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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 5 July 2020

A Malay Sandiwara.

1. I was looking at this fairy tale picture. The photographer  must have a macabre  sense of humour or is a sadist who likes to torture us.

2. Najib will always  remain a bloody crook.  He maybe  acquitted but that doesn't mean he's not guilty. It only means he has beaten the rap.

3. He's a damaged good and that means he has 2 chances  to become PM once again-slim and none.

4. His current hobby is to tell of the many contracts given to TDM's sons. Does that make him clean? 2 wrongs do not a right!

5. Would he  be this vindictive  if he himself is not facing a multitude of legal actions?
The contracts given to Dr Mahathir's sons pale in comparison to the heist committed by Herr Najib. It's a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

6. I would like to ask the uncritical  minds lip licking over Najib's exposure this question.

7. Wasn't Najib  part of the cabinet then? If he was, then he was complicit in  the abuses of power or corruption if any.  His silence does not make him clean as a whistle.

8. Najib's silence  was not golden -perhaps  he had own skeletons  in the cupboard  then.

9. It's just a red herring  to divert attention  from  the notorious  1MDB. I wouldn't  place too much premium on Najib's sudden holier than thou conscience.

10. Dr Mahathir may not be a saint and can  be faulted  in many ways.  But his legacies  are many and enjoyed by the masses.  Najib's legacy is 1MDB.

11. We have not heard of the many dubious deals Najib  made during his tenure as defence minister, his deals as education minister, finance minister. Or the pillage that took place when he was pm.

12. It's just a diversion  to distract attention  from his own heinous  acts.  All the more reason to suspect  that he's trying to hide his own guilt!
Perhaps  the rumours  that he has USD  16 billion  stashed all over the  place  are true! God knows.

13. Azmin may be a personable fellow, but he will rue the consequences of his treacherous  act.  He will learn that dishonourable  means do not justify the ends.

14. A more likely scenario is that both will end like the dinosaurs-extinct by the next elections.

15. So Azmin may play courteous  and Najib  may flash his redlips. By the way if readers  want to know  why Najib  has got perpetual red lips you have to meet me in person and ask.  Hehe there are children around!

16. The above picture  reminds  me of an Arab caricature - 2 Arabs with flowing robes meet  one another. They kiss one  another  on the cheeks and put their arms around each other.  But both have daggers on each others back. The robes hide the grenades, rocket launchers and AK47.

17. Azmin and Najib  may smile at each other but both have daggers  at each other's back! Let's see who plunges the dagger first.

18. Then we all can sing 'the first cut is the deepest'.


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