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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 24 July 2020

A political gambit turned awry.

1. Now its about time I  analysed the rationale behind Dr Mahathir's resignation. To my mind it was a political gambit turned awry. It was a needless move.

2. It showed that Dr Mahathir  did not value the office. So why should we give him another chance? So that he can play another chess game? It's not as if the sky will fall down if we don't.

3. I blamed Dr Mahathir  for puting us in a political  turmoil  that we in today if its one. So don't blame Muhyiddin. Or scapegoating.

4. Muhyiddin saw an opportunity  and he took it. So what if he used unscrupulous  methods.  Politics is not a vocation of finesse.

5. It's an application  of Machiavellis criminal virtu.  Use unscrupulous  ways to achieve an objective.  Just don't use it to often as to become mindless brutality.  The end justifies the means.

6. Yes it was sly, lying and deceitful but Muhyiddin's move at that time was effective. Save the people from a needless boardgame.

7. You can accuse me of trying to justify a terrible consequence - I don't give a rat's ass.
For enabling  unbridled  corruption to take place, the judges and moral lawyers have to play an edifying  role.

8. Virtuous people must stop the crooks, otherwise  the country  will go to the dogs. Didn't  the Quran  say, if God does not create a group to stop the evil another brings forth, the world will be destroyed. I am sure your own Holy book says the same.

9. The crooks planned better. So at the moment they are victorious.  Just invent a better mousetrap.

10. If people still think that its Dr Mahathir  is the one to give us the Eureka  moment what can I  say? It was  he who made a bad mistake. To me it was just a political adventurism we do not need.

11. So why did the old man resign? He did that for 2 reasons. 1. He does not want brother Anwar to be PM.  2. He does not want to be shackled  by AMANAH, PKR and DAP.

12. Dr Mahathir has his reasons for not wanting Anwar  to become pm. He may be right. He may be wrong.  But he cannot impose a personal and biased assessment  on  us.

13. In history  many world  leaders were accused of sodomy. It's not easy to actually prove so. I have my own judgement as to Anwar's sexual orientations but I  cannot impose my views on others.

14. Iff it were true that our friend  is a sodomite, he can do it to anyone as long it's not my backside. Notice I  used the economist's iff.
In any case those who enjoin him in doing so, did it willingly and may have similar sexual orientations. It's not up to us indivually to disqualify Anwar. Savvy kemosabe?

15. So it's not up to Dr. Mahathir alone to say Anwar  is or is not fit to become pm. If the rakyat wants him, who is Dr Mahathir  to say otherwise? Who am I  to say he cannot? Whether I like it or don't like it, I'll have to learn to live with it.

16. At least Anwar  is uncompromising towards corruption, abuse of power and all the evils associated  with a kleptocratic UMNO.

17. Dr Mahathir  refuses to be shackled  by duds from his PH partners. The cartoonish Mat  Sabu  as defence minister must mean dr Mahathir  is watching  too much of Tom and Jerry,  Bugs  Bunny  and Road Runner movies!

18. And I think he became a useful idiot when he retained somePKR luminaries when the party has expelled  the recalcitrant few. Obviously  Dr Mahathir does  not respect the wishes of an allied party.
How earth-shatteringly clever can these people be? Now they have gone to the dark side.

19. Dr Mahathir  did not read the Malay  home ground correctly.  They do not take it kindly to having too many DAP  people as ministers. They refused to be participants to Mahathir's new-found muhibbah experiment.

20. And they sent their signals in 5 consecutive   by-election losses for ph.

21. Dr Mahathir  may have intended to correct these mistakes by resigning but didn't see it coming from Muhyiddin.

It was a deft move from Muhyiddin. A pièce de résistance.

22. Don't  get me wrong.  I still admire Dr Mahathir . But I would be remiss in my duty if I do not criticise what I think are his errors.

23. A friend sent me an article carried by sarawakvoice. It carried a face book  analysis  by malingku Najib Razak on the real reasons why Mahathir  resigned. It was  full of B.S. said malingku.

24. Of course Najib  will say that. It's a partisan view.  He's UMNO isn't  he? His analysis is both banal and humbug.

25. No self-respecting party will celebrate a self-serving  and full of one liner statements like Najib's.

26. Najib did not give reasoned arguments but offered sensational one liners. You know what people say about one liners? You can shove them to where the sun never shines.

27. Najib said one of the reasons why Mahathir  resigned  was because, having lost 5 by elections,  Mahathir  fears that PH will lose the next GE.

28. That's  self-serving isn't  it? Its braggadacious on Najib's part.  Winning 5 by-elections  gave Najib the bragging rights. Hello-5 swallows do not make a summer!

29. It's an inine observation. I have said it before and  will say it again., if Najib can become a pm, anybody  can too.

30. Even Mat  Tompel! Those from Pekan and old enough, will know  this character. A celebrated and amusing village idiot. A court jester too.


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