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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 7 April 2020

Why Najib is hateable

There was an article saying at long last, TDM's hatred for Najib is exposed. That apologetic regurgitation shall not go unchallenged! It does not require TDM to hate Najib. The jowlish Najib is intrinsically repulsive.

Najib is H. Weinstein and J. Epstein rolled into one Clyde Barrow of Malaysia and David Duke of UMNO redneckism.  What's there not to hate?

Najib became MP when his father Tun Razak  passed away. It was also the result of the Malay fetish with ascriptive character.

A person is assumed to inherit the father's leadership qualities. How wrong can people be?

Didn't the Quran tells us there comes a person whose narrative about the world doth mesmerised us but behind us plots evil? The person destroys our livestock and farms!

Tun Razak built Felda, Najib the evil son dismembered it and called the settlers who refused his ploy "haramjadah"?

Look at NFC. Najib allowed it to happen. When the top beam is crooked, all the rest will not be straight!

When Najib became MP, he could not even speak Malay properly prompting one ex-adun to remark,
"Awak ni kalau minum arak baru lancar!"

Where Tun Razak was humble, Najib is feudalistic. Where TR genuinely cared for the people, Najib  was hypocratic. Where TR shook our hands firmly, Najib's handshake is limp! That's the measure of the man. Still wonder why Najib  is so repulsive?

I remember once, Najib visited a kampung in Pekan. He saw people living in chicken-coop like dwellings. He asked wryly "Do people still live like this? "
The people of Pekan can only respond in their typical manner : kepala bapak awak!

Don't ever forget Najib's role in 1MDB and the various GLCs where he may have received  money.  Of course he will do Mad's Alfie - me don't know anything.

1MDB was an ab initio evil in design hatched by a diabolical mind. If he continues to claim he doesn't know anything then he is using a loophole in the law to commit a crime! Judges called it Lacunae in the law.

In the end, Najib is an over hyped and an overvalued man!

So I asked again, do we need TDM to tell us to dislike Najib?


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