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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

A Pact With The Devil.

1. As I understand it, an MOA is not legally binding. There's no intention to make it so.

2. So if one party most likely umno were to renege, so what? You may call umno all the dastardly names, they mean nothing.

3. To UMNO, reneges may be unconscionable, but what you feel in the heart is not legally amenable.

4. So if UMNO were to renege, or not keep its part of the Faustian bargain, it's no scabies/kudis to them.

5. Look, I was in umno from 1990 to end of 2011 and even became its adun. I know a little bit of umnoism. I came from the rank and file, paid my dues. Anwar too came from umno, but he came from the heavens.

6. He's cheese, I am chalk. To lie, cheat or otherwise be dishonourable, is second nature to umno.

7. Therefore, I won't be surprised if Ismail Sabri goes back on his words. Lying is part of umno ethos.

8. Would he send Najib and Zahid to jail? Would he limit himself to 2 terms? Would he implement undi 18 if most of the 18-year-old are anti-government?

Nahi nahi. Fulfilling part of the bargain is no full bargain.

9. To implement the anti-hopping law and spending RM45 billion are good for everyone anyway. It's a function of any government. They are going to be done anyhow.

10. Therefore, the MOA which is not too legally binding, is so chuckable into the dustbin.

11. The toilet paper is worth much more. At least you can wipe your buttocks or clean your nose.

12. Except in this case, the opposition are wiping their buttocks and then cleaning their noses.

13. That's gross!

14. The impact of the MOA on umno is an iffy subject. It depends on so many iffs. In economics, iff means if and if. The MOA is assumptions based.

15. Iffs is a term. If is another.

16. Because it's based on so many assumptions, I am afraid it's going to make an ass of you and me.

17. It's a test whether umno and PN2 has integrity and is honourable or not. Will the Ismail government keep its part of the bargain? I think not. Its integrity is not to have any integrity.

18. The MOA is just a public relations gimmick. To prove to everyone, the government is big-hearted. Actually it wants to prolong its longevity which is its main aim.

19. Already the government is showing its condescending attitude. The Gaultier from ketereh for instance, is saying the MOA proves that the government is big-hearted. What he is really saying is, the government doesn't have to come up with the MOA at all.

20. Only the opposition wants to make it a big hooha. It's a case where the nose is not pointed, to make it seem so, you push your cheeks.

21. IF the government does not interfere with the courts which are maybe already compromised with monetary gratifications, the court cluster would receive its comeuppance including going to jail.

22. That would contribute to cleansing half of umno from crooked leaders. I say half, because the betrayers are in power still.

23. Only if Ismail feels he is fortified by support from the opposition, will he launch his own night of the long knives or Rohm purge.

24. But that would make Ismail seem to depend on the opposition for his political succour. That's not acceptable by umno with its current mindset.

25. So I don't think Ismail will do anything to the court cluster. They will not flounder/menggelupur, will not stem corruption, not stay away off the courts. Zilch! The opposition can kiss that part of the bargain goodbye.

26. Would the PM limit his tenure to 2 terms? That would be like asking him to shoot at his own feet.

27. Would the government implement the undi 18? Not if that pulls the rug under their feet

28. The 45billion stimulus package? Probably yes, but not because the opposition pressed for it. It is still good news from the government. The government will come out smelling like a rose.

29. The anti-hopping law? Probably yes, because it would prevent desertion from umno. Members can't wait to leave the Grand Corrupt Party(GCP).

30. I think the MOA is one Bridge Too Far for the opposition. Initial euphoria will turn into irreversible despair.


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