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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 6 September 2021

To Shape The Bamboo Must Begin With The Shoot

1. Many times, the dumbing down of the Malaysian public is exacerbated by clownish social media.

2. Sometimes I wonder how on earth did the head of the media entity employ such idiots.

3. These people are a bad influence on the public, especially on the younger generation who go to national type schools.

4. How exasperating when we hear UMNO being pronounced as "oomphno", Malaysia Gazette as "Gezatay", Nasution as "nasushion", DAP as "da-ap", dateline as "date-leener".

5. This bloke is torturing us. He should be permanently locked up and circumcised a second time.

6. I am not an Anglophile and take pains to suffer fools. But if you Google up, it teaches you how to pronounce words. Don't be lazy. Do a bit of research. Raise the public's intelligence.

7. Don't drown the minds of the public with your deliberate mispronunciations because a generation will grow up accepting the mispronunciations as normal.

8. You may think that this mispronouncing thing is trivial and not something to be fussed about, but there are more sinister implications.

9. By and large, the people guilty of mispronouncing are Malay youths. To me that may indicate mental laziness to look up, do research and all sorts of mental inertia. On the other hand, Chinese and Indian youths take the extra mile and try to pronounce nouns and verbs correctly.

10. That may indicate a cerebral gap between the races. The future favours the industrious and smart. Where will that leave most of the Malays?

11. It's also indicative of a failed education system. Teachers failed to correct the deficiencies early.


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