monopoly of one race dictating over the others.We have enough of those rots created by that famous HALF BREED OF A CORUPT FOMER PM.Yeah! he spawned a new breed of melayu baru in the civil services from armed forces to police who knows that taking bribes is a way of life.Funny have you all realised its the malays themselves who are most corrupt!
Well RPK writings do open our eyes that its ok to be corrupt even if you are muslims.C an we really find or most probably find an honest soul in F#$@%king umno?
Forget it! Sak ! umno needs no saving and we malays is paying an expensive price today!
It's mind bogling that we can allow a few divisional leaders of the most corrupted melayu party to appoint a government for its party members and not the country!
The case in KT is not about RPK's yearnings for a change but the moral courage to kick those devils out and lay a transparent path to a clean government.
Its time we give the new generation a clean bill to start!

Chet 14 January 2009 at 04:05  

I didn't know how to contact you by email and wanted to let you know that my blog has been hacked and is down. I have contacted blogger and hoping they will be able to restore it. in the meantime I am still blogging at this url for now.

I am grateful for you adding Justice to your blog list and hope to have it up and running soon.

Anonymous,  14 January 2009 at 21:26  

I find it rather strange that you had taken exception to RPK's writing. Surely much of what he had said was also reiterated by you.

Your irrational response to RPK's writing is rather uncharacteristic of you.

And what is even more interesting your irrational acceptance of umno - inspite of listing a litany of sins.

To argue that a small number of bad hats had given umno a bad wrap would certainly be the understatement of the century.

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