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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 25 July 2020

Much Ado about Nothing..

1. Najib  has appeared on FB to comment on the reasons why Dr Mahathir resigned. He said it was full of b.s.

2. As to the reasons for the resignation I have given reasoned arguments in an earlier article.

3. I am not  going to elaborate on the reasons therein but would like to comment on Najib's brief ejaculation of comments.

4. Let's be smart for a moment.  Those who read the FB or a more dignified version in sarawakvoice, are likely to have some level of education.  That being so, we must recognise  that it must necessarily be a partisan view.

5. We know Najib is the ultimate UMNO roughneck.  His short comments are rough and course.
He was in high spirits.  UMNO have won 5 consecutive  by election victories. He prematurely  comes to the conclusion  that PH will lose in the next GE.

6. No one knows the future. The outcome of the GE is beyond us. We are not clairvoyants. It could very well be that if the rakyat  have rejected UMNO they could do it again.  So I would take Najib's statement on  this point lightly.

7. It's just a self-serving opinion. It's  obviously  coloured  by his UMNO background  and the pyrrhic  victories.
For all you know he could have bought voters with 1mdb money.

8. Tell me which crocodile  doesn't  eat corpse?

9. If a pea brained like Najib  can know that Mahathir  refuses to be shackled especially  by DAP,  Mahathir  would know much more. Half of Mahathir"s brain is worth the whole of Najib.

10. Of course Mahathir  knows it.  The 5 losses were clear signals anyone could have read. Mahathir would have corrected it had he become PM.

11. Now its academic. Muhyiddin has corrected Mahathir's mistake.  In fact has overcorrected it by just having wee kah siong and saravanan as window dressing uncle Toms

12. But the Malay ground likes it.  That's more important.

13. As to the bad blood between Mahathir  and Anwar,  Najib  is belabouring  the obvious.

14. Everyone  knows  about the deep-seated rift between  the 2 covered at times for expediencies. Mahathir will never want to see Anwar  as pm. Full stop.

15. It's better for Anwar  to work with Amanah  and later negotiate  with Muhyiddin. DAP  can always be icing on the cake.

16. Let Mahathir  goes it alone.  See if alone he can accomplish anything substantial.

17. So without Najib  saying anything  there are so many permutations to the Mahathir- Anwar  relationship, not even thought  of by Najib.

18. There's nothing spectacular  about Najib's fb diarrhoea. He just can't resist taking potshots at Mahathir.

19. Let's  nor forget Kim Jong Najib  has committed  the heist of the century and Mahathir  took action  against  him. So at every turn Najib  will take potshots  at Mahathir.
Hence, the childish remarks about Mahathir  being expelled  and resigning.

20. Hence, Najib's verbal discharges must be seen in their proper setting. They served as filibuster -delaying the inevitable.

21. The Police Inn at Bamboo River  beckons  him.  In the meantime he works on his FB beguiling the unquestioning  masses.

22. The Quran  says there are those among you whose  narration  about  worldly things doth mesmerise the people,..but behind you he destroys your plantations  and livestock.


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