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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 9 September 2021

Shaping The Bamboo.


1. We can't always compensate for our deficiencies by insisting on our might, as in might is right.

2. Just because we are Malays, doesn't mean we can ignore, for lack of an appropriate word, stupidity.

3. Therefore, you may think that pronouncing oomno, Malaysia gazatay, dateleener, da- ap or nasushiyon as something you can celebrate you are mistaken.

4. In fact, I think you are lazy, does not have the basic education and are likely to occupy the lower end of jobs.

5. Therefore, when the economy is bad as it is now, who do you think will get retrenched first?

6. I have no doubt Malay lower end workers will get retrenched first. Then perhaps you get jobs with sensation grabbing internet news portals. Which will fizzle out in the long run.

7. But don't rush to turn your retrenchment into a racial issue by saying, "See, more malays are being retrenched"

8. Get the figures from the labour office or official government statistics, we will probably find more Chinese and Indians are retrenched.

9. So it's probably not true that Malays are retrenched in higher proportions than Malaysian Chinese and Indians.

10. What is perhaps true is that Malays doing lower end jobs get retrenched more. More so if the employer were Chinese and want Chinese employees.

11. Certainly, I wouldn't employ an idiot who can't pronounce correctly.

12. One of the solutions is to educate oneself, cultivate oneself, learn new skills and learn new ways to do the same thing.

13. The idea is to make oneself useful and as indispensable as possible, to the firm and to the country.

14. It's the same of the country -make itself useful to the community and the world.

15. One of the advices I would give to our 1.6 m civil servants, is never to stop educating and cultivating yourself. Certainly, never to make an idiot who thinks it's fashionable to keep mispronouncing words and verbs as a role model. Learn never to accept mediocrity.

16. I can't resist this jibe-when the PM consults a convicted felon on how to manage our economy, either mediocrity is the new normal or he himself is mediocre.

17. Might as well consult massacre Muthu of Raub or the heavenly king on how to run our economy.

18. Learn new skills to make oneself useful because in times of economic hardships, collateral damage is part of the attrition.

19. The government can't tell companies not to retrench or trim down. Because that would send wrong economic signals. Companies have to trim down to stay competitive.

20. Only the government is adamant about scaling down or trimming to stay competitive. Thats because our leaders don't understand economics.


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