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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 19 September 2021

The MOA: A Mephistophelian Bargain.

1. The signing of the pugnacious MOA will not stop politicking.

2. Politicians and people will be politicking as they liked despite the MOA.

3. It depends on government policies, actually. If they are bad, people will talk anyway. If they don't or like them, they will agitate.

4. So you think people give two hoots if a Tony Pua says the MOA will stop politicking?

5. So even if there is a ceasefire, armistice, stand down etc some people will still fire their katyushas.

6. The apologists of the MOA, with their cock-and-bull rationales, are just trying to straighten a wet thread.

7. You think a piece of paper signed by the elected pigs can mollify pent-up frustrations of the people?

8. I would not like to become Pollyannaish to think that what the opposition asks will be incorporated into government policies.

9. Ohh.. I am sure there will be some concessions, but not the ones that go to the heart of umnoism.

10. The Anti-Hopping Bill, the 45 billion covid assistance will, perhaps reluctantly, see the light of day.

11. But things like limiting the PMs term to 10 years, interference with the courts and undi 18 will be ignored. The opposition can shout themselves coarse.
These are what make umno survive.

12. It's just implausible to think that Ismail Sabri has the testicular fortitude to send the umno court cluster to jail. Good if he does.

13. Especially red lips, Najib and Wak penorogo Bagan Latoh.
That bold non-interference with the courts would eliminate the entire leadership of umno.

14. So it's not good sense that prevailed, but bad judgement call and excessive optimism that reigns.

15. People are not going to be assuaged hearing unproven promises of opposition's requests being incorporated or affirmation that the opposition is not supporting Ismail Sabri.

16. I am afraid it's not a bite of the sweet cherry with Ismail Sabri but a bite of some inedible jungle fruit even monkeys will stay clear.

17. One needs to understand the psychology of people. Their response is herdish by nature. A failed government is not going to be saved by a few cosmetic changes.

17b. Once the blockage is removed, people will be on the rampage.

18. They will also feel betrayed by the opposition. The DAP in particular, will rue the day it signed the MOA.

19. What has the opposition got itself into? It's stupid of them to believe umno.

20. To lie, obfuscate, back pedal, circumambulate and to renege is second nature to umno.

21. Mamu Anwar especially, has got a lot of cents but no Dollars.

22. DAP and Amanah may be inadvertent participant in Anwar's narcissistic fix. It's indeed a new thing in the anus of Malaysian politics.


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