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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 29 July 2020

The Great Con Job. Behind the Goldman Settlement.

1. Let's make 1 thing clear.  The amount  demanded by the Mahathir  government  was USD  7.5 billion.

2. So how can USD 3.9 billion (actually USD  2.5 billion) be a success?

3. It means the short statement  issued by the pm was  worth less than the paper it was printed on.

4. It also meant the unelected buffoon  at the Finance ministry  misled everyone including  the PM.

5. For wasn't the USD  1.4 billion the assets returned home by the DOJ?

6. If that is so, then there is. an element of double counting.  Any bean counter would recognise  this at once!

7. It is also misleading  to claim that the deal with Goldman Sachs  enabled us avoid  costly court appearance,  time and money etc. We are willing  to pay USD 250 million  to recover USD 3 to USD  4 billion. Isn't this a case of penny wise pound foolish statement?

8. Any economist will tell you  that you have to spend money to earn money.  There is no such thing as a free lunch.
And since when is the pursuit of justice and  the recovery  of our stolen money free?

9. If it means we can achieve  our ends by any means necessary  we must do it.

10. And what are our ends? (1) to squeeze blood from stone and (2) to send the bloody crooks to jail which is their rightful  place.

11. Yet the Finance Minister  seems to trivialise the issue, treating the Goldman  deal as an excuse  to not go any further.
Hello-people spare no efforts to get as much money.  The minister is easily satisfied  already.

12. In doing so, the minister  appears not only incompetent  but manages  to make the pm looked like a bloody fool!

13. Getting  back USD 2.5b over USD 1.75b is no big deal. The minister  failed to mention the fact that the previous elected PH administration, rejected the offer.

14. What the deal did was to help Goldman  beat the rap and allowing the financial  behemoth to apportion blame to 2 bad-apple employees.

15. In  doing so Goldman  succeeded in cleansing itself and suckered  the Finance Minister silly.

16. But in apportioning blame to the 2 unfortunate  employees, Goldman  inadvertently  confirmed that 1mdb is both fraudulent  and corrupt.

17. That admission  is a strong reason  enough to go on hard on the crooks who perpetrated  the heinous 1mdb.

18. The crooks are the same UMNO people who now seemed to have a new lease of life under  the corruption friendly administration of Wak Muhyiddin.

19. They are now able  to turn  calamity to a windfall  by
(a) having a reduced settlement  for their partner in crime(messrs Goldman) and
(b) the real possibilities of avoiding  jail for themselves by orchesrating deals such as this  one.

20. Why do I say windfall? Because master dealer Goldman  has actually allotted USD 10b for settlement  with the slow witted negotiators of Malaysia.

21. So  having to pay USD  2.5b is chicken feed for Goldman. They may now even share the allocation with the useful idiots  in UMNO. After all they are accustomed  to bribing people.

22. A dog usually eats its own shit, if it doesn't,  just sniffing it is enough.

23. That's  Goldman and the UMNO pariahs for you.

24. They are pariahs not because  of extreme poverty or being at the lowest end of the feeding line, but they are untouchables  because  they are protected  by law.

25. Its a windfall for  the UMNO crooks, because  now it's an established precedent that you only need to return some of the stolen  loot and you can avoid jail. Sigh, it seems we have  no more brave and virtuous  judges. All it seems, is rotten in the state of the judiciary.

26. So malingku is salivating at the prospects of paying back a portion of the 1mdb loot, and he can avoid  jail.

27. Under  the corruption  friendly administration  of wak Muhyiddin the jawa Penorogo, the UMNO crooks can ply  their trade with  wanton abandon.

28. They are particularly  active in Sabah, openly trying to bribe the infamous  frog MPs of Sabah to cross over to UMNO.
An MP is offered  up to rm32million per person. You think that would  not rattle the faith? Even the turban will fall off.

29. These going ons invite the usual uproar from righteous people but is dismissed arrogantly  by the Malaysian  Benedict  Arnold, Azmin  Ali. The Judas  of Jesus's  message. The Bayard  Rustin  of pkr's reformasi

30. But unlike Rustin,  never hides his homosexuality  while fighting alongside Martin Luther King.

31. Those  who decry the unbridled  corruption and the judicial machinations  are cry babies says sagelike Azmin.

32. They need to tough  up or tough it up, like him of course. I supposed  to become a turncoat is a virtue to sing about.

33. Its true as Rafidah Aziz quoted, when the law  no longer protects the people from the corrupt, but corrupt from the people, the country is going to the dogs.


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