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Friday 17 July 2020

The PPBM Lone Wolf

1. It was reported that Mahathir's PPBM is pulling out of Pakatan. Its 5 MP strong, but I am sure it has followers.

2. It came to that decision after DAP and Amanah decided to support PKR and thus agree to Anwar Ibrahim as the next PM.

3. In naming Anwar  as PM, Pakatan minus the fab 5 also named Mukhriz as a possible DPM.

4. Clearly that is an attempt to soften up Mahathir into being less  harsh.

5. What form does the 'less harsh' attitude takes, is open-ended.

6. It may lead to Mahathirs PPBM being  distinct but less  hostile since the common enemy is PN. After all the enemy of my enemy can be my ally.

7. But I  doubt that will happen. Mahathir may decide to still go it alone.  He knows  PKR is as good as the previous election and in the next it could be weaker.

8. PKR did good because it was part of an unbroken Pakatan and it was because of Mahathir.

9. Anwar alone could not muster widespread support and Mahathir  knows  this. So do DAP and Amanah.

10. The harsh truth is Anwar needs Mahathir  more than the old man needs Anwar. If he still wants to be PM.

11. Mukhriz is going to refuse the political invitation and Mahathir's PPBM will remain distinct.

12. If that is the case, all the better.  It means that Mahathir's faction is not tied to any electoral  pact.  It can field its candidates even in PKR's territories.

13. Wanting some closure, we also would like to know who represents Malays  better PKR or PPBM.

14. Whether we like it or not, Malay support defines Malaysian  politics. And whoever commands it will triumph. Anwar cannot swing it alone and the DAP and Amanah  know this.  If it were a bluff, they will rue their decision to back Anwar.

15. Thinking they could corner Mahathir, they must be thinking now whether their move was right.

16. If I were Mahathir  I will choose to go it alone and will decide my options after the next GE. PKR may turn out to be just a paper tiger.

17. Expediency may just make DAP and Amanah  to eventually support the political chess grandmaster and let PKR gambles alone.

18. I also read a non-Malay PKR leader refuting Mahathir's assessment  that a non-Malay  cannot become PM just yet. Refuting for the sake of refuting is just a show of brinkmanship.

19. But more importantly, that refute hardly endears PKR to the Malay heartland.  PKR must realise that without Malay support it will not amount to much.

Its true what the old adage says - loose lips sink ships.  The PKR ship is sinking.

20. That is a personal evaluation of the little noticed Mahathir decision to go it alone. In the end I  believe PKR will stand to lose. Being stubborn and unyielding  are not good virtues.


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